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America!^ I^eoLclin^ 


pctolicr T. fMI. 






Tt\€: Billl3oaii-<l 

OCTOBER 7, 1905. 



Fay Templeton Scores Big In OUo's Capital 

Marie Califfl Opens at Detroit— Tkomas W. Im k A ¥tir 

is Kapntnre 

■ t AT TBDBVBTtXS mt all tbeattcsoen 

or tbr Mate eajiltal acoinc M oodar cre- 
: - '-'. 'Vlw^ Si-pt. E .»lm ate ■ppcared at 

■ ' 'ik» Gmt Soothen Thcabe In tbe pte- 

Blerp o( G«o. Coban'a moaleal eomedr. 
F<Kt7-ft«r XInntcs From Broadiray. Gcocse 
Cobaii aad a Bmnlier of Keir York weH-wldms, 
iBCludti^ Abe. Bclans^* vrre pment at tli« 
^ yfi Hfaty ■ ^-rformance- GlitlciPnis of tbe new 
BOBleal ■«iNa«d7' — mnafcml - drmjna, as ttk« papers 
atrled U— are <*ock fnH of good thinss a boot 
Mlaa Templrtoa. U>e pUj and Mr. Coitan. 

rortj-aTe ^iDOte* Frtrn Broadway t^es Its 
title trom tbe tact tliat the iceiiea tianaplre at 
New lt*m IM 1T< . K. Jnst fortT-fire minatea 

dlctaat tram :<ew York's famom theatrical 
arenn^. Tbere la a plot wlilcit serrea to make 
tMn|;s mon Urelj and glrn leaaoo for a few 
flttiu^ clljxiasea- Tbe attendant to a mlllim- 
alre nt Nt-w Boehetle Is suppoaed to haTC been 
left a lortmie br tbe eccentric oM gentVmap. 
bat iv> wlH can be foond to pta>rc It. In the 
mrantlnif Ike propotj- U tnmrd OTcr t» • yoonc 
~ V. <n>» ptoeods to baodle 
«i;,kWMud(« BUDCt^ ami Tem- 

I the Ml* «e A booae mid. In which 

ifct wal fr ct pow th e AoMtnte. Tlewr Jfooic, 
: XiA SoBfl^ SB cK-pdiv dclrtjK Id 

1-^ -, . - 

VcOTesor. HIis Goir. \A. 

r. Hill* "T THiOiiiii ^farcnerlte iMor, TSmt 
BWMtr. Ifaadee'' e. ERIott. M^aiioa 
.^>tek K. Bnor.' A. E. Archard. J. S. Don- 
adlr. Doodd Brian. Cbaa. H. Price. Xerada 
Harnirrt. BAea demeas and Mar^arltte 3Iaie. 

' The lattlal peifm ujance ran Tery amoothlr for 
a smaStif, Xr. Ooban, wbo petwnallT sopcr> 
iatended tbe pradBccloo. waa called opon for a 
qieeeh aad reapooded. iir. Brianser denied tbe 
aodlenee tbe aame CaTor. 
Dorlsc 3fr. Oohan't abacoce from his Uttle 
~ > Co.. Which plared LexlnKtoa2_El'-> 
bla wle waa taken bf 

aeawTp ffatrrrT. jx K00H8HIXE 

Marie OtUD opened her aeaHm la the new 
moaieal comedr. Moonshine, Uoodar erenins.' 
Stpt. as, ttt the Detroit Grand Opera Hbose. 
Detroit, Uleh.. to a Terr entbnslaatle andlenee. 
. wtdch oaliealtatlnslr placed Its stamp of ap- 
pioTal tbe new comedy. Both the star 

and tbe TChlde woo nrortlnted praise. Moon 
sblne la said to be a noreitjr In the way of 
moalcal prodBctSooa. Tbe book and lyrics were 
amttcA by BdwiB XBtoa Doyle and Geocse T. 

cock of North 
occopyinic boxr;. 

'The Clansman is a story of tbe En-Klnx- 
Klan. It pictnres the reconstncted sooth in 
many intrre&tin^ scenes. Georgia Welles, as 
Elsie Stoneasan. dao^bter of the republican 
leafler. was well recelTed. Frankllh KUchle 
played tbe role of Ben. CkmcroQ, t^ef of tbe 
Ko-Klnx-Klan. Anstln Wetib.- was tlie mnlat- 
to llentensDt gOTemor. and John B. Cook, as 
the old radical repobllean leader, were espec- 
ially in farar with the aodlciicc. 

The aotbor wos caUcd before tbe curtain at 
the end of the third act, and dellrered a short 
i>peeeta of apprcelatioo. 


Chas. B. Hanford's tour opened at Xewport 
News, Va., Sept. 20. Mr. Hanford's ripertolre 
this season wiU Indode Otbrilo. Tbe :Meraiant 
of Venice. *nie Taming of The Shrew and, in 
accordance with tUs custom of miking at least 
one new prodnctkHL eaA . acaaoa, he vUl aJao 
n sent the classic dnuM, lagodnr. MHs StaTle 
>rafnah wlH asato be 3(r. Biuifiicd*a Icadinc 
lady. A featnrr of special Intertat win be her 

AMMd tke Hfg^ittf_tf£ The 

eusluuies are tasteful, and tbe 
bcautr ehoms Is up to the Cahin standard. A 
love story aerve* as a plot. Amons tbe prlnd- 
ptls la the cast ate wmiam IngersoU, Georse 
Boban. Dick Temple. Frederick PanldlOB ttir 
AtweO. H. B.- Botterts. iSaia Palmer. r~ 
latwsoa.. Jra aw a Gocdm and Sadte BuiU. 

«. Tboaiis w.' Ram opened Ma icaaOB ICenday 
«fcnhi«. Sept. 2S. at the Quick Theaffe. Fblla- 
delphla. Pa^ app^arlnr In tbe liist perform- 
ance eTer giren A Fair Exchanse. Tbt new 
comedy la by the author of A Yankee Consul, 
as well as of Checkers, Mr. Boos' last sea- 
son's aoccesees, and that Henry M. Bloasom has 
made a M^ser saccess of his third piece li the 
opinion preraJeat tmoag Philadelphia theatre- 
soers. Which scored the greater success, Mr. 
Boaa <r A PUr Excbanse, tbey are willing to 
let go andeeided. sivlng to both the fullest 
meaaore of soccese. 

Tbe GarrIA was crowded. Mr. Ross was 
applaoded vociferously npoo hU debnt, and In- 
'■ In cr e ased as tbe play proceejed. A Fair 
EBCe teUs the story of ' a young man who 
k zctomed east that he might win the 

^llli— oC a girl with whom be Is deeply in 

love. Aifttt surmoontlne all ibe obstacles ' that 
' be placed In his way. the joong 

Sept. SB. appearlog tor 
new blank vene play, Moreen, arfaleh has been 
rechrlst.ned The Conqneror. Gertrude Elliott, 
In prlTste life Mrs. Foil>ea Bobertsoo, Is his 
leading lady. Beports ftom the Brltiab me- 
tropolis say that the play Is aplemdWIy pro- 
dneed and well acted, yet critics are Ikraliig 
It with tbrir choicest InTectlTe. 

The story deals with a cooqaeror of the 
middle ages. Tbe drama opens with bla re- 
tirement from further Tlctories, having tired of 
them. The Conqneror sees the yoonger daagh- 
ter of the ehleftan whose stronghold he has 
Jost captured. Be falls In tore with her, 
hat she Is only a child. It Is Morren- He de- 
cided to go away for a period of eight years, 
and then retains and claims her for himself. 
Tbe Conqneror follow? oat bis Intention, but In 
the meantime another — r-talmlng to be the 
Conqneror, but who U In reaUt7 tbe cooqoered — 
nr ias B a bis dalat. Morren listens to him and 
Ions Urn. ' mmi tiw real Cooqnetor returns he 
flads that the pilae baa been taken by another. 
Tbe (oeeeaafnl wooer ]■ eoatamad t» die. bat 
Morren wins his . lite taBrtb* fltagimr at the 
price of herself. At' laat'tte Iklw.MBqnciac la 
spared and the real Conqueror d €g l W | |a Mm- 
selt. The plays ends Intemgatledr. tba 
tloa remainiag fflr tbe Uflng 


baa aot,. In . wlaaiac. lost 

tte:pKt .«C . Ike telle 


One of the Most BA^mficent Plaj^ioiises 
iir England in Danger of CoOapsing 

_ In The Walla of JMcho at the 

Sanr ZhMMi Xtir Svtk, bit 



Just Out of College, 


With Wm. Faversham 
Opens Season 

A Renewal That Partakes of the Qnal- 
ities of a Premiere— Few Changes 
in Cast— Star Bu Plcaanl 

William VtKienAWB ovened hU aeuoa Sept. 
K at tbe SbW ThWtre, Atlantic Clg. X. J., 
In tbe Edwara Milton Boyle comedy, rhe 
Siiuaw-Man. which leeelred Ita premiere April 
24 at the Star Theatre, Bvffalo. N. Y. In 
hot a few Instances is tbe cast tbe same m 
produced tbe comedy at Buffalo. It la as ntt- 


Heorr Wrnnegate, 

Earl of Kerhm.... 

Herbert Sleath 

of Kerhm.. 
Selene Johnson 

to An Enflnaastic Aodience at 
New Haven* CQonecticat. 

George Ade's new comedy. Just Cat of Col- 
lege, was given Its premiere Monday erealng, 
Sept. IS, at the Hyperion Theatre, Sew BavcD, 
Conn., with Joseph Whedaek, Jr., In thn Ind- 
Ing role. The cast: 

"By Georgia" Bdmid WuHhlugioa 

Swinger, Jut oat of eoUcge _ 

............. jQMIIh Whedoek, Jr, 

In tt* pi Ale bosl- 

- le J. -Bi 


■ - • ■-fi haetoa JadEBOn 

CHMUie FlekMlBg, rnUj daoghter of 

Septlmiia Catherine Oilman 

IS, W. Jones, a female business msn.. 

'. Uabel Amber 

Genevlere Cblixle. one at those candid ' 

friends Georgle Uendnm 

Lnella Jenfclna Pickering, president of 

the Co-mdlaaiad Cnltnte dobs 

.......V.^...... liOnlse Sydmeth 

BOBle* lfl0wll>,. a stanograpber 

Blanrtie Stoddard 

at IMtaa^Wn 


„ ^___:*>ltlea 

•V:;«»a-: i h »m er la» praise upon her. 
^SvAK JUm Flood and George Pacnns aii» asKca 
pnidaetlon Is apvnptiatelr' staled.' ' 
wm J^v a -tew niHuii 
' "-7«ik".atr.'!ftr\.a 

a dtamatlsatkn of the Thomas 
Jr.. aanel tr tbe aame name, teeelved 
' Itn iirtmlert Sept. at the Academy of Mnale. 
SiMMk, Vm,, tit a n an andlenee cwp is ed 
' i:<C the aatlOBil 

B. Ai«> 

His Majesty's Theatre, one of London's moat 
magnificent playhouses, was closed Sept. 25 be- 
cause of an omlnoos crack wblcb appeared In 
tbe mat*>le proscenlnm arch. Tbe performance 
of Oliver Twist, in which Beerbohm Tree and 
his company were playing, was about flni^ed 
when the daogeroos crevice was discovered. 
After the performance Mr. Tree appeared Ijefore 
the footlights and announced that Oliver Twist 
woold be transferred to the Waldorf Theatre 
the following evening, stating the reason. The 
sndlence quickly, btrt quietly left the playhouse. 

Up^n examination It waa discovered that 
the prowenlUB had sabslded, vetr pmMblr 
doe to the test that a new tnbc nOwar Is 
being bout aadtr'the. thMtie. . Jast what aetlon 
will he tataB^hinvJHt »rt-tan MOtd. theogh 
It Is sty -ttrt ■»!■■■«■■ ■■iits win he 

'°3teMiitst.1f<iBielia«. at the WMii^ asietd to 
p«a tp s iM, t>a;n i id aetl i n - ot the new play. Lights 
Ont. In order that Oliver Twist awit play In 
that theatre at least tlvee weeks. 


The in<-etlnff of the TmascODtlnental Vaude- 
ville Association, annonnced for KaixsaB City, 
MOl. Sept. 18, did aot materallse. A number 
of the members met at the oOce of the Majes- 
tic Theatre, bat delayed traina kept a quorom 
tnm weitlag. Aose who did arrlTe oa time 
eonld net wait ter the other, and the meeting 
was eaOtd sO. No tine waa set ter aaoOer 

George , Adrt name has been advanced • 
notch la the pl^wrlghts' ball of fame, it re 
ports that emanate from New Haven concern- 
ing the new play are tme. It Is reported that 
the audience became wildly, entbnslastle, and 
greeted each act with renewed applause. Just 
Ont of College Is ptononnced the greatest of 
the Ade snn cr i iei . 

Jnst Out of College is in three acta. It Is the 
story of a Yale graduate, poor but willing. His 
name is Edward Worthlngton Swinger. Swinger 
makes the acquaintance of a pickel mannfac- 
tnrer's daughter, Carolyn Pickering. He pressed 
hiB claim, bat old man Pickering calls a halt. 
He wishes his daughter to marry a bnsIneBs 
man. and tells Swinger that he will give him 
three months and 920.000 to prove that be 
is such a man. Swinger accepts snd takes a 
check for the capital. Swinger fonna the ac- 
quaintance of Meule Jones, a hnslncss woman In 
Pickering's olBcea. They go Into partaenlilp. 
They do a SaaMteB hnsinm and are ahont 
to ndMie Ml .tt* «U plekd kbic when he 
gelB asst. nt esA hswerer. ftOIy coavlacei 
Mn nekntes .that tfwteaM Is a haslBWS n 
ot tee tat watv and be tmiinls to the 

in t he MeaC-SwI^cr 
ported 'to hhMt'slsen a 
ance, Br . ably 
wen ■teandi Me, — 

enee ter tee 

Inst Ont of 
Theatre, New Tock 

Mr. Wheelock is re- 
most artistic perform 

The jiay is 
« Mat Uttle 

• at,' ter an 


\ bronze statute of Joseph J fTer^on Is to be 
erected at Richmond, Vs., hv an association 
formed by citizens of that state, with Oovemor 
Montague at the head. The site for tbe monu- 
ment was left to Joseph Jefferson, Jr.. and he 
chose the capital city, .\mong the rice presl 
denta of the aseodatloa are Grover Cleveland. 
MelTllle Stone. Richard Watson Gilder snd 

Diana, Us wltei 'OMWtesa 

Lady Eliiabeth Wynnegate, bis _ . • 

^. Selma Fetter Boyle 

Lady Msbel Wynnegste, his sister.. „ 

Katherloe risher 

Caplu'jainea Wynnegate. afterward J im 

Carson, his cousin.. William FaTosham 
Bev. Belachaxer Cblswlck. bis prlvate^^^ 

secretary Frederic nreit 

Bates, his bntler C A. Oirltott 

Malcombe Petrie, his soUdter.^...... 


Sir John Applegate, Diana's 

The 'Blgirt*BeT."the 


Sir Charles MajorihaBkib -==-—,- —i. 

Ifcrthnw Uarthil 

Mrs. Washington Adams, IB Am«lom 

la^ Mortal Nelson 

Jim CaisHs j«sr*uneber»— „ 

Big BUL nuiTniiii Geo. Fawcett 

Sborty Emmett Sbickletord 

Andy B«ijamin Msrbnrg 

aonchy MitsheU Lewis 

Beeo Whiter horse wrangler and Intn- 


of tbe Utes.. 
. neodore Boberts 
Nat-n-ritdi, bis daughter. ..Mabel MottJ*-" 

Little Hal, her son Krolyn Wrtgar 

Cash Hawkins, mstler and bad man.. 

W, S. Hart 

Nick, the barkeeper rrederldi Wain* 

McSordy, engineer Overland Limited. 

Nathan *- 

Parker, PoUman coaduetor. .W. 

Pete W. Bedltr 



Punk, a Chinaman ... 
.Mrs, Hiram Doolittle, 


«t Coyote eoonty, 

wmiam Frederleh 

The play has been prancd eonsldersble sfaire 
Ita Bnffalo premiere, and that It la very to- 
teteatlng la prored by the tect that one of 
the largest andlencee which ever assembled In 
the dty by the sea greeted tbe performsnce 
vociferously. The play Is In ftonr acts. Tbe 
Brst scene takes place In Maudsley Towers, 
during an annual gathering, where Capt Win. 
negate leans of the disgrace of his kinsman, 
tbe Earl of KerhUl. who has embeszled trust 
fnnds and U unable to make good. These fmids 
belong to tbe regiment of which Wlnnegate 
is honorary colonel. Exposure and ruin Is 
threstened. The capUtn la to love with the 
earl's wife, and to ahldd her he Shoalders 
the crime snd disappears. Tbe aieond act 
brings the ictfoa to Lobk BMb saloon, tt 
Maverick, a live Wyoming town. It Is two 
years later. Capt, Wynncsate Is known to 
bis oompsnlons as 3tm OsBtoo. ' A yoong In- 
dian firlima his lite wkca It to threatened 
by a cowboy. 

Act three takes ptace flee yeaia later at 
Jtm Carston's lanch on Green Blver la eastern 
Dtsh. The IndUn maid wbo saved his Ufe 
now calls bim bnaband, and a little boy cslls 
them papa and mamma. Then comes the 
temptor In the gnlse of an English solicitor 
who brings tbe Information that tbe Earl tt 
dead. He begs Jim to retnra to Knglsnd ana 
claim bis tIGe, incidentally meatioolag that 
the Karl's wife is stUl In love with and 
would marry htm. Jim persists, bat at last 
consents to allow hta son to go to England 
to reclaim the title snd to be educated In 
English fsRhlon. Mrs. Carslon protests, hot 
when she lenms that Jhn Is determined that 
the bov should go to England she dinppeM^ 
Then comes the sberlS of the connty wbo has 
killed an Indian and seeks p reteethni t^ee* ■ 
band of aborigines bent Bpon . resen g e. 'l™ 
rrtuscB to sancadCT the sheriC and psepaiatlons 

Xewa then reaAcn Jtm that the 

Ibe Earl's wife. Ignorant of tbe aprislBg, snd 
assisted by bnt a slnele trooper, has left cne- 
yenne for -the ranch. Jim makes a melo- 
dramatic rush tbrougli the lines and rescues 
the coontess. Aid Itom the fort arrives and 
Mrs, CarstoD kills hetwelf In despair. ' 

Mr. Faversham Is said to be partlcnlarly good 
in his new mle. Reports sa.v that he 1« ably 
assisted br hl« ompsny. Tbe play Is well 
staged, II will be reviewed at leagte In 
weeh'a Is— i . «f Ihe BIWhBsrd. 

RubP Bernstein, of the staff of the 
star Theatre. Toronto. Can.. Is la advance ot 
the Parisian Belles Co. Rnbe la a hastier 
sad will make csod. 

OCTOBER 7, 1«0S, 



Opens Season in The 
Trutli Tellers 

Afitms Who Was Leading Woman 
IRdi Hemy Irriog Last Season 
mil Star in AflMiba. 

Msnde VmIt and ■ large comiwnr of platen 
(■Tc Tbm TntU TcUen Ita _pt«nilere Monday 
creotM. Sept. 25. at tbe dUonftla Tbaatic, 

anwitlne Xorttnwr iSfaDde Fcaly 

Sir Xboma atortlawr.; Sidney Carle 

Honor Uortlmcr Com Qnlnton 

Ccratal Hartlmer titmat Powrn 

OMTge Mortimer Uttle Togr 

Tunna. the piper .Alfred HndKHt 

Mlaa Mortimer, nont of the children 

iLonlse MacUntoah 

l»dy MaiT Batlier Lyoo 

Lb<^ Camdeotomi Blanche Moolton 

Roslne, MlM Mortimer's nnld..<Xua Irrlns 
Conataoce. alece ot tbe Tlcar 

Franela Moxdatrom 

Lsdr MoOhrtlv .Wta Carlyle 

Lillian Dnrlins noteac* Banamore 

jjtgj Mdaaa Adla Vcnm 


OoL WtiMm, eC tbe Rttccnth 

.^.rOMtaa b. EM 

Otvt- Beotar; «t tbe ratccDtb Dnfoana. 

tMWrmet WUanr, «( the W ftetrtb Dm- 
coooa >.■•*•■•■•»••••••••• BAwbi Oterton 



i^tjTiMDbitir. «c 

It didn't take Maude Fealy long to decide 
npon talrtne tbe leading role In tbe new (onr- 
act Martba Morton corned;. It la reported that 
the Denver actress la doing tbe twat work 
OC her career In tbe new piece. 

The TrutSi Tellera Is twsed npon tbe novel 
of John Stianse Winter, and tells tbe story ot 
fire cblldien of tbe George Washington type. 
Their tmth telling brings tronble upon tbem- 
selres and tbcae aronnd tbem. Mlaa Fealy has 
tbe role at tbe eldest ebUd. Bmestlne MortI' 
mer. Whne critics praise ber work, tbey are 
rather dubions as to tlie strength of tbe new 
play, and there la not an overabundance of >ne- 
cess predicted tor It. Little Toy. a boy of six. 
wbo plays tbe role ot George Mortimer, scored 
a snec<«s next to Mlaa Fealy's honors. 

Atetfe aodlenee greeted tbe opeaing per- 


■mt Flay bjr Ikt AaOan ef Me, 
WmwtAt M««ts PttbHc Fimr. 

The aemad leaaoa ot Joint work for Wortbe, 
BIckel and Vatson la atmraoas musical comedy 
mug. amt. SL At Um .Ameif 
Yaik (w. Vhe caett - 

....Ocotge L. neka 
..Banr WataoD, Jr. Vet ym&m 



»•*•'••••••••••« • • bQCmi O^BrtiA 

■ > m^m-mm mTm mmm aa,*^^^ PACC 



»■ • 

The Qieat Magid .'...ftanx wunani 

I'm « Trailer .fkaak MoCne 

Senonta Rlccardo.. Jwiinettii laBean 

UUlaa BiDtt !Bc«le Clllford 

MraL BUa Noyes IDorotby La May 

laut aeaaon these comedians ottered a treat In 
Me. Him and I; this seaiion It la Tom. Dick and 
Ilarry. a little bit more fooUsfa, they say, and 
If pooaHile, tnnnler. Tbe sacceas of the new 
concoction Is evident from the Incessant tor- 
rent ot Unghter which It brought forth trom 
the andleneea at tbe American last week. Ve- 
hlcli's for Wrottae, Blekel and Watson are never 
written for any other effect than fun. This 
fact waa kept well In mind by Barry Wlllfsma 
and Aaron HofTman when they wrote the book 
and lyrics. Egbert Tan Aletyne put bis best 
efforts Into tbe maslc, and delivered onto tbe 
comedians and their spectacular chorus some 
aongs -that are catcby and will endure. The 
wot it shadowy, dim and evanescent. An aud- 
taee can't carry a plot In Its bead while 
Ibeae Mngi oC eomedr are on tbe stage. Tbey 
are magnetic— rather deetrie. rwben two ot 
tbna get tagcthor there la going to be a flash; 

■n tbtee get tateOMr there l« a 



Ex-Smator Reywdds' Hayhonse Ifagnificeiit 

George Edwardeaf hmka Vntbu^aa, The Dnchess ti Dantac, Serves to 
Imtiate Theatregoers at the East bi of titt BiidBe to tiw Bomi^a 
BcaotiM Palaice of Amusement. 


at (he Snlfre nieetie. New 

Xoifc to J. 1L Butler new jlln, FMm Pan, 
will CoOev ttae« aC Mb Dreir aTSe ~ 


David Belasco's Play 

Minnie Madent Fiske in Renewal of 

Hr. Tunis F. Dean, who was bust- 
aeaa Maaaw .«c tbe Oraod (^pcra Haote, Pltta- 
•<■>& nr eareral aeMnaa> and v>bo aftarwaM 
•ete4 In the aame' capaelty at Lnu Park 
tbcfa, win ahortlr- enter opoD bla dnttea aa 
(s» Mrs. Leslie Carter whaa 

Adrea. tbe Darld Sdaaea aad Mba Lotbcr 
teag tragedy, wfclefc mm (or maie thaa a bim- 
dred nights laat aiaaoa la tbe aaetsopoUa, was 
revived 8ai>t. SO at the Belaaea neitae. with 
Mia. Mite Outer Is the ttti* (ttoTlWnnng 
Is the caat: 

. ..............Oisa. A> MIUwBXd 

............. Chaa. A. SteieBtoo 

Slarcaa L.eea';**..*.. Marfban Welsh 

H<dy Nuar....... JHatold Howard 

Mimas, tbe. the.....; .naads Powers 

BevlUecaa Jkaak Weaterton 

Cains Talgna ......<i...'.i.JQeoige Haicoort 

Sylvestiaa ..OOmore Scott 

I^alzea • I«nls Keller 

Bram-Bora Fred Yoke 

Master of the Tower H. G. Carlton 

Servant of tbe TMvr Edna GrfBn 

The Shade of IbaelhM^Xhatlea Hnngerford 

Tbrjosaos :v.'<...^...WIllard Sterling 

Idmondns Gordon West 

A Mock Herald. .Wllllam Shay 

Crassns Edwin Ilardln 

Serald of the Senate Franklin Mills 

Page of the Senate Harold Guomtcy 

A Bargeman Lydian Dnrrett 

Zastns Teft Johnson 

C«ll>a Sdward Brown 

SIgrad Charles Wright 

Var-Igon F. L. Bvans 

Slave of the Whips J. W. CanoU 

Slave of the Queen'a Door Btneat Dale 

•Bit Ohtld Vasba Jnae Felton 

iDlla Ooeaa..,.. .....i.......Oor^ASa in« 

Oarda »«.'»'.;.».<,. ^ Mat lS Davla 

Myrla .>^*'^».'.;..' ,i n a l a ' : B el i>i 'ts 

■Letta ' ^..C. ■••■•>..... '^'.......tana Oebom 

I/ellt ...'.....'..;.'..^i..-v....'^BelIe He Oea 

A Singing Bird. .V. . . ; . Va<lelelBe . jW'gton 
Adrea. rY****"*"'"** r 'M Hie Carter ' 

It la tii« nncf . Ailiea.' t^ Hra. Carter 
and the 'aanie Company, praetleally. and we 
might add that they were received with tbe 
name degree ot enthusiasm aa last season. 
Tlioaicta Adrea- shows no signs of waning In 
popnlarlty, Ita run is IndeOnlte. It wiu rnn 
for only slrteeo evenings, ss Mrs. Carter ft to 
appear In stMrt revivals of Zaxa and DudJarry. 

The story of Adrea l« too well-known to The 
BUlt>oerd'8 readers to burden these columns 
with Its repetition, though Its worth woold 
warrant It. Mrs. Carter's wort la said to l>e aa 
forcefnl and convincing as over. She Is given 
Kplendld support by the players wltb wlllch Mr. 
Belasoo has surrounded her. Two changea In ttie 
east Is to be noted, though not partlcnlarlr 
noticeable In tbe performance. Chas. A Steven- 
son succeeds Tyrone Power In the role of 
Arklssns. and Cbas. A. Millard bss tbe role ot 
Kaeao. formerly played by Mr. Stevenson. 

Wia^' Carter wUI shortly go en tour. 

Supported by practically the same company 
that appeared In Leab Kleacbna last season, 
Mrs Fiske opened her season Tuesday. Sept. 
as, at the Manhattan Theatre. New York City, 
In a revival of the MtXSIeUan ancceas. In ad- 
dition to the atar. John Maaob anfl otbera 
aoorol personal aoeceaaea. Ibat tbe jiar baa 
loat none «< lu drtfwlag powers la eelsneed br 
the tact tbat iMie y Slw ww wltaeaae« the 
prodoetlaD laat wM; ■ »hg ia tgft ii h est_la iMh 
Klea^a la ttattcd. M Xta. Mke «in 
ahortlr a asw gleee. 


THE new MonUuk Theatre at Living- 
ston street and Hanover place, Brook- 
lyn, N. Y., opened Monday evening, 
Sept. 25, with George Edwarde's pro- 
duction of Tbe Dncbeaa of Pantatc^ 
The magnlOcent playhouse 
Senator Wm. .H. Beynolda. 
■omest theatre In Brooklyn. 

Tbe promise tbat tbe new Uontauk wonld 
represent the blgbeet type ot modem theatre 
building has «>een tnllUled by Senator Beynolda. 
That means a great deal. It means an ad- 
vance npan a long line of handsome predecea- 
sors, for this country leads tbe w^d In tbM- 
trlcal construction. Senatgc ..Baf Mga oe- 
dared that be wonld make IhS , 
In tlie land. ExperU think that r he' hen 
bla word. 

One la immeOiatelr Inpteesed at^tte ve^ 
entrance. Tbe VMv, wbldi ceodilnce both lob^ 
and foyer owing to its airaiigenent, is strik- 
ing, because It difltis ftaaa any otber In the 
metropolla. Bstendtag aa It does trom tbe 
oocner ot UvlBgetOB afreet, where tbe box- 
•■m la located braeatb a dome, it extends 
along the entire width ot the theatre, on Ban- 
over place. Tbe walnacoting la higb and of 
white marlile, with Irregnlar black streaka, 
tbe doors are covered with Morocco leather, 
wblle the frleie and celling are adcmed with 
tellet work. , 

Within the auditorium, artistic symmetry 
and warmth of tone are admirably blended; 
The width of tbe house gives It a ^dona 
aspect, wbUe tbe depth makes It appear cosy 
and brings even the last row of seats Into 
proper relation with the stage. Tbe proecenlnm 
arch is massive and with tbe tMxea forms an 
impressive frame work for tbe stage plctnrea 
that wlU be piesented. 

The color scheme Is red and g«d. Iba 
gold has been used unsparingly, hot with good 
laataw npon the nioacailam arch and bozea, 
Sua (krwalsaieraraKd wttb thick red wat- 
eicd aOk e( apenatre weave. The ^alia are 
npbolatered to ted. the hanging ot tbe boxee 
are red and tlie carpets are green. The effect 
Is that of ridinesa and vrarmtb. 

Above- the proecenlnm are finely wrought 
sjubolle Ogners In relief. No coloring baa 
been applied to these, and as a result tbey 
resemble Ivory carvings upon a large scale. 
An opulence of relief work also cbaractertxes 
tbe treatment of tbe proscenium and boxes. 

Electrlllers of artistic design are In har- 
mony with tbe general scheme of decoration. 
Indeed there la no discordant note discernible. 
Even tbe exit drapery as formerly are cov- 
ered by red plush on tbe inside so as sot to 
mar tbe effect upon tbe eye 


tecta — . -- - 

the honae .ai«toar eletr at the'-atage'.CBB be 


Aa a framework for dramatic doings the dl- 
menalona of tb* proscenium opening, whldi is 
39 feet high and 88 teet wide, are considered 
lust Tight. The sUge Itself Is sufficiently 
large to accommodate elaborate productions, 
and It Is equipped with all tbe very latest fa- 
cilities. Twenty Are-proof dressing rooms are 
arranged on tbe IJvlngston street side and are 
finely furnished. Special attention has t>een 
paid to the heating ot the suge, so as to 
obviate tbe discomfort to the audience of a 
blast of cold air when the curtain rises. 

As regards safety, everything that experi- 
ence and Ingenuity could suggest has been 
ntObied. The building Is fiie-proot and is 
equipped with tbe neweet InvenHana to aafe- 
guard the patroaa. -Theie ate -twantrwa 
Ita, aU.,ot wUdi are wide. Upas, the doocs 
of the imiiglihij lllta li aa entbrdy new de- 
elee whlA OMM; ]lk»-' Soon to epcn anto- 
•aattallr the BMmaBt the slightest pi e saai e la 
lawiahl te bear npon them. The Hbntank la 
m liit Ihsalie In which this InventlOB baa 
been Inatalled. 

Another new Invention Is the system of reg- 
ulating the sprinkler apparatns designed to 
flood the stage in case of lire. This Is worked 
by an electric button. Advanced m e thoda are 
also employed In the manlpoIatlaa_ ed the, 
electric lights, which play such aa hBgoitant 
part In up-to-date productions. 

The andltorlum will be heated by hot air 
.distributed by a new system. The air wUI be 
forced np under the seats and tbe supply can 
be regulated to a nicety, so tbat the desired 
temperature can be obtained. 

For the convenience ot the patrona there are 
an elegantly furnished letbrlng nam for la* 
dies, a commodious smoking toaB tn men, with 
lavatories. In each the furnishings le p teaent 
the lateat mode. The olBcea are also finely 

KIrhy, Petit A Green of Manhattan are tbe 
architects wlM dealgned the theatre, while tbe 
decorations are by Arnold A Locke. 

Samuel H. Cohen la tbe manager ot the 
new Uootaok. He needs aa Introdoctlai to 
Tbe BUlboatda* icadere. far Ua- anc et aa In 

■ the effect upon tbe eye. 

1 tbe matter of arranging tbe pltoi of 

honee aietoar vlew at the attge can be 

Following The Dnehees ot Dentals. , . 
an tbe leading attractlona booked by EShW * 
Brlauger. The new theatre Itself will '*~ ' 
attraction for quite a time, and la 
to make people alt op and take notiee. 

David Bdaaea aat tte I , 

which be la dHaC'WKhaae a theatre la Mar. 
folk. Va., ■esf'aeaaaB; ' Bhien pieaeat gtaoa 
mlaeuir. It la anderstood that a nnabcr of 
NotMk capltaUata. Iwaded by CUrenee A. 
Woodward, artll bnlld the new playhonae and 
lease It to Mr. Belasco. Ilie plana provide ftv 
tbe bunding of a theatre. It will 
seat 2.000. which will exceed the capacity 0< 
any other boaae la Nomlk. 
win be In I 
street, near 

It la reported tbat work win begin Im- 
mediately npon the new playhouse, so tbat 
it may be ready tor occupancy the flrat ot : 


The new $13,000 theatre at H nrnb eM t . 

opened Sept. 22 with a petdenaaaee-ed Oilr • 
'Private, by the Morey Stott On. Tbe new the. 
atre seate 700 people. Ataaeat rverr seat waa 
taken the opening night at fMa glM ta tS par 
seat. iPreeeffing the perfomanee ihaab ad- 
dresses were made by O. O. Btctt. pMaideat .eC 
tbe balldlng commlttte: Mm Aaoa, a ■ ember 
ot tbe committee, and by the manager «C tbe 
Mony Stock Oo. The ladlee of HnnMdt pre- 
seated tbe theatre with an elegant - piano. She 

Tbe Unique Theatre, of. Sooth Chicago, HL, 
was recently sold by Lowenitehi * OomSdd. to 
the Vaodctte Xhcetze On.. «f Cfaleagow nhHB 
propoeea to opetate tve almllar theatres b^ttt 
outlying dlatrleta ot the . Wiser.' <ttr. n» 
Unique epened . Meadar. Oat.' St- aali r the naiw 
regime. wMh HHir M. W^ata » the h>gS 
manager. Two eaodevllle Mlla are givca dany . 

The Tandette Theatre Oo. Is a Oileago finj. 
of which Hoftert 8. Mllla la p i erfdsBt; F. JL 
Tracr. aeetetaiy. and J at es li U, e. . 

directing the destiny of the AiphVai, when 
tbe leading dramatle attractlona were played 
there. la wen known. 
Bdward Train, who. waa ao 
eaamr of the aid Maataal 

prceldc aecr tl 
in Idsg beaa 


Tbe report appearing la The Bnibaard re- 
cently to the effect that the Shnberts had made 
arrangements for a new theatre in Kansas City, 
Mo., has been verified. J. J. Shnbert baa 
signed a five yearn* lease oa a theatre to be 
bi^t by a nomlier of local capitallata befnee 
next season opens. Tbe new playbooae wfll 
be known as tbe Sam. 8. Shnbert Theatre. 

Convention Hall la. hel BK .« ia afie ..j hK ;tt> 
independent attiaetlaBS' ''-iniA gng'-.'SHBBP 
City tills aeaaon. 

The new opera house at creaUlue. Ohio, opened 
Sept. 26 with a performance of Ite Holy Ctty. 
Tbe house was crowded, every seat being taken 
and a noml>er ot £>*trona standing- Tbe new 
bnlldlnc la a bcantUnl stnietue. ..•■e,.li.-|i» 
vlded with every modem Imp ia i ti Bi i s fc 

The new opera bonae at 
opens lu Initial 
man la Clndeiella, 
Jaat been oompletad.";tt- 
terlar. aad Ita latctlv- ie 
tifid as aar hi ~ 
aale baa been 'large. 

Manager John H. e( vaadeeSle tha* 

atres in Marlon, Angeraon aad K a h aMe w . ami, 

has leased tbe old pa a t a fllee . 

port, and vrtll eoonrt It Into a'.theatte. ttj 
open about Oct. Ig.-; — ~" 

wiH be the progiaar 
nlng order. y" , ■ 

m. OBXVB. V. 0 
Engeala Bta^ agtsad^ aei 
at Vt. OUiab^ICU evtc-IS..^ 

ivuBib. ; 

: A ■bac OF W» ,ll« M<a»VATtON 

Manager BMte.- .aC^FoU'a Theatre. Hartford. 
Conn , bS iBtliBee* iBto tbe box odiee of tbat 
bonae aaeir -aiethnd of handling tieketa or- 
dered li advance. whW. plan be Jbinba might 
be adopted by otber managera to adraatage. 
All tlGfceta otder«l In advance are kept to « 
letter rack, which Is nnder the sole charge or 
Hie aaalatant ticket seller. On tbe arrival or » 
SowT^ho has seati reserved. hi* 
tieteto are hnaMdUtely handed btobj- tbe 
aseUtant. TtOM ynB^ l^^^ 
the advance «ale,ek wMa.te he» Jiiatlp^-h- 


Xlie EJi 


OCTOBER 7; 1905. 




^ ItBUKiNDOUB srn'atlon bas beeu caosed 
iu fomton at the fi4>vvBnl Tlitratre by 
th.* 'uppearance of illss Tearl Irvlti;r. 
vvlio' po^e8s««t a very plienoiuenut 
voice and very plea^lnK personality. 
Slie lUM botli of tbese female nttrtlmte.s In the 
nroilltlon of the son;; Cleopalra Siatterj-, written 
by fi. Cluecce Bagel and published by Sol 

Ml. - Bioeai** list of balUdii for tbr present 
framn Ik T«r flae. coaipclitlDi; tbew four 
ttMnnidinui niiniben: ,*K«atli The Spreailloe 
ca«i>nuit TMA.HMtVraClaek Upon Tbe Mantle 
INHklHr -Oar, T«tfc JtktMr;jA- BaM:;Zktt Bloom- 

IMxK' Dnr. ■ ^ v ; " ■ ' ' ■ 

Ob the . .Msb-d«M MdMv ' Bawv'^^at ; XtlfllfM^ 

Kbsmt. aid' CkttotilBu' arc tto.xat«Matrj'anB- 
ben. veUh TbcR'» NubadT JaM JJkr Xdai^vMck 

. .Tm^«ci9^;sga«:ieiw,««ia».:wc:I;ini^ 
*» LOW'' 'Str; JUI* IliC'''TliM,^ ' and Tbir "SlionDoa 

- In the comedy line Cleopatra Slattery and Get 
Ra|>l>y are particularly fine. 

In the Inatrmuental line Mr. Bloom Sa well- 
reprvMnted with }tr. WiBlam B. Icon's com- 
IMlilun. The Matador, vUcb waa plajed by 
Soiwa at tLe aippodrame lait Sadaj nislit. 

Eretyboajr arho ia aayteilr la Saar'Tack kaa 
hrnrd of Ted D. Marka. wbo la rcaponaMe for 

the Introdnctlon of SoDdaj' concerta In New 
Vork City, bein^ the plooecr In tbis mpect. 
At bk> Snndaj- entertataunenta be alaraya has 
comrthliq; aew and nwrel to offer. Ttala Son- 
daj- be K golns: to sprtnff a surprise oa the- 
atresoera - nrltb an act that he calls the Mys- 
tetiuns X. and Ic Is almost aa unknown as the 
vJement for which X stands in chemtstry. Mr. 
Marks ivltb bla nanal sbreivdness refuses to tell 
ttie iiatnre of this acU except that the peraoo. 
whether male or female, and be leaves yon to 
^ea» this, sings soups In this, coonectlon. and 
it hi very pleasinE to note that the Mysterious 
X will warble Sol. Bloom's pttblleatlons. 1d- 
cIoUIus Carls!>tma. Good Bye. Dixie. Dear and 

Miss Sadie McDonald, who Is an exc. edlogly 
cliannlns artiste. Is consistently renderlnc In 
TandevlUe tbe aoopt of Sol. Bloom, among tbem 
lhaymond A. Browne'« novel soas. l*m Lookio^ 
For a Sweetheart. Miss McDonald baa played 
all tbe best bon:4eo on the Keith. Proctor and 
other hli; circuits, and Is a tremendoas favorite 
with all vaadevUle patrons. 

Of Sol.. Bloom's brl;;bt youn? men. none Is 
more capsOlle or better known than Henry day 
:$mltb. Klio as Clayto. L-* known to almost ererj 
perform*r who plays this city. He has an 
aifable and pleasing personality, and is espec- 
ially conversant with the needs of professionals, 
and tbe aimy of tbem that call at tbe office of 
SoL Blaoat and ask for Mr. Smith tests his 
'abllltr aa an "ootslde man." Mr. Smith Is 
Ub»8 ciescc^campoaFr. bavloe written the music 
aCAamotf '*oa«a sueU as Cbme Back. AU For 
XmiTk^ JUmmCooa, Georglc and Tbe Dncliess 
ac aaVMal soass. such as Cknne Back. ilOl For 
written br Bajmood A. Browop. 

SHioa 3xr *oo t ssaxs i.tbjil 

In Clyde Pitch's new play. Her Great Match, 
In which Maxlne Elliott stars, there is a scene 
la which the forelfcn prhice, rlfht after bis 
eD:;a;;emenI. a^ks to hear some typical -Ameri- 
oan mnslc. They play for blm tbe strains of 
the Congo Love Soogv the aireeteat and qnalnteat 
■iMf^ jrtUH«t a daObCt oC an «C Me 4b MUM 
•Ma')»'.aaar>CnMaa.coaDMltiaML" - '''r-y-' 

Tile $i>rlii;:fleld papers tntboae orcr tbe irock 
"f -Mr. LouLs o. sinnlx. a yottaff Porto RJcan. 
ivlio has Just been appointed musical director 
of Kroudhtirft 4 Cnrrey's Son of Best Co. Mr. 
.Mnniz !.« credited with brinslns out tbe best- 
tralnetl coterie of cboms workers that has been 
fcearil in many seasons wltb a popular-price 

Mr. Mnniz isi n trained musician, and was 
for many year* planbit In the profesflonal de- 
partment of tlie ll..n>e of Hits, ile Is tl;> 
CMipaser. abio. of tbe well-known Faliy Tales, 
iatemcaao. aihi an Indian love serenade. cn> 
tttted Be Tbe Snnllsht of My Heart, for arbleh 
Mr. Boy MeArdell wrote tbe lyric; 

.V new sons "Titer has i<i>runs Into light In 
the month. Hi., name Is llr. J. J. Walker 
:i:id be Is tbe ."ou of tlin luinerlntendent of 
I.ubllc bnlldlozs of NV,r York. Mr. Walker ba* 
also bad consliieratle e.\iperleuce and success ou 
the platform, and Ita^ iK-en nieknamed In the 
palttlcal world "The IVj.r Orator." 

la the line of »od;:;<. Le bas Jnsi completed a 
:»eiT Jinsly lyric called Come Take a Spin In 
Mr. ABt% which will be Introduced at once In 
tbe Dokc »f Dnloth, and for which Mr. Max 

Witt has . written the music. 
VvSha- aan* miinag ement Is also expect d ta 
.W» ..Jb." Walfcet's new cooa sous, entitled 
j*<MlHbr-Jb:;^XMVCr;.L«ac, for wUch Mr. Wlt> 
te^a(lpik:tatl«9«?;tte melody. Mr. Walker's 
l!lfi?-'I!? !!!'W5"J*»;IW e"mpet«ot jndsis as the 
tat |l irt ?j»l«ljteg5^aW^ntfc fa dtrod. » man- 

And Miss Mand d Ha a j playing return dates 
at an the theatn*. arliete her success has been 

uminallfied. MK* Courtney, who slnsn the okl 
songs, has adiled ti> lier rei>ertoire several new 
.Vmerlcan l>allads. Includlui: Plain Little Sol- 
dier Uan and When Tbe ETcnlns Bmse Is 
sigiiing ll<ime. .amec . BaaM, . TbMk Ifee is 
comiielled to ifH«t M att. MIW 'Mcores 
alsbtly. - ■ 

Harry C. S clt w a to' la the new press 
agent for Mlaa lUiia:OabIU. 

The Jule Freeman Musical Comedy 

Co. is playing to good business in Teimessce. 

Richard Carle is planning to produce 
in I.oadoB two yaaiB biaea Tbe Tendarfoat. 

The Tsrpewrlter .Gtrl Is reported to 

have closed Its ataaw at Tarentum, Pa. 

The Hurdy-Ourdy Girl, the new mu- 
sical comedy belnc written by Richard Carle, 
will have as its heroine a tambourine girl with 
an Italian street organ grinder. 

Tbe dmllng and rich costumes used 
~ ~ aff .Oar Hnr Xiak oaated 

Henrietta Crosman's early autumn 
tour Id the ronjedy. Mary. Mary. Quite Con- 
trary, embraces a part of New England, and 
the actress will make the Journey by automo- 
bile Instead of by railway. Tbe distances from 
clt7 to dtr are short, the roada excellent, the 
Bc eneiy pletnmqne. and Miss Crosman. wbo 
4a an ardent aotootobaut. expects mocb pleas- 
t from the adrentore. 

. ^^ce»nowtag repiXt abont the Baibes In Tbe 

Jjnia**prodDctlon has reached Jos. W. Stem i 
lOlt'^fcom their Philadelphia reprefc'ntatlve: 
•; Without question, the recogulied hit of tbe 
.•*ow is your sooK MUo. At least ten choruses 
Waaa.^miS. Dnrliur the last chorus, tbe stage 
iai.faOteljr dark. Bach menibeT of the eompany 
'baa: a» ciecttte pocket flash, and to the muTic 
■af :.Ibc^ ttoras they llaah the lights until the 
knBr.-:?3flIo''.iB sptilrd; and nothing else bot 

that la seeii OO the entire stage In tbe darfcoess. 
Tbla elfert. with th* music. Is very striking. 

Tlie American Invasion of notable acta in 
Knjtland contlaors: and pronlueot In the list we 

Terr faTQtable i 

Echoes from Broadway Is the. title 
that E. D. Sbaw pioposes to ^xt to a new 
piece, which, he styles an operatle and dram* 
'.-^npoilani. In tbe east win be Ebtise 
IBaf f •* iw Ima ilnmia sopraaa for. three sea- 
.^vtlfcl'tbe^Giaa Op«a Co.; and Ona Cla;- 
''w1a>'.eor>llTe jaaia ataniA Bt,the bead 

her >owB-.'c»a«panr. ,' •Mfc^v'— if 

plentj- 'Of drabatie as sren iw -amalcai taleat. 

In The Catch of The Season, which 
la credited with a triumph at Daly's. New 
Tork. £dna May tias more of an acting oppor- 
tunity than ever before. She made an un- 
usually strong Impression In this regard be- 
sides winning greot applause with her charm- 
ing rendltloo of six new songs. 

';rhe winning Girl, a comedy with 
masde,'.bj &Uaa Charlotte Thompson, Is to be 
pndaeed eaily in October by Mr. Frank L. 
Pttlejr.. Soase eC .tbe members of the company 
alreadr eacand aia Charlea J. . Baaa. Thomav 
A. Wise aad°DtaaumX.ilfUer aad JUn Ibhcl 
FentoDr BIucAe Dtfo ad OHiUoemn. 

Liuke Ansell, who claims to have 

been the original forelegs of tbe elephant In 
Wang, died reeently la Albany. Unlike tbe 
fore and hing legs of tbe heifer In Bvangellne, 
tbe two who were Inside J. Cheever Good- 
win's "property" Tnammal never be^me fa- 
motis. Ansell was employed as flooT'WaUccr In 
a shop. 

Bobby Barry is playlngr the role of 
tbe Jockey in Little Johnny Jooes (No. 2) Co. 
wilUam Keongb Is tbe Unkmnm. Otben are 
J. M. SnlUvan, WUllam Cameron, Gns. P. 
Thomas. Harold Forbes. Hugbey Mack, J. A. 
Dorlt. Helen Dexter. Maude Morris. Gertrude 
LeBeandt and Unnette Flake. Xbe company 
opened tta aaaaoa Aug. M at Honricfc. On. 

Jefferaon Se Ansdl^' the star of 
Fanuoa. baa bMS ,iatkcr an cncvUaaal (lobe 
trotter. Ha .1 baa . aBpaand In Anatialla. New 
Zealand, Soath AMei, ' lodUu China, Apaa, 

and almost vrtTj euuuUj of Sozope. Kr. De 
Augelis wss the dzst entertalaer to Introdnee 
the Gilbert and Snlltran opens oatalde oC 
England. He placed Tbe la Tokto 

before an audience of Japaaesa, who bad act 
the faintest idea what the thtw wm aboot. 
and took the costnmea of tbe f ai lu ua diar- 
actcia In tbe opera as a matter of eonrae. Ur. 
De Angells relates that tbe piece dU' not 

iiiS** iSff^-*^ 

which had " 



Ox ihifC U IWH, t staad on tbe fourth 
flour of the Onaoata building. tiT 
Claik St.. watahlng a sign painter 
trace opon tlie door of aolte MS a 
arm name which then beM no special 
slgnlflcance for me— C M. Cbapal * : Oo_ 
.Music Pobllsbeca. tt waa bat a awf w Ut a afls* 
this, howerer, that '-Ike MiM '-Ma tt«B(ht 
forcibly back to ny ipt a naj tbe .fbtt that a 
new loadaatr had appeared npoa the bocison of 
popular songs, aader the aopMoaaos aad'mysu- 
cal Utle of Hliam • Gteea. . Oaa* 'B ye. It was 
In that short-Used pioaMtll»."JBtfoo«elnm. that 
Hiram made bis -dcbat to a dlKltalaatlnc public. 
The critics of the dally pcesa commented upon 
his gennlne merit, and Bltam galloped In tbe 
first of a goodly string of entries. Since then 
Hiram has been Introdoced all over' the country, 
and has nude friends inonmerable. One thing 
can he said of Hiram which cannot he said about 
any other song ever publlsbed In the west, 
luimely: It made goo^ In the east liefore mak- 
ing the west sit op and take notice. 

C. M. Chapel, tbe compo?er-subJect of this 
sketch, was bom at the base of Pike's Peak. 
In Pueblo. Col.. In Centennial year. 1876. His 
childhood days were spent In the mountains upon 
his father's ranch, and therein Ues tlie secret 
of his Intimate knowledge of the west and 
things western In general. Migrating to Man- 
chester, la., in his early teens, he spent several 
years in that city, fltially landing In Cbicago In 
ISnc. It was at this timn tliat he became 
as.«ociated with M. Wltmark & Sons, writing 
many songs in collaboration with Gillespie, of 
.Xbsence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder fame. 
Tliongb he wrote many creditable songs during 
his term of CMitraet with'.WItmarfc. among tbem 
being Tis a liore Song That I Slag Thee. Too'Il 
Be Happy U I Oo (OMUpljly Joila (Baatfag- 
ton). and Tan 4tam:lagtlb~9Ut iJtmnx 
Good Bye (WataaMtaV ha daMnMaad' that the 
with other 

nSaga. aad Ibaw lawh.aar^iMiMvd the em 

plojr of - .- - . — 

meats In tbe ■W. -'.Dtln Oda pcHod he galaed 
much kBOwMM.:«W(h la alinra caKBtlal to a 
successful cancr. bat despite tila Act a Tagoe 

spirit of nnzest perraded bis l>elng and he 
hmged to again enter the ranks of his natural 
profession and do stouts worthy of his ability. 
Success came to bta. aad tadar ha baa a baal 

neas that is " * *" ** 
that he has b*«B at 

four months. 

"To eiid»ark In the music publishing 
write a bit the first turn off the reel and ae- 
cumnlate a catalogue of good sellers, haa been 
my dream of empire for .rears." said he one 
<tey last week, after running over s.'veral of the 
mdodlea he has written for Joe Herbert's bar- 



lesqne on The .Music Master, recenU.v launched 
in Lew Field's Theatre In N'ew Vorlc. "1 Lave 
followed no set style of fomi>osttloii iu luy mu- 
sic, nor have 1 tried to copy tlie old masters 
In my work. I have simply followed the dic- 
tates of my own con.stlence — be original or 
don't wrilr. In talks I bare bad with many 
of the prominent popular music composers of 
today, some of tliem have tried to convince me 
that It pays to grows reminiscent. I give uo 
credence to such assertions, and I think tbe 
public will bear me out In tlie statement that 
originality is by Car the more lucrative and 
praiseworthy of the two .methods." 

Mr. Chapel has a catalogue vvhlcli tbe classi- 
fier would pronounce e-iceptlonafly good and 
ivhich any imblishing bouse of four months' 
sUodlng might well covet. Unllko many new 
aiaa, tbe Chapel Cat has aoc aoffcred from 
"■at eight aaaMMta hm been 
t. bMriair the lloIIawla« titles: 

Oaod K Tea Wen -Sle and 

-'Wm (wseda br Boar A. Sniesple), 
_ Jte OMaaihse -Hasting Oaea Again. 
Adiea. av Ih mm (IfeMk lr. aumi}. If 
Too Wcaa ' O - . _ 

VaaH Xincr 

.M. Chnliel. wUlcli Is not. petl 
liilt the comiMmer offsets this 
ture Ity trrsel.v lenisrkiiig: 

"1 liave cotiflilence In niy own work and 
one woilltl be r*'>pon^U»Ie for a failure oti, r 
tlnin ui.vb-elf. I hive a series of manuseri|.: 
lM»uever. \\Ui(li be published In due liTiu-. 

bearing the iKiiiits «jf man.v pruuilnenl cuuiih»s* 

and l.vrU- v\r;t it*, ntid I ::hatl play no f3V«*rlI.-H. 

Should any uuiiilter >ljo\v signs 'oiC k!cklag over 
the trares. no mutter nliot'e name aiipean Ihrrr- 
on. I sliall shelve all my own 'composition-: ai:i1 
get behind tliat numl>er. I am In the hnsii.cvs 
for all there Is in It. Years ago 1 got nil t:i.. 
glory 1 needed hy seeing my name. In prlui. 
(Slav la a good thfa^t^lwt it . a o r sa't yacUjr the 

;er Sidney gives me the following Items 
eaaeening Tlie House of Hits: "W.- published 
a soag not long ago entitled Bveryt»otU'. W«rl;4 
But Father, .^rthiis lleniliig recently hitr.^ 
duced it in the Jlarlem Ojtera House, New V(*rk 
City, aud carried the audience hy atorin. Th re 
is quite a little story behind this son;;, iind 
n'hen It all comes ont there'll be' some e\|ilan:i. 
tlons forthcoming. It seems that E:verviNnIv 
Works Bat Father was adapted by C w'. Mc- 
Cllntoek. of the MItttBthal forces, over a year 
ago. ftam. tbe oM Jlagllah .aoag. We AU Go To 
Walk, Bat Vattcr. The- ^astglaal. masic was 
wrlttoi^br.-SiiiME-XaiMaK.te-jaaia ansieal 
dlrecMr !■ tta-Jtantf^on nMatiie.' aai aav 
at the a ip poJ iam a : " Jfc.'. TBBl hn ih' a retidaa 
of ibe soag. vua ikr m$timi wtrnte. was 
suns oter a rear aca h:dDic.a».''.]fMlcaI Ha- 
tual PmtcctlTe Uoloa. the rhaiaUK dnbw 3br 
Irwin Oa.. etc. It la' now being liilis<a»td with 
great nieercj by ' Geocge PMbuok 3fla*ti«l*L 
E%ldle For. tew -Oorfestader add auar allHr 
promlntnt artlota. The aatbanaed cdlUiai is 
pobllsbed by Joa. W. Stcta * OoL. with a 
complete statement of the flwta aa' Ibe Htla 
page. It was dolr t s sfgmd la Ikea. lr' JtaHk 
McCIlntock and Lehman hi " MasHiBatlMi of 

Helf & Hager have Issued a soag b-arlog tbe 
same title as the Stem poitllcatlaa. 'Whether or 
not a legal coa u os eiat arlll_cane aoaalas to kc 

seen, tt the i " 

Win ItossKer's publications have been weli 
represent, d during the inist two weeks in t!:e 
local vaudeville liouses. Tanl and Mardo uml 
.Vlennder 'Mazzone are sucresfull.v featurln-' If 
The Man In The iloon Were a Coon; Peerless 
Quartet. Annabelle and Ttie Man With The 
Jingle; Bellclalre Bros.. Message From Dream- 
land and i^Ilence and i^n as dance t>amlier>: 

Bonnie Gaylonl. Annabelle: D*s and D's. Cap- 
tivating Sue. Jingle, and .\ Cooo of l'iji?ree; 
Rogers Trio. In Afttr Veara; Ray Maiivell. 
I'm Feeling Fine. Bob Adams is doing spieiiilll 
professional work, and Is ooe of the busiest men 
connected with this' boose. 'n'lU J. Dicker, 
tbe popular fXiicago barttafie. wlH ose Anaabelle. 
\ Xiee Girt Goold Do Woodrra With Me aai 
I'm PeeHng J^ne In the dUTcfcat lacal tbr- 
atna. slaglag 

From Detroit comes the Joyous tiding* that 
Marie Cabin, scarring in Moon.«hine, has in that 
show tkree typical O^ll soogs which look 

like aaie niiidibUt ' Tb< r>a'|ii Man 

and Dua't Be What 'Tea JJa^^^ZiBaae 'tt •• 
Marie. ' ' 

hsvn af 

Tiiere are alxteeo soaga In The FUIbaist r. now 
at ilie Stndetmker. Thirteen of these numl>ers 

are liy William L.oraine, compo*.er of Salome and 

i'eggy Prom I'arls. the oth<T three being Inter- 
pol.ited numliers by the writers iwteu: Tlie 
Ulibusrir: .\ Kebellloo Promoter; A Very 
.<<o,ip Kor Tiie Gush: A Soldier of Fortune: 
Like olden Knight; Gazalio. The Buceane r: The 

I, 4>ve of Our .Motherland: Nightmare L,.-ind: 

II. >l<-e Far .Slente: The Simple Life For Me: 
Jolinar wise; Glalt; When Too Shine On Me. 
liitpqMlalcd: Tke Thiia<m> KSnrlUj At The 
seasUr (Shaad): ]i(Mdlght::«n>M art'Ham). 

iiulte . . 

enuslstlag oa no smmwM:.- waa » 

Image U««s Idttla Mr Beaat and Mr Xortbna 
liidiaaa Bride faaaMt-Dahtao -Wallaes. the 
Koiilrvanller. t«e ' ate>- ■ aad -Staiah of The 
Maraliees. In a MiK jMifMMlWd from this 
comiiany. Mr. WUIacr-aafs^ la paK: Am srwl- 
Ing you. nndrr sc|mrat> corar. ii eapr of our last 
Issue. It Is a little dlVerent Ataaa most of ii>e 
music, being lasaed In the fhet that, hi 'lead -.f 
eiuiibasislug some ' partlenlar melody In Ibe 
<'<unposltl«i ity eaaxtant repitlon of II. each 
eliaagr bttaga aat a new melody equaily as 
pnrttjr as the praeidlBg oae.** Mr. Whitaey U 

J«C SnMB hibimi ■■althaflTd 'CWM S ad 
This Otter o.. Ok^'.|lk haa-dtintii il^bato a- Ma 
seller. "I haMTt MM .dta'^^JUa BUle 

concoctloB - wtmi I- ' 
"hot It 

la adranee oC 
In Cbkaga. eaaica the ann 
wui be worth the prke ct 

DeAngeBa alac 

My Ward, aad I 

Bvans l.loyd. now re|>re«eiitlng tlie \v-lnd**>r 
Music Co. In New York, writes me as folU>«(»: 
"ily Di ar Ad Rero: The enclosed copy of Irtjcr 
from .\mella Bingham Is self .explanatory. "My 
Dear Sir: l^iank you so much for the little 
song. Would You? which 1 received a sbict 
time ago. l have placed same on my piano and 
aasure you that I value It highly, especially «o 
accoont of tbe sweet mrmorlei' eonoectlad It 
wltb Jessie Bartlett Davla. of whom I was a I ' 
admirer. With alneeie beat wiabea. I 
Tefjr tnir ysata. Amelia Blagbam.* " 
Mr. Uogd Is the co mp oser of My Lady 
— * " br the Xeirtaa Ca. of =thla dt j^ 

OCTOBER 7, 1905, 

Xtie Billboard 







JMctatocv tfc* 

Bithvd HaidlaK Dntt wiote tor WO- 

He OoIUk. 
Bnt It U a 

Bent, *ad tba 

baker TliMtrF laat aigkt ''sn»: It 

There are thrw colorfnl and pleaais^ scenes — ■ 
tbe dock ot Uie Pacllle MaU SteamstUp Com 
ptmr la San Prandaco. a public B4inare in the 
mjtlklcal Soath American republic of Coo- 
carxie* and tba -courtyard of tiie Hotd del 
Corooaito, oppoalte 8u IWego, CaL Hw last 
.gartlcDlaxlr haaiitlfnl, and when tlMy 

' ue aned moat ot tte ttne. 

ftflflliaBllr caatDncd, dane- 
User lore tbe 

la a San Fianciaco 
reporter^not a real~ reporter, of conrae. for 
ml reporters are too modest and tetiring to 
be heroes of tbe plctuiesqoe — bat a stage re- 
porter, fall of impadence and Tery noisy. 

After falling in varioos dlssniaes to stow 
blmnetf away on a ship booed for Concaipe on 
a. fliUlHiKtetiac expedition, be llnallr 
ta the diapdM of an 

dv. wWA cads mt 4 p. m. 

alnf^ 19 alMC tba dock 

A'^tbe firimt Hiaad letases to work 

v'awBiMe, and tlie zeporter Is aaved and -rlc- 
-MtftmtL This incident, tboagfa it was not 
- aiaaaffed »» ' sklilfoily as it mij^t bave been, 
araonal shrieks of laoghter last nlgtit and 
really nude an tn^wn^^ bit. 

In tbe tblrd and last act tbe characters, by 
aome process not SBlBelcBtlT explained to be 

InteUlElble, ' ^ *" ~'" 

action cones 

L Kaa IBSI. Kcc uie coaxi 

aot^ "■^^^■ tgr^gglslii 

-aay other rnnetca I eoaedr ^ bad aecB. 

Bat there Is moce tban fnn in tbe entertaln- 
nent. The moon ablnea. and a sentimental 
senorlta sinss lore books aboot It; and a lealou 
Amerlcsji Kirl. dlscnlsed as a aoldler, and bcr 
wblte-doeked naTal Uentenant lorer nearly re- 
peat the experience of Gratlano and Nerina 
with the rlnts In Tbe Merchant of Venice; and 
tliere la moch winginy and dancing of pretty 
(Iris In pretty drcflses and sOk stocUajPS. 

fibarica B. Ktaos,. aMe-faaisM aa md Boas. 
Bmfm yrtaer ta-^A. Fukr UMt, tm the xe- 

' tt^; «■■■■:' t» ftmmakliiK, tbe medal 

SDca t» Vtaiik Kakr. a low comedian, wbs Is a 
■ort ot eombliiatlim of Charley Bltelov and 
Bddle Foy. Itflor has tbe part ot a tlmoroos 
hero, and all be baa to do to make the spec- 
tators lao(ta is to -walk across the stage. Hisa 
Helena PhUllpa, a well-fed but attractlTe eirl. 
also contrlbntes tbe amosement ot tbe an- 
dlenee by being groteaqne. She 
of the "toatswain'a baby," and 
are mareds ot bcUlcennt colon. 

_ --,<cji» 


to work a powerftil diarm. Hiss 
Condon does not appear In tbe fltst act. bnt 
ber songs in the otlier two. The IJore of Oar 
Motberlxwd, with cboms: The Toreador, with 
Mr. Erana. and U-Mnllght. & solo, were all ad- 
mirably snng wltb a richness of rolce £nd a 
perfectloa of metiiod tliat captlTated CTery- 
body In the boose. Miss Isabel Hall, possess- 
Ins a sweet and strong soprano, tiad some good 
■men and aanc them wdl. particalady one In 
" Dslee rar jncus. tank 

were well enoosb rep* 

, and aa the intial& by wmiam Vo- 

■aloe, was anlfocmly good. It nowbeie partlco' 
lady remarkable, tbe dioms agile and well' 
trained. ai>d the "book" safflelently inter 
csttng and occasionally bright Tbe FUItmster 
amst lie set down aa a popolar snccesa. — ^Bar- 
rett Eastman, In the Chicago Joomal, Sept. 20. 

Lew Fields' Boilesqnes, The llnaic Kaster 

The Lew Fields Theatre Company scored an- 
other success last cTenlng to its prodactlon ot 
tbe bnrlesqne on Tbe Moslc Master, following 
a ihattened Tenk>n ot It Hapipened In Nord- 
* — ' Btudie BlDg came In for moat ot tbe 
' wbat was new in the caenlni^ 

Tbe bnlesiim of Tbe Untie Muter. wUIe 
iM>t as tnony aa tbe earlier part of tbe abow, 
pnmded a crowded boose with a gieat deal 
y amosement. Lew Fields and Blanclie Bing 
worked hard sod were amply repaid by gen- 
«raas applause. Some of tbe most serious sit 
aations of The Music Master were taroed Tcry 
dcrerly. The new piece la lr> Jsan^ - Al- 
bert, who appeared In tbe rote «C A•^!■M• ot 
1h» Standard on Tmst. 

Snao FWdi. « aeir aiOIlM to tbe 

•nsiTbnbni TrM'a Olfnr Twist 
Oltrer Twist rerlTal has been the bit ot the 
--ff<ailliai tbcatrlcal se as o n and tba Becrbobm 
bBOO OBBPaar WUI mmi*mhlf —ha m trtnmplt.t 

'. tone of laigtand «ttt JhO jlnMB.'i'^^Xhe part of 
i- flBwr waa flaa t/fW -IWinli 9mmm, who 

Kra, Fiaks Reviraa Laab Wascbaa 

For the next three weeka, at least, a play 
that rlTrts tbe attentloo. stirs tbe eiuoUan 
and makes tbe heart l^eat will be wltbln the 
reach of New York andlences. It U 0. H. 
Mcl^llan'a drama, I>ab Klescbna. It was 
rcTlTed St tbe Manhattan Theatre last night by 
Mn. Flake and the same admirable i'~"pfT 

wBw i i a t lii oC A 

ot - ■ 

Is a 

_ to Urn arsomaBt — tbe theory 

that saod laWnenee and klndaeaa, not prisons 
or poolttBiBt. ate the only teal cutrectlTe 
InfloeDCn for btsnan obllqtilty. 

As a drama of sitnaUon, of cnlmlnatlve force 
and of Intenae human lotert^t, L«-ab KIes<^ma 
surpassed any other t^t was offered in New 
York last year. Eren in its revlv-al It makes 
any of tbe plays of the present season seem 
poor and IncooseqoentlaL 

Mis. Fiske's company is raried bat slightly 
from Its original personnel. Tbe star still 
plays the role of tlie thief with intellectual 

•lertaen, Btrr oiis Jntenltr and d nmatlc color. 

detail cscapaa har; 

John Mason npcatcd Ua qoletlr Intense snd 
forceful performance aa Sylvane: George Arliss 
presented tils TiTid ebaraeterlxatlon of Baool 
Bertram, tbe degenerate, and William B. Mack 
reappeared as the falthfol bnt weak Schram. 

By odd coincidence, the four best plays of 
last sea^oo are again running simultaneously 
wltMn B few blocks of each other on Broad- 
way. Besides Leah Klesehna, they are The 
Music (Master, Adrea and You Nerer Oan 
York World, Sept. 26. 

TiBsTia Carter in Adrea 
Befote an entbostastle crowd. Mrs. Leslie 
carter la Adrea. began a brief season in the 
Belaiea fttotic taft aUdit. Tbe opening was 
emineattr tm^Umm, aad that Adico liad lost 
none <W ^Jt m^yHy ■ » ■» shown bf the 
repeated eoctan cOBa aCbv aaasy oct, 

Mrs. Carter gaTe one ot her best perform, 
aoces. She was in fine Tolee and na the emo- 
tional gamut with a snrenesa and tntcnsity 
that brought acclaim. Tbe company was prac- 
tically the aame as that wUtii appeared In 
the play last winter. Tbe only important 
changes were that Charles A. Mlllward played 
Kaeso, the character created by Charles A. 
SteTenson. and Mr. Sterenson took Tyrone Pow- 
er's <dd role ot ArkUsas. Cora Adams ap- 
peared as Jnlia Doma. Adrea's aister. Inter- 
preted last seaasa br EdUk Gmw^ Tbe per- 
tormaaee la eittj way was hrBUant, and In- 

dl^ted ^^Lf^^SSS^^SaSSnHMBt that Uia. 
Ledle Ghttcr iraM tfrt h» fl mwtB perfoim- 
anee ot Atea tm Oct. T. tliere bas been an 
extraocdinary demand for aeata. On Oct. 9 tbe 
actress wm terlTe Zaaa tbr a week, and then 
will come foorteen appearances in Dn Bany- 
At thp cloti^ of t^er home season Mrs. Carter 
will start on a tour of the large ddes. ap- 
pearing In Adrea and other Important playa 
in her icfM:(Mh»i— Iftv ntk KfeiiK '■V- ^ 

A. H. "Westpban -writes tbat Allen 

Doone Is doing nicely In Kerry Gow. 

Edward R. Mawson will be leading 
man to Sosaae Saatje In Sowtng The Wind. 

I., ■ atmmm m.i eC Jtow^BaOford. 
"^Ih' aCffiteK' ftir tte '^NWte' Cboedy 


Glen Remfrey has returned to his 
home In Waoaan, Wis., after a rery snccessfol 

R. G. Payton bas closed with the 
Tbome Dcaaatle Co. to pat eat a company ot 
bla owB. 

The Walte Comedy Co. la reported 
to be meeting with oonslderahle success on the 
Bels Circuit. 

I<aimi Ijonaine is to star in The 
Mew ein Oa. wMch tafeaa the toad some time 

Job. Ganr. of 
odd-'Cnn^: 1 ' ' 
DeGraass On. 

Dubinsky Brothers 'WlBpEHi- ^&Ml' 
tre Co. report good biiitnui «t 
week of September 11. 

-After tt*-: 

The Tbaat aC The Vows Isahel 

London to appear in Tbe Crlsla. 

The southern Sites Stock Co. opened 
Its aeaaoB Oct. S at paattt, Ta. Xh* nortb- 

Anmnd The 

-'WMh the 7os. 

lent of 
goes to 

bare se- 

The Bessey Hichman Co. did such 
big boalneas In Fairfield, la., last week tbat 
Manager Tbooaa booked them again for Mo- 

Mme. it^KM, aocor fll n y to a report 

fnaa. IOU^mbC^II^ :ws» l^^aid %| aa anto- 

Harry English and wife (Pauline 
Palmer) and C. H. Bnrrell of the Fenberg 
Comedy Co.. serered coimectlona with said 
aggregatloo Sept. 23. 

Z. Newman, ot Tale's A Devil's Auc- 
Ooa Ok. lalms m that boitaaa hi great. 

k QMiL Feui- 


_ . _ . , ! flying 

lady, la tbe headllner with tte" Amt. 

Blanche Hazelton. taidtac woman 
for Sam Uorrla at tbe Aveaaa Theatre, Chi- 
cago, last season. Is playlos tbe leidlnK role 
In To Die at Dawn, socceedlng Elsie Crescy. 

On Wednesday, Sept. 13, a fire oc- 
enrred at the dnbhoose ot the Praftastooal 
Women's Lesgne at 108 West 48tb street. New 
xork City. A nomher of actresses ezttncnlshed 
tbe bUze. 

Frank E. King, comedian with A. E. 

DaTldaoo's Train Robbery Co., writes that on 
Sept. 5, In Milwaukee, be waa granted an 
abaolate divorce tlmn Frances Stelnbanr, now 
with, the ~ 

Manager U. 
DeteetlTca ( 
They go to 

George B. Reynolds, who was In- 
Jored In tbe Harrisbsrg wreck In wblch Sam 
S. Shat>ert was killed, has resumed hia posi- 
tion as manag'T for tbe Blanche Walsh Com- 
pany playing Tbe Woman In The Case. Mr. 
Beynolds was in the hospital fourteen weeks. 
He lias not yet completely recoTCrad. 

George P. Haines & Cot'a A Ro- 
mance of Coon Hollow is recelrlng some flrst- 
dsfis notices ffum tbe oewspspera and man. 
ageis along tbe toote. Manager dias. T. 

E. E. Meredith, in advance of the 
eastern Missouri Girl Co.. reports big baslnesa 
on Long Island, where the company oi>ened 
Aug. 2S. Tbe leading role la played by Miss 
Sadie Raymond, who is snrroonded by one of 
the strongest companies erer caat in this play. 
George Btiti is mansging tbe eastern com- 

Tbe roster of tbe Kerkhoff-ElUman 
Co. is as follows: Iran KeAboS manager; F. 
O. wiiim.n stage director; Billy Easton, stage 
manager: Ndlle Kerfchoff. leads; Jessie GUde- 
me^ier. Cbaa, Stoddard. J. B. Fltxgcrald, 
Gj-pEle Daye. Bdaa Pattetaoa, Geo. Benson. 
T. M. WllaoD snd J. Kenyon, bnalncas man- 

Daniel Frohman has engaged the 

following company tor As ta sias Thomas' new 
play. Tbe Wnhsway Ball, la which Lawrence 
D'Orsay Is to be tbe star: Mr. and Mrs. Charles 
Walcot. Maude Knowltoo. Msrisn Barney, Mary 
Tnnlson, Stanley Dark. W. E. Hltcbcoek. Henry 
HeatoD. B. W. Morrison. R. Carrlngtoo. Edgar 

W. S. Miller Is organizing the Ex- 
celsior Stock Co. tot an extended toor of the 
New England states and the British possessions. 
Hie cast will nnmber- twenty people, headed 
by iTy Sdm^er. Mew s een eiy aad wardrobe 
hare been o id w a d aad. a a^Biite «C sMictlef 
plays secnted. Ite osmpaar Is tasted SsUd 
until April. 

Because of an accident. Business 
Manager Dtrigbt Cllleaple waa tteowii fkam a 

and is 
bas been 
m.. Aug. ». 

The members of the Baldwin Mel- 
Tllle Stock Co., at the Lyric Theatre. New 
Orleans, La., include, Lester Looegan, Thos. 
B. Findlay, John T. Dwyer, Guinle Socola. L. 
O. Hart, Louis Albion, H. Percy Meldon, Hugh 
Gllaon, Jai^ Prescott. Wm. Delmar, Miss Tbala 
Magrane, Emelle MelTHle, Oxa Waldtop. Helen 
Bay, and otbeis. 

While on a recent trip to New York 
city, manager E. 6. Tla ot tba TIa Itaek Co.. 
secnred tte sontbem rl^ta to Beware o( Hen, 
which bis company Is now oaing as aa open- 
ing bm. In addltloo to tbls tbe Tis Stock 
Co. is playing Not For Lore, A Gambler's 
Daoghter. Ubtbs. Jesse James, A Basslan ^y. 
Bast Ig tet, Sesled Lips aad daderella. 

lUlowing Is the roster of the Clay 
Met ChuMaL^^^SBott sd^Me jgi^ Dobb, 

Inger. Mage carpenter: Ifsss MCwmaa. dee- 
tridan; wmiam T. Hong, PTcd. IfiislBj. W. F. 
James. Hartdd P. Chase. Cbaa. K. bnev. 

Wm. Bom. Beoben Fox. Uary Kiuaii. 
Kelly, Agnes Carrolton and Blanche Footer. 

It Is reported from London that 
Mrs. James Brown-Potter has decided to recoup 
ber fortune by means of musical drama. She 
wm appear at Manchester as Mary. Qneen of 
Seota, In Tbe Murder of Bizxio. Mrs. Potter 
Is asM to be mneb broken in health, thoogh 
brastfy faeea tbe fntnre, declaring her 
Intentlaa of baying a small boose on the 

The good work of Harr>- Strober in 
the role of Zeb Taylor and of Ml8s Mary 
Carew as Madge Preston in the eaBtcm Sloon- 
ahiner's Daughter Co. is getting for them an 
abnndanee of press notices in e»ery dty they 
play. They are ably assisted by George Has- 
bronck. Bay Kingston, Sam Cottrell. Charles 
T. Small, Walter Aabtna. Nellie T. EteaO and 
Kabd Bteasa. 

In an Its Ustory the ICaw Toik 
Theatre baa aascr teV 
gather there at osasy 
Klaw it Erlanger^ 

Tiee. In which tte ^cat (hllhishsi oC aegio 
cbarmcter. llelntyto aad Bcalh. ate tte centre 
of Interest. It Is tte Uncst *ew at iiote- 
tar prices, ranging from SS centa to fl^lO. escr 
staged In America. 

Frank W. Shea, a son of-M. Shea, 
manager of the Garden Theatre, BntTalo. N. Y.. 
has deserted TsudeTllle for the legitimate, and 
lias been glTen the light comedy role in Klaw 
& Brianget's prodnctloo of Tammany, wbleb 
opens this week in Bocbester, After a week 
ta BntTalo, and two weeka In PhUadelpbIa, 
Tammany goea into tbe Herald 8<Iiuuc Theatre, 
New York, for a mn. 

Albert Fabel, agent of the DePew- 
Bnrdette Stock Co., writes aa follows: "We 
hare another record-breaking opening to oar 
credit— Colnmbns, Ga. We play all -tc^ty 
plays with special paper, Osr managrmeat la 
painstaking and conscientlotis, and the compaay 
la composed of eOdent players. We ar* en- 
dniTorlDg to please tte people. Tte Nsodta 
abow at tbe box ofllees. 

The roster ot tha C S. Stdllvan 
Dora Tbome Co. is uMBMn: O. S. MUran. 

Mfslwy, ^BSMrr biBMStttta.' 
adranee ageat; HSda ML BMhelfe lOefcer- 
soo. Edna May HltdKH. 8. A. Mtchen, Barrr 
Bamlln,- George C. Clarke, Ralph Mack, 7. ii 
BelUy and Barry Cnrtls. 

Ben. Greet announces that about 
a*a^«r S'miSSSmSm'^Sm^ Sa" * 


This Is not Tbomas Hardy, tbe emlaest Esg- 
Usfa noTelist and political reformer, howerer 
much it resembles his likeness. John W. Togel's 
Minstrels are Mgger aad better thaa ever this 

doced according to tbe Ellxabethlan 
The repertoire has been arranged with a 
clal Tiew of interesting stodents, and n 
of tbe larger achoola of the metropolis taare 
algnllled their Intention to assist. The New 
York engagement will cootinae about four 

LAura FrankeiUIeld, wlio toured tB 
Ghoata tor ten mootha laat s ea s ou , la aow 
starring In a special dramatlsatlea of Wllkie 
CoUlns' Ber Doable Life. Cbaa. rjiwth.> iii. 
recently of tbe Dick Ferria Stock Co.. Is play- 
ing leads with ber. Tbe company Is iKOfced 
solid ootll Jone and goea to tbe ooaat. Tte 
yttaethm^la^jWBted^aad ^dlnMI^^Lcaa A. 

Tbe marvelous success of 
Hall Calne play. Tbe Prodigal Soa. 
Its Initial presentation at tbe New i 
Theatre. New Tork, baa erokcd tte pr obl em 
as to whether this later play Is not destined 
to proee even a greater poiwlar aaca 
was Tte Cbrlatlan, and for tte pma 
that, aa erery one knowa, baa sc^ 
been regarded is tte aopreme teat. 

Proprietor Duncan Clark has fur- 
nished everything new for the Faanle HOI Oa, 
tbls season. Following la tbe roster: C. B. 
Bansom, manager; H. B. Blsckbnm. suge man- 
ager; F. Mackay, musical director; Harry WU- 
son, prop.; Fannie Hill. Emma Bosch, Carrie 
Booghtoo. Nettie Allen. Minnie Dl as more, Vlala 
Norrls, Lola Hanson. Dorothy Friend. Ada FIsb. 
Baby Brown. Ida Itetaa aad Blaacte Thft. 

Geotse F. IMaeolI. the afbble man- 
•■•r at DcAv * Tuteit** A GU sC Ite 
Sticcta OSk. aald «te BBlhaard a call nam. 
day. fltft. He was aeesopaaled hr tte 
Tcrsatne B. B. Wtestsatltj. stsge — 
Both teve good eaasa to " 
been oat dgbt arcAs aad 
played to tanaway habeas at a 

of the Grand Stock Ca, 

now ptnlag aa Indelinite engagement at tte 
Grand Tteatie, New Orleans, I^a^ la as fol- 
Iowa: John J. Farrell, Frank t. Sylrester. 
Maorlee Wilkinson, Mr. Edward Poland, James 
C. SpottswDod, Hal. Donahne, Leonard Boyoe. 
Edward Gerllnger, Chaa. Scott, Beniy Nasb. 
Geo. HQ], Miss Jane trring. Grace Tonng. 
Lillian DIz. Frances Wblteboose. Geo. & 8olr. 
stage dliectorj Axthar ~ 
Chaa Fcartt^ MBlMt; 

Ftoqcnring Is the roster of Tbe Ola- 
Oa.: Vaiaey ft Adams profrfMa 
•aa Baaaana; Blcbatd Loola. bastims aaa- 
saer; O. W. Compteo. adranee: Dan Bald- 
wia, stage manager; Albm YoaToste. sratfcsl 
director; Lew Walton, carpenter: T. A. Tamey. 
Barry Marlln, Aoston yamey. Looise Walker, 
CUra George and Violet EdeO. Their 
opened 8»t. 38 at St. " " ~ 

thraagh OUl 


The roster oC Vte InternatioBa] 

stock Oo. la aa hil laaa . ITaiils lAmbscg, pm- 
prietor aad maaaMR Buiy L. WtiUb. aetlag 
manager aad ataae d h e Uw, Cbaties Fua a s sa. 
maatrr meebaalerBaa Bsite properties: Besv 
MacBadr. Artbor ^ttchie. Harry Hoy. Arthai 
Price, Edna Mschsth. FblUla Carrington. Cora 
Wllmont, Louisa Bsbteaon, Blanche Nelpllng. 
Adelaide Masoa aad Baby Beatrice. Tber 
ate presenting sottie ot SolllTan, Harris A 
Wood's best plays, Indndlng Tbe Boad to 
Boin, Between Lore and Doty, For Her Cliil- 
dren'a Sake, Tte Ml Kan Da. aad atbcra. 

Tte eoapuir opeaed It* nad mbm at WU- 
kesbarrc. Pa., and hate hsaa llsvhK la ast- 

lataetory bnslmw. 

Adelaide Thorston will open bar 
stsrrlng toar. aader tte managemcat at fkaacls 
X. Hone, sa BCptcBbcr 9^ at AOeatsaa. fa. 
She win aaacar IUb sesaoa la Tte Ttlsmiih ot 

Betty, a fby wrtttea (specially tor ber vs. 
In ber company wlB te Mra. W. W. Banooib 
Madeline Liggett, Marlon Holeomte, Lllllaa 
Wood. Edward Lester, Frederick Klrby. Fted 
g- Bgsfc Bdmaad FOsd. B. A. Ediy. Mc 

OCTOBKR 1, 1805. 

Xtie BIlll>oara 


w.ll boslDMs man«ger; B<dlui(l WaUae*. atac* 
iH/inigfr; B. A. KelI«T. m —tef of prapcttlM 

James H. Thomfc o« the Thome 
Lmuuitlc Co.. writ*! that In ■pit* of many 
i.i..\vdowiia am otber annojancea bla f o m paay 
k3k bcca doliig good iHUlneaa imder canraa. 

alU alnrSy open in tb* open hoow, and 
kul m Moibcr ot good one* booked. Tbe 
iSi^ to aa (oUowa: Jamei H. Tborne, man- 
iim- Boonlc McTCf, Xarra Brooks. Louise 
SraU losram Kyle, Ed. Y. L.«lrd, Hot Ore;, 


WallfC Ward and Tbm Garrett. J. W. 

!?aeSrS\kwaM« aaaactr. 

Notes from Steelsmitha' attractions: 
BoOi our repertoire caapanlea are getting their 
ibare o( the buiilness. Our OBe-nlglit pndaetion 
«( To Be Bniled AUre opena at Uobcrlj, Mo„ 
Oct. 2. TW^ company la equipped with a tnll 
line o( Bcenery and paper. Wa also have In 

■■tie «■< itotiTnn wnungs oc -n.-a. 

Ctaae. TUs win pteee a large nunbcr «( plays 

aoder Ur. StecIimlth'B direct oootitd. 

Notes from the Lillian Mason Co.: 
We opeoed oar seaBou at lola. Kan., to ca- 
ttacltj boslnens. Both pabUc and press ac- 
kDowledged It tlie best sbow In lola tbis sea 
son. We are booked solid tluoagb ' 
Our rosier Includes N. M, Veddcr, 
w. K. Llndemnth. ba8ln< 
HoSmiD. moilcal dlrectnr 
prater; Cbaa. T i an d er , i 
Melford. Jime* Boseo, 
Paul C. Clifford. Chaa. Conning, 
aao. Katberlne Bltcble Bonnie Lomlnrd, Ifarle 
Seonett. GenerleTe Camilxic and TilHtan Uaaon 

Robert Meyers, manager of Davis & 
Eugene's A Poor Belatlon Co., writes as fol- 
lows: "Tbe preas of Ft. Wayne and Marlon, 
lod., JaaesTllle, Newark and Springfield, OMo, 
as well as all otlier cities Tlalted this season, 
are unanlmooa In proclaiming this aeason's 
cast far superior to any eT«r seen In the play. 
Tiie prodnctloB la pnt ao In the same lavlah 
manner aa chazaetennd the original Sol. Smith 

neaa managcc: Vaxtj 
rectnr; Jamei Huttn.. c«r- 



«Ma Mm T« Iser Is 

Xaw stag* Type 

plax. jto 

B. Oiliaii. alwa it NT it~wlB ■^■ct.^- 
Tbey are pntttv It on dManMr. 
'■PbrwHiMs tasi atawi atieglaNl the 

cloth." itfdllr. anyte. ^Voactlmea. It moat 
be eoo f ei s ed. these earleataea hsTe been tnnay. 
I bdlere the real dergyman can be ttanalated 

from bla pnlplt to tbe stage and made an In- 

Mr. Snyder Is pastor ot a little Unitarian 
church In Wellesley Bills, Man. He la ^ty- 
turee years o( age and a Itnng letatatloo of tbe 
Osier extennlnatioD theory, ftom head to foot 
be looks the eaanny detgyiasa. He t e nM step 

expected tor each warm weather." 
Following Is tbe roster of the eastern 
Train Bobbery Co.: A. B. DaTldaon, proprietor 
and manager; BenJ. LeBoab, bnalneaa manager; 
Hany Gardener, musical director; John Oooncm, 
stage carpenter: Wm. Stuart, property man: 
Tbos. H. Kmeger, H. George Dagelen, Pete 
XcNamee, James Taylor, Edw. J. Plel. Sain 
'Waldroo. VT. H Toong, Joseph Whltlsg. Mabel 
HendecsBO. Jeailcs Croaa, Marie Lossy and 
nocenoe Baker. James B. Warde, with two 
asslstanta, la In adrance. The company cattlea 
a complete line of scenic effects and a Ml line 
of excellent paper. They have playcfl «• SMd 
■ II. 

te 'tte lOTtar oC SUtaon'a 
mi% CMl Ox: Wks. Kibble, 
M. r. Lues, gcastsl agent; Morris 
neld. pfsgiamer: J. D. Bsncs, Joseph Bamom, 
Thylor DaTldaon, 9. r. Henry. Cbaa. Vinton. 
John Henry. Del Toche. John Sterling Phillips, 
Frank Bojer. Fred Schnleh. H. S. Wlllard. 
Wm. Smith. Mrs. Mamie Kibble, Mrs. Alice 
Zlllman, Fay Z.HIman, Baby Base, Oos Oolllna, 
Geo. Maasey, Jamea BoUnd. Tom Bryant. C 
Ctnsby, Edward Betters. Sam Zncaa. Amanda 

Owens' jSiu mSSr" iiSiSfli ^nSim^w? 

Ander«on» Jtanis 10Bv MA ttSA. 


. Frank W. Nason writes: "The sea- 
aoa has opened np wonderfolly bright. I had 
■both my shows en toor all snmmer thrangh 
Maritime pioTlnces and they played to 
ess. Uy ngolar sesaoa Cgc Oie 
Neighborly Nelghbocsu epsned at 
. H.. Sept. 4. te a ttcce asy** 
^ Jge lyoke ttswcsrtl^sgjgi fceise. 

The Ns. 1 

Isg aa manager and Ua 

WtcheU. playing the titte 


lole. is booked 

Reports from the Olick Stock Co. 
state tbat they opened tbe Webb Theatre, 
Pern. lod., Sept. 25, to tbe largest house In 
Its history, and were forced to tnm people 
away. Manager Webb Is quoted as saying. 
"You haie one of the best repertoire com- 
panies oo tbe road, and I will be perfectly 
willing to marantee you first money at any 
time yoQ should return.** Tbla Is certainly 
apesMag hisbly ot the company. Tbe aggie> 
MlM aMabtrs flttccD. aooag whan at* Bury 
MHk wgrnrntf, Bsny T. Saaith. ad«aaee rep.; 
CtM. BfeiiM. preaa aMt: Owen Bartlette, 
stage director; Geo. SaUabory. Mlas Many. J. 
Sheridan, Edwin Barrett. Mr. Henls. Lew 
Kraner, Btta Arthar. Lalla OUck. Lndla SsI' 

Manager R. J. Ravencroft of The 
Oenrcr Express Co. writes as follows: Onr 
sessoB opened Aug. 21 at aarrettSTtna^ OUot 
la SBCeUent business. We spent tin* 
teaatem Ohio. glHsc aaUabHlM 
Managers who had tte show 111 
In ssylnr tt Is •■• 

W« ignc M exeeptkMlb floe eampsay «( 

_ fcnoAers — 

We are 

, out until the 

_ ~», roster embracea K. 

J. Haw neto ll. mssagir; Reeman FUke, ad- 
rance representattT*: Bany O. Banister. Geo. 
W. Wright. Thos. I>. BoUe. C. C. Raren- 
erott. W. Earl Oothrle. Crjrstsl Wlxsard Ban 
ntster, Zella Dawn. Blanehe Wright, Generleve 
Pnnlsnn. and Rose Flint. We baee some good 
sprclaltiea. and. considering all things, bare 
the beat " 

the beat pradaetloa oC The DanTcr 
aan mscaaucal sKiftlSa 


writes that he 

Berger Brothers, comedy acrobats, 

closed with tbe Lord Baltimore Oo. and Joined 

the GaskUl CamlTal Co.. at Ft. Dodge, la. 

Lferoy and Grant, comedy bar ex- 
perts, are layina oC la Ksssis Ctty..lis>« Biapa- 
ratory to opAg ttg 'ynMue 


The Four American Trumpeters 
with The Adelaide Herrmann Co. write tbat 
they are booked solid ontU May, and are meet- 
tog with soectM. 

Butler and SUInr bave actcad to 
work alngle In the 
that he will 
sittgle ttapexe act. 

Prof. H. S. Jamison, having closed 
I park work at Atoq Park, YooDgstown, 
' to ^WB with the Bryant & SwaIn 

After a season of forty-five weeks 
on tbe Pacllle coast, playing for John Oonal- 
dine and Wm. Weaton, Danny Mains and 
liOlo Haines are coming east. 

Bert Lemon writes that his new Im- 
personation ot James A. Heariie Is the talk 
of lioalsTlllew where he recently opened his 
season an Ihc Bopklns Qreiilt. 

The boat used by the Rice Hoatlng 
Tbeatre Oo. strack a sssg at Mooat VHst^TO^ 
and sank In six feet of water. The Mmnp will 

be laid np for shoot two weeks. 

Schepp's Dog and Pony act Is now a 
featnre attraction on tbe Orpbeom Circuit. It 
Is booked orer tbe Kobl tc, Caatle, Anderson, 
Hopkins and the Interstate Circuits. 

The Great Liyncb, sensational wire 

arOM; MC who has scored l>lg thla anmmer 
on Ike park and fair drcnlta opened his win- 
ter season this week In the east. 

The Ross Sisters, who have been ap- 
pearing all summer In tbe parka with big suc- 
cess, vrlll open upon the western TandeelUe cir- 
cuits next month in a refined alnglng act. 

J. B. Mack, of the team of Mack 

and Tosca. arrlTed in Chicago last week from 
the Texaa drcnlta. They will rehearse a 
straight staging act fhr this wintcfs work. 

he has 

a gar> 

oo the stsge and play the hero 
celred In As Ye Sow wtthaal ckl 
ment. . After tbe play was pat sa 

returned to bis dock. 

"Sol. Smith Bnssell gare me my first sugges- 
tion Smt writing the play,*' said Mr. Snjder. 
•We were at dinner together at my bouse, 
which was then in St. Louis, We were talk- 
ing ..bout the eUge and I asked him why It 
was clergytnen were always earlcattired on the 

" 'It may be because of the ancient feud 
between the church and the sUge.' replied Mr. 
RttsseL ^nt I bellere the chief mmmi hi that 
no playwright has erer created a type «C min- 
ister tbat wasn't a caricature.* 

"I said: 'Mr. Basaell, yon wool make a 
splendid clergyman of the type I mean. Why 
don't yoo hare someone write the part for yon?* 

" '1 wish 1 had the play,* said Mr. Boasdl, 
eagerly. Then he added, with a kragh: 'Why 
don't yon write It tor me? Too know what I 

I began work on Aa Ye Sow within a week. 
Just after I had finished the first act BnsaeU 
waa taken with hla last illness. He neeer 
returned to the stage. Robert MelTlUe Baker, 
anthor of Foxy Grandpa and aeeeral other pleya 
was a member ot oiy eoogiegatioe at that 

time. I abowed hlo what had been 

he Uked it. It waa aeraxal years after bctlae 
I^finlrte^^e •JJJJJ'jjJ^* JJJJJJJ i * (Jj 

prodaetlon." ' • ^ .... 

■The title As To Sow Is takam fteai this 
rerte of tbe BWe: "God Is aot msckcd. tor 
whataoeTcr a saa aoweth, that shall he also 
reap." The scene to laid at Ossa Ood. and 
many o( the aatacters axe MMMB. 

ICr. Snyder to the aothsr a( tmal children's 
stories. Be baa atoa wrUtca a aoeulogleal skit, 
entitled The Wind •btmX, Before he entered 
the alalatiy he waa newspaper man. writing 


WlU R. Rogers, lariat expert opens 
la Tanderllle at Toledo, Ohio, Oct. 8. 

The Dayton Sisters write that their 
act to a hit orer the L a hetokt Cttcntt. 

OlUe BfarteU and 
report meecss on the Mev 

The Musical Russells are delivering 
Ike goods with the Both-Mooca Stodt Oo. 

Jim and Cella Welch write that they 


Franzmathea and XowlSb 

■hots, are reeMBg af 

City, Ua 

Archie L«vy la 

the SoUlnui * 
and aoDth. 

Frank Walsh, monologue comedian. 

~ 24 for 

** iSm 'wmII^'m^SSS* ^>g*ll3Sai 

Ethel Whltesldes and her picks; 

Washer Brothers, boxing midgets: Bawls and 
Von Kaufman, sketch artists; Georgia O. Lewis. 
Jack O'Toole, and Conn ton tinea a aad l^wrence 
played the BUou Theatre. Dee Molaes. la., 
week of Sept. 22. Boilness was fiae. 

The Original Bootblack Quartet, 
writes Manager Arttaor Carltoo. has heaa en- 
gaged by Klaw a Manger Cor tkeir Baae 
Folks Co.. In whtak thay ate aMktns a hit. 
Thcae asnskiaaa . hata asMt lha aamaHT la 
piaykv^tta.'Utt Md . JSSato* iliaMB. asd a 

few Mta.. 


dates back sereral years, his entice Into the 
managerial field coTera a period of lesa than 
flee years. Starting as a call boy In the 
opera boose ot hto nattre town — <)nlncy. ni. — 
nearly twaaty^ee yean ags. Mr. Sbayae srad- 
ually worked hto way ap Into the profeaalon, 
until now. after appearlna behind tbe foot- 
lights for twenty years, he has fonnd a branch 
of the amusement bualnesa which baa not only 
giren blm opportunity to retire from acUre 
stage work, bat baa placed him la the frant 
rank ot theatrical ptomoterSL Mr. Shayne 
will be remembered as ooe ot oor beat light 
comedians, when, aome fifteen years ago. he 
starred In many of the then leadlag farce 
comedies, such as Skipped hy ^Che Light of 
The Moon, The TSJamjjfnm, . aga - " lalrr i-aa. 

appeared in Taadevilla and SSr-gM'^paaka 'SSassd 

tbe leading bonses. 

Mr. Shayne's first Tialt to tbe west waa an 
uphill fight. There was no Coney laland. Brish. 
ton Beach or Atlantic City to which tbe pub- 
lic could go for ontlngs, etc Tbla appeared 
to him strongly. Be saw the future of the 
summer parks In the west, and be began to 
promote thla kind ot amusement. He fotmd 
a number of parks In operation, but. with the 
exception of the larger parka of Chicago and 
St. Louis, he' found that the arnnaementa of 
these resorts were limited to a band concert 
or occasionally a sensational oatdoor attrac- 
tion, while a tern were oStrtna afdlooe rao- 
denne pwnrama. By peissnni in i nnl esf a witb 

tto : . ^ jj (irtMp the ' that 
a-'BeaiT«saiifcg:'-Swi:'M|gh tlssw acta. 

hy the 


daas of j 

■ow esBtiaetlac to play, lha 

est dsaa eaadeiille acta a i 

twelee to slztsea 

The snecesa of Mr. 
his watcbfnlncaa and to hto keen iaalght 
theatrical matters. Hto eontlnaed 
on the stage, and more enpcdally 
TOle, has rerealed to him the destaca ot the 
manager and tbe wants of tbe perftasMr. Mr. 
Shayne's new oOces at 70 Clark street are a 
credit to Chleacsb Bto tbeatxtea »«i*'«-wt Is 

Rehearsals of the Toast of The Town, to 

which Viola Allen opens at Bridgeport, Conn., 
thl3 n-eek, are being eotidncted under tbe 
personal superTlslon ot Clyde Titcb. anthor of 

the play. Miss .\Uen*a metropolitan engage- 
ment n-lU follow that of Lidn OlaseT In Mlas 
Dolly Donsis at the Kiksi hai ksa naatre. 

She Is 

Jas A. and Ceodia Welch write that 

Shayne. and ksn aot lest a week fa a ytar. 

Idle. Zlngarella in her sensational 
6Iobe.Splnl act has fioished the clrcolt of 
northern fairs with marrelona sncceaa. and 
opens on the southern circuit at Athens, Qs,, 
Oct. 3. 

The Sharplles — Gus and Mattle — 
write tbat they opened at the Cryatal Theatre, 
Xtetrolt, Mich.. Sept. 18 and scored a hit. They 

are playing Wsasfa Theatre, Peoria, HI., t^ 


Herr Conried has declared against 
Boston. Tbe Hnb City won't see hto inmd 
opera company thla aeaaon. 

J. l/ocke Warwick, a col<M«d slng;er 
who waa a member of the original Georgia 
MInstreto In the serantles, will take oat a 
company ot colored vocalists and mnaldana 
Oct. 1, and will play the amaU towna of tbe 
Dakotas, Mebraaka and Iowa. 

Richard Carle and the members of 

Tbe Mayor ot Toklo 0>.. wtiUe playlac la 
PhUadelphla ran OTer to Baltimore to see tbe 
special matinee performance of The Maid and 
Tbe Mununy. Sept. SI. Many ether pial>a 
elocalB In Balttmora a tten de d . 

Ernest Rose, who has recently com- 
pleted a course at the Boyal BIgh School of 
Music. Berlin. Gcr., and more recently cosk- 
metod^^th^ae^Oamnadk CMcea a( Haw Toifc 

Mrs. Florence Pendleton Scarbo- 

toogh, engaged for Henry W. Sarage'a Grand 
Opera Co., returned from Europe last week. 
Mlaa Scarbocoash wlU be heard la tte title 
role ot Alda. as Mi Mba tt te Tsanhsii i aafl 

as Marguerite la Faust. She makes her debut 

next week In Brooklyn In Tannbanser. 

Miss Dess McClaren of New York 
City dosed a very asccesafnl four weeks' en- 
gagement Sept. 18. aa soloist at Flndley Lake 
Park, N. Y. Mlas McClaren la said to poesesa 
extrmordlnary aweet soprano Tolce, wblcb. 
together with her fine stsge hearing woa far 
ber many dose friends at Ftndlcy Lake. 

Joe A. Sanderaoa wfaa has been 
IdcntUed wttb tba pita eC fllDHt Qty. la., 
for the past six ycsra; a t i mt d'bto eoinectlon 
Oct. 1, to beonne baalacas nanacer ot a band 
tbat will toor the northwest. Be wm be a^ 
soda ted with Bert Murphy, the well-known 
Toeallst. who wfU he featured wttk the new 
organisation. iV'. 
Mme. Morioara Serena, a 

Feta Oosmsnr hss Just completed an 
~ ierea weeks orer the Ciyatal 
which time he was the langh- 
bUI. Connelly wm play the 
eastern hooscs thto winter. 

Harry Bums, the phenomenal bag 
pnncher, to highly elated oTer bla ancceaa at 
the BUoQ Tbeatre. Des Moines. la. Manager 
Baclaanan praised Tery highly his act, and the 
newapapera gare hlffl aome nice wrlteops. 
Frank Murphy and Jack E. Magee 

wish to Inform their friends that they are 
meeting with ancceaa with the Dlnktes* Yankee 

H. Harlow, manager of tbe Walker 

a Co. when tbat attraction phiyed tbe 
I western Canada, baa 

tbe Moalank. Brooklyn. 

N. Y. nto nfll be Mne. Bercna'a seorad^ pro- 
last year. 

Opera Co. when tbat 
northwestern states and western 

been engaged by J. E. O<ja6»o»e 

agent for the Coegmee Giaad Onacett 

cheatra. Sir. Harlow to^ now on •«ije_ weat 
over the Union Padle. baoUW Mf atBacMWl 
to the coast. Hatiy ^.Wsa d ■ to.fma a ngtog 
Cooprore Orchestra. rllBf» O w gwa »j<a«ru 
number ot rttu9tealv-.asaeltliK'.'!apS as - to 
. swtolid tr Gertinde'. 
i TkaUa KMtta, ~ 



Xtie Billl>oar<i 

OCTOBER 7. 1905. 

A stan.1. tur Alb. or- eo«d tor op» art *«> 
B »t«nd» for Bofton. for tw» P MM i « I If»" »f 
C Bt«n<!» for OiI«Bu bl# — OW» ■' 3>0^ 
D-^ Ktand* fur I>fB»«r. bwk ; jfltftgjfc 
B' nmiMk for ETanuTillff. aauaaT^an^y^'ma. 
F Maads for Trltco. yo« ma« ,■•*•! ii-vwfflo- 
e- for Grand llMpi<I>. tut Un. mMtyaiM TUIM. 
I Indlaaapalla SDm Ib «■> toor. 
J utand* IMr Jobviown. tapariir iw. 
K Kmam* CICr.< M« coin fur the VTnt. 
b iMMDn Iwt plfbt at ttt^fem. 
TT'-HliMWinlln • iTT^f — " ' "t* ' ^ - 
-SIf 'Ut'rVtiri-r^'-'S^iT- wwm an. 
0'"<M>^ Qapaiah tb*T alnra coaa* late. 
P< SlrjSvBmbonc and lldUr. botb 
' W Car giwIiK. tlinr elebtr nla*. 
I> for ttMlmter S- R. O. sica- 
tor St. iMto. tor hit »how» O. Kw' 
fur TolKlo. ain't pla.rMl It: can't mt- 
Is for I'tlca. takloe a cbancr, 
li» for Vtrkxbnrj. sold oat in adTance. 
traiMUnmoo. al^aya a doubt. 






X la- tor JC anla. wt lit a mi jtat^o oc 

X'--'ir<S?^lJaSSSS!7?M'U- *iaii^ taa'diM^p. 

In the rwratT-»l3c letter* tbe 

.Uphahrt'* sot. 
Not one Mauds for rroTWrnoe, 
1^ Nnoe IB the loi; ' . •' 

'S wouldn't Inralt tvie pruod irapttKl vnr*-**. .. - - > 

I can't Kiand for "Pror," 
'I^Ud It can't atand for uw. 

• • • 

Tta» Bit. C»rmeU HU Bventnc Rec- 
iaicr pobUalMd the fMtowlnr ••'^'•••f^MWlm 
a( ' itar vMt to - tkat . taws of tlW/MB BoMb- 
sn*^>MB BIK novai 

...'.-.OlAvaaa 'mr maat a paadierlno. a lallaca- 
p tMl i. a wla* gnr. k Ian. a Bum who la al- 
wara Bcsc a Itaiiaf dHlilliBliM . a bbtf aad a 
lop-Dotchar an loM lBt» aMl Ttato ]r«i luk*» 
met Doe Waddall. ttir kypaoHatr Of Ibe Jalia 
RoblnMio airsiTicatkin. 

It Ik Doc Watlilrll who airanRca for tbe 
i-boloroformtni; of Ibe oHHlflrd lij«nia; wbo flxca 
for tbe marrtape of tUr lianie cuaple no many 
tlmea tbat tbrr can hf pnniccuteil for blf^- 
mmy In every Htate In the nnlon; who aettlea 
for the broken arm of tlic bucollr mlnlKter who 
falla out of the aerial circle; ub« mpifmer- 

\mm the country c^lltorw aotl ** Im> 1^ it*. Bcncr- 
oua witb ticket* aa a candidate for a cunntjr 
nfflce la with campalcn clffan*. 

Doc Waddell looks like a Jap. and doo't 
i>rUe b)a lookv. for be l> aa dlBtomatlc aa Batmi 
Komnra. Bla face Is aa biaralan a* i that oC a 
Kiowa aqoaw. He eaa •» lala- Itaa palpit aad 
naka tUa conarecatlaD Mlm ' tkat ' ha la ' a 
ariMtouiT Inat back ftom XUM Cor hi* ukMltk. 
Ba aaa preach a fUrlr aead sanMoi .aaarlla. 
Ittr .a Uezlcaa aod ,«at awcar a. caMtaf. 
v Kslba - winar did aat kanr tkat; Oae waa 

■'Ifca- ' Patu waWi l a tadiaaa. 

, nacmUca la fiiclal fratnna aad (an- 

-«nl awln-ap. aad enpeelallr In hla limited 
aaMalBtaBce with the tmth. 

DDT and the \rrlter hall from np In Ohio. 
Iba aame rtectlun of the atale, and ther tdl 
fhia Ktnry of the formrr'a schoolhor daya: 
The maiden laa.r who prralded over tbe aehool 
whitii was honored bj blx prearace nerer.apared 
I be ntd or ttpoUed tbe dilld. and whaled Doc 
DHwt nninerclfoIlT almoat daily. Jnat after 
one of hla pnnlKhoientB. he jelled out: "Never 
r«a mind. Mlaa. I'll Ret even with yon for 

thb." "Howr* dlwUlnfuIIy qoerlMl the lady 

With the nrltcti. "Why mme day you'll get 

marrlMl and have a Isov tMbv and when he 

E. S. Wniard prides himself on the 
tieanty and Interest of the lM»»ks that (Tinstiliite 
his valuable Ilt.rarr. He likes uoihiu;; letter 

than ttlwiwinjr Uis choice edition*! t>> apprcda- 

liTe friends and it Ifi a i>oint with him that 
he kmiwn every boot In his p<iss<?ssloii . Re- 
cently he wa« golDF over his luioks with a 

felU»w blt»lio(tli{]e when It occurred ro him to 
hunt up a iiassape In CoUy Clbber. "1 bare 
a |iaril>ui«rly Sue edition that was presenietl 
to me by Percy Winter. You shall see It." 
Me made a loop and InetTectual search for the 
h<nks and felt exeeedioely piqued that be wa» 
unable to locate them. The hunt was con- 
tinued to weariness and was finall}' plren up. 
Mr. WUlard Imaiilnln;: all forts of possible 
misbapa to the books. Two days later be 
wrote to his friend: "I remeiuher now about 
that CvUy Clblwr. Percy Winter did not ^Ive 
me a copy — 1 uave ' him one.** 
• a • 

Some years ago while iravelingp on 
a western railroad Mabel HIte. wbo la atar- 
rlu;: this seasin Id Frank L. Perlay'a prodnc- 
iion of The Ulrl and The Bandit, thawed out 
the reserve of an army odlcer whose lack of 
i-ttu^enlality had been ;;enerally noted durlttir 
the Ion;r Journey. 

Five different yonnjr women had trle«I In en- 
page the soldier man In cooversatlnn. 1ml none 
had received anytbln): beyond a motiosyllahle 
reply to her mo»t cordial remark. Finally. Miss 
Hit watered a i»air of ;dOTe« tiiaf i alaa '-woald 
Indnre their fellow traveler to talk' ' wltboat 
bavins spoken a wnrd herself. 

The waper was u creed uivm. and on tlie 
rollowhiff mnmln;; Allss Ilite. who hail risen 
iiefore anyone else in the I'ullman. ;rree[ed 
die amttaiy man when be race with a shrill. 
plplBK wklatla., of a idrl dolnc her l>esi lu 
laaitaM tka anvUlc. Tbe attempt was fetn- 

Xbe oflicer nnllea. then 

.'MHMC' aad Anally. ackjiawledKe<l 
,aywfplal "Good mnmlns." 
taa.'..«aa her bet. 

Oscar, the Intelligent collie which 
plajs a barklBC role In The Prodlsal Son at 
the New Amsterdam Theatre. Xew York. bc;:an 
a rood rneagement all by himself recently, ami 
the show went on without hlui. 

Oacar hoanhl with a doir fani-lpr i.n West 
Tliirty-seventb street, and when the ilwir was 
InailTcrtenlly left open he pushed Ills war ont. 
headetl toward New Jersey and when last seen 
ivas illsappenHn;r in the Teunsylvanla Railroad 
tunnel. Tbe police \vere ■ notUfld. ■ hat. < tbe 
-deutha of the West Forty .seTenth atW t t Sta- 
tion ate not mucb at dog-catcUlaf.,: > • - 

Tlw aaanancs ot tbik tlwat w ; .ailt.'al«W*a to 
t»t Oacar back, aa 'May.HHiiiilidi; 'aaid* » 
aaaa o(' hla part. • ..' 

The Unique of San Joce. Cal., is 

now controlled by the Xorel^ people. 

Steve O'Grady Is handling the press 
for the Willis Wood Tbcatre. KaoMs City. 

The Bell Theatres of Stockton and 

Fresno. Cal.. are scheduled lo open tbb< week. 

W. J. Burgess and O. S. Woodward 
rialted Slonx City. la.. laat week to look after 
tkalc. iBMnats. 

■WtaVi StreWe' has auctieeded O. F. 

Lena aa tnanaaer.pT the Rarrla Opera House at 
Peter»biirc. 111- 

The n?w Bell Theatre In San Fran- 
cbtco. Ca)- U nearlnr completion. It will not 
open iintU Jantiary. 

Th« ' if«w . 't>|idriiu Opera , Houae. 

dal-. dMl«n4 of 1 Royal WIHM M«A cupels 
ttr mt/ld ta^hit thMttta. 

'The WUUiihia Opera Bousl- at Ida 
Orave. 'la.. U* been- torn down and Is l>elnE 
tetmllt aa a city hall and aimory. 

The ljullders of the new opera house 
at Gallatin. Tenn.. bopc to have It com- 
ptetcd bgr ma Utter fait'.sCrCMtsbfr. 

Guy Smith, late hianaser of the 

McDonough Theatre. Oakland. Cal.. la now 
manaiter of tlie Novelty In tl>e same city. 

The Savoy Theatre of New Bedford. 
Maaa., has bcaa'-nliailVflF'-'niilfli*'- dad la 
now foUr cqalppf«rt».'|^ir feWMnS.'fMdnc- 

tlooa. • ■, ■ 

C. W. Trouadala lito^ Wanted a hall at 
EstbefTlUa. la., and baa' eontrted It lata a 
vaadernie booie to be Vlajrcd b7 tbe amaller 

Thomas Roberts, for the paat.tbrc* 
rears tmanrer of ilie o)>era iHWiaa aj Kl- 
dm-ab. Kr» baa b«*n wapi«»tat«d neaamw.' w 
house oiicaad Sam. S witb Tb* Bajab of 


The union musicians employed in 
thlnr-seven ihliu^-o tlieatres have been cranteil 
an iiurense in wages. They bad been^ receir- 
inc cat Od per wvM. bat liB d i r „f 
menc net fSJO «a«b. tut- an 
over elEht- 

Edward L. Moore, manager of the 
Cenule Tbcaitc at Eaal LlTcrpool. Oblo, spent 

few days iMently In Sow Sork aty.. gaaa- 
actlni: Irasliiesa for tbe-opciai boeia. .«aaj|IMff- 
lie made his hendi|uarter»> at tllOA KlBW 'IK-^n- 
lanfier offices. . . 

The new }35,000 theatre now In 
course of constmetlon at TaylorrMlo. HI., 'will 
be completed and ready to open Xuaaaibtr , M. 
Jerry Boean. who manascd the oM IaMMa nr 
alx years, la to be manaccr and- MCmaiy of 
tbe new booae. 

Stale Inspector of Factories John H. 
Morgan of Ohio, has sent out notices to all 
tbe mayors of iltles In tbe state. InstructlnB 
tbem to see that "standinp naiin onl.v" sl^s 
are al«)llshed in all thealrc-s. No stanilini; 
mom is to be sold in Ohio. 

The Executive staff of the Bijou 

Theatre. Kenoslin. Wis.. Is as follows: O'llrlen 
ft Jones. iM-oprietors: C. I. Walker, resident 
mana;;er; £<l. S. I>avls. electrician; .Miss S.-iti- 
funl. mnslenl dlrft-lor: Otto Koebler. aiaice luan- 
amr. ' and ■ eiottm:^'-:r^<-tf!mpmti . 

The openinit 'oC'^itiha;:!^^ Theatre 
at N«ft.<MMlM.-X&r~iHiltfh ma. to baee been 
.>^pt. MiV'.iiiUi:.boatpiiacd' ad accoaal of the 
fever idlaatlaa: .abnagcr Wai. A. .Sillier (tales 
that bo ezpaets to open Mw booae In tbe 
near fntttte with hhoc llc«t-vtu** cumpany. 

Olson Brothers and S. S. Baldwin 
liare purchased ' tbe Cryatal Tbeattf. WIeUta. 
Kan., aud are renodcUni; tbe aame. Tbe Ibra- 

tre will be known as the Bijou when It Is 

opened iiniler tli^ new munscement. Tbe thea- 
tre will cater to the lK*st class of (icople. 

Herbert Parlter who has been con- 
nected - with ihe Lyceum Theatre in Mlnne- 
a|ioIis. ^Iliin.. for the past two .vears In the 
capacity of assistant treaaiinrr. has returned 
be -wiU ho aaao- 
'"^MMMtlle bosl- 

to MnrahaUtow^. .i^..wh||Be ho .wilt br aaso- 

rlaied .\iitb U|>; IkMif -IB .the ~ 

."J. C. Fish, city billposter of Punxsu- 
lawneyi.' I'a.. has been appointed mAiuger of 
the -Mjbtinlnf; Street Opera Ilonse to succeed 
F. ■ W. Weylmnn. tlow with the Park Stock 
Co. ■ • -Mr.- FIsb formerly owned tbe opera house. 

bnt aold : oat to maintain bla btllpostlng In- 

'Thfrii!fiuhdirM''di6ua(m doltara will 
reprcaont tbe InTfatment of tbe Orpbenm Cir- 
cuit In a new bouse to be bnllt in St. Pant. 
MlBB. Fortr'HTO tbonaand waa paid for a alle 
oMMolte.' tba'i'WIadaor BoM of tbat cMr, and 

iS^dntft^XliMMUat^ViBawalia trfQ dn- 

The Majeatle. ThMtNk lEanaaa City. 
Mo., apcncd tbe ataaoB . iMt^ IT, MBdar the 
manaitomant of aam -BaaJpiWil whb Ihe IMbiw- 
laa stair: Jns, R. XoiaM. :Bn«i aatati n. W. 
Wbeolor. nnsical dltoetari.'Oaai KHgr. chief 
doorkeeper: Clyde Sfcbtoat, staw manacer. and 

Jos. Caldwell, electrician. 

Simon Robinson, for the Ijist two 
seusons treasurer of the Nassau Theatre. Brook- 
lyn. N. v.. bas rcconily been asalimcd Ibo 
pr««* work In addltkm to bla resolar dnilea. 
Mr. Robinaoa baa been connected with several 
Srw Voric paprra, and be Is obtalnlnc many 
goal notices for Itae Nassau. 

The Grand Opera House at Galves- 
ton, Tex., will be nianiiKPil ncnln this seanon 
b,v Kml <;. Wcis. .Mr. Wels Is very popular 
witb Ihe thcatrefculuK public of Galveston, and 
his prcsciH-t* will serv*. to enrxiuraRe the pa- 
trmicc of the house. John .T. Fl.vnn. familiarly 
known as "Jack," has been npi>olnted Irtaa- 

Woric Is being pushed on the new 
$30,000 theatre now being erected at Tarentum, 
Pa., b.r the Tarentum Realty Co. R. A. 
Travis. Tbos. Gombert. J. M. Metaler, Ed. 
KennerdnU and John Onatar, ptaalnent bual- 
neas ib«b a( UHMtMl. aie Is wW i m la lb* 
enterpiMa. The aaaagir baa aat yet baaa se- 

Clarence N. Ravlln. who has for 
some time been aaaoclatcd wllb tbe Oallfomla 
Tbratre, Ban Franrlaco, In tbe dnal capacity 
of preaa aeent and bualnefls cuanager, has re- 
Bisned bla position to accept tbe position of 
boz-offlce manaiter at the Orptaeum. Hla anc- 
eeasor at the- California baa Bot TVt bcCB an- 

H. F. BfcOarvle. president oC the In- 
IcCDattoaal Amnaement Co., anoonncM the ap- 

aaa. nor.. X««^l .||. 
Witrk baa bMon iipon a new vau'ie. 

tUIo tb iali a at Aplln, Mo. Tbe house mil 
seat t.aoo people. It will be aiodmi In ev>rr 
rcs|<c<!t. will lie beatrd hjr ateam aad llsl>i<<4- 
by electricity, and will taatre a balcony, ciias. 
B. ilodkins, wbo ao mtercaafnlljr mamntd |.r, 
rlc Theatre and Ibo I^e Park Tbaalu tor' 
the piat four ataaoas, aad withal a wjr the 
Reiitleman and boslneia man. wlU maaaae ilie 
new bouse. 

The Grand Theatre at Greenville. 
Miss., la belne remodeled throushont. It Is 
to receive a new cuat of paint before' lla uticn. 
Ins. nlMHit Not. I. A number of attractions 
were booked for tbe booae prior to Ibat date. 

Mr. Hirry Leoobardt wbo baa bMB rtUb 

TncTciioi, 9K 

since lla opening laat Aufcust. baa raalgaad 10 

manager at Keith's Theatre, CICTClt 

take tbe manacemrnt of tbe atase at Percy 
Winiama* new Albambra Theatre, In New York. 
Hr. Leonbardt, althoofh comparatlTclr a joaos 
man. has baaa aoMealy oavlovad at lbs old 
Siaadua Tbistie la Hew T«k. Mm IhM 
Mm* bo baa baaa sOUatad with HBoct Bart at 
tbe MetvopoUtaa Opata Baoaa. Blcfaaid 
Uanafleld asd apaat aUht ycoia as alaca maaaier 
at tbe Bdwla Knoarlte' Tbaatie hi BioeklTa. 
Mr. Lcoobardt ataged tba Initial pndoctlaa of 
tbe Ulllpatlana in Amerlea, and afterwards waa 
an employe ot the late Angnatln Daly, being on- 
tmated at the latter'a death with a tmatecibip 
of a portion ot bla eatate. Prerloaa to bis de- 
partnte (or New York, tbe atlacbaa o( Kaltb'a 

prcacDtcd Mr. Ltaahsidt with a baadioaie Hk's 
charm la avpaMMatiaa • e( Ite 

good wm. 

hat owing to quarantine rrstrleUona Uanaitcr 

March waa compelled to cancel Owm, and 
taUag advantogo^oC OMa « 
ridcd to make Ihe sboaa- 

OCTOBER 7, 1905. 

Xtie Billboard 



S8 Ozendon 

l*ondon Rialto 

C. C. Bartrau, 

Tel. Garrard. 
Telr. Breather. 


VER since August Bank HoU- 
■ ■ day ttae bualDcn at tbe Loodon play- 
I A botUKa and maate balls bas been Im- 
m \W pioTlnc. Laat week rnU bonses 
wm the nlc U aU parU of tbe HetropoUi. 
Al mt letter or laat Saturday was flying along 
10 <}ueen»town. to catch the American mall, 
Mr. Seymour Blcka »va8 celebrating the an- 
niversary o( Tbe Catch of The Seaaoa at the 
Vauderllle, and Just to ahoir that a jear had 
not worn oot tbe welcome ot the piece. London 
BlsMMM IWMa.nt la anmbcis tbat oyer- 
flowed tlw Hadttd 'eapfecliir ct the TandeTtUe. 
Sereral new onmbera were Introdoeed, and, 
jndcliii: from the reception accorded. Tte Oticb 
of The Scaaon baa algaed a aew . laaM of 

IiondMi la not to ace the Passion 

PISjr ■ftW an. Ur. aerswnr Blcln and Mr. 
Obailts FrobmaB bad made the moat elaborate 
pnparatlanM and spent hundreds of pounds 
pceUmlaarles. Two well-known pUy-pro- 
aoctn had aiiM«t< BMt •( tbe eigbteen Ub- 
Icaox. ' tb« BMMinntBt tad had tbe scene 
nXNirls made, and bad even ordered most of 
tbe dressea and engaged many of tbe Italian 
acton. AU aaye ttae detalla then bad been 
■maitd IM MN flMlOB Play'a pndactloD at 
the AMw7«b nMtia aast I«nt. and, as after 
consaltatlon with many leading diTlnes It was 
conslderrd tl«t tbe Church woald encoorage 
tbe project, tbe amallcr dlfflcoltles were being 
•NSSMk tfea Daws cun* tbat the 
piitair eoMMmd that the sabjeet 
Ufe waa not a proper one for rep- 
OB the stage, eren tbongta tbe play 
COMlMtd nt damb show. Not wishing to cause 
olTcnie Mr. BWka ncoasldend bis scheme, and 
when he and hla eonpur left (or Douglas on 
attarday, be had abandoned tbe Idea alto- 


The sub-title of the cominff Falaee 

BeTlew, A Faotaatle Forecast gives away to 
some rilrnt. the Idea that Mr. 81ms will fol- 
low In this, bis Orst Incursion Into Tarlety- 
Land. Be will ahow what ho imaglnen Umdon 
■ad I«ndao Ufe wilt bo tn% ymm beaat. Br 
tho way, the Palact— the beoio where most 
of the American inyaders flrst appear — baa not 
done so poorly this last year. The directora 
haTo daddad that Iho prodtt will alloir a 
dMdiad af It aiM. Ut tk 
canriag flnwaid at ia.000 odd 

axMST or TKS BTAOE Boamr 

On Sunday the Stagre Society pub- 
lished their alzth annual report, sbowlBC a 
prcarnt membcrsblp ol 1,2C0; a balanee In tbe 
bank of 400 meriy Jingling poundlets; slso six 
notable plaja wart aacoeasrully produced dur- 
ing the past year, and 140 plays (of which 
ISI were by Bagllsb wtlteia and 18 were 
traoslattoDi ot foreign playa) ware aobmltted 
to Che Oooncll dnrlng tbe fiast sesson. All of 
these playa were read and considered. 

The illustrated "sonsr-scene" Is a de- 
lightful and interesting interlude at tbe Coli- 
seum. The eboens at the aides alngs Long- 
tellon 's Wreck of Tbe Heapema as rersea and 
lllnsiiatlona are thrown on to the curtain. The 
bouse Is In ahsolote darkoeu. and as tbe 
grim tragedy Is nnfoldcd, the mosle, the plc- 
taea, the .Inalilisl ^na at the J^ira peo- 
dnea a thriniag : 'aaiat. ' - . " . 

I wns xjE ncm b 

We are told that tbe next form of 
"American Inyaalon" will take tbe "tented 
Held" for lu sphere of operations, tbat Is to 
•ay, the firm concerned will preaent spectacles 
of Dmrj Lane dlnaaalOM Is gifiatle iMta. 
Tbe canTaa-baefced ~ " ^ 


The days of the "child performer" 
atfa to be numbered. Not only the public 
taMt for this dasa of "sympathy** act 1b de- 
allalng. in England, but many magistrates are 
saw. taking the option glren tbrm by tbe 
"Ohtld JMot Aet». et lafaahw Uiiam per- 
atltuag clilldmi aadtr' atetaaa to partoiab 


Of the twenty-four turns which ap- 
Heared , at the TItoU AnnlTersaty on Friday 
arwlBK. AneilCB was well repteaentcd as a 
laad' or good comedians by Hike Wbalen and 
Badflwd and Valentine. 


The press has not accepted Ur. Wil- 
liam Ginette'a Clarice with tbe same abow 
of approval as was shown by the large au- 
dience present at the flrst performance at tbe 
Dnke ot York's on Wadneaday. The prlneipal 

Is no douM tint, in oonpsrison to 

plays, many of this clasR of American playa 
exaggerate realism In t>onie Instances to tbe 
border ot boredom. The deylce of scTecal 

minaiaa a Oaeaa at tfea a f aa m > and tha^ aioaa 
of the aeta, which has been osed with socb 

excellent effect In such pieces as Shore Acres, 
etc.. IMS doubtless had its run, and dramatlsta 
moat Inyent new deelces If they would not bore 
tbela.: nadliejaa. M.^the Mttv .aC^%Kr. OU- 
lettCa Mcelleat companyi' of the niodntlnK of 
the piece, or of tbe story, there Is no word 
other than of praise. But that the pauses 
In the action of Clarice are more strongly ooder- 
iinadVtlMM tka aatlaa; ,tha*a la d6 dasM. 
makea ' It like telling a atbiiy aaerc^ with as- 
terlsks. or making the pnnctuatlon marks more 
Important tban the words they sever. 
Tbe bit ot the erealng waa andoabtedly 

irnditU 6lancr. " Bnt ' tiicn,' ''ibi'-' flrst 
performances become ever more diffleult to 
JudRe. The beglnnlni; dues not fureBluidow tbe 
end nearly aa much aa formerly. And when 

all iB .jilM. it ii..tka ran of a LoodWi n ada a 
tlon ' that eoanta. ^efhapa it la Saat B/lhlle 
too American for Txtnilonera to awallav. aU at 

once, and It may grovv 
wblcb also come from abroad, 

MUT' BllJiXi'l 

The Court reopened on Monday with 
a third revival of Bernard StiaWs John Bull's 
Other Islsnd. Tbe attendance during the 

*Mm that Mr. ahaw*^. .«l|imalaal 
trtfce baa' fhr' from eahaaatM" Its 

popularity. A refioe»*t sent to the manager 
of Dublin's leading theatre \>y "several play- 
goers" tbst this piece be produced In Ire- 
land.' wHkb : i wH adia. "."Wa. aia ;8Bt«^;that,\» 
woaM ha wan'' rM«l*«d,** remlnda 'n* ''ti'-tUt 
Orangeman who asked the Scotchman to play 
The Wearing of The 4:r*'^Mi lils pipen. Sandy 
aaked. "For why}" Tbe other replied, "1 Jus' 

waat'^la sfO U l aaa.aisMl-ttrv.aa Sandy 
comniaiicad. ' bat haA ' net gone' far when tbe 

Orange <Irlsh)man rushed at him. When Sandy 
had administered tlie good ibrsshlng the other 
deserved be said, aa be gathered up bis pipes, 
"I «i«*aa ■ tWak fee- aa« alaaa vlt.V .ranuajUlr, 
It I vMia« a:pit! « Dii sa Ba» M« Ban^'Otttr 
Islaad .a«'-:.tlist:'..«ihar Italand. I wunld take 
the MaaMtiaB'''«ii( wearlm a snit of srmor. 

WM mxBxsaoLX bailb 

Mlas Olaa Netheraole sails for 
America on or about the I3tb of next month 
to prwluce. at Washington, ten days later. Ur. 
W. L. Courlne.r's adaption of Paul llervleu'a 
powerful drama Lr Dnislv. Por the Interpreta- 
tion of tlie piece she has rnitaiied a <-ompany 
which Includes Mr. Hamilton Revelle, Mr. 
Hubert Carter. Mr. Wlllhim Fanen. Jr.. Miia 
Louise Moodle, Miss Cicely RIcharda. and Mis* 
Dorothy Ortanaton. In order to assist her n-ltb 
final leheaAwls, which win take place in 
Wnshlngton. Mr. Courtnc.r han also . promised 
to cro)«s the .vtlsntlc. 


Arrangements of a particularly in- 
teresting dMmcter have Jn*l been eotapleied 
by the abobert Brotbecs far tbo r iigMi f ^ g ^at 

the Waldorf Theatre In about thiee ' week's 
time. The piece cbuaen for the occasion Is 
n translation of tbat well-known German play, 
Zapfenstrelrh, by Frana Adam RcjrerlelD, which 
has obtained markMl popnlarllr'ifsnia'' la.':.the 
country of its origin and IB FtailMSi, AasiMa 
and Amerlaa. 


In the modern muato haU! .. ;Pr6'> 
gramme the sporting element Is a gtowtng 
feature. Wrestling contests bsvo held their 
wn for several seasons past: and despite many 
attempts at poputartalng a Vlval attraction, It 
la now said tbat football .Batches st« to be 
Introduced oa the .Variety alage during tbe 
comlaf scalar.. . .M- aiMUoaa . agnidlaala : p«»- 
pasea'tevlpwaiANBto,:the attiaatlsa ■ 'aff Oil ija p la. 

wixi.-:u<aBai iw^.ur:' 

Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bbnchler win 

return to their original parts Id The Walls of 
Jericho next Saturdn.v. when the 342d perform- 
ance of this stunly piece will take place. 


Mr. Cyril Maude Is to have a London 
playhouse of his vrr.v own early In the new 
year. If we are nut much mistaken, it wUl 
be the a^vaaiioid! Ai ~ 

psosioAL mr A 
The Prodigal Son: ham'- maoSi^^ 

stood the box-aOce tost; «lad,"tS''".'aa«^'-'«B ifs 
way to a run which ' wm «atMd'-:^FI|iiMa^ : Ma- 


A traveler well 'veraed in theatrical 
affairs has bad an Inlet eaUng "lula iilawf wltb 
Ihsen. We are told tbat t»4ay "be la a 

watery-eyed, tremnloos old man, his nervous 
force gone, and bis physical atrength vaniA- 
Ing.*' Two phyalclaim are wltb bim day and 
night, and he has even ceased to raad, al- 
though an attendant reads to bIm sometimes 
when the great author can concentrate his 
mind aoOlelently to enjoy It- Tbe writer waa 
accomiionled by an impressarto who desired 
Ibsen to undertake a lecture toor. Hie Impos- 
sibility ot the project dawned upon them as 
they saw tbe dramatist. ./ Ihay llsnnd him 
seated In a large cbate' feii >hiB llbcuTi with 
bis doctors In attendance. Alttaoogh then seemed 
to be m necessity for their pteaencc beyond 
that relating to the Jealoos care which he re- 

**lt required hut a glance at tbe venerable 
figure," writea hla visitor, "to be assured that 
hla work waa done. Hla voice la atrong de- 
spite bis general weakness, and bis face, not- 
wlthstantllng tbe marfca of bla great age, was 
still wonderfnl from the intellectual force tbat 
even In Its decay fills It with a atroage power. 
The library In which tbe Interview took place 
la a high, dark, old-fashloaed room un the 
flrst floor, with newspapers stre«"n about — 
suggesting tbe interest wltb which tbe antbor 
regarded tbe fioUtlGal troubles of Sweden and 
Norway, and with a wide range of literature 
tm the Sbelvco which conspicuously showed the 
works ot Kant and Shopenhaner. Ibsen dis- 
cussed the poUtlcsI aitnatloo of bla conntry 
and expressed the hope that Norway might 
become a republic." 


Mr. Oswald Stoli, in an interview 
this .«^k,v;.aa]rB;<thBt'::tt--'thcaiiieal^ M 
mold diaaM'.tiM' poUcj' •( liBltatlng"Ma an- 
other wiMB aoe has happened on a anccesa. 
and, by mace speclsllzatlon among them- 
selves hasp -.alive every form of emotional, 

othenrtso, Hian' Woald 'not ba so meh of any 

particular form as to serloui<ly Jeopardise the 
existence of any one of tbe other forms. A 
market for the supply of good material would 
ha .ssoataatlr ;fetpt/';allfab'. BsA '.a. te enough 
pahlle' 'flsr° tech" ihnn ' at sseb ' '•ntertalnment 
would l>e forthcoming to maintain a snffldeDcy 
at Riicc«>ss. Mr. StoU added tbat all he bad 
said waa to he conaMsred together with tbe 
Tei7.. ,laap!imui'< aMt.''that.' ,lka.::aaiMllaBa of 
trade "a*ilet"'aa"'ttnia' af an Wto la l awit ' alike, 
and the times tbe theatres were passing 
through now were certainly not the best for 
variety tbeatrcs citber. tbougb he admitted 

'«MawK'dlMia''rtfea' 'tliBe'''W ' stiaaa).'.iliif - H; 
Review. A Fantastic Forecast, gMf^MMJ to 
apparently been In the theatres 


An Ansel lliiawures was the flrst 
new production ot tbe week. Pregnant as the 

title la ;ac. aaaaMdaaa a». aMTAaai flat. : there 
is maa oit"Miair>.la> Ib.'^BL'' r:' BtareBart-s 

piece. Still It .ata^d'-'Well as a vehicle for 
the dpnionstratiOK<°eC';;ia*eral clever perform- 
er*a talents. Mr,:,;'8lNNrt baa provided Mlsa 
Fannj' Bionah.'WMb'';^'aa 'aaatllsatH'fatt, .whicb 
ahe played 'tar'-aeeiT ateoi. lt . was';'«iiM; las. 
Carew did not have veiy aaffe'Ita do— hot did 
It excellently, and Miss JmeVaa Bosk Irk did 
splendidly In the part ot a bM*' torn Boston. 
It'.torthr -i^-'a(.-.a-;;ala«ar :aMK'.'..M|!>v:haa the 
'pear of' a naidr'' wtltar; ' and Is " a i itoa ad ' with 
quick wit. He has. however, no sense of con- 
struction, tlnds It dirHiiilt apparently to eluci- 
date, character, and has not su0clent self- 
aaataol.Ht IMI-.a, story inddlr. But An Angel 
tTBatrHaa baa aiaiv bright and aorasing paaa- 

ages, which, tbon^h they do not by them- 
selves make a pin.v, can undoabtedly pot an 
audience Into a good bnmor. 


The Mermaids have gone .under: 

from a want of public aapport. Provtug that 
Londoners, at least, have Uttle sympathy wltb 
Bliaabetblan Drama. The season closed after 
on* week only, and thereby drove one more 
nail In the coiBn ot "the Good Old TImea*' 
theory. The Qneeii's Street will not r sma in 
empty long, however, (be HeCTSa' Andlia s n A 
Delirend will shortly make a welcome re- 
appearance wltb their Oennan company. 


The new playhouse In which Mr. 
Charles Frohman and Mr. Seymour BIcks are 
latemted will be erected oa Shaftabnry avenue, 
on tbe site adjoining tbe existing l,yrlc and 
Aiiollo. A second theatre will probably be 
added later. The theatre will be called the 
Piccadilly, a title which, tboogh not strictly 
justifiable, gives a good Idea of Its location. 


Dan. S. Holt, formerly manager ot 
the ■: gaytaa^. W ats r a,' -,ia..:.falaa;aea-. fUt-^tki . ends 
with ~ the Otcat Bartaw Hlaatttla. 

Billy Beard, "the party from the 
south,'* reports success with the Wm. H. West 
Mlitatrela, under the management ot Sanford 
B. Rleaby. 

B. L. James, of the Two Jameses. 
Rpotti good hosinsas with the Christy Brothers 


She win sail from Paris early thia mooth 
and shortly after her return to the cotmtry <jt 
bar Beat txtampb. will make her sscoad dehat 
la Maw xack tat 
by a asstct oC gliftid 

UlnstreU. , 

a band of twelve i 

John W. Vogel'a' Mlmtrela xeport a 
tecard-brtafclnc boalneaa. It la aald Ihey glared 
tB over 8,000 people at two performances In 
tbs Albambra Theatre. Mllwankpe. 

Walter Stock, the minstrel man. is 
resting at his home In Mabanogr CMFt - ga. . 
Next season he promises to take aaf-. "S *-tWW 
car minstrel sbow under canvau. 

The following well-kiiov -"Ople are 
with the Domont Minstrels: Vic. Blcbatds. 
jack Symonds. Matt Wheeler. Jerry Otmning- 
K*iw, cbaa. Tomer, Johnnie Murphy. Fos and 
Ward. Bimr Payne. Joseph Horux. Arthur 
Vole, J- M. Kane, Ibmaa McOwl. Bdwla OaM- 
ilsk and Kaafman and Xalaac. ;■■ ■:/ \ 

While members of the Donran . 
Female MInatrels " were drlvtat '~ 
to Lanesboro. Minn., after the 

evening laat week, two of th- —w-r- . 

seeidentally dltAcd sad a asawaa aC laaeg 
Udies were iBfnrad. The I n t i a sa dathnaaaag 
the night and an Incxperleaead drlrar CBOMd 
tbe mishap. 

George and William Guy. proprietors 
of tbe Guy Brothers" MInatrela. are tiro of tbe 
Oldeot SOOg and dsnce snd minstrel comedUnS 
In the bnalness. Their experience In burnt cojll 
datco hack to 1800. Tbeae o™?™S» 

In the bosinesa sM «* t S-aafart ad that iMf 

company of thlrty4aa. IB flvaV' aS. SMS''^^^ 

nesa In Canada. 

Notes from Billy Keraanar . >|IlB- 

atteU: We are in oor seventh w«* a* aaaaafr 

breaking business. At Ft. Smith. AfK- a» 
scored oar thirty-first consecotlvo B. B. «• 
house. Prof. James Lacey's Ol»a>t Band » 
tbe talk of the town. Our 
part never falls to hrtiig 

Boalneaa Manager Ceo. t. . . ..-^tt 

charge of tbe company for the paat two ■isss. 
Manager Geo. A. Treyser being Uld ap wltb 
severe attack ot Itrlp. 

Notes from the Duncan Clark Fe- 
male Minstrels: We have played ta peeked 
bouses every night since the opening of tbo 
season, and managers have lavarUbly aakcd 
for return dates. Onr people are all la WlBe 
condition and are giving the beat of sattme- 
tlon. We feature Mile. Doaaello hiaoetuica: 
Foster and Klldslo, European ecmllihrists: tte 
Big Five, and The Olrla Is tha Overalls la 1B» 
olio. A Newport travesty coaeladca Uia p«t^:. 
formsnce. Wo travel ta our owa palaes ca« 
Our roster Is SS fbDows: Doncaa dafk. 
prletor and maaager; I. Btaplaa. ho ^ess 
anger: J. P. Klldsla. jaage "MMW ""^ 
tlon. Wo fleatnre llUe. DsmeBo In 

B. Walla. pcoB.; Ule. XtoBa*Iio.'Boi_. 

■aaT^MB ^3ama, Ben Bart, eadic Ooonws. 
wSfi^'AMaK "Mar Iroog. Lilly Long. Marjorle 
FteToBart IfUis. totUe Hniea, VlvUn Gray. 
Alice Moaa, Beatrice Grace. Mamie Collins. 
Agnes Klee, Dolly Madison, Edna Lyons. Flor- 
ence DInkley. Sylva Smith. Cora Haynes. Irene 
Harrison Snaan Worth, Fanw Dennljon. Dora 
Cohan, JnUa Brooks. Lisa JscITO. Jemile Oood- 
beart. Pearl Donaldson. I. F. KUdxlo. Uon 
nwlar, Bnrt Uatquart. Jack iMg Ooofc and 

The city Sports Burlesauers while 
playing an engagement In Scranton. Fa., we» 
Sept. 25. had tbe pleasnre of JrtsltteBWieJf 
the neighboring coal mines. Thar 
many spedmens of tbe mincs'a 
enjoyed the O MUr r' - ■ » 
was In charge ot. 

Of the large number of "ewbur- 
lesqne ^ws this season, perhapo none la 
deserving of as mncb attention aa the xaame 
Doodle Girls, nnder the direction of T. W. 
Dinkins. Tbe first part la a J™"**. "!JE2t 
ent day ln3nrance_ methods. The pOTfortnanee 
doses with a hrfflhmt speetaej^ entiti«i me 
Soint of Id. The suiniiy. eWlrical effects. 
SiSm^ and. abSe aW. the l*K hare b«D 
selected with the greatest of care. The olio 
eonslaU of Smith. Champion * Co. to " one- 
act playlet. Sadie Hosted* 0«. » 
Anna Tale, the Baker Troupe in leO| »lnK tbe 
gap. Fox and Duball, ~ 
Murphy and Xlacee. coma 
the btimaa telephone. 


Xlie Blllboa 


/. Topics 

Now York Office. I-IAO BroaKiway. 


THB death of Jacob Litt, which 
•ecniTCd Wednodar ■(ternooa. Sept. 
tB, IB Or. a. F. K. Boad-s Suilta- 

k Amctla. Ont of r«sp«et to bJa 
ttere wmm do performance of The 
EMil aad Tk> PdowUs at tin Bcoadwar 

The crowds which flock to the Ub- 
«c«r Thtalic. uttzmetcd bj the Klaw & Btlusrr 
(nOwtloa af the It nam BnCkcn to Inlud. 
ace Mds1I>k aot 
■VpncUttra applaaack 

IB lartar tlw aw i tc ta o( thla 
tor Bbe keeps tbe eo- 
at blsh apccd dozliiK tbe 
time tkcr an not spon tbe aa*^ «^ 

Iter an Once ate In eiUcBoe at the aane 
tiM lUkcB the Bocks BnOien work with 
a elB ta aoatala their end of the tan. 
Tbtn la nach t* cnteetala la the cnncnt 

at their 

U2u the eompany nai 
cterer* aad the castnmea aaa 

come of errata. Goa ud Uax Bogeta hare 
aome drrer new material. aDd tbe; are as- 
tr OKTlnae, aa haa bean aald. with an 

atepat Toala latropidl makce a hit aa Anaatatia 
OTHotAIbaa. and the choraa of men and women 
fratDie at the pcodactloo. 


laahrd to the back 
aeat. which be occopled In frightened lone- 
Uneo. and Ton^e that he shall nvrer asaln 
glre his lUe Into the keeping of Mr. Uaaoa. 
the antomobUlst. Tbelr casaalty record for 
tbe trip was one doa and two chickens, and 
■eTetal bottles ot Golneas'a stout. Tbey ainck 
tbe dog between Bferidan and HaMM^ a lee* 
Tloitsly nndlseoTered rltal apot hi a aBBtea% 


08L A aad irin 

ctml weeks to come. The Twenty-third Street 
honse has been renorated and pat In a coo- 
dttlon of apedal prcpaiatkm Br the eeest. 

ststetnent cDBoeralng Miss Bosaell's engxge- 
ment with Manager Proctor: "We now present 
tbe highest daaa TandeTllle entertainment erer 
offered tor the delectation ot New Torfcera. 
Miss Bnsaell win appear at erery performance 
In the Twenty-third Street Theatre, which 
means twice a day Indodlog Sondajs. She 
will aing three new songs which bare been 
wrlttee Ihr ket aaa tr fiuaooa eomposoa and 
fjTidata, aad wlU Might the hearta ot the 
In her aadk a t e a with three elabonte 
at each performance and the' world- 
famed Jewda. Elghtr-two gowns ot the mo- 
dlste'a art hare been ballt by Worth. Paqnln 
and Mm. oahoca far this engagement. After 
plarhig for an e ala uded period at the Twenty' 
third Street Theate,- lUaa BaaMB ;l>aic naki 
tonr of the other Procter h u a at a. tertndlni 
Fifty-eighth Street, Barlem, Newark, Albany 
and Troy. At the end of this toor It Is prob- 
able that Mr. Proctor «m orgaBise. with Ulas 
Bnnel at Its head, tbt Iptiattat aaad- ^ 
pany of Tanderllle atais e«er gathered t^ 
gether. The entire RnaseQ engagement Is for 
thirty-three weeks, and the compensation for 
app(arfa« f lee a day, aerea ^ja a week. 

donais a week. Thla la^hr Wait aM 

the greatest salary exer paid to a 'Mltfe. per- 
former, or eren to an act Inrln d l a g a imm- 
h« (If BiilhiBiiii la nadetflla." 


In the i»ea«iitstIon oC Bra. at the 

Theatre, Uargaret AngUa dlspUya 
powers of electrifying and Intensely 
fpality. For nearly an hoar, thnmgh 

i.- yat m .gMat la fcar- tolit, that 

one forgets that the scenes are little more 
than a monologne. In that hoar she dlscloaea 
the deepcat agony of a woman's emotion;- she 
tarn >M 'tte jaaeilaBB and lonclngs, the mts- 

' of a wretched wom^ 

SB's Ufettae. aad brings into the glare of a 
focoaed Ugbt ot dlcovery tbe a n gnlth of 
woBaa'a deceit, confessed, and, at last nn- 

ia fatrodaeed a aorel train effect, the girls 
cUmMng into trunks which anddenly are trans- 
XooDad iBtD diiulHiitlre rallzoad cara^ and roll 

X I^ore. 

; tr t hahlue and llaaxloe Dar^. la also a 

hit. . . 


Some Important changes In attrac- 
at local theatxea within 

Vand. with a new leading woman replacing 
W Charlotte Walker, win go npon the road. Ml» 
Walker waa loaned to IiTlhler & Co. for the 
»ew Tatfc can at The 
s e r r ft e a have hecn rcdaliBed hy Charles Dn- 
Ungham fbr a role In The Embassy Ban. The 
Prodigal Son will leaTe the New Amsterdam on 
Oct.' 14, aad Lnhi Glaaer^ In Ulaa DoDy 
Drilui Ufa awta o«c itaB.tbe 
» caaHaae her Mew Xhck liinagi Miat at 
Sooae BeaotUnl." The Sothem-Uarlowe oom- 
bmatloB win ancceed Miss Glaser at the 
Knl<Aet1ieeker. When Baymond Hitchcock 
leaTcs Wallaefc'B Theatre. Oct. T, be wni be 
aaeceeded. B„ by Thomas JetTerson who will 
flay BIp Tan Winkle tbr a brief engage- 
■aat The* OUa Skinner will come to Wal- 
fhc pnacntatlaoa ot His Grace de Gta^ 



Out of Collese, the newest 
tde play, was locally Introdaeed at 
iBK I^eeoB Theatre Wednesday ereslng. Sept. 
St. The aewapaper oltlcs ga.Te complimentary 
aC. the plar. and. reported ptcaaed an- 
e tkeatic 
caMB Ma atartSB with 
aa a 

r Tbe most Important theatrical ena€ 

at the earrect days wm be tbe presentatlQa 
at Haivfland. bj I>e Wolf Hopper, at the 
Iffito Ob laeaday ercnlaK Hentr S. Siitr 

Homer ICamn and wife. UIss Keeler. 
er<>» Meaaa IBwHr <jfct «i 

E^wreaee as a passenirer In their aotomoblle, 
aaklag the nm of 152 miles from 9 A. M 

Mile. Ani Hill, -wUh :«C JBarry HIU, 
the clever road maaasHv ?.hetfaa . her Tande- 
TfUe ►•~*'-r' this week atr Ika O el l Thea- 
tre. vMatSAraw where She wm.he Sf» ia her 
bnpersimtlMiB a la Tcata TDieT. aad tbe late 
Bessie BonehlU. Miss HOI has a toor ot the 
Keith circuit booked to foUow her time at 
the Percy 'wmiasaa hooses. From a trapeie 
artist to/a'alaBkW'^<*aaiaHr .^OTB^HMir is a 
far eiy; hat" Mas 'Ml haa aiaSe' t>e "tianal- 
tlon In a remarkably short time, and bas es- 
tablished herself, by her art. as worthy of 
the place sbc bas taken among vanderllle head- 

fnT»itT.nt asBVTtfs .OBiBBii 

m^:auhaiMifliuiimimM Us 
" B ar Bdawaa * Greg- 
ory, and haa aaaodated himself ^pH|k . 1>MIJ & 

Wolford. the play-agents. Mr.';.MnriBt re- 
witb ChBat.'.'Ai'Stylor'a 

eae had aeen ercty actreaa act CTery 
part ahe had ctct played It woold he oaeleaa 
t» write that no other wooaa eonid enact 
tbcae Bcenea with a deeper feeUng: hat It la 
ccrtalB that lUaa AncUa riiea to a mastery 
e( the allnatlaa with aa artistic conception 
which (airly atona the uh a mu aa 
Cor the hoar, feel that ther tn M Hm 
ence ot an uspeakaUe aomw: that they are 
■lag ttie aetnal portrayal of one of tbe 
tragedica In life which we know exist, 
bot with which we, happily, are addon braoght 

Into dose toe*. ; 

It is not for me to Bay that nCb accaca 
he left nnactcd; for Ztra Is a 
gnat flay, daitng Miss Anglln's emotional 
hoar, aad the moltitade claa ww to hare Iti 
heart-strings knotted aaa-lfc.'.d^jBlSSJ*"* 
to extreme deptha. Bat tt la the Hlartaa ef 
the theatre to make the aadltor feel, at the 
end of tbe play, that ten days ot bard labor 
have been consnmmated In an bonr; to go 
home with the emotloos aeethlng. the aerres 
onstmng. and a mighty weight pteasiBg down 
npon them! Miss Anglln's boor Is like an 
erenlng of Bdasco's melodramas; It's a hard- 
worfclv pcapoattlon tor crecyhody. Bat It la 
SB ematar of art.- aad teal K • 

are la thla world nmny aieataics wlih a keart 
of stooe soeh as Beverly Sltgreares, to 
strengthen tbe contrast, makes of Ruth Wild- 
hw;' it wmdd acca a great hteaslBS that they 
- Ilor the 

iBlrahle la hamanklnd. Mlaa SItgreaeca aMat 
admirably holds ap the mirror ot art 

ke -makea the chaiae 


yoke of nnforglre- 
of one who bad, 
, jet. la homan 

Frank TTorthlDg is1t«b a WlpiiftiiaBee of 

tbe dersyman. and scorea acahi in his loas 
record ot artlntlc arblerements. Jameson I«e 
Finney ataada-.aext to hia.ia the atdtr «( 
merit, ••/■■•^,*|«Iiany,-kBaiIe»ii»>«l 
with d M e i e at - U e ats s e at. wwsM he d i eaM at 
sympathy and mlcht be dlstastefal In Itself, 
lira. Thomas Wblllen brings an aJmlrable 
shading to bear upon the character of Lady 
Coastaaer. aad there Mrrattint 
port who ]ostiry thek' poiHlaa 

Finally. let It be written, that wliafever 
Miss Anglla aaay hare acUered la her career 


press down the 
ness npon the ahaS 
arUshly. deeigala«lr. 



T.iinnp Sbaw. who has won deserved 
renowa la aaaaRiaaw haa he** gleea a part 
In tbe BHOr'ik'Snmaa pwdae U aa af Ib New 

York Town. whIA wQl call for a marked 
display of her Tersatlllty. She wlU play an 
Itallaa character, whereaa ahe baa won ber 
la aaadcaHa as.a -MhMslK aC Bebrew 


George O. Starr, representative of 
James A. Bailey, arrlred In New York from 
London, Sept. 25. and departed the same eren- 
faig for California, to meet Ur^ 
contlnnoaa trsTellng toor. 
Angeles In llfteen daya. 


ZjtUian.Baasdl malces ber vandevtUe 
glaage at' 

featnre of a series of strons bUls wbtcb be- 
gin with Josephine Coban & Co.. Fred NIblo. 
The Craae Biea.. Maearf a Dog * .Uoakey Clr- 

it . lM. »ea- 
aad Qaatidte. 


BUIy S. Caigord^ by apedal ar- 
ransemcBti^- aiifl SiF'daB'Wi||k'dB|y» dilto siHlic 

> r. M. It < 

of Taadertlle as tbe 
Proctor's Fifty -eighth 

featnre of the bni at 
Street, Oct. 2-7. The 

fan t» bar. *he' may arcB-Mk 

In Zlra aa an artistic aecompllsbmeot which 
may erer Tiew with Jast pride; a piece of 
actlnc matreloos In Its Intensity and »ur- 
pa!>!<ln;;ly artistic In Its display. 


Tony Pastors' vaudeville bill for the 
week oC OeC S calla Car tha as i i Ut a ot Mar 

Estelle Wardrtle * oiL Dantli aat ■well 

tbe Chadwicfc 1>to, Taamtt, Brown. Harrison 
and Bmwn. Frank Le IVnt. Delmore and Dar 
rell. Naomi Etbardo, Golden and Hnghea, and 
Hnston and Dallaa. 


Helnrlch Conreld's Irving Place 
Theatre, demtrd. aa amil. to the GeraaB 
draina, icopeacd I 

nsn BAxxi 

Hnrtiff ft Seamon's Harlem Mnslc 

Hsll. dorlne the week of Oct. 2-7, will prercnt 
BalleD and Fuller, Howard and Bland, Hoey 
aad Lee, Zlska and King, Tbereaa DacgeTal. 
Nlblo and 

In the new eomle^ ope™. 
w^lUea hF 

2-».0-S, which was 

Phoebe, tbe pig; and IXA; the gaose^ 

entertained their hnman and animal friends 
the Hippodrome stage after Ihe matinee 
iBcaday. The occasion was In honor of 
M. - a. aaMm aheephooad. who acta the 
Uoa «( tte BIlVodKme Show. He waa aljc 
years old that day. He Is so formidably homely 
that he is without rrleniis or admireia, and 
the birthday woold hare passed o at i oont ed aad 
W. Powers, wba 

The Hippodrome caterer spread a table aa 
the broad stage when the cnrtaln deacended ea 
Tbe Baldeta, and tbe pig and the geese were 
Ulska was placed on a 
aemraW fl fedestal at the other end. and a 
Hippodrome baby elephant, and OM ot Alam 
Carre's Shetland ' Ponies were other knlM 
goeata. They hrowaed on animal tldMta. wkBe 
"treaka" ot the *ow discussed 
mean. The doc-taeed boy, the 
bogle man. the skeleton, the tat lady._ the 
electric lady, tbe snake charmer, the tatMaci 
tha Circassian lady and the wild' mah aC 
an there. 

la a speech In which be told ot 
once haTtng sared Dick from the dntehea 
'■( a aaeak tblcf, and Dick qoacfced long and 
loaS, aa U he apprecUted tbe aatrow escape 
aaa WM- ^BiaCaL The "only tzmtned gooae 
In Ike waiH," be aaM, was thirteen years old: 
had marched In three Presidential Inaognral 
parades; had ewam in rlTcrs In eyecy state la 
the Cnkm. and would be taken to Eniope la 
IMai It was bis consnming desire, 
mal aaaa aald. to bsTe the gooae 
tbe Dead Sea and In the Bleer Jcrdaa. 

Queen, Margaret Fow^Te AiahWiMi^ ^» 
Is Boffering from an iBcorahle dtoeaae and 
mnat be kOM to a few laya. waa led to tbe 
•t the I M mims Ikr a tew minutes. 

It woold Aecr 


n's Victoria haa Adele 
Ritchie aa-Jta t ppi laer (or the week at Oct 

SHr to AiMrica. optw at Bern's Oeb *. 

Others In tbe bill will be The Three Seldomes, 
rloome and Cooper, Geo. W. Monroe. Rice and 

For Ted Marks's Sunday concert at 
the American Theatre, Oct. 1. «h«ae namea aie 
announced: Eavdre CUr 
Richards, John BeiaaM Slfllya. 
traisp jDgcler: the 
Tour and Zaza, 
and Hany Wlar. 

The AJhambra vaudeville bill forOct 

2-V names Valerie Bergerc i Co., Flossie Crane. 

* Co.. Byaa aad BlefaSeld. Btcs 

aad Ibied'a Vtag art ataMes. 


Hoodinl. thehMidcugwqp>|^ o^^o^' 
S. The elhBS la Ibe mUm IsdBSa Mary Nor 
man. Shenn and Warren, Bmna and Buaarl 

Sydney Grant. Foster and Foster. I«8 
Andores. and the Three 'IToscarrys. 


a teeocd trip 'la iBaBrJotbeis at tUa boue Ibr the cancat daja are^Cady, Stnart Bsraea. and tha Three Keatnna 

m TaB*irt baa leaaed Peed- Bi»- 

Bieaa*8 Old Aikaaaaw, the melodramatic sM- 
ceaa of aercml aeaaooa. Mr. t^n^rtif".!!: 
cored an new aenaery for Ihe prodoctloii. ano 
Is patting on tbe piece In flrsl-^asa style, 
managing It himself. The company la now 
playlag Iowa. Jamee Donnelly, formerly come- 
dian with tbe King Dodo Co.. Is playing tbs 
leading comedy role, ne Is ably anali-ted »y 
Grace Lambert, Virginia Elwood. Mabel Hoyes. 
; Jas. HarrlnRton, A. Slma. Jarfc UeOeaongh sod 
Fred. Mantln. Mr. Ilillasiask IB 

iager. Ur. Marrln la 
Onca la la adraaee. 

OCTOBER 7, 1905i 

Ttxe Billboard 



Suit* 61. 
Grand Opera 


«C - th* 
nw Uae- 

EO. AI>a wmm 

nc Mbcr «ar wMa Mr. HacDon- 

ooeb tiMnJ Ui«t Mr. Ait'm new pl«y bmd been 
b>nl8b«il from New York to the "road." be 
fitted ttao: "De^r George: Wben doe* Tbe 
■id S»martU« pl«7 Bird Center?" 


George W. Lederer, the new man- 
aaer of tbc Crioatel Tbeabc has anDoaneed 

"I am bere to ttay, u* 
me oQt," declare* Mr. 

mr oU ■tumas-snMBd. n* I wt* to 

kaa ulliai Ifcv Tatk vfar teart «C' M. I 

nerer liked Kew York or Its people, and It 
«u dae t* an Incident that occurred In Cbl- 
to take op M*w Twfc 

•Htw V«k li'a ana tomi t> Utp away 

from, and I am oat of It (Or good, except to 
send my wbow% tbere, tbe Kame aa 2 woald to 
aaj proTlaelal ton. Cblcaco aad l aoJo n In 

•mmr THk la a Iv 

ee« of a pleea' prodnced tbere depnidlDC 
lar^lj npoa tbe dlgeaUre condltlooa of tlia 
MlM ttatlia of tbcm flU op «b 

X ka«a often 
■tlsmatlaeA a fliat nltht Kew York andlence 
u a death wateb. «acfa p«non being a self- 
afpolBtcd attic aad ftarlac to appland or to 

: Mt W 

"In I<oodaa, Gblcago. Boston. Fhlladelpbia, 
and. in fact, almost ererrwhere witb tbe ex. 
eeptlon of New York, tbe ttacatngoinc public 
k loyal «• Ma teiwMca, ttaa^ adtML In 
Kaw Tafk tker ara kjpeiaHKd aat dMoral. 
Uj tnmble In New York was tbe lame as 
the rest of tbem. Tber all lire beyond their 
the caaJltlBaa an each aa to 

wm be •oBdoeted aa a 

and comblnatloa theatre, 
lion dollars back of mt, 

lil^.<3aas prodoctJoo 
1 have got one mil- 
It baa been dem- 
Is a 

amslcal sa< 

within the U«t 

Vew Tork baa 

came from Cblcago. 
tbat New York 


OiBbio where I Bade aereral Us prodnetlont. all 
of which aiade money after leaTlng Philadel- 
phia, thcn^ pcoTtas eoBdnslTely that tbe 
iM ttMcr Bal ■ Wmr XMk M*aMlMi k nec- 
mm^ to sale MMT «lik adv « the 
wott IB a Mlaer." 
Ut. KMerer bis established a repncatlon for 
fhltk wltk tbe ptUle in the matter 

to aaaaaadw Hat It k nect to bapoMlble to 

recilfC fitr tmtmnit In New York and de- 
his iBtentloa to make the Ooloolal in 
Us haae ot operationa la Cblcaco, Mr. 

It to an' pMbaMHty be win soc- 

<eed In his latest enterprise. Many cbmges 
bare been made In tbe Colonial (known last 
Hyde * Bchmaa'a). aad that Fay 

H.: Oikaa-s 

Vtafj-Afv Mtavtci n<OM Broad' 

he refintrded as an assorance tbat 
at attractions booked will be wortb.r 
atteatloa of the pobUc. Ut. Iicdertr 

Mas ' Wariee* COasar, who appears 

Willi Rose HeWnie In Sis Hopkins. Is a 
Cblogo girl who left Chicago Musical College 
syear ago with high hooon, and at once 

^'ttk' Mil' IMvOle. aad aMde i^Mk 'a loe- 

««» tbat Manager Sterling re-engaged her for 
this season. kiln Cossar Is called opou to 

King In the pertanaaoe of bet part, and ber 
' to .iNaM to adran- 
. aC baa aaMhslde 
vhtoW ' tHr dnr- 


A duiiige lias tweh made lii Oie cast 

•f Fantana. eorrent at the Oarrlck. MISS Toby 
Olando has atsnmed the part of Jessie. wUlch 
•P to a few weeka ago waa played by 

ton. Miss Clande is the yonag woman who 
ftdlowed Miss Barry In tbe part of Fl-Fl in 
The Chinese Honeymoon, and scored a saccciw 
Id the part. List season Ulas Claade was 
In TaodevUIe. bat tbe Missis. ■bStaCt per- 
anaded her to caned her TaadesUh tsar to 

Fred. C. "Whitney has discovered a 

new prima donna. She Is Miss aara MaenU. 
a ChUasB yoena wonun who waa engaged liat 

Iisvc^ Imttety. 'Mlaa Haents folaed tbe cem- 

ry this fail. "Whfn ^^'-hi'.mnnn-Helnk became 
a few days . , able to appear 

the Chicago pabllc in relation to lalnstrelsy, 
and he refnsed a tempting oBsr to defer hia 
engagement. The 
eating to watcfa. ai 

Texas, the new play which is being 
rerealed tor tbe first time at tbe Great Nortb- 
en thia week Is a drama of ranch life In 
tba aonthwest. The hetulne is s girl known 
aa "Texas"' West. She Is the daogbter of a 
rand owner of Val Verde Coanty and lovea 
Jack Dallen. a eowboy and ranger. An Eng- 
lish nobleman trlea to win her flom Tick, 
and so tbere are tsoohloaa oonpUeatlaiis. Tbe 
play Is by J. U. Feigl. editor of the New 
York Tammany TImea. Tbe east Indadsa Mlaa 
Mabel Olxey. a danghter of Beuy B. DIxcy. 
to the tUIe nle. and SUaer Ayna aa lack 



jt'oUowlns tb* annonneammt tbat 

JoteOy tateicnted with ' Klaw B laBgei In 

Mr. Cohan's new play, FOrty-flTe SUnutea From 
Broadway, cornea tbe farther annooncement 


"■qoaba." hot Jnst a redned. 
gmip of glrla: good sinsers and 


A new departure In the field of com- 
aerdal expositiona la the annoal advcrtlalav 
show whicfa la to be lannehad to «**«t- toto 
month, the Oollsenni to be tbe aceae at toto^ 
Instrated methods of boiilneas pxvmotloa a^ 
cordinc to tbe most adranctMl Ideas^sad praa- 
tlce. JlesBrs. Parker and Bieder, who hSTW 
tbe promotion of tbe sbow la band. haTe ae* 
enred tbe ready c»oiieratloB af the leading 
rrpresentntlreB of the adrertislng haalneaa 
ttarongliaat the coaMry. and many of tbe MSt 
nnlqiie. novel aad striking projeeta yet esolTed 
In thIa Oeld are belag p r e |»r rd for tbe com- 
ing show, which la to be held Oct. U-18. The 
I t c ta r sa hy 

the moat Intereating aad niaable ft a la i ee "i 

novelty concema, and Tartnas rnbllcatlons de- 
voted to tbese things are emplo/lag crrry in- 
Bcaaa to pcovtda sosaethlag catliely 


mnavi: theatre chanseb hajujh 
Tbe Vaudette Tbeatre Company of 


Cornfield, tbe playbonse lieing tbe second of 
llTe which the MllI»^R7«n-TracT Sjndlcate pro- 
poses to secure in tbe oatlying dlstxleta of 

The name of tbe theatre has beea changed 
to tbe Soath Ctalcaso Taodettr, and It will be 
booked In conjunction «ltb tbe Yandette Thea- 
tre at Sixty-third and Balatcd atieets. Two 

chancia to laka 'i^tow 


Herbert S, Mllla of 
tbe Vandette Theatre Onmpaay. V. 
ia secretary and Joseph B. O. By an 
and geneial manager. Hsiit M. 'WIlaoB wID 
be the 


A re-engagement aC the Bos t on M 


socceasfuny tbat Ur. Whttaqr dMa«r haa 

announced bis Intention of bringing ber oot 
next season In a new opera by Julian Edwards. 
Miss Macnti waa gradnated last rm from 

creditable work •iat'-'SlMasar ~.W6itBey's at- 
tention waa dl rertarto^ lito^- ^^^J^^'*,^^' 

Of tlie teally remarkable engage- 
ment of As Ye Sow at McVicker's, George 
C. Warren says: 

"Tbe play was nnknown — a flttt rlTort of 
an nnkaowa dramatist, and a p rtactor at tbat 
the caat, which proved exedlSBt to tbe act- 
ing, was not brilliant In name, aad the op- 
position of nnosoal ont-of-doors weather and 
attractlwia. and yet the recelpta for the four 
weeks wm bMvcea |39.(NI0 and flO.OOO, Tbe 
nuaafers' af 'tbe company and tbe theatre 
made an effort to shift Mr. Dockstader'a time 
to give the melodrama another week — the Boa- 
toD engagement does not begin antll Oct. ~ 

tbat contracts have been signed between Mr. 
Cohaa and Sam B. Hairla, bis manager, and 

the firm of Klaw & Erlanger, throngb which 
the latter becomes Interested In the largest 
of all tlie musical prodactloaa that have yet 

It' ta*^ "ah n o un eefl ftet ' Oocwrtader^ 

Minstrels will go to Entope aext spring wben 
their .American toor ends, negotiations to that 
end having been started daring the past week. 
This Will: .be the aeeoad Mg AsMrieaa mln- 
s<i<l''Csm*nr to toar Earope. J. B. HavedT 
tba iHt.. . . 

'When Tbe Xjand of Nod takaB:;tB'tte 

road Misa Anna I.aagblln wUI not b^ 'to'/tbe 
east, but 'Wmiam Norrls wUI contlnne to five 
the leading comedian's role. Mr. Norrls has 
been referred to aa the William Dean Howells 

cal comedy. 


In Moonshine^ ; 

htU is prcacathv :«t ; 

NIcbola, plays at tbe Haymarket thla week 
while en route, to the coast. Tba aggregm- 
tloB nnmbera twenty-two artMa^ 

big factor on the programme. It does not. bow- 
ever, monopolise the entire interest, aa there 
at* otbcc alan. Xaaas aad Maaettc aOW (bck 

eoojaror. Sbepp's trained cantaea and eqnines 
prove interesting performers, and Dick I.yneh 
aOets bia amnolsgae and paradlca. 

Ity. aad' l«ie''-1lBcw«a to'<'a' 

Kates Brothers are dever i 
Sharp slDgs popolar 
prcaldtd at the 

George S. 'Wood, one of the 

known theatrical newspaper mea In the XTatle* 
Statea. Is director of pnbUdty for the new 
riiliiirt TbUll ni ^ be toalBtcd by a 
capiMs staC' IiMli irsm sdmllaiag agent 
for the Colonial, baa one of the atroageat haa- 
ner showings any Chicago tbeatre haa had to 
jtais. Tbe adrertialBg forces are alive to 

- ' ' ^ rrbeatie BeantUwr* 

apM with eeeiy todle aW sa of heavy p atwm- 
age. Tbe advance sale foe FOrty-flve Miastcs 
From Broadway la big. Manager George 
deTcr.ia attiring, op tUnga ta^JeacatoMtMA . 

la'tbe hiMliiiwi' " ' 

George M. Cohan and bis play, UttI* 
- - — — -• tbla time at 

tbe Aadlttctaai. Tbe eaga^cat ta for two 
weeka. and tbe performancea wUI he glve» 
for tbe beneflt of the PoIIcenien'a BeaeralCBt 
Association, which mrana tbat tXIfV^ blg- 
gtat playboose wm be packed duriog the stay 
of thla mnslcal comedy. The Ultle Johnny 
Jonea Co. remains the same as aeea at ibe 
lUlnola last spring and sommer. all Iba oM 
favocltea. Tom Lewis. Sam Byaa. 

James C. Marlowe, who scored' 
Of aa one of tte thieves In Tbe Geeier of 
Geek, retired from Manager Block'a organisa- 
tion at the end at the Cbla«o eagagemeat. 
and is soeceeded hr 
seen last with Nat.; 

. 1. Mr. Ed- 
ward Oaeb aad tm adteoato east gave a pro- 
feasloaal performance of a ooe-act piece to 
the Chicago Opera nonse- All tne TsoderUle 
In town were there to w1Ib««^^^ 


Xlie Oillboard 

OCTOBER 7, 1905. 


Basses in Mew York 

After Two Tetn ^f 

OUa» la.ta BMr Xuk. Tctr t — p lc n- 
aaljr b be tliiw. tt» feMoaae^ tatmtlgatloa 
i* Boc badartv MM piltMiBlT. ' SOU tbe 
antlwr km am. Har itaniMUao IB tbr 
iTDdlffri <i« >iH»tlU«. — a —fc .H». mM\ 
npaettjr fkr h»' Iw mgimmat 'ik* imipt 


Relitraryabi at tbe Nru- Amsterdrnm are stTt no- 
otM aflTair^ tli««« darr^. Jnst hoar moch of OQr 
prMld^Dt*» CanHMt^ Quality they partake of It 
'Would require Edward Morgan, or Aobrvr 
Bouclcaolt. or Drlaa Dc(WoU to aaj-. 

Mr. Calnr li CBdemTorias to n place tooK of 
tbe reorer of aMlHcaUp :that -wm teilllllily 
niH>ed off :n tbe pndwtto wUkMt Ul -wrUer 

Generatl.T. be Is wcD-pliaMd with hl» new 
pity ai put oo by LMtar.* Co. StlU It li 
CMTtalcBt aoaetiaMBite.haiBt^thv anood 

JnCCb Litt, t)ke well-known theatrical mauager. 
died at a aanljarlnm In Tonkcts. N: Y., Wednes- 
day. Sept. gl. after a eonlfaiment of two jeara, 
sofferlns tncs a Bernma aUment. From a 
■■roerau bar IB a SatoaahM tkaatiB t» 
zamnt of HB 
Lttfa life. 

Jbco<> Lltt waa boru In ilUwaufcee. Wis., fortx- 
tre jMTs a£o. About tweDtr-fire years ago be 
l«gan lilN career aa a program boy in tbe old 
(frand Oi>era Hotoe. Later be beiiame nsher 
and was appointed to a posIUoa Is tbe box 
c-fllce, and ibartlj afterward became treasurer. 
After tbe Grand ■wes destroyed by Are, Mr. 
Lltt oreanlaed a somm^^F o^M^ra compauy. which 
played ScbUtx Park nereral seasons to big anc. 
ce«a. Elated tiy tils good fortune, tbe yonn^ 
manaeer bought oat a dime mosenm oo Grand 
aTenne, wtilcb be managed for several seasons, 
adding bvtb to bis «toc^ of experience and to 
fala capital. The ovmers of the Academy of 
Mosle at Mll-wankee engaged him to manage 
tbat hooae, and In a very abort time became 
one of tbe best Cist-dasa theatres in tht* 
Mate. Mr. utt tbea boUC tbe BUoo Theatre 
aad beeBac- Urn ~ 

■*-. II IB 

On the first Wednesday in October 
a new lodge of Elka wm be Instltnted at 
ZaaktOB. S. Dl. witb a — at 900. 

_ - _ iBd Otto Ctexk. 

. WBa. Ihdter. boA. wlac aad 

w oode n sboe dancer, and Edward AlToae, tba 
bay BopraDO. Regards to friends. 

Charles and N'ealy Welsz. playing 
wltb Rice's Floating Palace Tbeatre Co.. are 
JOTfal over the recurerr of their loo, Fred. 
wtKi was recently con lined to Klreralde In- 
flnnary. Padncah. Ky.. wltk tj^hoid fmr. 
WbcB Fred was atilckca wllk tke «naaB Mk. 
and Mrs. Rice placed their Bteaaer. GiMilie. 
at tbe disposal of Mr. and Mts. TVeiaa that 
they might take bim to tbe ttoapltal. 

Leona and Leota write that they 

enjoyed a rery pleasant xwo weeks' eng-jgement 
at Coney Island. Wheeling. W. Vs.. closing 
Sept. IC. After the Saturday evening per- 
formaoce Man-tger Ropers baniiuelted tbe per- 
fonnera at his resort, .\iunng his ;rnests were 
Ftaak Rassett. Clande Nelaoo. laeooa and 
Ijeoca. Wm. Ba««, Baae Ttaia. 
Hchr, SIcren aad laBB M' 

Lester Leish. Chas. H. Russell. Le- 
Roy and Grant. Will Melrille. Voiiquette. De 
Von Sisters. .Grant and Larano. ilarceUo. and 
the Tliree .\llons. after having played a boc- 
cre.^sful summer at parks, street fairs and car- 
Blrml* under tbtt dIreetloD of Ted Spaxlca. bave 

_ of 

tt paid Ub bandaome piadts. Tke a i B Baaa y 
followed It waa Ukewjae pepBlar aad B flaan- 
eial a atcm Vr. Utt thaa ataiicd Ona Bacee 
In T«B TonaoB and A Ti aiiini YcatleBian. both 
alBfB tecamlae emhuatly aaeeaaatal «T«r tbe 
popBlar-prtoe circattik Tte brica was also 

. jBu d Bu a d . Daiiar tba aoBBer oC UM Mr. Utt 
hroorbt aot tbe O. T. Daaer owlodnjna. In Old 

. KaiiUMtj , wbiek la stm a blc dtmwlnc attrac- 
tloa. The War of Wealth, alaa by Mr. Daaey. 

- Is MBS Sir. Un leased tbe Broadway Theatre 
Ib New^ York City, which aftenrarda remained 
bis bead^uartera. >BeB Bur was produced at this 
ttieatre under his fnanageiBent and scored a 
Mt. Tbe same seaaon he leased McTIeker's 
Theatre, Cblcago, wUcb be opened with Bron- 
■aa Howard's Sbt-nandoah, tbe cast of which 
included Otis Skinner, Mary Hampton. Nanette 
Cocnstock. ¥^nk Burt)eck and other weH-known 
'piayets. ISiese snecedses were followed by pro- 
docttoiM Of Sporting Life. The Great Baby. 
Caleb W-8t. Tbe Price oC F«aaK> JIIbMw Will 
Happen. Daa.-y's Tile StfNIlM^ ^Th9 OlMb'S 
B«l>r. Zorafa. BDd otnera. 

This strennoos life had Its effect upon Mr. 
XJtt'9 system, and two years ago he was taken 
to tbe Yooker'a aaaltarlam. salfrring wltb dpt- 
nos fcostiatioB. Tbe tmoiediate caoiie of bi^ 
death was apoplexy. Sis last days were qnlei 
wa.^ 1b vtvM caotrast to Us days of strenuous 
aettritj. At the time at his death be was 
faiiUBBltd br bis wife and two cblidrea. aged 
^ seevB Bad ttt. mm ctirely. and by a number 
■ •C Modg^IlBb^Utt was known profesalocuUlr 

W Hr. Utt Mas Mdely known, and be enjoyed a 
boat ct wmtm piisiiaal IHeada. His eapadtf' tor 
*otk was BataeMlbB_:.HIi dac .itaa nild aad 
he aceoaralBted B.<HtaBCk-.B» was aetlTe In 
helping to eatabUah' tfer.AetBS* Itnd Home on 
Staten Island, aad Sar a BBBhas of years served 
on the board at dlnelKB,.aC the taad. A. W. 
macwell. fhr aaar TcafK aandalfd aldi Vr. 

^ trttli 

Mana«<r I. H. AmoMna, of tbe OQMil thl- 
atres at scailsa. Kofcooo and Andcraaa. lad.; 

Hanajo-r Jobs McCarty of tbe Gnat Theatre. 
HamOtoa. Ohio: Manager G<ia Sun of tbe 
Orpbeam Theatre. Springfield. Ohio, and Man- 
ager O. C. Mamy of the New PhlUlpa Theatre 
Bldunond. Ind.. composing tbe Central Taa- 
derllle AsaodacioQ, met in Rlctmiond Sept. Zl. 
OtntsIderaMe btisloeaa " " 

revwrt that all tbe tb< 
doins a satisfactory lMitoiM''irtC' 
aeaaOB is aatieipated. 

M UmV im Ob. dnliLy 
tadaoa^ Ii^ X. ■ ' 

Wjuiam: Ai 

Pa., ftae the 

Ricliard C. M'tiflfffflTi the Dutch co- 
median, tias >>lned «ae eC the attractions onder 
tbe mamigrment ot Qtotft Samnela. 

Happy Golden, the blackface come- 
oC dark's Famooa 

. TCCT hti£ht 

•or the 

JACOB urr 


R. E. FanlkMr, IHlalllltell and for- 
merly manascr _«C 1 
Quartet, ll 

Bloslcr k . 

tbe rear fee wm 

new act. 

Oscar Dane, well known to ea.stern 
audiences. Informa us tbat be Is witmiog new 
lanrels on tbe PaeUc coast playing In an en- 
tirely itew Tetsloo ot Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. 
This week Ur. Dan* la plajlac tiw Bdaseo 
Theatre. Lob *a«alia. Iv wacHl.,atBBaaBcnt 
with BdaacB * Marer. ■nt'-WI*'- 
tbe wyatt Gkcnlt at hiaiti 

Tbe new Lyric Theatre at Terre 
Bante. Ind.. opened Sept. 23 wltb tbe follow- 
ing bill: BUly Van. Lnce and Lnce, Claode 
Relf. Zotka. DeHollia and Valors, and the 
klnodrome. Manager Jat^ Hoeffler writes that 
all acts playing bis theatre win bare a one- 
page ad wltb photos In tbe leadine papers in 
Terre Hante. 

Billy S. Clifford, In The Jolly Baron, 
la ac present ^h^kV tte large dtles of tbe 
east. In abovt alK wti ■ be will begin a 
toor of tbe larger <me aad tliree nlgfat stands 
of tbe middle west. Mr. CUtford's toor la 
under tbe dlrectioa ot Chas. F. Wblttaker, tor 
a aeond year, with Jttt Bernstein bcslneaa maa- 
acir of the caatpaay. 

Notes irom the Russell Family Vau- 
deTHIe Ob,: Wiraic aow playing talis nitder 
canraa. OarvanHr Is aa follows: Benb Bns- 
sall, alack aatea aad Jimli i . Ilord and Ftoasie 


or the awat. 


Roberts' Adaptation 

Of the Sacred Festival Flay Produced 
by Martia aad Eneiy. 

Special Ombn 
Martin * Biaefy's kic vitaaiHlB at ParsUhl. 
In Bngllsb. waa aen ftr aM time on any 
stage at tbe ElglB Open Baaaa' tonight. A 
large aad rtpccBcatatlTe aadleBce greeted Ite 
p rf aa at atlSB. MIswiag Is tbe cast: 

daes •< Ospadoela and Olilef 

aCttt Bob CraU Mr. Cottoa 

ladatfaa Klag ot tbe.GraU 

•» Aafortaa Mr. Pxicat 

Ongaty, the piM^ IT— ||rlt*TT o( the 

Sir g'*'' *****-"^^^^^^*.». - . ..... .Mr. Bapp* 

Sir nabm. Mat^tlr. Wntm ot the 

Botr QnlL^;.;;'...i'... Mr. Shields 

sirOarOT. saiUMlr «ki««r«ctttr ~ 



■William Heywood. in ad\'aim itf the 

Irma Comic Opera Co.. sends ns |fee taater 
wlilch is as follows: JamfH P. Wheaton. man- 
ager; Otto L.- Jesncou. ha-'lnf'^i* manager: 
Frederick iloss. musical (lircctor: Fmnk Gei- 
ger. electrician: William Heywood and War- 
ren IbMca, la adeaaee: Bmbb Abbott DeBald. 
o. T aa a aia. Sada Tsriaw OU. Wartaf. K. !•. 
Baker. W. B. Ifattla. A. C — ~ ~ 
Heywoad. Ida Sletll ~ 
Sbanler. Mabd Bdga^. _ 
McClala, Maisatttte Uaa, 
Ines OaVIata aad J. 
panr MJIVlW >■ tm 
titled laSBAaacrtea aal 

^ime. Sarah Bernhardt's name has 
been proposed by the Minister of Public In- 
struction sod Fine Arts for tbe Cross of 
Knights of tlie Legion of Honor. The Grand 
Chancery ot tlje order, with vrhich the final 
decision rests, is now conslUerlDg tbe list of 
fwmlnatlons. Erery one hopes ttiat tbe deco- 
ration will be conferred on the fsrooos actress 
this time. It Is an open secret that ahe has 
been more than ooce before proposed for the 
Legion of Honor. But the Minister's nomina- 
tion In her favor has been each ttme rejected 
by tbe Grand Chancery, which, strtnge as it 
may aeem in this land of dramatic art, enter- 
tains Old World prejudices sgalnst tbe stase. 
Hitherto not one French actor or actress has 
been decanted aa an actor or actress, hut In 
■ae as a profeaaar at tbe Conaerra- 

Golak. Kalghtly Waite aC 

Holy GraU 

Sir Eaeiaal, Knightly Wart* at Ike 

Holy Grail ■.i-....,...-Jfc. 

Sir Ronald. Knightlr , Wlaaiv , dC ika 
Holy Grail Jfe^ 
Sir .\driae. Knight^ HMtr. dC 'tha 

Holy GnaU ...;.^Jb 

Sir Moderd. Knightly WacdK «C- tta 
Heir Gran .,..JU 

Herald of the Cup, of tbe GraU Coa- 

pan.v ..... ! 

Herald of tin- Warders .Mr, ' 

I'srslfal. a siieplierd. afterward a soldiM 
or tbe Cross and Knightly Watdar 
of tbe Holy Grell Mr. 

Kiin^bor, a black Knlgbt of twriMnaary 
nrhose domain la xmnkast Pesan land 

Sir MerUn. Kllnsebor'a Seneacbal. .Mr. 

P»-rr;rr. an impish serrant ot Kllaacbor 
Mr. _ 

Tile Spirit of Denial, the pride-twm cblU 

of Sin Mr Holmes 

I'artotte. an acolyte ot tbe Holy GraU. Miss Bom 

llerxelede, mother of Parsifal Miss Hamptna 

Curiosity, narcotic bloom In tbe magic 

garden of KIlDschor Miss TenekCtt 

IVallty. narcotic bloom In tbe magic gar- 
den of KUnscbor Miss Lanbe 

Folly, narcotic bloom In tbe magic gar- 
den of Kllnscbor Miss Hanaca 

I'asslon. narcotic bloom In tbe magic 

garden of Kllnscbor Mlaa Mg 

Vanit.r. narcotic bloom in the aaflc gar- 
den of KIlEMcbor .••••.•••.lIlBa WlUlard 

.Mlurement. narcotic blooBi the BBgle 

garden of Kllnscbor Mlas Pactar 

Di'sire. narcotic bloom Id tbe magic gar- 
den or Kllnscbor Miss OMtW 

Oitpen Terrlprobe. of tbe Orall CcMnpany 

Mlaa Conrad 

Kimilry. fairest of fair wnmen Mlaa Taylor 

ALT FIRST— A glade near tbe limits of 
Kllnscbor's rank Pegan Isnd. In sight of tbe 

>:rail Mountains. The Gnllclesa Pool. 

ACr .<fEX«C"D — The edge of the Woodwardera 
enlarge, near Monsalrat. In tbe Grail Moontalns. 
Tivo lia.vs later. I^e beboldlog of ttie Sorrow. 

.»CT TnERD— First Scene— Tbe interior of 
Klin*chor's study in the necromantic Castle of 
KvII in tbe north of Spain. The Spirit of 
l>enlal. Second Scene — -nJe Magic Garden ot 
nun-otic bloss oms . Tbe taating of tl>e Sorrow-. 

.\("T FWCiRTn — Tbe edge of tbe Woodwirders 
<*:-Hr:r<*. near Monaalrat. in tbe Grail Monntaina. 
>even years later. The beaHng of tbe Wound 
• •r Sorrow. The Dellrerer. 

Tlie scenery fnmlataed for this production bT 
M ssrs. Donlgan A Goodrich Is from plates of 
the original production at Bayrentb. Costumes 
rroni original plates by Lauterer A Co. aad M. 
I>azlan. Footwear by Alston. Tbe music. Icel- 
ilentsl to the play, arranged from tbe original 
<corc of Wagner's opera by Voudrey. The 

pr'>:>crt!ef: fnim tli-- uarehouBes of MoTTls, Law- 
r.-nr.- A: Miller, proiwrty makers. Electrical 
Hffei ts by the Western Blectrieal 00™ Ltd. Tbe 

«i'ole proluctlon supcrTlsed and ataged by tb>' 

The author matces no other claim to originality 
In this version of Par^ifsl than aa alteo^t IB 
catch whatever fresh gleams the retelling «C IB 
old-time tale msy shed npoo bis auditor. 

He acknowledges his special ledebtednrss to 
tlie Terses of Wolrrsm von Bschenbscb and 
Cretien de Troyer for tbe material from whldi. 
like WagBcr. he I ~ 
stands feat aa -flM 

ae haa alaa«>y »irt tl> i d • itmr haag 
aa the aedtaeeal ttttntt wtmnrf, Bkc tke 

» p ia letHj as a gfimpae 

iUttfatB*' ' ~ 

tbe sen lata the BttfatB* aC that tlae. 

Aided hr aaeh that IB aMdcia la cCeet. be 
haa triad ta letaia lha paMaa a ti ao sp ber e k 
mystldsa. as wdi aa the ahaip analysis of 
charaeler. aa la aat Mh la the haU myths of 
tbe pargMette altanaeta wUh which the 
early alagoa aU B ggl ed la tfeBBir the beaatiral 
story eg tht ■iIiSb im» ifea atNag uskt 

Just entetlBK iala'a 


The general staff ot the Paralfal company is 
as follows: Martin A Emery, directors: 11. B. 
Dmery. manager; Daniel Martin, buslneas direc- 
tor; Sed J. [>eschBne. advance representsllve: 
Pir>f. .Mafbohm. conductor: A. Raucb. clioir 
director; Richardson Cotton, atage director; 
Franr Bcrnbard. Stage manager: Phillip Ulsser. 
master mechanic; Howard Moore, assistant me- 
fhnnlc; C. H. Kehl. mantrr electrician: U. 
"illlllken. advance electrician: Eugen<^ Morrla. 
magter of properties: Artljur Irving, master of 
wardrobe, and Artbnr Scblrfcr, auster ot traas- 

OCTOBER 7, 190S. 

Xiie Btllboarcl 


The Billboard want* • r«Frc!«:;Uti»« ia 
■Mad apply. Xoat b« Tooas man af — 

. iooa latttr fat pOt' 

Ubanl comminion ftU oa aU 


t* Xbntm wnak P. ndauui. 
Qpn Cow Int. M; gwd 


PThMbe (7. P. I>lllaii,iiisr.) 

Vcur WflBe Walker Oct. T; ttHe 'Welcli Am. 
4.-«L M: Cm. Samod's Attnetlnu 20.21; Unele 
jMkSpnicebT 2S. 

OOOSUS. — Orpbeam Theatre (B. B. Fir- 
dfk Bthel TDCker Co. week Sept. IS; 

«Mi tMlMH and competent compuv* 


CAM XKJJMaaOO CoIumbU Theatre (Cott- 

lob. Marx & Co., mgrs.) Etbel Barrymote In 
Sunday drew One bouB«8. 

Tlroll Tbettre. The Grand Italian opera 
ceaeon cootlnues Co atmet the Baltttadea. 

Mafor. _ ^ ' — — ,. 

Alcasar WHIW OL Jk MM MfKlV^IIWt 
WttlMty >> ntJiSJttMdjMtkJIt Bt 
SMr StMk Cfc to n* BMod OHy «Mk 
««. i. _ •. . _ 

Oetfad »Mto» .gwi. 0..1>a^^ aw.) Bi- 
4aped noB «h* BmB plBFtd to Iiu*e i»- 

Grand Opera Hooae (S. I.. Ackerman, mgr.} 
Held For Ranaooi drew good business. 

California Theatre (C. P. Hall, mgr.) The 
Slerrr ilildens Barlesauers drew good taousea. 

Orptieam Tbeacre (Jotin Morrlswy, mgr,) 
a^rkfi' MIsatreU. Harry Corson. Clark & Co., 
Genaro and Ballef. Prof. AlUnel. Jtillan Eltlnge, 
ne Great Backner. Holcomb. Cortls and Webb, 
and motion pictnree proved a drawing card. 

Plwher'8 Tbeatre (Tony LnbelsU. mgr.) 
tewltt and Asbmore, Dayton Sisters, Klogs- 
borj, Mr. and Mra. Darlioc, Binaldo. Hattle 
Batton. and moUoc pictures completed a good 

ehy not already prevlded for. Only haatlara 
laaal a Hdr aa a , pazxnanantly located, who oaa 

'sum aSvi y >l**l»*?rWSlaii?l?l8t ffir^ 

rent: Rossi's Musical Horsf, Sear) and Vio- 
let Allen, Greene and Werner, Nalada, Antrim 
and Peters. Tyce and Germon and Myles Mc- 
Cartby & Co. 

BRIDOEFOBT. — Smltb-a Theatre (E. C. 
Smith, mgr.) The Lite That KUls Sept. lS-10: 
large bosses. The sign ol The Cross 20; good 
attendance. Wby Women Sin 21; large audi- 
ences. DsTld Hamm 22-23: good biulness. 
Rose Coghlan ffi; The Nlnety-and-Nlne 26-2T; 
Henrietta Croaman 28; When The World Sleeps 

PoU-a (BL B. HttAtO. awr.) DMa. Bar- 

ray HUl, Dancing Harris's, Cnrtaln and Bios- 
som, Cos. Leonard, Scbaefer and DeCamp, Mul- 
doon Trio, and Geo. E. Spoor's Klnodrome. 

Uaymarket llieatie (W. W. Freeman, mgr. 
for Kohl & CaatJc.) Week 2. Fadette Oicbea- 
tra. Mazos aad MaaalW, Itcd Fowdl, abcDp's 
PoBiea and Oata^ SMt .^nMk, Kkana aad daie, 
Aotto Dai ~ 
Hart aai 

Boiltk. Hiaiul a w VMnt, Cnmck aad Bkk- 
atda, Lome llfiy * Oa,. and The Wocid Ow- 

Vke Bml Hawaiian 
aadfcatta. item— All 
vaadeeine booaee report good 
U>S AVenEB. — 'Maaon Opera Hooae <H. C. 
Wyatt, mgr.) Wilton Lackaye In The Pit week 
Sept. M. By request Trilby will he presented 
mt tbe Wedneaday matinee. 

Raiiiaak Theatre (Ollrer Morocco, mgr.) Tbe 
•* Senry StoekX>rldse week Sept. 18 
Maslr ci'lebrated t>y a magnUcent pro- 
I «C^owmnl*a masterpiece, Tbe Henrietta. 
' BBe as a rule. 

IB- S. Blackwood, mgr.) 

I Oik la Tke Tyranny at Tern, pro- 
eHMI seed a w w l a rtt l e a far Sallaalth aad ]Ua» 
OMhgr. . tte a l a i M b (aad at tkle papaiar kaaae. 

isiaad Opcea n «— i fHwa.— MK. atr.> Task 
Sute Mka week SL ma gaaMaal plar aefcr 
tans to make good here. aHI «"'aaeeeai(BI ran 
Is expected. 

orpbeam (Clarmee Divwa. ■»,) Baae SUhl 
Co.. I^nchi Oerard. QotidaB and Xaek. 
rraok and llairy Brown, Ulna Morrla. the 

Aron Comedy Foot, and Mr. and Mrs. John 
Anison week Sept. 24. Good business Is tbe rnle 
at ilil5 boise. 

Cliniis Park and Tbeatre (Henry Kocb, mgr.) 
UotialeUI Italian Band care a grand farewell 
com..- rt week Sept. 18. Tbe MetropoUUn Opera 
Co. In the theatre did some really fine work In 
>>»ld raiba and The Mikado and prored a great 
drawing card. Numerous additions bare been 
made to tbe Zoo during tbe past week and all 
<onee!«lona arr doing good boalncaa. 

D. .tr. FBBOCSOX. 

BAK BESirABSnO.— Opera Honse (Martha 
L. KIpllncer. mgr.) Mr. Harry Mestayer In 
oiioats Sept. 13; good business and excellent 
prodnetion. stiax Vlrglala Caltaoon In B oowna 
^ : pleasrd larxr audleneek -Xaek State Mks 
•JS: WUtoa Lackaye In Tbe «t Oet^ Si 
Kepertolr* Co. week 0. 

Broadway Theatre (Fred Ballelo. les.: B. "K. 
I.Uivnden, mxr.) Shadrick and Baxter, Mr. 
Ureen, BaaaiU, the UUI Sisters, the Southern 
^l^iaffaa^ IBaatisled aaaas .and moving pictures 
week Bipl. M: itaad kaslneas. 


FaESHO. — Dartnn Opera House (Robt. G. 
li.iriou. mgr.) Mar Irwln In Mrs. Blsck Is 
nsok Sept. 31: Urg'- aed weU-pIeaacd aad- 
lenoe. Ilarr.r Mestnyer to' 'MMala SSt IkylW 
Itepertoire Co. Oct. I and week; Wlltaa KMkajT* 
In The Pit Oct. 8 

Bnipire TlicMre (B. Iloen. mgr.) Bobby Boyle. 
CleTer Mtt^ Cora Hoen. Woods and 
Wood*, and urorinB pictures week Sept. £1: 


9ABBUUT.— Taylor Opera 

cr. A. 

mgr.) Buster Brown Sept. U; 
large andleaee. Darld Harum 21; ga 
ana. Hoe Oooedy Co. 23-30. 

HM ITTOBPr— Paraons' Tbeatre (H. C. Par- 
•sna, Bicr.) Babes in Toyland 18-19; pleased 
ggaaW^Jhaetoeaa^ Rose' Cogblan 28-27; Hen- 

HaitCotd Opera ' Hoaae (H. H. Jennings, 
^•e.) Tke FOor Mortons In Breaking Into 
SaelelT IMO: nicaaed big bouses. A Son of 
ReM SI-33; fair buabiess. My Tom-boy Girl 
25-27: The Street Singer 2S-S0; De Wulf Hop- 
per 30. 

Poll's Theatre (L. a Kllby. mgr.) Josephine 
Ooban A Co., and Klos Statcia headed a good 
WS g{J^^*** MMaw Dalt^jm 

edr Foot week Snt. M; capadtj boaliNaa. 

steeplechase Istuid (Geo. C. Tllyoa. mgr.) 
Tbe Mardl Graa FeatlTal week Sept 24, marked 
the cloeloB of tkia mart after a BQCccastal 
season. Ideal waatkar haa kept healnew go- 

HBW immuw, ' fffwai Tbcatae <Ifa w. 
Jackaoa. Mr.) Mar FUke Oe^ SeiL 4; good 
baa at a. Inst and Takea U; ■aad ~ 

McAnliffe atoA Co. week 18: anal 
The Wlsard of Oa S2; fair hnnneaa. Bnster 
Brown 26; patted boose. Will Hodge In Eigh- 
teen Miles Fnn Home Oct. 2; Rose Coghlan 
3: Ben of BnkeB Bow S: .F>a>ir« Statt Co. 
0: ireland'a BnS Mk -Tha SUV ai VfeB Cna 
20: The I««B ■■• neltaae tit Okaneey 
OlCOtt 24. 

WATEBBUST. — Poll's Tbeatre (Jean Jac- 
ques, mgr.) Tbe Life That Kills 20; good 
business. Rose Coghlan 23; good boalnMS. The 
Nlnety.and-Nlne 25: Wm. T. Hodge 26: Hen- 
rietta Crosman 27: When Tbe World Sleepa 
2S: Sherlock Holmes Oct. 2: yiola Allen S. 

Jacqaes Opera House (Jean Jacqaea. mgr.) 
The FtTe Columbians. Pewltt. Elwood Butwick 
& Co., Murray and Lane, Violet Stanley. The 
LePages, and others week 2S. 

SOUTH HOSWAUC.— Host's Theatre (1. M. 
flo.vt, mgr.) The Fenbery Comedy Co. week 
Sept. 18; good booses. Tbe company Is flrst- 
clasa In everT respect. American Vltagraph 
Co. 30: Ben of Tbe Broken Bow Oct 2: Eight 
Bells 6: Adam Good Co. In repertoire 9-14; 
A Uessage From Mars 11. 

KEBIDEH Merlden Tbeatre (Jackson Sc 

Reed, mgrs.) Tbe wizard of Ox Sept. iO; good 
boslness. Bnster Brown 22; fine performance 
and fair linilm is Bcnnett-Monlton Oo. week 


. . t. 

DocksUder. Week Sept. S. OtlTe Weat 

A Co.. Ur. aM Mta. Umr aaaw, .Bmet A. 
and Clara Bk BMlBatti^ _^etaa aad nwokes. 
Hvrald fSy m t m Oiaii g r J— Aitkar «.^Mc- 
Wattera aiad OlMe M. 9nm. «Bd tbt klMto- 

Tbe Lyceum Theatre (Daniel Humphries, 
mgr.) The Beauty Doctor did fair boslness 
21-Sa. Sherlock Holmes 25 27: big business. 
A Son of Rest 28-30: Paris by Night Oct. 2-4: 
Why Girls Leave Home 5-7: The Gypsy Girl 
9-11; Wedded and Parted 12-14; Weat and 
Vokes In A Pair of Pbtks 16-18. _ _ ,. 

Tbe Grand Opera House (Jeaae K. Barlla. 
mgr.) Chas. Grapewln to Ifa Op to_Too. Jtohn 
Henrr. did flne business Sept IS-ZS. Tom. 
Pick" and Harry bad fair hooae M.' Uncle 
Tom's Cabin 22: always gets moaey In this 
city. The Black Crook 23: good boi^. 
Babe* Id ToylsBd had packed bouse 25. Wil- 
liam Faecnhaaa to The. ST,"*''-^"' *^ Jg" 
nueltr IMe aaL Sbnple Slnoo Slffllde 2»: 
Way Bwn ttat Woodlaad Oct. S: Sngeant 
Kitty S- 


JAOKBOHTHiLE,— Opera H.>ii!ie. "Hie For- 
tune THIee Sept. 21; crowded bouaea matinee 

1 liiiri ^ " — ' TandtaiBc Oaw »■ 

ya: Mr li ii l i n i. 


AVOUSTA Montesano Cnstao. Tbe PejJ- 

cliul «rpsene Co. ueek Se^it. IS: good TaudeTlUe 
anil excellent biislnes*. 

Grand Opera Honse (Sfhwlgert A Lawrence, 
les ) The Fortune Teller Sept. 18: good bnalness 
and fair performance. Bnster Brw 2Li j 
performance and business. BaM8 ID Tarland 
Oct. 10: Al. G. Field's MInstreU IS. 

AtBAmr, — Rawlln's Theatre (Gortatowskl 
Bros., mgrs.) The Fortune Teller Sept. ffl: 
good house and fair show. Buster Brown 23: 
Sheppard's Moving Pictures 30: Frank D«bon 
In 'The Office Boy Oct. 2: The Eternal City 10. 
COLUKBUS. — Opera Ronse. Tbe Futnne 
" Bnt. SS; good show and he 
Mseti« Pictures Oct 10. 

CHICAOO IlltnoU Theatre <WHl*^5a»U, 

mgr.) Week 1, Marie Cabin la 

Powers' Theatre (Hatrx Powcca. 

^•8?SS£lfk« xSSitw (B. B. Hanaerer. mgr.) 
week 1. CbarSB. Brans bi Tbe Flllboster. 

^ST Bonae (Harry Askln. mgr.) 
Week 1. Alice and The Eight Princesses, 

Colonial Tbeatre (Geo. W. Lederer. mgr.) 
Week I Forty-live Mlnntes From Broadway. 

McVlcker's Tbeatre (Geo. C. Warren, bus. 
mgr ) Week 1. Lew Dockstader's Minstrels. 

Great Northern Theatre (F. C. Eberts. mgr.) 
Week 1. Texas. _ „ ^ 

Garrick Theatre (Samuel P. Gersoo. mgr.) 
Week 2. Jetteraon De Angeles In Fanlana. 

I,aSalIe Theatre (B. K- Mackey, boa. mgr.) 
Week 1. <3ecll Lean In The Yankee Regeiit. 

Olvmptc Tbeatre ( * • .?*2Slt ^KJSS^Lf 
Castle.) Week 2, McMabqrt IHBatirtliaJdB, 
Btlaaon A Mertta: Madam BawVpso^l^ 

Lee, aad Geo. K. 

Chicago Opera Hooae QMl 4k 
Week 1, Tbe Land of NaS. 

Bash Temple Theatre 
mgr.) Week 'i, stock. 

Criterion Theatre (Lincoln J. Carter, mgr.) 
Week 1, Secret Service Sam. 

People's Tbeatre (Wi^fleU. Bowtaud A Cltf- 
ford, mgrs.) Week Sl''.atiak.. 

Columbus Theatre ~"'(1Mar'. BMa.; ' '■va.) 
Week 1. stock. 

Howards' Tbeatre iD. F. McCoy, mgr.) 
Week 2. vaodevUle. 

Albambra Tbeatre (James H. Browae, msr.) 
Week 1, Confessions of a WUe. 

Bijou Tbeaue (Wm. Bocka. mgt.y ■;. Vaak 1. 
Tbe Wayward 800. 

Acadeav - -Tbaatia c (Wm, 
Week V BkaBB BaCUak _ 


New American Theatre (Frank Maple, mgr.) 
Week 1, vaudeville and Cllne's CUnetoscope. 

Trooadero Theatre (Harry H. Hedgca. mgr.) 
Week 1. Tbe Paflriaa Itldepa. . 

Folly Theatre (Janea-'' A.'^.'XtBBMV.'.l.avr-) 
Week 1. borleagoe. . ._ . 

wimcU - ■-■ ■ ■ ■ ^ — ' 


r.) Week 



White City (Patil D. Bowae. mgr 
concerts and out-doer attiaetlans- 

Clark Street Museom (Lools If. 
mgr.) Curio ball and tbeatre. 

London Dime Museum (Wm. J,- 
mgr.) Curio ball and theatre. 

JACiiilOJI V ILIiE, — Grand Opera House (Geo. 
W. Ctaattertoo. mgr.) A Female Detective 21; 
fair btulness. Al. H. Wilsaa Is A German 
Gypcy 22; good boslness and company. Tbe 
Pumpkin Husker 23: fair business and per- 
formance. A Little Outcast 25. The Last Roae 
of Summer 26; fair honse and good show. The 
Little Minister 27: College Widow 28. 

FEOBIA. — Grand Opera Boose (Cbamberlln A 
HarrlDgtoo, mgrs.) The Holy City Sept. 23; 
good business and excellent ahow. What 
Women Will Do 27: falr_per£Ormanee aad good 
boslness. Tbe CoUece W&am 28: FIC raff. 
Poof 90; Ko Mather t» Oalde Bcr Oct, 1: 
Hoaae Foika »4: Lav B e c ka laa wa MiBabda S. 

Mate atseat Tbaanre (B. F. Chm ii bl lL av.) 
Caadea and BUnd. Gaa and llaflaa KaU. Two 
Faataa.' SUapaoa-UttiMB Tttok Jcaa Bewnas, 
and Jaaica laetr week 1. 
Wcaat^ Tbeatt a (Ghaa. Be il a u a. ngr.) Koh- 
- Ibbio, 



SSj fair 

Memorial Ball (W. L. KeUey. mgr.) Al. H 
Wilson 20; packed bouse. Big Hearted Jim 
Oct. 4: Howe's Moving Pictures 11; Vogel's 
MInstreU 17: The Parsders 2-1. 

Bljon Theatre (E .F. Kojse. prop.; H. C. 
Gngelman. mgr.) Wm. H. Wlndom, Wells 
Brothers. Harry Haley, Dolly Wells, Zip and 
Zara. and others, week 25. 

Wonderland (Geo. Brelnig, mgr.) Pain's Fall 
of Port Arthur 25-26; immense bushiess. 

BPRUfGinXD. — The Chatterton (Geo. W. 
Chatterton, mgr:) Tbe Female Detectives Sept. 
20: good business and performance. The Pump- 
kin Husker 22: pleased fair business. W. B. 
Fatten in The Last Roee of Summer 24; good 
house and pleased. Tbe County Chairman 23; 
good business. A Little Outcast 26. 

Empire Theatre (Jno. Connors, mgr.) Vau- 
deville week Sept. 2S: good patnoage and 

Gaiety Tbeatre (Smith A Bartna. mgrs.) 
The Four Harris' beaded ao exedleBt bUI week 
Sept 2S; good boaloeas. 

Olympic Thcatie (a J. UaCaaa. aigr.) Week 
Sept 25. Kane aad Baaa. Ifka Raacaa Ed- 
wards, PrlBce . 

Lewla, Tbe QaM Sdit 

^Oiamberlaln Sc Hen- 

. . Ills. Table's Telegram Sept 

si: cxedleBt show and capacity business. Un- 
derlined— Sonthem Skies 23: good show and 
boslness. The Show Girl 24; pleased two large 
audiences. Hart's Boston Novelty Co 25; Two 
Little Waifs 26; When Johnny Comes March- 
ing Home 27. 

The Grand (Louis Goldberg, mgr.) Jack 
Sidney, (}hris. Christopher, Grierson Slaters, 
Three Burtlnos, and the polyscope week Sept. 
IS: good boslness. Week 23, Heclow and 
Wheeler. Downey and WUlard. and others. 

aimrCY. — ^Empire Tbeatre (W. L. Busby, 
mgr ) Fantasma Sept. IS; capacity business. 
Flora DeVoss Co. 21-23: fair business. Piff. 
Paff, Pouir 34; crowded house. Tbe College 
Widow 27; The Holy City 30: VanDyke & Eaton 
Co. Oct. 1; Holty Tolty 6; The Dainty Dncbesa 
7: His Highness, Tbe Bey 8: Haverly's Min- 
strels 10; Alice Fisher 11; Tbe Schoolgirl 12; 
Well's Band IS; Kold 4k Dill Co. lO. 

Tbe BUoo (B. H. Patrick, mgr.) Manley 
and Marsball, Hall and CMbam, Zampa and 
Jas. and Ciecella Welsh week Sept 18: good 

ROCKFORD. — Grand Opera House (Geo. W. 
Peck, mgr,) Barrr HOIdcD'a Oooedr Oo. SS; 
good hosinesa and company, ^he Bimawmys 
26; A Boyal Stare S8: A School lor Hoa- 
haada Oct 4: PaisUai 8: What Wotaen Wni 
De 7: Oar Faator 10; Tbe WeTward Sod 11; 
HIa iMt Doner IX. 

Bijoo Theatse (A. J. SUanw aw.) 

vllle " ^ " 


1 W. 'F. GlreB. 

mgr.) Tbe Balab af - - 

fair business. Al. H. 

est house of season. _ 
mer 23; good boslneaa. Big BntllS 3Bm Oct. 
S: PIO. Pas. PBoB S. 

and DeVeme, Caroline Vonug, Oande 
Boneless Wonder, Ryan and Ryan, Mlas De. 
Forest and moving pictures week Sept- 25; 
good boslness. 

8HELD0H. — Opera House (L D. Hummer, 
mgr.) Rip Van Winkle Sept. 18; good com- 
pany and medium business. Tbe Hooslec Girl 
Zl; good show and large boose, l>cagaa Tbea- 
tre Co. 22; good boslneaa aad garfMBaBea.,^ A 
Country Kid 7: The Girl IkM llHa'Igg'iMBa 
of Greater New York 'Zl. 

DIZOK Opera Hones (Charles H. Keatman. 

mgr.) Old Arkansaw Sept '21; fair boslneaa 
and company. Under Southern Sktea Oct. S; 
Our New Minister 5; Atigel's Osaaedlana 9; 
Ingomar 20; Her Only Sin 25. 

HASSI8BUBG. — Opera Hooae CLaiscnt and 
Pearee, mgrs.) A Breezy Time Sept IS; car 
paeltr bnalness. Fablo Romanl Oct 2: Cm- 
lU Ooaatlc Co. 8-IO; The Pnmpkta Hnaker M; 
Don nana 

EABC'ni.XOBIS. — ^Broadway Tbeatca (B. F. 


BTUnnLEB.— Tbe Giaad (Ferd. Wastrcr. 

mgr.) Tbe Fimny Mr. Dooley Bepc SS; pleased 
large business. Lyman Howe's Moving Pic- 
tures 23; line performance and business mat- 
inee and niEbt. When Jolmny C!omes Marching 
Home 30; Flake Stock Co. Oct 1-4: Royal Chef 
7; Howard Dorset Co. 9-13; The Girl and Ttie 

Bandit 14; Dare Devil Dorothy Id-IT; ~ 

Van Stnddlford 18; The Clay Baker- 
James 21; Tbe Eternal City 29; TBI 
TeUer 28: AlberU Gallatin 31. 

People's Tbeatre (Ferd. Wastyer, mgr.) Sky 
Farm Z4i big business. Rryant'a extrava- 
ganza Oct. 5-7: Her Wedding Day 8; WbJ Girla 
Leave Home IS: Uncle Tom'a Cabin 21; Wedded 
and Parted 22; Mason and Maaon 28. 

KABIOB. — Indiana Tbeatre (H. G. Soouaenw 
mgr.) The Eleveoth Hoar Sept Ig; aa tl iS t d 
large aodlence- TO Die at Daws ^ jaM . 
boslneaa. Tbe Fioar Baattagi Id IBB -nai 
House 22; ddlgted capedtj bariacae. SBad. 
ows on Tbe Hearth 23: capacttr baatocM. The- 
Seminaty Gtri Oct 5; Soaaa'e Baad IOl 

Grand Tlieatre (H. C Sommeia. mgr.) Uod. 
say's Anim.ia, Maoiota, Haiel Boblaann. How- 
Isun, and the gtandoacope week SA. 

Cnratal Theatie (J. H. AmD w iwi . mgr.) 
EraaD TMak The Biadya^ Ime White. 'Tha 
Seraatanib and tbe ktaadamaa , vack Sept 25. 

Y»TiTd1liTlliri -111 I'"' 'V" Ba<ue (A. 
F. Htaenaa. mgrj, A Bagal-i|na 12: pleased 
good bailaeaa. The Me aC Sglce ss; good 
business and performance. Vogel'a Minstrela 
Oct. 2; The Booaler Girl 8. 

lA. POBTE. — ^Ball's Tbeatre (CL U. Bnma. 
mgr.) My Wife's Family Oct. '24; Tbe Isle 
of Bong Bong 27: Heart of (Silcaca Nov. X 
Item — ^The (Sirrys, rantomlmic Comedy and 
Novelty Artists were tbe fre* attrwctlons mt 
the La Porte <>>. fair Sept. 12-15, which waa 
big success. 

TIPIOH.— Marti Grand (N. 8. Marta. mgr.) 
The Country Kid Sept IS; fair pcrfOcmaaee 
and capacity business. The Little Bed Sekoel- 
bouse 26; gt>od business. One at Tbe HsnF 
28; fair performance and baalneaa. Tbe Hoo- 
aler Girl Oct. 2; Alrln Joslln 4. 

FT. WAYire.— Majestic Theatre (M. E. Rica, 
mgr.) Across Tbe FacUc Sept 18-20; good 
attiactiao and patronage. My Wife's Family 
21; packed boose. The Eleventh Boor £2.23; 
excellent business. 

Masonic Temple (F. E. Stooder. mgr.) The 
Imperial Stock Co. week Sept 2B40. Hlgb-daaa 
vaodera Be **^*Bioaaaw —r OaailMaD"' 

. diav wdl with Ma hlsh-dasB eaadaeOit' 
acta. Item— MnndT Staowa week Oct. 2. 

TERSE HAtrrE Coliseum (Broaaou Bro- 
thers, mgrs.) Sandy Bottom Sept IT: fait 
show and good business. Wills Stock Oo. 18 and 
wei.k: strong company and fine businesa. 

Grand (T. W. Barhydt, mgr> Olgfer BeB 
Sept. 1!>: capacity l>uslne«*- The Volanteer 
Organist 20: good siiow and buDtness. Tbe 
Funny Air. IDooley 21: good attractloa and flne 
patiaaage. Alrln Joalln 22-23: capacity boslneaa. 

WABA8K. — Harter's Opera Hoaae (J. M. 
Harter, mgr.) The Little Red Seboolboose 
Sept. 10; pleased fair audience. Tbe Shadows 
on The Hearth 22; pleased good baalaeas. The 
Isle of Spice Oct 3; The Booster Giri 5: Ade- 
laide Tharston 10; At Piney Ridge 17: Vogel's 
Minstrels The Mummy and Tbe Bommlng- 
blrd 26. Under canvas — Gentrr Brotliota' Dog 
A Pony Show 22; pleased two targe andl- 

WntCtE.— Wysor's Grand Opera Boose (H. 
B. Wysor, mgr.) Blnuneleln's Stock Co. week 
Sept. 18: plessed large sudlences. Stiadowa ca 
Tbe Hearth 36; Tbe Old Clothes Man 2:7; As 
Told Id Ttie Hills 30; Tlie fi.-inlBary Girl Oet. 
2: The Mommy and The Hu mmin gbird 6. 

Star rrheaue (B- SL OsgooJby. nigr4 ^ST^ 
vllle week IS: ptaaat" 
and Harre.r, Gajrlw ^a 
week 25. 

KOKOMO.— Crystal Tbeatre fW. B, flaleri 
mgr.) Eugenia Wood. The BaialiMa, liable. 
Teatler and Mack. Haxel Good, aad tbe klno- 

drome week Sept- 18; good tmatncos. 

SIpe Theatre (W. B. Helmlek. mgr.* The 
LitUe Red Scboolboose Sept. 23: good boslaesa. 
One of The Many 25: fair performance and 
bnalness. Joe. DeGrasse in Rlckeliea 20; good 
business. Tbe Old CUothea Kait 28: Alvln 
Joslln 29. 

I,oeABBSOBT. — DowUng's Tbeatre (Jno- R. 
Dowllng, mgr.) Tbe Four Hantlsgs SO; good 
business. One of The Many 23: j.j.-«6.m3 good 
businesa. To Die at Dawn 25: pli-aned fair 
business. Blp Tan Winkle 27; The Old doibea 
Man 29: Alvin Joslln 30; As Told Is The 
Hills Oct. 2. _ 
crystal Theatre (J. H. Ammoos. mgr.) 
- — ^ — - ■- TaodevlEe. and 

ABDERSOB,— Gtaad . 
hune. prop.) The Md 
packed hoosea. 

(J. H. Ter- 
Mau S; two 
GM Oct 3. 

igr.) The 


OCTOBER r«.1M», 

The Billboard 


Dm Street. Cincinnati, U. S. A 
iMV Mtuea Telephone Vain snsB. 



iSUeM.B.W. TeIepbane,Cuimid. Tele- 

TIm: BHlboard rtiMtalHnt: Co. 

SabMripMoa. 9* a yoan • inontlM, 92; 3 
months. 91 in adwaneo. 
■ t* 

Wtm tmMm mli ilmm ■■HID Mr«0tt. 

nm — J» I iiillit»«W •n\timu tNmt.9t.mSlu 

tUmU tm mtdt tt.Jttt'tfitt.tH'tlirtmt 

lii^.wrntittmdUiUi eriftiiiirfer— fc^ijeW* 


mt ttt a md-CImtt Malttr ml FUt Oft* «t Cil- 

SSIbMiA win 


Tha first form of Tho BiillMard, in- 
ei tiding tba I— t ainht ■d yrtMng pages, 
goM to pi«M 'Snurday nranilng. No 
advertisements for these pages can be 
given the desired position and no 
changes can ba made in standing ads 

on any «f th s u pagaa Haieas tha copy 
I us by noon Friday. No ad* fgir 

Bin at The 
f>i1iimW« ■ Weak ef Geaerel SatiafaotioD. 
ClnclDUtUni like Mr. PIpp. TUey like Ulgbr 
Bell, too, and there was much latereat aa to 
TThat be ironld be like In the GlbsOD-Tliomiis 
character. The resulta Justlfled the antlcliia- 
tlon. Dlgby Bell never did as good work io 
musical comedy as he doea In tbe cartoon play> 
It was a personal trinmpb, tben. 

Tbe play pleased, too. There are many clever 
lines In It. It would be bard to conceive of 
aDychlng more Intellectually funny than Mr. 
PIpp'B sollloqa.r after tbe butler at Carony 
CnBUe has displayed some tacit sympathy for 
him. "Ifa funny." «ay» Sir. Plpp. "Mr*. 

- dtttaMoom. 

aau t sil T a «lie 


individual. His pent-up purpose may I 

have a ready outlet through dramatic I 
production, or it may not, according to 
the opinion of tlie one primarily inter- 
ested. .U.ta* la. oC tha tormer ln«dina- 
Uon. and baa ' Omionstnttea through 
published volumes that his purpose is 
true, he may turn to the stage for a 
bearing'. But others to the contrary 
nptWiUlStaildillS', do not believe he 
^Ver aetDally loses the sense of art in 
mercenary seeking. "We all want' the 
good things of life, and If they may be 
had and art gratlfled at the same time, 

why not seek the quicker way? The ripp and I never ^ 
reading public is also the theatregoing 5^ ' ^S|'.> *: 
public, which goes to demonstrate that .j^l '^i,, tgiui ot tbe vrhoia play, 
tbe same audience may be had for the " " - ..— . 

jmblisbed or the played .production. 
* • • 
Our attention has 
Kia-nia of Tickets been called repeat- 
edly to the misap- 
propriation of railroad tickets ad- 
vanced for tbe transportation of those 
engaged l>y xvire or correspondence. 
The practice Is one of the most des- 
picable with which managers have to 
deal. It also grives the post-office offi- 
cials much trouble, for it constitutes 
a usage of the mails for false purposes, 
and is punishable by imprisonment. 
On account of tickets not being used 
for tbe purpose they are Intended, 
many managers have adopted the rule 
not to advance ttaem under any cir- 
cumstances; but this, also, has its in- 
conveniences, as actors and perform- 
ers are often loath to incur any per- 
sonal expense until tbey are satisfied 
that the engagement has been entered 
Into with gooa taltb on the part of the 
managers. Therefore there seems to be 
ample space for argimient on both 
sides of the question. Not all per- 
formers nor all manag^ers aire honest 
and fair. Tbe fact la zegrettable, but 
It atandiL-.' Still .<lMi»'<>aiM' to- some 
wioona of x«mb'rtiv tbe' chance of loss 
to either party. Why not get together 
on the issue and adopt a method ' by 
which, through an arrangement with 
the railroad companies^ transportation 
may be guaranteed to the right parties, 
thus lemovtiv^tiM praaant eiMHioe of 
fraud? ... ■ " •■■ •■ 

. , *° • • • 


In a recent 
interview with 
a representative 

Bell baa csuAt the eoaeeptlon ot tbe author 
admirably. Wiat la' funnier — and more pa- 
tbetle to dMntereited oo-looken — than tbe con- 
dUlona of the hen-peeked hwriiand. 

The plot deala with the nacblnatlooB ot a 
anddenly enriched matron to marry her daugh- 
tera into high society. . . Mrs. Plpp (Helen 
T*acy) Is a second Mrs. Malaprop. Her muti- 
lation of the French langnase Is Indlcroos. 
tbougb not always amnslng. Lite the char- 
acter Itself It Is greatly eiaggerated. Tbe clev- 
erness of the lines aafTers somewhat In this 
respect also. For Instance, when Mr. Plpp 
tells ot his courtship with the present Mrs. 
Plpp In her father's little shanty on the banks 
of the Ohio river, he says that be OUI SUU le- 
member that her back-balr always MDelt of 

pIne-tar. Tbat doesn't come weO taM a de- 
voted apaoae wbo soOMs Us wUi to aMir out 
tbe MlieBi* of his dlJ». Mfc;. j_. i. ^ 
After Ifr. Tbomas tad viftln two acts be 
pnbablr eoDcloded tbat ttera wasn't enmgb 
action to It. an be carted In aooie melndiama 
tbat might well tarn the plot of a Theodore 
Kremer play. It seems stniiigely ont of place 
in a piece where the character dellneatlao has 
predominated tbrongb tbe two earlier acts. 

On the whole, tbe attraction ts most pleas- 
ing. One forgets the last act In remembering 
the subtlety of 'the homer — the humor whlcb 
Dlgby Bell brings ont so arUsUcaUy. We can 
not Imagine what Hr. Plpp would t>e like with- 
out the present star. 

W. St. Clalr In the character ot Count 
Ctaarmarot Is convincing, and looks his part to 

Janet Beecher and Adele Iinebrman as the 
daostaters are Idcel . tipts oC the snaoa Olrl— 
10 the adTuee aotlwi tdl ml ..W«L aaytie 
our taste la tad. 

Robert Wniing is a better type of Gibson 
man. aceordlag to oar Judgment, He "acts" 
well, too. 

Pwd,. Onartensy as Btrbert Fitigenid is 
ounventtoaal and stagey. 

Btgby BCD was caned npon for s speecb tbe 
nigfat we were there, and. after some hnpor- 
tnnitlea. be responded. It was a neat little 
speech, one of tbe best we have heard In fact. 
Bnt, Ob, tbat nngramatldsm. It Jarred. In 
relation to tbe conditions of tbe man wbo Is 
ruled by bla wife. Mr. Bell said that "com- 
ing from we men" the ati^imsent loot some of 

tK- wi_H. tT , , Its weight, or somefhlnfr of that sort. There 

of the daily press. Daniel Frohmanj^^ . mnmur all about us. People sr^ quick 

It .oaa llHtd tine, it 
would be great amuse- 
ment to read all the 
dramatic reviewers. They say such 
quaint things occasionally. In f^t, 
that seems to be their chief qualifi- 
cation — to Bay quaint things. And bow 
they do love to Jimip on a show that 
Calls to meet with their approval. Most 
Of them do so bil. Indeed, the austere 
^ottle is afraid to praise any attrac- 
Btlott too hlg^ily, lest be seem wanting 
■b tbat fine judgment .^v'hlch oomes 
Hn^om iHda iianaKsinjbaK'.^^iXte' '^>xeiBiiida 
^Mtnartf alwajra th&t 'deaid' BlaioIeta'are 
the only good Hamlets. Joseph Jef- 
ferson said frequently that the hal- 
cyon days of the stage were always 
]aat one generation back. That is be- 
cause the ertttCs make it so. No play 
is ever quite as excellent as some- 
thing that has been done before — if we 
talce tbe critic's word for it. Bhrery 
Individoal comes in for his share of 
commlseiatton except the manager. 
The iittbl le-te-lmpo acjl npon, -the .jday- 
ent" .gieif "HaHMCl iiiiKtirtj^ ; cairtfc''iBB»l tte 
' Mtfe litiiBiAiriias to'-apend']^^ 
- ble time sitting through a dull per- 
formance. The manager is blamed for 
an thIa-TTthe manager who . is really tbe 
-■oia.'l0MC&''^-'^9te>-'piib]Se -pays' iat- most 
' two 'AAlaM'^'t^MiBt;^ ; Xhe 'produc- 
tOK manager pots HioaBUMls of doUars 
into a failure. SnM^.'l£ anyone would 
-want it to pleaat»''li»'-AMaL ."Why oen- 

■--»»- .... . 

''^AIl onr -i»opular 
i novelists are 
P - : " turning their 

/to^pbiy-writing;.: Take Caine 
: aaSiTBaRle ' for instance. TVInston 
OuinAiin is perhaps the latest recruit 
tbvttie list. The incentive is obvious. 
^"Piay-wrttlng pays more than author- 
ablp — after success has been gained. 
■While tbe unknown playwright may 
remain tmknown, the author who has 
achieved some degrree of popularity 
may readily get a reading when he 
l>roduce3 a play manuscript. Pub- 
lishers are far more easily induced 
to taKe a chance with a first book 
than are managers with a first play, 
providing, of course, in the latter case, 
the author has -not already won popu 
lEurity in. the literary field. The ar- 
tlstle p^Bt mt view may vaty wth the 

discussed, unreservedly, the prevail- 
ing theatrical conditions in New Tork. 
He is quoted as follows: 

Ibe anmber of tenures that have Inanen. 
rated this seaaoo, wbUe doubtless dlscoorasTng 

to notice snidi mistakes. That speech needs 
editing If it IS kept la stock. 
I« was a sodd bat at the Colombia last week. 
McMataon's MlDttKl Halds were tbe bead- 
liners. Tbe act Is sopefUy set. and tbe ipaslc 

to pndnceia. who might be^dlSSTto^SS v*^"?^"* '27.JS?^S!F- J? S? 

fault with the pnbu£ stm pi^ that thS •«* *" 5? ?H5.* ^™f.."* 

taste of tlie patdle ein hs MMy depended SW? perBwrnaijce Uiraashotit the week. Miss 

upon. The Ikat lay M MhS* andlmM? Edytbe CbappeHe Is the Interloentor, while 

but with the offerings. I have saU frequently, 
when asked, that the tastes ot our tbeatre- 
KolDg community are of a most cosmi>polltaD 
character: that they are ready to patronize 
lar^r^'Ij- any form of entertainment which Is 
p:ood of Its kind, whlcb does not bore — the 
only crime that an author or manager can per- 
petrate. Bat the difficulty which managers 
have to cope with Is the lack of nltable dram- 
atle matenal. Xhe txanUe with mast manu- 
scripts Is that; whBe many reveal a knowl- 
edge of stage wtUlng and construction, there 
la aa abaeaee of sny special striking or unique 
qnallty In tbe story to make It profitable. 
Plays may be mote than merely wen con- 
structed and well written: they must have 
Ideas. Individuality, character. The qaestlon 
Is, Where are they to come from? Bow are 
many theatres, those now existing and those 
stm coming, to b« supplied with adequate 
material? Tbey are qoestlona tbat All the 

Ulrlam Carson and Rldle Barrette are comedl 
ennes of the first class In black face. 

Troba, the Great.' In heavy weight Jnggllng 
and feats of strength has an act tbat, while 
It follows along the lines of several others of 
Its kind, has, at the same time, enough origi- 
nality to carry It to the top anywhere If 
Troba would cnt ont the asinine comedy of his 
assistant, he would add materially to the qual- 
ity ot bl.s performance. 

Ethel RoblnsoD baa several new aoogs which 
she renders In a pleasinB voice tad . Mner. 
Her Sweet EltHe Chlbhan wlU be aaa oC the 
popular hits of the season. 

The Pour Sallys la . Aa I nt e iiuule d Soney- 
mooa, a one-eet ifeetch. Bite good principally 
throoKh the IntmdnotloB ot the two bays. Inhn 
F., Jr., and Billy. Tbe diOOnni are very 
clever, and aU the good wwk of tbe sketch 
has been relegated to tbem. Blflr^ Imitation 

dally life of managen. because tbeir eolation 2?. -gy« g--^?!" S 8-_*»g-'!g - * S^V9.3^ 
Is to a great extent expedmental. There are ;..SP"f '■■"!!?- XTWp ahg ..^g l ge- 

no arbltraiy fsSblona In playa beyond the fksb- men*, ■aoe a Bit. n Baa ■■■11 or ns ewB,^ 

ion of appealing to general bmnan Interest and 
bmnan emotion. What Is reqalrea here Is a 
revelation of national life and characteristics. 


Joe Flynn, eccentric monolocne eomedlnn. 
came on with several new comic songs, and a 

based npon a proper degree of romance. Clothes monologue that kept tbem langlilag flroffl the 


Tbe Musical Avolos, xylopbooe ' e s pe r t g. 
pleased the lovers of ftood music. 

Pat Booney and Marlon Bent In Make Tour- 
self a-t Rome, a sketch that brlnirs In much 
ainiring and dancing, were a real feature. 

Zazpll VemOD & Co. appeared la a comedy 
acrobatic sketch entitled The Elopement. 

The Walnut's four weeks of musical comedy 
gave way to Qalney Adams Sawyer last week 
and bnslness did not snlTer. As long as tbe 
ehameters are in the bands of talented playetm 
Qnlncr Adams SsnTer wm tvmsln one of tbe 
nw itUige caoMOM . weetb white. Qalocy 
Adans Siwyer to la Interesting plere ot work 
well calenlated to regale a cosmopolitan audi- 
ence. It Is the story of Q. A. Sawyer who 

, . , very soddeoly drops into Mason's Comers, 

piomlslDg of aoeeem ate those tnst denlct ' Mass.. as quickly arousing tbe cariosity snd 
hnman Interest, dements of tbe life nroand , envy of tbe cnxslps as well as winning the 
ns. "heart" playa. pletnres<inel.v told and ade- '■ affections of the feminine portion of the vll- 
quately and convincingly acted. So far as la^e. James Tbstcher In the leading role was 
tbe matmger Is concerned, he mnst continue convincing snd nleastng. Mr. Thatcher appears 

cbange. material condltlona alter, bnt linmsn 
nature never alms. To Improve conditions the 
American manager and dramatist mnst ap- 
peal to the American aodlenc*. The Amerlc|in 
audience Is a critical andlenee. sad the Amer- 
ican temperament leans to the realisation ot 
familiar tblnga oad familiar ebamrtera. Re- 
cent experiments have shown tbat foreign plays, 
bnllt for and salted to the tempers ment of a 
different people, are merely transplanted to 
ms sq negade before an audience, which, though 
cosmopolitan Its taste, demands works that 
savor mere of Its own soil, unless the quality 
of general human Interest transcends Its ex- 
otic character. Unfortunatel.v. pln.v8 of fa- 
miliar hnman interest are not plentKoI. It 
such works were niorai naioeraas tbe problem 
of the snccesstUI'llgyiwaald be nlved. bat It 
may be accepted as . a Cset tbat plars most 

to f«n or succeed through bis own choice, both 
for plava and players. No "national theatre" 
will ever solve the problem. It lies with the 
taste of the manacer and his Instinct In 

to have been the one for whom the role was 
written, so evenly does it fit lilm. Elizabeth 
G. Meredith. In the role of Alice Pettlnglll, I 
appealing and nothing more. An tbe beloved 

lectlne the right plays, and bis appeal to the • beantlfn] and blind girt, her's was an exeel- 
Intelllgent taste ; Ot.- a discriminating public. lent pnrtrsyal. We wonld like to see Miss 
Tlie cenmMm-.aat^eaBftaBt ns to-day am not Meredith In a "straight" role. We do not 
new coadltiom^^^JK^ existe d ritote ne Uke to see her anparemly waste her Intense 

'^T'::^ :^^'^ '^*^^ ^ y ^Vtj upon the role of Alice. Oertrnde Aa> 

exMt^»o^loag..,ss^«e_;'lB «aii» e—na nea-ip . ^■ ..■aaije. as Samanthy Green, "an sggravatln* 
the cUet fhetor In tbe smMMiat oC <lie pee- SJt,.; ^| ,^,4 „^ implies. Sa- 

j annUqr . creates s lot of bnaor snd her ap- 
As naniel Frohman la sgMierally con- I peanuMe to always wricoiDcd. . ABee Baldwin 
sldered one of the mo«t artistic of the VlnS'-J?^^ •rt. "* ■•..■^f*fft " 

S^J'i,aS;5;?'22l ^^^'^ 'S^"Sae'^,.nS!Ltir'e.~?:Jf 

opinions always tmny aoaMOaraH* m- known types, and wen rather Imitative than 
tarest and i n flnencft cnative. wm. Bitt* was good la tke Hte of 

Obadlah Stout, a professor of mnslc^ tax ad- 
lector, a candidate for postmaster, "an al- 
mighty selflab critter," and OMire especially Is 
love with Llndy Patnom. We have seen each 
character as Obadlab and welnnued the Im- 
personation. Hiram UaxweD, played by Ployd 
It. Briggs, was another well drawn cbaiaetm, 
at least In the laat act. though tbe character 
might be Improved upon In tbe flrst scenes of 
the play. We Bbared sorrow with Llndy .Put- 
nam, tbe ebaracter In which Ada Wadswortb 
appeared. Miss Wadsworth' did aU that was 
expected ot her. Juliet liartln, as Bnldy 
Masoa. was Rood. She scored a bit In her 

little scene with Zeklel Pettlnglll, and left tbe 
Impression that she la capable of a more am- 
bitions role. Zeklel was in tbe hands of Karl 
|j. Way, and the aeveral little scenes la which 

be appeared with bis sister, Alice, were choice 
Mts ot pathos. We greatly sympsthlied with 
Zeke. and admired bla devotion to bla stricken 

_ rton Adsns gave a wjrndld . Im- 

pecsoaattoa- ef a. 'good olB-atal te-itoaeaa Ma- 
son, and O. H- niwston did aet overdo the 
role of Bob Wood, bass singer and town tmlly. 
Frances Winiams put much life Into Uandy 
Skinner and was always lively. Xandy was 
all right. In the role of the despltcable Mrs, 
Putnam — "Just pot on alrtb to worry other 
people" — Sabra De Sbon was convincing ia 
spite of a fanlty make-up. We expected Mrs. 
Putnam to look "terrible," bnt lilas De Sbon's 
Impersonation looked more like she bad Just 
aulsbcd cleaning a very flltby . stbpeplpe. We 
wager tbat Mrs. Putnam never cleaned a stove- 
pipe In her life, especially after she "took 
tn" Samanthy. We must attribute her ap- 
pearance to an overdose of grease paint. Bow- 
ever, In actions, this ctaarader was well drawn. 
Kathryn Vila, as Mm. Hawkins, boarding- 
bouse keeper and tIt-bIt retailer, showed ns a 
cbaneter wtthsat srhieb a village conid not 
exist. B. A. Toner woo better aa tbe cbam 
of Mr. Sawyer than as the lovf* ot Ltndr* 
C. S. SeUenberger was natani aa .tfet.-ngM* 
ofllee cbap with nothing to do ealM* acTlhi 
Otst act. It to a very evenly balaawd «Mfc 
and Jnstlee to done to the parta vMcb the 
antbor evldentlr bad in mind. Ihi i lnwn at 
the Walnut was good all week. 

Last week the Forepangb Stork Oo. St Bob- 
inson's presented the snccessfol fOCtelT dtsmo. 
The Charity Ball. Every cfaameter was salt- 
ably adapted by tbe different membem ot tbe 
cast. This hi a pisy whteh reqalrca no ex- 
cessive costumes, the ordlnsry evening dress 
being worn throDfibnut tbe performance. Ana 
Cmger. as a New Tork Girl, was ably taken 
care ot by Miss Lavlnia Shannoit. and Barry 
Burkhardt as John Van Bum. rector at St. 
Mildred's, presented this peculiar chamcter In 
a most agreeable manner. The (ole of Judge 
Knox taken bx Albert SMhett was csce^ 
tlooally goet,- wmf Ml».iMt as Mrs. Ca- 
milla DePeyoler site seseed amiably. Vlas 
Lanta Plerpont and Walter B. OUbert deserve 
spedal mention la tbdr langbaMe love-making. 
Others wbo deserve mention are Henrietta 
Tsders, WBson Hummel, Mlso Jesole LeBey. 
and Frederick Forrester. Tbe above atttaetloa 
played to capacity aB last week. 

The King of The Opium King made Its 
snnual appearance In this city at Heuck*s last 
week, and proved a box-otOce winner. The 
company, which boasts of some real ChlneM 
actors, was up to tbe average and pleaMd the 
patrons ot this hoiwe. A dever aoobatle spe- 
cialty by three MongoUana, made n bit. 

At tbe Lyceum last week A Wife's Secret 
held tbe boards, and proved to be a twrform- 
ance mncb better than tbe average. The com- 
pany coostoted of some dever people Indndlng 
a MM aetiMB who won tbe hearts of the 
aadtenees. BastneBa ap to the itandaid. v 
The Merry Maidens, one of tbe best shows 
on the wbeel, returned to People's last week, 
and wss witnes se d by heavy bonses through- 
ont I to engagement. Chevalier De Iiorto cre- 
ated ma A. talk, with bis wonderful markman- 
shlp, and proved on excellent drasrtng cord. 

Lost week the offering at tbe Standard was 
Rice & Barton's Rose RIU Co.. and this ag- 
gregstlon came op to tbe ezpeetattons of Ito 
andlenees. Comedlano, chonm glrla, eoatotaai 
and oceneiy were all flrot-daso. and the at- 
tendanea waa big thnogboot the week. 


The San Antonio (Tex.) Pair baa been poet- 
poned flon Oct- Sl-Nov.. to Mer- 18-a». 
J. H. Taaee to tk — 


Engine Anderson, aecretarr of tb« Georgia 
Farmers' Fair, at Macon, writes tbat there to 
no change ot dates Ibr tbe eveals at llaeon. 
Aag n sta. OhaikslM - aad TMipa. Thsia to ao 
flmr te tUi poittaB at tbe.aoolh. 

Col. P, J. Knndy, ths Hotsd Otoaivsl ]tana«er. 
Will Operate Big Amnsemeat Sasort 
In Kansas City. 

Kaosaa City to to have a new amosement re- 
sort, tt to to be known ss the HIppadcoBt 

M^P. g. Ifnady, the weu-fcnewa and 
ceortU eataivel nan, last Wedncoday. Sept.ST. 
effected ornncHaMits with the HelnipUtaa 
Street RsUway finawaaj of Konoaa City, 
whereby he lecnres eontm of tbeIr large power 
boose at the earner ot Eighth and Woodlawn, 
whlcb to now betoe converted Into a big amuae- 
ment bnlldlng. Tbe street railway company 
wUl be financially Interested with Mr. Uundy 
in the exploitation. 

The locatlun for the Kansas City Hippodrome 
Is all tbat could be desired. With excellent 
transportation facilities the resort will be only 
seven minutes from the center of the city. 
The building Is ample (138x158) for Mg show 
purposes, and no expense will be aporod ta 

make it one of the most attractive pleifg la 
MIssoarl's moat progressive city. 

The Handy Shows will elsee the ibnd Mooen 
Nor. 1. AU ot tbe ahow paraphmaUa trtu 

~ to Kansaa dty. OA Kaadar*i 
is readily tecognlard as one of 

In the world. The sooioglcal departs 

ment will be accentnated tac the Kansas City 
engagement. Hlgb-clasa vsndevlUe WIU hea 
feature at tbe Illppodranie, aai €M> MBafr 
wUl totroduee amusement Ininiisltoaa ■allnlf 
aew to Kaosas Oily people. 


Xlie Oillboard 



u«M«dir obCB His cnitaln docs not go op 

pronipUy (t 8:15 there U a marmiir of <llKoo- 
irnt amonc patron of tbe tbeatre. Not to la 

«raM« OT*.T oeorge W. Chattertoa man. 
WDinoiiz ^„ Chattetton Theatie. 
jUnac*' Ckattertnn liai annonnccd that oo 
Oct, 4 ■■4 B tbc curtain wtxild to op at 12. 
■Malltht. «■ Vbe Vompkln Hoaker. It la all 
iMi accouat •f the atate fair which la beins 
lialtl la Biu-Imcfl^ld ttila week. Knowing that 
lUBiir people Hoold be turned away during the 
regular evealnff performance, ^fanaeer Ghat- 
UTtuii hit opoa Uic plan of Becnring an extra 
jiUniction to put OQ a midnight performance for 
die benefit of th«a« who were either unable to 
•Kure iieatn for the regular performance, oi 
dCKlred to Tlalt tbe fair daring tbe earlier por^ 
tlon of the VTenla«. Tbe plan took louBedlatelr, 
anil there n-aa a rush for reserred 
It cornea to exJgeoclee, Manager 
OaiiertoB la mlvrmji on *e apot. 

-riie editor of the Perrr <N. X.) Hcrald- 
Ne»'8 seu liaek ttronc at tbc manacei of tbe 
local theatre which bad neglected to pattoolae 
his sheet. He aajra: "81 SteIMn* TtUMj nlgbt 
and anmaa Bcarta Monday nlgltt. two good 
attractloaa. ptax«4 to imall bonae* on aeeoiuit 
of iiraOeleat adTcrtlaiac, «a«-balC «C tb* MI1> 
Marda aad tba pnaa beiac ontttcd. Attrae- 
tiooa will loak aot bow thqr feoak iBto Bmr 
bereafter. wlM 4lw igtn k« 
to vngmUr •Awrtlw tkcm,' 

IM VMrtrcfoot without tlcbts cane near botag 
Ibt altaattaa at Nelmoka CItjr. laab., ooa •ro' 

. alM lut wcfk. aeeordliis to tbe feus of i cT' 
4Mf cfcw gtiia. The company left orcr the 
HlHMKl Ptdflc at 0 o'clock, bat even that waa 
MO . MM tar the baxgaje bnatlen to get all 

. Iko tnak* la the car. Tbe (tola watched tbclr 
traako Ilko liawka. and larkca they aaw the 
baggag* tcpoalBg quietly on aoe of tbe trneka, 
they let oot a cry of waznlag when they 
foond that the train waa about to pnll out and 
leare them. Tbe conductor Mopped tbe train 
and the traaka were loaded. 

NatJJoodwta appeared at Hammatntaln'a Vie 
, 4Mal*Ml aad SvTcntb avenae tor 
~A Mat'a act waa Tery 

KAlDIEBaTEnr-8 "Stak'of'SS^ 
Hanimrrstein falling to adTertlae a teatore like 
the captain of the Ill-fated Bange that foundered 
receotiy with the Beaaty! Fact was, Oscar 
didn't know ;Nat Goodwin waa going to app«'ar. 
Neither did Carier De Haven, of the Lulu Glaser 
company, who was ea>>ylng the maunee per- 
formance at tbe Victoria from a box. With De 
BaTcn waa one Mlaa Parker, a aon.profeaalonal 
boat the oelgbborbood of Central Park. Nat 
Ooodwla eaicred fMm the ftoot of the bonae— 
■et 88 the mlBstiel mea do, Nat waaa't flaging: 
be was aad. Kat'a tonalcr tban nanal wben 

br'a mad. Be atndc down tbe alala (OTen 

^ ^ . ^ . . 

liak MA atdOi wiMB lafm M«l 
tfea biK «tm>'-a8l 'Oa-'OafaA aad. 


baA. It taat aa naart wbclber be got a daer 
check wbea be wcat oot No doubt he did. He 
had beogM a ticket to come In the Brat time. 
Ant Imagine tbatl At any rate be came back 
and tlueateaed to aaaaialnate De Harea right 
there la the tax before all the people. That 
waa the greateat comedy atroke of bla cafeer. 
I>e flarea alooe aaT«<d It from being a tragedy. 
He didn't want to be asfaaslnated. So Nat 
went out again to where 'Miia Parker waa wait- 
tug in bla anlomoWIe. He took ber home. Then 
it atmck De iHaTrn that it mlsht make bim 
famous to t>e aaaasalnated and he xnsbed after 
tbe TiUain who had abducted hla matinee girl. 
Not baring an aotomoblle (De Haren I>n*t a 
itar yet), be did not oTerUke Goodwin till Mias 
Parker had Iwea concealed in the rlllaln's — that 
la to aay depoalted lu the care of ber mamma. 
Then the Injured brro bared bis breaat and 
deOed the TlUaln to strike. But the audience 
bad been left beblnil at the Victoria, ao Good- 
win let him Hre. Thi' plot bn't quite clear, 
kot tbe act made a hit. "The newapapetx; well, 
Jaat look at them. 

RlTal political maaa meetlnga ontalde tbe 
Aeadeair of Otnale aude anch a dtat that the 
aadlenee galheied to aee 'TTay Down laat aoaid 
bardly bear a ward fMn the atage. ne aoelal- 
l8t.labor apcakeia beU forth on tbe northwest 
cener at roartecath street aad Irrlng plaec. 
and the aoelal dcoMcntlc apeakcra bellowed 
Mm Ow Anacnj earner. Uanager , Ollmoic 
PMteeled to the leadcca. and a(Mr aame word* 
wtlh Vattiek Osaahaa la ehatga of the soelal 
dtsMeiats. be waa.drlTen Into the theatre. In 
a (t«r BMMlti he reappeared, reinforced by 
a doaea atage beads, armed with bracea. seant- 
Ungs and o t h e r, amterlal from the atasce. The 
stage hands started hi' to drlre the cron d away 
when tea peUes. rtstttn, aadtr Detectlrj Ser- 
geant .Manning, came up. They ' arrested two or 
tlie Hpeakers and dlap;nied the crowd that bad 
Sitlicreil, and tlie play Inalde went on. Mean- 
wliUe the soclallat-labor meeting on the otlier 
comer went on undlslurtM'd. Before the i 
rival of the police tlio crowd was so larjre and 
turbulent that It stopped the cars In Fonrteentb 

Julls Itarlowe autrcrrd a aevtre fall la Clevr- 
lanil. Ohio, last week an tlie result of the heel 
of her French allpper catcUliiK In a crack in tlie 
slilcwalk aa ahe waa oa hvr way to the tbeatre. 
She llmpc* KtMPtlMr^OB-.tha . ■t8M...«ad a 
•prained aaUe' gave, her -aMWh' pahi%firraat«cal 

a Mg a n ee sa a . Odd anaiber. yon ace. Tbe No. 
-i. Tbe Bho^Jon. did not go oS quite right. Only 
•occed oa aa oalar ring. No. 5, odd number 
agala— ^he College' Widow. Eirerybody Uked 
her. Tbca thla Tery Bad SamarlUn. Even 
nnmber yon seo. 'No help tor It. And there 
are psychological reasons. If you cbooae to 
analyze tbe play, dissect It and weigh It. 
never follow tbe laid down rules of accepting 
atage technique in ^vtUIdk plays. Paul Pottvr 
tried many a time to argae me Into doing It 
I build my plays by Impulse. He builds bis by 
rule. 1 cannot measure out human emotion) 
OS you would molasses, and X cannot add up 
heart throbs like so many Items In a grocer'a 
bill. There were two psrcboloelcal errora, aa 
near as my hindalgbt allosvs me to discover — 
one that tbe American public bas ceased to he 
interested in wealth. Money is too coma 
A millionaire is no longer a curiosity, or a 
an object of Interest. Instead of playing a star 
part he la only one of a Mg cborus. almoat 
as monotonous as tbe old Greek chorns, at 
that. That's where I erred. To me a lot ot 
money baa alwaya aeemed aa atttaetlee aetting 
to a man, hut It la not to Kaw TetkatB. Yon 
can't throw a atlck oot of a window wttbont 
bitting a mlUlonalre. In New Tack a ma with 
a thousand puppy dogs wooU stir ap tea tlaies 
the Interest that a sua wooU who had ten 
mlUloa. Moner la too eoaamon. So yoo 
that xOba the eeahral dgase of Ua allarameat 
Aad then, the lote aloir of the play did not 
appeal. It's that at an old aian, a rich old 
laaa. la tore with, a yaoaK semat, a house- 
keeper la a cui i Btij hoteL ■Wbea acted seri 
ootur. as It was, tbe romance was rldlcalous, 
New Xorfc said. 'Oh, fudge.' and I don't won 
der. new that I have seen It with tbe ramlsb 
of anthotshlp rubbed off. I think It baa more 
funny lines than any play 1 have prodneed. 
also think tbe Idea ot a man who tries to help 
people with his money and finds he Is only doing 
them an Injury la not fwd. The dog'a life be 
leads Is Just abont what would happen to Mr. 
Kockefeller if he allowed tbe public to run In 
on him." J^nd there yoo are. It may be 
added that glowing reports about tbe crops on 
bla Indiana place enable Farmer <Jeorge not 
only to tell the truth, but to face It with 
equanimity. Even tbe fact that bis musical 

play ala of bla youth, entitled The Night Be 

foie^I^VNttt^^Bo^plarlac tha aaa-alght 

Twelve tboDsand spectators of a bnll fight 
at Xlmes. France. Sept. 3«. broke up the 
chairs and boxes and set fire to the tiarriers 
surrounding tbe arena, beaaase.. .tta. jSBatadora 
refused to kill another ban ''aa:-ak'-aMMa alter 
they had dispatched five. 

Ocone Ade now <<xi)1alns how It all IliMfjWt. 
Aakcd why Ttie Bad Snmarltan— whkh waa 
. taken oir last Saturday night after aa eagage- 

WHT THE BAD 8AMAW- "''^ "J, ^SL"!??!!? 

fan-- if ; ^X^'S^^xS^ 

iklM. 'he aaM:. 

„**«««n»e It waa Ita tarB. ' The^ elgme crery 
other with ne. The odd aumbcn ate the only 
onea that score la my game. Aa evcryono knows 
whoae wife aad bank roll bare allowed him to 
roiiow tbe theatre. Tlic Bultaa at Bala waa a 
Big aueccss. vcbtx wss noaber' oae. Ttien 
came Peggy Trom Parla. A IttOe wobbly Peggy 
waa. The public did not aecm to think as 
luuch of her aa either Colonel Savage or 1 did; 
we did Bot arem to get all tbe way back from 
rarla. «^ t came. The Couaty Chalman, 

'n'hen. a.<: a part ot TaOot .ah J'.Ba BhBg • aet. 
thev requested any wooiaB who ' lowed ■« 
bond to rise to her feet, a womaa- iB^thO 
audience at tbe Orpheum. Kaaias Cltr. Bept 
21. deliberately atood op. .She waa. ar 
panled by a OMB •OMW»at.«ia«;thM_Sllfc 
seemed pleased hIl*» *"fffi""»^JP "Ji 
that ot Rogets, who laaaifced: "Oh. me » 
lay wKe." 

Bben Plympteo. the aetec. U nuder »5.000 
bond to the court at Plynooa. Maaa.. fOr 
alleged murderous assault oa Oeotge aiartin, 

inni>EB0VBAS8A1II.T Vctoc'a house 

at the time. Martin la In tbe Maasa' 
Cfansetts Hospital near tbe point of death from 
Injuries which. It la alleged, were Inflicted by 
the actor. The physicians say be has 
cusslon ot the brain, and a possible fracture of 
the sknll. TKSldes other injuries about the 
body. He Is seml-consclooB part of the Ume, 
but from none of his talk can any light be 
thrown on the manner by which be recelTBd hIS 
wounds. From others, tioicever. the poUce have 
learned that a week ago Wednesday Martin 
went on a visit and promised to call In the 
raltroad sutlon on his way back • aad get 
Plympton. when he could take him to the 
actor's home, where Martin had l>een a gueat. 
The men had a quarrel over this and Plymp- 
ton got the worst of It. but retMned afterward 
with a club and beat Martla. ^nptaa after- 
ward called a physician and: Jia»tlB»kWa»j»ken 
to the boapltal. The fight aeeBBe« .:Mi «hBrs- 
dav. according to the stofT told rttjopollee. and 
on Friday Plymploa eaDeS the phisldaa. Mar- 
tin being tak<B to the hospi tal oa Satnrday. 

Count .Bdgar IWiimeeU lieutenant In a heavy 
cavalry regiment, who waa tried by cpurt-majr- 
ttal at jMoaleh-oa the. charge ot murrying with- 
Mt aeenriac the -pcmlsslaa of hu suiwrior 
offleetaTlwa^cca aeatraeed to sereaty-fiveday^' 
l^^m^^la ■yitKtwM.i.Thocaoat. «rto is 
Mtfio awio. th8a./*}Jhaf.v»«uw«;.kAq«iiiaD 
actress, alanette-0 1ly»r 

Mrs Richard Otda.^'Mfe of tbe actor, baa 
iwn iort in tb*?#nler court ot Chicago tor 
*25.000 on a claim that the plaintm was run 
down In Lincoln Park by horses which Mrs. 
Carle was driving, and sustained injuries that 
will cripple her for life. This action, coming 
as an addition to the suit for J 100 000 InsU 
tuted OEnlnst Carle bj- a clionia clrU who ac- 
cll«s him of slaudorlns ber. will give the Carl." 
family enough lltlKKllon to keep It. busy for a 


The new Colonial Theatre, Chicago, (one time 
the Iroquois) opened Its season In a blaie ot 
glory Sunday cvenlnc. Sept. 1. under the man- 
ncement ot the .Metropolitan Theatre Co., with 
Oeorce W. Lederer aa resident mnnoKer. Fay 
Templeton In Georee M. Cohan s Forty nre 
Mlnntes From Dniadway was the opening at- 
traction. So great was the rush for feats 
that hundreds of people were turned away. 
Miss Templeton scored one ot the greatest 
pcrjionnl triumphs the windy city has known 
for years. Tbe star was applauded roclter- 
oiisly and showered with wagon loads of beau- 
tlfiii flowers. Iler song. So lying Mary, waa 
given ten encores. Great entbnalaam reigned. 
Mr. Cnlinn was present and made a speech, 
np was greeted with prolonged applanae. Chi- 
cago erlUoa. are oaanlnMas In their praise of 
the ne* ipMAiietlaa. vaaow even declaring that 
It la better thaa'Uttle Johnny yonca, 

Tlie neifif OUoidal'is a beantr. ita aoperb 
nnrni decantMaa .aanMBs anythlmc eTer yet at- 
tempted In the war of tbealrleal arehltectnre. 
Tlie new management a» well aa the new 
poltCT given every evidence ot being a winner. 
The opening stirred Chicago tbeatregoets as 
tbiv had Dever been stirred betoia. 


Managers with soatbem time will be Inter- 
ested In the accompanying table which ahuwa 
tbe average time ot tnat at Uemphia, Tenn., 
covering a period of twenty-four years: 
Year. Fitat Froat. Killing Proat. 

1881 Oct. 15 Nov. 24 

18S2 •' 21 " 13 

1883 Not. 21 " 2 

1SS4 Oct. 'St.... Oct. 21 

1885 ^ . 4... 22 

1887 " U " 81 

1888 3 Nor. 11 

1880 " 7 Oct. 28 

1880 " 17 •• 81 

Iflftl " 16/ *• S3 

UBS 10.... .i^ 

1888*«* aa a •••oa ** So ••••■••••• 18 
189t* •••••■•« *• ^ O*********** IVOVa O 

UH.. aept.w Oct. B 

ISBOo ••■••••••• * 28o ■•••••■ * 18 

1SB7 " 22...... Hot. S 

18B8 Oct. 14.. .......;.> Oct. 28 

188S Sept. 27.......^..; -Not. 18 

IBOO Not. 2 " 9 

1001 Sept. IB " 13 

1802 " 14 " 27 

180S...... Oct. U.. .......... Oct. 24 

19M...«'*«.^.A. ,** 88....^...... 'Mi^r. 18 


Oat. 38 

Bom to Mr. and Ula. IT.'/.I. .Battartdd 
(Caroline KeUey UeCocd a M ia tt j j s pad baby 
girl. Sept. 17. at Battie QwA 
Nr. miltllll'J Is managing the 


Ella Lawrence, tbe well-kaown character ac- 
tress, died Sept. 21 at tbe home o( her alater, 
Mrs. Delia Donp, 711 Indiana aTcnne, Indlan- 
apolla, lad. Hiss Iiswreuce was prlrately 
known aa Ella Toong. About three years ago 
Ui health compelled ber to close aoddenly 
while toaring Michigan, and she went to live 
with her sister. She never returned to the 
stage, but remained in Indianapolis, where she 
beoime well known to a large circle of friends. 
On Friday Miss Lawrence waa atrlcken with 
acute congestion ot the brain, and was carried 
to her room, where she remained unconscious 
until the final curtain call. Miss Lawrence 
began ber atage career when fourteen years of 
age. and remained behind the IcoUIgbts for 
tlilrty-three yeara. She waa partienlarly known 
tor ber marreloos power ot memory which 
scared a hit for her la a..BaBbac aC'.laBlaacea 
throughout ber Tailed career.' >ka''.«M''^' oae 
tine appearlag at tka." Faik Tkiatlia M In- 
dlaaapoUa with Sltil i BaMeB 'lB Xka.^BHtaeky 
(MrL Mlaa BaasM';:haMawi aaddHdrHI and 
oonid not play, lite lAWicnee'waat oa at a 
nMHaeafS ooOce aad the aadleace waa none 
tbc wlscT. At aaother time she was playing 
with a Ten NIghta la a Bar-room eompaay. 
At Ft. Wayne. lad.. Simon Slade, the bar- 
teader. beeune Incapacitated. Mias Lawrence 
Tolnnteered to play ooth rotea. She made np 
and the manager accepted. She played alx 
nights before one ot ber boots came off and 
revealed anch a dainty temlidne toot that the 
audience caught on. Later tbe women of tbe 
town presented ber with a gold ring with an 
Inscription voicing their admiration. Tbe body 
ot Miss Lawrence was taken to Oolnnba^ lad., 
tor bnrlaL .-. ; 

Joseph Utt— NoUce of hU 
in another colamo of tills 

Lew White, the 
prince ot good fellows, died la'St. Iionla, Ifo.; 
Sept. 23. after aa Illness of but eighteen bonra. 
Mr. White Cooaerly traveled with tiie Harris 
Nickel -Plata and the Lemon Brothers Shows. 
Of . toent yaaia ha had been daallag la aov- 
elttaa Caai; a-' ; ttitt! -'. aacai alBa <jV-ia.: 'ptifaia. .''life 
MTJ-'Whlte waa'haewB'ais'MWIaa:-' " 

Aaron DeWltt-i-^nowa prafesslanany 
Smith, of tbe acroliatic team of Beno and 
Smith— died at tbe city hospital, Baltimore. 
Md.. Sept. to, ot lajories reeelTCd.lfoadsr. 2$. 
while performing at the Ifi— lalal "iBMlii 
Cerebral h eu Maihage waa the 
of tlie performer's deatlu 

Hany ChappdI. naaagar at -Sto: Soltfi ' of 
Bboag, moatas the loaa of ' his brother. ' 
died la Cbieaaa .SspiL 17 ot heart tallnre. 

Edgar Feasbfrln,'^- tbe dramatist, died at 
Broadway, Wareeateishire, Eng.. Sept. 28. Mr. 
Pembertoa waa bom JTuly 11, 1849. 

Dave R. Wood, manager ot Gordon dc Ben- 
nett's A Boyal Shive Co., died at Ooshocton, 
Ohio, Sept. 30, ot heart trouble. ; 

Waldo CUue— Notice of bis death 
another column of thla issue. 


The anthor of 'Way Down Baac aad Under 
Southern Skies Is about to add another stand- 
ard success to her credit In her recent dramatl- 
xation ot Eev. (3ias. Frederick Ooaa' Tbe Be- 
demptlon of David Corson. A deep love story 
serves as the plot and also gives Miss Parker 
opportunity to display her dlvetalded talents. 
She Is said to have pnt plenty of atmoepherc 
Into David Conion and to bave grouped arooad 
tbe leaders a Dumt>er of strong oharacteia 
whlcb will be ably portra.ved. By special per- 
mission ot Klaw A ErlaiiKer. J. C. HofTraan, 
their stage director, will stage tbe new play. 
Walter Edwards baa lieen engaged for the 
role of David, and Mias Jalla Marie Taylor, 
who played Portia la The Merchaat af Venice 
besides leading parts with BIctiard UanaOeld 
last season, will be seen aa Pepeeta. 

In The ISveaIng Down On The (parser; copy- 
righted by M. Wltmarfc A Sona, N<rw Xoife 

Jeseie Hatliaway; copyrigbtcd by M. 
mark A Sons. New Tork City. . ' 

Kate Kearney; copyrighted iv' H^'' W 
A Sons. New York City; -, ., 

Ooleiaaa Park AesoclatliHi. Oolemaa. Tex.: 
capital 82.S00. Will maintain a park and in- 
nocent amusements, lacorpoeatnea A. B. Mil- 
ler. W. X OMlta. W.: B. MaCWkm a^ X ■. 
Sterens. • 

Waahington BaU Parit 
capital $2,500. Win 

park. Incarpontoro— Wilila MiMH^'AC 
McOaTia and II. A. BBUh. 


ha' ene aett^eafvrlghtcd 


P. V. Stock. 

Tlie Bishop's 
b.r W, .\. Ijiirsoa. 

The Canary and Xhe Cat, In one act 
righted by C. A. ATlSirsrth. 

Down at Uncle Bltaai'a^ la three acta; copy- 
righted by S. MUlcr; . . . 

Freaks and Fraads; In One' hat;' esB fUah ted 
by W. E. Harvey. — » 

The Golden Girl. In two acts; copyrighted 
by Chappell & Co. 

Th<- Heart Breaker, in one act: eonyzlghted 
b.r Paul nicksr. ■ -- -- -.'.••. .« 'T^ . • 

King SoioBMrt -niaple: :asnrili|liM' tr- E. 

The Little wlilte Slave, In four acta; copy- 
rlirUted by R, L. .\ndrews. 

The Professor's Assistant, in Iline - acta; 
copyrighted by A. B. Morgaa. 

The Purlolncrs. In foor aeta 

G. B. McCutcheon. 
The Srhemera. In tour acts: copyrighted by 

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hy U. Uidactan. 


Hope: copyrighted by M. Witmark & Soos. 
New York City. 

It I Should: copyrighted hf .X. WUasaik A 
Sons. New York City. 

Non-. I Kemember: ccpyrlgliM Wtt- 
Bsrk A Sobs. Now Xorfc tSUj.': 

. Washington. 8ept.-.;'i_ 
In Its weekly bullellB' 
tlona as toUoivs: 

Tbe temperature during the week 
Sept. 25 was favorable tbrongboot the 
being nearly everywhere above the ncna^ 
Italns caused some damage in portiooa ot tiia ' 
Mlsaonrl and upper MiaslppU valleya, while a 
conalderable part of tbe south Atlantic and gnU 
states Is la aeed ot rain. Damaging troeta oe- ' 
cnrred in the middle Rocky monatain region, ' 
aad ligbt ftoota with little or no lajory In poe- 
tloas of the lower lake region aad Utcrlor of the 
middle Atlaatle atates. 

Iteecpt la llmlted parts of the Mbisoarl tbHcx 
con has egperleaeed a. aack oC esaditlow highir 
faTseable tsr aaatiatlBig.' t^'Otos. ftnes aerentr. 
five to alaetr par: eMC:.'ae aiiSeh la 

fraia Till iiBilalii wOL 


Ugh wlada. bot thla wlU only malto hai ustlag 
BMKo dliBeuIt without redndniE the yield. Saao ' 
eota la shoek in MIssoari and Kaaaas lua beea , 
damaced by moisture, due largely t* ralas oC ~ 
the p caTh i a s week. 

~ The OneSbiag of spring wheat la the Dakotoa 
and Minnesota was Intermpted by ralaa dnriag 
the first halt ot the week, bat aback ttireahlns : 
and stacklns are not yet finished. la the Dako- 
tas the yield and quality are varialde aad gen- 
erally disappointing. 

Tb<> reports Indicate but little change In tiie 
coniUtloo of cotton In Sooth Caroltiia. Georgia 
and Alabama and Oklahoma and Indian Terri- 
tories, a slight Improvement la ncrlbeaateia 
Texas, and more or less deterioration la other 
portions ot the cotton belt, although there is 
decIdedLv lea complaint of rust and ah'ddlnx in 
the central and In portions of the eastern dis- 
tricts. Plckln;r In Texas was Interrupted to ' 
some extent by rain, but this work has been 
active under gen:-rally favorsMe conditloua la 
all districts except the north ceatral portloa of 
the belt, where It Is not general. Picking ta 
Bearing completion In portiont ot (Seocsia. lioals- 
laaa and extreme tontbtin Tvxaa. . 

Some InJniT to boased tahacao .hr aHM' 
weather ia reparted from p or t lSas sf the'aaU- 
die lAHaads - ««a<e» aad Xew Baitlaad. hot 
el st a> an .atba'- ltp i lU : u a H S ll a g this onip ate 
f nvnralilc-""" 

No Improrement In tbe apple eotlook la indi- 
cated, an Isferlor crop being reparted from 
practically all tbe apple-produetng states. A 
poor crop ot potaioi's Is generally Indicated. 

Except In the east gulf states, where ttie 
soil has been to dry for plowing, tbia work la 
generally w/H-ailranced. Mash stejiBg hM 
been done and tbe farly; sara''ls MIBi^S/Vi^^ 
good stands tliroughoot Dm- " " '" 



Xtie Billboar<l 

OCTOBER r. 1906w 


TnCKHBSa.— UcJlmwT Tbntre (F. 6R«n. 
mgr.) TUtM PUjm Sept. 17-23; good bnsiness. 
Skj- Farm 3; good coispanj and tnulons. 
Iifinan Howe's MotIoc Pletnzes 28: good mbonr. 
Xbe Show Old 30; 1^. Munle Float Oct. 2. 
JUIULfUXB. — Optra Bouse . (B. MnUen, 
r.) .A. OhbIv Bd aood boaiaeaL Sandy 
— ' tMlBaM> Uttle 

Little Bed Scboolhonse 28. 

T.«r avtri-i K. — Grand Opera Honse (Taa. W. 
Byan, mer ) The B*rry Stock Co. week Sept. 
18-23: good tHUloess. Under SooUiem Skies 
28; The Hooaier Girl 30. 

COHHEEBVUIE.— Andre Theatre fW. D. 
Andn, njgr.> Sandy Bottom 27; good abow and 
foil bonae. tea ot The Many Oct. 3. 

AHGOLA. — Ctoxton Opera House (H. H. 
Wnill. nCE.) Blchellea Sept.' 22; fair bosl- 
acas. The BereBtb Boor 27. 

BOOSIEB. — Opera House. Sla HopUna Sept. 
IS; luge audience. 


]leAXS8SEft» T^ wg Mi i ai^ Opera 

t tk. B. Eatea, aagr.) VoVj Ptlinioae 
SkT packed booie. Ccntnrr Stock Co. 
•4% Maliara'a Mlnatrels 12; BooUgan's 
"tm U; Folaom'a Stock Co. week 16. 
laai— gmilin Wnillim 3. 

CW; B. Hln- 


" Osu 

The Volunteer Organist 6: DcUa Prlngle Stock 
Co. 8-11; Happy Hooligan 13; PoUy Frlm- 

Audltorlam (H. C. Toler t mm, 
Lycenm Comedy Co. Oct. 2-7. 

Lyric TheQtre (C. M. BOE. BCr.) ▼ndttllle 
la actracUDE good buslneaa ben. U»Q *r can- 
raa— MUIer Brotbeia' 101 CaaA WOd Wcat 
Show Sept. s»«T. F i i i Hi giWla Bmttien. 
Sham »: Vmwwm bA' lfl|« .Wcat Oct: S. 

XT. aeaXX.r-ltnMmmJ^m*B (BazTT, C. 
Btnlcb. aur.) BH BgMUfc 'Ae Bcr Sept. 
27; That Uttle SmdeaTne BaMfc o( Bhang 
Oct. 3;>Inna Open Co. 6; F«Ilr FHamiae 0. 

Fen Lake Faik (Hafer * Lore. B«rs.) Gro. 
WUaoD. Jao. a. UorUuu Tbm CaiadI SUtns. 

!C (C. H. WhcatoD. 
Co. Sept. 18-20; good 

_ Centur Stock Co. 22- 

S8t aTWilanfr ffwipaFT and boslneaa. Hnwian 
Bterts 2S: capadiT baslness. HIa Blghata*. 
The Bcr SB; ITBde Ttan'a Cabin 28: Tm Mccry 
Tnaps Oct. S; BIp Van Wiakla T. 
WIBZIELD.— Grand Opem Banae (E. B. 

Bieta, mgr.) Slonajr Stock Ool weak Sept. 18; 

FooBtata ' Thieatpt Oak -'uMk' .<tet^ 'S. 

EXFOBIA — Wbltley Opera BMW (fM. B. 
Corbett. mgr.) My Fnend Flam Aikaaaaw 
Sept. 22; good baaineas. That Little Sirede SS: 
lieaT7 Imslness. A Rnasbui Spy 30; Motey 
Stock Co. week Oct. 2. 

CHERBTVALE. — Opera Hoose (Cbaa. Cash, 
mgr.) An Artstocratlc Tramp Sept. S; good 
show and baslness. The Centnry Stock Co. 
18-20; fair company and good baslness. Ma- 
bara's Minstrels 26. 

HOBTON.— High Street Theatre (J. F. Bai- 
ler, mgr.) Wood and Ward'a Two Merty 

- - Mt m" " 

SES XOIBBB.^ — ^Foater's Opera Hoose (Wm. 
Foster, mgr.) Blanche Walsh Sept. 23; large 
and weB-pleaaed aadlencea. Kolk and Dill In 
L O. U. 2B-Z7: good ''~'"»«" and pleased. 

-fUMUi m^om.^mHm ib Xbe Bmi- 

IC MM^flMMB'M*:. Xbe Prince 
11; OockMatela'.llkaMa 13; Borne 
MU PUT. M: tmtt »t Iha. LeOag- 
Wdn BoMi M. 

Oiaad Opan Hooae {Wka. IMci^ mn.) A 
Joiir Aocitaa TMBp SUTj pleaM maoi 
bHaeaa At Ptaer Bite 18-30; Jbe WMt 
Oct. U; Marik Bn>thets finacdIaBa 8-14; T< 
BdOiIo M.17: a Boyal SUre 1S.S1; Dead' 
BUk Haman Hearts 28.28. 

BUoa Theatre (Fred. Bnohinan, mgr.) Dtda. 
Biawler and Leslie. Adolpk Englcr. Cortaio and 
ITlnaaom, FetccaoB BnttBB-«a8 3Mc O'TbOle 
mtk S ept. IS; good hiiimtm.' 

.BWMB XAPnM.— -Gncne'a Opcsa Boose (W. 
M^Ofmi^ boa. mgr.) Myrtle Vinton Co. Sept. 
U4D; SMd boaliien. Tod Tonaon 23; good 
bnafneaa , Tbm Girl FTtxn The West 
celed. BIckman-Mltler Co. 25-27; Eaolalle 
'S'oatig 28; A JoHj American Tramp 80; Wm. 
Patton Oct. S; Walker Wtaltealde 4-S; Cherry 
Valley 8; Xbe Paraders 7. 

People's Theatre (Vic Hngo, mgr.) The Ool- 
tona. Early and late. Jlmmle Lacas. The TeX' 
ana Slatera. LociUe Baiper. and the bloKiapb 
week Sept. 2S; good business. 

Aadltorlum (Ray W. Fay. mgr.) Mr. and 
BCrs. Jdo. T. PowetB. Prank McCone and May 
Grant. LeBoy Benson. Beoo and Murray, Bay 
W. dongh, and the klnetoscoi>e week Sept. 
25; good boadneea and performance. 

FT. DODGE. — Midland Theatre (C. P. Peder- 
ooD. mgr.) At Ptney Ridge Sept. 25; good 
boslnew and pleased. Walker Whiteside 27; 
exceUtnt perfocmance and fnii- business. 
Sonaa's Band 28; The Female Dcteetina Oct. 
1: Lrman Twin 3. Itaaa— Ua > OHkfll Car- 
Binl Ob. wack Sept. IS; Mr . Mmb and 

-^--i-.^——.- - j - a r fc .^m. Pas. 

.»yp*» ay flpaC-jMBMik Xbe Hi^ dtr 
^ l^Mi «k»:>Xaat Booe of Som- 

J.— Broaa'b ■■ 0HI8 Hoose (C. F 

Brown. Bsr.) The Baakec^a CbUd Sent. 21: 
pna man and fUr bofaeM. Uncle Tom's 
Cabin 28; p l e aaa d big booaaa matinee and 
evening. At Plaer Btilce 28; Soosa's Band 
28: Lymaa Twins In The Bostlera Oct. 2. 

Jobaaon'e BhetHe Thoitra (E. H. Johnaon. 
mgrO Beno and Jtamr. OdOIos and LeUon. 
Hotdiinaoa aad Loaby. Stock Olu.- and the 
'dneoerapb week Sept. 25; caadtHAMiaa. Item 
— GoamopoUtea Oamlval Oa." week Sept. 18; 
aeaient abowa and big eiowda. 

**BBTj— Crand Opera Hoose (B. M. Hat- 
Tcjr. mgr.) Xabaia'a Mlaalitia: canceled. Lr- 
man Twins Sept. 28; fair bariacM aad aood 
Aow. Bajab of Bboar *tx fbBtd. la aww, 
^gp nya O ct. 7; WUher WUtcaMa" IS. 
Mtai rattoiaen t Btamttd OualTsI Co. week 

Itan Opera Houae 
Unde Tom'a Cabin 
attraetloa. Walker 
"'a Love SS; air 


LOUISVILLE.— Tbe Arenae Theatre (C. A. 
Sbaw, mgr.) A Girl of Tbe Streets Sept. 24- 
30; good performance and baslness. Current: 
A Wife's Secret. 

Masonic Tbeatre (C. A. Shaw, mgr.) The 
Seinlnaty Girl Sept. 23 ■] ~ 
performance and boabMBb, 
Qnlncy Adams Sawyer. 

Macaaley's Tbeatre (John T. Kaeanlcy, mgr.) 
Geo. Coban In Little lobnajr Jones Sept. SS and 
week: fine perfonnanea aad raparlty baslnfts 
Current: The Cooaty Oate Bbk. . 

Hopkins' Theatre (WkC'- 'BaMbMb av.) 
Prof. Bngg'a Liqnid Air DeiMaalalln*. The 
Three NaTarroa, Weat and Van SIcIen. Marcos 
and Gartdle, Armationg and H0II7, Nettle 
Fields, and the btograph week Sept. 25: good 
hill and bnainess. Ciunent: Troba, Joe Fvnn. 
Ethel Robinson. Boooey and Bent, and others. 

Tbe Bucklngbam (Whallen Broa.. mgra.) 
Tbe Ceotory Girls week Sept. 2tx exeellent 
show and baslness. Carrent; The Uaaeottca. 


PAOVCAH.— Tbe Eentncky (T. W. Boberta, 
mgr.) Polly PrlmrDse Id; pleased fair house. 
Fislce stock Co. 20-23; fair baslness. The 
Rajah ot Bbong 25: packed hoose. play fab. 
wnis Comedy Co. 28-30. Item — ^Tbe Greater 
Parker Camlral Co. opens a week's engage* 
ment here 2S-30. under auspices of TrsTeUng 
Men's Association. 

OWEHSBOKO. — Grand Tbeatre (Pedley A 
BoTCh. aMEO,^ . She Faaay Mr. Dooley Sept. 
23: kaiae aad fair perforaianee. Howe's 

FletaM laMiari and di 


Ker 30. 

Brown, vsr.) The 

The' Uttle 
and ez- 
Fana 2S; good 

_ Boaie (Prank 

Binst, mgr.) Ton T s a apa Sept. 25: good 
company and boalneaa. TanSjke-Eaton Co. 26- 

30: No Mother to Guide Her Oct- 3; Holty 
ToltT 4; Alice Fisher 6. 

CHEROKEE, — Gimnd Open 

aon, mgr.) - J — 

Bis Bignaaa% 

(F. Bmn- 
. IS with 

70BT OOSeS.— Uldland Tbeatre (C. P. Pe- 
deraoQ. mgr.) Tbe Uttle Baneatcad Sept. 18; 
— - raBaad.Sk. . 

WHTH I TH Ifcawl l ii id Tbeatie Vbl 
ks; mgE.) Tke Cbartefa DsngMer 20; Eoad 
— ' _At CM ptflajOtartc Mj «Def I " 



T.KHIWOTOy Opera House (Chas. Scott. 

mgr.) Little Johnny Jones Sept. 25; excel- 
lent performsnce and received Imm r nT i natnai- 
age- The Jewell-Eelly «tock . <fc.. S8 d fc ^Ca- 
padty business. Underilnads'SMfeF'SHB kk-Vhe 
Education of Mr. Flpp. , .' . t 

Hopxnnnus. — aeiiaad*i - 

II. Ennis. mtgr.y Pally ' 

deUfhtcd.Iiiae koav. 
The HMd S iUam 
maa Oct. S. 

TiTTBATfOH. — Opera Baaai.'<MilCB & Kdly, 
mgia.) Son's Minstrels 8cpt..SS; flne perform- 
ance and baslness. Under canvaa — Clark's Oim- 
blned Staoivs Oct. 2. 

UAYBVUXE. — ^WasUngtOB Tbeatre (Bosaell. 

- - - - — - 

Dje £ Frank, mgts,). Wslcasy** 
d show aad .kariaiaa.' -' 

Stock Co. es. •' - 

OfbFO * Tk^or, ■gis.) 
25; good boalneaa and performance fair. 
Stock Co. 27. 

801CEB8EX. — Gem ppwa_ 
Thatcher, nsr.) 
18 and 


XEW OBLEASS, — City Park <Jos. Bernard, 
sopt.) Closed Sunday, 24. with vandevtlle, 
Prof. Nlghtbeort'B Yltascope, and Sparer'! Band 
as the featm^s. The past seasoo was a Tery 
succeSEfol one. 

Andnbon Parle Brann's Kayal Brigade 
Band coutinQes as the chief attraction here, 
and la drawing good business. 

Scenic Park. Band concerts, the Tltascope, 
etc. la attracting good patroDase at thla re- 

Tbe Grand- This boftse opened Sept. IG with 
The Grand Stock C:o. presenting Rupert of 
Hentsao. Packed bonsea were the rule tbroogb- 
ont the engagement. John J. Farrell. leading 
man aad Jlisa Jane Irrlas, Icadlbg lady were 
•Mt Ik IMr pam. Jtaiee Hsndltb week 24. 
lyile Tkcstie apcocd Sept. 17 with 
~ tk OoT priaiaHag la MIs- 
Ckmat: At Flaer Bldge. 


BALTMORE.— Academy of Music (NUon i 
Zimmerman. niErs.) Woodland with a hand- 
some chorus anJ splendid cast week Sept. a: 
well receired b.v flue audiences. Current: The 
Truth Tellers. 

Ford's Opera House (Chas. E. Ford, mgr.) 
Minnie Selipan and Wm. BramweU ta The 
Dragon and The Fly ttft. St 1S^JS*iJ°°^ 
attraction and atleadaMib' DHSSill - Mme. 
Schumann-Heink. , 

-Vlbaash's Tbeatre (BObC B. Ifwta. mgr.) 
■Hie Glri and The Bandit waak Scfit. SB; line 
show anil business. Comat: The Ban and 
The Girl. . _ 

Auditorium Tbeatre (Jas. L. WSmam, mgr.) 
Tbe Serlo Comic Oovenwa* wack' Stvt. 25: 
excellent pcadncttai aad laiae laeslpti. Cnr. 
rent: Elfle Pay. . _ . _ . _ , 

Maryland Tbaatia Osa. It KpamjBigr.) 
Idaleae Oottoa and Bl*;.l<i!|fe^ W l k g s and 
Ashltx. Tfce 8b: ■asS'glBll. T^IM ik.r JkigjlnE 
Mowacta, Vera Ktag; 'fikaa. Bmiai' aaa wxra 
^reek Sept. 25. _„ 

noUiday Street Theatre (Keman, Rife & 
Houck. mgrs.) Why Girla Leave Home week 
Sept. 25; competent company and good pa- 
tronaKe. Current: Bamey Gllmore. 

Blaney's Theatre (O. M. Ballanf. mgr.) 
Wedded and Parted week Sept. SS; thrilling 
performance and good bnslnns, (Torrent; Bar- 
ney Gllmore. 

Blaney's Tbeatre (O. II. Balloo f . mirr.) 
Wedded and Parted » mfc -.:-Sipfc- M^^^rilllng 
performance and good bariasas. tmncat: The 
Gypsy Girl. 

Bljoo Theatre (P. P. Cntt. mcr.) .\rthur 
Van, Seeker. Wilkes 4 Co.. Bnrkhsrt snd 
Berry. Jas. Mnllen. Musical Harts. Clara So- 
nora. The American Trio, and others week 
Sept. 23: good baislness. 

Monnmenul Tbestre (Jas. L. Keman, mgr.) 
The BelUy A Woods Show packed the boose at 
eacb perfonnaaee week Sept. SS. Oorrent; Miss 

(nniBEBLAHD. — Academy of Music (Mel- 
llnger Bros., mgr.) Frank L. Berly Opera C!o. 
In Tbe Girl and The Bandit Sept- 21: packed 
bouse. Miss Bob WMte 23; two good booses. 
Kirk Brown Stock C!o. week 25; excellent busi- 
ness at eacb performance. Alberta Gallatin 
In Consln Kate Oct. 2; Bnater Brown 8; The 
Two Johns 4; Howe's Mortng PtetaicB S: Tbe 
Bine Blbbon Girls 6; Myrkle-Harder Stock Co. 


LOWELL. — Opera House (Fay Brotbers A 
Horsford, mgrs.) Daniel Ryan A Co. week 
Sept. 18; good business. A Jolly Baron week 
25; good business. Whr GItiB Leave Borne 
28-27; LewU Morrlsni kl Wmmt SB: Jkk. VNell 
In Monte (Arlsto 28-80: Tbm B. Sb ia la rep- 
ertoire week Oct. 2. 

Academy of Music <R. F. Murphy, mgr.) 
Bimtington A DeDyc Co. presented The Great 
Diamond Robbery week Sept. 2S; good business 
and performance. Tbe CHiarlty Ball week 
Oct. 2. 

Boston Tbeatre (Bert Tlbbetts. mgr.) DIda 
beaded a strong bm week Sept. 25; good busi- 

People's Theatre (Harry Woodward, mgr.) 
Business good week Sept. 25- 

Palace (LeMay Bros., mgrs.) Bill week 
Sept. 25 drew e<]MClty baslness. Mortoo and 
Mason. Ethel imilaaia Xka BtMsitediL Mil- 
dred Flensing; MsF Bnktab' Baia HttdbSD. and 
Fred. C hagnoa wtA OCL 9: 

BEW BEDFOKD. — New Bedford Theatre PW. 
B. Cross, mgr.) Clara Tomer Repertoire Co. 
week Sept. 11: good bnaincsa. Thoa. B. Shea 
In rep-rtoire week IS: compaar. aad baslnrss 
excellent. James Kennedy Oft. vwk SS| Wh> 
Girls I^are Home Oct. 2. 

Hathaway'a Theatre (Theo. B. Batlra, mgr.) 
De Voe and Co.. Tbe O'Seams, May Evana, 
Stager's Dogs aad Bakkcys. itcCot aad Oahin, 
Tooas » ■ « »l« a a Qa lalal. llcllaisa and Moose. 

Mm 'aiid'kjSL '"'jkSK* fefeifcaa ^S«l^. 
Miss MIe OUL UCMr aad Baidt. tforoi. 
Haya« mt-Humtmmftf'- 'Asm aad Mtiaiyre. 

Smith aad erscB. aad moltoa i il ttui e a week 25. 

SaToy mieatre (D. R. BnfflngtoD, mgr.) Buf- 
llnKton Stock Co. week Oct. 2. 

FALL KIVER, — ^Academy of Music (Cahn A 
Grant, mgra.) Tbe Oosgrove Stock Co. week 
Sept. 18; good hoslneas. Sbeppard'a Morlng 
Fictares 2S-Z7: Why Girls Leave Bante 29-30: 
The Bbiphsrd King Oct. M. 

Bbccdris MCw Btjoa. Tka Miitnlsai Bow- 
aida, Doelk aad Bassdl. IMm. Batalmi. Barry 
Bother * Ok,. Dknat Wat nets MMckeUa. 
BaycB ad Baalr. aad aa mimt tmmm week 
Sept. SS. 

NickdOdeoB. VandevIDe ooatlnnea to be a 
big drawlos card at thla boose. 

BOmBt— Opera Bbaae (Lawler Bros., 
aunaj ..Ua Mr liaitMm la BreaUnc Into 
SMMr'awb kl; bm mmmr and large bosl. 
mem.- Vhe 3Mlr BaMa wttk Bmy CUflbrd 27; 
pleased iatxa patiaaace. 

Easplce Tbialu (T. P. Batiax. a>ar.) 
Tt Be Pitied naa Sooned Sept. SS-tT; „ 
nadtjr b aa bu ss. Tbe World Beaten S880; 
lacse sadlenee aad pleaaed. 

ttOPCEBTBK — TJnICC BIB Tbeatie (btth- 
wm * mmtm. ssna.) Why Glrla Leave 
1. B. 0. ne Two Blateta S8; 

Cij*M Theatre (John J. Nash, mgr.) Jag- 
clins Jordans, Howell and 'BmeisiHi, Coleman 
and alexia, Maatar SUter, McKay and Fied- 
erlcka. Ottvar WUkar. and tbe kinodrome week 
Sept. Si; CMWdad bouses at each perfom- 
ance. WM. P. RENCBARD. 

LABSIBO, — Baltd'B Opera House (F. J. 
Williams, mgr.) As Told in Tbe Bills Sept. 
IS; good company and baslness. Trilby 21; 
good shuw and patruuage. Royal Slave 23; 
cood show and business. Kiltie's Band 23; 
The Wayward Son 2S; Tlie Great Train Bob- 
bery 30; The Schoolgirl Oct. 2; On The Bridge 
nt Mldnlsht 3; The Sign of The Four 7. 

]ti)<iu Theatre (U. J. Rubson, mKr. D's and 
D». CUtrord Val Trainer. Clark aoa Temple, 
Jauies \. lieuueSHcy. lleauoiont and Hay\vard, 
Tom Farrel. and tbe bljuubctjpe week Sept. 
IS: good bui^iness and bill. 

MAaaUETTE.— Opera House (A. F. Koepke, 
msr. ' Julio tJriir In Iler Only Sin Sept. IS; 
^ood sI:o\v nlid fair tiustness. Alice Johnson in 
ri^e .Marri.ii." ut Kilt) la; good performance 
anil fulr |>ulru>w;:e. Hans and Nla: 20: sood 
attmrlioii itiid fmr business. The Mummy iind 
Tlie lluuimln^rblrl 2o. 

Illjun Theiiire (W. A. Hons. msr. ) Kaymoad 
and Ithfy. AV. K. Cr«^». IVordon and Hayes. Will 
.V. ■Ito*^. ;iih1 the kinodrome week IS. 

SAGHTAW Academy (J. U. Ward, mgr.) 

San Toy Sept. 20; good buslneKi. In Lonlalana 
23; fair show and business good. On Tbe 
ltrJd;:e at Midnight go<xl bu8lneSI^. The 

Silu>ol);lrl M\: Tlie EleventU Hour Oct. I. 

Jfffcr'ri Tbeatre (Bamford & Marks, mgrs.) 
I.a.\delia. LuQ und l-ucier. Mignonette Kukln. 

Cllli'tte's Monkey»i. BImm. Bomm. B-r-r-r week 

Sept. 24: good bill and buslneaa. 

KTJSEEGOir.— (jrand Opera Hoose (R. H. 
Meyersabm, mgr.) Porter J. White In Trilby 
Sept. lu; pleased fair patronage. A Royal 
Slave 24: crowded honse. San Toy 38; Oa The 
Bridge at MldnlRbt Oct. 1: A JclmV'XBIr dl ' 
Flort>lora 7: The Moonshiner's DaaiMW Bs'Tka 
Grafter 12: .\delalde Thurston 14. 

BAY CITT. — Washington Theatre (W. J. 
Daunt, mgr.) San Toy Sept. 19; good btislneae. 
The Wayward Son 24; (air bnslacM Oa The 
Bridge at Midnight 26; Tbe Scksat^S <cfc 1} 
The EleTentb Boor 3-4; F ha odoc a tf Mr mfeHs 
Family; 8; A Jersey Lilly 7. 

MMBVt UB. WAHTP — Boo Opera Hoose (W. 
B. Stack, mgr.) BabUam Slack On. week 
7; FlmilUB SSL 

^ aOBWDOlk- ^ lstaif ^ Hla^ ^ ^ 

Thc'^ianlSe of Sttty Sevt SI; asad I 

The Moonatalner'a Daochter S3: fair b 
I 0W0C80.— Opera Houae (O. Mclanbatel 
I mgr.) Dora Thome Sept. 21; pleaaed large 
: bouse. Hamlet 2H; On The Bridge at Mld- 
I night 28. 

DO W A 8 IA C .— <^t«a D a sa t. The Little Ont- 
oat amu St; k ia jf kjkW.aaj asa* jt ^wp 
ance. 1^ WIBS^ SamBf SSb Skaat S^ WdBk 


KOIIHOE.— Armory Opera Hoose (W. O. Gut- 
man. mgr.) The Isle of Spice Sept. 23; One 
show and capadlr boalneaa, The naming Ar- 

Be Girls Oct. 2. 

Kktrr Gow 37: OMs 

DETROIT. — Temple Theatre (J. H. Moore, 
mzr.) Famoas Aeoust Family. N>c>rton and 
Nicholson. Polk and Collins, Hengler Sitters. 
B^lle Hathawa.v's Monkeys, the Pautxer Trio, 
Mar Belfort. Dixon and Aognr. and moTlng 
plctnrefi week Sept. 2.': flne bill and good 
)>nslne<i». Msrshill P. Wilder and others week 
Oct. I. 

Detroit Opera Flonse (H. Parent, mzr.) Marie 
Cahlll in iloonshlne week Sept. 25; Rood play 
and houses. E, H. Sothem and Jolla Marlowe 
Oct. 2-». 

Lycenm Tbeatre (A. Warner, mgr.) Dock- 
nlader'B Minstrels week Sept. 20; flne show and 
lar^ audience. Current: Tbe Grafter. 

Whitney Tbeatre (Cbaa. Altmaa. mgr.) 

The Boy Behind Th e Oaa, waSk T S sgt, SS t >»Sd 

company and very laBBa*kaiMa.'- OHaWtt 9ke 

FlarolnE Arrow. 

Lafayette Theatre (Dr. (^mpbell. mgr.) 
The LlTlncston Stock Co. presented Parcmenta 
of Pari* week Sept. 25; fairly good i>erform 
aaee and leood hooaea. Carrent: Thelma. 
Avanae Theatre (F. Drew, mgr.) Miner's 
week_ Sept. 25; fair per- 


MSntEAPOUS. — MettnpoUtaa (I. N. Scort. 
mgr.) Tbe Forbidden I^nd week 17; good 
baslness and production. Mrs. Temple's Tele- 
gram 24-27; A School For Husbands 28-30. 

Bijan Tbeatre (Theo. L- Bays, mgr.) Her 
First False Step week 17; good bnainess and 
performance. Queen of The White SIstcs 
week 24 

Orpbeum (G. E. Raymond, mgr.) Ool. Bor- 
derrerry, Edmund Day A Co., l,aBelle Eatellla. 
Violet Dale, Raymond and Carerly, Lea Parls- 
iennes. Harper. Desmond and Bailey, and the 
kinodrome week 34: baslness good. 

Lyceum Tbeatre (W. W. Ely, mgr.) Bart- 
lett and Collins, Oonatantlaeaa and L awreaae , 
Washer Brotbers^ 
Rose Lee Tyler, ai 
boslneaa good. ■ _ ■ _ 1 

Uidqoe Tbeatie (O. V*.. HklCb ^>^> 
Peer l es a Barmoale Ikkb Ak^fegM aad 1 
Little Mildred, llliifiif aad ttmj Vam JM- 
son, Di I I'll SM'a Oat * IfsafeCT flnaa, Harold 
BeekToe. aad aaaaa p li l i w is arnk 38: bosi- 

•ss good wack U. 

Deww TkwWi OL SL Singer, mgr.) Tbe 
Jolly Waa mtimm vatk IT; pleaaed good 
bouaco. Waabkwtsa B sel t t y Glrla week 24. 


ST. PAT7I_ — Metropolitan Opera Hoose (L. 
N. Scott, mgr.) Alice Fisher in a School For 
Husbands 24-27: excellent company and good 
bouses. Mrs. Temple's Telegram 28-30: Kzra 
Kendall In Barnstormer Oct. 1-4; Mrs. L^fflni- 
well's Boots c-7. 

Grand Opera Hoose (Theo. L. Baya. mir.-> 
HU Last Dollar week Sept. 24; deUgbted 
bouses. Florence Bindley In Tlie Belle of 
West week Oct. 1. 

Star Tbeatre (J. O. VanBoo. mcr.1 
Tlaer UUMn week Sept. St: 
' lamsL O mi e t: Tkc OtspCaaa. 

Onkeam Jke a ti ii (Ckailea FMA^ msr-i 
WtStMm- «. hlgb-dsss vend 
padtr kaaaM. Jas. J. , 


ST. LOtnS Olympic Tbeatie (P. 

mgr.) Blanche Walsh la Tbe W sa i s a 
<:ase last week; food baslaeaa aad pertwm- 

ice. Caocat: The Oodcfe Widow. 

Garrlck Theatre (Geo. W. Floyd, mgr.) 
The Boral Gbet la lis ateoad week did fooa 
business. CBrtcat: The Gcasar at Ocek. 

Centorr Tbeatre (P. Sbort. msr.) The Pi™« 

of PUseo did good baslness last week. Car- 
rent: Mn«, Temple'a Telegram. 

Grand Opera House (Jno. G. Sbeehy. mgr.) 
Al. n. Wilson in The German Gypsy drew 
well last week: Current: Hanlon's Fantaama 

Columbia (Frank R. Tate, mgr.) Milton and 

Polly- Nobles. Stln!son and Slertdo, f.ovtna I^ 
Witt. Musical Goolmani.. IJlandie Sharp. I-e- 
mnlre and Lcroalre. KliemK and Cole, Mflxu- 
nnd Malette. Frpd Powell. Kates Brothers. Ous 
Loonsrd. snd the kIno<lromo wpok Sept. 25: 
good bualnesJi and pleaslns bill. ' 

Odeon Theatre (Don Stuart, dirt.) *•«- 
bourne MacDowcll In Fedura drew good host- 
nesB last we^k. 

Standard Theatre (Leo. Belchenbaeh. mn./ 
The Colonial Girls BirtjMSMia.vatk Icid. SB: 
good Imalnesa and perdnaal 
Olrls week Oct. 3: 

tre (Dt, a. 


Xrie Billboard 


Xji-a undoa Brlln. 

Ita*llm'« Theatre (Wm. 0»r«D. mgr.) Her 
vZSnac Daj, > Btrong melodnmm, plrawd 
Ji^M<ll»ne«i U»t week. Cuncnt: Klne ot 
■Vte OdIuid RInc* . ■ 

istoke Thwtre (H. B. Blce. mgr.) The Mo- 
^IBackin, Ed. Tbompwrn, Douthltt and 
S?— BIllT Darker. The Henrlght Famll7. Geo. 
^ZS. Nellie Baker, and tbe kinodrome com- 
a Eood blU that pleased large crowda 
gg"^kf WILL J. FARLEY. 

wuBAS CIXT. — Tbfe WlUla Wood (Wood- 
.LSi * BorgcM Am. Co., logta.) Bobert 
■SSUU week Sept. 2S: excellent boslnem. Cur- 
SbTbe Prince ot PIIku. 

Grand (Hndaon * Jndab, mgn.) Fan- 
week Sept. 24: (air reloras and good 
MteiBance. Current: Boater Brotvn, 
'ne CllliM (E. S. BrlBtaam. met.) Tbc 
Pcdier wltb Joe 
lent comp*nj and 
nrat Palae Step. 

Tbe Andltorlum (Woodward A 
Co.. neia.) Tbe Volonteer OrguM «Wk 
Sept. 24; KooA performance and taUlj good 
bwlneaa. Cnrrent: Sky Farm. 

Orpbeno (Martin Lrbmau. mgr.) Henrietta 
DeSerla. Uaiconl'a Wlrcleia Tdefnpbr. Tbe 
Queen's Fan, Ueaaeagcr Bafm W» , tmr W^«> 
Wlltun Brotbera, and th* felMdMM WMk Scpt. 
24: irood baslneea. 

Majestic (Sam Benjaak. Bgr.) Zutka. 
Mr. aoJ Mrs. Robins, Mialeal Lcrya, Tbrce 
Nanibaa, CUfford and Ortb, IMck and Alice 
McATor. Bmll Cberrlel. and tbe blograpb week 
Sept. 21; good bualness and bill. 

Tbe Ontmy (Jo*. Barrett, mgr.) Tbe Call- 
(Mnia OMb week Hpfc ft: ' 

iirrent: Boater Brotvu. 

E. Brlgh a in. .m g.-) Ttw 

: Oct. 1-3: Hnmaa Bcuti M; 
nic'Wkite SUtc* S-T. 
■ Iflk Theatre (Walter VanDrke. mgr.) Ca- 
pacnr boaaee witnessed A Troe American der- 
eclr peeaeiited bj tbe VanDyke Stock Co. week 
Sept. 24. (iirrent: A Cowboy's Girl. 

Crrstal Tbeatre (Fred. Oiaman, mgr.) Tbla 
oewlj oTerbtnled plajbODSe ptored a big suc- 
cme. Week Sept. 24. Uonroc and Darla, Wm. 
Rogers. MoreT and Uorer. Chas. Cbester, Jack 
BrowD and T.<ni«ii Wright, and moving pic- 

Unlqne Theatre (Walter T. Terry, mgr.) Pow- 
ers and Tbeobald were tbe beadllnera ot a 
dever bill week 24; iMMlneas good. 

«m«T,Tg New Sedalla Tbeatre {Geo. F. 

Oleodorr. mgr.) Vttfr .PM>n nxU_8(fi^ ^22; 
good bnalDeaa and ~ * 

teer Organist 23; 
Boater Brown 30. 

Wood's Opera House (H. W. Wood, mgr.) 
faster Harold HofTman beaded a good bill 
week Sept. 23: good boalnesa. Under canraa— 
Rlnglbig Brothers Sept. 22; good boslneaa 

PLATT8BUKO Opera Honse (Ttaompaon * 

Trimble, mgn.) Hla Fatber's Sin Sept. 15; 
good company, fair boalnesa. Two Merry 
Tnmpe 23: good sbow and tatr bailneaa. 
Down Wbere Tlw OoMsa 

A Utile Ontaaat Oct. St - 

10: To Be B«M AM* Mt JtMMntle 
Tluip 23. 

— WTOIH. Tafk Tbeatre (1. B. Price, 
mgr.) Tlw Vemale DetcctlTe* Sept. 22: pleased 
large andfeaees. Ngrtb flMtkm* Ooaedlgas 

week SI; Pill. paff. 9mt Ott. Ct ML HtC W SI 

e: noltr ToliT 7: OunOrH mmMOt Wife la 
Xame Only n. 

JOPLni.— New CHub Tbeatre (L. F. Halliard, 
mgr.l Grace Rayward Co. week Sept. 18: 
excellent company and big boalneas. Tbat Llt- 
Ue Sn-ede Oct. 1: HU HIgbneaa. Tbe Bey 2: 
Tbe Fsul Wedding 4; At Ctlpple Creek 8. 

BooimTTi», awnOT'g Open 

bara-a HInatvrtB Swt. M: ~ ' ' 
JUHoMi. Ikt lar OeL fe At 

CUVTOH.— Blxman Opera Boasc (W. P. 
Jarrls. mgr.) His BIgbneas. Tbe Bey Oct. 3: 

To Die at Dawn S: A Hidden (Mme 6: The 

^ _ . 

(ood. Patt7 Btoom feMM • Ham bin 

week 29. ■ 

Krug Tbeatre (Cbaa. Breed, mgr.) Peggy 
rrom Paris Sept 17-20; Ooa portorauncc and 
capacity buslneas. Fantaama ia-2S: flne seenlc 
prudactton and Meaaed Ms cnirda. Tto BeUe 
of The West 244UHirjlltt MM MtD »-2T; 
The Female DelaattMB mm, B. t. MOT. 

LnrCOLH.— OUrer TbMO* flkMk O. Zeb- 
rang, mgr.) The TcadcttMt tigt. U: tac per- 
formance and tatr baalaMa.' "ya-^- Walata 
In Tbe Woman In The Oh* W; laa boMnesa. 
Ilia HIgbneaa Tbc Bey SI: aaaaOent pctfocn- 
ancr. At Plney Ridge S-S; guod' hmlacii. 

Lyric Tbeatre (H. M. Miller, mgr.) The Great 
Cheat* r, fknll Cherlrel, Margretta Lewis, Catcar 
and Co., Frank Roberta week 18; good bill and 
business. Under Canvas— 'RlngUng Brotbera' 
Show M; Oae parfmaunec and capacity business. 

ntEWMR,— C<afaon'a Tbeatre. The Tender- 
foot Ml good pcrfamaaee and people tutned 
away. Mha aad DIU la L O. O. 9B: The Female 
D«tectlrea Oa. 3: Baater Browa 10. Under 
Canva>— RingllBg Baothcta* Bbvw Bept. ll'i 
i;oo<i perforniaBcc and ttemeadoa* bnslneas. 

HEBRASKA <UTZ. — OTerland Theatre 
(Woodward Ic Bargeaa, mgra.) Tbe Tender- 
toot Sept. 18: Urge and weU-plaased andl- 
encc. 81 Plunkard 2S; Tbe Female DctcctlTea 
26; Walkar Whltealde 28; Kolb and DDI In I. 

o. V. m. 


ATTiAyrtff OOX^^Skt nmm ■ >Mk la at 
last over, and there are aaay vlaltoca attend- 
ing the Tarlooa oanTentloos. Ther^ la a com- 
bined effort on the part ot the botel proprle- 
toea ot tbe big hotels to Induce tbe amusement 
ouuiagen to keep ttielr leaorts apened, tboa 
making tbla city « fall and winter resort as 
well as a summer. 

At irouBg'a Plar Xha Baaabdia lasail* Co- Is 
drawing OMilr '. MHtan. Witt R'ttnge of 
program didlF. ' Mad eaactti^'' an,. «• doing 
steel Pier- This resort la atni doing good 

Steeplechase Pier. Vaudeville and morlng 
pictures are attractlog tbe people. 

SaToy Theatre. Wm. Farerabam In Tbe 
Squaw-Man 29; packed booae. Not Like Other 
Girls 28-27; good bnslneas. West and Vokea 
SS. Coster's Last Fight 29-30. 

Garricli Theatre. Tbe Gattick Stock con- 
llama ta drew wen. Uam — All athar pUcea 

'^wSSrSEt^&ii^^iJ. H. BoAaa. mgr.) 
nghUK Fate week Sept. 25: cntdly baii- 
MM. lAltte wmiama In Mr SoaHNr oitl 
week Oct. 3; good h M s l aisa aad gaitnaace. 
Ikacfced AMaadnia WaiM Md. 

Newaxk IkaaOa (U— " ~ 
Wbard at Oa Oct. S-T; 
Opera Co. 0-14. 

Empire (H. W. Hyaaa, aigr.) Lady Tearel 
Oct. 2-T. 

Colombia (U. J. Jacoba. mgr.) Russell 
Brethen Oct. 2-7; Marching Thraugb Georgia 

Proctor's (J- A. Fynea. mgr.) Jno. C. Rice 
and Sally 0>ban. Frank Bnsb, (Harlce Vance. 
Jno. Byams. and LelU Mclntyre, Snyder and 
Buckley, Blocksom and Bums. (>oIdra Gate 
Quintet, Lcs Zamacols, and motion ^ctnres 
week Oct. 2-7. 

Waldmann's (W. 8. Clark, mgr.)' Sherldaa'a 
City Sporta week Sept.. 39; ■MdtailBMi^ Cur- 
rent: Tbe Higk ■dtaa, Inrik'a Big Show 

Oct. 9-14. 

TREKTOH. — ^Trent Theatre (Edw. Benton, 
mgr.) Paul Conctaaa. Trolly C:aT Trio, Baker 
aad Lynn. Dora Pelletler. CV>ln'a Dog Panto- 
mime, Murphy and WlUard. C^kley and Mc- 
Bttde. and tbe blograpb week Sept. 23; good 
bualness and performance. (Mrrent: Tbo«. 
Seabrook and Jeanette Loorle. Rae and Broebe. 
Tnna-Atlantle Four, Three Westons, OUIe 
Young and Brother, and the blograpb. 

SUte Tbeatre (F. B. Sbaltets. mgr.) U>8t 
In a Big City Sept. 21-23; pleased fair boal- 
nesa. A Soo ot Rest ^27: pleased good bn«- 
ness. Tracked Around Tbe WocldSMB:. Simple 
SImoo Simple 30: Dangers ot WKkkg Girls 
Oct. 2-4: A Hot Old Time 6-7. 

.TsTlor Opera Honse (M. Ueaca. mgr.) 
(aieckera Sept. 10: pleased large aadteaee. 
Tom, Dick 1 

and bualness. --. . 

and good performanejfc^ fhte EaAaage 23. 
big bnaincn. Way Dam Wmt 3548; vlendld 
bSl^^IMB— Ae laurtata Fhia attracted 

'^"""^ NEW YOlIK 

asW TOBX cm. — ^Tbe week ending Sept. 
SO wlmesaed tbe Introdnctlon to New York 
ol The Walla ot Jerlcbo at tbe Saroy; the 
reappearance ot Mrs. Flske In Leah KkMtoa 
at tbe Manhattan, and the Tcopote^ot the 
Lyceum wltb tbe local Inltlatloa aC Itet Out 

°'Briaico*Thealfa (David Belaaco. ivr-) Un. 
Carter coatttraea her en ga gement at tnia bouM. 
retalalag Adiea. Baia gaeaaa Oct. ». to be 
followed IS hr Da BBiTJ 5!^» 
Lyeeam Theatre (DaaU gkahaua. ingr.) Just 

4>at iC 

next n'eek'a Issue a review of Mfe, IdOdne'i 
pertotmance will he giTcn. 

Oaniefc Thaaua (Ohaa, Tiuhiain mgr,) She 
a asaaa waak oC Ifaa Merer Osa ndt bsgsa Oct. 
2 with the atatt at Aiaold Daly^ ftnrth weA 
here. There wm ha one more week ot tbe 
same bill, and then tbe atttactlon changes. 

BIJou Theatre (Henry B. Sire, mgr.) David 
Belasco's presentation ot Uayld Warfleld. In 
The MuHlc Master, eootlanca to attract ca- 
pacity booses to tills theatre wbere, on Oct. 
2. tbe fifth week ot tall second year in New 
York opened aasplcl:>aaly. 

Herald Square Theatre ((^has. Frobman, mgr.) 
The concluding fortnight of Sam. Bernard, Hat- 
tie Williams and their aaaoclates in Tbe Sol- 
licking Girl began Oct. 2. with tbe atari of 
their twenty-tblrd week. Business remains at 
a capacity standard moat of tbe time. 

Liberty Tbeatre (Klaw & Erlanger, mgra.) 
Tbe Rogers Brotbera In Ireland started upon 
Its fifth week Oct. 2. A review ot this per- 
furmance appears In another part of this Issue. 

Garden Tbeatre (Henry W. Savage, mgr.) 
Tbla hooae is dark wbUe prcpaiallona aia mak- 
ing tor the production ot 2«^>-8, tha new 
Boir W. Savage opeiatle MndactlOB. 

Savor Thaatre OtaOk .|MCa% WKki Jamee 
K. Hackett aad War jSmm^^tmn their 
Jolat ateBar eagagemeat la' Vhe vVadi eC 
So cat Sevt. S5, scored an Immeiiie hit and 
•aCB. good te aa aB winter run. 
lladTiWi Square Tbeatre (Walter N. Law- 
mgr.) Oa Oct. 2 Henry E. DIxey ap- 
tor the Bret time la New Xork In Tbe 
Man on The Box, replacing Tbe Prince Chap, 
which moves to Weber's Tbeatre. Tbe last 
mentlooed play closed Its fourth week at tbe 
Madison Square on Saturday night, Sept. 30. 
Precltir's Flftb Avenue Tbeatre (J. Austin 
Fynea. gen. mgr.) Tbe Proctor Stock Co.. 
beaded by Amelia Bingham and Cbaa. Rich- 
man, shift tbe bin from Tbe foorting Dncbeaa. 
;\-bIcb ran two weeks to caBMUr-- bpMDMii to 
the twice promised presentaolB- aC^'OM 'aC Oor 
Girls, starting Oct. 2. 

Weber's Tbeatre (Walter N. Lawrenre, mgr.) 
Wbere the Joe Weber Stock Co. used to bold 
forth la high revelry tbe more legitimate com- 
edy. aOacts.aC tha .WaUcc.M. Lawteoce Oa., In 
The BMniK .'CIMK.' .'MB Bold Corth.. alarting 
Oeb S. -SMa-iill be tba dnt week at tbe 
aew Wcher-Lawrcnea anaageaient to keep tbe 
boeae open wbUe the Joe Weber Stock Co. Is 
upoo the road. 

Broadway Tbeatre (A. W. Dingwall, mgr.) 
Klaw & Erlanger'g faeantlfnl prodoetioo of 
The Pearl and Tbe Pumpkin enten upon Its 
seventh week Oct. 2, still potent In drawing 
power colossal In Its acenlc splendors. 

New Amsterdam Tbeatre (Klaw & Erlanger, 
mgra.) The Prodigal Boa. that glaat anwng 
present-day melodnswibi -Mtan vHW llg^Uth 
week Oct. 2, wtOi baitacaB atlF aB''.llia ca- 
pacity order. 

Lyric Tbeatre (Sbnbert Brofi.. mgra.) Fan- 
tana closed Ita all summer run with tbe end 
of Its thirty-seventh week on Sept. 30. Mon- 
day, Oct. 2, He Wolf Hopper In Happyland 
takes op tbe entertainment of patrons here, 
it will mark the local introduction of the 
new musical fantasy. 

Princess Tbeatre. Margaret Anglln, In 
ZIn. having scored a great penoaal anceess, 
continues Into her third week . OM^- .nlaln- 
Ing ber great local populaittir' -MMM In 
the box-offlre statement. 

New Tork Theatre (Daw A KHanger, aign.) 
Mclntyre A Bcath, la Tha Bam Tiaak cater 
upon their alxtk areek. at ererilenr haagaeaa 
9eU % jrttt aa^feH aC a M A 

lept. 19: pleased lane aadteaee. 

and Harty 30: cseeucat company 
IS. CouHa Kalt a; fair boalnea 

Oct. 8: HaUaahl 

^TJMMM. — Opera Boose (T. 8. Moore, mgr.) 
Irma Opera Oo. Oct. 8; That UtUe Swede 4: 
. . _ . „. (Mppla GMak 18. 

OVAHd — Boyd'B Tbeatre (Woodward A Bnr- 
grsa. mgra.) Hla HIgbnesa, The Bey Sept. 
17-20; good business and aplendld perform- 
anre. Blaacbe Walsh In Tbe Woman In Tbe 
Case 21-32: excellent production and flne patm- 

■R. ratkMden Land 34-28: Tim Hu^ to A 
SMnfa.te OsCee 9848 wMla tha farhlddea 
t mH IwB. O. BaMB »4. _ 

■St w Bavwaad Tbcatpg ( WaadwS 4k Baigcaa, 
■8MI.1 Itm Black aaaipaar hi Iba Olrl I 
Mt MM Ha Sest. 1M8| eammoaa erewda 

smIjGSm InnmSy. A Boyal Vuinr 34-SO. 

Orpbrnm Theatre {Cut Belter, mgr.) S. 
Milter Kent, In Just Dorothy was tbe beat ot a 
■iroog bill week Sept. IT. which Included Ueo- 

•eager Bs»'a THo^ " "* 

■■ft BaBiy. Um 

tta S3i 

, tht Mwt amfc at Oca. Ade, 
It a«t. sr. a^ mat with 
tUi flv wm appear In 

* Empire Theatie (Cbaa. rrobman. mgr.) John 
Drew began (he Sttb week ot Da Laneey at tbla 
bouse Oct. 2. excellent baslneea continuing: a 
reward for an artiatlc presentation ot a clever 
little comedy. 

Manhattan Tbeatre (Harrison Grey Flake, 
mgr.) Mrs. Flske entered upon tbe aecond 
week ot her limited engagement Oct. 2, con- 
tlnoln Leah Kleachna to excellent bnalneaa. 

Daly's Tbeatre (Daniel Frotaman, mgr.) Edna 
May and ber English company conUnued Tbe 
Cstch of The Senwn toto It a atot b Oct- 
3. opacity bualaeas aad aa lv a ra s ll y 

tidiencea marfcftw tha aoallniiansa aC her 

"S1tetta»*°SS35t*JW>an. rwteiani. mgr.) 
Maxlne OBott. l »l B l8laK Brc Great MatA, be- 
gan the Stib w« * at a highly eucceaafol en- 
gagement Oct. S, hastaesa remaining at a hlgh- 
iT aratlCvlnc standard. 

VUIaCk'i Theatre (Hia. Thco. Moan, mgr.) 
■•»~!^ Hltohe ack. la Byr Pawy. _eat«ra 

fSl ewrTaeawat OcTT wMb tha alait at hla 


seventh week. . . . „ 

Knickerbocker Tbestre (Al. Hayinan * Op-. 
mgn.) Lulu Glsser, continuing Mlsa Dolly 
Dollars, entered upon tbe fifth week of ber 
engagement Oct. 2. A review ot Miss Olsser's 
nertocmancr will appear In next week's Issue. 
Hadaoe Theatre (Bcexy B. Barrla. mgrO 

tow 'ndd^ Tkcatte (Wn. Jtvmaui' SHI. 
mgr.) BeantUnl Nordland. conde ns ed to ad- 
mit the new bnrleaque of The Moalc Master 
Into the entertainment, starta upon Its sixth 
week ot exrellent boalnesa Oct. 2. with do 
signs of a diminishing popnlarity. 

Academy ot Music (Gllmore & Tomklns, 
mgrs.) Tbe last two weeks of 'Way Down 
East bare, thus far. been marked by the big 
business which inarketl tbe seven weeks ot the 
run wbich closed 30. Tbe eighth and last 
week starts Oct. 2. 

.Majestic Theatre (John S. Flaherty, mgr.) 
Cbsuncey Olcott Introduces Edmund Burke to 
patrons of this honse Oct. 2, follow-lng threi* 
weeks of a fair measore of success for Nat M. 
Wills and Tbe Duke ot Dnlntb. Olcott la here 
tor a bit ot a ran. 

Harlem Opera House (Alex. Llcbtenateln, 
mgr.) The Duchess of Dantxle, accn mw tor 
the lint time on Haahattaa Maadi .apcaa Men- 
day evening aa tha attMlta .mOamiag a 
moat aaeeental week tor Jte Wbcr and bla 
stock compaig. Bobert Bdson. In Stroogheart, 
cornea - 

Gnad Opcia Bonae (Geo. H. Spdager. mgr.) 
Tbe Uald aad The Untnmy la the cnrrent at- 
traction. CoUowIng a wrek ot • Immense busl- 
neei and anvarylngly delighted patronage tor 

Geo. Prltnroee and hla superior minstrel or- 
ganisation, which ended Saturday nlgbt, Sept. 


Westend Theatre (Geo. Blomentbal mgr.) 
Tbe Four Mortons make ttaelr New York debut 
as theatrical stara on Monday evening, ap- 
pearing In the Percy WQllama productloa of 
Breaking Into Society. BlUy B. Van ended a 
week of prosperity Ibr The Errand Boy SO. 

Fourteenth Street Theatre (J. Wesley Roeen- 
quest. mgr.) Tbc Nlnety-and-NIne will be tbe 
attraction here tor tbe week of Oct. 2. fol- 
lowing one week of Tbe Beauty Doctor which 
resulted In good attendance. Tbe Great I Am 
win be tbe attraction week ot 9. 

American Tbeatre (Wm. T. Keogh. mgr.) 
She Dared to Do Bight given a strong melo- 
dramatic flavor to the corzcnt entertalnibent. 
In contradlctlnettoa to Tom. Dick and Barry 
wtateb held tg ttUl gwiy 4ariaK tbt past week 
and ptoopcved. _ 

Morray BBI ncatn <Wnk T. KM^ mgr.) 
Weat and Vsfesa ■aha their local dehvt aa 
joint ataia A'Mr of Pfaika tUa week, fol- 
lowing a week aC prosperity for The Way of 
The Trans gi c ii ot , which, though bald, waa 

Third Avenue Tbeatre (A. H. Wooda, mgr.) 
After Mldolgbt will provide tbrtUa for patrona 

Ot this retort, itarting Oct 2, with Fut Life 
In New York to follow 8. During tbe past 
week Tbe Gypsy Girl held profitable atten- 

Metropolis Theatre (Henry Boaenberg, mgr.) 
Tbe Beauty Doctor moves np to The Bronx for 
this week, wltb Tbe Shadow Behind The 
Throne Impending for week ot 9. Balph Stuart 
presented The (Thrlatlan last week to excellent 

Thalia Theatre (Sullivan A Woods, mgrs.) 
Geonde Mack and the A. B. Wood piodaetlon 

follow 9. During the put week 

By Tbe Sea waa a piaauhle atHaotioa. 
ftactet ^ Oaa Baadiad Xwcat^^tth 

hoUwtti &U'arMtr~pnMea 

ale BeaMaOa aad Beairlca. 

the dilef female ndea. VmJiMi^■ 
Paai UcAIllater will be tha 'pi" 
Foor i»etty good artists In one 
nothing aald about "all star." 

Dewey Theatre (Geo. Kranae. mgr.) Tha 
European Sensation will provide the oomhlna- 
tlon burlesque and vaudeville entertainment 
here this week, with Al. Keeveo' Show booked 
to follow 9 and week. During tbe paat week 
the Bowety Burlesquen were In profitable evi- 
dence at fourteen performance*. 

Gotham Tbeatre (Geo. Krause, mgr.) Phil. 
Sheridan's City Sports will make merry at this 
bouse week of Oct. 2, with WoodtauU'a High 
Boilers buoked to foUow. During tbe paat 
week Gns. Hill's Vanity Fair made good be- 
fore large bouses. 

London Theatre (James H. (^nctaln, mgr.) 
Han7 wiUlama' lamcnaia wlU ha tha attna- 
tlon thl4 arcefc arlttWatWa Amarie 
ta flOlow. The attraetkn thr tha 
waa the Alcaxar Buriceqaen, aad 

MtaMr>B Bowery (Bdwln D. Miner, m^.) Bar- 
lesque, of the Empire MTheel varlctF. wtn ha 
offered here this wrek, waa ottered uat weak 
and will be offered next wnk. Wataoa'a Orlen- 
tala appear wrek ot Oct. 2. Last week's at- 
tnctloo was the Imperial Burieoqners. 

Mlner'B Eighth Avenue Tbeatre (Kdwin O. 
Miner, mgr.) Empire Wheel companies are 
attracting the average baslness here. Tbe Im- 
perial Burlesquen move op here from tbe ' 
Bowery for tbla week. Last week Keman. 
RUe A Dlnfclns* Blgb School Girls behaved 
themselves beantUnlly. 

Circle Theatre (Lew Parker, mgr.) Qua 
Hill's New York Stare wUl provide this wcek'a 
entertainment. During the - past week Fred. 
Irwln'a Majestlca were In highly profitable evl* 

Hnher'a Haaeam (John B. A n de i a ua , aigr.) 
Freak, eorlaaltles and TaadcvOle provide a di- 

venlfled entertainment tor the patrona who 
fiock here In crowda. WALTBB K. snjL. 

BROOKLYir ^The New Mootauk Tbeatre 

opened Sept- 25 to tbe largest boooe In tbe 
history of Brooklyn theatres. Many notables 

In society, finance, theatricals and politics were 


New ^lontaok (W. H. Reynolds, pras-; S. H. 
Cohen, m^.) Tbe Dntcheaa of Diuitalc week 
Sept. 25: flne business. Henry W. Savage's 
EnglUh Grand Open Co. week Oct. 2. 

MajesUc Tbeatre (W. O. Flldley. mp.) Bva 
Tanguay In Tbe ~ "" 
sbow made a big 
week Oct. 2. 

Broadway Tbeatre (Leo C. T>I3»r, mgr.) 
Mme. Sehumann-Helnk week Sept. 2S; good 
business. Bobt. Bdeion In StraagheaTt ircA 
Oct. 2. 

Grand Opeaa BSaaa (SC. T. MtddMaK, mcr.) 
Tha BBiieM B t al b ai a la Ba Otaat 7e«a . 
Myztcfy week SSi'JDBinBtsJtaacr Brown. 

Nto. SbaatHi' -fBHHIt >VBM% a^r.) Yorka 
aad^dama IB Biakcta uii Bntea Sept. 2S. 
Current: Simple Blmoo fllmpliib ■ 

BUon Theatre (Mary G. 'BpMM^i MBb) °- 
Cedl Spooner In Bis MaJealT ' and - Aa lIBii 
areek Sept. 35. Cnrrent: Zaaa. 

*"«pbiim Xhcatre (Wm. T. Gnrer, mgr.) 
Jaa. S. OMTbett, Leonard Onver, Josle Sadler, 
Dclmore and Lee, Zlaka. King A Co.. Batea 
Moalcal Trio. NIblo and Bellly. and moving 
pictures week 2S. 

Park Tbeatre (Tbe Sbnbert Co.. mgra.) Opens 
soon wltb a run of blgh-clsss attractions. 

Hyde A Bebman's Tbeatre (Nick Norton, 
mgr.) Ross and Fenton, Ward and Oafxaa. 
Lew Hawkins. Hoey and Lee. Llnd. Ecnab 
Welch and Melrose, Polk and Treak. Jno. Bhcb. ' 
and tbe Basque Quartet week Sept. 25. 

Orpbeum (Percy G. Wllllama, mgr.) Valerie 
Bergere A CV>., Ryan and BIdilleld. Blce and 
Prevost. Marcell's Living Art Stndles. Cbaa. 
F. Semon, Tbe Tanakas. Tbe Olrl From Coney 
Island. Al. Lawrence, Ernest Hogan, and vita- 
graph wrek Sept. 25. Berbery Kelcy and EOe 
Shannon, The Empire &tj <)uartet. E. F. Bey- 
n&rd, Tbe Mason Keeler 0>.. Martebell Adams, 
The Peschkofl nonpe, Johnson and Wella, and 
Cann week Sept. SS. 
ly'a Theatre (Theo. WcngUe^ aigr.) 
Blaacbe Cheaebnngh Seott, Osne Fajlan and 
Grace Fox. Four AsMsleaB Beaatlea^ - MCcfaaa'a 
Ooaaedy Doga. Caaina OasMdr nm, Latfelaa 
and Patterson, Wood Brotters, and matag piB> 
tores week Sept. 29. 
PhUUps* Lyceum Theatre (Loola Pbllllpo.' 
gr.) The Xvrenm Stock Co. vreek Sept. SB-' 
In The Sign of The Toot, (^urent: Tha 'WUta 
Tigress ot Japan. 

Gtotham Theatre (Chaa. wnilama, asr.) 
Chas. Burk and Gnce Larae * Oh,, Vw-aaa 
Cnark, Rawsoo and Jiue, AL Kawnaca. lllmi. 
Bowera and Dixon, Garter aad May. 
JnUan. Bnhert Devean, and othen^ 
Sept. 25. _ . 

Hen. mgr.) Lea 
Avenue Stock Oo. In Tbe Fatal Wedding week 

Sept. 2S. Current: Why He Divorced Her. 

Star Tbeatre (A. H. Wlllla. mgr.) CUrk'a 
Runaway Glrla week Sept. 2S: good bnalneaa 
and pertormanre. Oirrent: Vanity Fair Bur- 

Gayety Theatre (Jas. Clark, mgr.) Dainty 
Duchess Co. week Sept. 29; good business. 
Cnrrent: Clark's Runaway Glrla. 

Nassau Theatre (F. Fleck, mgr.) Tbe Tankre 
Doodle Girls week Sept. 25; good performance 
and excellent business. The Five Baker Troupe 
In Leaping the Gap Is a special feature. Car* 
rent: The Baltimore Beaudee. 

Unique Theatre (Frank B. C^rr, mgr.) The 
BaltlfflOT BMIltl^^ Sept. 23; gupd hoal- 

■b^Bbdey. mgr.) 

week Servt. 2S: guod 

and pleased. Cnmnt: The Alcanr 

Beauties. GEO. H. HAKES, 280 B'way, N. T. 

JLOCasmSa I^cenm (M. B. Wolff, mgr.) 

Tn Tammanr Ball wltb Joa. Cawthome Sept. 

21-23; One performance and excellent boalneaa. 
The star proved himself a moat competent co- 
median In every respect. Stella Haybew and 
Ada Lewis headed a corps of pretty ghrls. 
Humpty Dnmptr w«ak 29: hoosa packed thraogh 
the week, aad mar. . tmasd aiwar.^Sha. per^ 
formauce Is hstSbt aad aalMgr'aii 'pttaacd the 

National Theatre (Max Hnrtlg. mgr.) Kel- 
lar assisted by Paul Valadon. proved a draw- 
Ins card Sept. 21-23. The Blnslisu of Fly to 
aad tha VUA 
Mtb aim a^ I : 



Xiie Billl>oar<l 

OCTOBER 7, 1905. 

■ad fine > intuf . EUIe 

DnebMS we»k Oct. 2-T. 

Cook Op«« Book (W. B. HeCanom. ««. 
msr.) watred C3atk & Co.r Six Uulcal Cat- 
ty* Walter 0. KcUr. llooii«r_ ""d _HoU>e!». 
LaPetlte MICM^ 
SUten. and <k» 

good bnalnMii- . _ . . _ 

Baker Theatre (W. B. UeCilaiil, mn.) The 
Uoore Stock Co. In AUbama Sept. large 
and .weU-pleaard andlencM. Soldlan of For- 
wMk Oefc 2. _ ^ ^ ^ 

week Sept. 29; 
[ performance, tbt Ca- 

ulaod week Oct. 2. 
ja to draw large crowda. 

. , (B- T- TbMDp. 

r.) Iktr and Atar lipt. IMD; food 
The Slecpliut, Vmatr and n« BmM 
I tnataeas. Hafnta Utm M; 

90; sood 

boaliieaa. Abjaatnla 

Tbe Virginian 28. 

Proctor's Cilawold (H. Graham, mgr.) Bai- 
ler * Anstls. Ur. and Mn. Sidney Drew. 
Watson and Monlsaey, Stoart, Xbte« KIos Sta- 
tus, and the motion pletnrea week 25; good 
bndnna and performance. , 

Lrccam IhMttn (H. B. Wood, msr.) Ifoc- 
tlmer 8aiWiL#v.!0fc.<ta;^J»g^' 

18; good 


Bojal Tbeatie (Wm. H. Bnek, 

Beere'a Beanty Show week Sept. 18i 

nem tbroDgliont tbe week. Wine, Woman and 
Song Bnrlesqners week 25; ~ pleased large an- 

OLOVERBVILLE. — DarllnR TTientre (Will B. 
Oant. mgr ) Thp Mlinioarl GUI Sept. 18; good 
performance and fair bMlnpBfl. Shadoi\'a ot n 
Great City SO; excellent performance and 
lane hoaae. Ruined Urn 22; plemMd flood 
boalseaa. Nettle. Tbe Newaglil ttf r tHt/IT 
lioaie. Ik«7 and Abey 2S; canecM. OoMb 

■£ir%mS*%^S%'wudrife^^ Bietli-. 
a*, viola Dneal. Uarfon B^onn. and the 
Tttagraph week Sept. 2B; good boalncn. 

■> 0Hk, Bflik). Lunfu J^itagr J tfp t . iti good 

MMM'lUWJ n>iiiinl'» Opera Htooae (7. J. 
Wateta. msr.) Mabel McKlnley In The Par- 
■M'a Wife Sept. 21; Urge bnaineas. Uttle 
Joliiiny JTooes SS: S- B. O. A Trip to Egypt 
26: fair performance and good bnslneaa. Mil- 
dred Holland In The Trlnmpb ot An Einpren 
27; fair bnslnem. Dan Snlly 28; The »Ieep- 
Ibg Rrfttitr and The Beast Oct. 2; The Isle of 
Bod;: Bonjc 5; Eben Holdpn 7. 

OEMEVA. — Smith Opera BouHe (r. E. Ilardl- 
aon. mgr.) A Trip to Egypt 18; pleaaed good 
The Trlomph of An Bmpreaa 10; 
oetk tair imaliiMo. Bbta HOIdra 

gTiimii— Blalto Thoatoe <r; W. MeOoo- 
Ml. Bgr.) Oorbett and Viamotn', BOMoion 
k Omn ClaytoB. Bertha MeUbtrla, Mile. 
. Jai. ProndloTe. and the blograph 
X8; good bostncss- 


nWBEBir.— New Masonic Theatre (Cowan 
Brca.. lea., and F. P. MAttbews. loc. mgr.) 
Bllfmle Blair In A TVU'a noose Sept. 19; 
flae show and fair tui.ilno>i9. A Boneh ot Keys 
SO; good performancv and baslnefs. Hnman 
Hearts 22; excellent performance and One bn<>l- 
neas. Windham's Moving Pictures 23; Corrlne 
RnsUe Stock Co. wce«c Oct. 2-T; Mason and 
Mason In Frltx and Bnllz 4; The Clansman 0; 
.'Hazel Kirk 10. 

WILXIRGTOH.— Academy of Mwdc (Onran 
Bros., mgrs.) Renben In New York Sept. 10; 
Calr performance and good boslness. All G. 
Field's Minstrels 19- pleased S. R. O. EagCDle 
Blalr In A Doll's Roase 20; stronr; company and 
fair bosloess. A 3nncb of Keyn 21; plea:«ed fair 
attendance. Hmnao Hearts 2n: larse and well- 

S eased. Frank Oeshoii In The Office Boy 25; 
le Btenial City .10. 

ASEETirXE.— Andltorinm (W. F. Randolph, 
mgr.) McFaddrn's Flats Sept. 20; good per- 
formance and hnslness. Happy Hoolletin 21; 
fair performance sod boslness. The Jefferson's 
In The BlTals 27; Loola James 28. 

Grand Opera Bonae (Reynolds tc Gndger, 
mgis.) WUl A. Peters Stock Co. week Sept. 
18; excellent company and Irasijiess. 

OS^EHBBOKO. — Grand Opera Honse (Cfaaa. 
.T. Pnller, mgr.) AL R. Field's Mlnstrela Sept. 
18; good show and bnnlnefof. Human Hearts 
IB; good show and fair business. Happy Hooli- 
gan's Trip Aronnd Tbe World 20; fair Per- 
fOrmance and bnslness. BeaiMB lB:,.M|W>Sirk 
21; fair performance and 
2S; The Btemal City 2T. 

BAI£IGB:— Academy of Hnale (7. Sherwood 
UXHUiarch. mgr.) A Bimeh of Keys Sept. 10; 
fair booie aad ttct9im»aet^_BamMn^ 

eOUIBBOBO. — Messenger Opera Boase (J. 
B. Ulggltts, mgr.) Howe's Moving Plctnrcs 
Sept. 20; The Eternal City 20. 

FEKir YAS Yatea Lyceum Theatre (Her- 
bert E. Bell, mgr.) Mildred Hotlsnd 21; S. B. 
t. and pleased. 

COHCOBO.— Opent House (J. B. Caldwell, 
mgr.) BBTlmr UUiaticls Sept. 22; |«n1 Msl- 


CnrcniKATI.— Grand Opera Honae (Bala> 
forth A. Havlm, nigrs.) Dlgby BeU to ^The 
BdncaUon of Mr. Plpp week Sept. SO; apleodld 
performance and business. Wm. FaTeisbam In 
The Sqaaw-Uaa wcdt Oct. X. 

Walnut Street Theatre (Max Aadnson. m«.) 
Qdoey Adams Sawyer mck Sept. Sti pleasiiifl 
prodoetloa and good patronage. Xbe Bays ta 
Donrs The Pike week Oct. 3. 

Oolnmbla Theatre (Max Anderson, tagr-} 
▼andeTllIe, Including Troba. The Great, Etbel 
Boblnxon.' The Fonr SnUys, Joe Flynn, Mc- 
MahoD's Watermelon Girls snd Minstrel Malda, 
The Musical Avolos, Pat Booney and Marlon 
Bent. Zazell and Vernon Co.. and tbe bloecope 
week Sept. 25: One bill and heavy business. 

Robinson's Theatre (Geo. Fish, mcr.) The 
Forepaugb Stock Co. prtwnted The Clharlty 
Ball week Sept. 25; excellent performance and 
good business. Old Heidelberg week Oct. 2. 

People's Tbestre (Jss. A. Fennesay. mgr.) 
Tbe Merry Maiden BorltsODfrs week Sept. 25; 
pleased heavy laraaw througliaat tbe week. 
The New Centmr Otrls week Oet. S. 

Henck's Opera. BOoae (Geo. Hesck. mgr.) 
Tbe KlBS of Tko Opiiui BIng week Sept. 25: 
good TuaMMWd' performance. CBRtntte Her 
Weddtag Ov. 

.Lyccnm Aeatxe (John Avery, mgr.) A 
Wife's Secret week Sept. 25; good business 
■od attraction. The Eye Witness week Oct. 2. 

Standard Theatre (Charles AmoM. mgr.) 
The Base HUl Folly Co. week Ssgt. »{ .Sp len. 
did performance and Riwd housao> ttOM-At* 
lantle Bnrlesqners week Oct. 2. 

Monday night, Sept. 25, 
. . to be one of the best opening nights 
In tbe klstory of tbe Cleveland playlionae. All 
bad S. B. O. signs ont, and two tnrsed them 
away. ^ 

Opera Hoose (Harry Kline, mmr.) The Sho- 
Gon week 2S: good business ana p 

Jno. B. Henshaw, B. P. Pa 
Leary are better than ever. 

Keith's Theatn? (Harrj Daniels, mgr.) Tbe 
Fadettea, The AlIliKina. Jlngley Brothers. Ao- 
gnsta Gloae, Jewels Manikins. Besnnb and 
MUbo, Tbe Five Manstts, and Marshall P. 
Wilder week 23: good blU. 

Colonial Tbeatie (Drew A Campbell, mgrs.) 
The ▼anglian niaas> r Block Oo. presented An 
On AcMont otBte wcA Sepk 2S; good pro- 
dnctloii and bustntsi 

Ijyeenm Theatit <J. K. Cookson, mgr.) 
Qnincy Adams SawTsr week 25; good play and 

(Heveland Tbestre (John Todd, mgr.) A Race 
For Life week Sept. 25; excellent parfotm- 
ance and good boalness. 

Lyric Theatre (Edwin I^Dg. mgr.) Jas. 
Keene * Co., HsIiUes Poor, Ver Vnlln A <3o.. 
The Troabadonr Trio. Klppe. Bartb and Kralg, 
Barry Scanlon, and moTlng pletnrss week 25. 

Star Theatre (Drew.* -~ " 

Cherry Blossoms week:Mipl;*B| 
ance and bnntness. 

Empire Theatre OilZ Faetkenbener. mgr.) 
ne Gay Masqoctuen week Sept. 26: good 

performance. PAUI, C. MOONET. 

TOtniOBTOWW. — Grand Opera House (T, K. 
Albaugb. mgr.) The Colombians, Besnab and 
Miller. Robert Heath, Six Reed Birds, Lntta 
Oladafonc, Finding and Barkc. Tti,. Avnlon 

week Sept. 18; Bood bnslness. Kit Ksrson. 
AL Coleman. Harry i>cialr, Cartmell and nar- 
tla. Wood and Bay. and othcra week SS. 

Park Theatre (Jules Oelmar, mgr,) HS' 
Terly's Minstrels 10; good 
Band 20; 8. B. O. SStg < 

S3.flSt good shsw and kosl 

Marlowe in Tbe Merelnnt it ' ▼cnlee SB; A 
HnUnnalre Tramp S6-3T: A Plgbt For Lore 
20: Mabel McKlnley 30, 

AXBOK,— Colonial Theatre (TTly S. HOI, 
mgr.) Wedded and Parted Sept. 23; good 
taofises. Tbe Holy City Zf; good boslness. A 
TMp to Egypt SO: Msbd MeKUOer Oct. 2: 
A Bs«e Vor Ufa S; Bav laV* Tacatloo 4; 
Tbo^^Bowwy JMwO^JI:' Ifi^ Mnny Jones 

. . . ^l^'.,'" ' Kimball 

I teothera, Jyaoett sM^MpinMh.' WMqi and 
Leenaok H- a. Msfliim' ua MBM week 

Of Ib o pptam Blac 
Estaess, Sottisro and 

. . _Hy Opera HOnae (Blvla 

* Tan Ogtniil. •mtn.t Tbe Holy City Sept. 
14; good bnslneia and pleased. The Black 
Crook, Jr., Bnrlesnueia 18; fair performance 
and bnstneiis. A Slnve of The Mill 10; large 
and well.plessed audience. Orphpum Stock Co. 
21-23; canceled. A Roysl Slave 2S: excellent 
attraction anil patronage. The Midnight Flyer 
Oct. 2: At SanrlBc 4; C. J. Grant's Stock Co. 
5^: The Hnman Slave 0. 

COSHOCTOK.— Sbcth Street Theatre (J. P. 
Callahan, mgr.) The Volunteer Organist 13; 
good performance snd bnslness fslr. A Slave 
of The Mill IS: fair show and business. Uncle 
Tom's <^bln 18: good show snd honse. Uncle 
Josh Spraceby 20; cood company and fslr busi- 
ness. A Royal Slave 28; Adelaide Thnmton 
30: IJttle Johnny Jones Oct. 5; HImmeleln's 
Ideals 0-15. 

NEWABE Andltorlam (Johnson A Mat 

thews, mgr.) Devil's Auctloo Sept. 20; good 
company and bnslness. At Snnrtae 2Zt fair 
business. Hnverly's Minstrels 26; good com 
psny snd blc bnslneRS. A Bnyal Slave SO: 
Murray Comedy Co. Oct. Vti Tio Km But 
InRS 0: Katie Emmett 1I-U| A HSMlillllis Uf* 
14; The li<Ie of Spice 16. 

BAKSTTSKT. — Grand Opera House (SIngler 
A Smith, mgrs.) Tbe Flsmlng Arrow Sept. 
23; good honses at both perfarmances. Wm. 
V. Mong 20; Bhonid hSTC played to capacity. 
Over Niagara Falls 20; John GrlOlth Oct. 8: 
Qnincy Adams Sswyer S; Midnight Flyer 7; 
lale of Booi; Bong 10: Gold Dnst' Twins 14. 

ZAN£KVii.I,E. — Weller Tbestre (J. G. Eng- 
land, mgr.) HI Henry's Mlnstrela Sept. SO 
good business. Devil's Auction 21: good at- 
tendance and performance. A Boyal Slave 22 
fair boslness. John Griffith In King RIchsrd 
in. 23: large stlendance. Running For Office 
27; Adelaide Thurston 28; The Clay Baker 30. 

BILES, — Verbeck Theatre (M. R. Williams, 
mgr.) The Gambler Sept. 18; good bnslness 
and company. Baverly'a MInatrels 20; pleased 
iplCTdM boalneai. Tbe Black Cnok< >r., 21; 

Due bDsIneas and good perfotmaiice. Undo 
Tom's CsbIn 22; good boslness and company. 

Cradoc-NCTllle Co. 23-30. 

CAITAL SOTEB,— Hardesty Tbeatie (W, H. 
C!ox, mgr.) A Slave of The MIU Sept. 20: 
capacity baslneaa. Wedded and Parted ZS; 
good business. A Boyal Slave 27; lier Fatal 
Sin SO; Tbe OerU'a Anetton Oct. 8; Tbe Boman 
Baeaa Tt . A Him»nns X4C* U| flowa'a 
- ad M. 

HFTDT,— NoUM* omm 
Weldllng, mgrs.) Tbe 

■a (Comns * 
■toek Co. week 

Weldlbu^,^ mgra^ TOM jI l jn sii M JIWCTJus^ w^' 

Falls 2fc aiAa ariWk^tglBMHA m. OcC 2 
QnlncT Adams SawTtr ' . 

IBOBTOV,— Masooie Open Boue (O. O. Bl- 
ley, mgr.) Ualoney's wedding Sept. IB; good 
boslness sad pertormaaee. Tbe lUdatght Flyer 
20; fair performanee aafl cpod b M s ln iis Ban- 
nlng roc OOee Ms good perfcrmaneo and 
packed boose. Wbr Otils Leaee BMne ST. 

CAXBRISOE. — Oiloolal Tbestre (Hammond 
Brothers, mgrs.) HI Henry's MInatrels Sept. 
IS: good business. DevU's Auction 22; plessed 
packed boaae, A Boyal Slave 28; large_at- 
tendaaee. Dade TOm's Cabin 27; The Clay 
Baker (return) 20; Undo Josb Spraceby 81. 

STEUBENVILLE. — Grand Opera House (C. 
w. Maxwell, mgr.) Haverly's MInatrels Sept. 
22; good audience and pertormaaee. A Slave 
of Tbe MIU 23; _aso* .narfwiliMO and bnai- 
neas. A Royal IfcTS Wh BOO* .MfeMM and 

KABIETTA. - Aadltorlnm (L. M. Lncbs. 
mgr.) LTncle Tom's Cabin Sept. 28; good busi- 
ness. Little Johnny Jones Oct. 3; Elks' Mln* 
strels 9; Running For Office 12; Albert Gal^ 
latin 16; Buster Brown 10. 

FtHSLAT. — Marvin Theatre (L. H. Cnnnlng. 
ham, mgr.) Rentfron-'H Jolly ratblloders Sept. 
18; good hnslneiui and perforninnces. A Trip 
to Egypt Oct. 4; Busy Irzy's Vscatlon 0; A 
Roysl Slave 7. 

GALU70LIS, — Theatre (J. M. Kaufman, 
mgr.) Wby Otrls Leave Home Sept, 26: Ban- 
ning For <SrirfK . BI>*..<S Bfc _iiE, t tjtT g; 
Barlow m WUMNlli 'mMBHI Wt BUHM BlOWn 

KENTOH. — ^Dickson Opera Hoose (Beniy 
Dickson, mgr.) Rice & Barton's Big Gaiety 
Co. Sent. 22; good business and performance. 

The MMnlKlit Flyer 28; A Trip to Egypt 
Oct. 3. 

QKEEHkli-LD. — Gland Open BOMO (B. C. 
Davia, mgr.) Wife In Nam«.<hdF MVt> 9S; 
bnalnen fair. Wby Girls tmM Wm» 80: 
Uncle Tom's Cabin Oct*. 0, 

UirOASXBB,-UaicBtn>t Stfeet Opera Bonse 
(W, H. Oatter, mgr.) Bnaning For OBea 29; 
Uncle 7oBb S p iueeb y Oct. 8: Bosser Bonce's 
Minstialo B: Hnr 

Ooaodr Oo. S-ld. 

Dan nuvne 



<W. B. OBttar, mgr.) 

Int, 27; good boslness. 
jBl tall bsatncw. Bandy 
OioF BofeW V. 



BHAwirBE.--opera Honse (D, I, Terbloe, 
mgr.) Irma Opera Oo, Sept. lS-10; good per- 
' *>"*'o*^-JBPIr_BanvMl'a .lSln- 


— Chestnut Street Opera 
opened its season week 





de Mayoe 

ncaa, iotnk Oowttano In la Tammaaj Bail 
week Oct. t. 

Blebard Carle Is 

l^^jaf Wkte week. Sept, _3»; good bast; 


tlDues I 
deflolte stay, 

Garrlck Theatre. n<l;iriBMS:te A fbfc 
Exchange week Sept. MbKMMOB ODd 

pleased Immensely. 

park Theatre. Effle Elsler In 
week Sept. 2S; medlnm buslnen. 
In The Errand Boy week Oct. 2. 

Grand Opera Bouse. Elfle Fay In Tbe Belle 
of Avenue A attracted large crowds all last 
week. Carrent: The Black Oook. 

Glrard Avenue Theatre. Marching Throagh 
Georgia was this boose's olTcrlng laat week. 
Cnrrrnt: Tbe Shadow Bebind The Throne. 

Elereatb Street Optra Boost. Dnmont's are 
sUn diawlnir big bonsas. 

Keltb'g Cntotnnt. Btitot neatrsy The big 
MHa . ot TandtTtUe oootimM to attnet large 

People's Tbestre, A Bnnaway Boy week 
Sept. 2S; good hnslnesa. Anna Blancke In 

KiKlitIng Fate week Oct. 2. 

Hart's Kensington Theatre. A Dsngerous Life 
week Sept. 23; good bnslness. Week Oct. 2, 

Blaney'a Arch Street Theatre. The Shadowa 
of a Great City week Sept. .25; good bualness. 
Wedded snd Parted wenk Oct. 2. 

Standsrd Theatre. The Unwritten Law by 
tbe atock company week Sept, 25; good bnsl- 
neaa and prodnetlan. Cambcrlaad ^01 week 
Oct. 2, 

Forepangh's Theatre. The Belle of nslamere 
by the steek eompany week Befit, 28; ex- 
cellent inodottisB and boalness, Tbe Face in 
The Moonlight week Oet. 2. 

Casino Theatre. Scrlbner'a Morning Olories 
attracted fair business Isst week. 

Bijou Theatre. Fair boslnesa greeted Wat- 
son's OrlentalB last wask. Ulaefs ABtricaos 
week Oct. 2. . . - 

Lycenm Theatre. SbO Mio BBibtB OUo drew 
fairly last week, 

<. '^^J*™ T^'Jl?*! AwBoo aW8_3r»ek 

Sept, 25; splendid Mmm. tSSlr. * lAoda 
week Oct. 2. . . ■ 

Empire Theatre. The HtBtBlMHw Boiv 
les(|aet« Sept. 2S.27; good lllHIIIIMi Vbt Btae 

Ribbon Girls week Oct. 2. 

Musenm. VsudevlUe and curios continue to 
get the bnslness. BOB WATT. 

ALTOONA. — 'Eleventh Avenue Opera House 
(L C. Mlshler, mgr.) Tranfi-AtUntlc Bnrlesqners 
20; fair business snd performance. The Serlo 
0>mlc Governess Sept. 21; elegsnt performsnce 
snd pstronage. Buster Brown 22; good show 
and business. Wedded and Parted 23; good 
Show and boilncss fabr, Dora Thome 28; good 

and bnaineas. A Fight' For Lore 

It Iklr verformanee and good business. Wby 
Womb Ma X7; Iho Sqotw Man 9S: Ohcekus 
28; A fltw o( Sbt BiU 80: A Ouigetoas Ufe 

Oct. S; BtMOlpb and Adolpb 8, 

The Amnsement U., wbleb recently opCBStt 
with high-class TandevlUe, eontlnMS tO dO 
great boslness. Tbe patronsge Is made op tt 
the city's best people, das to the BUvecoaa 
BnM.' great efforts. 

BOBASTOIf, — Lycenm TbeatTO (A 3. Dndy. 
mgr.) Cbeckera 22-23; good performanee and 
business. Paul OUmore 20; Beaaty and Tbt 
Beast Oct. 8-7. 

Academy of Maalc (A. J. DuBy, mgr.) Fight- 
ing Fate Sept. 21-23: fair a bow and buslnesa. 
Fttrls By Night 25-27; fair show and nice 
buslnesa. Dangers of WorUng Girls 28-30. 

Star Theatre (Alf. O. Berrtngton, mgr.) Phil 
Sheridan's City Sports week Sept. 18; good 
show and baalness. Tbe High Boilers week 
28; good* boslness. Irwln'a Big Show week 
Oct, 2. 

Family Theatre (SIg. Graomant togc.) Bard, 
the magician, headed a good bUI mUk Sept. 
18; good business. Zlska and Bealtb, Fred. 
Victor Russell, Tbe Human Dragon, and othcra 
week 2S, 

BEAOnil}, — Orpbenm (Wllmer A Vincent, 
les.; Frank HUl, mgr.) Paplnta, Colby Fam- 
ily, Gua Williams. TroTolo, and otbMB omk 
Sept. 25; good boalaasa. Caoentt . B d WO I d 
BloDdeU, Ned Myt. oad otbtn. - 

Grand Opera RooSlh ' T loatd- AMpd Oo 
World Sept. SB-ST: fltod koOtaOM. Lstt 1^ 
The World 3840. 

New Biloo (Opdeorat Bros. A BrowneU, 
mgia.) Frtd Irwin's Big Show week Sept. 23: 
jMd ^boolMss. The Morning Glories week 

'OE tJlS8«3N ^JJMoii :as ao|)3ny*»a 'SZ-IX 'OO «JJ")3|,1 Mujaopt no«[pa ig- 
uojsjnqx ^PISIPV -.(uvdmoo pus ss^njunq j|s; 
:8l *3das ^**Av -oo ^iIIA^.^J-aopiuo (-j:fui *jon» 
-OOH 'S) aJ>s»ilL ma*Ji'i — 'STIVJ SSAVaa 



Ml L MiM lU - • eUUNb ILL 

Tho aiaa foh wbb* to ordor ftom ivban VOB 
•ro In a hurry. He Alls your waota and Clto 
them auttdc. Wostem agent tor I. Elsonatoln. 
tho Pionooir Obm XIr.. M Aon St.. Mev York 

OltF. . 




Tbe most atiractlT* BOVtflF 
shown In years. Dots Ml eat* 
things. A blgsollor. 
Duzen - - • 7Sc 
Croaa - - - tS.OO 
tiample lOc p«at paid. 

I. EISENSTEIN, 44 Ann St., N. Y. City. 


noss ('ANVAHUM. Osne on « vrMf. W. W. MOMT- 

uoM Kit Y . u I UnrTMUk, Oct, ti %mbolM, TnukTOe^ 

tlu'ii Illllhonnl. 




Wo mnnuracttiro thorn for Foirs. 
CarnlvKlo, Itvimrtt,, eta. Be* Ubell 
H»t PInH, Bia KItcllH still Shell Novcllles of cTcr>' 

■ICKcrlptlon. Wu ti'll you how to aell QUANTITIKX. 

T. N. MOTT. 416-417 DeBttorn St., CHICABO.ILL. 


QnM, nod 
piaae dIbvot. tMdor nrgood UUti aad 
goodataiteBM^t wlwormHawdalb 
JAB. WtMH^ MRn*— »B 


Xtie Billboapd 



"Thf 5i/fHar^/bra«r^x mall f mtl fnfttilanali frwt 
tltlbariu Mtmhtrt af Ih* fn/ttilan art Invttid whilr em 
2> taaJ » >^'' <■'" '^^""ad im tan al"Tlu 

MirY-— amtttmtar - - - - 

Adtir, Art: Bi (oote with Fortpaogli A Sells 

Bnw.' Clreoa. See Tent Sbo<r Boutei. 
Alfrnlo — OerlU: En roate nrltb Campbell 

Broe.' CIrciu. Oee Tent Staow Bootes. 
Allen. LDdlow (8tu>: Atlanta, Oa.; Sept. SS, 


Alpine Family: En roote with BlnSUag 

Circus. See Tent Bboir Rootes. 
Altofii. The: Omaha, Neb., Indet. 
American Neirsboxs' Qnartet: En ronte with 

Tbe Pander*. See Musical Bootes. 
Amcrlcaa Tnimpters' Four: En ronte with 

Adelaide Herrmann. See Dramatic Ronlea. 
Atbrrton, Agnes (Mlller'a): Lima, O.. Indef. 
AUlMO. Mr. * Mr*. (Orpbetun): MlnneapoUa. 

Minn.. 8-14. 

Addlaon k. LlTlnscton (BUoo): Marinette, 
Wis., Z-7; (Bea's) Dscanaba, Ulcb., 9-14. 

Alba, Marie (DBt<|oe>: So. Cblcago, III., 9-14. 

Aaboms, Xkrce (Famlljr): B. 8t. Loula, IlL, 

Azmstrong & Hellr (Hopkina'): McmpbU, Teao., 

2-T; (Columbta) St. Lonli. Ho., 
Adims, Mosleal (Aat St.): ClileigOk III., Z-7; 

(Main St.) Peoria 9-14. 
AUInel * Petio Ttae Great (Oiptaeam): flan 

Pranelsctt. OaL, M-Oet. T; (Orpbema) Lot 

Angeles ••14. 
istatoaa. Ths Tm tOnrtr): MlaacapoUs. lUnn., 

-\^Sm* UMUMam): (Mar BapMs, 


Hniw*! Mwlass Mo, Tbc (UnlqiM): BhsbaT' 

■M. WHn Vt (BIXni) Kinoita i-lA. 
tmSmiS^ (NMcltr): Wlehlts. KSB„ S-7. 
Mmm M*t SprlBsfleld, Mo., t-7. 
tmmt M to BrcBtlBannetfa): St. Thomaa, 

Oat., s-r. 

AtfsII, Wb. (Orpbeom): San nanelsco, Cal., 
XS-Ock 7. 

Austins. Tb* Tooslng (Casto**): Pall BlTcr, 
Mass., 2-7; (Colonial) Lawrence 9-14. 

Abeam. Cbas. A Jac. (Colonial): Lawrence, 
Mass.. 2-7; (Boward) Boston 9-14. 

Apollo Qoartst: Maeoo, Uo., S-T: Mcsleo 9-14. 

Adler. Aa (OaimMalt OiMbMti. 1»« ¥v 

Aiqoist. KMUa <tgtte)t.. Itibmaod. Ta.. 3. 


AUIsona. Tbe (Tomple): Detroit. Ulctu. S-7; 

(Cook's) Bocbester, N. Y., 9-14. 
Adams. Mabei (Orpbsom): Bmoklya, li. Z., 

ATol^ JImMI f at MH* )! Tu l U l HU i 


Andrns. BUI7 (ralr): 
.Vmoroa. Mile. A Mlaa 

too, Mass., 2-7. 
Barlows, Breaks nsT- (Sobmer Park): Hootreal, 

Can., 2-7: (Fair) BcUeroatc, Ps., P-M. 
Beniler (West Side): Belolt. Wis,, S-7. 
BSBbardt * BoMlcr (Amarlean): CUoafo, ni., 

Banr,' Vr. * Mil Jlnaala (PoU'a): BHdftport, 

Osaa.. S-7( (Ml'a) Kav Batta S-U. 
BwwB. Vack * LUIaa Wilskt (CkvataQi Da- 

tralta Mlttep 

Bnoki, Hcfbcrt * Oa. (Patk a H.)t Iria, 

Pa., 2-7, 

Bovman. Jeaae (Xata at.): Peoils, IB.. 1-7. 
Bnsb. Piask (Proelor's): Newark. N. J.. S-7. 
Btoekiam It Bama (Proctor's): Newark, N. J., 

Buy * WfUMA (Paosto's)i oiaelBBatl. a. 

Bann A ■ l aJ l asa (Napla^t- ' OMsiBaall. O.. 

Banin. Barnes A Bacon: En loatc with' Oaj's 

Electric Co. See Tent Show Routes. 
Birionr-B Elepbsnu (Hippodrome): New York 

<:ity. S»pt. 23, Inilef. 
BurnrsV Al. O. Animals: Kn roots with tbe 
Neiv Parker Amoaement Co. Bee Mldwsj 


Beard, llllly: En ronte with Wta. B. Wsat's 

Mlniirela. See Minstrel Routes. 
Bedlnl A Artliur: Paris, France, Oct. 1-SI. 
Beecliuia. Charles A Blanche Scott: En route 

with the Smith Orsstar AmossBSBt Ool See 

ZS-Noe^*?^ <0*aaB«M SMCi% W^n Oct. 
Bereard, Fk>Td: Kn route with Singling Bros.' 

Stiow. See Tent Shoir Routes. 
BfrrliD A Vacklo: En route with CbiUty Bros.' 
^la. Be* Minstrel Baal*^ 
aH: Ea root* with BaHNM * 
aantic Bootes. 

.SUastiela. Be* Minstrel Baal 

^. fcH: - 


.Okaa. On AarMlati Sb aPBt* wttb the 


-Awt Wanse* Ctrcna. See Tiat ■bow Bootes. 
Bsslhluh Qnsrtet. Otigtiuil: Sa toato with 

Home Pslks. Srt Dramatic Routes. 
Boolb, Tbe Great: (narkaborg. W. Vs., tnApf, 
Bretrers, The A F. B. McAdoo: PuruU, SoCleU 

Islands, Booth Ses Islsod. Oct. 1-30. 
Bionn llroa.: En route tvllb RIngllog Bros.* 

Cirrus. Bee Tent Show Routes. 
Burkhsrt, O.: En route with Campbell Bros.* 

Circus. See Tent Bhow Routes. 
Burton. Richard (Star):' Portland, Ore.. Indef. 
Brrons. The (Hippodrome): New York CIt/, 


BTTon A niSBcb (TTood's 0. H.)) Sedslla, Uo,. 
'2-i; (FamllT) 8I00X Clt7. Is., B-U. 

>mnrd. Uho(- 

Burllnoa, The 

Bernard. Uhoda (Uala St.)l Vtarls. lU.. t-7. 
Tmiliioa. The Thiaa (Q. O. 

Sllcb.. 2-7. 

B.)t Oiaad Baplds, 

BMrer, Cole Prances (OI.rmple): Cbleafo, 111, 
._S-7; .(llaymarket) Chicago 0-14. 
■Isek A Leelle (Famll)-): Butte. Moot. »-7. 
■••loa, Harry (Fair): Mt. Holl/, N. J„ 

^^7^ iralr) Bageratown. lid., 9-14. 
■VafSt Tlie Three (Grand): BamUton. O.. 
-^Tt Rirliinond, Ind., 0-14. 
"••ask A Miller (O. O. U.): Bjracuse. N, Y,, 

S-Ti (llrde A B<'hraaa's) Breeklra 9-14. 
Bass. Beni, (Taadetlr)t QhtaUa, UL, S-7, 

i?J7ii y"*!^'' '■"•^ 
Baekl'sT's Dags: * Shot 

Bsekler's Dogs: ^Shobanaa. Wla., Vt. 

.2-7: (Lgrrie) WMilts. Kaa., P-14. 

BtJaKO^ Ponies (Fair); MUtoa. Pa., S-7i 

(Oanlck) WUmlngtoD, DcL, 9-14. 
"•'"etalr Bros. <CMambla): Cladnoatl. O., 
2-7: (Hopklar) iMMBtob l^<i ••U. 


Oapt. (Otphemo): Jlew Orleios. L«., 2-7. 
Mj- SJ' 8S!J!fi (Monumental): Baltimore, 
jt^Szii. " 1 <?*» osdeio) Philadelphia, Pa., 0-14. 
oS?#^'?F!"'.*te*""'>= Minneapolis. Ulnn 
2-7: (Doailnloa) Winnipeg. Man.. 9-1^ 
""ivn" ,? Bataai'eH B«ooL 

Barry, Katie (PRietcr*s): Albaar. W. T.. Vt. 
Be Anos. The (OiphraB)i uSaa, S. X.. m1 
Bwiaoiont A Hsyward (0. OTh.): Omod 
Rapids. Mich., 2-7: («lst St.) Q&tW^Ul 

Barrows, Lancaster A Co. (P«U*a): WorcesUr, 
Mass.. 2-7; (PoU's) Waterbory. Coon.. 9-14. 

Bingham. Jamea W. (Family): B. St. Loots, 
ill.. 2-7. 

Biickner (Orpheum): Los Angeles, Csl., 2-14. 

* Wasbbnm (BUon): Oshkosb. Wis., 

^"iSTS f (Orpbeom): Los Aafslea. OsL, 

23-Oct. 7: (Orpheam) Denrer, olCT S-M. 
Barrett Sisti rs (Olympic): ChleaaBk UL. S-7: 

(Hsymarket) Chicago 9-14. 
B<'rgere. Valerie A Co. (Alhambra): New 

York City. 2-7; (Gotham) Broa^lj-n 9-14. 
Beno. The Great (Grand): Norfolk, Va.. 2-7. 
Brown. Whistling Tom (Keith's): Proeldenee. 

B. I., 2-7; (O. O. H.) Pittsburg. Ps,. 9-14. 
Barr A ETans (Proctor'o): AUway. N. Y., 

2 7; (Gotham) Btookin B-ui 
Brnno, C^iris. A Makal BassSlI (OMmIbII: 

New York City. 2-7. » * ' ' 

Belfort, May (Cook's): Bocbester, N. Y., 2-7; 

(Shea's) Bntralo 9-14. 
Byto^A Latrerty (Bijou): Jersey Cltjr. N. 

Bright Bros. (Palace): Chslsss. ha.. B-M: 

(CoUln's) London 28-28. 
Burke A La Sue (Pioetor's): ADiasy, N. Y. 

BMn,. Loole (Phllllp'a): Blcbmood, Ind., 

BaUaaa A Moore (Praetor's 2Sd St.): New 
Toik Cttr. 3-7; (Sheody's) FsU Blrer. Mass 
9-14. , . 

Bentitf. H i B li (Btioa): QniDcy, m., 3-7. 

Botter A O*.: New Bedford, Msas., 2-7. 

TELEGRAMS for routes of per- 
formers, tont shows or o ./nival oom- 
unleaa pan.:«a PREPAY MESSAGE 
BOTH WAYS, giving hotel addroaa or 
atraet numbar. if route wanted can 
not ba found in The Billboard, publiea' 
tien ia prohibitad, or wa had not r*' 
caivad it up to timo of forma eloaing. 

BordeTorry. OoL (Onhena): jOjsak a. Neb, >-7. 
^o^y\ OnM' ^M8MSa(t98i*%HSiS3putsi 

Pa.. 2-7. 

Casad & De Verne (Star): Mnncle. Ind., 2-7; 

(Lyric) Terre Haute 914. 
Cohan. Josephine & Co. (Proctor'a 23d St.): 

New York City. 2-7 (Proctor's) Newark, N. 

J.. 914. 

Carmontelle and Her Maids of Thr )(oon (Atta 
letle Field): BarrUhurs. Ps.. ST. 

Clark. (Herer (Fair): C^Hieordla. Ksn.. 0-14. 

(^annlngham A Smith (Casto): Fall Rlrer, 
Mass.. 2-7; (Casio) Lawrence 9-14. 

Cherry A Bates (Orpheum): Utlca. N. Y., 0-14. 

Co^rman^ Bo^'d^A^Co. (Bl^wQ^^Bsltlmote, Md., 

Cameron. 'loniM (iSSli^^^mMHtir. XUl.. 

9-14. . 
Christopher. Chris. (BIJoo): Duboone. Is.. S-7. 
ChssslBO (kellirs): PiOTldenrv, B. L, 2-7; 

(Kelth*s) Philadelphia, ps.. 9-14. 
Crane. Mr. A Mrs. Gardner (Teiaple): Detroit. 

Mich., 2-7; (Cook's) Boebestsr. N. Y,. 9-14. 
Csleert, Great (Fair): AagasU, Oa,, S-7t (Fslr) 

- — ■ - - Wis.. 

OairtUtaa A Bodges (Wiiati ! 

S-7i (OBIqoe) Bsa CwSa M4. 
OoBstaallneaa A Lawwaas (teatai): llllwan- 

kee, wit.. S>7| (Boward) Obtaai% .llC S-H. 
Cbrlstepber (Grand): Baa UtcOk CaL. S-7; 

(Bmplre) Los Angeles ••14. 
Cslrmoo. The Great (BUoo): Osbkosk. Wis.. 


Cameron A Toledo (Bennetts): London, Ont., 
2-T; (Bennett's) St. Thomas 9-14. 

Carter, Mr. A Mr*. Carl (Grand): Mllwaokee. 
Wis.. 2-7: (Lyric) Chicago. III.. 9-14. 

Cannangh A Hamilton (PMple'a): Marlboro. 
Mass.. 2-14. 

Camsllss. Eight (Wrlgbt's CamlTaU: Braaa- 

Tllle, Ind.. 2-7. 
Carson. Miriam (Olrmple): (ntlessik . flL« Vtt 

(Haymarket) Chicago 0-14. 
Cnm. W. E. (BIJou): Islipemlns, JBBk, B-T. 
Campbell A Brady (Olvmplr): CUmm»t VfL, 

2-7: (Haymarket) Oilcaco 0-14. 
Copelsnd A Copeland (Oyital): LeadTlUe, Col., 


Clayton, Jenkins A Jasper (Hopkina*): Mem- 
phis, Tenn.. 2-7; (Orpheum) New Orleans, La.. 
9- 1 4. 

Carlln A Otto (Poll's): Hartford, Coos., 3-7; 

(Poll's) SprlnsllrM. Mass., 9-14. 
Cbamherlslns. The (Shi's's): ToioMtb OBts B-7; 

(Keith's) Cleveland. O.. 0-14. 
Cllirord A Borke (Byde A Behmaa'a): BMCk- 

lyn. N. Y., 3-7. 
Carroll. Mr. A Mrs. RAItt. (Ben's): Baasaaba. 

Mich.. 3-7: (BUoo) Oalnmet 0-14. _ 
Cressy. WHI M. A Blancbr Darns (Keith's) t 

Boston. Usss.. 11-Oet 7; (Keltb**) Frorl- 

denre B. 1^ 9-14. 
Creswell, W. P. (Bicycle Bill): Doloth, Ulnn.. 

2-7: WInnlp<-K. Man.. 0-14. 
Cosan A Bancroft (Family): Sbimokln. Ft.. 

2 7: (Family) narrlsborg ••14. 
C%rlstal, Al. (Ben's): KsmiakS. lOah.. 8-7; 

(BIJoo) Calniaet 0-14. „ , • ^ 

cilifoid « Ortk (aOsati. Dta MslaMfa^ S-7. 
CoftawtU ft naaslCUNtal): Hartmn, Pa.. 


Cm\im. A Hastings (Family): Scranton, Pa., 

Colby Family (Mohawk): Schenectady, N. Y., 

Collins, Ls Belle: SestUe, Wash.. S-7. 
CsrrolU, Three ((Hisse's) : Wsshlaston. O. 0„ 


Csreer A PoUsrd (Orpbsaa)t BMr OHtaaa, Ia.. 


curks. Bdwazd * etb UMaia)t BMa^ O., 


Waatilngtoa. D. C. 

tka Msh 

aark B TM>te CBUia): 


Clement, <nay ((base's): 


0>nway A Held (Buckingham): Loalsrlllc. Ky.. 

CatVya, six (Keith's) : Clerelsnd,' 0.. Vti 
(3arkc, Loey: StoU Tour. Eng. 
Crouch A BMiaida (Andltorinm) : Lynn, Haas.. 

(Irenes Slsttn (JsflSi^): Ssglasw, Xldi.. 

Csrioil A (SsTko (Stsr): Xaada^ tuL. S-T. 
Oattsneos. The (Orpheino): BnOklya, N. T., 

2-7: (Albambra) New York Olr 9-14. 
Cartterry A Stanton (Lyric): Wletilta, Kan., 


Carrayt. Tka (IBIr): BMtM BUbar, Mich., 


Cams. ajaMi' (Offktaa): BrnoK^ K T., 


Curtain A Blossom (Olympic): Oilesfo, HI.. 

Clarkoolsns, The (Fair): Brockton. Mass.. 2-7. 
C:ark Bioa.. The (Fair): Brockton, Mass.. 2-7. 
Caron A Fsmam (FkIt): Brocktoo. Mass.. 2-7. 
CamlUe Com<dy Trio: En route with RlngUng 

Bros.' Circus. See Tent Show Bootes. 
Carlos, Cbas. A Dogs; En ronte with BlogUng 

Btoa.' Circus. See Tent Show Bootes. 
Carr, Albert (Hippodrome): New York (Sty. 


CsrroU. Orest (Alcaxar): DenTer, Col.. Indef. 
CastrlUlons. Three (Ulppodromi-) : New York 
City. Indef. 

Clarkonlsns, The (Hlppodtooe) : New York 
City, Indet. 

Collins A Hart CWkll(SMSlB)t . BtBta^ BMN. 

Oct. 2-31. 

ColUns A La Moss: Ca roots wltb Iha V. B. 

CamlTal Co. See Midway Bootes. 
Cook A Miss Botbert (Tsriety): Prssns Oct. 

1- ie: (Palais S'Bte) Bmssels, Belg.. IS-U. 
COoktIa, Bnsle: Ea loota witk tka Orratsr 

Smith AmastsMat Oo. Bsa UMarar Boatea. 
OottrsU. Loolat A Bobart (BiMadiaM): Maw 
Yoik OI», laM. _ 

'''"''''AaaaaMMt'WtSvSih* 'ka^SdSv 

oSSSS^^Ou Atrial (tdaedii Vklfc)! - Biw Or- 
leans, La., Indef. 

l>oSbya. The: En roote with the Great Wallace 
Circus. See Tent Sbow Bootes. 

Copeland A Derringer: En route with Swallow 
A Markle'a Floating Palace. See Miscellan- 
eous Boutes. 

Dahlias. L*s: Moas A StoU Toor. Bog.. 1-81. 

Dee, Boy: En roote with the Joseptilne Oeffry 
Co. See Dramatic Bootes. 

DelaToye A Fritz: En roots wttb CsmpbcU 
llros.' CIrcna. See Tent Show -BaBtlfc 

Denton, Bent; En route with IBa.'VIOla SbOWS. 
See Tent Sbow Bootes. 

I>eVaro. Marsh A WifSt ; ■> i sa l a WMh the 
Sonny South Fls^tlW^'Uaaa.i 'Bi> lUMWaa- 
eoos Bootes. • ■ _ _ 

DeTeida A BtiSBt ' ak..aafla.!irttt tbaBat- 
terson A BHdMM Obnlld^Olbv WMky 

Dockman, Marie: Ba roott wttb 

Pawnbrokera. See Mnalcal Bootes, 
Donahue. John A Msttls KIOols: Ca laata with 

Woodlaad. Sea Maaleal. Baalaa. 
DonoTsp. Jsba a. (Claiigasbi t 1m AbbsIcs, 

Cal,. ladsf. ■ _ 

DotnMF. Udk T. (B9*Btr): lla a ilB. CbL. 

Sept. M«et BL ^ _„..^ « .. 

I>rew. Canon <Basksc)t ■ockSHS. BL. 4kM XI. 


Dryden. Gbst.! Bi MBta With XoBIa Bailey's 

Clrens. Bee XMt . Bhow Bootss. 
DumondA I«S'^(ONliSBW: . ' MBMB« Bag.. 

July ltiOat.<ili' •>■•• •'>'._ _ 

DnnswactK'VtMi- (MBla«ai'S)i Bs a tBfc Wkah.. 


DoTsl. Joe. (Bljon): MIIItIIIi,. n. J.. Indef. 
De VUblS, Great (p. H.): Medina. N. Y., 2 7. 
Diamond A Mar (Oraad): MUwaskes, Wis.. 2-7. 
DoUerty SUteia>|WH*'ftJU£mai ftuBJ-. , 

Dubuti. Conat;' * Oa. <Waialii0t Oaalaaatl, 

O., 2-7. 

DsTenport Bros. (Hannarkct): (Hilcago, lU., 

2- 7. 

Dordons. The Fire Flying (Fair): Brockton, 
Mass.. 2-7. 

De Lorls. CheTslter (SUndard): St. Lonls. Mo.. 

2- T: (Bncklncham) Loulsfllte, Ky.. 0-14. 
Durbyelle. Los A Fay (Shea's): BotTalo, N. Y., 

2 7. 

D'a A D'a (Bennett's): London, Oot. 2-7; 

(Brnnett's) St. Tlionnaa 014. 
Delman. Ueorce (Crystal): Detroit. Mleh.. 2-7. 

Darls A Walker: Chester, Fa., S-7; AUta- 

toWB 9-14. ... ^_ . 

Delmo (BUoo): Bkbaia^.'lhs (Bltoa) 

Deo Xolnea »-lA ^ / -' , . 
Daraody (Gah-ly): Mew OlItaaB, ta^ t^. 

Dsn. Pstsr: Lehsnon. Ps.. M. 

DHIt A TMppltton (BUoa): Oalaatt, KM., 

3- 7» (BUoo) Msrooette 9-14, 

De Lseeys, The (Noeelty): Omaha, Neb.. 2-7; 

(Famlfr) SIsoa City. la.. 0-14. ^ „ . 

Dair A Unrphr (Palm): Olpple Oeek. Col., 

2-7: (Bfflpm) Colorado Springe 9-14. 
Dollar Treope (Fair): Brockton. Mass.. 2-7; 

(Byde A Bchmsn's) Brooklyn. N. Y., 9-14. 
De Faya. Musical (Grand): Tacoma, Wash., 

2-7; (Clneosrsph) Spokane B-14. 
Day Geo. W. (Kelth'a): Worceater, Uaas., 

2-7: (Keith's) Boston 9-14. 
Oorsch A RuKsell (Pastor's): New York City, 

2-7; (Empire) Hoboken, N. J.. 0-14. 
Duncan. A. o. (Krlih'a): Pblladelpbla, Pa., 

S-7: (Jlarrlanrl) Ralllmore, Md.. 0-14. 
Do Lion. Clement (Emplr<'): Dnblln, Ire.. 9-14; 

(Bmplre) l.lTerpool. Eng.. IU-21: (Bmplre) 

Bradford 23 28. ' 

Ds^cweU, Aurle (Hsrowrkst): Chleaso. IlL. 

Di^^n ^^^Hoimta fOi^Ba^M) Bkndii^ 

Dooleir, Brenner A Mazah (Park); Wocotstsr. 
Mass., 2-7. 

Delmore. John A Bmlly DancU (Psstac*s)t Msw 

York City. 2-7. 
Dancing VIollntot. Ths (O. O. H.): St. Lsola. 

Mo., 2-7; (BUoa) Memphis, T»nn.. S-ld. 
Ds Lano, WUtlam (File): lintoa. Pa., S-7; 

(Phhr) Bl esai sh a t K B-M. 

I Wah A Brsrla (PtopIt's):_.Cedar Baplds, 

Is.. S-7: (BUSB) Dea MolaesT^. 

ISTolo -(Fair): BraektOQ. Mass., s-T. 
Darrow, Mr. A Mrs. Btasrt (Aadltarlom): 

Lynn, Iteaa.. S-7| (Pictlaad) Pnttlaad, Ba.. 

De Vers. Mme. (AattiB ft Btaat^): Bsatso. 
Maas., 2-7, 

Dixon A Anger (Oonk'a): Rochester. N. .Y.. 
S-7; (Q. O. H.) Plttstwis, Pa„ S-IA 


Heavy cover ledger 

POST — • 

RAID 0«Mk 

4l6aHStrMt, ClBeiBBaM, IIMBs 


Delmore A Lee (Proctor's 23d St.): Mew TsA 

City. 2-T: (Proctor's) Ncttark. N. J.. S-M. 
Day too Slaters (KoTelty): OakUad, CaL, 3^. 
Day. Edmond A Co. (OrpheOM)s 4>SBaha. 

2-7: (Orpbeom) Ksosss (»». Ba, M<. 
De Serrls*. Bearlitte. nssBSlltia (Oipk 

New Orlesna. Ls.. 2-14. 
Dswson A Wbltelleld (Bennett's): St. 

Ont.. 2-7. 

Delgard, Natalie: Touring Sooth ABerlca. 
De Witt. Bums A Torranse (Marylaad): Balti- 
more, Md.. 2-7. 
De^^Veme, Tbdaa (KOiitttr): 

De o'rcans. Iha BMBt-^BIItB)* 1 


Dorgeral. Tberese (Horttg A Seamoo'a): 

York City. 2-7. 
Donaldson. Anne (Olympic): (nucsg*. 


Drawee: Bmplre Tour, Eng.. 2S.0et. 31- 
Dunree. Goo. A Uhbls (Olyaipie): Soath Bend. 

oJu'aa&M^ a»k^\ ■ ■ 

Downs, T. KelasB (Olymple): Chlesssw BL; 

S-S7: (Oelamhis) St. Louis. Ms,. 9-14. 
Drew, Mr. A lUa. Sydney (FoU's): Spt l s tf l M , 

Jlk*. .. „ ^. 
■ddr. AMMt (HnMt-.V I«a AagriM. ChL. 

Bdwnads, £iSo: Ba ronte wltb Itooaelly A Ilat- 

fleld*s lUastrels. See illnstrel Bootes. 
Eller, Glele (Alcaiorl: Den»r. COL. InileL 
Elton. Sam. (Bansa): Hamburg, Oer., Oct. 

Bmplta Comedy Foor (0>IL«eam): Loados. 

Bag., Aog. 28-Oct. 14: Empire Tonr 18J1. 
■■•iinn at Maale. Foor (Orpheum): DrsTcr. 

cal. S-7: (Orpbeem) Kansas City. Ms.. 9-21. 
Bldoaa. The (O. R.>: SUtesTlBe. H. a, »Tt- 

(G. O. H.) Onrhsm 9-14. 
■dwatda A Olaawaod (Mt): Akn% Ol, BV. 


Tt\& Blllboapd 


It T, 

* Xis. Wv. (Acadcnr): ntts- 
feoB, Ml. X-7: (Lycram) Wuh&mtoD. D. 
' C 9 M 

EIII»IRm*1u Trio (Xoon'a): 

8-7: (Keltb'*) ~ " " 
Elliott, Vaade, Lewis ft' 

• «-T; SMttle »-M. 
Enunett, 8nel«. Il Oo. (Park O. H.): Me, 

Pa.. 2-7; <I^eemn) Elmlrm, N. T.. 9-14. 
Ellnore SMen (Trent): Ttenton. N. Jn t-t- 
Eldrldsv, R4it>rrt: HurtAoTK. 
Bnptie Oomeitr Xav (CoUaeoDi): IiaMMU Bv- 
Xi-Oeu N; mpli* Taor IMI. 

■■■ n ii lh. W . tlTl l ll iiii l TrTir 1. SCb.. 

bbtt SMers (Orphenm) : SpiAsMi, Ol^M. 
■Ula, Mr. * Mrs. Jack: JMkMK'v9MM.i.">-7; 

Cape Clrardran, Mo.. 0-14. 
Elmoie, Tom: Greeniroad, Alk.. M'L 
Etdred; <3«sden (Mala St.): FcorU. HI.. 2-T. 
Bmmr's. S(me.. Doss liA tmyk i i i Ckleacoi m., 
2-T. . ^ 

Empire Citr QoarMivBa ilQcikMHlIt 'SMc- 

lym N. 1.. 2-T. " ' '" 

Baconas. Lrs (C!»IaaM)la): ClneUniatl. O., ST. 
mmlgana, Tlie (Btjoa): Green 'Baj, WK., 

2-T: (Bl]<m) Marinette 9-14^ • 
E:>ifarr * Mtnaon (West. 8t^): JkacsvUIa, 

Wis.. 2-T: (Oatetr) Sprlngfldd. DL. ft-U. 
nnmore ft Adams (O. H.): Jlaakato. Mtim.. 

2-T; (O. H.) Faltmoot S-Ek ' 
FleMs ft Banaoo: BdJerlBe^ IT.. T., 2-14. 
IlTBiw Me iBoptJna^): . iMlMfllai Kr.. 3-T. 

BOM. <SU>«nd): > CMgostl. 0, 

Vm» (Ibla SL): CMiflu' IlL. S-T; 

■ (T 9-14. 

(HopUna') : Memphis, Temi.. 


IMctte'a (kAestta (Barmarket) : CXiIeaso, HL, 

'2-7; (OotoAU) St. Loals, Mo.. 9-14. 
FMato ft^ Barrey (Star) : Ft. Wayse. Ind.. 2-T. 
_ - . _ ... Kansa*- OttTi 'Vai. 

« €b. (Gtaoa): Wttrt; 'lit. 


E<ort>er. Ttte Marrel (Bamett'a) : IiOudan, Out., 
2-7; (Benaett's) St. xixanaa 9-14. 

Fnltoo. Chaa. M.: New Orleans, La., Indet. 

Felix ft BaKT Oo- (O. O. H.): Indianapolis. 
Ind.. 2-Tt (OUnnMa) (anebuiatl. O.. 9-14. 

Ftasclseoe. Two (KoTeltr): Los Angeles, (M., 
2-7: (I»OTeItj) San Diego 9-14. 

Ferry (Orpbeam): DenTer, (X>I.. 8-18. 

Foo. I«e Tnnc (nnl<tD«): CliIeaso» HL. S-7; 
• n«iie> CbleaB» MA. . 

Pen OiaiMdj Vmr tOaaMk^s-.S' 

tm. Dena: Brie. Pa., 2-7: BUnlra, N. T.. 

Fay. Coley ft Fax (Lyceum): Mlimwipolls, 

Minn.. 2-7: «:ryatal) Mllwankae, ."Wlm- t-14. 
Trt«txiA%, The (NoTelty): StacMaK'.QdU'M'; 

(iKorcIty) Fieano 0-14. 
norlilak Adoola ((iarrlek): BnillncteB. b.. 

X-Z; (FMpIe*a) Oedar Baplda 9-14. 
i^eisaant ft Faaaman (Ben'a): Ulaeanaf , JfUb.. 

S-75 CBUosa ~" 

■Mdlr ft BadeBO*: 
Santltr Cb. Bee Badeiqa* Baotea. 

Fttsaaoo ft 3Cack (Etapire): MaimcalMBS. S. 

A.^ Oet. M-M«r. 25. 
Florence Siatera (ApoUo): Dma ei ao rf , Ger.. 

Oct. 1-15: (Olrcns Carre) Amaterdaa. BoL. 


Foottnelles. Tlie Three: En ronte wltt F. W. 

HaU'a CIrens. Bee Tent Show Bootes. 
Ford ft WUsoa (Bmplre): Muumeabars. S. A.. 

Jnne 124Kot. 1. 
Fortnne. Roy: Ba route with tlie Great Haa|p 

Show. See Tent Show Kootes. 
Fostell. Etnmett A GUberta: En ronte with J. 

Frank Hatch Sbowi. See Midiray Sontes. 
Fox ft Hoities (SlTenlde Park): Boise, Ida.. 

May 30-0ct. • 1-5. 
Fox A Ward: Bn roate with Dnmoot'a MlO- 

strela. Se«- Mlo«tT«l Bootes. 
Frank ft Albright: En roote with 

Ctrcna. See Iient Show Bovtea. 
Frees Bros, ft 

■Patterson ft 

way Bootes. 

FreroU. FTed: Eki ronte with the Mmray ft 

Maekey O- Eee Dramatic Bontes. 
Frisco, Slgnar, Aerlallst: Ga roote sritli the 
n. 8. Ooalsal Co. See Midway 
EBUw: ^ route with 
Bee lOaatrel Bootes. 

3BE. ft Ite. ft Ok. 
scab OaL. Vtt (Aeaae) 
, Cotmaii. Jack (Palace): W 

(O. H.) CHnton 9-14. | 
Golden ft Boghea (Pastot'a): New Totk CUj. 

2-T; (Family) Kew York CUj 9-14. 
Grant. Sydney (Colonial): New Zorfc Olty, 

2-7: (Xkphenm) Brooklyn 9-14. 
GBison ft Nub (Umqne): Minneapolis. HlBa.. 


Gordon A Hayes, Ml8«es (Bljoo) ; IttipemlDC 
Mich.. 2-7: (BUoo) Escanaba 9-14. 

Gerard. Francla (Orpbenm): Los Angeles, Oal., 
25-Oct. 7. 

.GOnqr. Ayiiea ft Uoateomety (Poll's): Nev 

Ifciiii CJoon.. 2-T; (FolTs) Bridgeport 9-14. 
fflabe of Death (Orpheom): Minneapolis, IBna., 

2-T; (Orphemn) Omaha. N^., 9-14. 
(^Imans. The Mnslcal (Olympic): Chicago, IlL, 

2-7: (G. O. H.) Indianapolis. Ind.. 9-14. 
Gaylord. Bonnie (Majestic): Springfield. Mo.. 


GsTUor, Great (Oaslno) : Cincinnati. O.. 2-T. 
Goldle, Annie (At Home): Chicago, m.. 2-T. 
Close, Angosta (Shea's): Bnffalo, N. T., 2-T; 

(Shea's) Tormto. Ont.. 9-14. 
Gardner. Hai^ Jack (Chase's): VFasfaJagtoo. 

D. C 2-T: (Maryland) Baltimore. Ud.. 9-14. 
Genero ft "Hieol (Palace): Lelceater. Enx.. 

9-14; (Empire) Manchester 16-21; ' (Bavite) 
- SbelBeld 23-28. 

^Snuhan ft Broete: Chicago, m.. Vtt W. 0. 
K) Grand Baplda. Xldi;. 9-14. 
- - , 11*. »». 

Giiaaea. Ton ft 

flald, C B-14. 
GUlrttc Slaccn (8bca1«: 


Gleaao^ Xsta ft Bsi Itta ft 

Watertmry, Coon.. 2-T. 
(>ranoon. Da (Practcr'a): TMy, N. X.. 2-7; 

(Proetoc'a S8th St.) New Xork Caty. 9-14. 
Goy's Fadar JOnMs (Oyatd): SC Mm* 

Mo.. 2 T. . . 
Gardner. WOOe ItkaeMfi): ftAnr. K. T., 


GUdstooe. Lotta (G. O. H.): Plttsborg, Pa., 

Gresory Troope (Hart's): FkUaddpUa, Ba.. 

Gordon. Don ft Mae (UyittrttaOir Matft OfeL): 

HamUtoo, O.. 2-T. 

GraoB Trio (Crystal) : Marion, Ind., 2-T; (Crys- 
tal) K<Aomo 9-14. 

Grose. BoaseU J. (Gnad): Mazia^ lad- 2-7: 
(Gennett) WIrliMMi til 

Ghnroy. Jamtt BMmmI. fnik .Q.,K}:. Bit, 

Good." Hazel <tt>ili0;; ^»iiiiBiw^-- BH ^'iM'. 

*'™?S'.f2:T.**** *" *" ' 

(3rand Opera Trio (Hyde ft Behman's): Brook- 
lyn. N. T., 2-7. 
Golden Gate Quintet (Proctor's): Newark. N. 
J- 2-7. 

Bayter — Janet (Imperial): flrtllHi. fM . 

2-T: (Earl) PoeUo 9-14. 
Bin. Mmtay K. (Olymple): r^~r%' IB.^ S-T. 
HoUnrottka. The (KeltVa): nnsiliiiMi. 9^ 

(Keltb'a) Boaton. Mass.. 9-14. 
anda. Mile. (Pala'a Port Arthor 

aeld. -in.. 2-T. 
Hylaada. Th* nme (Bljoa) 

Vtt amn): : ttftkoA. ~ 
HensK-CUMta aMata (Fab) 



Hyama. John ft LcQa 

Newark, N. J., 3-7. 
Halley ft Meehan (People's): (Cincinnati. O. 


Boasaa. CBBon ft Lea (Haymaifect) 

TELEGRAMS far reutM of pM>. 
fermera, tant shew* or earnivftl eom- 
unlan partias PREPAY MESSAGE 
BOTH WAYS, giving hofsl adJraaa or 
atreat numbar. If r««ita wanted ean 
nat ba found in Tha Billbeardt publiea- 
tioa is prohibited, sr w* bad aat ra- 
caivad it Bp to 

HaDft mi! 


Cireoa. See Xfent Shaw aoatca. 

Batch. Geo. B. (West Side): 

Oiyden ft Lalymde: ..BftMate with 
son's Clrcos. See IMat Bhnr Bsi 
Henry. Nellie ft Ckaa: >3tBBiMB: Ek mate 

with the Ctlcaco tiiinsinmil Bnterprlse. See 

Midway Bontes. 
Herbert. Tlie Frogman: En ronte with the 

Great Wallace Clrcns. See Tent Show Bontes. 
Henmanns. The Three: BSi rente with Frank 

A. Bobbins' Show. See Tent Show Bootes. 
HbBoway, ProC. (MetropdUtaa): 


Howard. Dickie (Snmt er 

Col.. Sept. 4-Oct. 14. 
Hewlrtte. Bob & Mae (Star): Atlanta. 6a., 


Hays. Ed. C: En ronte with Gos Snns' Min- 
strels. See Minstrel Bootes. 

Harris's. Poor Dancing (Olympic): (Thiosgo, 
nL. 2-7: (Haymarket) Chicago 9-14. 

Hyde A Heath (Lyric): Wichita, Kan.. 2-T; 
(Mat St.): Chicago, ill., 9-14. 

Hayden Ic Hayes (Bljon) : Darenport. la., 2-T. 

Haley, Harry (BUon): Danrllle. ni.. 2-21. 

Bolmes A Waldon (Arcade): Toledo. O.. 2-14. 

Hart A Dillon (Haymarket): Chicago, DL. 

Henry. Bngene (BUon): Sheboygan. WlBi« M; 

(Crystal) Mnskegoo. Mich.. 0-14. 
Bamllns. The (Crystal): Kokomo. Ind., 2-T; 

(BUon) Danrllle, DL, 9-14. 
Hoegel Bros. (Oystsl): Ottnmwa. la.. X-T; 

(Crystal) Leavenworth. B:an.. 8-14. 
Heath. Bobert (Keith's): Boston. Ttmmi BT; 

(Keltb'a) PtorUence. B. I., 9-14. 
Ums ft Iianrla CPslaee): Worcester. Mass.. 

BaaaaiM^^taea A. (BUod). 

Barcoott. Salv (Oastn'a): n 
»-7: (Outo^a) Zftwteaee 9-14. 
~ '^P;r !■■»»■ (Cryatal): 

diaiii' ft W«M> (Orptaeni): Los 

CkL. B.M. 

BaAa. Maaled (Vaaafly): Gtoaatamie. N. X., 

2-7; (FaaaUr) Baoghkaepala S-M. 
HarennaD's Animals (Fnetn'a):. Titg, t, Z.. 

2-T; (Fn>ctoc-s) Alhaar 
H s mm oad. Mr. ft Mta. Ckaa. D. CKat): ftMM> 

son. Kan.. 2-T: Top^ 8-14. 
Han. PauUoe (CoImUbU): "fc—*— O.. S-T; 

(Academy) Scnuton. Pa., 0-14. 
Hewes, Frank (Star): Tlctorla. B. C. 2-T. 
HamCton A Bart: Fall BlTer, Mass., 2-7; 

(Trent) Trentoo, N. J., 9-14. 
Haeker-Laattr Xkla (0»»siai>s 

8- 14. • 
Hvwaid ft Attoft CHninOr ift. 

4- Oct. 7. 
HoBirooki^ B 

delphla.- Bla., B-T; 

9- 14. 

Hlnes ft Bemlsgton ((^nmbla) : St. Loiria, Mo., 
2-7: (G. O. H.) IndlanapoUs. Ind.. 9-14. 

HeiDert's Dofa (Fair): Bra^aa. Maaa.. M. 

Eogbes, 3it. * jtaL- 'lamm-wlkmmut tt. 
Lools, M*, SV; fHairtilS^MeSk IB.. 


Howard Bros. (Orvbenm): Kansas Caty, Mo.. 

2-7; (Orphemn) Omaha. Neb., 9-14. 
Howard ft North (Orpheom): . Denrer, Col., 

5- 14. 

Howard's Ponies and Dogs (Fair): I<ynehharg, 
^ »-7; (AcadcBF at Moale) Seraatsa. Pa.. 

a,): Bi mu ae. 

Boch. Ema Jaae BMaa * 

MlnneapoUa, IIIbb.. B-U. 
Baiiha, Maiale Davia (Cfentat): 

Bsnky-Bergere ft Ox. (O. O. 

V. I.. 2-7. 

Bifrga. Ton (Dnlqne): Bsn Claire, Wis., 2-7; 

Solath. Minn.. 9-14. 
Bayman ft naakUa (Qothaai): Bcaaklfs. N. 

y.. 2-7. ■ 

Hathaway ft HUtM' (IMetaM): INF. B. X.. 


Hanrey ft Doaae (Edison): Eeleca. Mont, 

Harney A Haynes (Haymarket): Chicago, 111., 

Helena. E^dlth (iEdlaon): Bncbirest. Bon.. 2-7. 
Hengler Sisters (Oook's): Rochester, N. X.. 

Howe & Scott: Sprtngfleld. Mass., 2-7. 

Hood, Sam. (Grand): Victor, Col., 2S-0ct. 7. 

Hall. Artie (Aodltorlnm) : Lynn, Mass.. 2-T. 

Herman's Does (Proctor's): ABnny. N. X., 2-T. 

Hoosler ZonaTes. Seventeen (Camlral): Cedar 
Rapids, la., 2-T. 

ItaUan Trio (Portland) : Portland, Me., 2-T; 
(Keith's) PhlladelphU. Pa., 814. 

Irving Broe. (AoBtln'a Pahn Garden): Syra- 
cuse, N. i'., July 17, iDdef. 

Irrlng. Pearl (AneLln A Stone'a) ; Boston. Mass.. 

Irrlng Trio: En roote with Cbrlsty Bros.' 

Minstrels. Bee Minstrel Bontes. 
tones A Byan (Poll's): Waterbnry. Conn., 2-7; 

(Pastor's) New Xork City. 9-14. 
James ft Darls (BUon): Lansing. Mich., 2-T. 
Jackson ft Sparks (Cnlque) : MlnneapoUa, Minn., 

2- T, 

Jennings ft JeweU (American): Otlctsa, HI., 

3- T; (Lyric) Cbleago 9-14. 

JaAaona. Three (Olymple): CktagiV B« 2-7; 

(Bayataiket) Cblcaa* 9-14. 
Jaae. lUrrttim* (Btjao): Battle Ckcift. Wch.. 


'aals. BMe <I««enm): Bnfhsataf, M. T.. X-7. 
Johnstons. Moaleal (OataiBUa): St LaoK Mo., 

2-T: (Olympic) Obleacow HL. 9-U. 
Joscarys, Three (Otphenm): BraaUya, H. X., 

2-T; ((arele) Xew Xork Cltj 9^4. 
Jordan ft Barrey: Newcastle, Eng., 9-14. 
Jnllan. Tbeo. (C%aae's): Washington, D. C, 2-7. 
Jocelyn. Mande: Elmira, N. X.. 2-7. 
Johnson ft Wells (Ornbeom): Brooklyn. N. X.. 

2- 7. 

Jnckmn Family: Ba ronte with iH-fHi»g Bros.' 

Circus. See Tent Show Bontes. 
Jacobs & Sardil: En roote with GoUmar Bros.' 

Clrcos. See Tent Show Bontes. 
Jsmes, The Two: En ronte with Christy Bros.* 

Minstrels. See Minstrel Bontes. 
Jerome ft Edwards: En ronte with Beao ft Al- 

Tord's Shows. See Tent Show Boatea. 
Johnson. Chas.: En ronte nltb Mollle Balley'a 

(Mrcns. See Tent Show Rontes. 
Jonrs ft Sntton: En roote with the James 

Kennedy Co. See Dramatic Bontes. 
Kanfman's Lady BicycUsta (Blppodiaase): New 

Xork City. Indef. 
Ksnfmsn, Reha (ADiaaAn): LniM, Mc. 

Jnly S-Oct. 31. 
Kaufman Troupe: En ronte with Singling 

Bros.' Clrcns. See Tent Show Bootes. 
Kelgley. Will A Gertie: En roote with Dors 

Woodrnir Co. See Dramatic Bootes. 
Keltons. Three: En ronte with the Parisian 

widows. See Bnrlesqne Rontes. 
Kenna. Mae (Star): Atlanta, G«., Sept. 2S, 


Kllpatrlcb: En ronte n-lth Blekd. Wataoa ft 

Wrothe. See Musical Bontes. 
Klein. Oi: Bros, ft Nicholson (Omm ChRe): 

Amsterdam, Hoi., Oct. 1-31. 
Kltchie. SI: En roote with the Sonthem Carai- 

Tal Co. See Midway Bontes. 
Kemp. w. A. (Family): PottsrlUe, Fa.. Sept. 

18. indef. 

KOhl. Gos ft Marlon (Mala St.): BHrfi. HI.. 

3- 7; (BUon) Qainey 9-14. . 

XeUy ft Kelsy (Delmoce'a OoaaedlaM): Alhanr. 

O., 2-7. 

Koppe ft Koppe (Park O. B.): Me, Pa.. 2-7; 
(G. O. B.) WOkaabaire 9-U. 

"?^; ysssas^^^^L 

KarsoB. KU (KsBh'Us fllwala^ Ol. BiTt (G. 

O. B.) PllWiaw. Wu.' B4C • 
Klein ft autaa OnMale VMiWt 

Ind., 2-7. 
Kates Bros. (Hayaatkct): 
Kenney ft Clatfc lOtr O. K| 

N. EL. 2-7: (4t. H.) W nam. 3^mi M*. 
Kartelll: BiBMilla. Oec., Met. Ifc 
Khems ft OMe -(imniaAet); ""^tn VL, 


Keene, Mattie, ft 0>. (Pcdl'a): New HaTen, 
Conn., 2-T. 

Kelcy. Alfred ft Co. (0>lnmhla): Cincinnati, 
O.. 2-7: (Hopkins') LonisrlBe, Ky., 9-14. 

Keno, Walsh ft Meliose (Howard): Boaton. 
Mass., 2-7: (Amphlon) Brooklyn. N. X.. 

Kelly. Sam. ft Ida (Xale's): Kansas atj, XS., 

2-7: (Novelty) Topeks, Kan., 9-14. 

Keatons. Three (Keith's): New Xork City, 2-7; 

(Keith's) Providence. B. I., 9-14. 
KlraEw. Vincent (Bsrl): Poeblo, Col.. 2-7. 
Knott. L.vdia, ft 0». (Keltb'a): Ptorldence, 

B. I., 2-7. 

Kenna. Charles (Blehmond): No. Adams, Mass., 


Kelly. W. C. (Colonial): New Xork Citj, 2-7. 
Kril^ ft Tfadette (Chase'a): Waahlnctso. D. C, 

Keny ft Bnt ffi a HwH s ftttav. W. T.. 

Kceote ft Chapltln (053 CainO aye.): Chicago, 
in., 2-14, 

KlyeUt, Mnaleal (Gtaad): ladtaaapglla. lad.. 

2-7: (Oi l iih i a) nanlaaall. Ol. ajft " 
KlmbaU BMft^ ItaM Oaritft ntaiilaall. O., 


Kelcey. Bechert. ft BBe BhiOBM fllnheaB); 

Brooklyn, N. X., 2-7. » i— , 

Kelly ft Beno (Fair): BioeklnD. Mas., 2-7. 
Loeaa. Ed. ft Baad (Heward): Chicago m.. 

2-7; SnriacMd 9-M. 
La AdeUa (Gkyatal): Xaskegon. Mich., 2-T. 
Lawman ft Bwlng ((^tle): Bloomlagtoa. HL. 

2-T: (Boward) tadcago 9-14. 
Lewis. Caprice R. (Fair): Akron. O., 2-7. 
Leonao (Oipheam): SprhicOeld, O.. C-7: 

(PhUnpa*) BkhaMOd. lad.. 9-14. 
Leonard ft Bennett (Standard): ClndniMitl. O., 


Lacey, Jae. (Main St.): Peorla, HI., 2-7. 
Lynch, IDck (Haymarket): CHilcago HI. 2-7. 
LaDellB, The (Trent): TreatOQ, N, J., 2-7. 
LaGlenan, C^pt. Edw. : En mote with Blown 
ft Ihooaa' (tanUacd CarmlTal Co. 8a* MM- 



For 190S-0e 
Wltli IVfaps, 
Po stpai d 


BOUND IN t%m. 


416 Elm street, Cincinnati, Ohio. 


Ui Bene. Fredl: En ronte with IBMirt Ob^ 

alsal Ca>, See Midway Boatea. 
LaBeXr. Ned. J. (MoicUy): BHaa nBa, B. IX. 

Anc 2. tedeC 
UFlear. Joe: Bi 
Sena Broa.' Cheap. 
Laager, wnilaB J.! 

Maady Showsu Bee 
Iftifce ft AdaoM: Br 
Batch Shows. Bee XMwar L 

, Lee (Oyatal): aUHoa, lad. lad 
ft Leooard (Palace): iSSStm, 
7 ladef. 
U. C: Bn roote wHfe the Ttn 
Ttampa. Bee Mosleal Bootes. 
LeMoInd, F.: Bn note artth Lachman-Keetch 

Bipoaltioo Sbotwa. Bee Midway Boatea. 
Leo ft Chapman: Bn roote srlth the Bar>> 

Mnsleal Bootes. 
Leotthardt: Bn ronte with Bart'a J 

Co. See MlscellsBeona Bootes. 
Leaile'a Porcine Circus: ronte with 

Ilac Bra.' Circus. See Tent Show 
Lewla ft Barr: Chicago, HL, Indef. 
Llolcer Bros.: Dn ronte with Welder's Carnl- 

Tsl Co. See Midway Bontea. 
LIsette: En route with the New Psrker Amoje- 

meat Co. Bee Midway Bootes. 
Lowman Sisters (Stsr): Atlaats, Qa., indef. 
Locania Trio (Hippodrome): New Xork Clly. 

Lucler, Ben.: Bn route with (ZhmahaB Bna,' 

Circus. See Tent Show ^Boatea. 
Lnlgi-Picari Trio: Bn route with the Bine 

Blhbon GIrla. Bee Bnrlescpie Bootes. 
Lyons. Walter S.: Ba mate with the Gnater 

Smith .BMMHMat r 

La ciait ft ■mm (C 


La Ten Bros. (SUr): SeatUe, Wash., 2-T. 
Lee. Irene (Casto'a): Lawrence, Mass., 2-7. 
Le Bajr ft Woodford (Casto'a): Lawicacc. MasSL. 


Lennaa, Bert fflaraiailanr OHnM-Biw 
(Colaafala) St. I«al^ Mh- •4M.~ ~ 

Uqnld Air (P. IK Bagalt Itaa^ Shaa- V. 

LhsM Air (Wai. BTPtmy); 'm»allllBa««"» 
BEr.. S-7. 

Laahard Btaa. (Olr^ple): Baalfe Bcal. M.. 


'i rTnn I nalihlMia nmnali N. T.. 

2-7; (Ualaoe) AkMa.^ir?4il. 
Lore ft BoUaa (Star): Ft. Wayne, M,. VI. 
Le Clair. Hany (Keith's): nimliat A, Mi 

(Keith's) New Xork Olty, 9-14. 
Londons, 'ne Poor (Bmplre): Olerelssd. O.. 

2-7; (Qsletj) PlttMtx, Fa.. »-U. 
LaMI..Bdw. jfllitaaftla)^ nhj^aitl. O. 2-7: 

OCTOBER 7, 1805. 

Tt\e Billboard 


r^tu nm. Btw. (Oolnmbte): St. Looli, Ho., 

wi. (oiniipie): Oblci«Qi. HL, a-T: 

La nrllr (Norclt;): Bnrrkt. Cal., 2-M. 
r^Vall*. Thr (Rlppodronw): Brlshtcm, Eos., 

»-14: (**ala«) 01aa»ow 16-21; (Palace of 

TarletiM) Manche«ter 28-28. 
tjgntm, Ohlnrae (Bite): DaTenport. la., 2-7; 

(We«t Side) JaneaTllle. Wl»., 9-14. 
UkoU. Harry ft Carrie (Star): Topeka. Kan., 

• T: (Unlqoe) St. Jo«e|>ta, Mo., 8-14. 
LaVlne. Walteoe ft Co. (Arcade): Ttdtdo, O.. 


Lnrr & Lace (Cellseatn) -. (aHIWlf. 111., 

2-7; (Bljoo) Decatur 9-14. 
Undw, Geo. A. (Park C^alno) : Bait Branch. 

V Y.. 2-7; (UbertS- Muilc Hall) Ubertr 9-14. 
laVren ft Oroas (Dewey): St. Paal, Minn., 2-1. 
Jjt RuTT (Ljric): Ctilcago, 111., 2-7. 
tamonnt ft Psalette (Gaiety): SprlncflcM, III., 

(Elite) Darenport, la., 9-14. 
Leonard. Bddle (Kelth'a): Baltimore. Md., 

27: (Chase'a) WaslUngtoo. D. C, 8-14. 
I/esIle ft Dallry (Orpbeam): San Ftanciaco, Cal,. 


La Note Bros. (Fair): Datfmty. Ooon,. t-7. 
Le I>ent, Ttie (Sreat (Bator's): Mnr Z«ck dtj. 

'*-7. * 
LiVrence, Al. (PoU's): K«r Bm«^ Ouin., 

2-7: (PoU'a) Brid((port 0-14. 
La Vlne-Clnwnni Trio (Keith**) : PiOTldence, B. 

I.. 2-7. 

Le CUir ft Hatdt (Aadttorlom) : I^raa. Haaa.. 

Liidtr. Xr. * MHk IM <Bi— Wt . D il l iQ. 

liM * OaMsa <»•>••): BvMOb M. T., £-7. 
tllBwiiHi (Uan'a Maacmi): BoflalOw N. Z.. 

MW TH» 4M GtenO sw.): OUcwOk IIL, 

- - >. Mvta (VUl): SUHa. Ab. 

Jinier. RenshaiT ft Miller (BUoB): 

ni.. 2-7: (Etax) Aurora V-M. 
VnMooo Trio (Olympic): CblagA in.. 2-7. 
MazDz ft Mazette (Haymarket): Chicago, III., 


Maetle. TeiMer ft Mack (Ckyatal): Kokomo, 

Ind.. 2-7. 

McBacns. Jnggllng (Srle * Bifeaaa*U : Btook- S. T., 2-7. 
Minden. Adelaide (People'*): Cincinnati. O.. 

xiabe, Jaek (People'a): Clnclnnall. O., 2-7. 
NUr;«II. Olile (Easle): Johnstom, N. Y., 


Minrelle ft Gleaaoo (Pbllllp's): Elcbmond. 
Ind.. 2-7. 

McLaughlin. Helen (Olympic) : Chicago, Dl., 

2-7: (Raymarket) Chicago 9-14. 
UltcbeU ft Bnnrolng (Family): Sloox Falla. 

S. D.. 2 7. 

Mitchell ft CUn (Fioetar'a lasu St.): New 
York CUT. Mi M^SflCl VUmm^ m, 9-14. 
UarqoandiL «te < r« » fia«l> t ft l i toUw t. R. 

I.. 2-7. 

Me,-Siin. Thccnaa. ft Co.: Bntte, Mont., 2-7; 

Spokane. Waah., 9-14. 
Mi«)n. Homer B. ft Marguerite Eeeler (Or- 

plieum): Brooklyn. N. Y.. 2-7; (Alhambra) 

N>w York City 9-14. 
Mitchells. Three (Bmplie): Boboken. N. J.. 

2-7: (Dmplrc) FataMB M4. 
McMorrls, Bertl« r. (Ol|kNM>: JMrtBglleU, 

o.. B-14. 

MeMabOQ'e MUutrel Malda (Olympic): Chicago. 

lU.. 2-7; (Haymarket) Chicago 9-14. 
Moiratts, Plre (G. O. H.): Plttabnrg, Pa.. 

2-7: (Kelth'e) PhUadelphla, Pa.. 9-14. 
Martin Bros.: Scraston. Pa., 0-14. 
MIgnanI Family (PoU'a): SprlDSlleld. Vui., 

Mtmr ft ftadoHK : Kmt BMNNl Hut.. VI; 

Jtar Ttea (WeM 8Ue): JanesrUle. Wis., 2-7. 
Hkmtar* aurtgorttc Hippodrome (Family): 

iMvcnwtm KSB.. Hi (ruilly) Sloas City, 

la.. t-M^ 

Marpby Jfc UmU- |BISM>t PaMOBB. K. I.. 


Mamer. Cbaa. I,. (Family): SkaBoUii. Pa., 



Marioellas. Tbe eicat (Dooilaloa) 
Man.. 2-7. 

Morton. Fled W. (Temple): Ft. Wayne, lad.. 


Macks. Tiro (Orphenm): Sprlngfleia. O., 2-7; 

(PbUllp'a) Rlcfamood. Ind., 9-14. 
Magee. Clem. C. (Xalc'e): Kansaa 0117. Mo.. 
, 2-7: (Gtaad) Mlet. IIL. S-U. 
Manhaaaett Cmitw Wmt UmmltmU Pltta- 

barg. Pla.. SrTavaaaai) WtMrnSm, D. C. 

9-14. ~ " 

MriTflle ft Aaelle (Acme): SacnacntOk Cal.. 

2-7: (Z,yceam) San Franclaco 9-14. 
MoUaboa ft Cbappelle (Olympic): Chicago. 111.. 

2-7; (Baymarket) Chicago 9-14. 
Macarte Slsten (Orphenm): Kanaas City. Mo., 

2-7: (Orphenm) Omaha, Neb.. 9-14. 
McNsmee (Q. O. H.): Grand Bapldi. Mich.. 

2-7; (31tt St.) Chicago. lU.. 9-14. 
Mallory Bro*.. Brooke ft HaDlday (Poll'a): ^>w 

H»ren. CSjon.. 2-7: (Orphenm) DUca. N. Y., 


Murphy & Wlllard ( Aodltorlnm) : Lynn, Maaa,, 

2^7: (Paatoe'i) New York City. 9-14. 
M<«allock. Dare Derll: Oallaa. Tel.. 30- Oct. 18. 
McCnne ft Giaat (Aaatlcaa): OUetga. 111.. 

Mlen-a Did^ IMC fSSms MMOk O., 

^^T: (Orphean) j S l gB fc O- t-M. 
Umiu. Hal (Q uBmi Ti UmWiKSStKO. Cal., 

Xmnie. OMb W. :(BMttni)t Mar. Ittk City, 

mUtarr Octet (Park): Worcester. Man.. 2-7; 
^(Keith's) PiorWeDce. B. I., 9-14. 
JW^rrers. Tbe (Wcat Side): JaaetTlUe, Wla., 


Minau TMok *ka fOnkaMtt VaMapoUa, 

^^^mw * DMraam mnrntmoi 

Ort» 2-7. 
>M|*ni». rridtlal. (OMtraO: 

*J5lM-*. Aahley (KelHi'a): Boatoo, Ibai., 
^'■■"^.'^^k * LarwMBca (lAaipUoa): Brcok' 


Murphy ft Ftaacta (tak O. Ui 


Murphy. W. B. ft Blanche 

rrOTldence. R. 1.. 2-7. 
Manrro (FamUy): Bntte. XMt, S-T: (i 

graph) Spokane, Wash., 9-14. 
.Magee. Ja«k B. (BUon): Pateraon. N. J., 2-7: 

(Boo Too) Jiraey City 9-14. 
Motorglrl, La (Ontral): Cbemltx. Ger., 1-31. 
Malcoln ft Sbeeette: En roote with Ferarl 

Bros.' CJaralTal Co. See Midway Bontes. 
Mangels. J. F.: Eo route with Mcjct's Mon- 
arch .^muaement Co. e Midway Baotea. 
Manola Family: En route with tba Oaaktll 

(^rnlTal Co. Soe Midn-ay Routes. 
Marcellne (Hippodrome): New York City. 


Marley. Chas. J. (Broadwav); Saa 

Cal.. AoB. 14. Indef. 
Mario ft Aldo: En route nlth 

Circus. See Tent Show Routes. 
Marshall. The Mystic (Wlntergartcn) : P.prlln. 

<iT., (X-t. 1-31. 
Marline Broe. (Se^aln Tour): South .vmerlca. 

June 15-Oct. 1.-,. 
Martlnes. The: Bii route with the Great 

"Wallace (nrcua. See Tent Slion- Kotites. 
Martlnos. The: Bn route with Wliltney's Greater 

Shows. St e Midway Companies. 
Martyne. Eddie: En route «lth J. Frank Hatch 

Sbowa. See Midway Routes. 
Martynne Sisters: En route with Sunny South 

Floating Palace, iiee MlKellaueous Routes. 
Maiey ft Kramer: Bn route with An Aristo- 
cratic Tramp. See Dramatic Rontes. 
MeOanler, Joe (Uaktaei: MinaespoUs. Minn.. 

Apr. a, iDdef. , 
IMaeDaa. Jaaiaa caOaa}: : Jllan.. 

Mdteiy^Ma (Bcpocltloo) : iMttSlnirg. Pa.. 

VciBw Mi a. Ted and His Dog (The Oaks): Pott- 

laad. Ore., indef. 
Um i l lU Slsten (Empire Palaer): Xobannea- 

tarc S. A.. Sept. 4-Oet. »: (TNola) Cape 

T^wB l»4>ee. 1. . . 

Merriam. BUIle: Ba MMe -.wMiVte:- iMMCbcr 

Oanlral Co. See ili»mmr 'Umimit ' 
HMdletoB. Ola«rs (Pal1t.>.a «M<k.rCbl.. 

Aof. 14. imaa. : ■ ■ ■ ■■ . 

Milana. Fwnr ( nippi id i aMi ) ; -Si* -TaA aty. 

indef. / 
Mlltoo. Cbaa. W.: S 

Minstrels. See Mlaatrrl 
Wltoo. Mr. ft Mta. «eoL .W« .(Hart: •' AOaata, 

Ga.. indef. ' 
Mora. Bd. (Steepieebase Ffrr): AOaalie City. 

N. J., indef. 

Morris ft Morrln (Standard) : Port Townsend, 

Wash.. July 17. indef. 
Murray, Eddie: Bi loate with C hrlaty Bnw.' 

Nixon. Geo. B. iV. 8L BaM): wmumtm. 0., 


Normans. Fire Juggling: En loate wltb Gentry 

Bros.* Dog and Pony SiHnr No. 1. 
Nosses, The Flee (Casino): New Xork City. 

Sept. 18. Indef. 
Non-Un. Dare: Bn roote with Al. 6. Field's 

Minstrels. See Minstrel Rontes. 
Neraros. Three (v^rpheum): Denrer. Col.. 2-7. 
Nalada & Co. (Sheedy's) : Fall Rlrer. Mass., 

2-T: (Poll's) Xen- Haven. Conn.. 9-14. 
Xorrls, James L. : Dayton. O., 2-7. 
Nye. Ned (Poll's) : Worcester. Mass., 2 7; 

(Poll's) Wsterbury. Conn.. 9-14. 
Nina (G. O. H ): Marshalltown. la.. 2-7. 
NUilo. Fred (Proctor's 23(1 St.): New York 

City. 2-7; (Proctor's) Newark, N. J.. 9J4. 
Newell ft NIblo (Richmond): North Adams, 

Mass.. 2-7. 

Norton ft Nlclioi.aon (Keith's): (HcTelaad. 0.. 

2-7; (Park) Younsstonn 9-14. 
Norman. Mar^ iCoiontal): New TadI '€ltr. 2-7 : 

(Orphenm) Brooklyn 9-14. 
Newman. Joseph. (Olympic): (^cago, DL. 


Nichols Sisters (G. O. H.): PUtsbarg. Pa., 


North. South ft Dixie tCr^ ttai/kH ' Mllas. 

Tex.. 25.0ct. 7. 
Nudos. The (Family): 6IWClllini^> ' R. T.. 

2-7; (family) Paterson. N. I^ Vtt.': ' 
Nemlers. Three (EUte): Datenpart. Vu. 2-7. 
Nibbe ft Bordeaus (Sundard): Onebmatl. <k. 


Otis, Ellca Proctor (Hyde ft Beluaaa'a): Brask- 

lyn. N. T.. 2-7. 
O'Keni (Fair): BellerMe. HI.. S-7. 
O'Day. Ida (Oiaad): SaUet. HL. ». 
Carl Family (AlHUffcl); .. . MlML. 

(Pnielor-a) Albaar.- X-'X. -Mfc - 
Ortb ft Fera (TMMlHal:. TW a MiM a. Fa., 

2-7: (Bawccr) Mtw Tatt imr. »**- 
O'BricB ft BmIif; MlMBMlllfc Mloa.. 2-T: 

Dea*ar. Olb - MC 
Oleio. t.jaMikk): Birifewta. la,. Vtt (Peo- 
ple's) oBpnSvIk 9-H.: ; ^ _ >^ 

o'Dole. 9*0. W.:v>i nua^wHh CtngMI Bna.' 

circna. See TMt Ikaar BaMaa. 

OUre. Mae.. BaMMa * Ah BU (Mali .VSIe): 

Bmsaels. BelfcTSept. 9M)at It; (Mkee) 

Antwerp 14-31. 
OToole. M. Jack: Des Moines. 
Otte, Nick: Bn route with tbe Baaaler Aaase- 

ment Co. See Mid^n-sy Bootes. 
Palmer. Alice (Olympla Music Hall): Troy. 

N. Y.. Ang. 28. Indef. 
Parkhnrat: Eki roate with Jooes-Adama Sbows. 

See Midway Routes. _ . 

Perry ft Fralrle (Me ti eps lW a a) ? TInapa. Via,. 

Sept. 2S-NOT. 4. 
PblUlps Sisters; En route with the Paraijors- 

See Musical Rontes. 
Pbjils Mile. (Star): .Mlanta, Ga., Sept. 18- 

Oct. 7. 

Pontelle. Sig.: En route with WteOSB Broa.* 

Camlral Co. See Midway Roatea. 
Potter ft Harttrell: Amsterdam. Hoi.. Oct. 1-15: 

Paris, Franc*. 16-No». 18. 
Power'a ElephauU (Hippodrome);. New Turk 

City, Aug. 30. Indet. 
Price, Ratry M. : Gn route with Bnster Btowa 

Bastem Co. See Musical Bootes. 
Powers, Mr t Mrs. John T. (Olympic) : Chicago. 

IIL 2-7: (Haymarket) (Chicago 9-14. 
Peloti Fred ft Atinle (Arcade): Ttriedo, O., 2-7. 
Patty Broa. (Orphenm): Kansas City. Mo.. 2-7. 
Powell, Fred (Haymarket) : Chicago. 111., 2-7. 
ParlUa, Mr. ft Mrs. (Family): Bioax City, la.. 

Peerless Quartet (Grand): Udwai&ae. Wis., 
2-7; (American) Cbicago, HI., 9-14. 

Pierce ft Malaee (Grand): IndlaaapaUi. lad.. 
2-7: (Ck>lnmbla) (Sadanatl. O.. 9-14. 

Powers ft Theobald (Majeatle): Kaaa^i Otty. 
Mo., 2-7. 

Pucks. The Two (Proctor's BStb St.): New 
X«rk City. 2-7: (Empire) Pateraon. N. J.. 





10 FOR 10 

lOO FOR $f 


The Billboard Publishing 
C I N C I N NAT I . 

Co.. 4i6 elm St^ 

Paulo ft Marlow ((XilamNa): Cladanatl. O., 

2-7: (HapfeiH^> LaniaeOlaw Ky.. MA. • 
Pirrocoai^ Rme (Xritb'a): ProrMiaet, B. I.. 


ra'vlUa Family IFIuallr): aiaBC CItr. Au. S>7. 
rarazoo Trio (flKecdy^): IkB : BMr. Xaas., 

2.-i-Oct. 7. 

Pleketls. Four: Rocky Mt.. K CI. S-T. 
Quinlan. Dan ft Keller Mack (Oiilliiiil>'i Loa 

.\useles. Ca!.. M-Oct. 7. 
Fantzer Trio (Cock's): Rochester, N. T.. 2-7; 

(Shea's) BuHalo d-14. 
Phelps, Orren ft 'Millie («0B Armltage ave.): 

Chicago, Va^ *-7. . : 1 
Pesehkoll Troavcv Tka (Orphenm): BrooKlya. 

N. Y.. 2-7. 

Pone and His Doe (Elite); Davenport. la,. 2-7. 
Parr. Helen (Standard): Cincinnati. O.. 2-7. 
Randolphs. Grotesque (Merchants' Street Fair): 

EransTllIe. Ind.. 2-7; (BUou) DanrUle, Dl.. 


Baymood ft Tricey (BUon): Isbpemlng. Mich.. 

2-7: (Osaslaian).'Wlnap<s. aiai^-B^ 
Reed «'Virasoa^^Wl5S«ri~^^SMlnaa«b .Ou'. 

2-7. • : . 

Blee. Jahn e ft Sally OohM (naetoe'a): New- 

aik. S. J.. 2-7. 
Bc«« BMh Tbe (Hy^ ft Btkna'a): BrooUyn, 
- JC„- T„ -*7. 

Bai^« Baaadie XTfnt} t TMnton. N. 2-7. 
Bi inr. 7iHiaalr (FUr): ClarcBMmt. N. S.. 9-7. 
BaiMij TTHtiii (BI]on): BatUe Crelek. Mleb.. 

S-T: (.Cryatal) Detroit 9-14. 
Beno ft Marray (Elite) : Daeenpoct. la.. 2-7. 
Romalne, Tulle ft Tom Fitch (Bljoti); losing. 

Mich.. 2-7: (BUou) Battle Creek 9-14. 
Ralmond i Good (G. O. H.): Grand Rapids. 

Mich.. 2-7: (3lBt St.) Chicago. lU.. 9-14. 
Rogers Will R. (Garden): BnHalo, N. T., 

2-7; (Arcade) Toledo. O.. 9-14. 
Renti. Tbereaa (Hippodrome): New Tork City. 


Reynolds. Jnllette: Bn ronte wltb the Helns 

Bros.' Camlral Co. See Midway Boutea. 
Ritchie. Dare Derll: Bn route wltb the Great 

Alamo Shows. See Midway Routes. 
Robert ft DeMont: En ronte with Ben ta B ea t- 

ley Go. See Btirleaqoe Rontes. 
Roelker. E. O.: En ronte with tbe 9iMU14kr- 

nival Co. See Midway Rontes. 
Rogers ft Lavine (Mftropolltao) : Tampa. Fla., 


Roeey: En route with HooUgstt's Troubles. See 

Dramatic Routes. 
Bosa .t Lewis: Berlin. Ger., Aug. 21. Indef. 
Russell, Phil, ft Carrie (Bljoo): Dnlntb, Minn.. 

RIanos, Tbe Fonr (6. O. H.): 

Ind.. 2-7t_«MaBlU]i — " 
Bedford ft Wlntlwattr ( 


Reynard, Ed. F. (Orphenm): Braoklya, N. T.. 

2-7; (.Vlhambra) New York (aty 9-14. 
Russell ft Dnnbar (Cryatal): Sloox FaUa. S. D.. 

2-7; (BlJou) Dnbnqoe, la., 9-14. 
Radfotil ft Valentine (Hippodrome): BirmlBC- 

liam. E^ng.. 9-14; (Hippodrome) Okagow 1S4B; 

(Hippodrome) Brighton 30-Nov. 4. 
Komola ft Williams (Audltorinm); .''''QMlB' 
RoiSi. Luigl: Fall River. Mass.. 2-7. 
Racket! & Hazard (Metropole): Londoa, liDg., 

9 21. 

Ritchie, Adele (Vtetotla): New Tork Otty. 

2-7. . 
Rossalre ftlMMtla tfli.; O; H.}: 


Rawls ft 

City. Tt^ Vtt (I 

Robinson. Bthel (Hopktaia*): Lonlavllle, Kj., 

2- 7; (Hopkins') Memphia, Tenn.. »-14. 
Rice ft Kemp (Olympic): Chicago, m., 9-14. 
Roscoe ft Sims (Family): Dnlntb. Minn., 9-M. 
Rosards, Tbe (SUte Fair): Dallas. Tex., 2.14. 
Roaarfs. T1>e (Boston): Lowell, Mass.. 2-7. 
Rayno'a Ball Does. AI. (O. H.): Cheater, Fa.. 

3- 7; (O. H.) Allentowa 9-14. 

Ross Sisters (Phillips'): BldrnMod. Ind.. 2-7; 

(Orpheum) Springfield, O.. 9-14. 
Rooney. Pat. ft Marlon Bent (Hopkins') Lonls- 

vUle, Ky., 2-7; (Arcade) Toiedo^ O., 8-14. 

Bant, aande (Hoirart): CWraBOb DL, S-14. 
BapMs, la., 2-7. 

Rio Bros.. Tluee (ttaptrt): Haboken, N. J., 
2-7; (Empire) Pateraaa. N. 7., »-14. 

Rado ft Beitman OEellh'a): Naw Task City, 

Runaway Wldoan^ l iwa (Arcade): Tsli>it< 

O.. 2-7. 

Rusat'll (Arsyle):' Blikenbaad. Bag., 9-14. -^^ '. 
Bna. XhaaMS J., ft Haty BleMield (AlhaBbn}: 

Xask .aty. 2-7. • 
Blee nuBllr OUvlaad): BaltfaMK. m.. ML: .; 
Rays. Two (Btijan): Kianla./Wli^V- . .' 
Rice ft Pieroat (AIIWka}t^:;r|hv^nnr .€!».'' 

Rich. Jack ft Bertha (BiehiBoad): Noeth adsms. 

Mass.. 2-7. 

Rich ft Horrey (Casta): Lowell. Maaa>. 3-7. 
Riva Bros. (Orrin Bna.'): McdM OUr. Mas. 

Blchmonds, Tbe (BastaMc): BMUM ». 

Russell. LllUan (Proctor's 23d St.): Hnr 

York City. 2-7. 
Shanty town Trio (Crystal): Kakomo, Ind., Mt 

(American) Chicago, HI.. 9-14. 
Sato. O. K. (O. O. H.): Xooagstowa,. O, 

2-7; (ODOk'a) B««i »wte», M^Y., ».>4. . : 

%ago,* n:, itt .(OatoMa) ' SE^'lMlic Mk^ 

9-14. : 

Simmons ft Hsrrls: Scranton, Pa., 3-7; (Lyric) 

Cleveland. O.. 9-14. 
Santell. Tbe Great (Grand): Vletada. B. C. 


Sawyer, Emily ntniiai): IWttltaM.' 

as-Oct. 7. 

Sllvano, .MplKMise (Maryland): Baltimore. Md.. 
Slapl'eton ft Chancy (Jaedb'a): Pcacte. 111.. 

Smlrl ft KaHM'<MV^^ 


Stevens, Balancing: Sanit Ste. Marie. Vleb., 

2-7: Sheboygan, WU.. 9-14. 
Summers ft Winters (Alcazar): Denrar. Ool.. 


Stnart, Arthur (Grand): Jollet, 

(West Side) Belolt. Wis.. 8-14. 
Splaacl Bros, ft Mack (Caato'a): La 

Mass.. 2-7. 
Staley ft BUtnck (Proctop's 58th Sfc): 

York City, 2-7: (Keith's) Boslaa^Jiaai.. _ _ 
Sharp. Blanche (Haymtiket): lMHflik..lp.i 

2-7; (MalesUc) Oiicago 9-14. : - " 
Stevens. Kittle (flale^: ; ^sIhMK. OL. 
Sabel. Josephine : (Bsna»htrtl8—,W—. Aaa>. 

trU. Sept. M«et.'ML - . _/ ..--^ ■ 

St. cutT rut ifmU" AHuH, tufc-jB- 

Oct. 21.. . . ■ ' ■ .1- 

Savoys, ThK^r Bi xaale wBh the Oraat WMBMa 

Olrcna. Bee Heat Show Bontes. _ ^ 
■aztm ft lUUon (G. O. H.): Back Spriaa. 

Wto.. Sept. 4.1iav. 1. 
Scbroek ft Blee: B 

EUght Bens. Bee 

Sbndes. The Tmoi- 
Devcia'a 0*k fc* 



wHk MfTfi Mooaieb 
"wcmr Boat**, 
sntt wttk BtnsllDC 

En toote with Ooaatr* HIb 
^■BM^-'Cm Vtawtnl Roatn. 
mt. JMb * I> Fern: Ea 
Dosley. Bee Musical Bootes. 
SeaiCfj. Gcou: Ea roots jrtd 
Mlnstnla. See lUnsticI 
(BQoo) DasrUIe »-I4. 
aW T « «tt c . Jaws A Prlngle (Oipbenm): Mlnne- 

apolto. 2-7. 
flsstam A llarkMr (Phllllpr): 
2-T: (Star) Ft. Wajw Ml.< 
asiSrr, Jssle oajde * •Mamt 
N. Y., Z-Z. 

SkmoB. PooUiw: St. Pan], Vln., 2-T; Detroit. 

aiMoJtts^ (BovaxA): Bsstao. Ibn.. S-T; 

Spook MIastr«le (Orobenm): Su Prsocljco, 

Cal.. 2-7; (Orpheam) Los Aogein »-14. 
Ssntot ^^^ irlfla^ (^nUme) ; Los Ainrles, Cal., 

maun^ .wm^ *■ *»- 

Sherman ft De Formt (Park): Erie, Pa.. 2-7; 

(Ijcenm) Hmlra N. Y.. 0-14. 
SpaaldlnK Bros. )Falr): Danborr, Coos.. 2-7; 

(Faatnckct) Pawtncket. B. L. 9-14. 
Skeck Bns. (Flair): Krokofc, ta.. 2-7. 
St. Once Bns. (Barklngham); LoalsrlUc, Kj., 

S-T; (BCoplc's) asanas tl. O.. 9-14. 
Wmranm , Ibe . Tfiiliil (Otpbenm) : Beadins. 

Pk.. S-T: CFuHiW Itor Tork CUr. 0-14. 

# IMC 

CUT. X-T. 

SoTder * Bnekler (ProetoCs): Nevark. K. J.. 

2-7: (Pn>e(ar*s) Albasy. M. Y.. S-14. 
SbMD ft Warren (Colonial): N«w Cttr. 
2-T; (Orpheam) Brooklyn 9-14. 

lUeolds (Bljoo): DrtroU. MHw 


Sharp, Blasche (Hajrmarket) 

Slosn ft Walthcmr (Chase's): 
C. 2-T 

Btnart (Proctor's): Albanr, N. Z.. 2-T. 
a^i^ Ike Foor (Bconett'c):. Itoodoa, Ont.. 

(niicaso, m., 

WaahlsEtos, D. 

8n nam- 

Stantonnr. Lola (BUoD): Decaror, HL, Z-T; 

(BIJoo) Des Molcra, la., 8-14. 
SUrcao (b:ite): Uneola. Meb.. 2-7; (CrritaU 


Clodmiatl. O., 

BelblBt ft GroTlnl (People's) 

8la9S0B.LUtaaa XU» OUb St.): Fcoda. OL, 

TknneaB. Fellz ft daxtan (Family}: FHsale, 
N. J.. 9-14. 

^benrillc Bcica (West Side): BdWt> Wla.. 


Texaaa SMen (BfctrMr 1IMM%-~-m«VS-7: 


TarltsB ft Tkritsn: Ed TOBte wttk the Biecken- 

rMct Snck So. See Diamatle Boutes. 
HVMV Bnna (Capitol): Glta» Fans. N. X„ 

Ikrior. Xae (Palaee): Boaton. Uaaa.. IndefL 
Ikoatadoar Fsnr: En note wltk Tbe Sli«v 

Clrl. See Mnslesi Bontea. 
Ty-BeU Sisters: Ea ronte trltk tbe Great Wal' 

lace Clrcns. See Tent Sbo«r Bootes. 
Tajlor, Benrr ft Alice (Proctor's): Alhsnr. N 

Y.. 2-T; (Hjde ft Bcbmaa's) Brooklyn 9-14. 
Teste ft Daniel (ColambU): St. Loola, Mo., 

2-T; (Majestic) Cblcsso. HL. 9-14. 
Tbe Qneen's Fas (Orpbeom): Minneapolis, 

Sdnn., 2-T: (Barmarket) Clilcsso. III., P-J4- 
SBlaor, Dlffonl Vil (Bljoa): BatUe &eefc. 

meb., 2-T; (Bljoo) Ijnslng B-14. 
Xhlkot ft Rogers (Colombia): St. Loola. Mo., 


TmeaddL Mr. ft Mrs. Hoirsrd. ft Co. (O. O. 
H.: PUtilmrs. Fa., »; (AmpUso) Brok- 

CUeasOk UL. 

Imnr TOO (Slot St.) 
_ . It.) P<-orta 9-14. 

_>-1lK rut KITK. sun.. 2-T: (Cmoolal) HCw 

T«rk aiF. V-M. 
WM ft l«adl' <BBtltc): San FtasdaeOk CaL, 

Aofca tOapUm/fx 
OioaDpsoiL ft;' 

I., 2-T. 

Terrr ft Lambert (Bnplie) 

Ens-. 9-14. 
Unlta ft Paal (FSIr): Keoknk. h.. S-7. 
Van Camp (O. B.}: Near Castle. Pa.. S-T; 

(O. B.) Brarer Falla 9-14. 
Taacr. CbrtstlBe (Standard): Ft. Wortb, Tcz., 


Tane. BsrT7. VaKlslao: En ronte wltk tbe 
Cosmopolltaa Amnsemrat <3o. See Midway 

Telare. ' BdKb ft Curtla: Kb roots with tfea 
Oicat emtat- * s»mcnt Ckk -S« 

Viola Bros.: En roote Wttk Umlf» Omm. Sec 

Tent Sliov RonteSu 
Ton Lesr. MUIle: En roote wltk Welder'a 

Camtral Co. Se)- Mliltva; Uoatra. 
Vernaa. Bells (FamlU): E. SU Loola. m.. 

▼ate.* Brtnt (Fkifc): Worcesisr. JIaaa.. t-li 

(KtUkti P ws Mmc i. R. I.. »I4. 
Talpir'a BMn ami Maakeya (Fslrl: Brsektao. 

Mass, Mt (mr) Ilssmslswa. Md.. •-14 
Voetker. SIB. ir»Bb ~ - - 

Keb.. BOA. 

Van OisCe ft CkM^ 

Vance, dazlee (VtaeMrt): 


Von Qnett (Wood's O. H.>: SedaBa. 
Valpos. itie (XoTclt^): Oaak^ 

(SUr) Itfklaim Kaa.. 9-14. 
Village (Mk (BMIM: naMlHHk B. I.. »Y. 
Too weod. SH- OUHrW: ffiiHaait. Ol. 


WbeloA's. Wbeelins (Fab): Ottawa, Oat., 

Woodward. V. P. (Proctor's mth St.): New 
Tork CItr. 2-T: (Froetor'a S8tk St.) New 
York city 9-14. 

Washer Bros. (Dominion): Wlnahwfc 


West ft Van SIclen (Bopklns') : Memi 

2-T; (Olrmplc) Chicago, m„ 9-14. 
Welch. James A. & CecelU (Slst St.): Cblcago, 

m.. 2-7; (Main St.) Peoria 9-14. 
Welsh. Cbss. ft Jennie: Detroit, MIcb., 2-T. 
World's Corned J Fonr (Poll's): Bridgeport. 

Conn.. 2 7: (Part) Worcester. Mass., 9-14- 
WUUams, DoUle (£agle): Johnstoirn, N. Y., 


WaUb, Frank (Slst St.): CmicaKO. IlL. 2-T. 
Woods. Harry (Acadeav): FtttabafS. Fa.. S-T; 

(L.reenm) Wasblactaau n. CL. Mdb .. ■■' 
Wlncberman't Bears aaC Mafeva QUI: ItL 

HoUr, N. J., 2-T. 
WUson THo (Arcade): Toledo, O., 2-T; (Lyric) 

Cneveland 9-14. 
Woodland Nympba (Shea's): BoSaiSk N. X., 

2-T: (Shea's) Toronto. Oat.. 9-44. 
Winters. Winona: New Side OIIf. MOtl ft 

Boston. Man.. 9-14. 
Wood. Francis (Family): Xslmosr CItT, Ps.. 

2-T: (Bljoo) Baltimore, Md., •-I4. 
Wells. Lew (Orpbcsm): Kew OrIcaa% La.. 


WslA« BmsL: Ea mote wltk Wlaea 
Caralral Oik See JUdwaj KoMfs. 

Zamacols, Les (Proctor's): Neirark. N. J., 2-T. 
ZIngarl Trio (Poll's): New UaTen. Cooo., 2-T. 
Zlngarella. Mile. (Fair): Athens. Os.. 2-T. 
Zarell, Ben. ft Ella: Ea roote with tbe Sooth. 

em CsrslTsl Co. See Midway Bootca. 
Zarrow. The Great (Chatcs PaA): Sal 

daeo. CaL. Isft. IT-Oet. U. 
Zeohoolakla: aMt 

Wella. DolUe (Obmple): Sooth Bead. Ind.. 

2-7; (Oasae) BIsomlaitMi. ilL. S-l-l. 
Wood. Bagese (Orstal): KafeamOL lad.. 2-T. 
Wamw Bna. (Standard): Ctadaaatl. O- 9-T. 
WBsao. Tony, ft MBe. Belolse (Fair): Bncfc- 

too. JlasK, S-7. 
Warmwsed>, FiaC, ftalaala (Fair): BioAtsa. 

W iiia^, Time (Treat): Treatoo. H. jr.. 2-7, 
«M * Okala (Faamjr): Bast SC Looiiw UL. 

Les Aagelca, CaL, 

Wataoa^ Sh 
Baraaa ft BaOcrli 


Wa.vne ft Doaoe: Eo roote wltk Ps- ^ 
Wild West. See Tent Show Bastes. 

Welch. Mm i. (BcMine): ta I 
Cel.. MML - . ■- 

WeBa. Wm."^ tL 

WUllsma. Jod: Eo roote Trltb Miser's Amczl- 

eans. See Bnrlewioe Bootes. 
WllUams & Long: Ea note with tto Oiaat 

rsric, r Amn^ment On. 
WUIIams ft Padre 

Sept. 2S-Oet. SB. 
Wolllmr's StaHiaaaia 

BlngUas BMS.* 4 

Boo les. 

Wymsn. George H.: En ronte with Gollmsr 

Bros.' Orcns. See Tent Show Bootes. 
Wickers. Tim Three (Crystal): SC 

Mo.. 2.7: f&m 

- 9ka 


Wklttle, wm. K. OfoacCs): Portland. Me. 

White. Bert CCnlqDe) : 

2-T; BakersDeld 9-14. 
West. John A. (Monnmratal): BaltlaHK^ 311.. 

2-T: (Lyeenm) Waablacioa. D. C.. 9-M. 
Wkltmaa. Flank (O. a H.): St. ImM^ Jto., 

2-7: cnjw) atimpkli. TkMk. »>U. 
WMta. ai. B. ft Mia nutmrit Mlf apnlH, 

JOaa. ».7: lOtmrnn lIBaaafetab «lK V-U. 
Wcstestt. B*a CKCMk-Bk: gWHU Bw i B. Iw 

S-T: (C. O. B.) P I Mi S oig. Pa.. B-H. 
Woodford ft Marlboro (nam's): WsdHm 

2-T: (West Slue) Janearllle 9-14. 
Wlkoll ft Co.. Baby Irma (nijod): Dninth. 

Minn.. 2-T: (Cnlqae) Wlnnlpec. Man., 0-14 
Waldon. Max (Cniasc's): Washington, D. C, 


Wnder. Maisball P. (Temple): Detroit, Mleb., 

Wood ft Bay (Keith's): Clereland. C, 2-T. 
Wilkes, Mattle (Bembrasdt) : Amsterdam. Hol- 
land, 21-30. 

Yackley ft Bonnen (Park O. R.): Erie, Pa.. 

2-7: (Lreeom) Elmlra. N. Y., 9-14. 
Yoong. OUIe, ft Brother (Trent): Trenton. N. 

J.. 2-T- 

Yoong, wm a ft L. May Brooks (Arcade): 
Toledo. C, 2-T; (JelTer's) Baslnaw, Mich., 

Yakawa, Mons. (Howard): (^teago, QL, 2-T; 

(Crystal) MHwsokee, Wis.. 9-14. 
Yoong. Tot: Vsncovrer, B. C, 2-T. 
Tonas Ameries Qnlntet (Keeney's): Brooklyn, 

K. T,, S-T; (Bartlx ft Sesmon's) New York 


—-^ --- Qi » CH4i*la»'): iMlCTlIlc Ky.- 
»** ~ ■ 


aaa-a dm. See Tkat , 

ZtaanMnaaa. WBly (Froetsr*8): K T.. 

2-T: (Proctor's 58tb St.) Mew Toik OlF 
Zoeller Trio (Shea's): TOraatOk Oat.. S-7: 

(Park O. H.) &le. Pa.. 9-14. 
Z-noi, The Great: Lima. O., 2-14. . 
Zanclg^. The (Ampbloo): Brooklyn, N. T., 

2-7: (Cbase'a) Washtacla% D. O, B-ld. 
Zimmerman Al. ft Peaw LaBSlo. 4k. 
Zlska. Kins &■ Co. IBMMg * liillgkH Mew 

York CMy. 1-7. 

A Babbit's Foot, Pat (HiappeUe, mgr.: Waco. 
Tex., 4. 

A Jolly American Tramp. H. P. Franklin, mgr.: 
Galena, III., 4; PlattBTlUe, Wis., 6: Mineral 
•Point T. 

A Bomance of Oooo Hollow (Btstem), A. a 

Allen, mgr.: Qoebec. Can.. 2-1; Ottaiva &-7; 

Topper Lake, N. Y., 9; Saranac 10: Placid 11; 

Malone 12; Massena 13; Ogdensborg li. 
A Romance of Coon Hollow (Western), Geo. P. 

Haloes ft Q>., mgrs.: Yale, Mich., 4; Darl- 

soo 5; TpMIantl 6; Dexter 10; Bronson 11; 

Baekaaaa IS; JOAawaka, Ind., 13: Shelby. 

Mich.. M. 

A GM aC The Strreta. with Laora Alberu, 
Decker ft TtlMii s . msrs.: (Mnmbos. C, 
M: WUmlac^ S: Xenla 6; Sprlaslleld T: 
■WheHlag; W. Ta.. S-U: Akiao. C 14. 

A Baee fkruar. P. H. Soniraa Amoaemeat 

— m. S-U. 

Fred CL Thomas, mgr. 

: Co., 

1.'-^^ KBes 5: Elwood City. Ps.,. 

r nub T: Boehrster 9: SsUaerllle. O.. 

TtMBle IS: WdlabDis 13: SteobeaslUe 14. 
A Pair of Ooootxy Rida, Smith ft Baoasao. 
msTs.: Maoch Choak, Pa:. 4; Leightso 5; 
Freeland 6; Laasflsed 7; testy Shore 8; 
Bem-ick 9: Lewlstoo 12; BnJdnek U. 
A Slare of The Mill (Gordoo ft BeoettW, CA. 

C. W. Boberts. mgr.: Tyrone. Pa« 4x Lewb- 
town 5: MIddletown 8; Laacaatcr 7; Totfc 9; 
CoatesTtlle 10; PhoealxslUe 11. 

A Royal Blare (Gordoo ft Bennett's Northeia), 
Fred Miller, mgr.: Teenmseh. Mich.. 4; 
Fayette. 0.. 5: Wanseon 6: Bryan 7; Ao- 
bom, Ind., 9; Colnmbia CiQr 10: Wstsaw 11; 
Plymooth 12; Bocbister 13; Knox 14. 

A Boyal Slare ((;ordon ft Bennett's Eastern) 

D. H. Woods, mgr.: Bncyms. O.. 4; C:arey 
5: Kenton 6; Flndlay T; Upper Sandoekr 9: 
Chicago Jnhctlon 10: Crestline 11; Gallon 12; 
Shelby 13: Mansfield 14. 

A Roral Slaie (Gordon ft Bennett's Western), 
Bobt. E. Sterens. mgr.: Wati-rtown, Wis., 
4; Portsge S; Stonghton 6: Sparta T: LsCrtisse 
8; Winona. Minn.. 9; Rochester 10; North 
Held 11; Falrbank 12: Mankato 13. 

As Told In The HIUs. w. F. Mann, mgr.: 
Frankfort. Ind.. 4: Brartl 6: Danrllle, III., 
T; Bantoal 9; (HiattsiTorth 10: Falrbury 11; 
CnDun 12: Pontisc I3: Bloomlngton 14. 

At CVlpple Creek, with MlUlcent Erins (E. J. 
Carpenter's): Cherrrrsle, Knn.. 4; Colfey- 
TlIIi- 5: Chanote 6; Joplln. Mo.. 7: Plttshnrj:, 

- Kan., 8; Colnmbos 9; Galena 10; Parwm 13: 
loU 14. 

An Aristocratic Tramp (KUroy ft Britton's Co. 

Hoostoo. Tex.. 4 

~ 'mm T: ftasUo 


B.), S. B. Vnter, 
Galreston 5; LaGrai 
9; Taylor 10; Waco 
13: Corslrana 14. 
An Orpban's Prayer, Martin Sbeeler, mirr. : 
Ean (Halre, Wis.. 4; Menominee .1; Red Wing 
Minn.. 6; Lake City T: GalesTllIe 0; IXidse 
Center 11; Owatoona 12; Farlbsolt 13; North- 
Held 14. 

At naey'Kldge. M. O. Binlna. mgr.: Bnr- 
Uactaa. la.. 4: Boek IsUnd. IlL. S: Dares- 
part, ta- •: Streator. IB.. T: (Hileago 8-14. 

,**<sMa. Oaeld J. Bamase. mcr.: Ilsiry S. 
Wchaidi^ boiL mgr.: Saa Fr aaeli es, Cal., 

Aldrleh. Chas. T.. la Secret Berwlce flaai. A. B. 

Woods, mgr.: (micago, lU.. 1S4)H. 7; la- 
disnspoiis. Ind., 9-11: Dayton. 0„ U-14. 

Anbrry Slock Co.. J. T. Macaoley, gut.: An- 
bom. N. Y.. 2-T: Schenectady 9-14. 

A Poor Belatlon. Roht- Meyers, mgr.: Unloa- 
towa. Pa., 4; Btaddock 5: Latrobe 6: Oiceas- 
bnrg T: SC. Marys, W. Vs.. 11; limn. O., 
13: New Lexlogton 14. 

A niildrn Olme: Cllntoa, dk 

An Easy King: DonrUIe. IlL. & 

Alons The Keachaei raikmhmi. W. Dh. 8. 

Arnold Stock Co., J. K Irasld. mttjt 7cfci 

Pa., 2-7. 

As Yon Sow. w. A. Brady ft Jos. E. Grismer, 
men.: BoMon. Mass., 2-14. 

An Arlstocrailc Trsmp (Kllroy ft Britton's Co. 
A.). Harry A. Mnrray, mgr.: Sllllirater. 
Okla.. Pawnee 5: Tol»a. I. T., 6; Uniikng<-e 
T; TahIe<)oah 0; Fsyetlerllle. Ark.. 10: -Rngers 
II: Mooett. Mo., 12; Sprlo^eld 13; Carthage 

After Midnight. Spencer ft Abom, mgrs.: New 

Tork City. 2-T. 
A Coaatry KM. H. B. Whittakrr. mgr.: Mraon 
ImL. 4; Bensselacr 5: Monticello d; Sbcldool 
UL. 7. 
ft Onpmte Cttnet. 

" 0.. 2-7. 

~" "~ " .•) Jt B. 

. , Pa,, 4; 
S; Hastlags S; d it iiaa 7; Canal 
Deeer II; Newark Id. 
A Bonriar'a Sweetheart, Ma niiiam. 

WIsoehairo Oly. Mlmi., 4; Mkalriaa i. 
A Roman Slare (Western): LaOMt. SlOk, & 

A Ronaway Boy, with Jose p h Saaihv, IL H. 

.M. yer*. mgr.: Jentey City, N. J.. 2-T. 
A Rosslan Spy, W. Dick llarriMia, mgr.: 

Ahnrne, Kan., 6: Herlncton 6; Minbattaa T. 
A Wife's Secrr-t: LonlsTlIle. Ky.. 1-T. 
A Tlioronghhred Tramp (Wtstna). CL A. Wal- 
ker, mgr.: Cheyenne, Wfft, at Sanair 8 

Hanna T; Bawllns 0; F " ^ 

Lake City, Utah. 12-14. 
At Snnrtse: nkrlebsmii^ As 4. 
A Unman Slave (BhOtMBl. ' QUBl DVW 7S 

tJhrlchsTine 9. 
Ancle's Comedians: Pixon. nl,. 9-14. 
Allen. VInIa: New Haren, Conn.. 8-4; Spr<ng- 

Held. Maai., S; Watafbacj, Coaa., 6; Bait- 

ford. 7. 
A Message 

Oooa.. 11. 

*AMr: iailaB,tB..M. 

A Little Onteaat (B. J. Orpentrr's): Marys- 
TlUr. Mo.. 4; nsttshsrB S; lloltas. Kaa., T; 
Atcblsoo S; Bortos 9: Asbsra. Meb., 11; 
lecamseh 12: BomboMt IS: fawaee air 14. 
Albee Stnek Ca.. 8L F. Alhee. mgr.: Pam- 

tacfert. R. L. Mpt. A. ladef. 
Alrant Block O.. Belaseo ft Maiw; avM 
Cel.. ladrr. 






Mam tek Clly, 

Baldwin-MelTiUe Stock Co^: New Ortroaa, Ift_ 

6epL 3. bidet. 
Belaseo ft Mayer SUtA Co.: Psrtlaaft (kft. 


Belasco Theatre Stork Cn.. Belasc* h 

ugrs.: Los Anjeles, Cal., todcf. 
Bernard. Sam., Cbss. Frobmas, angr.: 

York (aty. May 1-Oet. 14. 
RUoo Stock Co.: Fall Riser. Mass.. 
Bishop's riayera: Oakland, CaL. 
BUhop stock 0>., Fred M. B 

nooston. Tex., Jnly 24, Indef. 
Bowdoin Sqoare TtK-stre Stock Co.', 

Mass., inilef. 
Bnmncton Stock Co.: Fsll River. 
Borbank Stork Co.: Los A* ' 
Bunting, Emma, Car) Bon 

Pa.. 2-T: Allentowo 9-14. 
Brown. Kirk. J. F. Merrick, mgr.: BcOalre, Oi_ 

2-T: Sharon, Pa-, 9-14. 
Briggs, Floyd B.. Torhelt ft Wsllace, mgr&: 

Golconda, lU., 2-7: Carllnrllle 9-14. 
Barrymore, Btbel, Chns. Krohmsn. mgr.; Sta 

Francisco. Osl., 23-Oet. 7; Oakland 9; Sao- 

ramento 10: Stockton 11; San Jose 12; Santa 

Battiara 13: San Diego 14. 
Bennett-Moulton Stock Co.. C. H. Ocobod:, m^: 

Watertown, N. T.. 2-7; Genera 9-14. 
Bennrct-Monlton, WW A. Partrllo. mgr.: BCto- 

tel. Com., 2-7; Sooth Manchester 9-14. 
Bankers and Brokers, with X«Hw ft Aiaaa^ BL 

E. Forrester, mgr.: JdOCF CttF. M. X. Mt 

New York City, 9-14. 
Big Hearted Jim (Kllmt ft. 

Gsxxolo. asgr.: Lafsyette, laC. ttt' 

port 6: Marlon 7; doclnnstl. O.. S-14. 
Breckenrldpe Slock Co.. Edw-In Barrle, mgr.: 

Belolt. Kan.. 2-T: (Hay Center B-14. 
Bates. Blanche, David «"»*— ~, mgr.: 

burg, a.. 2-T. 
Belh-w, Kyrle, UMI ~ ~ 

Mass., 2-14. 
Bennett-Moolteo, Ira B. Itewhall, 

town. Conn.. 2-T- 
Bentoo's Comedians. Perce R. Benloo. mgr.: 

Arkaaroa atr. Kan.. 2-1: OUahoma Oltr. 

Okla- 5-7. 
Sorke-lfeOaaa. ML McChaa. wtgt.i Ma 

Pk. S4: OlTBhaat U. 
Bea Bar. Klaw ft MHMIb ■SH.t 

Wash.. »T. 
Berry. Miles. Stock Os^ MBeo Betty. 

Cs^ O.. S-7: Tkna Baale. lad.. S-14. 
BtaAey. Flateaee. B. B. P mi t ai e i. 

Pad. moa.. S-7. 
Cm a ill Stack -Co.. W. K. Osnted. mgr.: 

maacs, H. T,^ 2-7; Fiaaklla. Pa.. B-U. 
Cbmj VaUcy (Eastera). Fteaeh ft n . 

marai: AasoMsa. la.. 4: Ceftw RaM^ S; 

CItBtoo 7: Rack Island, m.. S: Da«m 

la.. 9: Tiptoe 10: Xttwt UkHtr Us 

City 12: Moscatlae IS; Bsitlagloa Sfc 
Orroll Comedy Co., Toa Chrtoll. i 

W. Vs.. 2-7; Martlnsbnrg 9-14. 
Chm Slsres of New York. Cbss. B. BIsney 

Amusement Co., props.: J. P. Rrkhardty. 

mgr.: Wheeling. W. Vs.. 2-4; UcKeesport. 

Pa., 8; Altooaa 6: PoitsrlUea 7; Beading 

9-11: nshoken. N. J.. 12-14. 
Clark's Comedians, W. E. (Hnrk, mgr.: Ve^ 

ssllles. Ky.. 4-3: Hsrrodsbnrg 817; NIAela» 

Tllle 0-11; Richmond 12-14. 
Cook's Majestic Stock Co-. Carl W. Cook, mgr.: 

Upper Sandusky. O., 2-7: St Marys O U. 
<^odoc ft Nerllle Co., with Wlhon R. Todd, 

Chas. B. NcTllle, mgr.: Mesdrlllc, Ps., 2-T; 

Bntler 9-14. 

(3use-LIster Thestre (%. (^Corthers). Ciena W. 

Chase, mgr.: Mlssonrl Valley. 2-T. 
Cswttiome. Joe., Klaw & Brlanger. mgrs.: Phlls- 

delphU. Ps.. 2-T. 
Colombia Slock Oow. 8, A. AiaaU. mcr-: Ottt- 

land N. Z,-.S«. 
Coshhin, Boaib AaiMr I 

Mass., 8, 

Oorcoran, Jaaa, ftftSHI ft ]_ 

town. Ps.. 4; aWfa Jshasaewa «t Xa. 

trohe T. 

Cbok-CHinrch Stock Co.. H. W. Tayler. mgr.: 

Rnrllngton. Vt.. 2-T. 
(fleckers. The KIrkr LaShelle Col. mgia.: Fttl» 

tjorjr. Pa.. 2-7. 
Cn>ter's I.s>t Ficht, Frank 4L' BkaSi^ aW^S 

Philadelphia. Pa., 2-T. 
Centnry Stock Co. W. nick Haii l aaB . 

Salla*. Kan.. 2-4: South MeAltalm LK. 

5-T; LrsTrnworth, San.. S-ID. 
<^rta Drsmstic Co.: lIsrrMmrc, III.. B.itL 
Confessions of s Wife.: A. II. Woods, av-x 

Chlcsgo. UL. S-T: awdaaalL Ol, •-14. 
OatO^ SItfc MIo. ItasM ~ ' 

CO, Mm T. 

Saath Chlengo. IlL. Isdet. 
CaMt Bqnaie Stock On.: BwlM. VMU 

Central Stnek Co.. Behmea ft MVBb HPM 

San Francisco. CaL. ladeC 
Collier. Wm., Chas. Frehm a at ttUtm, 

F.ns.- Aug. 38. Indef. 
Dilr. Arnold, Llebler ft Co.. mgr.: Rew York 

City. Sept. II. Indef. 
Darcy ft Speck's Mock OtkS Phnad»»kla. Fa.. 

Sept. 4. 


Drew, John, Cbtm. Prohmsn. mgr.: Rew Tork 
City. Sept. 4, Indef. 

DePrw-Bordette Stock Co. Thoa. B. DePew, 
msr.: Selma. Ala.. 2■.^. 

Delmore's Comedians; Alliany, O.. 2-T. 

Derll's Anetlon (Cbmt. Yale's): Salem. O.. 4; 
New Castle. Pa.. S: Oil Clly 8: TItssTllIe It 
Wsrrrn 9; Bradford 10: Jamestown. N. Y.. U| 
Erie. Pa.. 12: Meadrllle 13: GreenTllle 14. 

Doooe. Allen. Kenney ft Westfall. ragrs.: Mon- 
treal. Can.. 2-T: Brackrllle 9: Kingston 10: 
BeUerllle 11; Peterboro 12: LlAdssy 18; OtU- 
Ba 14. . 

Dowa By The Sea. S. W. Chmhu. mgr.: Brsot- 
IM. ObL, 4: Stratford S; Call •; Woodstock 
7: PrtrsBa Jh Part Barsa, ltlah« Mt Barata. 
Ottj 111 tt. JMMTliSk. at Mfeaas m 
niBt 14. 

DeVoss. Flors (No. 1), 7. B. Bstassr, rage.: 

CoIomboB, Wis,, 2-T. 
PeVsoa. Flota (Kai, S), 1. B. Bltet 

OCTOBER 7, 1908, 

Tlie Btllboard 


padltr, naiA, Flank Dodler, mgr.: Hound 

at/.' m.. »-7; Trmton, Tran.. 9-14. I 
M^nonr (Roirlud * CUffOfd's Oa. O.). 
fMd 8Bylk> mgr.: Wxomlns, III., 4: Mqh- 
MOtk 6: Galnburs 6; Caoton 7; Peoria 8; 
MM •: JUatot 10; BloomlDCton 11; Un- 
aSnt Pwll U; CUntoD 14. 
■Ha TlwtM •(»»w1aud ft CUITard'a Co. D.), 
Ij^ B. Pial. Bitr.: HaoUastoo. Ind.. 4; 
Decatur S: Ft. WafM M; BuMMt CUy 9; 
Kokonw 10: Tlptoo Ui W— rt ISi AtaudrU 
13: Monde 14. 
Don Tborne (Rvfrlaad & CIUTord'a Co. E.), 
vr. T. Guklil. nsr.: Oakeadal*. Waih., 4; 
BItiTllle 5; Mmth Xaklaa C; ■BrailMirg 7; 
Sntllr 8-14. 

Dnrrted at TM iMu, FM HMk.' a«r.: Dan- 

Tllle, IlL, _ , , 

DeToade. Cbeatt r . Stock Co.. Pbll. Lery, mgr.: 

Patcma. K. J™ S-7. 
Dr JtVTll and Ur. Hyde (D. B. LeRlt'). Oscar 

Jones, niitr.: MoBtoar Falls, N. Y., S; Penn 

y«n 0; C«n«ndalgll« 7. 
DsDgers of Working Girls. A. H. Wood«, mgr.: 

Trenton. N. J., 2-4; Bridgeport, Coon., 5; 

Watertjorr 7; New York CItj, 8-14. 
He Grasf^e, J<Mex>hi Hannrbal. Mo.. 6. 
Dora Tborne (Borland & Clifford's Co. A.), 

Harrr Majo. mgr.: So. Bcthlebero. Pa., 4; 

Borrrsford S; Pottatow S; NaRlatoirn 7; 

Atlaatlc Cltr. M. J.. »-M}.Mm U:^dge- 

toa 12; Wcat Cheater, n^' It; BadlBston, 

N. J.. 14. 

Eaicrs Stock Co., OeOL A. Lawience, mgr.: 
.\icrii50D. Kan.. 1-7. 

Eivlns. Gertrode: Shawnee. Okla.. 2-7. 

Edesos. Bobert, Henry B. Harris, mgr.: Brook- 
lyn. K. y., 2-7. 

ElL'ler Effle: Roanoke. Va.. 4: Lynebbnrg 6; 
nJchmond 6; Norfolk 7; Newbeni, N. C, 10. 

EKbteen Miles From Borne: Blver Point. R. I., 
4: WooDsocket 8; Attleboro, Mass.. 6; Marl- 
boro 7; Xvwport, R. I., 9. 

Ccboes From Broadvray: Pnnxsutawney, Pa., 6. 

amnett Katie: Newark. N. J., 11-12. . , 

Eckbardt's Ideals. OUrer J. Eckbtidt, prop, and 
Bi;;r,: Tacooa^ Waab., Indef. 

Elliott. Maslne: Ne^ York City, Sept. 4, 

Emplre Stock Co.: Colnmbni. O.. lodet. 

Bmplre Tbeatre Stock Co.: Boston, Mass., 

Jsly 17, Indet. 
FIske, Mr*., and the Manhattan Co., HazrUon 

Grey Flike, mgr.: Sew Xork City, Sept. 11- 

Oct. 4. 

Forepangfa Stock Co.. Geo. F. ft I,. Forepangh 

Fish, mgia.: dnduatl. O.. Sept. S, Indef. 
F0Rp^i.8tack Ca.: Ffel]n4clpUa, Fa.. Aug. 

naaklU S«aai« StsA tJaw: WatctMcr, Man., 

rtatoag Stack Oa. (Kaatcn). Gml 1L IMbetg. 
ma.: BcocklM. Maaa.. S-7: MI Uiv 9-14. 
MMk- Oh.' nr«m), Wm Oiahon. 
tit : Star- maUt^:€)mmi Ms ' Snr iMdoa 

JL'.lPMtt^). Oim Tom, a^.: 
Mk4 «: Ocnnd iKdcc S: Cbaitottc 
6: BhBk CNck T: UuntaK >: Owosao 10; 
~ ' U; Part Baron 12; Flint 13; La- 

ptar 14. 

raUoa Braa.> Stadc Co.. Jack OUnes. mgr.: 
OoMorilh. Kaa.. tqt (Mmim S-U. 

Faaatala Col (OmMv. ShhM *'JHMK ngrs.: 
Itamar, CM., M; IMRe OttT, >ka>. 

Wichita 9-11. 
For Rer Sake, Loola A. DUott. mgr.: North 

MeCicgor. la- 4: EHkadcc 5; New Hampton 

6: Nora Springs 7; Gamer 9: Forest City 10; 

Alhert Lea. lllnn., Winnebago 12; Fairmont 

U: St. James 14. 
Flaslmmons, Robert, In A Flgttt For Lore, 

Leoa Friedman, mgr. : Pittsborg, Pa.. 1-T; 

ColambDS. O., 9-11: Terre Hsnte, lad., 13: 

DaoTlIle. HL, 13: Springfield 14. 
Flchtlng Fate, Geo. K. GUI ft Co.. ptopt.; 

Wm. H. Ryno, mgr.: FhOadelpbla, Pa.. 2-7. 
Flake, May, Jno. Coscrore, mgr.: Weatexty, B. 

I.. 2-7. 

Flake ft Stock. T. V. Stock, mgr.: Braaarille. 
Ind.. 1-4: Brain 5-«: Bowling Green 7-8. ' 

Farenham, Wm., Llebler ft Co., mgrs.: Cin- 
cinnati, O., 1-7. 

nscbcr, Alice. F. C Whitney, mgr.: Rock- 
fo.-d. UL, 4: Majcatlne. la., 6: Borliagton 
7; Qnlncy, 111., 11; Danrtlle 14. 

Fleming. Mamie, W. B. GnccT. mxr.: Buton. 

P«., 2-T, . 
Flynn Stock Odl, Ralpk A. WM<,'aCfct Biddc- 

«ord, 3ie.. 2-7. 
Faye, Leslie, B. K. Brows, mgr.: Weataahatsr. 

VL. 2-7. 

For RIa Brother's Crime. D. D. Seara. mgr.: 

ntrrlJborg, P»., 2-4; Camden, N. J., 5-7, 
ritijrerald and Gridley: South HaTen. Mich., 

4; Sarnla, Can.. 5; Port Baron, Mich., 6; 

Laoalnfe 7; Bay City 9: Coldvrater 10. 
Patty, Felix. Bart Jacobs, mgr.: Amboy, DL. 

4; Rewanee S; Bostanell 6; Dloomlngton 7. 
Ksst Ute In New Xork, with Jallan Boae, A. 

n. Woods, mgr.: RartrorJ, Conn.. S-t; Al- 

hanr 5-7; New York City, 9-14. 
Gray. Jnlla. In Ber Only Sin (Lincoln J. Car- 
■ Icr's). Frank T. Wallace, mgr.: Waasaa. 

Via.. 5; Sterens Point 6; Fond dn Lae 7; 

Applcton S: PljBOTth 9: Waapon 10; Ke- 
_asaha It; Btkbara IS: BeMt IS. . 
Ganrtdc. J.a^ Kg StoA Osw: M omms wi . Pa., 

WSM-HacriBC: BUnckardrllle. Wla.. S-7. 
Gnoth, Mtm. John M. Bicker, mgr.: Lorain. 
4: BowUnic Green 5; TFapakaneta •: 
Baaltagtaa. Ind.. 7; BeUefoatalae. O.. •: 
ftrthy UK Sprlagfleld 11: Una 12: Aihland 
IS: Marian M. 
**>P*«l9. GtailH^ Mb J. KIcnaii, mgr.: Bn(- 
. lUiL X. T.. S-7. 

O. F., Stock 0»,: ChrlchsTlIIe, O., 

Adam: Bo. Nerwalk. Ctonn. 9-14. 

Cllmore. Barney: Baltimore, Md., 2-7. 
Gallatin. Alberta, In Consln Kate. Kane. Ship- 
mm & ColTln, mgr*.: Unlootown, Ps., 4; 
Weston, w. Va.. B; AahUad. Ky, 6; Charles- 
t™. W. Va., 7s ll M Mfcil lB ^^ gB l lM l j B H 10: 
Fairmont U; ChtfeibaiV '»> ^' 
Wlie<>llng 14. 
German Stock Co.: MUwankee, Wis., Sept. IB, 

Gajnon-rollock Stock Co.: Boanok* Va., Indet. 
Gllmore Stock Co.: SprlngBeld, Mass., Sept 
4. Indet. 

Gillette, Wm., Cbas Frobman, mgr.: London, 

Enj., Sept. IS. Indef. 
Garden Tbeatre Stock Co.: Clereland, O., Indef. 
Rackett. James K. and Msry Mannering: New 

York aty, Sept. SS, Indet. 
Ber Wcddlag Day, James Wall, mgr.: Olaeln- 
Bid. 0.. l.TraraaOTllltk la*, t: MM Baat* 

HamntM * noMBMl^ aiMk Oiw: 

New York aty. Aac. Id, Met. 
HoUen StpA uSima^it-... bdlaa- 

apoUs, lad., liar U, Is**^ 

Lowell, Xaaa., Hmt SZ, 


Hana Hansen, Jaa. T. •Mi'aii»fa_ mn • aun. 

Henderson Stock Co., W. J |k B. 
son, mgrs.: Belnheck, la., ML • 

nendrlcks, Ben., Wak anwZ iLmm . 
slngtoo. Pa., 4; MHtMnflM^nl 
6: Sharon Pa.. *f •'TntaMrT" Bl Tailfi^in 
PostorU 11. - ' *" 

His Father's Sin JM-OMMm. -^-> - - 
la., 4: Bed Oak KlSBa^' iS^^^t 
Clearfield 10. ^ ' Tronhles, A. J. ArlcliFgcth. mgr.: 
i'^S";, ^- ^ - *• A*eide«i 5; OakaTK. D., 

Valley City 7: Carrlnstoo B-NeW Kock^ 
ford 10; Kasby 11; SUnot 12. 
Harris Parklnaon Stock Co., Robt H. Batrl*. 

S^'-'o O- 2"; WheeltoB. Wl 

• a., 8-14, 

Raman Hearts (Soathem), Jay 

Atlanta, Oa., 4; Rome 5; Athcas 

7; GreenTlIle, S. C. 9; 8pMAa5'~I0- 
Colombla 11; Charleston IS: SanShT'ea.' 
13: Jacksonrllle, Fla., 14 — -™. ««., 

Hartlgan, W. H. ft Zara Pbltchette Co., Geo. 
i.. Marolon, mgr.: Warren, O., 2-4; Bar- 
Vertoo 5-7: Conneaut 9-11; AshtaboU 12-14 

HoIIlagsnortb Twins, Lew Gleason. mgr.: New. 
port. Tenn., 2-7; WaynesrUIe, N. C. 9-14. 

HKkman^Bessey, Frank W. Jenks, mgr.: Pella, 

Hanford. Charles B., P. Lawrence Walker 
msr.^BnaUngton, W. Va., 4; Fraakltet. Ky., 

TELEGRAMS for routes of per- 
formars, tant ahows or carnival com- 
unless parties PREPAY MESSAGE 
BOTH WAYS, giving hotel address or 
street number. If route wanted can 
not be found in The Billboard, publica* 
tion is prohibited, or we had not re- 
ceived it up to tiiM of forms eiooing. 

----- J. H. CUSbrd. mgr.: 

fS OncdF Co.. Harrey ft Gage, 
mgrs.: Northamptoo, Mass., 2-7. 
HImmeleln'a Ideals, John A. Hlmmelein, mgr.: 

Canton. O.. 2-7; Coshocton 9-14. 
Hall, Don C: Portland, Me., 2-7. 
Herrman, Adelaide, Edw. Tbornaer, mgr • 
Greely, Col., 4; Colorado Springs 8: PnrblO 

jnncMoo ^ .■ai S lafcB g^wTotiik. Ut Og- 
den 12; WMmt. Mfc. IS; TsWrisliy Ore:, 

Boyt'a Comedy Co., B. G. ARen, mRr.: Jack- 
_aon, Tenn., 2-7; Cape GIratdeao. JJo.. 9-14. 
BIgglna, Oarid. la HIa Last Dollar, E. D. 

Stair, ngr.: Htaawapnlls, Ulnn., 1-7. 
Bonest, Hesrta (Kltmt * Gaaoolo'a), William 

MarUe, Jr.. mgr.: Anaeortes, Wash., 4; 

Sedro Wotdey 5; Tsconsa B-?; Boqulan 9; 

Uonteaano 10; Centralla II; m»»h«ii» 12; 

VancooTer 18. 
Hall, Howard, In The MllUanabe Deteetlre, 

Henry Plerson, mgr.: Plttshnrg, Pa., 2-7: 

Bnffalo. N. Y.. 9-14. 
Hlggtns, DiTld. In His Last Dollar. E. D. Stair, 

mgr.: Ulnneapolls. Minn.. 1-7; Bockford, 

111.. 12; Kenosha, Wis., 15. 
Haywnrd, Grace, Stock Co., Tom Kress, mgr.: 

Sedalla. Mo., 1-7. 
Horton. Henry. In Eben Holden. W. E. Scam- 

mon, mgr,: DanriUe, N. Y„ 4; WellsrUle 

5; Bradford. Pa., Taisnlss^ X. X., 7; 

Caba 9: XskMaataa: Mr ' at. Ib^- U: 

Bldgwaj IsTorarMa IS; Da BsEm- 
Blmmeleln's Imperial Stock Odu. B. F. 

meleln. mgr.: Kalamaioo, lllfk . M^ 
Home Folfca, Klaw & Erianger, mmtt-t Fao- 

ria. ni., 2-<: Springfield S-7. 
Human Slare (Engene SpolTord's), Don Mae- 

mUIon. mgr,: Los Angeles. Cal., 1-7. 
Her First False Step (C. F, Whitaker's): Kan- 

saa City, ilo., 1-7. 
Hnman Hearts (Eastern). J. U. Blanchard, 

mgr.: Wellsboro, N. T.. 4; WUIlamsport, 

Pa,. S: Lock IlaTen 0; Altoona 7. 
Hnman Hesrta (Western), Wm. F. Riley, mgr.: 

St. Joseph, Uo., 4-S: Uncoln. Neb., 6-7. 
Hnsttnga, The Foar. Barn Sail, aagr.: To- 

ledeTOL. Vti Ki—ifc ttln. Wmmm- Ut Uar- 

ton U: Wsamkn IS: OutM 14. 
Ber Fatal Sin, with Aana RamlltaB. A. J. 

MeAroy, mcr.: DeAsnce. 0„ 4; BellefoB- 

tatne 5: Cellna 6: Dunkirk. Ind.. T: Ft. 

Wayne 9-10: IVIphos, O.. 11: Flndlay 12; 

Greenville 13; Elvrood. Ind.. 14. 
Bender^n. 5!aud, Stock Co.. Jns. Parent, mgr.: 

St. Ifmace. Mich.. 2-7: .Mnnlstlnne 9-14. 
Howard-Dorset: Owensboro. Ky., 2-7; Erans- 

Tllle, Ind., 0-14. 
Hans ft NIx: Sterena Point. Wla.. 12. 

In Old TIrclBia, W. 0. Ware, mgr.: Unlon- 
Tflle, Mo., 4; CentefTlIle, la.,. 6: Alhla 0: 
Indtanola T: Osceola 9: Creatoo 10: Clarlnda 
11: Red Oak 12; Gleowood IS; Mefennka City, 

Neh.. 14. 
In Old Kentucky, , 

Seattle, Wash., 1-7. _^ _ , 

Imperial Stock Co.: PioTldence. R. L, Hvt. 

4, Indef. 

Imperial Stock Co., Geo. H. Hamnton, mgr.: 

S,ia Antonio. Tex., Aug. 21. Indet. 
Jerry From Kerry (Patten ft Perry's): Orsee- 

Tlile. Minn.. 4: Wahpetnn. H. D., B-8: Or- 

toDTllle. Minn.. 7: AbardaaB. n« S; Oaks, 

N. D., 10: Lisbon 11. • • 
Jordan Oramatle Co.. Tames A. rtia, mgr.: 

WIntenrt. la., 2-7: Crestoo 9-14. 
Jeirrnoa. Tbomas: Boston. Mass., 2S-Oet. 7. 
Joslln, AlTin: Tipton, Ind., 4. „ _ 
King of The Oplnm Ring. Wm. H. Roddy. 

mgr.: St. Loola, Mo.. 1-T; Chicago. Ill™ 8- 


MlM.VSSSBn, _ 

Mat. M. 

Ht. Ou- 
Boaeobel. Wla., 

gM fc ll , Eara. Uebler ft 0>., mgra.: St. Paal. 
lUtaB., 1-4; UlnneapoUs S-7: MUwankee. 
Wis.. fr»t Aaiuia. U.. 12; BockXonI IS; 
O a li a b M B M. 

Kerfcboir-nUbaaa. Oacr X. ■aayoo, bss. mgr.: 

BelleTllle. Kan.. S-l. 
Knuit, Boeelle, In WbeB KalBklfcaad Waa ta 

Flower, Kane, Shlpsian ft Oolvla^ laaia.; 
Valley Cliy, N. D., 4: Maodao S: Dlcfelnaoa 
6; GlendWe, Uont., 7; BlUluos 9; Uringslun 
10; Boarnian 11; Anscooda 12; Bntte 13-14. 

KarroU, Uut, J. C. Welch, mgr.: Portland, 
Me., 2-7; BIddeford 9-14. 

King of Tramps (Eastern), Empire Amnse. Co., 
nigra.: Altoona. Fa.. 4: Bamcsboro S: Baat- 

ersdale 14.* ' 
Kfllw Stack OOb. A. M. Keller, nsr.) Olaseo. 
Kan.. S-7. 

Krane^, James, O..B. Wee, mgr.: Mewport, 

R. I., 2-7. 

Kellar, Magician, Dodler XeAdnsr, mgr.: To- 
ronto, Ont., 2-7. 

Kerry Gow, George Kenoer, mgr.: Montreal, 
Can., 2-7. 

KUrk-Drban: New Castle, Pa., 2-7. 

Kellry. JeweU. Stock Co.: MaTSefllab Xr- 2- 

Lyceum Stock Co., 

cblta. Kan.. 2-7. 
Lorimer. Wright 

Relnold. m^. : 

Springfield 9-14. 
Leslie, Baasbelle, 

mel. Fa., S-7. 
Long, Fiaak B.. Slack 


Lackarc. wntna. Wm. A. Brady, mgr.: BIt- 
ci^. CaL, 4; Paaadna B: Bakeraflrid 7; 
Fresno 8; ^totMsB.*; Ism Asa M; Oaklaad 

11-14. ■■ .-• --- l.- 

Lockes, The. wm K iMka, Mgi^t iCshir- 
son, Kan.. 2-1. 

Lost In a Big City, with N. S. Wood. A. B. 
Woods, mgr.: Pblladelpbia, Pa., 9-14. 

Keith Stock Co., Del Lawrence, nsr.: Lewis- 
ton. Ida., jair 17. talhif - <• , 

Kershaw-Uoirlsgo Stock -Oil:'- '"''nnrtSlfeM, 'B. 

I., Indef. 

LIvInsston Stock Co., F. H. Llringston, mgr.: 

Detroit. Mich.. Indef. 
Loralne. Robert, C. B. Dllllngbam, mgr.: New 

York City. Sept 5, Indef. 
Ljcrnm Stock Co.: Cape May, N. J., Indef. 
Lyceum Stock 'Co.: Minneapolis. Mln., Indef. 
Marlowe Stock Co.: CHilcago, 111., Sept. 4. 


Mathes. Clara: Calgary. Alberta. Can., Indef. 
May. Edna, Cbas. Ftohman. mgr.: Hew Tork 

City. Aug. 28. Indef. 
Moore-McCaUnm StoA Ca.: B ec hs s ttr, H: X., 

Sept. 18. laML . 
Moraseo, oUiaaii'rfllatlt Obtt 

Indef. • _ 

MCAalUte. 7ne. AL & mina. msr.: Ton- 

fefta. H. T.. 2-7; i n s a ikisii S-M. 
Vscrlaoa. Lewis, Walleee flsekett. mgr.: Sbev- 

brooke. Crsn., 4: Qoebec 5-7; Montreal 9-14. 
Mason, LDllan. N. M. Vedder, mgr.: Parwons, 
Kan.. 4: Oswego B; OJlfeyrtlle 6: Indepen- 
dence 7: Neodesha 9-11: Fredonla 12-14. 
My Wife's Family (Western), W. McGowsn. 

mgr.) Bay City. Mich., 6: Baclnaw 7-8. 
My Tom-boy Girl, Henry H. Wlnchell, mgr.: 
Newark. N. J.. 2-7: Philadelphia. Pa.. 0-14. 
Marks Brae., with May A. Bell Marks. R. W. 
Marks, mgr.: Broekrllle. Ont.. 2-7; Ot- 
tawa 0-14. 
Marks Bros. (No. 1). Joe Marks, mcr. 

broke, Ont., 2-7: NorGi Bay 9-14. 
Marks Bias. ^^J^l^^^"*^ 

wack 'OSn 'SaRnger ft 
PIUi U M , Uais., 2-7; North 

MatMee Stodr Od„ Ward B. Msttlce, asgr.: 
Liberty. N. T., 2-7: KlleuTllIe 9-14. 

Morey Stock Co.. LeComte ft Flesher, . mgrs.: 
Bmnnrla. Kan.. 2-7: Junction City 9-14. 

MelTllIe. Rose. In Sis Hopkins. J. B. Stir- 
line, mcr.: Grand Rapids, Mich.. 1-7; De- 
troit 8-14. 

UnrrsT ft Mactey. John J. Mnrray, mgr.: 
Waahlncton. Pa.. 2-7: McKeesport 9-14. 

Sly Wife's FamllT (SHephens ft Untnn's lant- 
ern), Fniy* ^CookfcJ^^^^ ^g^d . 

Frankfort 14. 
Mnntell. Robert B.. Wm. A. BradT. mgr.: 
Omalia. Veb.. 1-7: r>es Moines. la. 9-10: 
Waterloo 11; Marslalltown, 12; Iowa City, J3; 

ainton. 14. . ^ , 

Moson & Mason. Broodnurst & Currle. mgrs.: 
Newborn N. C. 4: Wllmlnrton. S: Charlotte, 
B; ColamMa. S. C.. 7: Atlanta. Oa., *-14 
Mortimer Lillian. In No Mother to Guide Her. 
J. U Veronee. mgr.: Daventwrt !«.. 4: Mo- 
It^.m.. S: Bodt Ulaad. 6: Jollei 7; Chicago. 

MTIkle-TOMcr Stodc CO.. (Western). Eucene J. 
Hall. n>«r.: Orafton. W. Va.. t-7: Cumber- 
land. Md.. 9-14. 
Mi-rkle-Harder StocV Co. (Southern), Latimer 

* Leleh mtrrs. : Hamilton. O.. J-7. 
McDonald Stock Co.. Q. W. McDonald, mgr.: 

Great Berd. Kan.. 1-7: Hutchinson. 9-14. 
Un. Temple's Telesram. W. N. Lawrence. 

nisr.: St. Loala. Mot. 1-7. _^ . „ „ 
Mrrkle-Rarder Stork Co. (KastcrD). W. H. 

Harder, mgr.: Tork. Pa.. 8-7. 
Murrav Comedy Co.: Newark. O.. S-7: Lancas- 
ter. '9-14. 

M.-Klnler. Matel: Clereland. O.. 2-7. 

MurphT-. TlmolhT-. T. R Sanndeis. in«r.: 'Wleh- 
'tr>. Knn. 4: Ro*2E^!B*i«..: •t^.Pp**!*. 7. 

Mejtayfr. Harry. QUlU 1lHWIJIh':air.':_<Mk- 
land. Cal.. S-4. . ■ " 

Mm. Lefllnrwell'fi Roots. Ctast, FMtaaa. awr.: 
HlnneanoUs. Mlna..-'l-4: St. : TML: ♦fc- • _ 

More to be Pitied than Seomed (Cbaa. B, ma- 
ne v*s): Boston. Mass., 2-7. 

M^nr. Wm. v.. Harry Bubb. m^rr. : C'rcle^l'e, 
O 8: Tjinraster. 7: Portsmouth. 9; Maysvllle, 
Kt., 10; Winchester. 11: Paris. 12; Frank- 
fort. 13. 

Mrs. "Wlctrs of the ralibape Patch, Llebler ft 
Co., mors.: Great Falls. Mont.. 4: Helena, 5; 
Anaconda. 6. 

My Jersey Lily: Bay Clly. Mich., 7. 

My Friend from .^rkanssw, -srlth Robt. Shop- 
man, mgr.: Sedan, Kan., 4:Caney, 5: Ne.»- 
rte«ha. S; Fredonla. 7; Cherryvnle. 9; no(I»y- 
vllle. 10: Bartlesvllle. T. X., 11: Sopalpa. 12: 
Chandlpr. l.i: Oklahoma City. 01tla...l4^i. ■. 

New York Players. Shaw ft Gall 
Faribault. Mtnn... 2-4; Anoka. ^< 

Not Uka.v OOmr -;aMB i QlK'.'iK' 
Schwsat^ aasr.: BaaaMi^ ik.. 4i-; 

Nels Nelson, Perry ft Prcssly, m*nM 
ley. Minn.. 4: Brown Valley. 5: Oai 
Whaatoa. 7: AbereromliK K. Hi, K 

Wichita, xhl;.-hi; 
wiuaifc-'awbt JM^ 

Nettle tha News Girl. Gould ft rmt. saaia,: 

Boboken. N. J,. 1-4; Elisabeth, HillaflB 

phla. Ps., »-I4. 
Mot Uka Othar GlrU (No. 2). Ti i ilmMl ' 

Scbwarta, mar.: WhccUns, W. Vs_ a. 
North Broa.: Dea MolnM, la., i-H. 
National Stock Co.: Maeoo. ko. fr-H. 
National Stock Co.. G. d. it.— n,^- aak: 

DcDolt. Mich.. Ang. 28. Indef. 
New People'a Stock Ok. Fred Oand. 

Chicago, in.. Sept. 4. Indet. 
Nye, Tom Franklyn: PabUcatlon of roots ps»- 

talblted. Any mall addressed la care of Ba 

BUltKMird irlll be forwarded promptly. 
Old Arkan-qaw (Fred Raymond's), Vic Lai»- 

bert. mgr. : Sioiii Falls. S. D., 4; Canton, S; 

Beresr.jrd. 6; La Mar, la., 7; Slonx City. 8. 
Our New Minister, Miller & Conyers, mgra.: 

Freepon, UL. 4; Dixon, 5: Sterling. •:. 

Kewanee, 7; La Salle. »: Streator. »; Kews- 

nee, l»; Elgin, 11; Waukegan, 12; Raclnsk 

wis., 13: La salle, nl., 14. 
On the Bridge at Midnlebt (Kllmt & Oas- 

aol&'a Eaatem), Fred WaltOB, ~ ~ 

Huron, MIelL. 4; r-fcaesj-. - q 

Thomas, 6; I<aaSML: tS , WaaMttflb'^Sl 'J 

ford, l»; Berlte. - 

ton. 13-14. 

On the Brldee at Midnight (Kllmt & 

zola'a Western), Daniel Reed, mgr.; ; . 

land. Ore.. 1-1; Oregon City, S; Kugene^ 2fc 
Albany. U: OorvaUla^ 12; nosaberK. Us 
Oraises PasBL, M. 

Orer MISBsra Falls (Rowland ft CllffOcd'a. Col 

A) , John P. Barret, mgr.: Bellevue. O.. 4; 
Chicago Junction, 5: Shelby, 6; Crestllna, 7: 
(halloa. 9; Marion. 10; MaiyavUle, 11; Mlddls- 
town, 12: Washington C. H., 13; ChllU- 
cothe. 14. 

Ovet Niagara Falls (Rowland & CIIIfatd*B, Ooi. 

B) . Lew H. Newcomb, mgr.: Kennett. Jfa_ 

4; PaiaBonld. Ark., i: Batesrlile, te- UtOs 

Rocic 7: Pine BluIC. 9; Hot SprlngSL ftgTaa^. 

don, 11: Prescott. 12; Hope, 2-ZL 
Olcott, Chaoncey, Aognatus PlKna, aasr.: Msw 

Tork City. 2-2L 
Patton. W. M.. in The I^st Rose of Samma; 

J. M. Stout, mgr.: Independence, la.. 5; 

Waterloo, S: Mason City, •: Algona, 9; Km- 

metsburg, 10; Iowa. 12. 
Fumell. KaUuyn. W. I>. 

HomelisvUle^ K. T,; M; 
Payton Siatara, C. Si H^Hmj- m^t l 

Ga., 2-7. ■ • 
Phelan Slaak Oai. K -T. BMkBK'iBSBit'] 

N. - :■ .-ffi- ■ 

Parker's Flayers. nikar, 

ton. Minn.. 1-7. 
Peck's Bad Hoy. Geo. W. Heath. mgr.T 3 

N. J., 4. 
Pringle. Delia, Stock Co.: WId 
Polly Primrose: Wichita. 
Pslge. Mabel. Henry F. WU 

sonTille, Fla., May IS, Indet. 
Psyton's Le« Arenne Stock Co., Corse PaytsB. 

mgr.: Brooklyn. N. Y.. Aog. 22, tadet. 
PMpleja^beatrs Stack On.: Cklcscsk UL. Aa*. 

Fao^^iaA OKI? Mnr Bmi^-Mb, 

Proctor's Fifth Arenne Stack Oa.: Hew Tack 

City. Indet. 

Proctor's 123th St. Stock Co.: New Tack OUT, 

Quincy Adams Sawyer (Cential). W. Q. Haell- 
Ing, mgr.: Toledo, O., 1-4; Sandoakr, 5; Tit- 
fln. a. 

Quincy Adams Sawyer fWestem), nrank m. 
Morgan, mgr.: Owensboro, Ky., 9; Header- 
son, 10; Bedford, Ind., U; BpeiKer, U; Clay 

City. 13. 

Queen of tile Wlllto Slaves, A- B. Wooda^ 
mgr.: Des Moincfl. la., 1-4: St. Jaaepb. MOk. 
5-7; Kansas City. 9-14. 

Queen of the Hlghbliidar^ A. H. WaaSik mgBJi. 
Wasiilagton. 1>. C., 2-7: lT»af al >, ^ 'Vs.. 

ntF«r NwlicfBB N* G** 

Ralph, Margaret, Robert I,ee Allen, mgr.: A^ 

erdevn. S. D.. 3-4; Mitchell, S: Yaaktoik 

Vermillion, 7; Elk Point. 9; Norfolk. Nek^ 

10; Wayne, 11: Colomboa. IS; Schoyic-. V; 

Aurora. 14. 

Rip Van Winkle (Eastern). C3iaa. P. SUer. 

mgr.: Poaeyville, Ind.. 4; lit. Teraoo, K 

Princeton, t. \ „ _ 

Roe Comedy Co., BarlaoS 1C~ Ssaiik P i g ' 

Torrlcgton, Conn.. 1-7: McrldCB, 9-14. 
Rogers. E. O.. Stock Co.. Will H. Fowanw 

mgr.: Medina. N. V.. 2-7. , 

Russell Bros., Samuel Blair, mgr.: Brooklys. 

V. v.. SS-Oct. 7: Jersey Clly. M. X, *-lA 
Ryan, Daniel: New Haven, Q)OS;i »t..-_^ 
ROSS, Tbomas W., C. B. DiUB^^Bai^' r^i^X 

Pblladelpbia, Pa.. 23-Oct. 7. 
Roe stodt Co., C. J. W. Boe^ mar.: H a ii s ar . 

Me., 2-7: Augusta, 9-14. 
Rathbon-Mann. Wm. F. Masn. 

ton. N. J.. 2-7. _ 
Reaben In New Tork (Henry ■i^ ., 

JacksonTine. Fta.. 4; St. Ati gB a U B f. Si' 

tona. 6; Valdosta. Ga.. 7. 
Robson, Eleanor, L^ebler ft Ca. mgrs,: 

land. Ore., 4-7. _ „ 

Ruined Lives. Albert La Velle, mgr.: RaOaBO, 

Vt.. 4; Granville. N. T.. a: MeckaaicaborB; 

6; Glens Falls, 7. 

Rip Van Winkle. Ho'den Broa., mgra.: Dwight. 

UL. 4; Sanvtlle, 5: JaeksonvlUe. S; Peoria. 7: 

P^in, *: UtdiOeld. 9: MonUcello, 10; Deea.- 

tur. 11. 

Si PInnkard, with J. C. t^ewls. W. A. Junko-. 
mirr.: Orand Island. Neb.. 4; Hastings. 5; 
Kearney. 6: North Platte. 7: Sterling Col., 
9; cnieyenne. Wyo., 10; Oreeley. Col.. 11; Ft. 
Collins, 12; Lovelacd, 13; Lonsmont, 14. 
Sherlock Holmes. Qua Bothner ft Robt. Camp- 
bell, mgrs.: Bridgeport. Conn.. S-(: Hartford. 
i-7: Provldencai B. L. 9-lt. ■ - - . _ . 
Sttelsmltha, The (SWkerB), \OS«M »..S **'l 
smith, mgr.: Ttor. Kan.. S-*^>B|^*-*«K^t 
Steelsmitba. Tke (go ul b a i u K: -C:.. .M. -v SM". 

anlth. mgr.. De Sctft lftfc..i.» ^ - ''--- ^.^i,'^ 
Sharpley Theater Co„ AM. 

Helena, Mont., 1-4.- . ' 
sites Stock Co. (SMW'.-<k^4 
H S- Gilbert, mfl 
Woodstock, 9-14. ^ -•- • — '^ -yi.-- 

Sites Stock Co. (Sites ft OllklHTO Big""^ ' 
W!U C. Sites, mgr.; Oiaavsw'- va,,. m assi, «s 
Frederieksbarg. 9-14. .awj. 
Sothem. E. H,. ft .-ulla Marlowe. CTiss Frog- 
man, mgr.- Detroit. Mich.. 2-4; Buffalo N. 
T.. 5-7: Rochester. »= S/"-:!;^. i"?f^ 
U- Uties. 12: ScbenecUdy, IS: Albany. IL 
S^SbC aSfc Theater Co.. Mack Swain, prop. 

ft aasr.:' Oolfaz. Waab.. 4-7. 
Shea, Tbomaa E., VOam^^imtnaMa. i 

Lowell, Masa., 2-7s Baasaatr 
SeUgman. Minnie, Ifnal BumBI.' aw.*51 

ington. D. C, »* 
Skinner. Otlst 
ton. Maw... SrOat. -.V.'. . 


Xl\e Billboard 


Tent 3howfi 

Wild ^tsm* 


Tlie 6i«at Wallace Sbows win doae the K«- 
■oa at Xaiawcll. Va^ Oct. S3. Kb tDBte to 
wloter qaartuo. Pan, t fc> ifc WT will 

make a one afaair fee* MBTvt mMBMawn, 
W. T*, Oct. 23. _ 
' - at gtr a. An C 1. tt « Wal- 

s feflvtt njBBVA A aHMHSftil Meant. 

' tte able dlneBfai of (taaoat Ascat W. 

K RaakUa. tbe adTanee kaa made a wmdertal 
AMrtig; and tlie cnieial bamonr taUOng be- 

I ■III! <ke department baada feaA wltb tbe 
•bow baa bad much ta do towarda the aoeeaaa 
of the IMS tooT. Tbe ring perfocmanee this 
■eaaon haa been excepHnnallr atronc- Tbe 
Wallace abow, howeTer, ia noted for Ita dreoa 
pertonnasce. The tour of ld06 wlU be marked 
bj- a nmnber of striklns lanoTatlun. and Mr. 
B. B. Wallace pnnnlacs an OTsanbatlim lecoDd 
'«» Booe la tlae drcna Held. 


Mn. Joacph T. McCaddoo, wife of the pro- 
prletor of the HcCaddoa Sbows, died anddenlr 
In Iiondon, acconUa^ to adrlccs recelTcd tiom 
the Brltlflb metropoUs. Mra. McCaddon was 
promloent In Philadelphia social circles. Mra. 
Ju. A. BaUer. wife o( the great sbowman. and 
Mn. Dr. Haiper. wUe oi the emlneiit New 
Xock ^ualclaB. aic ber alateta. 8be aeeom. 
paaied ber boaband to Lou dog laat ^pdiv when 
he took bis itew to Bunipe. She leaves three 


It is reported that Major W. W. unie la 
esln— of eatahUablnx bla winter qoarteia 
i tbe west, and with that psrpoae In view 
L C Kiapv. taocral axent of tha Pa' 

It be 

Unie. He has 
■idtahle gToaada, 
among Wichita 


Bdaa Maretta Is stUI addinc ts 
as a saaecaanlt artlat. 8ba ia 

Wamn TksTla, who bas won new laniela In 
bis marrrloiu UftlUK act, will return to bla 
bome IB Brooklya as soon sa the aeaaoo doaea. 

Tbe HeNots. wbe Jollied In Aocnat. bare 
made manr ftleadb Their act aUdls ap- 
planae at evezT perlbi niai i e e , aaraaisiin any- 
tblnx cTer attempted open tbe ttace, 

Capt. Hngh Tbompaao. of the caTalir eom- 
panT, will sbortly enter tbe Kanaas Clt7 Vet- 
crlnax7 CoUesv to prepare hlmaclf for a pool- 
tioB te tha dlrlakn of — '~' tndoatZ7 In the 
P ip si lWf tt JkcMtto* a« Wi 

Vtank LaXoae bas bad a 
with the Big Ten. Bealdes glTlns hia Jos- 
mtag act In the big performance he has beoi 
en^^ed In statnaxy poalns, chariot racing, 
ticket taking, lithograph collecting and act- 
ing as special attendant on the GoTemor. 
This winter will see him back In hia old place 
aa art model In the Cincinnati Art Inatl. 

Aside from the blrthg and death that haT* 
had a place in Doc Waddell's imagioatlott, 
the menagerie bas heen enriched by the ad. 
Tent ot two Zebu calres, an Ansa cali. two 
Utters of lion cubs and a litter of leopard 
Cuba. It haa anffered the loss of a trained 
lion, the leopard cnha alreadr mentioned, an 
Addaz antelope and a ebuianion bear. Urs. 
Dr. Matthews, of GarllnTlIle. m.. presented 
the menagcde with a One yomic corote. Tbe 
anlmala are aD In coed condltlao. 

Usxsaiet Eliick bas a foe hci^ 

self aa a atx-^one drlrer, and Is pettap* the 



A. H. 

writes aa 

Mr wMk flhB Wallace 
his: noM to 
t BDbaasd Art I waa 
■aliWr'latally tajnad at Hew Alhaar. Ia 
SfE^ wBlar ikkt I was dtaehaiced tn 
as St. Jd w at ds Wnapttal one wcA acs^ and 
.mm mw aUe tv watt aboot with a cane. I 
aa setttaic better an tbe time, and am now 
to be with the Show. Mr poaltlan baa 

ami oZ thlt^ 

Ind.. doalac ea4r «> 

fever. It la <ba ead 
In the blatoiT ot tbe ahow. Tka paat 
has been a veiy pleasant oie tor aa tbe boys, 
baTlns had no raia ainee Ihs earlr part of 
Mar and Uttle tiot weather to speak of. We 
opened Is Jraieahoro, Ark,, In Mardi, and the 
car has tiBTCled 9.dS2 miles, corerlns cTery. 
thing of bnpartanee west of the Mlsalsalppt 
rtTcr. The nwter of the car la practically 
the same aa when we started oat. In de- 
parting for their homes and winter poaltlaaa 
hWB an wt* tha Old Sellable ancceas 
I AVv. amcnenta are as follows: 
; r. CMHCk ev sisaaser, leaves lor Waa> 
be wHI apcnd a taw daya 

^ ^ teas. rSmnrnfuVaOe 

81 Hsaklns Harry Belts takea eba^ ot the 
adrertlslns for the new ^40,000 theatre at 
TaylornUe. m., his home. B. O. Bobey goes 
In adrance of The Irish Pawnbrokers. Chas. 
Undblade foes In adrance of Otis Bowers' 
Mlasttela. A. E. Stoae takea Gharse of the 
adrertlBbv force at the IiaCtosse Theatre. La- 
Crosae. Wis. Hany Pitney wUl be connected 
with the advertising force ot the theatre at 
FleepolU m. Wm. Lane win be with the 
ctt^v forte ot tbe theatre at Bocktord. 
Wga. Dawaoo soes to Omaha to take a 
with the Malvabill ~ 


Dnrlng a performance ot' the Pawnee BU 
Wnd Weat at Burlington, Kan., Sept. 21, 
Wenona, of Wenona and Prank, champlun ride 
shots, received Injnrles which will probably 
keep her from work for some time. DqtIdc 
their act Wenona shoots from a rapidly moving 
horse. Owing to a maddy arena her horse 
slipped and tell. Wenona waa thrown to the 
gronnd and aostalned a severe scalp wound 
and an tainted left foot. 


The Van Amburgr Shows bavt «n- 
Joyed a very proapenma aeaaon. 

The Col. W. 3. Uden Show went into 
winter qnarters at Flanlgan, 111.. Oct. 1. 

It Is reported that the Forepaugh- 
Sells Show will remain oat ontll Nov. 15. 

C. N. Thompson Is making his head- 
qnartera at the Wlndnr Clittca, CUcago. 
After a wry suc<:essful season with 

the Slbel Brothers' Show, J. W. HIttler Is 
home at Dixon, III. 

John Allen, for many years with the 

BlngUng Show, bat now with the Floto Show, 
will not winter at Baraboo. 

Mrs. Rozie Horgan. wife of John 
H«xaa of the Haaanliertt ahowt It wer Hi 
at her home la at. iMla. 

l]|ht>w]K ai Hals 

tbdr tweoty^eventh week 
with Oie P. W. HaU Clrcna. 

aa ■ ffeatme act 


Sev. w. B. Sheak, of the »^H»T*Tim Shows, 
writes entertainingly ss follows: 

Is achlevfac «r fiHit-B luie 

of aaeeeaa. 

Mks. John O. BofabiaoD Is again vrlth the 

. — of two months. 

Oaau tedn t JsjaosUslnK a s«t*-<»f propo- 

Iiola and Lola Daniels are 
.plea of what drcns life win 


Awhen they Joined the show In UOS they arete 
f trail and delicate. Now tbey are pccfict tped- 
mens ot womanhood. 

Sita. BOlst haa greatly enjcmd. har anaoQ 
la. iht. KiBf rSokmcB flpaalaA. 

most expert lady "long string" driver In tbe 
world. She Is also captain ot tbe lAdlea' 
Zonave Co. 

Everybody la monmlng the loea ot Mr. and 
Mrs. Geo. Stnmpf. Mr. Stnmpt. commonly 
known aa "Boggy" and who has been a talth- 
fol employee ot tbe Ten Big tor years, baa 
resigned to go with the Hagenbeck Show. 
Probably no man can pnt a ahow onto a train 
In less time and with as little loss ot space as 
Mr. Stnmpt. Mrs. Stnmpt. aa Ulaa Myrtle 
Eeama, bad the wardrobe bete tor two years 
and was a good and true friend to everybody. 
Their baby, Mary, won a place In the hearts 
ot both old and yonng. 

Prof. Winston's sea Uoaa contlnne a star 
teatnre ot the performance. Prof. Winston la 
a (cntlenua and a bard.worklng trainer, and 
deaarrca hia aoeeess. Trainer Hndgens, who 
has been working the tronpe with the ahow 
this ass son, la an able Ueotenant. 

HIaa Ada Lorton la again with oa. Last sea* 
m lOaa Locton was vrith Hereafter, on the 
Pike. In April she decided to spend the snm- 
wtth has mothar at ber bome near Cln. 
Wt srev tbcd ot the qnlet Ute and 
In ta* aaaMN' Mtnad with the Hoaa & Nan- 
maa Oaratval On. tv mar ^iha Boir city in 
eoBBeetloB with a nhttaa Mctadt. Whea 
eompoy daacd tte caaa taCk to tte Ten 

Zgnara Ool 


many onfiiv. 

have all tb* 

verses^ a large meaaoc 
eome . to tbe old ,m 
eapedaUy good tbrooghoat 
Tocfc. OUo and V"flfiitai 


- Of tbe season, as 
deaplts all re- 

kttaa to 

Reports from Chambersburgr, Pa., 
Indicate that tbe Frank A. Bobbins' Clrcos did 
a large bnalness In that town Sept. SB. 

Allan McPhall Is maldiiK his bead.- 
qnarten at the Mttlooal Shear ^WlUng Com. 
pany's oflleea, Trlbone bolldlng, Chicago. 

George Mantell has closed his fourth 
season as special agent wltb tbe HaigieaTes 
Shows. He goes In advance ot tte 
Stock Co. 

"Red" Carroll wishes to 
that he has closed wltt the :MHMS * 
Show. He may be addfeaaad at the " 
offloe ot Tbe Billboard. 

The Tooaoonln Troupe of AratMi, 
which baa been one of the hits with the Har- 
greavea Show this season, wUl play vandevllle 

dates, beginning Oct. 8. 

M. S. Bodkin, for some time identi 
fied with the Bamnm ft Balliy 

jaster. Is meeting with 

Bros. Shows this 

The Zecks. Kellle and Cuvier, with 
the AL r. Wheder New Model Shows sU aea- 
aon. hava licca cnaascd by Mr. Wheder tor his 
Indoor Clicna and Camlval. 

Fred H. Seymour, eontractlns aeent 
for tbe No, S Oenfiv Bns.* Show, baa closed 
a pleasant and aiiriasiM anaon and ia now 
making hia headquarters In Chicago, 

There promises to be a very inter- 
esting development In tbe drcna field Jan. 1. 
We onderstand a conaoUdatlon of certain dicaa 
Intereats la now imder prnf i aa «C fMaiBiiM> 

T^e Stumon FbmUy Band tuna Or- 

Mr. Jar Rial, the genial press agent 
with the Sorepaagh * Sella Brothera United 
Sbows iccelTed some gtlt^dged preaa noUces 
from the Dally Preaa while In Wichita. Kan., 

S. H. Semon is at present In charge 
of tte Bamnm & Bailey offlcea in New York 
City. Jeff Callan being iu witt typhoid fever. 
Mr. Callan la getting along nleely, and -bosca 
to tesame bis desk shortly. . 

CoL M. W. Welsh, formeiiy one of 
the owners DI the Welsh Brattets Showa, la In 
Chambersborg, Pa., bnslly engaged In rehears- 
ing a theatrical company to play tte larger 
ooe^ ^raeaaoD. He wHl present The Water- 

The XDett Trouiie proved one of the 

^dSsr^-syTftSr ssTai^x 

ragaged far the mik Mala lUr at SaU £ake 

J5B*a!** M>«.Bi «tt Mn 

uSa ^tJSP ^ «'saBtaa aC the 

Ootten In Polk County, Georgia, is 
briaglag alaeen cents oo the wagon, and tte 
fatacn, na la good condition. A dreoa woold 

state, aceardlng to reports. 

Dave G. Pollock, who has been out- 
side orator for the Hargreares Show all aea- 
aon, will shortly close and go into Chicago for 
the winter. DnrlDg the Ulneaa of Prank Mor- 
rla. who has been laid np with rheomatlsm 
Mr. Polllck has had fnll charge ot tte aide- 

George H. Hlnes will have two- very 
strong attractions at White City, Chicago, next 
season. The Hines-Blake ft WlUard Shows 
have enjoyed a big aommer hnalneaa at White 
City, and Mr. Blnea baa evidenced in erery 
way bis anpMior qoalUleatlana aa an atnoaa. 
ment manager. 

Authenticated repor.ts from the Buf- 
falo BOl Show deny that the oisaal] ~ 
was stranded In France. Instead of two 
dred horses being shot becaass a( 
ttere were thlrty.fonr. ~ 
says George Starr, who 
MlnneapoUa Sept. 29. 

Phone aSSL Eattt-bltahad 1845 

Thomson & Vandivoor 




8 1 6 B. Paarl St., • ClNCTWNATl, o. 



FroMie — a— n»ei» tor MraM Fatra 


59-AI W. WasUn^on St., CHICAGO. ILL. 


Shorn Tents for Circuses. Wild Weat ■ 
Shews. Black Tents, Candy Tops, 
nags, KIdd & Baker Ugfats. etc. 
Sn( tir II MP priti Hit if SEEfllMMO Tnti 

4tS-4l7 Dstawara S*.. - - Kaavaa City. Mo. 


All Kinds and Sizes 

AwSn SUeajto. 


FOR SALE c.tiBAP. Tbrae ear Jpads ct 

rwii ankb almostnewtenta,aaail»a»aiT 

sue. from 10 X 13 tu 80x ISO, 

Da Ma KERR WRa GOa, 

167 Souiii Canal St., HIttSO, ILL 


Islaid Av0., - Ciilnc*,lll. 

»n«»a. TENTS 

From MAGEE & SON, 


Tents to let. all sizes. Black tents oar 
apeclalty. Tel ^iS& Cort andtT. 


OUTFITS. USHERS and aM olhen. Send 
for Catalog, mention kind wanted. 
Saedal Attention Giren the Profetaloa 

Western Uniform Co. ,220 Clark St., Chlcagu 

. C . GOSS C 



stock Hangers, Poeteta and OaU on hand for adyer- 
— erery hranch ot the Amaaement Bosln^iw. Send for 
-loauo (Dl of DramMloADdfhourPrintlDe: 

^a XS) Fair and Carnival PrintlnK: 

Blllpomara. Comnwrelal Fosteta. 
~ _— iPmitlnsof all Irtada. _ 


lighting Systems 

For Tent Shows. Parks. Streets. Stoica. HsUa. Etc 
adopted by all the leadlns showa In ttMm& UiAtai 


r ._t. 9^ wtwn has 

LWita Blade tor aU pnipoaaK 


OCTOBER 7, 1905. 

Xrie Billboard 


UNITED STATES TENT & AWNING CO., (incorporated) 

IO-I8 N. DMplalMS St., OMi OAOO, ILI.. 189-133 W. Randolph M. 

Years Expsrisnce p M ^ ^^^r^^Ci'^ gl?»Au ix e n x s 

BUILDING H Bi H ^^^^ '"'j' ^ V '^y^^ s'^ " BLACK and RED (AnythlnciiMMleofcmnTU 

■ Ail KlBtfs and Sizes I I ^9 -t^V^ \: \ Yi"^ Kws patent .uc^rra. 





HmvlDK enlarcPd our quarters, emploxlox tbe blsbesl paid experienced belp and Elvln* all mattera our personal attemtla 
y*^»»*»JJ»o ^^^I^I^^^^J^^^** «aanatr of coatraeta for any alxe or atiria of tent c»— tr— «ton for daU« 

amalUr oC 10 «. UMk 


WilUam T. Spaeth is making a good 

itoirtw wttk A. H. Wood** jittractlou. Xbe 
fl^S ^SL... of a Wife. Mr. Spaeth la aimed 
■Mb an aetlTc annuemeDt espailciiea ot maiiy 
nata' aUndlDS. and mnr that ba has catered 
Ok theatrical ranka, win nadoobtsdlr be beam 
tram In • mstctial wmf. 

"Punch" Wheeler mrltes ttam yim- 
cmm, B. C.: "B4. (3ooke Is baw aknd at 
B«n Bar. He aajs the tbcatrca an Mt^lKB* 
enoosh for bia show, so 1 eSend to Wi t 
the dnoa casTaa for the wmm W H 
per sqoue yard — SI cents tat ■mmm^ I "S 
retain tbe ear-lap prlTUeges." 

Sid DeClalrvlUe writes that he Is 
atill with tbe VacXj BUI Shoir, wltb which 
ornnlutloD bulnew baa been bis all aeaaoo. 
The Dhow baa played Kanaas, Hlaaoorl, Okla- 
tiama, Nebraaka and tbe Indian TerrltocT' 
ne aeasoii opcaed Uaieb 25. and will not close 
Bstn some time. In December. 

W. J. Elliott writes us from hU. 
borne Id EransTUIe, Ind., that after a year 
of UlDCfla be la oo tbe road to complete recoT- 
or, and bopee to be able to troop asain in 
tbe near fntnre. For a nnmber of jeara Hr. 
miett bad entire cbatse of tbe tefrtshsieiit 
(llrllcgts wltb tbe Walter Jj. Main Shows. 

"Whals Oil** Gus. who has been in 
flt; bkcV BMglt>It Cbtcago. for the paat 
tirdTC iK«fc% IS oat acaln. Be wiu join bis 
partner, Uttla HOadar, who baa be*n in front 
ot the Blake Doc, FDar A Honker Show at 
White Citr an snsoB, snd sbont Nor. 1 they 
wni open their wbsllac erhlWtlBn at BokfUle, 


George Atkinson' writes: 1 
bccB retr sncceaafol playtag n 
doalDc with tbe Wm^ P. 

bUe ptayus Kanaaa CII7 I waa 
asKctabwis at tbe B. P. O. . 
1B7 act was well iMHtM, mv 
Mtnd. Wsim A. PatHck,, 

watch." ' 

General Agent Walter Forblsh, of 
tbe Slebel Doe A Pony Shown, waa s welcame 
caller at the Cblcago offlce of Tbe Billboard, 
Itonday. Sept. 2S, ca hla way to Baa Fran- 
daeo. Cat., he barlitt eloicd bis snson. Tbe 
aiad taar U laacThas BMMd a fca^ 
___ — . — a - 

Al. P. Whooler writes that his 

dose tin aeason Oct. Et, at Fort I/cydSBi K. t., 
and so Into winter qaartera at Scbcnoctady. 
The seaeon - ot ISOO wlU find the new model 
etaowa greatly enlarged and taaproTed. wltb 
tbe addition at a aamber ot new featnice. Mr. 
Wbeeler'a Society Clrcoa and Camlral opena at 
Schenectady early In Noremlwr. 

During the performance of the John 
Bobloaon Shows at Alton, m., recestly. a 
stray doc KOt Into the animal tent and caused 
a stampede amons tbe elephanta. The bis 
anlmili took after the dog. and for a time 
It looked aa If they were going to make troa- 
Me. Tbe elephanta were at last gotten under 
control wltboat damage, bat not aatll tbey 
had caused considerable excitement. 

The Hlnes-Blake-Wlllard attrac- 
tions (Blake's Doc. Pony A.Uoiikey Show and 
the Nine WUlords' Temple of Maolc) wUI leave 
Chicago Oct. 12 for New Tork, aalUng from 
there Oct. 12 for BaTana, Cnba. where they 
are to open at tbe Kattonal Theatre, Oct. 21. 
Tbe Cohan cncagemcnt Is foe sixteen weeks. 
These shows bare cajogrcd a UlUr wnMUaua 
seaeon at White dtr, CMcafP, sstaMMMag an 
enTlable icpntatloa. 

W. M. ChUcott, for a number ot 
yeais identUM wtthraooe of tbe leading dr- 
eose*. now estahllabed In Kanaaa City. Us., 
where he has a nnmber ot bnalneat Interests, 
was a welcome caller at the Chicago ofllce 
of The Bniboard last week. Hr. Cblloott wUI 
be remembered as one of the most genial fel- 
lows who erer followed the white teats, and 
bis many friends in the ptofeasloa will be 
pleased to know that hs Is prospering. 

King B. Ziemer. of Ziemer's Royal 
American Shows, writes as follows: "The show 
Is doing nicely. I hare spent the biggest part 
of tbe season here on beantlfnl Shawano Idike, 
Wis., and thoogb not In the best of health, 
I hsTe the pleastire of aayteg that I am aonaic 
with the world. The people with my angre- 
Estlon are an well and they seem happy. 
We win not go sontb this winter. We <aooe 
oor season Oct. 1, and go Into winter qnartera 
at St. LonlB. Thla aeaaon baa been aplendld." 

VtlOambut Is fhe taster of advertls- 
lag ear NeTroC the Orcat Cole ft Bacera* lUII- 
mad Shows: B. H. Jones, general agent; Frank 
B. Ryan, contracting agent; B. G. Basa, presa 
agent; B. 3. wmiama, manager of car; <:harnc 
Patcher, boas bfflpoeter: Bneat UeweUng. Htbo- 
grapher; Bdward Cnite, pracTammer and ban- 
oeraun; Owi. Ctaandltr. diet sod W. <>• Tea- 

r>8, J. HcAlUBltr. «. P. BOOStb fl. BM, 
a HsRts sad c I. mmr 

■lato ai of yaur nags. Wagon Cevara, Hon* 

1 nk iWiistMBg new and Tery attraetlTo. WUI briog yon the tattdts. M 
In stock wiileh wUI make a good black top. 


Utfits in tent work. Give brigtit light and are ahBoiotajy Wfc 9m 

boys an all writ as 


Notes fnan the AL F. Wheeler Big 
Kcw IMH Wkmm Ms «ww doacs Us mat 
meesssfal scasoa Oct. 5 at LooMIIe. M. Y. 
We bsre been ttavdlng thioaih Hw f?t»^t]»^ 
and the AdlronOacks, and ereir ess bH en- 
joyed perfect health. The naa la itUtt baa 
walked ' Tcanlarly. Daring the dinoier hootn 
Sept. IS die awoibeia of the show prcaentcd 
Hr. Whcdcr wUh aa decant Usaonle wateb 

C9MW. XiAfayette closed with Col. W. 
J. mtars Sbow at Marshsll, Hlnn. He writes: 
"ms Is one abow that we performera can call 
home. Both Hfe, and Hts. Uden are like a 
father and mattm ta an that do half way 
right. We im l lM s lM SMlatnlr tcgsst tlist U 

sixteen large snakea for the act. The act 
has made such a hit that Hr. Wallace baa re- 
qnested Mr. iftFarland to feature It on a 

larger scaie neit i"_'aH.ja. 

Wm. Irwin and ) 
PaA. St. lAota, hfOb, 
the Wm. Asfatoa drens. 




We I 

2SO.O0O Mew 
General Bectric Make, 8 
Toltaga 100 to 110, r 

1.000 Oalraalsed 
Boxes, also Coin B a 

BOO "Khakf Ualfstma. roiislstlsg sf 
and pants; 200 Special Orereoats. SMda tcr tka 
Jefferaon Onarda at tbe World's Fair; 
"Khafct" Caps; 600 aeU ot Sww^ Baitt saS 

BAJCBOO roixa 

S.OOO Bamboo Pole*, ssed by the D. K 
Oorenment In the Fhlllpplae Otsui 
range from 8 Inches to e indiea la diameter 
the bottom, and tram 80 to 60 feet Isag. Ua 
for many pnrpoaca. 

Tbocsanda of other Items. Motan. 
Wire. Ooon, Ssah. Trasses, Bead Balleta, Blips, 
BoolIIng, Siding, Unlag, Pipe. MacUasfy, 
Ponltnre, Offlee Eqolpment, Safaa, Vaatt '■ 
Fcnclnc. Wire. Flacs ot all Mattaas. 
Cbalra. Watar Ouslai% OiaaahsaBa M 


LoooB No. OM. oBiOAao aosn 

nre ca, Stth sad baa Sts., CIMeags, IB. 


rortable Grand Standa and TtMiag Qa> 
cus Chairs manolteliined. 

fumisbed and : 

6»ei Ohaiplahi 9U CLEVEIJUID, O. 

Is time to cloee tbe season, and we 
Colonel and Us family the best ot snceess. 
The show has been very proeperons this sea- 
son. and has met with no serloos accidents. I 
shall toor the sonth this winter In elocution 
ondav a Naw York maasger. 

The opposition forces of The Great 
Forepangh A Sella Brothers United Sbowa did 
aome One work recently at Wichita. Kan. Thla 
abow waa hilled In between two other aggre- 
gatlona, and In the face ot soch strtmg com- 
petition tbey drew capacity baaloesa at tbe 
matinee and night performances. The brigade 
who had charge of this work Indade Barry 
Graham. Wm. Cain. Geo. Clare. Pred. Win- 
ters. Bert WUson. Hiram Green and Dick Scan- 
lln. Theae gentlemen are bard workera, and are 
ptodsdng great, rcsnlts for their emplayeia. 

W. H. McFarland, manager of the 
annex with tbe Great Wallace Shows, bss 
framed op a anake sbow whldi baa created 
no end of iandatory eomsacat. The eonccp- 
tlon Is an original one, and la worked oat 
on an elaborate scale. Miss Grace Clarke, a 
Tltlan-balrcd beanty, la featured. The stage 
occnplra the center ot the tent. On three 
sides It U draped with rich tapeatriea ten feet 
high, and a plnsb curtain eairying Ultmilnated 
snTec lettera, "The Bncbaatrcaa," oorera the 
front. When this curtain Is drawn aalde a 
perfectly black backgronnd la ezpoaed. A apot 
Ucht Is thrown upon tbe eentte of the stage 
and MISS Clark, attired la p ass .w Mtn tttA- 
Ings, steps forth. TO* MaC k *~ 
drawn ezpoalng to riew a 
*s " 

Central Park at Centre Square. Pa., 
has Ctaacd Its stssoBi Xbe paA wffll ogca again 

to Jobs Mdar the ■aawmst gC Cke Win C. 


F. Trimble, trap drmninw of 
Oony. Pa., do s e d a T«ty neecssfol smsob at 
FUUey Lake. N. Y.. Sc^ 1«L w ith the Chap- 
man Oiclieatra. Bla artistic work recclfcd some 
Tcry flattering pcalae. 

Lake Muakegon Park, Moskegon, 

Mich., has inst closed the moat aocceasfol sea- 
son In the history of the reaort. Manager W. 
R. Reynolds expects to hare a elieolt M tl 
parka next snmmer. 

It is reported that Pittsburg, Fa., 
will next season bare another large park. whMi 
Is to be esubllsbed by New York s^ Pltta- 
buTz capltaliata. The proposed resort win eorer 
twelre socs not ttx fttua the heart of tbe 

Olentangy Part^ Oolamhna, Ohi<\ 

win bs Mssar tsiii I 'b»«na it assM up 

next SMH^ aMMrttS pilMSt dSBS bftag the 

erectlaa sT a Aa^tbrAatesL mtbv eaaslsr sad 
a mammoth dancing pariUoa that wm aeoooi. 

modate 1,000 oonples. 

Ponce De Lieon Park at Atlanta, Gfl., 
will remain open imtll Dec 1. The aeaaon 
baa been a rery sncceaafol one imder the man- 
agemeat of WIU Sharp. The skating risk at 
thla resort Is claimed to be the largest In tbe 
world, tbe Ooor measnring 400x380 feet. An 
slrahtp has beea addsd to tbs aiasy dxaMng 


Ho. Bias 


GUselBBaa« O. 


Can place good acts wltb CInbs at all times 
Call or write. Metropolitan Entertainment 
Bureau. 421 Monadnock Bldg.. Chicago. 111. 

The season 
Omshs, Neh.. has 
dolly, la the 

J. F. iMft 

at Olcntangy Park Th sa ti a and Eoo. 

lombna, Ohio, la nendlng tbe fan and winter 
with rrlatlTca at Oweashoro, Ky. In company 
with WIU Picaaer of Oolnahoa Mr. Ixift will 
next season have a olnatzcl company 

upon the park dzcoltau 

The Knabensbne airship flights at 

White city, r«»i««fs wen eminently an eesj a 
fnl. The BMring liituis nan. erer to tbe 
fore, when there hi aa epportnnlty to secnrs 
iip.t»4ate material, was on hand and a fine set 
or asotlfla pletozea of Knabenshne's exhlbltlona 
wm sooo be ready for the market. Tbe Sellg 
Felysoope COmpsny's opetatoia took tbe mor- 
tag pletues. 

Riverside Park, Montreal. Can., 
eloaed Ita aeaaon last week under the mansce. 
meat of Leri Tremblay, who Is also proprie- 
tor of the resort. When tbe rewrt opened 
early this season It was whI^*p*Tt(t ahoat that 

It wouldn't last Ion;. AmDS.t-mt.nt Manager' 

Al. Bead worked tbe harder and he gare bis 
patrons TaodeTllle wUdt they coald ~ * 
hat appreciate. The park aisde ma 
Manager Ttehlay snimnarfs tbat It la 


Xtie Billboard 

OCTOBER 7, 190& 


W» au BOt aad«rtAk« to r«mjdl PAifK W or 
MCXAS£B OS which U nqaind otn pMtac* 
to fonrazd. ml*** the iMcauu7 ■■■■( aC fOTt- 
>0 ia At th« risht haaA M» if MM 

yvB will And smaimt r«qairod. 

AmUemHoBM tat bwQ admtiMd ttil lUt 
licaad iBdMdwdlr ^ " 

Bii^. Sin. Van- A. 
:9nwd. Uts. Don 
Balc^ Hrs. s. T. 
•Blabop, Mie 

BonncU, Mmrie 

•ISonu, Bose Slieldon 

Bojkln. Mn. DallUa. 

BOTklo. Mn. J. A. 

BstgsB, Nenie * Ada 

Brown. Mn. Gertie 

•BroKulie. Un. Wal- 

Bnrtiank. >Uzs H- A. 

Caitio, Mn. UI7 

OkaUcUne. Par 

Cbaae. LUUaa 
dark. WnUe & Jlabel 

ObIc*, Xn. I. M. 

OdIIiia, Dot 

Goitett. Mra. Boae 

Oxtiltt. Mra. S. Ed. 

Coilir. Jfra. Sot 

Cards, Mrs. Oiu. 

Dafoe. Fanw 

DiTls. Mn. M. L. 

Dajao, J)ay 

Oemoot. Certle 

Ik: Boae. Pet 

CeToiuJa. DoratliT 

"JJeTjne, DoDy 
..Oolud. Mrs. Amr 
. :.n>nt7ca. Mar 

Vfcisa. Mn. Chaa. 
-•Elmer. Marie 
. raolkncr. Mn. W. 

nr. Mlaa Aaaa Era. 

Frccaw Mn. JUto. 

'jSicte; Giae*. 

■Maaoo, Mrs. Kola 
Metsdn. Bace 
Mentor, Corette 
MlUn. Mra. J. O. 
Monroe, TrlzSe 
•Monia, Docotkr 
Mortimer. T-ttii— * ■ 
Moateo. Bra 
Mrinzo, Leonore 
J«aaoo. Mrs. Carrie 
Neirtoa. Mn. Vtrlan 
Xebher, Alice Beat- 

ITewton. Mrs. :M: A. 
KoUsd. yUaJOAlTM. 
Norton, Mar " ■ 
OU>er. Marr 
Olzran. Blanche 
Ormabr. Jasette 
*Feek. Lola Bar 
Peck. Mn. Caddie 
Peer. Mn. Carrie 
Perce. Mn. b. A* 
Phllonr, CanTua- 
Pomeroy. Pearl 
Bolnford, Tlolet 
BaTlDond, Sabr 
Beed. Mrs. Botha 
Beede, Vera M. 
Ree»c. Mn. Frank 
Kerena, Mlu 
BIcbanls. Mrs. Battle 
Blddle. Mra. W. W. 
BingI-, Madge 
Boherta. UBlan 
Bobertson. Mrs. Jnlene 
Boehl. Gnnda 
Boacmis, Mn. Albert 
gnaenttial. MtSL Bavr 
Bnasell. Sfi^ ft Mea. 

Both. Madaa 
St. Jjem. Bale 
Salnr, Mia. 

Mcna lOe • 
Mr. * Mn. 

fcaliiBe. Qneen 
Yames. Mn. Thoa^ 
Janien, Isabella 

. Jennlfr; Mn. Geo. ar, 
Jennler, Mrs. Geo.. Jt 
Johnson, Mn. Cbarlle 
Xane. Mrs. Geo. F. 
La Base, Madame 
La Bose. Stella 
La Boser, Madame 
LaFont, Madaljrn 
■LsMatr. Mrs. Emma 
LaTerne. Madse 
Lee, MUdred 
Lewis, Gertie 
Lowry, Hazel 

■ •MeCormlck. 
McDanlel. iBk' ;«» 

■Malrolo. AmalU Alia 
Mara. Madam F. B. 
Uardel. Mar 


•Snter. Emllr 
Scott, Mrs. M. 
Serry, Mn. Mae 
Samon. Mn. 
Schiller. Mrs. SartfiB. 
Wisllsr. Mrs. Floceaee 
Bbafer, Mabel 
Shaffer, LUIlan 

Sfaeppcrd. Mn. B. O 
Shields. Mrs. Cleo 
Shields. Martlu~ 
Simmons, Sadie 
Simpson. Wm. 
Smith, Nenie 
Smith. Nina 
SterUns, Ida 
Stewart. Mn. D. L. 
Sutton, Mn. H. B. 
Tajlor, Louise 
Thelma, Mlsa, Palmist 
Van Han. Bra 
Venrlefc. Mn. E. E. 
Vina. LncU K. 
Wacsoner. Lenoa 
Wagner, Patricia 
Walten, Pearl 
Ward. IPanline 
Washboro. Mn. Chas. 
West. Annie E. 
White, Hose 
wuliams, Mn. Olara 
WUson. Boae 
Wolf. Lnilan 
Woods. Mar 
Tale. Miss Odl 
ToBlIn, Alma 
•Zolta. Miss wmie 

•Abber. Wntred 
■Adams. Henrr 
Adams. Andnw- 
*Addtsoa ft LMasatOB 
Adell. Jesse 
■Adnmon, Eddie 
Abl. Ed. 
Alton. Thos. 
Alberto (Contortionist) 
Albion. LoDla 
AlkiDS. Chas. 
Allaln ft Brown'a Oo. 
ftJIeoek. Ino. P. 
Anite.' Chaa. 
AOea. Prank P. . 
Allen. Bobt. Lee 
Allen. Mr. (Msr. Ver- 

rla WbeeL) 
Alpoint. Joa. 
Altmaa, Bob. 
American Am. Co. 
American Can. On., . 


Basssge. Bert C. 
Baaer. I. Paol 
Beacher ft Stasler 
Becb. E. C. 
Becker. H. W. 
Beckfr. Chas. A. 
Beckler, Geo. B. 
Beechele. Geo. 
Beecher. Chas. B. 

(Snake Show Man) 
Bell. Edw. H-. Mgr. 
Bennett, P. C. 
Bennett, Gnr 
Berger. John 
Bernstein. Joe 
Berry, Miles 
Bersoo, Arthur 
Benton, Kirk 
Bererly. J. W. 
BIgner, Chas. A. 
Bishop. W. H. 
BlanUiifaoit. ; Arch 

Raok B. 
WlM, ' GhasL- 0. ^ 

•Aaatto. X. a' 
Aosklas. Ctatcae* 
.Bacon. Mrno K - 
Saker. C. F. 
Banka ft Mack 

Baree^ 3te 
Bord. E. T. 
'Borer, K. Mgr. 
■Borer, wnils B. 
Badler; ''. a. 
^Bradlcr.'D. >>. 
Brentoo, The Great 
^Breen. J. 

Banner Wrhlhltlnn On. Brewer, T. M.'^ 
'Buktagr. .Mr. - ■ - -- - 

Brock war, rnak 
Brodle. W. A. 
BralOar, B. H. 

Bivwa, Marrclooa 
Broira. Jeas M. 

Brownie. Leon 

^owj "aaanja 
Bosch, Banr B. 
Bnrke. Will 
Bnma ft Co. B. B. 

Show, r. W. 
Bmiliea, Harrr 
•BnUer. B. P. 
Bntler, Max 
Bntterwocth, Arthnr 
•Caleedo, J. L 
Call, J. B. • 
Cameron, EdmaC 
OanuD, Alf. 
•Campbell Frank 
Campbell. Dooglas 
Capps, James B. 
Carpenter. B. B. 
'Carter, Capt. Nick 
(High Direr) 
Carter, Engene 
Cardoa, J. C. 
Carroll, Ion. Mgr. 
Carter. Jno. W. 
•Carttr, J. 0., DlaTOlo 

Carter, l>aa 

Carter, PanI 
Caaer. A. W. 
Charlea. Tom . 
CaranaDgh. Jatk • 
Chasm. Prot. Loola 
Chesaller. Frank 
Clusaller.; B:: <^ 

Biaaa. Mark H. 
rasaa Cars. Os. 

Eoropeaa Am. Go. 
Fagaa. Chaa. 
•Faraicr. Battoa 
FctsBson, J. M. 
FOI^na, B. nanda 
Flaeh. htoa 
Flnaccaa. Jaaca B. 
First. Baiaer 
Flake, B. 

FlamlBC' tiiair Co. 

Flabagan, Cafit. Ed- 

Plasders. Edwin F. 

Fler:her. Master Frank 

Fleming, Eddie 

•Fleming, WUl C. 

■Fleming. Wm. B. 
' "TTorenee, Al. 

Florence. Barry 

Forrester, WlnSeld L. 

•For*ter, W." H- 

Fowler, Ed. 

Fnnker, The Orcat 

Franks. N. 

Frnnklhi. Am. Co. 

Frazee, Al. G. 

Frazer, E. C. 

Free. J. Martin 

Free Mort (Pewee) 

French, Engene 

Fxltcfale. Frank B. 

Frog, Joe 

•PnltoB. Arthur EU 

Foltoir, Chas. M. 

Sardnrr Ohildrca'a 
Show, Mcr. 

W. earrlQi; F. D. 

CiMfc; atfc .: ^ fiaraiwri. Geo, 
Ctaik.' fmUa C. (Vooc Gateimd. Bart. 
Jankr) •Oclscc. B. (Aetar) 


ClaA. Jir. (ftlr. 

Kcnbeek Shonr.) , 
Clark, wmie * lUM 
Clark. Tom - ■- , . 
Carbear ft StaataM 
Oaas, Geo. 
dartOB. Carl C 
Cleneaner. Mr. 
Cleveland. (Jeou W. 
Cohan, Eameat 
Cole. J. E. 
nm Louis A. 
•Conkllng, WUl 
•Oiban, Gto. M. 
Conley ft McGnire 
Omlon. Jack 
Continental Amnse. ft 

Ex. Co. 
Ooofcston, M. C. 
•Coons, Chas. 
•Cooper ft Abbott, le 
Corbette. S. Edw. 
Cocnelliis. B. F. 
Cooltcr. Frank 
■Coiren, Geo. H. 
Conaona, Clndla 
45oivan, Walter 
Cox. S. J. 
Cralc. R. D. 
Craig-, H. B. 
•Oamer, Joe 
Crane. Edw. C. 
•Cnnton, A. B. 
Cirooae. W. F. 
Cos. Bert 
Cnllen, Prank 
C;zarllnskT. C. K. 
Da Ctema Family 
DeShetler-Veriwe Oar- 

Daaner^ FNd A. 
Danob Boaa A. : 


Dariiasi Red 
Dash, Daze 
Danbr. K.' 
OaTcnpott * 
Dasir. Ite. ■ - i. 
Darlee. Tdm 
Darls, Jake 
Day, R. W. 
DeCkilo ft Stokes 
Doc's Cam. Co, 
Degrosse, joseph- 
Delaceys, The ' 
Oelgatlan. Baba 
Demlng, BUI E. 
DetrKk ft Benjamlae 
Deroe, Cniaa. 
Dlckerman. D. 
Dickson, J. B. 
DUIae, John -W. 
Dlllae, Max 
Dinsmore, W. B. 
•Dlttman. Chiu^H. 
Dixon, LisPeHe 
Dlion, P. L. 
DHon, C. A. 
Doran. Martin 
Dorln. W. F. 
Draper Kid (Candy 

Draper. Frank (Candy 

preeker, Joe 
j)Qgan, James 
•Pniry. UIke 
Samltmaen. UMta 
Oanbar, Batiy J. 
Oonworth. John 
Dntton Cam. Co. 
Dnaaaolt, Desnia 
■Dinrlea, 8am 
Dyson ft wnaoB 
•Birit, J, B. 
BsHr, X. B. 

aSif/^te: * JIM. 

Oa,. Oct. 
aetkant, Dak 
ahantcin. X. a 
Bdr. Joe 
■eUIa Ab. Oa. 
•BeUea, S. K. . 
Edwarda, Paal 
Edwards, Doe. 
•Elsteld, Max 

«Cna» aa. Bert 
'Qliaitt. Jcs. E. 
ataala Osm. Oa,jr.B. 

GicaiMa. PML Oscar 
. B. (Borse Trainer) 

flnUsa Medical Coib 

■ ■ "O"* ^ . • 
Solden Bemedr Co- 
Gorman, A. F. 
(^nld, Wm. J. 
Graiiaefa-Selisaaling Co. 
Gntiam, A. M. 
Graham. Harry 
Once, P. K. 
Grant. Boland 
On»el, Ed. 4c 
any, Frank 
•Ureen. J. EOaworth 
GrlfiSn. Jno. 
/GroTes-Lyall Stock Co 
Gono (Bounding Wire 

Hagen, C. B. 
Baton. Chas. 
Haines. R. H. 
Hale. Geo. C. 
Bamberg, Phil. 
Bammersteln, E. B. 
Hammond, Ctias.B.ltc 
Handy Ifcr.. 0». 
pswgsn, Elnia, 4c 
Harler, C. B. 
Barm, Fred T. 
Barrlnc, Cmtl 
Banis. Sid 
aBncIl,-PaBl W. 
aartman. Gnr 

aawUnt Me. (I«ap- 

, au^r. ic. 

Beltoa. «. 
Helton. Chaa. P. 
Benerr, B. S. 
Beodennn. O. B. 
Bcndlcr. A. H. 
•Bendrleka, Bobt. 
Eendrlcks. Boaa and 

HerrlDgton. W. B. 
•Berman Shows. Prof. 
Herman. La-irson 
Herooons, Mr. (Mexi- 

e«n Strone Man) 
HlgBlDB. Eddy M. 
Hlldebrand, Lon 
•Hill. Harry WVDaJd 
Hilllan, Prof. Wm. J. 
Hindoo. S. Knpa 
*Bcrbeo. John J. le 
Boch, Chas. 
Korkey. Harry GIbha 
Bolbrook, Wm. C. 
Hoffman. ProC H. E. 
Hollenberger, Leonard 

•Bolmca. Bagi^ Fred 
Hooker, Gto. (Mexi- 
can Geo.) 
Bope. Alex. 
Bopklna, Bast 
Homer, Geo. 
HotchklK, Glenn 
•Hooghtaitoc, Geo. 
Honnens, Wm. B. 
Bouse. C. P. 
Boward. Mantraae 
Bowe ft Dccfcer 

- - ». 

-Banr ' 
Bn»d, HUB* 

.Ban. BMT 
•Ifcer * Abtr OOb. 

•Jeanette Broa. 
The Jsnnetti 
Jennler, Geo,, Jr. 
Jeraote. Fnik ■. 
Jesaop, Ed. 
Jllea. Bir. 
Jobasoo. mn. B. 
Jutioaon.' AL K. 
Jotaoson, Chaa. 0. 

Jotmson. Billy (Bound- 
ing Wire) 
Jones, Cortls A. 
Jones, E. 
Jones, E. B. 
Jones, Eari O. 
Jones, Wa. 

Jones. H<M.' C 

•J. w. p. 

Kane. Mr. 
Ksne. Robt. E. 
Karieili, Faliuw 
Katool, B. 
Katzes, B. 
Kay lor. E. G. 
Keeler. PliUlp E. 

•Kellb. Darld U. 

Kellv, Geo. 
KeUey, J. C. 
•Kelley, David A. 
KHnurily. Jl 

Kerwin, Dan 
Keyes. Frank 
KUpatrlck, Chas. G. 
Kllpstrlck Bras. 
•King, Larry 
King. Candr 
King. Jno. 
King, B. B. 

lUng. w. r. 

•taas ti Oa.. B. t. 
Bias, jack 

Elalcr. John 
KlppeU ft ht_ 
xJSix. 3. a. 
Xsplla, waa. 

KreUel. U. (FJaalat) 

La Clair ft West 
Latlrette. Chaa. 
•La FeU Trio 
•LaMarr. Artkar 

Medarla,A. Leon 
Medway, Chaa. L. 
Mellon. Loa 
Mercler,. Jno. E. 
Mercer, Robt. J. 
Mewbom, Willie 
Meyer, <;eo. E. 
Meyen ft Mason 
Miles Wearer Shows, 

Miles. G. M. 

•Mlkesell, C. Z. 

Miiirr, U. 

Mlllelte, Al. 

MUlie, Slim (Ice 

Cream Clones) 
MUIs, Geo. U. 

MitckeU. I.. A. 
Ultcenger, Wbitie 
Moler. Charlie 
Molor, Geo. A. 
•Montgoiuery. W. D. 
Mooney. B. D. 
Moore, H. A. 
Moore. Bdw. B. B. 
Moore. Geo. F. 
Morris, E. D. 
Morris Com Bemedj 

Moriey, C. A. 
•Mortimer, W. A. 
Mortimer. W. C. 
Mullen, Thos. T. 
MneUer, Mike 
Murpby, O. JL, Jftr., 
Mnrrsy. 9tm. Otaa- 

Morrar, Jamea A. 
Marrar. Cbas. (Bed) 
Matalc, TMr 
Mrcta. Max B.. IIcr„ 
Myera. M. B. 
Xr«n. *Mi 


SMsoB, Jos. 
Melaon. Samuel Ll 
Kester. Barry 
Nevada. Lord ((lap 

Hewnan, J. D. 
Xewton, W. O. 
Mebolla. Chaa. 
XlcoU. The Great 
Klxon ft ZUnmetaaa 
Kliaa. Bart; 

TbU letter IlaC ererr week for mall 
matter. IVe are Mot revntred to 
hold anclalmed letters] 
ten dara, except at 
peraon addreaaed. 

L<amonrenx. G. W. 
Ljiogley, Mr. (Saake 

LeKoy, r.oB 
LeRov. M. 
I^Selle. Ed. 
LaVfUe. 01 Wm. A. 
Lambert. S. K. 
Landsay. Nap 
Laop. Arthnr. Mgr., 

LarlllaTd. Wylle 
lAskey. James 
Layelle. John A. 
LawsoD, Joe 
Layden, &■ J. 
Lee. Barry C. 
Lee. Joseph 
Lee. Baymond 
Lee. Walter 
IiciBOa Broa.' 

Nonls, Edward 
Norton, Mr. (tac- 

Kye. Tom Fnaklla 
O'Brien. Geo. W. 
Oalei. Pat 
Ogden, Cbas. T. 
OlL&iie Troupe of Japs 
Upolloran, Uarold 
Oseoton, Lansdowne 
Oabome Dramatle Co. 
Orerton. Banr 
Owens, O. B. 
• Iireiis, Tom 

Pamahastka. Prot. 
Pangtiam, w. D. 3e 
- - Co.. 

r. 11. 

Peeler, Bickard 

LcTitt. vieHr ' FCnCk. Wia. 

LealB. P. X 
n^rlaad. ~ 

Ulea, Obaa. 
UndaU, Obas. E. 

Utttle, B. A. 
Loekwood Expo. Oo., 

B. W. 
Lone Star (Mra. Oa. 
Lome. Gordon ■• 
Loale, Jack 
Lonry, Carl . • 
•Luce. Grant 
Loce, F. B. 
Lnddtngton. Tamea 
•Lading Saiow 
Lalrt. Ceo. 
Lyall. D. B. 
Lyons, Chas, W. 
Lynch. Wm. 
McArthnr, E. C. 
MeC^anahaa. Ika 
•McColIea. HHbtrt 
McComb. KM (Bgb 

McOea. Jas. 
MeCollocb, R. D. 
McDale, Geo. 
McDonald, C. B. 
Uc<;earr, Banr Wm. 
MeOlnnls. J. D. 
Mc<^wan. C. A. 
McGalre, "Red" 
■Mclotryre. Bobt. 
Mclntyre, B. H. 
McLaoghlla. Jai^ 
•McManos John 
Malone. Geo. 

Maitlaad ft 

M ewM ai Chaa. B. 

- - aw. 

Petrala. Stephen A. 
PhUIps, Chaa. 
PhUUps. Prat. M.- B. 
Phmips. Joe (Simp) 
PhUllps. O. P. 
PblUlps, Ftank D. 
Plcaco, Lolal 
PIttee. C. F. 
Poka, July 
Potter, B. B. 
Potta ft PotU. 
*Pontetey. Franela 
♦Porter, Wm.. Jr. 
PoweU. Albert 
•Powler, W. 
Poiwera, D. O. 
P<wpr«. B. C. 
PaJo. F. P. 
Qoaker Medlctaw 0». 

(J. M. Ferdoo) 
Qolllens. The 
Radlean. Robt. 
Ralnbolt, V. H. 
Ralney. Jno. W. 
•Ramsey, ChaA 
•Ra4>ier. Joo. B. 
Rarlck. C. 
Ratcllir. A. O. 
Ratliborn, L. R. 
Raver. CHias. 
Ray. Dr. Da-rid 
•Bay. DaTid 
Ray ft Berry 
Raymond, Fred 
Raymoad, Chas. B. 
Raymond, Andrew 
Beynolda, Jno. W. 
Beed. Fred 
Bee de r . Fraak L. 
Bdd. BaroM 
Belaa, Kat. de 
BeaUk. D. I. 
•BcmKI. Frank 


J. B. 

Bernard, ft. D. 
Ktac. Dan K. (BaX- 

•Bledel. Anton 
Biea. Geo. 
KixKs. Albert 
Rllry. Will (High 

Wire Artist.) 
lUie.v, Thos. H. 
Roberta. W. B. 
Itubinwo. A. C. 
Bobson. Fred 
noddy, G. a. 
Rodney Stock &>. 
•Uugan. II. r. (Urrry 

Git-IIoond Man) 
Rogers. W. F. 
Rosen. Francis 
•Kugers. Uea.. Jr.- 

Rotibubl, M. B. 

Roll, itoj 

•Rollins, Ge«k -W,- 

Rouieru. C & '" 

Rom. EmQ 

Rose. Wm. (Train 

ROM'. Cul. C. U. 
Hosenlbal. Jake 
Bui-sl. Three tiro*. 
Boy, Walter a 
RublD. Vnt. EU 
Russell Broa. 
RusseU, F. M. 
Rn^U. Mr. & Mn. 
KoiMeli, Geo. 
Bnasell. Dick 
Ryan. W. E.. 5c 

St. Amo. Wm. 

St. iSalre. Murris 
SU Clatie. Cbas. 
St. Pierre. AL 
Sackett. Banr 
Samdera, L 
Samoela. Maariec 
Saaden. Of. B. 

Sarage. Jamea 
Saasajoa. Maaael 
Saarrcr. Banr Oltawia 

Sehepp. C W. 
BeaesnaMrr. Fraak 
Sehaaeek. M. 
Sehiridt. Banr P. 
Sehwahb Saa 
Schwaacncel. Fred 

•ScolUr. Naabtt 
Seott, Dee ft Seott 
Scott. W. W. 
Seltay, Frank E. 
Selc, Jaa. F. 
SUrerlake ft DebIrT 

Sbafer, Cbas. P. 
Shaffer, A. E. 
BbannoB, Barrr 
•Shattoefc. Wm. M. 
•Shattoek. W. B. 
Shajne, Jolta 
Shea. W. B. 
Sherman. Cbas. 
Shnier Bros.' Clreaa 
Shipman. Bmest 
Shoekey, C. B. 
Slioekey, A. D. 
Sbntcr. Eiji ea t 
Skinner. C. O. 
Sloah. ObarUe 
SmaDMmbe, Hasea 
•Qmltb. Foddy 
Smith. W. S. 
Smith. Harry G. 
Smith, Barl K. 
8m I til ft Ackermaa 
Smlib. J. S. 
Stnlib, Borabay 
•Soesrt. CWeoee (Ma 

Snell. Charlea 
Snyder Bras. * !>••• 

ker-a W. W . 
Sopp, Joe 
Sowle. WSB. D. 

•Spiagne, AMn C. 
Star ft 

StaA. -tank 
Staler. ProtL 
SlaiUnc. 6aft ■. 

arkca. Wallaee 
Syrvll, DeU 
Tkbcr. O. P. 
Taylor. AMR 
Tarior, BlMiw 
Tregaiden. Grasw • Bras, dfeaa 
Teets. Jho. W. 
Teoorssee Cam. Oa. 
Tenaey, Barry . 
Thnsber, (%arUc 
I'liuraluo, Uvwasd 
Thnrston, Barrr 
Ttbbltu, w. w. 
TiMirtis. CoabaMa •. 
TiUmsn. Slim 
Tobin. Matt, 
Todd, Wm. ' 
ToU^.». Oro. 
Toasell, Biekard 
Tmliaoii Am. tla.P,B. 
Trehnne, Oiarlle 
-xnpp. e. A. 
Trowbridge. W. P. .• 
TntUe. Bobt. c. ' ■ 
Tnmer. Bock 
Tnnier, 0. M. 
Twog, Joe 
Tyroo, U. M. 
V. G. M. 

Cncle Joshna Perklas 
Dnde Tom'a Cabla 
Show Co. (Ferry's) 

Van AUea. C W. 
Tan Foaara, Barrr 
Van Oaten. Tha^ Sl 
Tan Vechtea Mec' 
CBl DOB Shok 

*VarIa. ■«« 

W4*er faallr (Acro- 

WaMraa. Or. OasX 
Walker, Oeaw W. 
Walker. Bert 
Wallaee, Mscnid J. 
Wallaee, Wa. P. 

(Glaaa Btowesa) . 
Wallace ft ManBlB 
Ward'a MtaatrcK 


Wararr. B4. 0. 
Washington. Jan. 
Wataeo, B. B. 
•Weaber, B. L. 
Wearer. B. W. 
Wel»er. J am es 
Wehater, B. 6. 
Weldeman, TtKX. 
Welch, r. J. 
•Welab, Stephea O. 
Wentwaelk. Chaa. 
Wcntwartk. WtOm ». 
Weat. D. M. 
Wemrrv Am. Oo. 
WUtcomb, G*o. 
White City Am. Oo. 
Wbtte. (7s 1 1 all J. ■ 
•White. Portcfi 2. - 
WhKe. B. If . 
Whitby, Joo. A. _ ■ 
WIeks. Cecil ^ 
WUlard ft Co., B. F." 
WUlen, W. 
Williams. C%a8. B. 
Winiams & Coodcn . 
wiliums A Jdajai^ 
Wilson, Tomy 
Wnsoa, F. R. 
Wllsoo, Fraak 
WUaoo, Banr B. 
Wtmmer Pob. Co. 
Winters, Jlm 
WlBstnefc. Melria Oi . 
Wlseenp. OL >■ 

Stoddard. W. Wi 
Streets of Caka^ m 
•Straaa. Berman 

SolIlTan, J, H. 
Bnlllraa. Lawrence 
Sntton, J. B. 
Swala. m. I. 
Swallow ft Markle 

~ Mar 

soda ot the Aca 

BwiO, Ocei. J. 

Mattesoa, Sam 
•Mattler. Bert 
Hasta ft Oar 

nm, . Bug t. 

Ktce, BokCUM 
Blee, air. ^lea . 


Rich, Ben]. 
Rich, Geo. 

Bop** George Evans bas te- 
ctm aMat anatd el onair bla atarrtac toor la 
The Baaawaja. ander the directioa af P. Bar- 
Comstock. wbo baa snrroaaded bim irtlh aa 
excellent compaDr. and who baa made a floe 
prodnctloD. The ezecntlre atair name: Man- 
ager Frang Abbott; business msnsger. Stewsrt 
Lltbirow; musical condnctor, E. J. Howe; stage 
msDSEer, C. S. WImaatt; aaalstant stsge man- 
sger, amea Beraer; carpenter, Robt. B. Boss: 
master of tnnstwrtatlon, Wm. Klessee. The 
W. K. Bnrcbam; wardrobe mistress, Roae Dodge; 
mnster of transportation. Wm. Kleesee. The 
priorlpals sod cboms Inclnde: George Ersns, 
Charlie Dox. Wm. T. Bairmon. Fraocklyn Ws|. 
Isce. J. T. nowmsn, Harry Smith. Vera DeFord. 
Charlea WImaatt, Thomas Brooks. G. 

Denton, James Bemer, Moos Csrrlogton, Mar- 
garet Sntherland. Carolyn Walker, Lllilaa _Al- 
tbea. Blanche Altbea, Uasle Atnaworth, Ooiotkr 
' Florence Paraatn^ Bsa WatUce. Sadie 
Oaie rslk— . Jm* Pnitoo, Millie 
Cramer, Lain Kettliw BBsaa ban. OanUte 

Brrd. Jeanette Lesrta BIkel 

Kaster, Marie Otaaodtu MM Bleh. OR L- . . 
StelU Tonkla. Lottie Parker. Blla BBIa. Oladya 
Grar, Haode Winia. Aribor Bell, Jamea Bem- 
ateln, Wm. Kleawe, Thomaa Bmythe, Jack 
O'Brlea. Albert Lowa. Wm. Carlyle. Charlea 
■ " - 'Mia ~ 


£kr Farm, Jo*. R. OHaMiV atr.? 

city Mo.. 1-7. 
Sluidowg on tbe Knrtb, Arthur C. Alatoo. 
mar. : Dayton, O.. 2-4; iDdlanapolla, Ind., t-7. 

■h,* York C IQ!, fj L. - _ . 

tSS'OaaAsj Ok, rtmiiK J. Slutm, mcr,: 

Tall«; ~lf. *_ V-Oet. ». 
sia-n of tbt IflBe, L- J. Slevln, mcr.: 8«ra- 

MC Lake. N. Y.. 4; Tupper Lake, 6; Ma- 

lone, 7. 

golly Daniel, Wlllla E. Boyer, msr. : Marlon. 

Q 4' Uma, a: GoabtD. Ind., «; South Band, 
Kenosha. Wla., g; Rockford. III.. 10. 
aaiy B<.tlom: Clrclevllle. O., S. 
Shadows or a Great City, Wm. L. MaUey, 

m^r. ' Hoboken. N. J., S-U: Yockcra. M. Y., 
Pe«k:iclu. U: New Rocnella, 14. 
gblt'lcr. JKal«: 8pok4D(. Wuh.. ladet. 
Saonr.' Uortlmtr, Slock OA.: Tar, N. T., 

AUE. 3S, Indefl 
SDooorr Stock Co.. Mrs. B. S. SpMocr, mgr.: 

'SootlTo, N. I~AiW. M, Mrt, 

Tbasbooaer Stock t3».l XllambMb Wli.. ladcf. 
Theatre Fraooala Stock Oa.1 TliBtrnl. Can.. 


The CaUecc WMmt (SBatezm). BasiT W. 8aT- 


1^: K*w 

T«ril CMr. Sept. 4. 

Tbe BaDkar** Cblld. Rarrr Sbaoson. nsr. : 
Toledo. U.. 4: Oelweln. &: La Porte. 6: 
West Ur.loa, 7; Strawberry Point, 9; Man- 
cbestrr, 10; Cedar Kaplda. U: Anamota. 12; 
OxTord. U; Ue Witt. 14. 

The County Chairman ilSaatem), Bcnry W. 
Savage, mgr.: Ptatladelpbla, Pa., IS-Oct. T; 
Readlnir, 9° Alleniown. 10: Eaaton. 11: Atlan- 
tic City, K. J.. IXi Trentoa. IS; Wltmlaa- 

tbrVnaB&K Baad. MO* P. Ddaaer. nsr.: 
HaaUnaa. Mleb., 4: LiOaMil. (; BIc Raplda. tL 
ManlstH!, 7: Traverae City, 1: Clare. Id; Bay 
City. II; fiaylnaw, IS; St. Charles, 13; I.anjB- 
ln«. M. 

The Slsn of tbe Four, Campbell Stiatton. 

mgr.: Aataland, Pa., 4: Ekstoo, S; Sbamokln 

C; Wllllamsport, 7; Milton. 10; Foreat City, 11 
The Bowery N^ws Girl, Rieaa A Totten. nicrs. 

Liabon. O.. 4: Akron. »: OrrvlUe. fi: Lorain. 7 
TIM LIttI* Red 8cbi>}lhouse,' J. A. West. insr. 

Blootnliigton, Ind. 4; Scdtord, S: Seymour, s. 

Tbe Holy city (GordoD * H — ■ l l' a ■Htem), 
Edw. Taylor, mar.: TaMMHOm. Ou. 4. 
Sharon. Fa , S| Rochester, •; Mttar, T: Iicecb- 
burc 9: VandersrKt. 10; Indlaiia. 11: Blairs' 
Tllle, 12; Latrobe, U; Qrcenabura. 14. 

Th<> Boy Behind the Gun, with Harry riay 
B'aney. W. W. Woolfolk. mar.: ToledOw O., 
l-«: Dayton. 9-11: Colbmbos. 12-14. 

Tbe Holy City (Gordon & Bennctt'a Weatem), 
Henry RUckallcr, Bar.: Siaooracy, la., 4; 
Wij^ta^B. %i anMngWib. fc lgwMy«Tt^^7; 

Maamfcity^l^' ' " 

The Xlsscarl Girl <Frcd Raymond's Kaatem), 
Gfo. Bede*. msr.: Baldwinsvllle.. N. 7.. 4 
Newark. 6; CUftoo Springs. S; Phelps, 7 
Clvde. »: Atibum, 10; Lyona, U; Le Roy, 12 
Attica. U; Perry, 14. 
The Little Homeatead, Wm. Macanley, mgr.: 
Beatrlc. Neb., 6; FalU City. 7: St. Joaepb. 
Mo.. 8: Maryavllle. M: Bethany, U: TMDUMI. 
U: Chllllcotbe. M; Uoberly, 14. 
1^ Denver Exprcaa, R. J. Ravencroft, mar.: 
Barllaatan. N. C. 4: Durham. S; Santord, 
«; Blah Point. 7: Lexlnalon, 9; Concord. 10, 
Sallabury. U; Statesville, 12; Hickory, U: 
Marion, t«. 

Tbe Old Clothes Msn (Rowland & Cllfford'e), 
Dave Seymour, mgr.: Hartrord City, In4.. 4: 
Union City. 5: Dayton. O., 6; PIqua, 7; Ham- 
ilton, 8; Hlllsboro, 9; Wilmington, 10; Wasb- 
Injcton C. H.. 11; JeCTersoBvUle. 12; London, 
U: Sprinalleld. 14. 

The Virginian. The KIrke La Shdte Co.. DSra. 
Boaton. Masa., X-7: New Tock City. 9-ZS. 

Ihe Foot Mortona, Victor G. Winimna, J».|». 

- Kew York City. M; Brooklyn. K. Y— 

n* Sarie-Comic Oovoniesa. Frank O. Cotter, 
mgr.: Waihlngton. D. C, 2-7; joaitiiown, 
O . Toledo, 12-14. 

Thtf Moonablner'a Daughter, Roy Kingston, 
niitr.: Boyne City. Mich.. 4; K a lk a sk a. S; 
Traverse City, C; Ludlnstoa. .ft MMkegon. 
8: Gr?envllle, 9; Ionia. W: AMMb ttS Fon- 
tlac IJ; Port Hnmn. 14. _ _ . 

The Sign of tbe Cron (No. 1), R. O. Ctaaria. 
mgr.: Boaton. Basa., 1-7. 

The Sbn of tbe Ooas (No. O. Wad* Ii. Mor- 
ton, mgr.: Bameaboro, Pa.. 4; Blalrsvllle. 8- 
Leeebbara. *: Vandasaritt. t: Mononga- 
bela. 11. 

The Eternal City. C. Wela. mgr.: Columbia, 
S. C. 4; Cbarleaton. S: Savannah, Ga., 6: 
Brunswick. T: Jackaonvllle. Fla.. 9; Albany, 
Oa., 10: Amerlcua, 11; Columbua, 12; At- 
lanta. lS-14. 

T be^ Hooalcr Girl, with Kate 

^%iks«aaawl?^lMM».^'^nrs^: Ba' 

The Shadow Behind the Throne, Sam B. Allen, 
mgr.: Philadelphia, Fa., 2-7; New York City, 

The Houae of Myatery, BItienthal Bra. Amuia. 
Co.. mgra.: <nilcago. III., 24-OoL 7; St. Loula. 

Mo.. S-H. 

The Cume of Drink. Harlborouieh Hardy, mgr. 
New York City. 2-7; Baltimore. Md.. »-14. 

Tbe Train Robbers (A. E. • Davidson's, Ben 
LeBush. mgr.: Dronan. BIch.. 4; Hudson. <: 
Jacknon, 7: Concord. •: Homer, 10; Union 
City. 11; Celoa, U: Thrae Rivera. U: Kalaiiu- 

lOO, II. 

Th» Heart of Chlcaso fl.lncoln 1. (iirter'a). 
John Whltely. msi-. : Sault ste. Marie. Mich., 
4-5: Cheboygan. 4; Poloskoy^ 7: EUst Jordan, 
9; Boyne city, 10; Traveme City. H; Cadillac, 
12; Mt. Pleasant. 13: Bay City. 14. 

The Eleventh Hour (Lincoln J. Carler'aV C. A. 
Sellnn. mgr.: Bay City. Bleb.. 1-4; Flint. 5: 
Pontlac ff; Port Huron. 7: Wyandotte, (: 
Jtontoc, 9; Tecumoth. 1«: Blckmrllle, O.. U: 
Partdlng. 12; DelUnce, 11; Flndlay, 14. 

The Bye TVItness iLlnrotn J. Carter's^ Sd 
Mjnl^.^mgT.; ClnclnnaU. O., 1-7; UmlavUta, 

Ybj Flaming Arrow (UncolD J. Carter's), W. 
F. JachaoB. .ncr.: OatiaM. MIcb., 1-1: Cleva- 
Und. a, ».14. 

„_ UlUe Walfa (Uneoln J. Carter's). W. A. 
Hackling,- mgr.: Champaign, III.. S; Terra 
Haute. lnd„ •: Logansport, 7: Peru. 9; Koki>> 
aao, lo; Biwood. 11; BluSton. 12: Oacatur, U: 
BuUer, 14. 

Tea Nights !n a Bar Room (Beecher A Stan- 
ley's). Walter J. McDonald, mgr.: Eldon, Mo., 
4; Milan. 6; Freeburg, 6; B«lle. 7; Bland, 1; 
Owenavllle. 10; Union, 11; Labaddia, IX 

To B« Burled Alive, O. I. UarrtMB, ia|r.t Olg^ 
bee. Mo., 4; Brunawlck, 6; RllllllllSid. •{ Cam- 
den, 7, PlatUburg. 14. 

Tucker, Ethel. Stock Co.: BIsbee. Arlx., 24-Oit 
7; El Paso, Tex., 8-2L 

Turner, Clara. Ira W. Jackaon. mgr.: Salem. 
Maas., 2-7; Lowell, 9-14. 

Teaaa. Broadhurat 4k Currla. man.: Chicago. 
IlL. 1-7: Milwaukee. Wla., »-14. 

Tllton'a PUyera. waablnaton. Uid- 

That Little Swede. pnmi^=-== — 
mar. Mo.. 4: Nevada, •( 
7; PUtUbuiX, U. 

The o>llesa 
age, mgr.: 


The Pumpkin Huaker: LeoIilaBa. Uo., 4; din- 

ton. 11; Lamar, ix 
The Lighthouse by iha Sea. Yanoe tt BulUvan. 

mgra.: Brooklyn, N. T,, 1-7. 
The Midnight Flyer, Ed. Anderson, mgr.: San- 
dusky, O., C 
The Education of Br. Pipp, Daniel V. Arthur, 

mgr.: Dayion, O., 4; (^Iambus, 6; SprlngSeld, 

6; Toledo. 7. 
The Uyiiay Girl (Wm. T. Keogb'a): Baltl- 

more. Ud., 2-7; Wilmington. Del., 9-11. 
Tbe Heir to the iioorah, Tbe Klrke I-a Sbelle 

Co.. mgra.: Providence. R. I., 2-4; Worces- 

tar. Masa,. fi: SprUtgSeld. «: Albany, N. Y.. 7. 
Tbe HlaMsrl (MrtCFred Baymond'a, Wcstoni), 

Kcrle H. Norton, mgr.: Langdon, N. D., 1; 

Park River, 4; Cooway, 1; Larimore. (; 

Michigan. 7. 
Tbp Price of Love, Weed ft Stout, mgra.: 

Owosao, Birh., 4; Ithaca, 6; St. Loula. C; 

Mount Pleasant. 7. 
Thurston, Adelaide, Franela X. Hope, mgr.: 

BasslUon, O., 4: Canton, &; BaasSald, 6; 

Fuatoru. 7, Ft. Wayne, lad,. •:. WShaalk 10; 

BIkbart. U; South Bend, ttHmtm Jkcbor, 

Mleb., U: Muak'igoa, 14. 
Ikylor. Albert. Slodt GOi, 

Bigr.: Waco, Tea.. ML 
The Truth Teller. F ", Md.. S4. 
The Woma» IB tk* _ 

Coming, s: Oliaw, d: 

ren. IL , 
Trfscott, Virginia Drew, Jcfc"- 

KIngatoE, Can., 4; Ottam^ It 

Plattsburg, N. Y.. 7. 
Trllhy. Porter J. Wl 

Mich.. 4: Hammoadb 

Madlaoo, tnd., X, 

Tbott Shalt Not KltL VKderIek Sehwarti. 

mgr.: PtalllliiiL wTVa,, 4; Bucboonan, »; 

Farkersbarg,^: BMdlcport. O.. 7. „ . 
Taylor. Allxrt, bra malic Co., Harrr Eltlng. 

bua. mgr.: McKlnney. Tex., 4-8; Ft. Worth. 

6-7: Cor.>Icana. 9-11: Terrell, 11-11: Dallas. 14. 
Tracked Aruund the World, A. H. Woods, 

mgr.: New York City, 2-7; Newark, N. J.. 


The Fatal Wedding: Joplln. Mo., 4; Maoon. B. 
Tbe LltUe Blnliter: EiransvUle;,^Ind., (. 
The Two Jobna: Comberlaad. Bd., 4. 
The County Chairman (Wcatem). Heuy W. 

Savage, mar.: Jackson, Tana., 1: Bemphia, 


Tempinon, Fay: (micago, HI., Z-T. 

To Die at Dawn: Clinton, Bo., S. 

Tbe Mummy and the Humming Bird: Frank- 
fort. Ind.. S: Munele. C: Danville. lU.. >. 

The Wayward Son: Chicago, 111., 1-7. 

The Village Parson: Chamberaburg, I"a., s. 

The Volurteer Organist: Wichita. Kan., S. 

The Cl.-tnsman: Newbem. N. C, 9. 

Uncle Jo«b Spruceby tLwrta'), J. P. Donohue, 
mgr.: Chlllleothe, O.. 4: Wellaton, 6; Iron- 
ton, «; Huntington, W. Vs., 7. 

Uncle Tom'a Cabin tSt-taon's Northern): Ga- 
lena. Kan.. 4: Columbua, 6; Cherryvale, •; 

Unclo'rom'i (5abln (Al. W. Martln'a). Ed 8. 

Martin, mgr.: AtlanUc, la., 7: Carroll. 9; Ft. 

Dodge. IL _ . 

Dncle Tom'a Cabin (Stetson's Eastern). Or"' 

Luce, mtj.: Carlisle, Pa.. 4; H«rrt*»'».,«r'- 
Uncle Tom's Cabin (Stctaoa'a CentMl), John 

L Shannon, mgr.: Ticonderoga, N. Y., 4. 

Brandon. Vt.. S: MIddljbunr. •: plgol. 7. 
Uncle Joah Ferklna (H. H. FraMe'a W'eatem), 
Jos. Bnlllngcr, mgr.: Seattle, Waah., 1-7. 
Onde DanIM: Nashville, Tenn., 2-7. 
Vinton. Myrtle. H. P. Bulnoer. meT^: Deep 

River, la.. 4.8: Iowa City. 6; ,jv ilton, 7. 
Vernon Stock Co.. BenJ. B. Vernon, mgr.- 

v£'"st'^k Co.," E. O. Via. mgr.: Richmond, 

Kv.. 2-7: Danville. 9-U: RutteUvUle, U-"- . 
Wllion. Al. H.. Sidney R. BW. ip g.:.H ot 

Surlngs. Ark. 4: TexarkaMU IfeJ* H?%-5' 

Dralson. 7; Sherman, 9; Ft. Worth. M; Dal- 

laa, ll-U: Waco. U: AuaUn. 14. 

wSbdraOL Dora., J- D- ■, 

canlleld. Ky.. M: Hartford. 9-14. 
When Women Love. Frank W- "•,•<'»•.."?&• 

Whitney'a Point, N. Y.. 4: Moravia. 5: Ury- 

rteS. «: Waverly. 7; LeRoy 9i,f«»»:"t:. 

Warsaw. 11; East Aorora. U: Niagara Falls. 

11-14. _ ■ . :_ ■ 

Wife In Name Only. OHHM OMl^ aVk> 

Waa"she to'Blamo. with Rnth Craven. Harty 
L. Beck, mgr.: Wtwthlngum. Blnn., 4; 
Adrian. S: Ellaworth. 1. . 

Was She to Blame. J. O. Slultx, mgr.: Van 
Buien. Ark.. U; Salllaaw, I. T.. U; Fort 

•V\S!Ti»r"*Comedy Co.. Ben R. Warner, mgr.: 

W^irtdwl'^d^n^d (SCilllvan. Harris * Woods 
Esstein): Philadelphia. Pa., 1-7; Wilmington. 

Walsh. Blanche, .*^*'"J^iJ!*r!l' 
Toledo.^ a. 4; Detroit. Mich.. 1-7: Chicago, 

Why" WoiSea Sta <Eastem): Uitrobe. Pa.. 4; 

mir.: Salt 5ke City. Utah, 1-4; PocateHa 

Ida.. B: Boise CUy. «: Welser 7 
Why Women Sin (Eastern). Latrobe, Pa.. 4, 

Irwin 5; Mt. Pleasant. »; Steubenvllle. O.. 7; 

Alliance^ 9: Canton. 10; Akron, U: Xouags- 

town. 12-13: Warren. 14. 
Welch Joseph. Sullivan, Hams • wvoos, 

llvan. mgra.: Camden. H. J., »-4s WUmlng- 

•WnSif£*'B. "s,", <3iaa. A. Boorsi, mgr.: Bon- 

VlVarr wTnie wilker: IJeacott, Arla^ 7. 
WIlMii. Francis. Chaa. Frobman. ngr.: CW- 

oagou HI., 1-14. - . . 

Whtrlork. Joseph. Jr.. Chas. IPinlma, Mgr.. 

New York City. 17, ladeC •_ _ « _ 
Weber's! Joseph ^. All U»*C^ tlm -Jt- ^ 

Bllle? mgr.: Waslil«gl5ri>rS,T«^»»ok- 

lyn. K. Tl. t-H. 

Walker Whltesldea: Cedar Rapids. la.. 4-5. 

Wliinlnger Bros.' Own, Frank Winulnger, 
mgr.: Rochester. Blnn., 1-7. 

When We Were Twenty-One, Braadoa -Court- 
ney, mgr.: Rumford Falls, Ba., 4; Bath. B; 
Rockland. 6: Augusta. 7. 

Ward, Hap. In Tbe Gralter: Detroit, Bleh., 
1-7; Muskegon, 12. 

What Women Will Do: Roekford. IlL, 7. 

Wife In Mame Only; Hannibal, Mo., U. 

Wallack's Tbeator Co.. Dublnaky Bros., mgra.: 
Viola. Wis.. 3-7; Gays Bills, U-U. 

Warfleld, David: New York City, Sept. 2. 

'Wiij Uoivn East. Wm, A. Brady, mgr.: New 

York City, Aug. 10, Indef. 
Wiute Wblttlcaey. Belaseo, Mayer & Price, 

mgra.: San Francisco. C»l., Aug. 7. Indef. 
WUUama, M i l eel i n, Stock Co.: Worcester, 

3iU|!, IkdtC . 
ZMfOte SMck Co,. DaTld Wcla, mzr, 

Xoik CttTs MM. 
TlHk aHMe Mka fWoaMnA, VkriM 
_nw^: Loa AnMlea. CATvI. 
Ton TonaoD, S. V. Qlroux. mgr.: QrlBiiell, Ta., 

4; Newton. 5; Boone, e: Perry. 7; Coiuetl 

BlaOs, S; Plattamouih, Neb., It; Fremont, 10; 

Norfolk. )1; LeMara. la.. 12; Spencer, U; 

EstbervUle. 14. 
Young UuOalo; Chicago, nu, 2-7. 
Ywng; Bd win. . j^ gt M*'*ifclS3SiJ*»&. 


mgr.: Bor- 

AUce and Tbe Bight Prlneeaaea, Bamlia, Mlt- 
cbell & Flelda, mgis.: Chleaga, IlL, Sept. 17. 

Md., 9-14. 

A Breeay Time (FIta * Wabater'a). JUn R. 
Andrew, mgr.: Marlon, IlL, 4; Berrin, 
Anna, t: Burphjrsbora. 7: Union City. Tenn., 
9; Huntingdon. 10; Paris, ii; CHarkavUle, 12: 
Hopklnavllle, Ky.. 11; Marlon, 14. 

A Bunch of Keys. Gus Botbner, mgr.: Charles- 
ton. S. C., 4: Savannah. <3a.. 1: St. Anna- 
tine, Fla.. 6: Jacksonville, 7: wanMH^^a., 
9; Brunavlck. 10: Valdoata. U: 
12; Albany, 13; Cordele, 14. 

A Son of Rest. Broadhurat 4k 

Norfolk, Va., 1-7; Rtebmond. t-H 

A Trip to Eaypt: Ftadlay. Ol. 4. - 

A Hot Old Ttma; TMtta^ M. X- ML 

Buiier. Helen BaFs',-* — ' 

Band, J. Laalla fllpi 
Tenn., M-OcL 7. 

Buster Brown (Belvllle B. Raymond'a C».\\t, 
Co.), Thos. Hodgeman, mgr.: Kanaas City, 
Mo.. 1-7: Topeka, Kan., 8; St. Joa«pb, Mo., 
9- Lincoln. Neb.. 10-11; Fremont, 12; Kearney, 
13: Cheyenne, Wyo., 14. 

Buster Brown (Melville B. BaymODd'ih Soalb- 
era): Troy. Ala- 4. 

Babes In Toylaadr: X 
1: Columbua. g-T. 

BIrkel. Wataoa 4fc \Vrotbe, mr' , 

Harry. A H. Wooda. mgr.t >iiiia>kiit B. 

I.. 2-7: Albany, N. Y., t-u: AmimtKm,- n: 

Cohoea. 11: Kingston. 14. 
Black PattI: Mexia, Tex,, <; 
Buster Brown (Melville B. ' 

ern): Lowell. Masa.. 5. 
C^hllL Marie. W. E. Hudson, mgr.: (Aleago, 

m., 1-14, 

Coagrove'a Grand Concert Orcfccatia, Barry 
Wooda, mgr.: VcnaUllon. 8. n., 4; Akiw. 
la., B: Slonz City. <: NoviUk. MSlk. C 

Ctfatore and His Band, Howard Pew, 

Plttaburg, Pa., IS-Oct. T. 

Cohan, Geo. M., Sam H. Harris, mgr.: Chi- 
cago, hl, 1-14. 

Dare Devil Dorothy. Geo. S. Sterling, mgr.: 
Lexington, Ky., 4: Danville. 6: Somerset, 7; 
Shelbsrvllle, 9; Bowling Green. 10: Hopklns- 
vilte. 11: MadlsonvlUe, 12; Henderson^ 11: 
Owensboro. 14. « . ^ . 

Daniels. Frank. C. B. Dillingham. aVbt 
waukee. Wis., 1-4: La Creese, B, 

Dnss and Band. Fle de i lfk Fblnncy, mgr.r New 
York Cnty. Indet. 

EUeiy Band. The: PmUaiid. Ore., Sept. 18- 
Oct. 15. 

Eight Bells: South NorwaUc Conn-. K, 

English Grand Open Co.. Bmy W. Savaga, 
mgr.: Brooklyn. K. Y., 2-7; Newark, N. 
J.. 9-14. . - 

FInnlgan's Ball: Beover FalU, Pa., 4; War- 
ren. O., 5: Toungstown. 6-7; Akron. 9; Sa- 
lem, IC. Alliance, 11; MaaaUIon, 12; Elyria. 
11; Lorain. 14. 

Florodora. CHiaa. F. De Long, mgr.: Saginaw, 
Blcta.. 4; Bay Cl^. S: 81. Johan Can.. <: 
MoakegoD. lfM>~ T. 

Fantasma. Wm. * Bdw. Hanlon, mgia.: 8L 
Louis. Mo., 1-T. 

F^y. Elfle, A H. Wooda, mgr.t Baltliw ot 
Md.. 1-7; New York (3ty. 1-14, 

Fantana, Staobert Broa., mgta.: €hHa| 

OUaer. Lnlo, C. B. lUlllnghai^.- Bakl 

York aiy. Sept. 4. Indet , 
Gay Nenrntlt CV " 

mgr.: IBIwaUka 


Qames'. Jack. Orchestra: Belvldere. HI.. 6-10. 

Glrlp Win Be Girls. Wm. A. Brody, tnKr. 

Lynn., Maaa., 4; South Framlngham. B; Mil- 
ford. (; Taunton. 7. 
Haderman Concert Ooi,. IX H. HMrnaan. mgr.: 

Big Rapids, Midi.. 4; Bvart. ■: Lodtngton. 

«: Two Riven, Wla , 7-9. 
Hello Bill: Tomahawk. Wla.. 4; Bessemer, 

Blch.. B: Ashland. Wis.. S: superior, 7. 
Hapxv Hooligan: Wichita, Kan., IS. 
Humptv Dompty, Klaw * Erianger, mgra.: 

Pittsburg. Pa., 2-7. 
Helnk. Madame Schumann, F. C Whitney, 

max.: Baltimore, Md., 2-7, 
Holty Tolty: Mnacatlno; la., 4; Qnlney, RL, C 
HIa HiBhnras tbe Bey, Walter Undaay. mgr.: 

Jefferson Oty. Bo.. 4: Boonvllle, B: Boberly, 

<: KIrkavllle, 7: Qnlncy, HL. a. „ 
Hanmr Hnollgan'a Trip Around the World 

(Gns HIU'O, Joe Fetunglll, mgr.: SC I^ouls, 

Mo., 1-7. 

Hopper. DrWoIf. 8. 8. ShDbert Annanneat Co., 
Hew Taek City. Oct, t.-lBdeC 

Lyman Twina. In Tbe Rostlera: Ft. Dodgaw 
Xa., 4: Spencer, $; Rock Raplda, 7: Sioux 
Fails; 8. XL. S: Watertown. >; MadkHSfc 
Mian.. Bl 

Lady Tcaaa: Minmrk. N. J.^T. 

McVaMvegjnUt, H. 
guata. Ok,' 4f " 

Barkee Band, RobL C. Marks, mgr.: Bontf- 

cello. Ho.. 2-4. 
Mlaa Bob White. Nixon & Zimmerman, mgtmit 

Chattanooga. Teen.. 4: Birmingham. Ala., ft 

Annlston, 7; Atlanta, Ga., !•; Bacon. Ml 

JacksonvlUe, Fla., U-12: Brunawlck. Ga.. Ui 

Savannah. 14. 
Mamy AMadc. OHIa Mack A Jo* W. ■pjai^ 

mgra. : Ortuige. VuL. 4; Beaumont. t-<: HOua- 

ton, 7: Galveaton, 1: Dallas. a-Il: Ft. Worth. 

11; Browivwood, 12: Uelton. U; San Aa> 

tonlo, 14. 
Br. Dnoley. Fred Rider. 

2-7: Birmlnghan. 
Marching Througb 

9-14. . 
Be. Him 4k I, Edwin J. Cobn. mgr.! 

N. Y.. 1-7; BuOalo, N. Y.. 9-14. 

McIotJie * Heath. Klaw * SrUafar. 

New York City. Aug, 18, IwleC 
Naval Bcaerve Band, T. Roaall,''^ 

Jaaustowa, M. Y., Jaae 11, iadtfc 
Kttfa. Can. Caaecrt Band: ~ 

tbe CUeago Imniciaiat 

Midway Boatca, 
Neighborly Nelgbbora, Frank W. Naaon. mgr.t 

Schenectady, N. Y.. 4: C^zaackle. i: CatiAltl. 

fi; Hudson. 7; Poughkecpsie, 9: Ithlnebeck, Ms 

Kingston. U; BUenvlIK WaldaB. IS: nah- 

kill. 14. 

Nimcy Brown. John BMML''HnL8' 'BnOli* - 
lyn. N. T., 1-7. 

In the Wrong House: Atlantle CIty. 'N. J., 4; 

Easton, Pa., B. 
It Happened In Mordland: New York (Sty, 

Aug. 28, Indef. 
Irma Opera Co.. Wm. Heywood. btu. mgr.: 

Butler. Mo.. 4: Ft. Scott, Kan., . Itts- 

burg, 7: Galena, 8-9. 
Kilties Band, T. P. J. Power, mgr.: Oabkosh. 

Wis., 4: (nilppewa Falls, B: Ran Claire, 6; 

MInneapolla. Minn., 1: St.. Baal. S^ B ia l iie . d. 

9: Fario, N. D., M: Ci DI lM liB, TjliB,. U; 

Winnipeg. Han., 11-14. 
UtUe Johnny Joneo, 8am H. Harris, mgr.: 

Cambridge, O.. 4; (^labacton. B; Aknm,- <; 

Canton. T: Hanalleld. t: Uma. N: lUrioa. 

M,. tt; Fk .WagMk IS: n i MllBSi liat Mt 

i QrnwIa . Op 


Opata Co.: 


PacaUal: Roekford. IlL, «. 
Peggy from Paria, Badlaon COrey. mgr.: 
ver. Cxri., 1-7: Victor. 8; Pueblo. 9; Cofdraiki 
Springs, 10; Salt Lake City, Utah. 11-14. 
Profeaaor Napoleon. Wade A Hllla Davl^ 

mgra. Norfolk. Va., 11-14. 
ParIa by Night: Wilmington. DeL. 1-4. 
Pretty Peggy: LewUton. P*-. 4; Altoonak Si 
Johnstowu. 4; Latrobok- IL. . 

PIS, Pair. Pouf: JaekaamrfflSb BU dt HMMMl'' 
6; St. Joaepb. 7. ■ 

Ban, Itae, in. Oom tha Mk*. K, SL Malft' 
- -T.; ClMiiinatl. O.. i-T. 

'--t tar oam. flaas H. BBisl% asct 

Bernoid's (Xmeert Wasll*' . .v ttii— If > wMj. JH^, 

■trll's Sentbem 'Osialfal ' 

Riverside Park Opera Co.: 
Rogers Bros.. Klaw A Rrlangaiv' 

York City. Sept. 4. indet. 
Slater and HIa Band. Wn. Slater, mgr.: Briglk- 

ton Beacb. N. Y., June P. Indef. 
Simple Clinton Simple. Nbton A Zlmmennan. 

men.: UrooUyn. N. Y., 1-7: Pblladelph.ik 

Pa., 9-21. 

Soni>a and His Band. Frank (nirlatlaner, mgr.t 
Kansas City, Ho.. S-7: Baltuon. llL, mat,. 
S: Tetre Haute, Ind.. S: OawfOrdavlllc. mat, 
9: Lafayette, 9: Frankfort. maL lU; Barldih 
l-i: Greenville, O., mat. U; Piuaa. II: Urtaaa. 
mat. 12; c;olumba8. 11; Canal Oovar. asat. JSj 
Canton, 11; Cleveland. 14. 

Sbootlng tbe Chutes, Dsvia Brae., mgrs.; B^ 
chanlcaburg. O., 4; Delaware. S; Urbana. 
Marlon, 7. 

San Toy, John C Fisher, mgr.: BarqtmttSk 
Mich.. 4; CMJumet. 5; Bancock, Ashland 
Wla.. 7. 

Sidney, Gtom. In Busy iszy's Vacatiga: Al^ 

ron, Ol. 4; Flndlay. S. 
Eleylag Beauty and tha Beast: Sennloa, 

Tbe 'oflice Boy, Nixon A Zimmerman. nwiA). 

Mtmtgomery, Ga., S; Atlanta, (-7; Annlali^ 

Ala., 9; Birmingham, lO-II; Rome. Oa.. 

Chattacooga. Tenn., 11; Nacbvllle. IL 
The Girl from Mara, Tuck A Harka. mgra.t 

S.irinB Valley, IlL, S; Morria, 9: Coal City. 

10; Braldwood, U; Dwigbt, 12; So. Wilmlar^" 

ton. U. 

Tbe Smart Set. W. B. Moota mgr.: Ti a o t » 

Oat. 1-7: Detroit. Mleb.. 8^4. 

The Tenderfoot, William P. Collrn, mer.: 
Pueblo. Col.. 4: LeadvlU*. B: A«pen. <: GrnnA 
JuncUon. 7; Salt Lake aty, i:iah. 9-10: Of- 
drn. 11; Pocatrllo, Ida., 11; Bolae City. Ui 
Baker City. On.. 14. 

Tbe Sunny South. J. C. Rockwell, mm*.: Brac- 
tleboro, Vo.. 4; Springfield, i: WlnjKOr. i; 
Lebanon. N. H.. 7: BnBeld. 9; Franklin FallA 
IJ; Tllton, 11; Laconla, II; Concord, 13-14. 

Tbe Forbidden Laii<L B- D. Svllman, 

Denver. Col., 1-7; Cripple Oick. r 

I,eadvllte. 10; Salldo. II: PuebICk '■ 

Springa, 13; Rocky Ford, 14. 
Tbe Prince ot FUacD, Banrr W. I , 

Konaaa City, MA. 1-7. l^ptlB, KaBik-iCI 

Joseph. Mo.. W; Daa M olae^ *w, li|.r--" 

Neb., 11-14. 
The Sbo-Gnn. Henry W. Savag 

bus, O., 1-4; I>ayton. S; 

«-7: St. Loula. Bo.. 8-14. _ 
The Seminary Qlrl. (Hiaa. P. Brawn. aMr.tJIb 

wood. Ind.. 4; Marlon. E; RIchmoadk It WW 

dletown. O.. 7: Cincinnati. S-14. 
Tbe Trndectoet (Basteni): B ea t osu 
Tha Wlxsrd of (3a, Fred Beek. 

N. J., 2-7. 
The Rnnawaya: Dea Bolaea, lA. 4. 
The GIr! and the Bandit: Wapakoneta. O.. A 
The Typewriter Girl: Ptttibarg. Psu. t-T. 
Tbe C^aperona, Kingsbury ft Wriiy. mgrw.: 

Virelnia City. Nev.. 4: Carson City. S: Reao^ 

S; Sscramentot. (Tel., 7. 
The Duchess of Dantalg, Klaw 4fc BrIaagSf; 

mgrA: New York City. 
The Mayor of Toklo, ~^ ' 

Boaton. Maaa. 1-IA 
Tbe Raiah' ot Bhong; Bogena SpoSbrd. wgr.t 

Parsona, Kan.. 4: Carthage, Mi>.. B; Anron. 

<: SprlngfletA 7: Jonlln. 8; Pillsburg. 9: Cha. 

nute. Xam., U; Ula, U; OlUwa. IS; Iaip> 

rence, IS. 

The School Girl. Chaa. Frobman. mgr.: ; 

Crtek. Mich., 4; Quincy. III.. 11. 
Tbe Wlxard of Oa, Byron B. Rice, mgr.: 

elU Maaa., 7. 
Tbe Princess Chl^ Edward R. Salter, mgr.: 

The^oyai <»ef: CntmllB, ni., 4; cairow B; 

Padocah. •: Bvannllte. IbA. 7. 
The Honeymoon: Btoomshurtr. Pa., 4; I«wl» 

bora.- 8; Lewlston. S: Tyrone, 7. 
The ble ot Bong Dong, B. C Whitney. m«.: 

Ct, (aitherlne's. Ont.. 4: Jamestown. N. r.. 

5; Erie. Pa.. S; Akron. O.. 7. 
The Isle of SMce (Western), a ,C- Whitney, 

mgr.: Peru. Ind., 4; LogMupon. B; FtankMct, 

C; Lafayette^ ?- _ . . — 
The Ule of Spiee, qtosteni) ,, JL .g • 

mgr.- BaOalow K. T- M: 


The OM and 

Xl^e Billboard 

OCTOBER 7, 1908. 


Gcoixe H. JackKO, an amateur "loop the 
loop" artlBt of Wabastaa, Minn., was killed at 
Zambrota, Sept. 23. while endeaTorlng to give 
the act In the absence o( the regular cjcU«t. 
A carnlTal was going on at Zombrota, and for 
Bome reason the profeMlonal crellst waa un- 
able to perform. Jickeon Tolunteer to Oo toe 

act. His assistant evidently let bid so too 
soon as hlB wheel wabbled and went OTer toe 
Bide of the Incline. Jackson fell to the ffroand 
a lUeleas form. Consternation reigned for a 
» Wbn It dawned up«n the audience that 
tht MB was dead. 


Kad* Bt tha XimiataU Btata Fair. 

Invtde tact* alwajv make Intereatlng reading, 
e<i)e<TlaIlr U tber ten ot saeeeaa. Ber* Is sm* 
dtta'from tb« Mlnocaota SUte Fklr. held S*pt. 
4^9 at UtnneapoUa. U •bom a Inlanee of 
tm.vnuif Is the tteasnrr. almost halt oC wUefa 
wm pluaa tbcre thils «euaD.rat scent Iklr «a« 
tltt BaatMt la the hlsioty oC ' tte - Mlata Agil- 
^«dtml BoAtT- The repwt Of Tuaaaill IV J.. 
Smeox. or Northlleld. MlaBH^ it W'MtoMK 

Balanee, See. 10^ lSM...i.^....».. t«,a80 10 
State HfB tnT f****** ' . - 4,000 00 

Stall reBt.^^...U'ii><.''^.i>V>*y>>>«>> 1,129 73 
Porace 1,6ST 37 

PrtTilegaB.'.i.;....^.;:;....;^^..^.;.. 22.433 25 

Baeea ...^'^V^-^.-i^^'^:^^.^.... 90 

Ticketo 125.S80 20 

Beats 938 15 

St. I^onla expeiws reAndiMl .. 332 SS 

State Breeder*' aasoetetlon 188 SO 

BKpensea refunded.'..... — US6 90 

Street rallwav eompanr. tepajra on 

oa bam -- -.. • 188 00 

Cbecka returned 2123 

Bermaik Jadsmenc 3435 

iDteiMt Vn M 

Trait sold - T IS 

aoth and cTcrgncu Mdd S ^ 

Desk acrid... ............ -..•**•*•*>> aSoO 

Band and aaila».*.».. _■■ Li. '^i'lE 

Coal aold.... — .*•..•.......••.••••»•» .■'•* '- 'wm 18 

~ " ' SIS 00 

...■.ii'.v;-.*.'. -M«>* as 

Louisville Day at fbm "Kwm/tmiifr 
State Fair was wen attended. 

C. N. Lawson, of Corry, Pa.. |s play* 
Ing his cane, knife and baby racks at fairs. 

Bensiey, tbe man with the barrel and 

wheel, waa a special attraction at the Uonee 
<m.) Fair. 

Prof. Van. who has beei} ' playing 
New Xoac tHa, win iMIac at tte airt.oC the 
■casoa and: so tato <te baW bMbMa at Boch- 

Secretary H. M. "Wilson of the Ken- 
tucky Trotting Horse Breeders* Association an- 
Doonced that be has opened an information 
bnrean with Joe N. Strader in charge. 

Dare Devil Barrow performed his 
act ot ndlDC down a ladder on a tmlcyde at 
the Bdlavma On.) Btifc S^XMriB aaF .te the 
presence of MM-paafla. wwa-llr 

Prof. James S. Xacey's Famous Coh- 

cert Band, en route with BUly Kersand's Uln- 
strela, were engaged for tbe Soatbwestem 
Texas Fair as a feature attraction for open- 
ing day, Sunday, Oct. 8, at Temple, 

Bis preparations are beinir made for 
the thirteenth annual meeting of the West 
yirglala State Hortlcoltoral Society, at Mar- 
tiaaburs. Nor. 15-17. It baa been a flue year 
Cor firalt la that wetlon «( tte eMtiy. and 
laiae — — — 

. ItBOb Demooa. who has been fsatared with 
ne Parker Amusement Co., dailnc tbe sea- 
son, was fatally injured at BelleTiUe, lU., Fri- 
day. Sept. 22. While doing her act which 
consisted of leaping tbe gap In a large bah. 
the sphere left the Incline before It leaped the 
gap and lauded in a net. resulting In the Udy 
sustaining Injuries that are said to be fatal. 
Hany RosseU. of tbe same company, was olso 
li;|araa at -MMnfll* wbUc ttylng a doable 

.^■.M^ T4 
. S.403 W 

w ai 

. 5,832 m 
. S,900 00 
«e2 80 
18,876 T» 
22.0IS 75 
16.SI8 86 
2Z,UT 37 
6.809 34 
28,000 00 

Total ..... 
Becelpts ..... 
- Pfsborsementa 

.tl4».876 02 
. 149,876 68 

BaUnec $88,323 43 

The board of manageis met last week 
and deciued to use part ot this balanee in 
erecting a new live stock amphitheatre this 
winter. The legislature ajtproprlated f50,000 
for this Btmctnre. and the board decided to rote 
another faO.OOO and make It an eren $100,000. 
Secretary Bandall waa given anttrarity to repair 
the Toors of both the main and agrienltoral 
hnlldlngs. Tbe board also sam Mr. BsndaH 
power to keep the men at woHC beantU^lac tbe 
grounds and keeping them In repair. TUa 
•ctlon wai taken last yesr and It pniMd a vatr 
wise meaanie. Ikee* win be pisntcd and tbe 
fair grooBds wm take on tbe appcaaaea oC a 

•rba board vated flat tbt i 
: CTtnt bm la tte .«« 


The Keotnckr State Fair— the third In tbe 
Ustocy ot tbe state, heU at l«zlngtoa. Sept. 
1S-2B. was a winner, clearing oeer $10,000. 
Tbe attendance ranged ftom 13,000 to 30,000 
daily. Owing to the big flnanelal showing the 
Kentocky leglsl&tnre wm be asked at Its next 
sessloa to appropriate sufficient funds to pur- 
chase grounds snd malce the fair a permanent 

The fact that the two preceding fairs were 
Aot Unandal successes la shown more fordhly 
- In tbe fact that attachment proceedings were 
bnwgbt against the new association for debts 
claimed to be doe from the <dd assoclstlon. 
Sccretmzy Bain, nor the board of control, knew 
nothbic of the old debts, and it was decided 
to let tbit eoorts decide whether the new as- 

^ daya 

at tbe IMtas ttitt JUr. opcniiis 
jd deAK Ho*-. IX. 7. iSOita Dar- 
t» Xezas' last week and eonelndsd 
_jtB. Cor this engagement. We nn- 
9n other candrals fongbt Cur the 
, furnishing an of the Ind twenig ntn 
and pcooib ot soperiorlty at tbelr eonunaad 
witboBt soccessL - The New Parker Asnise- 
ment f^'p^'^r is to be congratnlated. F^* 
lowing the Sanaa Fair tbe organlxatlaa wm 
^y BtowBwood. Tex., week ot Nor. 13, nnder 
Che aasiilisa ot . the ooannarelal Clnb. H*- 
- ■ — i at " 




Wblta Oi ty Chicago's KiUion .Dallar Amnss' 
■art Baaoit— WiU Introdaoa Sir 


General Manager Pan! D. Howse, ot Chicago's 
White City, has arrangements nnder way for 
a monster canaTal week, to open Monday. 
Oct. ». 

There wHl be a number of big drcos and 
TaaderiUe acta on the oatdoor stages, three 
or four banda. thooaands of Japanese lanterns 
win add color to tbe erent, toes ot confetti, 
a medlay ot nnlqge exhlbitlaas, and altogether 
enoDsh wjogmaat eiowdid Into . ana week to 
mafee tba out Isns to ba laHenibcted In 

pattooa ot ITblte City. Special esennloos wfll 
be ran on the railroada tar ca rnl fal week* 
and a special line of paper wfll be put oi 
tbe bUlhoards announcing tbe event. 

White City wHI remain open aa long as the 
weather wQl permit. 

Up to Saturday, Sept. 30, Jost one million 
people more than was odginaUy. Ibniied on 
at tba flHBliiB Vt tba iiaM luA passed 


Dog meat comes high In Ijeatngtaa. Sir. 
It all came to light last week daring tbe slntl 
fair. The Igcrrotes. under the nAnagement of 
Dr. T. K. Hont, with the Heck Catnlral Co. 
set up a bowl for dog. Old Eentncky bautbon 
conld not be relished wlthont dog meat. Dog 
they wanted and dog they most hare. Dr, 
Hnnt told his troubles to Mr. Beck. Mr. Heck 
called np Secretary Bain of tlie fair associa' 
tlon- Mr. Bain telephoned tbe dog catcher for 
a nice, pinmp canine. But the canine catcher 
waa oat— oot of dogs. The doctor became grave. 
Bfe was In for tcooble. for thoae aaxagaa with 
ilaai la their noaes and a thitat ft* dog in 
ibsir atoaueha, aeaat ttoKble. 
•■ J b». de et ar^ iay i d. She telephone exchanges 
Imp* ' AIIBte ; Manges were atopped and 
&• wlica w«n bat with dags. dogs. dogs. ~ ' 
phones qolt ringing tliiy baibad. aeoolL 
sent oot. The police wcBa aMcalad .ta. Hot a 
poodle nor a peg Sbawad I ta s lf n ot even a 
yellow cor. llr. BalD soggested that Oe oolllea 
had read the adsance notices. The sitostloa 
became serious. The doctor saw his flnlsb — then 
he looked oot the window. Behold, a little, ooe- 
eyed, black and tan doggie waa coming ont e( 
the alley, with a bone In his mooth and wag- 
ging— no, be was talUess. Be waa following 
his master, a little bare-footed coon, black as a 
crow, whistling one of George Cohan's song 
hits, at least it most have been a bit. 

Then the doctor got busy. It was a shsme, 
bnt he did it Oot be dashed, nailed onto doggie 
and off to the Igocrote Tillage he flew. Trafflc 
was stopped, and tbe street can — bnt. no. 
L«xIngton hasn't street can. Bnt the doctor 
arrlred at the village Just as .the savages had 
decided upon murder. Over went doggie into 
the bunch and tbt^n raw dog and cold boorboo — 
Bndwelaer and ctieeae wasn't in It. 

Bnt the doctor had yet the flddler — or rather 
the whistler to — to pay. The doggie's nsme 
was. Gyp. The black, black coon was Fred 
Hamnton. Red aoon arrived at the village and 
demanded Us dog. Being refnaed. he employed 
attorneys and the doctor waa served with a 
notice to appear and give canse why be Sboald 
not retnm tbe dog or pay for the aame. Xbe 
doctor tboogbt. They decided to esapioadaa. A 
ftve dollar blU waa Am " ' 
now holds aa a MM 

The BlUboardTa ooirespondent at 
Wataeka, OI.. wiltea: "I *laUa« tbe Jobn D. 
Trlppett Hanover Ohnival at Vaxtna, m. Be 
baa a line lot oC MMwa. AaMag them aro 
Tbelma, Old PlaatatMo, ObM Ml»W<H GbtOB- 
rey Morelan, big WKtl Nab ' (SMkt Mdaett 
Gay Paree, Collaema witb tea perflarmcta, the 
Flying Lsdy and merry-go-roond. Sfarvelens 
March, in a btcyde high dive, Is ttie free act. 
It Is the second earalval Faxton has had this 
season, both on the streets. Mr. Trlppett takes 
bis company to tbe state fair at Springfield." 

The New Parker Amusement Co. in- 
trodaced a novelty In traaainrtatloa methods 
In Oentenrllle, la,, week before last. The town 
Is located two milea fraro the railroad, and 
heavy rains created such bad loada the. ftrkcr 
teams could not pull tbe heavy w agu ua ■> 
town. Manager Raver finally arranged virira 
the local atreet railway to baiU the caratval 
parapbemalla to the town on « short fiat car, 
handltiig two wagDna at a time. OenlervUlc 
business wss good and the caialeal left a 
line impression. Judging fnm adHodal aiSBtlwi 
In the local papers. 

Motes from the Cfaleaso Asnweineiit 
itsiprlae: The Chicago Ainai ~ 
la BOW on tbe high road to 
* Fader own aU tbe iboni abAt la 
bealdca tbe mna Wbad .aaC^^ 
We eany (oar tnt ads aa 
Wrights Ugb Over; Iba. Bny W«M^ ^ 

Rosa Miller Jiriiwd Marie De^irs 
LadT Athletes witb lb* WWder Carnival On. at 
Cattlettsborg, Ky, lepUdBg Rose Bcynnlds. 

The press work for the New Parker 
Amusement Co. reflects great credit upon the 
department of 'pnbUcity of that organisation. 

Goldini writes that owinff to quaran- 
tine regulations ttie Imperial Amosement Co. 
will remain in New Orleans indefinitely. The 
campany la playing lots. 

The Ferari Brothers had a big week 
at Kalamaioo. Midi. Fighting The Flames, 
under the management of Francis E. Cole, ap- 
peared to be a biTotlte attraction. 

Harry Hardy, of the Ferari Brothers' 
Shows DnIted, haa been In LaSaUe, III., boom- 
ing the Merchants' AgrlenitniaJ . Bxnoal tl e n . 
Mr. Hardy looks for a Dig one la Tawillai ■. . - 
Capt. Sidney Hlnman doaeA his 
tenting season. Sept. SB. at Bong b baa p s te, N. 
Y.. and win play vandevllle date* tbia win- 
ter. Bis carnival season opens early In Jnne. 

Reynolds' Military Band, with the 
Rlddell Soothern Carnival Co.. la making good 
trader the able leadership of Prof. A. W. Rey- 
nolds. The band will remain with tbe com- 
pany Indefinitely. 

The Ft. Wayne Fall Festival Asso- 
ciation ot Ft. Wayne, Ind., Is holding a car- 
nival this week. The carnival held week of 
Sept. 19 was so sneeessfal that tbe aasoeia- 
tloo decided upon anotber. 
We are in receipt of a . letter 'ftom 

DoUy Lyons, of the Woblnaoa ainua anwBt Co., 
ffhtrb states that bis ilsltr.'. BUM Otogor 

<mr>. Decker) baa been granted an absolote 

divorce from her husbsnd, Frank Decker. 

Messrs. Raver and Darnaby have 
added several strong vaudeville featnies to 
their Beantifnl Bagdad for tba awt bsrn tonr. 
Bagdad has proven a gold flSlna Ito tbe New 
Parker Amosement Co. 

A correspondent at Ft. • Dodge. la., 
writes that the Gaskill Camlvar Co. had a big 
week beginning Sept. 18. Zelda Was Very 
popular, Oscar Babcock. in a. leap tba loop, 
the trained animal show and. 'tbe Ftog Pong 
Gitls weie big testntcs. 

C9oL P. J. Mnndy and General Su- 
peilnteiideDt Boger Flint of tbe Xondy aiows, 
after dosing contracta for the Kansas City 
Hippodrome and Zoo, were in Chicago Tbnrs- 
day. Sept. 28, In conference with the leading 
booking agenta, and booked aaveral attractions 
for thdr wintar bsbs ob. 
Mr. moA. Mm. Jamea F. Murphy, 
litlb Ow'A. Ii. Fierce Anmsement Co., 
Soatben Oanlval Co. at 
■nphy bag tbe pboto gal- 
lery, and la aaaMaC br^'Wtadr" nakn and 
Joe Short. HM. HinlV htg Ow fdHldV par- 
lor. AU an dsliig dmr. aad aaad ssgaMs to 

Notes from the Patterson & Brain - 
erd Csrnival Co.: Bnslncas good. lbs. Sot- 
tie, wife ot "SUm" Bottle. letOlBCd to the 
company at Peny. la.. aftsB a (Bw daya* visit 
with her people at Otcston. H. B. Wlfilams Is 
back In tbe glass palace, after t>elng laid up 
several weeks with a broken leg. 

Harry "Curly" Wright is now man- 
aging a troupe of dancers, among whom are 
FhIL Howard, late of Howard and QDlnn: Nel 
the "American Blondln." and Mlas Adelyn 


Harry Freeman, of the Nugent & 
Freeman Electric Novelty Co., writes: "Bosi* 
ness at Lexington, Ky., was excellent. We 
will play eight weeks of fair dates after which 
we reorganize and go sooth. From my sd in 
The Billboard 1 received 182 letters. It Is a 
snre sign that Tbe Billboard Is IT as an ad- 
vertising medium. 

Notes from the Rlddell Southern 
Carnival Co.: A. F. Gorman has jost closed two 
more good towns — Morrlstown, Tenn., for Oct. 
0-14 and Jefferson City tbe following week. At 
Morrlstown we play for the Firemen on the 
streets; at Jefferson City we play under tbe 
auspices of the Odd Fellows. The company Is 
doing veiy good. We are going sooth and ex- 
pect to play Cuba before Dec. 80. We have a 
Dice Une-np of ahowa. ladoding three free acts 

Lexington, Ky., Sept. 28, U05. 
'Vceeived of Dr. T. K. ^mt flve doUan In 
ton aettlement tor dog Unsd by Igonote show, 
said tag balag aasHd Vyp.' and one-eyed and 
blaek lat taa; X btNf' tba owner of said dog. 

"IM Hhrnlltaa, 
*«r r. a B. ■■rM. 'aist Maad.» 

liDe-np 01 

Members - ot the Chicago ' Amuse' 
ment Co. monrn the death of Waldo CUne, a 
mnslclan, who, though he had been on tbe 
toad bnt three months bad become very popn- 
lar with tbe members. Mr, Cline was stricken 
with appendicitis at Waverly, la., vrhere he 
died Sept. 20. Be waa operated upon, and 
when It waa discovered that ha eoold not re- 
cover, hla mother, Uving at Blgoontey, waa 
sent tor. Mr. CUne wsa twenty yean ot age. 
Tbe Qileago Ajnnaeawt Os, played Bigoaney 

blgb-dlving dw and FMt. , 

perch. Oeo^ Idndy baa dutga ut the 
Theatre and Roman OoUanna. Artbor I«y bai 
charge of Mysterlons B^ia and tbe U|i4J»>llala 
Glrla, "Coney Island" IHck U naaagir «C toe 
wax mnsenm. Carl Beaaley Is managing Gft* 
attoa. Frank Hadley la manager ot " ~ 
aboir aad Cbaa. "Zenow" Ward 
fM niatatloB. We aw 


tut Vbdsistsod hy the Xaaagaa— TMal 
Etobieg U o Basalta, 
Blaoehe ChescMoagh Seott (she who was once 
Mrs. Roland B. MoUnenx) was delighting aa 
e nthnatas tle andlenee (hat fiUed Keeaey's Fnl- 
Ha. Street Tbtatre, Brooklyn. N. y.. when— 
tbIa la the press ageafa imaslnatlOB getting Into 
act i o n a dark-eredi bastar-lMafdad aaa. ap- 
peared la the vaUr dCflta tbialii. aad £■ 
msnded to see Ura. ScMt. Be «■■ ' at «aee 
nicortrd behind tbe aoenes. 

"Sir. what wiu yooF' dnnuded the newly. 
Hedged -hradliner," who bad Jost stepped tarn 
the stae*-. fallowed by the enthnstsstlc plandlts 
of tlie multitude. 

"Madam." cried he o< the haahy beard. "I 
am a lattyer! I have here a paper of dire im- 
I»rt." — Ooorlshlng tbe same, "It foi4>lds you. 
under penalty ot the Jaw. troB oolne on yoor 
lulls the name ot one BolaBd B. w«iimi.v toot 
divorced busband." . 

"Forgive me. gentle rir." wblapered BUnehe 
Chesebrough Scott, scarcely able to control her 
emotion. "1 will err no lonscr." 

" 'TIs wen." mtrtterrd the dark-eyed emis- 
sary and departed. 

.\nd then.' to quote tbe preas agent literally: 
"It Is understood that Mra. Scott wUl drop 
the name of her former husband and avoid a 
suit at law, which would be extremely dls- 
tasi, fill ta her. For these reasons Mrs. Scott's 
m«ii:ii;erf have bad an entirely new set of 
|Kv-it(Ts i»rliiteil. omitting Mollneux's name." 
. riiie story, eh? Front page? Display, ivlth 
picture? Sure. 

Tlie pres« agent made duplicate copies, marked 
tlie word "exclusive" on the top of tbe Hist 
page and sent It to every Bewapaper in 

An Eagle reporter showed tlie story to 1 
SeniCs huHband at the theatre last night. 

■■Iff a lie!" be remarked In no un- 

cerlnhi tonejt. 

Tills Lo his wife's first week at the buslnesii 
and lie hsHn't f;ot ns.'d to aQ tbe wrinkles. 

"Impossible." muttered the surprised reporter. 
"It was seat oot from Keener'a Tbeativ." 
"I don't eai«; tt*8 a . - i tiL" be repeated. 

■ iiadot yoa better aie VNTinttr* be wto 


"I don't have to ask ber," be said with some 
asperity. "She haa never used MOIIneax'a sane 
In this business, so It's fool tomnv rat to say 
that anyone would try to atop her." 

Mr. Keeney was caUed. When ahowa the 
story he head it all the my through with ap- 
parent interest. "WcU. well!" he remarked. 
"I know nothing abont this. It must have 
been written hy Mr. Wenslcy. Jnst excuse me 
a moment.". 

Tnmu« to Ttt. Scott, he cenarked: "Step 
this way a moment, please, Mr. Scott." "Riey 
retired to an adjacent dreasbig. Mom aad there 
resulted aa earnest oonsultattsa. In the coorse 
Of which Mr. Scott sho<A his hesd very caifiestly 
It was evident that be wooldn't stand for It. 

"It's a Ue!" he repeated when be 

returned a minute later. "I won't stand for 
their sending out this kind of stufT, and I'm 
going to stop It. If my wife goes on in this 
singing business, she's going to do it on ber 
merits, and not on any notoriety ^e gets from 
her previous marriage. Young MoUaeux has had 
enough of this sort of thing, and It's time they 
let him alone. I'm not Koiiig to stand for this 
at all." 

He spoke In no st^ge whisper, and Mr. Keeney 
heard him. 

"Really. I know nothing about tnls: yon will 
have to see Mr. Wensley," be remarked when 
again pressed for an ezplanaticm. "Thcte he 
goes." he added In a tone of relief, aa Mr. 
Wensley disappeared suddenly smoog a lot of 
stage scenery. 

Mr. Wensley was Interviewed, tmt proved s 
relucunt witness. "WeU. I thooght It wss so.' 
he said. "Let me see, the lawyer's name wss— 
Ob, yea — Jonea. snd bis oOlce Is— 1 think— In 
the Temple Bar building. NO, he didn't see 
Mrs. Scott, and be didn't serve say papers, hot 
be saw me and he told me She woold have to 
stop using MoUnenx's name, or be wonld Ming 
snlt. Ton know he was at the theatre to bear 
ber sing on Wednesday." 

"Xes, put it in that be heard her sing on 
Wedneaday." soggested Mr. Keeney, by way of 
s compromise, llien he started after Mr. Scott, 
probably Intending to Initiate him late some of 
the nrstsriaa «( tbMbUtt . 


Ttie Billboard 







AUONO the amendments to the 
constltuUon and by-Iawa of 
the AMOclated BUlposters, 
whleh •aoptsd •» lion- 

treal, i» one th*t reeds as ftdlews; 

••That Is CMC an emergency ahmU ariM, 
KUldl. Is the Judiment of the DlKCtory, 
nakM It MMaient to chmnea tta* dty 

Dteceioty uwU tdset iS gGSi 
(DC the uaaal ncctlns." 

When this amendment was offered 
It was stated that In case of epidemic 
or disaster It misht be necessary for 
the place of meetlngr to be changed on 
short notice^ In -which case the Direc- 
tory i^ould he empowered to act. 
Oood enoufh reason, and the amend- 
ment WM adopted -without further 
dMua^t; but back of that was an- 
otbOT reason which was not mentioned 
In the convention — the real reason for 
the offering of the amendment. 

• • • 

Host billposters win understand 
that when a meeting- of the Associa- 
tion is held in some out of the -way 
yiace the attendance is limited to those 
who ean afford to paiy for transporta- 
tion. It la a notable foot that con- 
• Tenttons held In the east have never 
bSWB marked by large attendance, 
while those tn the -west have always 
been record breaken. Th» TCMon la 
plain enough: a cson-ventlon at. Chl- 
cagro is within reach of a large num- 
ber of small-town billposters who can 
not aiTord to pajr lailroad tare to a 
maetlnc aft AUantle GUy. 

• • •' ' 

Now. as a matter of Cact, the gang 
do not want the small-town billposter 
to attend the convention and help 
them make the rules. That is why 
nearly all the conventions are held in 
the east where high transportation 
charges and hotel bills make It impos- 
sible for a great many members to at- 

• • • 

TUs year the sanar saved their 
bacon by going to UontreaL To en- 
able them to swing next year's plans 
without the interference of the small- 
town guy, they proposed to go to As- 
bwy Parl^ N. J. Tbm ptaiMt «m not 
enthustasUeally received. notwith- 
standing the oily gammon of Jim 
O'Mealla. When the Shredded Wheat 
Uan proposed Niagara FUls he was 
thrown down Inurd bar Bamsgr Unk, 
thongD he had In his pocket a tetter 
from Barney assuring him at mworf 
possible support. Then Bryan, -wbo 
saw the thing was going begglnc, mag' 
gested CIsnrsiaad la » aort o( don't 
cere way. Bob Canpben couldn't 
stand for the next convention going to 
Clevel&nd, and proposed Chicago, 
which was chosen by the convenUon 
with a — 

Chicago, above all other towns. Is 
tne place to get out a representative 
meeting of billposters. The men In 
the esst all have money, and can af- 
ford to go. It will be nearer for the 
jnen m the west and southwest, but 
it is right next door for the hundreds 
of small-town bUlpostera in Ohio. In- 
diana. ICiehigan, niinois, Wisconsin, 
Iowa, Missouri, and the other states of 
the Middle West. If held In Chicago, 
the next convention will be a small- 
town billposters' convention. The gang 
raw thia, and they also know that it 
wni, be fatal to their plans if the 
«nall-town billposters predominate at 
the next »««— hi« 

more qtiletly. in order to pravaat an 
effective protest from the great ma- 
jority of billposters who want to go 
to Chicago. It will be a good Idea to 
keep your eyes on that little "Jolter" 
' to aso how tt woriM. 

As a matter of fact Campbell don't 
^ant the next convenUon at Chicago; 
he would tar latlwr so MaMiwiMra 
else and escape the bother that a eon- 
yentlon would be to him In his own 
town. He will And reasons for not 
nuiding it there, and then the Direc- 
tors will bring their mtlo '^}aket» into 
play, and change the place', of meeting 
to Asbury Park, without adctns the 
consent oC the members. 

• • • 

This matter may come up at the 
meeting of the Directors in CincinnaU 
next December; but it la more than 
iixely that It will be put off tlU the 
meeting In March, or arranged even 

• • • 

Our wireless connection with New 
York has been out of order for the 
past few weeks, but is now working 
acaln. We hear that Old Hote has 
opened up again with offices on Park 
Place, and is putting up signs every- 
where, Pratt has returned from a trip 
to Portland, San Francisco. Ixie An- 
gele«, DoBvar, and other western 
points. He -was accompanied by his 
wife and daughter. He looks ten years 
younger. -When you stop to think of 
it he ought to be having the time of 
his life. Pratra tneome must be in 
the neighborhood Of (30,000 per year, 
and he doesn't have to turn his hand 
for It He has Barney and Campbell 
and O'Mealta and the rest of them 
working for liim: why should he work? 
Well, some men have to be kicked Into 
a good tlma, 

• • • 

There are a number of items that 
have come over the wireless that won't 
do to tell Just now. They are good, 
and will fee^t awaiting developments. 
In the meantime keep your eye oh the 
"Joker." BUTTINSia. 


Bro. R. P. Penney leaves for the' 
e«at In m tew dar* oo buelnefls pertalslns to 
the • AIlluicc. 

Bro. Clarence Anderson is again in 


wants to 
Maastaa at 

h„„ -z JwSfc Oct 

DUBf aaa Be «iu as. 

Every member of Local No. 6 
sboold Immediately eommond with Sectvtary 
J. W. DaTla, box 348, OenTer, Col., aa he 
haa BMtten ot gntt importance tor them. 
Plcan and your addnaaca to Idm at ooce. 

Denver Local No. 6 held an impor- 
tant meetliis Sonday. Sept. 24. The attend- 
ance waa the laqreit (or many montha, and 
nomloatloQa for ofllces for the Animi ng year 
was the most Important order ot hoslness. 
The regular election took place Sonday. Oct. 
1. me plans for tlw entertainment ot the 
daknies to the National OnnTcntion. which 
SMSM hi Danrcr. Dae. 4, 6, S, waa dlsciused 
and a Sne pngranusa waa anaagcd. Tbm oom- 
tas convention Is cncetsd ta b* the moat 
Important one the AlUuiea baa e*W bad. A 
royal time is prmnlsed an delegates and mem- 
bers who attend. A special prosramme Is he- 
Ins amnaed for the ladles of the party who 
cone wia the delesatea. B. P. Penney Is 
at the entertainment committee and 


Advattitamanta andar thia hsadiac will be 
.wsaUy «t tts ssifaEB ats af las 

AWt— Conwsy— J. r. Clark, boi 02. 
Cotton Plant — Soon * Bcbeln. 
Helena— fitipatrick B. P. Co. 
Sprlagdale— Olte Sansders Co. 
Walnnt Bldse — Walnut Ridge Post. A D. 

OOira.— Stamford — Bamley OeOnger. 

ms 'Poeatellfr— George Dash, box 2TZ. 

nx.— 'Bloomlngton — City B. P. C. OoIIi^nm 

Bwhncil— ObaiBlictialB Blllpostlag' Tu. 

IKD — Weblgan City— J. L. Weber A Co. 

Wlnemac — ^E. O. Borroogha. 

IKD. TEB.— BamettnlUe— Otcat Western B. 
P. Co. 

IOWA.— Coming— y. C. Reese. 

Des Moines— <W. W. liooie. Uoeassd Ola. 
KAN.— BUswertt-.'Wta. b OsMMk 

Mckersoa— nka H mki; P. Sad 

Ky.-eiia*iad Bwsabisa B, p. sad Dtat. 


RnisellTine-^adltorlnm B. P. A IMst, 


XHnr.— Remld)!— A. T. Wheeloek. 

MlnneapoUa — Gibbons Blllpsstlag Obi. 
UBS,— (BrookbaTen— ^. H. Wtanbcdy A Bni. 
XOST.— «inings— A. L. Babeock. 
V. -rOBJC— OdblesklU— iBdwln F. Westwotth. 
v. ata. fltategfilla— Bswland Ads. On. 

B. OAS.— Ctaffney — Ed. H. DeOamp, 
TEBV. — Uemphla — ^Ward-MoOaStay. 
TEX.— OalnesTllIe — Panl OamSi CL P. 

Tokom— C. C. Trlbble. 
W. VA — ^Bloeaeld— B. I. Schott. 
WIB — Prairie An Chlen— P. A. CampbeU. 


AdTSrtiaamaBta nidai this hsadlas will bs 
palUsbad wsaUy a* tbs nrifana n*s tn 

T. CUrk. box OS. 
CAXi.— 'Bnreks— <W. B. Mathewa, SSS 2nd st. 
8aerameat«— W. A. CsaweU * Sons. 

P. Boeghtoa* bm S54. 
IBb— last St. Lesls-iw. H. Bmar. 

BawstdsTlllt uretlerinass Adr. Oa. 
Msttooa-QIePhctaos Bna, tH ■. UKk 


Pahnyra — ^A. C Farmer. 
m>.— <Bntttiagtai — BenJamlnMllei. SBrerett st. 
ladlasapoUs— Indianapolis Adr. Co., BU 

■tSTsasss Bldg. 
Vaaeie O j a pcl e Adr. Oo. 
Tens Baote— O. X. Bartlett. 
IOWA. — Des Moloes— (W. W. Moore. 
Dondt — Union B. P. and Adv.- 
iMsson City— iBeory Distal. 
gAM.— (AtPhisas Cltf BiUpoalhw. OSb 

OsawatOBle— & P. nfeCiL 
T .d,— i T a ia yatta-P. B. Olmid * am. 
. Itwataa Wssslstbaa * 
Baa tn i i T ab s V. OatMf; 
Jacktoo— W. B. MiMa. 
lCM».-^OP tt O s wg s B. to 


B. p. sal 

Schoyler— Bob A Bolman. 
v. YOBK. — Ogdensbnrg-^E. B. Bracy. 
Port Jama— lA. 0. 31. Mesler. 
Potsdam— •Bdaoo Taylor. 20 Warerly at. 
Sdieneetady — Cbas.H3ene^et 121Jay at. 
Syiaeaac — James MoI<»^iey, Ooorlcr bids 
V. OAB.-^UtesviUe-'BawIaad Atr. On. 

ORIO.-«Ineinnatl-J. J. Hmsby * OA 
OolmBlms — 8. A. Hyde. 
Fostorla-<W. C. TerrU A Oa. IH W. 

^lartin's Ferry— J. F. Unmsabmg. 

Toongstomi— at. Oieger. 
PEnr.— Carlisle— Wkn. M. Meloy. faor 4». 

Dobols— O. H. Barlow, 3 8. Brady St. 

Bast York— Slchard B. Staley. 

Johnstown — George DpdegraTes & Oo. 

PbocnlxTlllc^co. K. Obeth<dtscT. 

Tyrone— C. _ : 

8. CAB..— Oolnm bna g. O. "Bbigtar Cat 

Phocnlz^^ CL 

XBIW^-Oardele-P. D. 

Harrlraan — iHarrlman B. P. and Air. 


TEX. — Amarlllo — J. Smnmers. 
SlUsbaro— (B. P Jones. 
Sherman — IW. J. Barrey. box laS. 
VTAa.— fiatt Lake City— John M. WaldM. 
WIB.— West Sopcrtor— C.A. T 


pcrlor Hotel. 

r.— aioaticai-«. J. a 

Y m eo B iet^ B. . Ci— A.- P; - 


Cbas. H. Ssr, 81 Keadow St., New HsTan. Ooaa 
An admirer ot Bob Hall, st the time wbec 
he came to be a tired and retired minstrel, en- 
thnslastlcally remarked wltbont exaggeration, 
that the excellent exponent of the entertains 
ec«-ntrlclt(es ot the engaging Bthloplan was 
"As fiHl <rf goealp as a maiden lady of an 
uucertaln age, and has a memory equal to that 
ot any man yon ererr owed a dollar to. His 
facts and flgnres are more reliable than the 
Karernmci^t scatlstlca. and a plagued algbt more 
Interesting, and I don't know his eqnal In mixing 
arithmetic of dates with the art of acceptalile 

.\ halt Iwor after the Battering statement the 
eersstil* Mr. Hall waa demonstratlog the truth 
Ot tbs aia trtl as. holding an aodlenee who were 
all ears » Ma. ramlslsHst w lat lsaa, asd aa- 
TtTiyiag tcoaikB sad i—taittosa slaad. teitsts- 
mc t» the alaatnl paaSDOMMCs aC tka ssst, 
part of arbkA b* was and all a( wkUh be baaw 
ihroagh pesaooal kaowtcdsa. Whna' Bab eoBId 
rlTsl the deep sea sailor as a yamapbiner and 
a puTTcyor of perils, he retained the merit ot 
nccoracy, and if be bad been inettncd to lUeim- 
tnre woold by natnre hare taken to history and 
biography rather than to the Invantloos and 
blandlahmenta ol Ihney and llctloa. "Bte nar- 
rator tiad cme gratifying qnallfleatlon. he was 
not like the maiden of limited musical at- 
tainments, who reqoire urging- and imploring 
to maltreat the piano or agonise her friends 
with a trying test of a voiceless Tolce — cot a 
note In it. If Bob had Ured In Japan. Tnrkey 
or Arabia he woold hare been paid high boacn 
«s a teller of tales that not only beat the band, 
bat distanced the IKfe and dram corps. In 
catting loose one moralng at the reatoratlve 
refectory of Sandy Spencer be regaled: 

"Perlmps, gentlemen. 1 may be a bactainmtier. 
a fossil, an old foggy or a ptebistwlc lellc, 
bot I mnat asy that I am not In lore with 
what I sea St to term the digressions In modem 
minstrelsy. Like the gentlemen from K«atn^y. 
I prefer the straight goods." llie apt simile 
brooght a smllc to tbe face of the barkeet), 
and ttie speaker contlnned with an appredatlTe 
nod. "Now, It Is tbe proper caper to finish the 
show with a tronpe of wUte serobats or a lot 
Of Japs or Arata. I sappoae that these 
modem aliased iBpcoreBeala pay. or the man- 
ager naald aaC ga to catia asge us e of prarlding 
them. When X was « - • - 

DP alngan whs csSU 

gat Rsl Mlaritril 
wtiere (he cote is 

at diacBiir. 

oat a poer ]Mctanae«'i 
Instead of tbe wig. 

It wasn't sU yon 
started tbeae imperilling 
timers set' a bad example 
gollty as tbe Johnny -MaweesAs and llaa'at tta 
Honr. Tbe Backleya,iiao bad to base a wanna 
— a real prima doona; Leon. Tita Only, bad to 
make op In yellow instead of black to look 
tbe octoroon, instead of the «weU la4y coon; 
Bill 'NewcomI) showed a tieah In put two: 
Ohang, ttw Ohinese slant. I mnst eoofeoa. did a 
tan hialiwaa: Sam BbaiVIr. Instead of ainflng 
a negro ditty oo the end, aans an awlia 
moslc ball song. Onel Mary Bolder. I can't 
JtMt soy wbo song ttie llrst Irish soag on tta 
end: perhaps It was Joe Mnrphy, be knenr bow 
to do It. So did Jerry Cohan, with la Boe's 
Minstrels, when he played on the other end 
with Cal. Wagner. Batry Kemell did an end - 
with Jack HaTcrly and. If I remember ^gKtly. 
sang with a brogne. A good namber of Iriab- ; 
men were derer endmcn, and I can recall at 
this minute Archie Hoghes, Ftsyette .Welch and ; 
Hogbey Doogtierty. 

'*l%en the Dutch Impersonators got te tSkelr 
destroying work <m tbe mlnotrel sbcrw. Jtn 
BDdworth was very -fanny aa a Datchmon in 
a blackface; J. K. Bmmet Simply great; Doteb 
Morris too fanny for anything and a Iesltima«a 
eomedlaa «t ran snerlt, an he codld aaWliii 

slag or daaeo, xelybig satlrely ava* bla aeitag 

^i, .... . . - - - 

' taking largelr. 
llag abast . 

a^ ssaiaiifiT at aprlncfleM, 
Bas .'Ms good Irish ntother 

IS sslta w oa eH y and their pi a ji ala s a < 
on oelr taking laigdr. 
"^eauag abast Jerry Oobaa. ha was 


hot wl 

with La 

lighted at Ua adaaaeeaaent. bat demorred at his 
*maklng a nagnr of himself.' Soma at tbe 
Celts are very oensniTe aboot t^Ir- conntxyaMtt' 
^'■^""g op or carlcatorlng the Irish. OofaOn 
oaee sang his Applea and Feara tn a Osnsdisn 
dly and tt came pretty near eaosing a tlot. 
Xbe boose and aiMot eTetythlng there waa In 
It rose st him. Jerry -was an artist and nerer 
foand It wnmnrr to wear greea whiskers or 
look like a mookey to get a laogh. 

"I had a friend wbo waa clever oa the end, 
and wbo ooold make any of them hustle. His- 
name was Magnlre, and he waa llrst-class wteie. 
ever yoo pot blm. On a posh he cotiM sing a 
ballad and often led tbe chonses. Besides betog 
an artist, be waa traetable and taetfnl and weD- 
thoiietat.of tiy manageia. Ftr tliat reason ha 
was slwsys -working and much soogbt-after. 

**W« traveled wltli the same organlxatloo for 
two seasons, and be wss atways telling mt 
about bis old IrMb oncle. tt>e wraltlv Pat. 
Magnlre. his father's brother. This Magnire bad 
made bis pile oa a contractor and had retired 
from active bnslneaa on a competency. Ba 
hadn't a -wife living or a dalld. and my Mead. 
BUly Magnlre, waa tha heir appaicat. .Sbs- 
Magnlre's corrcavOSMcd MgSlB^, .bat It WSS 
nesrlng tbe end aC tbs SMMa^fstM thr asv 
psny played tbs cM.. ass B s -l a isa ssA'SnV' baa 
aa.anartsm^ .ts.sis.Ms, :sBd alao ptoaa to 

iai «t sH-ts av Mcad'a taOng ar 
, On the eastnoT. right then be- 
made^tba BlBtafee ct Us life. Vat. Magnlre, tha 
man of aaoch aooey, doted on a good eoaale 
Irish song, and BUly had ODO pot In tta 
for him to sing on tha «od te the edtteStlOD of 
his rich nncle and proapeetiTe heaefaetor. no 
rendition of the ditty failed to have the con- 
templated pleasnraMe etrect. l%e uosle was st 
first smased at bis nephew's singing an blah 
song -vitb the (ace of a negro, and then he, 
was boiling over In Indignation, grabbed hja 
hat and bolted from the complimentary prtrate 
box with whicb be bad been provided. Itie en- 
raged Fat. Magnlre made stnlght for home, 
and that was tbe last time that silly ever aet' 
eyes npoo hia asgrieved ancle. Undo Fat. 

gr at fawis :'io woMbr 

O. D. wmard. ot ttie noted „ 
wniard Amoaement Syndicate, si 
bla famous Temple of Hnslc a 
instrument, sold to be the moot stop 
novelty In tbe mnsleal line ever bollt is 
eonntry. It Is to be christened Tbe Wt 
mixer, and In its eonatraetton orar. 1.000 pleees 
ot gss pipe, the odds and cnda ot pip" ' 
in the laying ot electrical - " 
the OhIcaso White City _ , 
lied. The tnatnuaent will 
team and win be plajed Ig 

t' pipes, ssed 

Tbe vaodevllle team of DeMoode and Dlnsmore 
has been compelled to caned a nnmher of dates 
t>eoaase of tbe mnesa of Mr. DeMonde. wbd is 
cooflned to the aanimrtom at ZanesvUle. Ohio, 
with scIaUe rheomatlbm. aifldred Dtnsmcre 
writes that she does not know when Mr. De- 
Monde will be able to work. CDoaeiiaently she 
Is aot able to ssy wben they will resome. 


Jost the thins for tschJng tin snd eardboard 
Bvary dlstrlbator sboold have os^ Prlraa: 
doobls extension handls. Si IncAss IraK S9 
titpla extenuon handle. *» Inehssloiwi SsjA 
- ^ with tbe order. Sons ssas C: O. n. 

Ttm ■swallll ~ LHho. Co., Hawporl, Ky. 

bavs the ben boards and 

grmteet loostloos tn Clo- 


sfamatiandSobarbs. MaphaasnAnOpsm Fksa. OoatrwJiors for Blllpostlng tbrooghout the U. 8.. Cuba 
Osnaao. PopolaMoni city 3aMWi««BBl>^^»awns W,»oa. , 


Xtie Olllboarcl 

OCTOBER 7, 1005. 


ell.; T. 

Two Menr TVaiBiMt lUViHB * Tt 

Ibta, Kut. Si. 
Tbe Eui and Ule Glrlr Baltimore ML,' M 
Ta* SfaAOT Girl: KMMalia. Wis.. S. 
Tbe Puaden: Cedar Rapids. la.. 7. 
Tbe BcRar PrlncF Op«ta Co.. r. A. Wade. 

wagr.z Attoaaerqm. N. Mex., iodef. 
Tbe Geeaer of Ceefc. Will J. Block, mgr.: 

Chleaco. IIL. Aag- 20. todef. 
Tbe Land of Nod: QilcaKo. UL. Jose 12, ladet. 
Tbe Maid and The Moaun;', Wm. Hale, msr.: 

Ifew Totk Cltr, Oct. 2, tndef. 
Tbe PmtI md .xbe Fampklm: HMr Xaak GUr. 

Ans. 21. taML ........... 

ne Tankee Baaa^ '^1 

U«ct. St. 

"t&^&jr s: 

r*i»^-.«-7: WaaUagtoa. D. C. M4. 

WcM *- Vokn. In A >aUr ol Plain. J'aa. r. 

iM, msr.: Mew York City. 1-T: New Havu. 
:. COmu. 7-U: Hwxfoid. 12-14. 
.t.oeeloc^'a U. 8. Indian Band. Max Boaen- 
!.'*««; mir.: FateiaoD. N. X, t-T; Nsw lortt 
,' tatr. 9-H. 

Wbea Johniqr Comea Karcblns Homo. W. T. 

OMMoo, ptopL * mgr.: Unilnine, jCr., Z-7: 
Jl aiili ft il , PMib ijexmgiou. U-li, 
WMMDdL Bny W. Bavace. mgr.z AUaatlc 
GItr. N. J.. 4t LaneasUr. Fa., t: Alleatowo. 
_•; Baatoa, T; PUUdelpMa, >-ZL 
Wllla -Knaleal COiaedr Co., Jotaa B. Wills, 
msr.: Tslladeca. Ala.. S-S; Colnmlma. Miaa.. 
•-U: Aberdeen, IZ-U. 
WUUama * Walker: DanviUe. OL. 12. 
Vma^ tSat It., Broadliant <: Cnirlc, BCn.: 
** : OtTi Sept U-HoT. 4. 

Baxtow**. X A. Oobam. nsBt M 

Annlston. Ala.. S: Tklladasa. Ci 

Oa., 7; Cbauanoosa. Tenn.. 1. , 
Barlow A WlUon'a, Lawrence Baiiov, msr.: 

Mnntsomerr, W. Va.. 4; Oiarluton. «; 

Foiot Fleaaaat. T: Fomeroir. O.. *: Galll- 

Caltanei. Cbace * Weatan'a, Fted H, Fontr. 
msr.: RaynoldaTUIa. Pa.. 4; Bioc k w a yrtUa. 
St BmporlDm. <; Austin. 7. 

IllilliaC*^ PbUadelpbla. Pa., Ans. U. IndeC 

Sb Rae Bros.'. BtUr De Rne. msr.: Ozfotd. 
N. T.. 4; Blnsbamton, a; Foreat City. Fm^ 
tt Carbondale. 7; BalUtead. »; MajaliMa, K. 
T.. II: CnrtUnd. 12: Groton. U: Moravia. 14. 

DonnrUr A Hatlleld'a. Edward Conrad, msr.: 
Clarksburc. W. Va.. 4: AUtena. O., S; Jack- 
•cn, <: Ironton. 7; Focahoniaa, Ta., t; Blue- 
fleld. W. Vs., 10: E. Radford. Va.. 11; Roa- 
mke,^ 11; DaaTtUe, :S: Wbizton-Salem. N. 

Ooitan'B. C. C. Fmrl, msr.: Fetartom, N. H.. 
_S: KMse. t. . . 

BATtrtVa. CkML K, BaghM, Botlmm- 
fU-ld. HI.. 4; W nw l i iB taai, S: Paotla. f ; 
Tme. Banti; lad.. 7: HasnWial. Ho. D; 

QUiOT' III., u. 

Daekatader*a. Cbaa. D. WUaaa. msr.: Cblcaso. 

IIU >-7: Dea Molnea. la.. IS: FMifa. .n.. IS. 
bnuda-. BUlT. eeo. A. 

'Weatlierford, Tex., 4: ClebL 
Waco. 7: San Marcus, •, 
Italian's, Frank: CentervlUft JmL tr 

ton. S: Caloetvllle. Mo.. tiOmmm^K T 

Booth MeAlestar. I. T., U. 
Prlmroae'a^. Jaa. B. Daamr. mwci 

K. T..;'*t - .- 
Pnctoi'^ Oaoi. . S. Vnetm 

VL. S-Z; 
Tioscl'a. Jobn W.: Dowaslao,' _ 

Btvan. 5: Mlshawaka, Ind.. fe' 

T; Chloyto HelshtaTi. . _ 

Weofa. Wm. a., SanCort. K BIcaby. ovr-: 

BrftckrUlc One.. 4; Klnsatim. B: BaUarlUaw 

(: Osdeosbors. N. T.. T. , 

Alcaaar Tina III laa. X. 

Cliy. 1-14. 

Baltimore Beantles, T. w. IMnklna, msr.: 

Brooklyn. N. Y.. S-Oct. 7. 
BUA Cniok. Jr.. Burleaqnera. Hatrr Haat- 

-deiSb£^.^ * FWa^ — FbOa- 
Blue Ribbon Qirla. Jack MMMfe SMiLS SUIa- 

bors. Pa., >-I4. 
Bryant's. Harry C Eatra-nxanxa. IL Bai^ 

yon. mgr.: New Orleans. La., l-t 
BoweiT BnrlemneisL Joe Bartis, anis mi^ 

delpbla. Pa., 2-7; Reanlns, i»-14. 
H n haml n rfi . Bamer Glxatd. mgr.: Jcney Cltr. 

If. J., Z-7. 

BOB Tona. Raab & Weber, msra^: 8C Xioiila. 
MOL, »-l4. 

a^^Bpot^ ShU BheHdan. msc: Mow TOrtc 

Cracker Jacks. Harry I.eonl, amns MbmHTm V, 

Y.. i-7: Troy, »-14. : • ■" 

Casino Qtrls. James Lederer, 

N. Y.. 2-7; Albany, »-I4. 
Cherry Blossoms. M. Ja^^ihs, msr.: Pittsfaorx. 

Pa., 2-7; Washlnston, D. C, 
California Girls. G. H. Tomer, msr.: SC 

mum Toik 

Fncnaa. mgr. 

B. L. M: 

' 9* Vcre% BaiB, Own, F. 

Mrtland. Ore. 1-7. 
^Gay Momlns Glories. Sam A. Scrlbner, msr. 
Baadlns. Pa.. 2-7; Scranton. >-14. 

Masqaeraders. Jobn S. Raynor, msr. 
' niOalo. S. Y.. £-7; Rocheater. »-14. 
Co t d en Crook. Jacobs * Jetmoa. BWia. 

ton. Maaa.. 1-7: New " " 

Blsb dcliooi Oirla. X, 
^BawOMjg^^. T., S-T. ^ 

^SSfewPib ^"WoTirnmn. a 

KTX. »-7r New York Otr. W 
bwlara Bis Show. Fred Irwtn. 

tOB. Pa.. 1.11 Newark^M. ' 
Smoeent HaMfcT W. 

lyn. N. 
ImperialB, Jr 
S-OcC t. 

Ueal^ am 
CaL. S4. 

JUly Oraao IVMuw^ Ooo W. 

BBtte Mont. 1>Z. 
»nv Ulllaa. Oao. BMBir, 

Y.. J-Ti 

Kentucky Belles: Salt lAke City, UUli, l-T; 

Denver. CoL. 8-14. 
Merry Maldeniw J. Iiowiy. msr.: ClevelaBd. 

C. 2-7. 

Majeetlcs, Frtd ]kWla> HKI WiaMafeliU 

Pa.. 8-7. 

lOaa Kaw Toafc Jr^ RUilo B. FIacc% msr-: 

MboBUBht VaMi^ OaTid Ktaoa, mgr.: New 
York City. Z-7; Fbiladelpbla. Pa., 1-14. 

New York Stars. M. M. Thelse. mer- : New 
York City. 2-7; PbUadelpbla. Pa.. B-14. 

New Century Qlrls, J. HaflW^ aagr.: dscta- 
natl. O.. I-T. _ 

New London Gaiety 6iri% CL Onat^ Wbt 
Cblcaso. IIL. 1-7. „ 

Orientally W. B. Wataoo. mgr.: Mew Tork 
city, M. . 

FarUlan Widows, Rmih t Weber, mgta.: CU- 
easo. lU., Z-7: Detroit, Mlcb., »-I4. 

Fatlalan Belles. John Grlevea. mgr.: Hllwaa- 
kte, Wla., 2-7. „ ,^ 

Bentz-Santlay. Abe Leavitt, msr.: Pl:t&bars. 
Fa,. «-7: Cincinnati. O., S-14. 

Boat Hill gnfiish Folly. Blee & Barton, mm.: 
NaahTllle. Tenn., 2-7; New Orlpsnn. La.. 8-14. 

Reeves, Al. : Boston, Mass., 2-7; New York 
City, 9-14. _ , , „ 

Rice t Barton'a Bis Gaiety: dereland. O.. 
2-7; BOOalo. N. T.. Mi _ „ 

Snnaway Olria. Fetar 8. Ctaifc msr.: Brook- 
lyn. N. Y.. S-Oet. 7: FroTUcnec B. L, ^4. 

ReUIy * Wooda. Fat BelUy, msr.: FbSladel- 
pbla. Fa.. 2-7. , „ ^ 

Rose SydeU'a Lsmdon Belles, W. S. Camp- 
bell, mgr.: St. Louis, Mo., 2-7: Cnlcaso. IIL, 

»-l4- _ 
Star Show Glrla. Wm. Fennessy. msr.:^Oow 

d'AlencL Ida.. 4: Nortb Yakima. 1»a^_J>;7. 
Trans- Atlantic Baflaaia«% & |l. 

msr.: CfaolaBatl, Ola 


Tlser Ullea. lasy Srod^ 

Minn., 2-7. • •. ■ - . _ 

Trocaderoa, C H. Waldraa. HBE.: VoMlw O.. 

8.7: CteTelaad. 8-14. ^ , 

Utotplana, T. W. Dinklns, msr.: St. Faol. 

Hlnn.. 2-7. „ 

Vanity Fair, Botart IfliiikaaHi. aigc: Braak- 

w^d Bea''^' *j^mikmimt0i mm.* BMloa. 

Wine. irooMB and Sons; M. K. Tbelae. msr.: 
ScrlnsteM. Maaa.. X-4: Holyoke, i-T. 

Yaakee Doodle Glila. T. W. Dmklaa, mgr.: 
JCCMT CMF. K. J.. 2-7. 

Ic Bailey's: San Luis, Aria., 

4: Doos- 

laA S: Demlng. N. Mex., 6; El Paao, Tex.. 7; 
Abiima, •: Matherford. 10: Ft. Wortk. U: 
ClalMII MIL 12: Temple, 13; Waco. I*. 
BnekiklaBen's wild West. Ben El " 

ABgona, Oa., a-S; Atlanta. 9-21. 
Colo A Recant S. BL: Wilson. XL CM VMan- 

Img; Va., St BIcbmond. 7. 
Colorado Oianfa: Thompsonvillau UL. 4; West 
Frankfort. S: Johnson City. 6: Herrin, 7: Car- 
iMndale, 9; Makanda. 10; Cobdea. 11; Jones- 
boro, 12: Anna. 13; Alto Pass, 14. 
Campbell Bros.': St. Jobn^ Kan.. 4: Kiowa. E; 

Ausuata, 6; Latham, 7; OkecDe, Okla., 9. 
Cook & Barrett's: I'nbllcslloo of route pro- 

blhlted. Any mia addreawd In cace «t The 

BUboard win be forwarded |l 

Cnmmlns' WUd West & Indian 
City): Clilcsgo. 111.. Indef. 
Decorum's Dos & Monkey: Mlimeapolls, lOnn.. 

2»-Oct, 5. 

£Uer's, Joo Backer, bns. msr.: Harper. Kan.. 

4: "TilTlBT laadsBb 6: Attica, t; JUowa, 7: 

Alva. OSkl, X ' 
BIy'a. OmTK: Aikanaas dly, Kan., 4-S, 
Floto'a: Moscow. Ida.. 4; Dayton. Wash., S; 

Atbena, Ore.. 6; Pendleton. 7; EIsln,'9; La 

Grande. 10. 

Sbrepaugh A: Sells Bros.': Pnrcell, I. T., 4; 

Wynnewood. S: Anlmore, 6; Cualsate, 7; 
' WeatberforxL Okla.. 8; Elk City, 10; AmarUla. 
Tex.. 11: .Qiunnab. 12: Wichita Falls. U: 

Gay's aaetne OOL, Gar : 
f^najaml. la.. l-T. 

Gollmar Bioa.': Callforala, MOk. 4. 
HageabcA'a Trained Aalanl Show: PabUcatlaa 
Of loate piottiuted. Aar smII alWund la 
care of Tbe BUUioard will .k* - gRwartM 


Hall'a, F. W.: Sharon. WKa.. *t Attics. S; 

Harper. S; Danville. 7. 
Lucky B:irs: Independence. Kan.. 4; Liberty, 

5; Angola. 6; Mound Valley, 7; Cherryvale, 

9-10: Dennis. U; Galeaburs. 12; St. Ptal, U; 

Walnor. 14. 
UcDooald Bros.': Decbard. Tnn., 4; 

ter, S: Cowan. •:.SlMrwaod. 7. 
Noma * —ig s t " ~ 

* >-» »^ as — .^^ 

Onto Bna.*: Urambore. Max.. 4; B Odo^ M; 
Totoca. M-lSs-Camloo, 17. 

Pawnee BUTs Wild Weat: Fond Creek. Okla.. 
4; Enid. 5: KIngllaher. <: El Reno, 7; Law- 
ton. 9; Hobart. 10; Mangum. 11; Anadarko, 
12; Chlckasba. L T., 13: Geary. Okla.. 14. 

Bobbins', Frank A.: Delta, Md., 4; Havre de 
Oraoe, S. BIkton. S: CeotervlUe. 7: Chester- 
town. 9; Searord, DeL. 10. 

Robinson's, John: Rantotul. UL. 4; Tuscola. 5; 
S>>IllvaB. (; Kfllngham. 2; OcatoUkts Ma- 
rlon. Hi.. 10: Mctropsllik Ut JMan, % Mm- 
phyabora. 13; Belleville. M. 

Rlngling Bros.': Oklahoma City, Okla.. 4; 
Chickasba. L T., S: Lawton. Okla., C; Hobart, 
7: El Keno. »: Shawnee. 10: Ada. I. T.. U: 
Durant, 12; So. McAIetter 13; Slnnknp^ 14. 

Sells A Downs' : THsyer. Mo.. 5; HoxIc.Ark.. a. 

SIg. SauU'lle & Welsh Bros.': Huntingdon. Pa., 

4; Duncannon, 6; Mt, Joy, <; <}uan7vllle, T; 

aeason ends. 
Texaa Bill's Wild West: Paris. Tenn.. 4; 

McKerxle* S; Milan. <; Humboldt. 7. 
Van Amtrarg: Publication of m ~ 

Any man addrraard In esre aC 

will be forwarded promptly. 
Wallace's: Wytbcvllle. Va., 4: PntesM. S: 
' Roaacka. S; Bedtard CIlT. 7* Lyncbborg; a; 

Crewe. M; Baffalk. II: Norfolk. U; Fetats- 

bors. U: Rlcbmond. 14. 
Wheelers. Al. F.. New Model: Lyon Falla. N. 

Y., 4; Port Leyden. S; aeaaon enda. 
Wasbbum * D'Alma'a. Leon WaablianL mgr.: 

Washlntlon. D. C. S-Oet. T. 


^Carnival Co.: ML Carnwl. IIL. 2-7. 

Alamo Sbowa. W. H. Rlecw mgr.: Pleaaant 

Bill, Mo., 2-7. 
Araent'a, Capt, W. D., Attractlona: Cedar Rap- 
ids, la., 2-7; Atlanta, Ga.. *-ZL 
Baldwin Bros.' Sham. United: LaHarpe. lU. 

Barfcout Amusement CD.. K. O. Barkout, msr.: 

Bagttatima. MA^ 9-7; Msntnimiifc W. Vs.. 

Cash Carnival Co. (No. 1): XiSko MUla, la., 1-7; 

1- ake City, Minn., 9-14. 

Cooke's City of Jerusalem, H. Cooke, mgr.: 

Harrlaburg. Fa.. 2-7. 
Ooyle Amusement Co.: Onm. Mo., 4-7. 
Oosmopclltan Amusement Co.. H. ?nyder. gen. 

mgr.: Fekm. IIL. 2-7; Mattoon. S-I4. 
Bnropean Amosement Ca: pubilcation of routp 
prohibited. Any mall addmwd la care of Tbe 

Billboard win be fiaaaidid yognivt^. _ _^ 

Fatlma'e Cairo Show. Jlia BtosM%'m0B3 49rtar 

Raplda. la., i.7. ^ 

FeraH Bna^agmKJ^gMiVL.M. ■ 
Frermaa'aBaMjSlli^mr Qo.. Harry Free- 

maa. mv^s Wmmm, sty,. S-T. 
flrarWI* 4k Baikmtr Amasenent Co., J. Victor 

flinilllll A W. CL Baatamer, mgrs. : Norrlstown, 

Fa< Oet. L Mtot 
Gatkfll. Gfcat Sbowa: Omaha. Neb., S-Oct. 7; 

Wichita. Kan., t-14. _ 

Hatch. J. Frank, Shows: BtoeOeld. W. Va^ 2-7. 
Booster Amaaamot Co.t Dalphi. O,. S-7: Good- 

Und. Tu«,. •41. - , _ 

Irish Canimi Oi,: MMr TMt CUT. Wmn. s- 

Oct. 7. 

Jones-Adams Sbowa: Gi aaay H le. N. C t-7: 

Klnston, >-I4. 
Lachman-Keetck Sbowa: Indianola, la., Z-7; 

Charlton, t-14. 
Lelbfrtel * lAVidla Amusement Co. : Hastings. 

Pa.. S-li 

Madison Amnwment Co.: North Tafclms, 

Wash.. 2-7: Momw. Jdse, »^4, 

MIIes-Mny showland: BiatteilHwt'f,. t-1t 

Monessen. 9-14. 

Monarch Carnival Co.: I/Ongootee, Iiid.. Z-7. 

Mnndy Carnival Co.: Ft. Wayne. Ind.. 2-7. 

Miller Bros.' Show: St. Loula. Mo.. 2-2L 

Niehol'e Chloaso Amoaament Co.. Law NIehoIa. 
owner and mgr.: Mt, Fleassnt, HI.. Z-7: Jar- 
aeyvllle. 1-14. _ 

Parker. Great. Amnseroent Co.. Con T. Ken- 
nedy, trgr.: HopkliMvlIle, Ky., 2-7; Clarks- 
ville, Tenn.. 9-14. 

Parker. C. W.. Amu«*ment Co.. J. Harry Ed- 
wards, mgr.; Guthrie. Okla-. Z-7. 

Parker. New. Amujvment Co.. Raver & Darna- 
by. mpn.: Uaron. Ho.. Z-7: HexICQ. 9-14. 

Parker Faliylaad A maacaa s a t Oa^JBnaaar tk 
Tyler, msta.: IiawmNe, Kia.. ML 

Pattaraon * Bralaerd Caiwlval Oht O iida r Bap- 
Ida, la. Z-T: Channte. Kan.. 9-14. 

FaopICs Anroaement Co.. Wm. H. Kramer, 
mar.: Madison. Ind.. S-7. 

RIddell's Southern Caraltral Co.: MUeOk SU).. 

2- 7: MorrUtown. 9-14, 

Robinson Amusement OBit Ikllik SF-. >-T: 

Georgetown, 9-14. 
Ho3'al Amusement Co.. H. H. TIpps, mgr.: 

Eurgin. Ky., !-7. 
Seeman-MlUican Mardl-Graa Co.: Miaonk. UL, 


Smith, <SraaMr, Ammemtat Ox: nmpott, OL, 

Soniiwm Carnival CO.. Mtt BMMk mCbt Okiali, 
_CaL. 2-7: Petaluma. f-M. 

V. S. Carnival Co., B. Ii. CS IWI B ^ aw>t Par- 
sons, Kan., 2-7. 

Vendome Theater. Chas. W. TylaiW 
srrta. Ga.. 3-8: Atlanta. 9-21. 

Welder Carnival Co.. Will H. 

Manchester. O., 2-7; Ripley. 94L 

World's Fair Carnival Co.. R. & 
mgr.: Ulnneapoll'. Kan.. Z-7. 

Wright's Carnival Co.; Ii:vansvllle, Ind., 2-7. 

Barton P.rtM.' i;iu«)cr. Shows. Matt Barton, 

mgr.* FIdorado. Ka-.. 2-7. 
Gay Show. Great: Lansing. Mich., 2-7; Jollet, 

lil., 9-14. 

Reh's Fair Grooad Show: Bedford, Pa., Z-7, 
Savldge. Walter. Attractions: Bloomlleld, Neb.. 
2-5; Wayne, 9-14. 

vAumnixs omaiaATXOHS. 

Abom's. MMMK. All Blar VkngnIBi' Cn. (O. 
O H.): Xrt^ Fft.. i^OvscaA Bmtaa. N. 

Y.. 9-14. 

Edwards', C. E., Lady Minstrel Shows. H. B. 
Hardlns. bus. mgr.: New Albany, Ind., 2-1; 
Jefrersonrilla. S-7; Blooming ton, 9-11: Bad- 
ford. IZ-M. 

lAtayette. Tba Oraat. T. O. Lafayette. m,cr.: 
Jeltetaamlle, s-7; Bleomlngton, »-U; Bed- 

Bayrooty Brae.* Show: Ba rsote with Bamnm 

& Bailey's Cireaa. ~ 
Carpenter'a ScbogI sC 

Ark.. Indef. 

Ennor. John, in TkasStaSMSt AsriMnt. Wla . 

2-1:. Steven's MMUi^ln^M. *Ss New 

London, 12-14. 
Flints, The. Hjrpnotlsts. K. t>. Flint, mgr.: 

Aurora, IIL. 2-7; Kankakee. 9-14. . 
FagaU's. F. H., UetiyK>o.Boaad: T a gnage . 

Ra.. Indef, 
Badya Bdocatcd 

K - - - - 

Keaknk. la.. 1-d. 

owe's Morlng Flrtnrea: ComberlaDd. Hd.. 4; 
Wbeellns. wT Va.. 4-7. 

Kam's Fat Children ft Taka-Tama. W. K. Rlb- 
Icy. mgr.: Springfield. IIL. SO-Oct. 7; Cape 
Girardeau, Mo.. 9-13. 

Kenpler & Chamber's Merry-Oo-Ronnd: Elk- 
ton. Ky., 5-7; HumtHildt, Tenn., 10-14. 

IJnirerman's. fUinuel A Lner Marleal A Ven- 
triloquist EntertalDment (Warlilnitton Park. 
26tb A Alleglieny sve.): Flilladelpbla, Pa., 

New Edison Electric Theater, P. H, Brown, 
mgr.. 939 Rabertaon Ave.: Sprinsflcld. Mo., 

pain's KMt np* Jf'SSS!^ 


Preecelle Hypnotist, F. Wlllard Kasoon. mgr. : 

Barre. VL. 2-7: Brattltbero, 9-14. 
Renix Bros.' Old Plantation. A. U Benix, 

mer.: Marshall, Minn., 3-4. 
Rozelle, The Wild GlrL Edrlnstaa * 

mgrs.: Oliard. UL. U-M. 

Shcpard'a. AMMB.Ik. 
em>, Geob w. Bairai 

Sbrptrd'a. AmWi Ik. ymmJteBms, M. »• 
Beeban, msr.: AtlnHeXBy. K. ladef. 

Shepard'a. Archie U. Moving Pletnns fSootb- 
em). Geo. W. Downlns, msr.: Montsomary, 
Ala.. 4; Penaaeola, Fla.. 4-7; Mobile. Ala.. 1; 
Biloxl MIn.. 9: Hattleaburs. 10: Brookbavea. 
12: Jackson. 13; Natcbcs. 14. 

Bunoy South Floating Theater: Wlekllffe, Ky.. 

4: Commerce. Mo., 8; Thetics. 111.. «: Cape 

Girardeau. Mo., 7-4; Grand Tower. ML. 9; 

Chester, 18; St. Marya. Mo.. 11; Genleve. 12; 

Klmmswick. 12; Venice. OL, U, 
Wood's J. L.. Great Mechaahat ■1bS*i>"B*= 

Adrian. Oa., Sept lOOet. 15. 
Welsh's, Col. M. H.. Watermelon Trust: CTisro- 

ber»burg. Pa.. 7; Waynesboro. 9; Weatmin- 

'at: laicdon, Ont.. 

Aldro Broa, tOrand): Va 

(Graad) Vletaina. S-M. 
Beach * r ' 

Mo.. Vlf 


Bryant * SavOls 

Buaetr. irortlmcr 40k Ol K.): Oiaad Baplda, 

Barnes.' Stuart (B 
Brown, Harrlsot 

York City. 2-7. 
Cratg. RIchy W. rDewey): Mlaneapolla. Hlnn. 

1-7; (Kmpire) Duluth. 9-14. 
Carver, Louise & Oenle Pollard (Ofphtmi): 

New Orleans; La., 2-7; (Orpbeoml OMah& 

Neb.. 9-14. - 
Colllna, La Belle: Seattle. Waah^ S-Z. 
CDlonlsI Smtet (Vietoria): New Tstk CMk U. 
CM^ sTRoMbom nrictaria): NMr TMkoCE 

Craiie BrosL (Frastoa'a ttt ■!■>> Hsar Xlwk 

city. 2-7. 
Cook dc Sylvia 

York City. »-7. 
Crane. Floasle (Alhambra): New Tork City, 2^ 
Chadwlck Trio (Pastor's): New York City, ui 
cuRord BiUy (ProetoCa Mtfe St.}: Mew Task 

City. Z-1. 

taty. S-7. 

Clark & wnrord * Tbeo. Chrvw (Kelth*4: 

Cleveland. C, 2-1; (Coort St.) Buffalo, N, 

Clarke. Harry Conon (Orpbeam): San Fraa- 
dsco. C»I., 2-7; (Orpheom) Loa Angeles. S-2L 
Casino C-rmedy Four <Proctot's): Troy. N Y., 
2-7; (Frtwtor's SStb St.) New York City. 9-14, 
Cherry A Bates (Keith's): Youngstowa. O.. 

Z-7: (Keith's) Syracuse. N. Y.. 9-14. 
Onser'a Dos Show (Flom'a) : Madlaoo, Wla.. t- 

7: rwest side) JanesviUak »-t4. — ^ 
Ch*ster The Great (MajeaMe); Taaaaa Ctak 
Mo.. 2-7: (BUon) Dea Kolnca. la., 9-M.^^ 
D'ArvllIe Rlatets: Van Bnren. Ark.. S-I4. 
UerJen. Dave fLyrlc): Lincoln, Neb., 2-7; 

t Bijou) Wichita. Kan.. 9-14. 
Drew. Darothr (FDll'a): SpHagMA Maaa. (-1. 

DeWltt.nv~ — - - 



Deltoreni A (Jleaaando (Proctor'e ESth St.): 

New York Cltr. 2-7. 
Downey & Wlllard (tJnlqne): Ban Claire, Wis. 

2-7: (CnlQue) Dulutli. Mlna.. •-14. 
DlTon, Eurt ft Leon (Majeati^: " 

Mo.. 2-7. 
Bllla. Edward 4k 

City. z-T. 
Btliardo. ~ 

2-7. • 

Earl & Wilson (Dominion) Wlnnlpes.*fan.. Z* 
£:sIel1Eta. 1-a Belle (Uopkln's): Merophla. Teuk. 

2-7: (Orpbeam) K»w Orleana. La.. 9-14. 
BidHdre. The Orcat (Faaally): P a a aa lL. N. X.. 

M: IWmaSHX r oB shkM pa lB. K. T->Ml 
nater. B. * Das TProctofa IZSIk St.): Nsw 

Turk CItv. Z-7. 
Foster A Foster (CV>IonUI>: New York Cnty, 

Ford Bros & Sisters (Hammersteln's): New 
York (aty. 2-7; (Keith's) Providence, B. L, 

Frankel. Fanny (Oennett): Richmond, Ind., 2-T. 
Goldsmith tL HODPe (Empire): Cleveland, O., 

2-7: (Garden) BulTalo. N. Y., »-». 
Golden <?aie Qnlatet (Froctor'a Mth St.): N«w 

TOfk dtp. VU 
Gtosfd. Maila fPtalM: 

omen. Toai f P s iiBct tTO; It 

Gaylor & GiaS CFamW): Fateraon. N. J., 2-7. 
Gardner & Vincent (Mao^: Cork. Ireland. 

GresaoB. (Zharles ft Florence (Keith's): Provt- 
d'uce. R. L, 3-7; (Keith's) New York City. 

Goforth ft Doyle (O. H.): LItUe Rock. Aik.. 

2-7: (O. H.) Ft. Smith. 9-14. 
GsIetU'a Monkeys (G. O. H.): IndlanapoU^ 

Ind.. Z-7: (ColnmbU) Clnclnaati. O.. •-14. 
Hall. Anna (BastaK«'i»: mI Z« Mi 

BaBalo. »-14. • 
Herald Square C om e dy VMSr (IISll'M: mbr 

detphla. Pa.. 2-7. 
Healy's. The (CrysUI): St. Joaeph, Mo.. 2-14. 
Hill. AnI ((Gotham) Bmoklyn. N. Y.. 2-7. 
Hathaway's, Belle, Monkeya (Sbca'a): BuKalo, 

N. Y., 2-7. 
Hermany (Proctor's): Albany, N. Y.. 2-7. 
Howard ft BKnd (Hnrtls ft Scamon'a): New 

York City, 2-7. 
Hosan. Ernert (Alhamhra): New York City. VL 
Hnston ft Dallas (Paator'a): New York City. %-X 
Hocy ft Uae CBanig ft IHamsn'Sti MSw Zsrtt 

aty, J-l . . 

BalleB ft FUlcr OEtartls * SaaaMnt: Mi» 

York aty. Z-7. 
Hayes ft Hesly (Hw^lg ft Seamoa's): New 

Tork City. 2-7. 
Houdlnl (Colonial): New York City. 2-7. 
Jennings ft Renfrew (Columbia): St- Loula, 

Mo.. 2-7: (Gaiety) Sprlngfleld. Mass., 9-U. 
Kohler ft Marlon (Bub): Woonaocket. Man.. 


Kokln. MISBOBCtta (O. O. H.): IndlaBiuWi 

Ind.. 2-7: («>>lon>Ma) Cincinnati, O.. M4. 
Kera'a Doss (Keith's): New York City. l-T. 
Kelccy ft Shannon (Orpbeum): Brooklyn, N. 

Keniw^ ft Qaatrrlla (Froctaf s MM SC): 

Newy«ftain.M ^ „ .. 

Lavaitos * SSr CArcaMt IflM^ii. MUh. 


i^i-iie, Geo. w. (Mlsalon): Saa 

Cal.. 2-7. 

La Maaangen ft The This* Tosesnys (G 

LiallBiL Ptoor (Shea'a): Baffala, N. T., >-T. 
La NOIf'a Marlonettea (Novelty): Omaha. Neb,. 

Z-T; (BUOB) Qnlncy. 111.. 9-14. 
Lenert. Willy (Fair): New Westralaattr. B. €U 

27-Oct. 7: (Edison) Spnkane. WaaT 
Mayer ft Irwin: En route with 

strels. Bee Minstrel Rnnles. 
Marlott Twina (Fair): Virginia, m.. 9-14. 
Horphy, Mr. and Mrs. Mark (Shea's): Torew- 

to. Ont. Z-7; (Froctor'a) Albany. N. Y.. 9-IV 
MnietshIp SMera IHowaid): Boata^ Maaa.. Z-T. 
Montgoaaeiy ft Oiator (CtBlary): KasMa City, 

Mo.. l-T: (Standard) St. bnota^ •-14. 
Morris. Nina ft Co. (Orpbeam): New Orieana, 

La.. 9-14. 

Martini A Maxmllllan (Paator'a): New York 
City. 2-7: (Froctor'a SSrd St.) Now Toek 
City, 9-14. 

Hartlnn*ttl ft Svlvestrr (Star): BbhMM OK. 

2-7; (Bennett's) LiOBdoa. 9-14. 

Merlan'a Doga (VISMlMt MSV VMk CMK ML 
Macart's Circus ( ftuti l s rt MM' K): 

York City, 2-7. 
Maltland. Mabel (Keltb'a): New York City. t-7. 
Msreri's Art BIsdlM (AltaaataB>t Maw Totk 


.Time Billboapcl 


lOblo * Mlty <Hiiftl» Jb ■nw o w' rt; New 
M^B.^» Yarand): Mllwaokee. Wis.. ^7. 

pm*!. The (K«ltli'»): New York City, 
'SnutM'*) »•» City. 9-14. 


: Phllmd^M«, 

p^Menon. Le* (Orpbeum): Omaha, Neb., 2-7; 
'mro^mi Kaii»M City. Mo.. 
PoulK? EMw. lOd«on): Murahalltown. la.. l-T; 
(Grand) O«kaloo«a. 9-14. _ .... 

Phrxo (Fam Uylt.. CIO, V>i«.»«t 
t» 1-7 

IMliM; Mayo & Juliet (Lyceum): San Fran- 

rSS^. ^Heleo ''(KriUi^: P hil ad el phia. Pa. 

2-7; (Marylan* 
Bran & RlchfcM 

^J'&'RXcbT^ (Victoria): Jtaw'Tortt Cltr, 

WM & CadTiKaia-rtjWgr T«tIt.Ctt?^ 
Snllivan *. VMaaa . (rM0i«V 

u.. :-7. 

Stlrk, ft 

SwMt, CTas. (Proctor's SSth St.): New York 
city 2-7. 

Seldotne's. Thre* (Kelth a): New York City. 2-7. 
Sinclair i Carllale (Flom'.): Madison. Wis., 

2-T- (West Side) Janesvllle, 9-14. 
TMd' ft iJlfll: Portland, Ore^ 2-7. 
■ " (Pastor's): New York City. 2-7; 
r*9) Brooklyn. N. Y.. 9-14. 

- - Barn (Mohawk): Sehaoectady. N. Y., 

1, tbe flrat Tldt of a mlostrel company to 
(micaso is mot* than two yean. Mr. Dock- 

organJntlQB* the foOawftv wrif-ftaam hIb- 

Btnl men being enrolled In the compaoy: Car- 
roll Johnaon, Nell O'Brien, W. H. Hallett, Geo. 
P. Wellcr, Mannd Booalae, I«igbtoo aad 

na. r. 

James J. Corbett, In referrlngr to 

bU apptoachlac debut In Caabel Byron'a Pro- 
ft aalon . azpRaaad the hope that It mlsbt es- 
MMik Um in tbe pahllc mlsd aa "Jamea J. 
Oahalt, actor," rather than ■ ■Gentleman Jim, 



Hmw a Lsok at 


Mk production 
of nuaifU ta'EtaglU ap(M< at Elsin, m. 
Sunday olsbt, I. It may be aald with Juatlce 
doe these c>Dterpr1sInK iDanagera tlaat Paralfal 
Is one of the most pretentlooa ««ir-»«-g- over 
MSHlM k -CUeago. 


Miss Marie CahlU. In the new mu- 
■leal play Moonihine. by Barle-Bohart-Bela. 

i _ — ^bo, wiio Is knoirn on tbe TaodeTlUe «taf» as the irorld*a greatest Stsa 
H-^™- C WIWe tloB n-ltb Samson, appearing In a nonilerfld Mt. as pictured ahoea. 
' 'ipdiht piano and player, a combined ireight of l,no pooads, arlth her 
■s^jH art wltli vnt sMCCSs la the vest. She Is bow csniaK cast sad. « 

Ttioalr and gua ballooiul an made oC 
rubber, and wban blown up need not be \ 
SowlH jourcbanc« to sec a hlgb-prload 
for little money. Ope grosa la boa, aaanrtad 

No. SOI— 60 Centimeter Air, par ama. 

Mo. iO*-tO Ontlmctcr Air, par»roa a 

XcWii IH)an llanln oafa» baaTy rubber, 

fa, «j r'tfw ia M iii y i Yo ia ' .p»iproaa".II 



IMS. ItoeloaatlMBoaCpar graaa 

Xa, SB-«aaM aa SN, oalr huaar (aa laoK aa «hay : 

.. 3 
.. t 


■:R. DUN-T overlook TR18 KURBBb Mb MMaiCr MSSb 


price C3.&0. To close them oat, per srosa 

Sausage Squawking Balloons. 



ttW laAvB loiw; per gross tl 10 I Ko. XU—PlftlD, » Inobea lODir, per oruwi •! M 

KhaLfregDlArprifw), per grow.. I » | Mo. tl9—D«oormCed(wortIidoubtetbeniODe7). 1 7& 


they iMt at only tUO perm vm. 

Will sell titem u long as 

Voa better order now,a« this adTertlwment vlll not appcjtr 
K^mln. I h*Te lota of other bArgatoa In mj catalog. Write 
for a eovj to-day. 

Send m dapo^ with your order and I will ship 
Coods C. O. O.. aubjoot to anamination. 

, 240 L IMitM SUntl^ 

ii iharooslily tellabla, and 1 1 




< Responsible Managers, address care Billboard. 

Olctnre ontflt and lot of fllias. sonar slides, poses, etc : one street slaaok 

mrMbie ffoot balirlMX*, ttuda aiul tolcipK ticket )wx: one aerventUia skltt: 

Id flM erenlng. White City and fiana Boad 
have proated. and both of tbeae big parka have 
offered plecry of merltorlona attractlona. Tbe 
Knabensbce airship flights attracted biudreds 
of thonaands to White City. In this coimee- 
tlon It li only fair to state that the Wbite 
Cltj excursion department, under the direction 
of J. Fnocls Miller, baa contributed In a great 
asore In working up tbe enormona attend- 

THS oLYXPnra Bnx 
An attraction which is rather ditCer- 

t turn the oiaal entertainments to be seen 

sa ike. raadeeUle tuge la The Minstrel Maids, 
the heedBtae offering of tbe Olympic's new bill 
tUs week. Miss Edna Barrett U one of the 
"end men** of tbls entertaining aggregation. 
Stlnson and Merton, knotm as langh pro- 
Tokers, are favorltea and McMabon and Cbap- 
pelle contribute a soutbem plantation noT- 
elty. At The BaUtoad CTroesIng. Mile. Emmy 
Introduces several canines wltb their remark- 
able performances. Nelson Downs, the Uln- 
Elonlst and cola manlpolator, delights wltfe»^ 
astonishing exhibitions, and the niiHtal.eMl- 
mans offer instmmental aelectlaaa. Joe .new- 
man, a Bong hnmorlat of DsaTCCi aakcs bH 
appearance on thia bill, aad Us lt«dlD|s nd 
mannen - resemble tbose a( MO Vn. The 
JsAsoD FSUr are- im aia ja; , aC ptyaienl cai 

tare and Masnr 
«!(•, SSBCS_ tSi_ 

■Ihpmpson'B Elephants (Praetor's Bth St.): 
New York City, 2-7. 

- (OmaO: ladlaiia^la, bd.. 

V««o«i Ttoape (Pmtor'a 2»rd St.): New 

York aty. M. 

WUaon, Geo. (Praetor)a: Albany, N. T.. 2-7; 

(Colonial) New York City, S-14. 
inrrlnaton, Ann ft Co. (Keith's): New York 
City, 2-7. 

•»^^ft Rajiiiiwd iPaslaa'^: Maw York 

'oS^M • ^ gO rtWi) : ■'^ork 

WmiUBa ft Melbam (F'amlly): Mahanoy City. 

P»-, 2-7; (Family) Lancaster, 9-14. 
WWIaaUb C. Wu ft Hilda Hawthorm (Qraad): 


■a Tandenile. There Is i fierce brosdsvrord 
torotiat. In which Richard <Mr. Darls) engages 
^>d>aagd (Mr. Tea Bcaaaler). aad which ter- 
Itb Makespeariaa laddent, 
■VpOr tor nek. The anasaeis pceasat de- 
cided the act ought to go, aad Mb' 
tbe ex-prescber. Is Inrlted t» MB 
tor the TaadcTlUe dicolt 

nota Sunday night. 1. The play la a distinct 
novelty. Tbe opening act la on tbe banVs of 
the Thsmea at Henly. at the time of a re- 
getta. and the second act Is at a latrn fete 
at the aummer boose of an English nobleman. 
The plot of the piece InrolTes the diplomatic 
relatloos among all countries, when excitement 
was at Ita bright prior to the commencement 
ot tbe Russlan-Japaneae war. Tbe caat ta- 
clndes Molly MooDshlne. Miss Marie CabUI; 
Sadie Stiort. her aeeretary, Mlaa Sadie HarrU; 
Lionel Longaere. Mek Temple: Lady 0«eneth. 
MISS Frances Gordsa; Earl of Broaillatras, l«>ng- 
ler Taylor; CoOOtcsa ot Broadl.vraa. -MlM 
Eleanor Lawson: . Dnmbgarren. BoT. 

wen: VlTle Sondla. wmiam Ingersoll: Marcel 
Barhler, Oeoixe Behan; Lola (3iarmlon, Mlra 
S^^HafaaerTDr. J ._L»ee tt Foty, q.^ B. R. b- 
erta: flea. Mseefc .Baglsa AabMaadac. jUan 

For fifteen days at Brook*s Casino, 
commencing Snnday. 1. J. IT' C'*'?2,,,SiS 
the Nelsoo-BHtt flgbt plctorea. Aaaodated 
with him during tbe (Silcago eacagraeot » 
L &I noosenian: Mr. Edwafd Sbayne Is hook- 
iSc time for Mr. CioltJoth. A prirate prew 
Tlew of copyHshtjd P««*S2,,"Vtatt?»v^ 
mcmbera of the Chicago fratecally ja^tha han - 
qoet baU of the Shermao IlMS^ ■ 
Ins, Sept. 20. Mr. Bbayaebaa B 
tlsM |St Ibe fliM ■irtaiis. .. 

Not In years J««CSMeM»«peri- 
encrd ' park weather" St Mj*^ 
year each aa the weathar ■ aa baa .»e ««^d«- 

Ibwtf^jpait^wjfe i23»?t mSm 

family. Cnrtain and BlosKm, Gna I«on- 
1 aad Schaefer and DeCamp. 


The coming season promises to be 
one of the most hrilllant lo the bMary of 
the ADlance Francabe, the theatre naturally 
being one of the principal attractloos- Mme. 
Petite, just tetnmed from Paris, has durge 
of that. The firat performance will occur 
Tnesday, Oct. S, at Music Rail, Fine Arts 
balUlnc. whien tbe comedy by Leblete, Le Mmicar ratlcbao. wm he strea. 

At the Clark Street Museum Mrs. 
Onnsbr and her tamoas four-j-ear-old "quads" 
lead the curio ball attractlona. Other features 
are Mary Rankin Bock, aeeond wife of ""Bloa- 
t)esrd" Hoch: Swltt aad Swift, mnsLcIaas 
Blondln. who langhs at flK, aad 

The IjonOon Oalety Girls at the Polly 
the ParMaa WMowa at the Trocadero, 
are catcctalslBK ttats street 


The nursery at the People's Theatre 
has occasioned s good desl of comment. It Is 
really a clerer Innoratloo, and Jnat now af- 
tarda the^P »o]|»l e*a pieas ateats pleaty of 


Harry Burns, who Styles 

America's champion bag -poacher, mad 

«B the Uayaatfcct bOl kit vesk. Be 



A G E N T 

526 Washington Street^ 


Fetrillc4l Woman in complete hox esse and 
paih oCeeAa. and new banners; ready ter 
show, ilsldfc, >S.0O tor full ontflt. 


2652 Rutcer at.. St. Lonig. Ma, : 

■ WILL euY 

Billposf Ing Plant 

Write FULL. Ueacriplloa. "' — ""^ " 

Make thenrles RtltBT It 

■.iC baste; 




FOR EXCHANas-Lulteort Hot ngMt|j|n» 
" ■ * Moot good mm now. Win ti 

OTP, w«lghatMlbo.;coet _ 
foranTKDOila. Makeoffer. FVank Darkoe,Sprlagfl*ld,0- 

Blackfoot. IrtAho. PopuUUon of town, :t,&00; aeatlAfc 

CmpcrltY h^u»*! iUi, »Lb.kv x 35^ Iloi2M well llfchie«l 

and hiaUMl. .Kdilrejis r,E(». huUCK:. Manacer 



Van elaarsd »11M. ladr SMSIajtjte 
Ollulold Waterproof fbao Biall , 
DcmonatratMl Mmples CMSk K K. 
Clark St.. Chlcaao. 

FOR SALE-Oaspeavanada oatm consMlaK of ^1 
mils machlnea: 1 largo street plana: S lovers po«»- 
emeca; I wooTenlr postal card mmcblne; 1 lirier; 
1 weighing scale: 1 grip: 1 electric: 1 pneninnl o punch- 
ing nuMblos; t« salt picture machine. .""^P'^"'^',} 
teStUaSL Pahjt^w on the ru«l wUh,j«raW^ 



Ttx'e Billboard 




IMe-O-PUSTie miST. ( Fnny l 
And Htavy ■mkal Act 

Farmmnenk addron. Tb« BtUlioud 

Tke Famous 

nVT k. BRAGKEn, 


Fannanent AddnM: WILKCSSARRE. PA. 




BepmentmtlTe^ AL LAWBENCE Kept. O 



The Sensation of the Century. 

Featored with Nat. Itoiaa Southsrn Carnival 
Have fine lltbos. For tenos 

Bicycle Bill 


Gieat lartet twlrler and cyclist. Bl« norelty 
act. Add. care Btllboaid. Cincinnati. Ohio. 




In tbeir t Arc« OmirKi;' TaadeTlUe Sketch 


Address 313 E. 71st. N. Y. City. 


ibate. wItK tbelr trick bniboard. Intro- 

IDs hAod to tutnd and he&d to head 
am all the var throafcb. 
Per Add. BnXBOARl>. Cincinnati 


. iltka wnmaoiial dnunatle pIsTlct "-An Epiiod. In 
JMmb LU wntten by Mta Wotostt. 


•n COmmunlcaaoD. to WHlSTLUia TOM 



I Uln far a Ti*, 
aai E*«t87Mi 


a Md fnnjiy^ Uttle comedlena 
VaRnanent address 



£qaillbrists and contort! ODlstS. AUg 
hit. With Cook & Banetfa ~ 
Per. address The Billboaid. 






mu rov 




iMtf^THE HOBSONS-Estilla 


WMTb Snat- 

Tbr Orcat sad ODIy 


PztBCt>al Bafc4ack 


AKBtAl. BAl 

reatB of 8kin mod Daring 

a Spice of Comedy 

rr<— nttnr «n AbMlote H«nlt7 

L S. WOUlNa and 

or Momn 






818. B. PERI 





Wngliic. TalkiBa. KBoekaboot mi 
with Blnsllnc Bros., ecssoas UM (• 

At LUwrty tor winter 


Wc ■!« tbc Orlstsatocs et tbt Triple lamp 
Dp wlttTm iJ^^J^ ^aaiM* m£^^ 

latndadiit Baekwart and Ferwari 



Tbr LarrhlE* Hit of 

The Warld'. GrtitMl Hxr't. 

A OMrts at (Bmr nc 

■^bat TcmtOs Oasiiay Pair." 




Piaiueily "n* 


Amerlea'. Orfate.t TROUPB of TBICS OT- 
OLlSra. Addrew G*o. M. J«!kMe, prt 

rTite. or Joikii G."1t-Te«. FU^'T^cotitlTe, 
'.W Eijtt Htb St.. Ne-w Yort Citj. 



Harry and May Howard 

sssTss ass BALLas, 


^•rgcuson, Dwpr** A Co. 

so bMTI.t 8L. IT. T. Cltr- 



Opens tlia 



Fwrnannit address 
II Ijoomla St., BOCBBSTKR, N. Y. 


muL Ksmm an sAinia act 





.^Alcazar unrlesqners^ 



"■oraing, Noon and Night" 

Add. NM. LMB. 34 Clift St,. CaiCuT, U. 


ICbIs of <a« wire. Tbe mam niMtlll.«l mM.h 
klUtfon tn exiuence. For open time eddrM. LoaaBMk. 

Oon»/ ljil»nrt, or la W.Undnt-. N., y. 




Tracked Aroaad The World Co. Seatoa 190546. 


As ISAAC BDTTIHaKi. tha Jaw DateeUre. ta 

Hanacement A. .H. WOODS. 



MuasuMit— A. H. lOODS. Smoi IMMa. 


In Traeked Araaid tka Warid Ca. 





Tiujt- all till-d. fn.'iu AuiT. 7 ttll May IS. 




Care iUIlboard. 




ImmOhmI Mmblif wilt M 



n*H iMaa., all oolora, IS oena per .beeL Wood.. 

Fkaaics tokeld nine 39 cent, eitrm. 

l«.m«lias»fi JcCo.. TnbuBe Bldg.. ctucego. Ill 

Theatrical Hotels ud BoardiogHoasts 



Bnropean Plan. Elecant Baffet In oonnectlon 
SEO. H. NINES, Prep., 153 W. Hadlson St.. 
Cblcairo. Haymarket Kldjr. 

the: city hoteu 

J. A. RJLCY. Cor. 16H% A St&t* Sta.. 
Manaaar. CHICACSO. ILI" 


OCTOBER 7, 190S. 

Xlie Billboard 



tela. Music hAH^lMfS 
Dealers in Theatrical, 
Cire«w and Park 

\dr«rtlsfm«ntt not eicmdlag one line In 
ItBctli. nlll li« pobllsbed. proprrly daulfled Is 
Ma Dlrectocy. at the rate of $10 tor one yeir 
tax Icsnes). provide tbejr are of an acceptable 
attai«. Price laclodec one year's anbacrlptlon 
to Tbe BUltioard. R*gaT»T adrertlsera, who oae 
In excess «f worth of apace anna&ll^ are 
entitled to one line free of cbarge foe eacb 
flftf dollars or fraction thereof, covered by their 
eontracta. Tbe Directory la rerlaed and cor- 
neted weekly, cbaneea In firm namea and 
atttrffn belns recorded aa aooo as they ace 



BefaBool Sisters' Balloon Co.. Reed City, MIcb. 
HMtbw'atii Balloon Co., 71 Fsllertoa ar„Chlcaso 
f^sC Obas. Setmrta. Great on. la. 


Wto. Bartela, lOS Oreenwleb at.. N. T. O. 

ONo. UrerpiMi. KBcIand. 

CMl Bagcabeck, Stemnsen-SiuiriMUS. Oemav. 
Bspe. » M. Mh at.. PtallBdelpUa. 
- -e, aia Onad at.. H. T. C. 
m»». a OMpsr a^ H. X. 0. 



And Thaattteal Iawtotb, Wha ^aeialJM IB 
Thaatrieal and Ciroaa Iaw. 
Maorlce B. Boaenzvels, 98 Naaaaa at.. N. T. 0. 

•m. a. Patntal * Co.. 41 WlaiiCB at« M. Z. a 

Raak Ooltoa * Oa.. 107 & aCidlwn it., OUetfo 
Ipa A Heely, 286 Watnah aie., CUcaco. 


MIoneapolta, lOaB. "* BlAMit, 

ne He«a Co.. 99B S. ntiliasb «t..B u»Jit t St, linf. 


m. Laala WMtm Ok, 4U iMSMlu. St. Lenla. 


Ox- tyto o««« Saa KaaafaetaTaia. 

Otn'tl Cal. Ll«bt Co., 108 W. 4tfa St., Clsdanatl 
Bt. LoDjs OaL Usht Co.. S16 Btan St., St. Loola. 

•eo. Krata. EraBSrUle. Ind. 

■ectrlc Candy Uacftlse Co., NaabTllIe, Tom. 
Mplre Cream fieparator Co., Bloomileld. M. J. 

Ite Qieaaaa. tttkt, Snnunar Oaidaaa. ' ato. 
MMeiscr Pop Oocii Oo..4S8 Wasb..Bnffalo.N.Y. 
2»a. F. Kad4*a * C0..I4-I8 Deabroaaes st..N.Y. 
S^Jttk OeBfeeHaa On.. 7S Varlek at.. N.TX. 
■■■ajiB Bna. A ■ekatela. Chleaso. 

mmmmiua. o». m loadm au 

L Baenateln, 44 Aaa It, H. T. a 

C. Rlcketta, M An at.. N. T. a 
•k|er Bna,. U Bamttj, M. T. a 

CARS (R. (t) 

r. A. 

tas Palace H«ne Car Co., Cbleaso. 

mk. ^MaOB Car Tttg. Co.. MC Veraoo, HI. 

>aw aad Saeoai Hand. 
UAock, ObapliB it., derelaad. 


Cacaa, Oaai aad Band Ohailoti. 
MUran A ESafle. Pern, Ind. 

^Mler * DrMacii. 188 Poatoo at.. Memphis. 


i.tSl lLMkSb.i 


Oart Eat.. Mlhraokce. Wis. 

Emi. Br.T. Co.. U5 Batca at.. KnoxTlIle. Tenn. 
^^f* O'sraTure Co., LaCMaie. Wli. 
Sy'- a City Bos. Co.. Blymyer bids.. Claeliiaatl, 
Co.. Park Row bldg.. N. I. 0. 

Sy- Udse. 127 LaSille iL, Cbleaf*. - 

"■"Wa Schaol. 2Be W. 23rd at.. K. T. O. 

fSi. I> »s 1 « »l ia Tlass, Buntlns, Faatocnins. ate. 
?IBardOw Oi,, aSS OeL at.. Kaaaaa City, Ho. 
«. Plu Oa- 

IMk UL, Hew 


Kann/actnran, Dealeis la, and B«tal 

American Blogmpb Co., 11 K, 
York City. 

Peter Badialnpl, TSe MlaaloD St.. Saa nanelaeo 
Chlcixo Film Ex.. 133 S. Clark at.. Cbleaso. 
Busene CUne & Co.. 2 W. 14tb at., N. Y. a 
Bdlna SSlg. Col. tt Valem aqpank Mtw X«rk 

OaatoB MeBn. SMK m. Mk at.. Wew T«k. 


Klelne Optical Co.. 52 State at., Chlcaso: 12T-2S 

W. 32d St.. New York. 
S. Lniitn, 23 S. 8th at.. PbUadelpbla. 
lilies Bros., 10 E. 14th at.. New York City. 
Miles Bros.. 116 Turk St., San Fiandaco, CaL 
Nat'l Fttm ReaUnc Oa~ tt N. datk at..flUea 
Pathe anenataiMlft Ok. dB W at.. ||.X, 

Pa tbe CluMHiivaih^Sk. " 



& Co.. 98 Fnlton at.. N. T. O. 
National Flac Co.. Cincinnati. Oblo. 
n. Ik Mas Co., 2MS Gilbert are.. Clndanatl. 

Spindlsa, CInb Hooae Fnmltnia, ate, 
Barr A Co.. 9S 5tb are., Chicago. 
B. y. dark, ft Weyboeaet at., ProrMence, B. I. 
Coirper Ufg. Co.. 168 S. Clinton at., Chleago. 
Dcane, 10S7 Central are., Clnclnaati, Oblo. 
H. C. Brana A Co.. 125 S. CUrk at.. Cblcaio. 
Jeaae James, Fort Scott, Kan. 
Klein <k Hiner, 48 I«aaard at.. V. Y. O. 
D. XUIer Mfc. Co.. Kaaaaa atj. Me. 
B. A. Voore tttg. OBw, SOB -WjIM^ KSa.Cltr,»b. 


SAka-np Boxaa, Cold Craam, ato. 

Oa^ aa» S. ntshDSh *t.,Baakcater.inr. 
* WcU. MI N. »th St., 



Lodsins aad f*if H 
tts Viafai 

0HI0A6O, ILL. 

1 naqatBtsd hr 

«f aad Pa al ai a is.)' 

SL BdtatM. 'DrcaailaBd." Oooer Maad. H. T. 
PreC. Ohaa. Oatolle, Sse Bloemlleld arc, BlBoa* 
fleld. N. J. 

Cbaa. B. Waataa. 4 Osmthera, lAmeoee, Kaaa. 
J. v. Zinew. tZi W. Liberty it.. OlBdsaatL 


For Btac* Va«. 
Bennett Jewelry Co.. 1317 Poplar. Philadelphia. 
Alfred Gnssenbelm. 529 Broadway, N. Y. C. 
HalOMa * Alter. 178 B. Hadlioa. OUeace. 
~ ~ A ODb. in mkaat 

H. z. a 



». X. a, 


Bleiaoptlcoaa, ato. 
Klelse Optical Co.. 192 Statr at.. Cblcato. 
lu Manaaae, TUbnne bldg., Cblcago. 

Oaiausala, BaUar Ooaatan, Ohataa. Tairla 
Whaala, eta. 
Amltase-Beradien Co.. No. TMawaada. N. Y. 
Cksaey Locomotive Wka.. 40T Viiaj. II. X, O. 
W. B. Condermaa, HomellarlOe. X. 
Hmeben^tpIIIman Co., Me. Voaaaiadac X. X. 

a. W. Paxkcr. AUIme. Ka^ 


Supply Bonsaa. 
J. T. K. Clark. dl2 Walnut at., Kasaas City, 

P. P. Home, 1613 Central are., CladnnatL 
Singer Broa.. 82 Bowerr. N. Y. C. 


3. S. Gebbaidt. 3(Ci lawrence at.. P b H a d elp Wa, 

J. M. NaDghton Co., 120 8. Blgb. Oolnmbaa, O. 

Cblcago Film Ex.. 133 S. Clark at.. Chicago. 
Eocene Cllne * Co.. SB Dearborn St., Cblcago. 
Alfred L. Haratn * Co.. 138 E. 14tti. N. T. C. 
Harbacb & Co.. 800 FUbert at., PbUadelpbla. 
Klelne Optical Co.. 52 State at., OUeaco; 137-28 

W. S2d it„ New York. 
Miles Broe.. 10 E. 14tb. N. X. O, . 
Mills Broa.. UO Turk at. 3" MuAea, CaL 
National Film Kentlog Co.. OB M. OMSk. ObKaso 
Pathe Cinematograph Co., IB WaaW pI l St.. 


Paike Oaemato^fk Oa.. 4B B. SM at.. Mew 

Ye* City. „ ^. 

Sells Osljraeopc Co.. 41 peek Court. Chicago. 


wSa ks tUd to aaad oopiat 

Li«k fMrt. iM yr. mtk at., k. y. o. 

M^^Se Cat. 41 W. BBtk at.. N. Y. a 
Mnm» B. Baaiek A Co.. 4B TT. SStk. M. X. a 

jrusx OUT 

singer Bros. New Book of SpeoialUe* contains the latest and best 
selling Novelties: Jewelry, Cutlery, Optical Qoods, Watches and New 
Specialties. Issues sp e c ially for Can v sees, Auetteneet*, and Notion 
Men. Send for 

8S Bmvefy, NEW YORK dTV. 

Xsreateat ot All 

a.Bickett Family.. 


Graccie E^mm.ett 

Laughs aod the World laoRhs with her, in 

En route with Milton A bom's All Star Vaudeville Oo. 


Japanese High Wire, Slack Wire and Effide for Life Act. 

for last three seasons with Great Gaskill Oumval Co. At liberty 
after Dec 1. Address care Billboard. 

mgh Diver and BaUooidst 

After Oct. 6th, to join Carnival Company goinff South. Dive into 
net from any hd^ht. Company must famish apparatus. Salary 
wenonehle. Feetared with T. L Gash CunivalGo. aUseeaon. Ad- 
diess ODSTAV KOVB (Hish Heneiy), care UtaaStcM^k Ogu Stan, 
488 Wabasha St., St. Paul, Minn. ' 

AT LIBERTY— For Ballyhoo Dates or Coipany 


ind Talkors. 

Per add. 801 W. MslB Street. KALAMAZOO. MICH. 

♦•The Merry Minstrel" 




Addrcas care ot BtLLBOABD. Cln'tL 


Direction Geo. Homa.n.s. 







22nd year of ereat succe-^^s. For open t ime and 
particulars add- caro Hillboard. Ctnc'tl. O. 


OvfBCtu the closing of asucvetisruL season wltbTuttle*8 

Rand balaocer and hack ben<llnE: contortionist. Ad* 
dfe«*tt5Bn«H*VI*t*St.. Newark. Q. 

cwarm wfa im mki 


"M Ubarty" 



One Inch of space, one time. U.00. and laxger 
spaces ap to wven f ' ~ 


One Inch of space, four I Imes. 13.00 and larcer 
spacesjnp to se ven Incbes, at tbo same rate 
- ' ji»er Inch. 


One Inch of space, fourteen tlmc't^raM 
months). SIO.OO. and larger spaces up loaMM 
inches at tbe same vale per inch. 

NOTE.— That all space Is measured and 
charged for at slDKlecolamo : A card one and 
ahalf Inches mar be stt double column 
three Quarters ti) of an Inch deep. Specify 
in your order if ilie card Is larjri-r than one 
Inch, whether to be set slnele or doub u 

fhe Billboard Publishing Co., 

416418 Ell St., Clicliiati. 0. 



Xtie Billboard 

OCTOBER r,, 1906b 


AmctlcaB VetA Mig. Co.. 247 M. 21 PliOi^vbte 

Boas Carlo OOb. Lando. Trz. 

Haadr TUaca Ca, w Bowe St., LudlnctOB, JOCh. 

OncB 4 Oou, 370 Wen* Cbleiso. 
y9M 9^ Ooi, IS Mtb aU Maw r«* OHy. 
■ jpfUfc iTaHlar. JM «Hk BMr. Mav Xatk ClQr. 

' Vikim BM*^ M nith are., Giilaica- 

Tac BtUpaataa, Oimii and Thaatriaal SgmtM. 

WUtr A Xcnka. 127 N. Sth it., Ptilladclphla. 


Who Catar EajMeUUy to tha '^rttT<inl 
r. •W taat, FImXo.. Soooum, N. J. 
W^Mi^eteai^ ^WgB^ute ^at-^_ 

Tt aa li fa. Asthon. Acaats aad Bnkara. 
Cbta. If m ona td & Co., SS Waabinttoo, Ohleaco. 
ma* BUaabeth Maitmiy 1430 B'wmj. S. Y. O. 
Win Roaaltcr. 2S Waahbtcton at., Chleasn. 
Saucer * Jocdaa. a<iB2 Broadirar. M. Z. 01 
SetWTm * Oa^ ua Broadway, N. T. O. 
W. B. .WatMo, SS3 Pearl at, Btaok^lu S. T. 
Wtnnett (Play Sateao. l<40e B'war, K. X. O. 
Un ci III A. rWhtU. l«l m'tnr. N. T. C 

Ot CloUalal Faaiaa aad Bir Hn* 

AekcmwOBlglcr Utbo Oft., Kka. CUr. Ho. 

AncrleaB Sboir jprlat Oa.. lOIwaokc* Wla. 

BcB Smr Flint Co., SScouimt, la. 

a. B. Bwk Co.. BoaptoB. Uaaa. 

OanlTBl PasUr (»., TIT-Tig Hcsaettbi are^ 

ITtnm aiDilli. «W"" 
CMeaso Sbvar Prtot Co., 340 Btb are. Obtcafo. 
CnaeeaC BBe. * Ft*. Oo.. S22 Sd at.. Bcaw- 

■mi*. lod. 

DanaMaaa Utlio. Co.. Mcwport. Sr. 
Bujulrcr fob Pts. Co.. dodniiatl. O. 

Im. Ctatoa * Oo.. ass Oeambom at., CUcaxo, 


Faasna n i uU u ft Oo., OS at.. CbKaco. 

Ocat W. Ptc Co.. Sia mm St.. Bt. I.o<ila. 
ft Co., Clneliinitl. 

atsn Blufr Print Co.. -if^—mn- o. 
Pte- and Pvti. Co., fbUadripUa, flu 

'Oarence S_ iBaneT. '^im^ OlaalBMtl* 

■ Wtasa Paater iWorka. Steger. 111. 

n ^ i:,ltt>a.. BlUKl-HocKan 'Print. Narwood. O. 
' Wntccr Pts. Co.. SerooIdBrlUe. Pa. 

mtaaas * Briaiit. 400 Vain. Dallaa. Tez. 

Of Tbsatlleal lattaThaadj, Conttaeta, 
ate, «to. 

Obnrdx Pty. Oo. AG 'Elm St., CtncbnisCU 
Cttmmt ais. & Frts- Co.. 822 Sd at;, 1 

Tine, iBd. 
KknpaKil Ptx. Co.. 4SS Bkn at. 
Stcsier Poater Works, Steser, lU. 
.^URocth Prlntlas Co.. Webbexarffia, Hlch. 

. rM^tmt U afcaamoR. UR 'W.,astb at.. M. Y. a 

■tq CIiieliiMtL 
" " " Oeticit, 

f jt Taiiillfc. OlatoB. CUeaco. 

Bock. • Bine Iilmd «tc,. CUacot HL 

Antooatle Ctaoatroetliai Oo.. lM .nMM*at.. 

N. T. atjr. 
CUU* Btob_ Datralt. Mleb. 
OmMldattd afaddBe Co.. nUad^bbU 
OhaBrapoUtaD Not. Cok. ft. Stt St.. Phila. 
B. Btaa. gas Areb at.. PbOadelpbJa. Pa. 

Vanllr OOb. It S. Mtnaon ac. OUcaco. 
~ toa:, B BiwiMj , R. T. O. 

TUf. Otw. ISB W. Ackaim. Ohkaso. 


caso, ni. 

Deln* OpUeal Co., SS State at.. i*«*- a r. 127-2» 

W. 3Sd at-.' New York. 
Nitloml film Renting Co.. 6S No. Glark at., 

CWcaeo. m. 
8d^-P«iraoape Co.. 48 Fccfc Osatt. Odeaco. 


: Oik. asth & Imi. CUcaco 

. . .--..^ MEN'S SUPPLIES 

' - ~v;ilBr,:**ill*«w«n. etc. 
^'■^OmS'Wmai ik OkVCttSt. CIiul€« at.. St. LodII. 
Pabtfcos, SOT N. Bnadway, St. Ixmla. 
E. U. Fantns ft Co., 333 Dearbom St., -GUcaso. 


H. Gerber. T29 Soath St.. PhUsdelplila. 
de G<^dsnltli Toy A Importing Co., Clncin' 
JUitl. O. 

AIL Gagseahelm. S29 Sroadway. N. T. C. 
Bolso»n & Alter, ITS E. Madison, micago. 
IhK a. B. Co., lOG Canal at., N. T. C. 
L Btacnstela. M Ann St.. Kew York CltT. 
Lerln iBroa., Tetre Gante. Ifid. 
W. F. inner. 1« Park Roar. N. T. C. 
Kewmsn Mftr. Co.. 81 Woodland srr., deTeland 
I£oKas-T%annAn & Co.. i:i6 Wabasti ar., CliIca£o 
wni Bosslter, 2i5 Waahlnctoa St.. Chicago. 
6hlTOCk-Todd Co.. MT N. 4tb «t.. St. Loula. Mo. 
N. Sbnie & Co.. 261 OUdlsoo. Cblcigo. 
Sblgcr Bros.. 82 Bowery. Y. C. 
Western Bargain Hoose. 272 E. MadIson.Chtc9zo 
. Barry Welstaum, ZM E. Madison St.. Ctdcsgo. 
X WMteson. 240 E. Madison sL, Chicago. 

Fnr. Baomel H. 

_ nts. Canvassers, Street- 
Men. Hardu-areand NoveltyDcalers every- 
where to sell Dotson's sew Centn^ 
CpmUution Ftnit and Vegetable Parer, 
SUcer, Aante Carer, FUh Scaler aa< 
CaUagtCitter. a kitchen utensil used 
fOr twelve diffe|«nt purposes. It peels 
and slices everything in the fruit and 
vcsetable line. Peels anickly and ts cs- 
ceedinirly handy and easy to operate. 
Saves Its price on every bushel of fruit or 
veeetables it peels. Latest tt>In«r of the 
kind out. Quickest scUIn«r and most 
profitable article ever invented. Sellson 
its merit. Perjrross. SS.SO. cheaper in 
larrrcrquantitics. J.F.DOTSOH.tventcr 
and Sole Owner, *s State St., Troy, H. Y.'.-, I'v n'liil, 1 5 

FTt-MS AVD SLIDES FCiR SALK— S*m»on and DeUlalC 
KO Comical subject new nims at S< Cacll. M 

■Udea ot Rome. Italy, and lectore. Sll. 4t alldaa of 
Baltlmora Fire, »U. Addrens „ _ 

V. F. TROIXI, Box 306, LOWTllla, H. T. 

..At Uberty.. 

VaadeTllle House Manager 

ur Btefe niBiiAfirer for bidaII TsodeTlUe theatre or 
moslG taalt Su-ictij- teraper»te, rell«b1c, cmpAble 
hnst^tar. conp^iMt to book, m^amtr*- your houM« ^nd 

MBffe (exceptlDg liquid rctrestunent department). Can 
work up aad run wiTcrtlalBic prosmm. Scat* 



I *n aotatOra taddcia^Mft. In aU. 

' "- a, aceel Jolnta. 


a 8ALB-aiA dim aatat.lta« laddcn 
rway piaaaHa lall^hMtinr raasa, 
b aura and Mas —nlla ropa.nat.iJI i 


A hnstlloff advance aftent. also specialties; ladiea aad 
Itcntlemen; no myrs. or red nose make-nps. Kama aU 
and lovan. Biackbars, i t: Lowell, 1011. Koble Co. 
— ■ 'ABU! SHOW. 


Two Regal Pythons 22 feet each, 
fifli black Paotbar, elegant Indian 
Leopard, Afrieai Leopard, pigtailed 
Ape. Ail guaranteed sound cnditioD 

Mak» best offer. 

One blaek top In grood condition t alee approxinaata 
% I as, IS It. walL Lowest price atalppins point and 

'" letrant. 


dellTaiy. Also want aaMTlnicplctaief 

a Wanted . 

TO in r B a wd haaH miirors. dot ma- 
chines andaondtlaafbr awnaaiiiMii parlor 
A. mmAammm 

Box 242, . . X 


WIU secorw an Intsmtt In a blv money 
maklDi^. Bbon cast Farce Comedy, 
eqalpp vrlib elepftDt printing. Also tuve 
A Bwell Coniedj- for lease. 
Add. J. B. CX>RT, C tlca, M. OcB. DePy. 


Agents and BlaoacanL Soma mat tha best 
ons nigrbc stand b ue State oCHunand? 
Then Cry the 

Dont.fnfStt tbMto »_l»lK_rM«oad towi^ 



• -rs CTs. I.OOO 

BflAlf laiA— For tbla s eaa o n , ASR1.AKD 
BUDIVllln OPERA BOI»Ei eapoelty. 400: 
s«af$e is,x3z.^ '\VA>T eitber repertoire or vaauoTllie 


ithowa. Covd crops aad BDod show town. AddrvBB 




A*Sr«e«lons Waiated 

Lady that 


an play piano and alnic llluatratad aooBa: 

alaoa moTlnir picture machine opemlor. 
- -■ will buy Rood fllma. 

■alary flmt letter. 


State lowest 


GRAND circo teatro payret::: 


ANASTASIO SUVERIO, Manager and Proprietor. 

NOTICE TO PERFORMERS: In order to prolong contracts the mauage- 
meat of the aboTe house has secured the famous Circo Teatro Yucateix) of 
Merida, ProTloce ol Yucatan, BejpDblio of Mezica The Payiet Gi«^c will 
OnatOr ertwidBJ to Ifazleo Ott^. All nlarl«8 In Atttwhan eamoor. 
Finb eampany sails on or about November eighteenth. All oommiiiitaitlaiiato 


139 and Ave., NEW VORK CITY. 


Week of Oct. IGth, Auspices Eyota Tribe No. 5. 

This Is Free on Market Street, the Business Street of the Cit|. 

We can place for this week, two more shows of the high- 
est class, and must have nice front. 

PRIVILKOKM — Come on, no excluslves except novelties and confetti. 
WABIXBO— One mora free act for week of Oeb. Itth; 
^OR SALK— Complete penny arcade. .Same to Temaln Wtth Oo. until 
Xmaa; in the best towns in North and South Carolina. OntttMtB alraadf 
with the best auspices. 


Weekof Oct. 2nd. GREENVILLE. N.C. Auspice* WIthlacootbn Tribe 

Week of Oct. 9th, KI.VdTON, N. C Aaspice* Oaswell KIre Co. No. 1. 

ATT w .¥ wn g*¥*v 


(Account Company Closino) 

AfiEHT OR MANIBER a. sober, reliable, capable hostler. Don't drink. Tears of 

HQcni un niNllHaEn expeilence. Alsocapablelnvenllaorheavxinan. A-l ward- 
robe. Join on wire. Addresscani GEMEBAI, DELIVEKY, PITTtiMDBO, PA. 





Pour tenor nI r;.'<-rs. robust ttitior for chorus work, must bare sood heavy voice and bo experi- 
enced in cburus work; one (1) light baritone for solo and chorus: song and dance men who 
double brass. Addre»s AL. G. FIELD, as pi'r route In this pappr. 


TOUH CeWBOT BMO. Eishi Good Mysiclans. Double in Orebnira. 

Mnat be Brrt n l«a. i i»sgaayba»o » la gi a..aalary loo. Address >tatlniraKa,axperienca.aalafr. MIparlMMaas. 
Fhotos It poaalUau -wrBDWAItDB. Oa it PaL P. O., Portland, Ind., Oct. Aleundria, Inil., Oct T. 




Oct. 17-18-19-20— Good Sideshows, Ferris Wheel, Platform Curiosities, etc., 
for the biggest and best County Fair in the State. Plenty ot in<m^ bore and 
everybody will make money. Write 

S. E. SIMPSON, Secy., Oarrollton, 111. 


Messrs. Coffey te Mnrpbr haT« pnrctaascd th« games. E>or]rtblnir ffoeBsthe"Lld Is off.' 

Bo jnd for the Sunny Itontb. KokoKS. Mo., week Oct, S-T: Edina. Ho., wi'ck Oct. 9-14. 

AddrusHH. P. OUPFEY. Mirr. of Games. 

"Tt* JUiBboard" i 

OCTOBER 7, 1905. 

Xlie Oilll>oar>d 



g J* *S^h^.^AlL qgfP""*".i Jgg.HAy*LTHB ». 4c n. BARGAIN 


for **RAYNOI.D" WalchrN und •* H AiTIIliTOlV " Razor. 

199-201 East Madison St., 


Oh*. OorahMNK, lUt BMaawu. M. T. a 
WwMfD nmt. Sc., MM ^ O. B. VUgv OhlCMro 


Bakn & LscfcirMd Ok. 4U Dclamrt lb.. Kn- 

sas city. MO. 
G«o. 8. Don«TlB A Co., Colmnlim, O. 
DODCbertT Bn*.* Trnt Co.. St. Lads, aio, 
J. C. Com Co., Detroit. Mich. 
H. R. Knnkely. 1U3 8ootb St., N. T. C. 
1%? Mnrnr Co., OB S. Wasltlnstao St.. CblesKO. 
Obas. P. Slrdrr T^at Oo.. Oftrott, 3Ileli. 
TtiomsoD A YtaMntr, tW U. FUMl, nwliiHll 
n. S. Tent ud Aw». OSk. MS W. WtlMt<||% tt.. 


fltaa. & W«staa, ClAl Wratvorth st.. aUe>«a. 


Ack«notiui.<)nigI«7 Co., Kansas Cltj, Uo. 
Am. Ticket Co., Tolrdo, O. 
8M* tUM Oa. 112 N. 12th sC Fblladrl 
A tick. Fort ' ' 

A B. IMI. 8M afata at. 

Q. Wii i l w n , W N. Fraoklbi. CtalcafO; 
SM. A. ratorel ft Co., 41 Warren ft., N. T. 


S. Ootbmaa Ttaaa. Co.. 2SS Dearboni. Cblcaco. 

B^mmM^od^ A Bas Co.. OoiOBbia aTC.. 


ftask MelnUe. 1402 Btoadaray. M. T. a 

K T. 



9S-l»» NMwan SCHewTMrk 

General Practice. SpaoiAuvrt— Doascttlr 
Diffluaitiea, and Tbeatrtcal Law. Seduced 
rat>H to Uia im>fe««toa. Editor Law D«- 
partmentThe Billboard. 

::i;:WANTED to buy^ 

Jthntiwi FM. eahKlH Flood, 
or Day ii the Alps. 

Must be cheap aad in tot daa» «<o»dtMoii. 
Name ;i^^j*S^sS}f^ 
818 Island Ave.. niltvankee, Wis. 

The Man Who Sings to Beat the Band, 


Opens Souix City, la^ Oct. 18 



Greatest novelty on the road. Everything new. Address 


Hotel Garrefson, Umb Gily,lo«a. 


Fully eqaipped for fast pssseDgr^r Krrlce : steel whMls. 
Oar has Just been ttiornughi; oTcrbauled b; tbe Madl- 

SOD. llln.. car works. WuuM inak« g«<Kl adTsnoe car or 
merrr-iro-rouild car. Lroitth of car «0 ft. orar all, witli 

platform 00 on end. Ckr(aBbeieeDlnBI.Loala,Ma, 

onuimta^ antObmaMCkKkMau MMlMsollf 

' 1tit Jr _iaifcw>JI ITOT 11 1 Jiniai Bros. 

Sbow. cam PrlTate Oan, Xnk aad Clark are., at. 

Loots. Mo. 

Don't Pass Palmyra 

Paltnjrra, Missouri, la A G«OD SHOW 
TOWN. We have made Hanley's Opera 
House all orer asaln and it la better than 
new. Our peuole appreciate it and aresrlvlnff 
w Am BUUaamn. We want to bear (rum 
OOOD wuwii. 1 be other kind can't get In. 

MSKY BBOS.s nalmjrra, no. 


Bennett Jewelry Co., WIT Ptiplar. 

>*oa« iM ■wJHSSr 

To bay a biupovtlos 
OOO; prefer tbe no 
opeim house In 
BoxSl.Olney, III 

New Conventions 


J"*" •* *• ■••tatB Star Grand Cbap- 

nr. Hot. S, Urt. B. Baiter, Birmlnsbam. 
ran Smitti— Bute Uqoor Dealers' Protectlre 
AsSB. Oct. 17-18. T. .A. SUaatilr. Olia- 

tm^gOtt-JW. C. T. TT. National Oon. Oct. 

Sr-Ker. 1. Mrs. Snaanna Pry. Eranttoo. in. 
M Aoselea-Bootbero Col. Dental Aasn. Kot. 

»«• Pr. C. M. BentTOOk. 433 Broadway. 

• •J 

One spcrlal opllKTspb. Enlcrprlae Sccreopclcon and 
movlDCC plcturv conibloed. model No. 3. oomplete. and 
fitted wltb bef<t leose. electric tamp, sas lamp, lamp 
bouse, board reelsiataoone l^terprlse portable calctom 
Uirbt ootdt. model B, Deir— oDl^ used ooce— complete 
wltb plpea, aaa laiap aod email wrencfaea and toola, 
ready Co be sat apaadmnt'oiiesetDewsoaK sUdaa.U| 
Br the Dear Old Ddaware, screen UzsIiMatt.Bdlaoa 
HImii.amoBic whM.UaElaa TToublca on a Street Oar. 
Yacbt Kaces, ItlTinK Hone, Cowboys Dance, annt 
Undj's Waab Day or Tbe Old Man Falls In a Tub, Tricky 
Bo5T>, Mateara falla, Japan and Kas8la*M Last FItcbt. 
McKlnley FuneraUalao several comic Hlms; all new and 
A Ko. 1 condition. Will ship with privMeKe or eiamln. 
atlon to any part of tbe country, but muBt bave deposit 
aCSlO with express company or witli mc. a'Ocstah boys 

It. Unless you mean business save stampti. Only 
' dcallnfr taere. 


939-SA1 W. Vine St., Laxtagtoa, Ky. 


"Tiw O r — teat •! ThMn AH" 

The Pocket Secretary 

Olw tlie «( aa oidlnary lead pencil.) 

II Distinct Articles Combined in One^ 

i'lif'i'.J nlckle-plated. nsetui and Indispensable. Convenient rur tbe ^ett 
TUUwIlI beaiiuick sellar. Write for clicii- 


• Tt W— a ts, O W O A aO. 

Lead Pencil, 
Compass, ink, 
Compass, lead. 
Letter Opener, 
Marking Point, 
i2-lncli Rule. 

. . Wanted . . 

A number of first cla-s attracticms for our carnival to be 
run in connection with races, or prefer to make a deal 
with a first class Carnival Co. Oar dates, Nov. 6 to 11, 
Colnmbiis, Ga. 

We iturtwMk alter MaeoaXUi^ BnpnlBtlanliaylNM^ witli trnt-mmmMtif,. 
eoimtcjtodntwfroin. Wil onlrlisve llntefan A-1 ahom. OkuoMI iniar. 

ausptoMOohiBdnis Fall Festival and HaclngAssoelatioa. AddiesB^ 
Ct-irp- B. ORIMKS, Sacr*tary, 

Columbu*, Ga. 


Regapding Arizona 

Only one company playing ARIZONA on the road this season. Owners and 
managers of tbesties and theatrical compaodcs aie bneby notified that I 
have the escIoalTe light to produce Auguscos TbomaS' play, Arizona, and 

that no other person is authorized in any manner to produce this play. I 
have instructed my attorney to proceed against everyone vrho lovafies my 
rights in tliis particular, and shall prosecute him, or them, to the fullest ex- 
tent iKMlllla, Rgardless of cost. 


JOHN «!. 8ULUVAN, Attorney and CounaaSor at bm^ 

203 Broadway, New York City. 

New Yecfc OSy * 





Roberts-Kays Shows United 

•icked by capital, brain* and sxperlance. A few more dateH In Inillsna and lltlnalit. and then olT for tbe Sunny 


all- Citlea 

TKP-T wo morBsttowi wltb Rood fro5W!_a_ijwid_of j^^^ 

frlvlleftes 110. Uood treatment to 
eomnanr. aialttvan. Ind.. w««lc of Oct. a to ■ ; 

MOBKRn * lUTB. Ownenaad Manasers. 

-Bwisiw ,..-..7 — about dvo feet, must have 

■tTwnir dancinir and MiiKrinir i.pcctaliy: tall, bandsomo 

WANTED AT OMOe-V^uBn»^l>rB»ty Mrobrett« 

■ *» ■ Wiewfc atninir ilanctiiir and uintclnir ... , . . 

]uT<-nllenian: TrlshcomedlaniatrunffKuo^lalti c arartcr old neirro; aperlaltr carpenter 
ami props.. ti> play blia: box. ahout slxtwn rears «>ld. for undenMdy and »pn(r bot>ks. 
must sine. Atidrrtis stalinir fail particulars, alary. nendlnK plMitairraeba, UAHAGEK 
bDWAKDS. Genl. Del., Portland Ind.. Ot^t. (1: Aloxaiuirla Ind., T. 



on and after Noewalwrl. >>• 
ina.*. PermaaaM aiMessa 


-j---.jof all jnattlers, 
"tea elfers for seasoi 

A Colored Act tMm* Madceo Ooodl. 

HARRY The Bardfords william 



Three ^ood shows with ^ood Hoataf Ifarry-Gro-RouncI, and Ferris 
Wheel ; two strong free attractions; liand of eight'or ten pieces. 
Have ten solid weeks booked in best towns in Texas. Mnst join by 
Oct. 15. Frank Montgomery come on at once to Dallas. J. W. Ran- 
dolph, write. Address all oomnnmiataoiis to A. A. HATCHER, 
Gen. De!., Dallas. Texas. 

P. S. — Want good press a«rent, must be sober and reliable, 

boozers -itvi' ^tMuip-. -Ml concession ^^10 except (;i)nfctti. 



PROF. ZaBAIN, kins ot all hisrh divers; dives from his 90 ft. tower 
into 41 ft. of water. MADAM DbLBON, queen of all lady aero- 
hauts. Will book both acts toeethor or single. Week of Oct. 7 to 10, 
HarrisbuTff. Pa. Address PROF. ZaKAIN, 
Caio The Baiboaid, CinciiiiMiti, O. 


OOTOBCA 7,,190& 

anEinrEST OF JUJL ■muniiEii 



Mt tlu> Bli 

^HM fill 

A. J. 

/■gr "liootlnif bnttoDa oir ber e*rmenta and tbe scartera I^om Iier IlmbSt wblcb 
>'ttHtt no one else <bu«B to Imitate or even Take. SbootlnK 25 bullseres In 9 Hec- 
•nda; Quicker tban a satllne eon* No Imitator* in tills feat, as It taken a real 
martuman to do It, and not a pls^my vrltb a red nose. Breaklne a glass ball 
from Ills own bead bjr shootlnK tbe trlBBcrofanotber rifle placed opposite blm< 
Utootlnc and breaklne two pieces ot snsar placed on the bead of an assistant 
■imnltaneonair tirlnE two pistols— one in eacb baiul* Faaslng ballets 
•Broach a Uneer rlnK beld between tbe ttngers Ity an assistant* 41oslns tbe 
act witb tbe icreateat spectacular feature on tbe staee. A youne lady dressed as 
tbe Statue of Uberty and standing In tbe rear oftbe staee^ idiootlne tbe Jewels 
a91tmr erown, and wltb the last shot hlttlne a bollseye tn the breast of a larse 
eaCIe, thereby rlDKlne a gone and onToIdlne an Immense American flag, with 
creat eleetrlcal eSbets. 


AddresB as pM* roDte, or 

- - - 3ft W. SftstSt.. N. Y. CIXY. 


I For RMiltll's F amous S oolliern Carnival Go. 

good, stronvsliow, most baT« the froats and can make ^ood. Conc«8sloi» per week, no 
Good ET— k, or tat girt, or any good pUtform show write. 

« few opeD da-tesln N. and S. Carolina* one In Georicta* 

Address M. W. BIDDELL. Jellloo, Tenn.. Oct. S-9. or mny ot ftbove places. 

Illi Martin AssM 

liiHin, Pittsburg, Pa, 


ULiT DOGS.... 

9U Per 100 

At Liberty 

Union carpenter. Iiocsced ac imd; 

also billposter. Soutbem terrltOTy 
preferred. Address CWWi MOWOn, 216 
W. Main, WatertowD, Wis. 

Will Rossiter's Original 



......THE BROWNS...... 

BeSned Novelty Aerlsllsts, after Oct. 7. Acts 
as follows: Contoriion. balance trapeze. 
Japanese ladder, slack wire and eenersl per- 
formers. Addrcs VHANK and HEIiEtT 

DBOWM, AtUca. Kaas.. Oct. »: IXauTUIe. 


W« have opan time in 

Oct., Nov., Dec.. Jan., 
Feb., Marcb and April 

ni MMJinRiB nuGEi Anucims. 

DMdBOMWBomb floiMtOttr. Pa. 




M*' Vn A Btnr SBIiliEB. 
W m IV Said lib nraample. 

\^=%/9 ■-. >-. YOUNG 6 eo.. 

jiS^f^^Jr *** WMbloatM M.,Bartoa,Itaa. 

ttwA thM and wr cent. Ad?W. R. RMITH 

sttSide SHow Metu:: 

FOB BAI.B— Penny art-ajje. ao marhfnen; niiiHeum of 
KOBcaClae, Iowa. 


Wanted to nblet tne excIaslTe dan or novellT Ksllery 
HMkgts s( OmisIs (Ule ben Oct. 9tb lo tlst. 

•MKMtbsir ouh. bsteaeastwd at W lifMlrltinr 
■ «f » Istllm, too many eonr»wlnsi to tt^ mitn it. 
lOO w. Harris St., Atlanta, Utu 

..Slot Machine Views.. 

Guaranteed orleinala from Ufa. Crtalogae. 
162 North uSton82l!'*""~'<ffllSlSl(a TLL. 


(Amateur or Prore«titonal> to take an laterMt !n a well 
CORT, L lUa, .N. 1 .. ^arc of (,t;iitr»l Liellvur} . 

BXax a IS— Pajefao. tli. windw .( tta. whol. world. 
Soirmthlng eoMCTly new and liaauw wooer getter. We 

as* aolA iiMonSaeCowa of W— tun'W SMtotoa. ud sll 

ktHhoCUIiulau. IneloM ttsmp fbreslalosiw. WES- 

TOK MM}. CO.. 4.M Camttaen PUn, Lawnnce, 

raodcst osportonltT for yooiiff la4jr wltk UUi. .Maim , 
miut te owrar ilsiwir. AdinnnKfURiUB, Tbe 



Clabi. Bolltos Globe. Hoopi, Batoot. Guoa Wlre- 
ITsIkers* apparaCiu aad Koveitfea. Stamp ror cat- 
alofcns. XJiw-.v^N WTrE.rinclanaU o. 

CRAVEN'S OPERA HUUSE— New; electric IlKbta, opera 
chairs, eieeant scenery; floe piano, drMslne rooms, 
fumUore. properties : (rood sbow town; (irood companies 
only. TAYLOR & CAKAWAY, Leasees, Alma. ArkT 



Can be addressed care of Billboard. Cincin. 

::::FOR SALE:::: 

CTRflHR rOEIir— "Al' borse and half elepbaat. 
01 nunc rnCAK Greateat money (cetter on tbe 
road. S. N. FORSYTHE,careBinboard.ClnU.,0. 

•-. ■ WANTED 
-JUChsstkasa. 8.Teiml dcood plays for tbJa fUl and 
■ll<tir mt ■■si.iiUnl SestlBir eapacltr m. 

B. W. REDGBI. Kanascr. 

WANTEl>— 3 clilldren to Htncr end dance In Vaudevllla 
Show with (■jtmiviii. fjhlldren wUli Ttelta, Carnival 
write. A-l Hplrl. r arj.-l pl.-irio pLavcr; A 1 niMt<l>.-Al team; 
longioeaaon lu Kiorlda. iiarnet Harvey. JelUcn. Tenn. 

Bocky Ford— I. O. 0. F. Onnd 
16. A. J. Dickaoa. Dsant. 

Boekr Ford— I. O. O. F. Onad 
DlckMD, Oeaver. 


Norn-alk— Sons of Temperance State Gob. Oct. 
2S. IW. C. Olcklnaon, 823 Sberman are.. New 

Sarin Bock— State Bet^ Uquor Dealers' Ann. 
WateitDrT— 'KDlglits ot WUas Gnnil bidce. 

Oct. IT, Horace O. Catt^ BMU Hd. 
Windsor— ineuDloD Grant Wimtf, . 4M. S. aM- 

well Grant, Hartford. 

Wilmln^on — I.O. B. M. Oreat Couaell. Oct. 
as. '£dvr. Mclntlre, box 439. 

Watblnston — United Bietbern Cburcb Confeience. 
Oct. 17. 

Wasbloston— Disc Stmdar Scbool Ann. Oct, 
30. Jno. E. Uawioo, 151 B. S. K. B. 

Wa^lngtoa — Order at Americans Natt. Camp- 
Oct. 31. A. E. Gorbam, 1106 Stb at., N. W. 

WashlsgtOQ— ^Uardnaro and Metal Trades Con. 
Nov. 8. 

Waslilngcon — American Bardnrare Mln.' Asin. 

Nor. S-10. F, D, Mltcbell, SOS Broadtra;, 

Kevv York City. 
Wasliington— A£sn, of Official Agrl. Cliemlata. 

Nor. le-lS. U. W. Wlie;. 134 lOtb St., N. 



Atlanta— State OpUcal Aaan. Oct. 18. C. IH. 

KJllretl, Dublin. 
Fort TaUej— Grand Dalted Older of Wise Men 

of tbe Bast. Oct. in. T. A. .finmpMn. Iflddle 

St. aad 1st atCq Uaeen. 

TT.r.nm fa 

Canton — ^UlUtary Tract Aaan. Oct. 19-21. i. 
£, Coleman, M. D. 

CUlcago-'NaUonal Taint. Oil and Vamlib Deal- 
ers' Con, 

Cbicago — National Beekeepers. First week iD 

Dec. W. B. Hntcblnaoo, Flint, Micb, 
Danville— State Bld«. I/eague Aaan. Oet. Ift^O. 

B. G. Vason. Qttlney. 
Decatur— linlghta of Prtbiaa Grand Lodge. Oct. 

IT-u. Henry r. Caldwell. 188 Uadlsoa it., 


Le Uof-^esnion S9ch HI. T. T. L last of 

Oct. K. A. LrcmoB, Clinton. 
BoeUotd— (Reunion Baatem Veterans' Asia. Oct. 

«. C. 0. Aiier. 

Colleges aad Qhttailttea 

Oct, IT. 


Hor. 18. O. a 

irranlflln iBrnnlnn Stb tai 

and 1st Ind. Batteir. 

Smltb, Wlncbestei. 
IndlanapoUs— (State Union of Uterary CI aba. 

Mrs. E. B. Uabbork. Wabash. 
IndlBnapolls — Wii*. Valley Medical Aasn. Oct. 

10-12. Or. A. 'H. Cardler, Kansas City, Mo. 
IniUanapoUs — Betail Grocers' Aasn. Food Sbow. 

Oct. aH-Nov, 8. J. W. Galloway, IS No. 

Senate ave. 

Iiidlanapolls— (American Antl-^aloon L«aXDe. 

Nor. ^-Si. J. M. Barker, SI Bliss bldg,, 

Washington. D. C. 
Sbelbyville--y. P. S. C. E. Dlst Con Mot. — . 

E. £L CUffonl, 81« liteaiweat St., Tndlamipolhi, 

Iowa cttF— State Bieweis' Am. Oct. A 


Matt Oq.. Ott. » 

Covington — ^Patrons of Uusbaodtr Slatt 
Oct. Sl-3e. F, K. Kolcott. 


Portland — Canadian Ticket Agents' Assn. Oct. 
l«i. E. De l,a Uooke, Londoo, Oat. 
>taap-X. M. C. A. Weosa'a 
Oct. 10-lB. 

ilnad aavMs— Order of the Baatem War Onad 


^ Splrltoallsts* Assn. Oct. 

IT-aO. Mis. H. T. Loogley, WW rcnnsjlranla 
are., S. E., WaaUngton, D. C, 


Bllzabetb Ctapel— X. F. S. C. B. Dlst, Coo 
Oct. 13-13. iB. E. Hart. Kansas City. 

St. Louis— Interstate Milk producera' Pro. 
Nov. 27. a. I. Frlsbeck, Allenton. 

Atlantic City— F. & A, M. Grand Lodge (colored) 
Oct. IT. Jaa. B. Mason, 30 Aogiiata at,, 

Jeiaey City— >E|psrort]i League Dlst Con. Oct. 26. 
MaiHson— iMosilr Oa. Oardeoen A Florists Society 

Sbow. Oct. as40. S. Bcsgen, Moriistown, 
Trenton— Ir. O. U. A. M. State Council. Oct. 

■JR Wm. H. Melts. 

Blnghamtoa — Fire State Milk Producers' 

Oct. 17. H. T. Coon, Homer. 
BuCCalo— iPoUsb National Alllsoce. Oct. 16-20. 

P, M. Hellnski, 102 Division St., Cbicago, 111 
Lockport — 'Niagara Co. Veterans' Assn. Nor, 

— . Warren A. Ives, 133 WaSbburn at. 
Ncrbargb — 'Epwortb iLeagnc N.a'tHiti^ Dist, 

Coa. Last Oct. 
Nen York CttT^'HatiMai UfMT LMCW. Oct 


Niagara Palls — State Nurses' Assn. Oct. 17, 

Mrs. Gostln Welch. 
Bocbester— State FieTentloo of Ctiielty la GhU. 

dreo and AalBMls SoolaV. 
ScheDectad y "• Jt t m v t tk. Laagaa Akaar DM. Don. 

Oct. 21, 


Cincinnati— (Hallway Mall Mutual Benefit Aasn, 
Cincinnati— F. & A. M. Grand Lodge. Oct. 18. 

J. H. Biomwell. 
Sprlnglleld— State il*oUet Aan.' ; Oat. . n-18. 

Ricbard E. O'Brien. 


Cambridge Springs— State IMetaUoa of Wo- 
men's Clubs. Oct. 17-20. 

I-aocaster — 'Degree of Pocabontas Great Coonell. 
Oct. 17. Pauline De Baafre. PbUadelpbla. 

Beading— Pa. Ocrasa Soetety. Oct. ». T. O. 

!.jnu Oct a. 

Blpley — Weat Tenn. Teachers' Oanfereace, Ntf, 
30. Dec. 2, J, W. lohosoa, Martia. 

LyncMnrr-fCtng's Dangbtaiif Mate Bnncb. 

Oct. 2S-27. 


CbarlestoD— B. Y. P. U. State Oaa. Oct. U. 

D. p. Hill, CbarleaMB, 
Charleston— F. A A. X. Onai L a Hi. Hsv. U. 

G. W. Atkins. 


Mineral Point — I, O. O. F. Qraad Oieamp. 

Oct. — . L. O. Holme., BarabM. 


Sberldaa— L jO. _ O. F. Oraad Baeamp. Oet 
11.'' B. A. Pjo c iwi ^ 


Reunions, Conclaves, Aaaemblies 

Montgomei; — Gr. Lodge A. F. & A M 
Dee. B. Geo. A. Beancbamp, Or.- Sec. 
MSMtcamy— iBoyal Azcb Maaoar Or. 
4. Geo. A. ^ 


Fayctteaflit— I. O, O. r. 

2t. ivr. ti, ooddcD, Pine Bins: 
Faretterille— I. O. O. F. Onmd I«dge. Oct. 

26. W. L. Hodden. Pine Bteff. 
FayetteTlUe— Bebvkab State AaseaUy. Oet M- 

Medoca Beld. Little Bock, Ark. 
UtUe Bock— W. a T. U. Sute Con. Oct. — . 

Mrs. Lnln A. Maikwell. 
Uttic SoCk— State Bapttstar asm. Oon. Nor, 
17. V. r. Ooctia, Oandca. Alfc. 

Laton — Beunlon San Joaquin VaBcy S. A. B. 

Assn. Oct. 14-22. H. V. Faifeac. fttaso. 
Los Angeles — Natl. Woman'a Tempeianee OMs* 
Han Oon. Oct. 27-Nov. 1. BoMuma W. Db 
Pry. Bvanston. 111. 
Los Angeles — Order of tbe Eastern Star Or. 
Cbapter.CoD. Oet 17. Mrs. Kate J. WHl. 
ootts. Ban Francisco, CaL 
San Diego — ^I. O. O, F. Or. Bacampment Oct. 

San Francisco— State Water A Forest Asm. 
Coo. Dec. 2d week. T. 0. Frledlander. MS 
MiUs bldg. 

San Jose — I. O. G. T. Or. Lodge Con. Oct 
10. Arttrar C. BanU, IM 8. Second St. 

Colorado Springs — Ameneaa Teoaua Natleaal 
ConcIsTe. Nor. lO-lS. C. K. Ooata, Amota, 


Boeky Ford— Bebekab SUte AaseoMy. Oet IB. 
Mrs. E. V. L. Beggs. 3141 Paloou St, Dea- 
rer, CoL 

SaUda— iBocky Moaatals BUI|waters aad IMst. 
Aao^^Osa. ^t ^ — . H. B es ri a a , 11S8 

' vawummn 

Hampton— Conn. FMd Wat Oob THalB. 
Oct. 31- P. M. Cliafla. Mie Meadow. 

Hartford— State Traehoa' Asia. Ooo. Oct St. 
S. P. WiiUrd, Colcbestcr. Ooaa. 

Merlden— Saptlsta' SUte Ooa. Oot. U-18. Bar. 
Frank H. Devlne, 38 DeertcM are.. Bart- 
ford, Conn. 

New Haven— A. O. D. W. Or. Lodge (MB. 

Oct. 19. James A. Knox. P. O. Drawer 41. 
New Baven- 1. 0. O, V. Gr. BaeampmtDt. Oct 

17. f; Botsford. 

New Baren— State Federatlaa ot Later Oib 

Oet SO. P. H. OoaaoUay. ue Mala at.. 
Danlnuy. Conn- 
K«ir BaTcn— Order Baatexa Btar Ocaad Ouf 
tcr. Oet U. MIB. SC. «. WBsway, 88 la- 
byatM St, BarIM, . ^ 

~ acasSAnaal Oia. ot Sobs ot 

Oct. -«. Ute. 0. DlcUnaoa. 

K—n Bwr Baiaa. Ooon. 

StamftwO-Slate BveilHfkaaA Oanenteis and 
JWncra* Assa. Ooa., Oet. W-SN E. V. 

Morse, IS Ptae st; I 

Con. Oct 16*17. B, T. 
New Britain. Oona. 
Torrtagtoo— Degree «t PsealMtaab Of. . . 
Coo. Oet 18, Bias B. A. Ivaa. tM* Wiad. 

Clayton— Bpworth Leagne Bastoa Olat Ooo. 

Oct. — . w. o. Beonct*. ■ 

Clayton — Knigbta OC SyiUa. 

Oct 19. Mark L Oamt; > 

mington. Del. 
Harrington — Bpworth Leagne Dover Dlst. Oon. 

Oct 10-20, H, C. Taylor, Dover. 
Wilmington — 1. O. O. F. Or. Lodge Con. Nov. 

18. J. W. Hallam. 

Wlhnlnirton— 1. O. O. F. Or. Bncampment Nov. 
14. J. n. Avplefcy, gr. scribe, P. 0. »<« 

Waahington- American Bankers' Asaa. Qlia. 0^ 
11-13. L. F. Swlnney. er. mat MatMBl 
Bank, Kansas CItj, Mo. . ^ 


fMladslpkU. PSj ^ 


Americas— IW. C. T. U. State Ota. Oct VS^ 

Mrs. T. 11. Hoyt. 
Atlanta— Benevolent Older SC BaSaloa (St*** 
nlor Herd Con. Oct. 18. OUAa W. BafW 
Ronnok<*, Vo. 
Atlanta— Farmers' Eilucatl.nal aad Co-«P?ratlve 
OnlOD of America Con- Oct. U. ' Newt. Ore- 
sbam, natl. sec. Point Tex. . 
Ft Valley— Grand Dnlted Order of Wis* M«» « 
tbe Bast Oet 10, T. A. Lumpkin, Middle 
at aod lat ave., Macon, Oa. „ 
MacoB-#. A A. U. Or. IrOdn Oaa. Oct «■ 

Max Beynbaidt, 'BanNj; Oa. - 
Maeaa— Oatlcd SangMrra aC Ooatedency StaM 
DIT. Oaa. Oet^ Bn, M. B. Baafsan, Ik- 

OCTOBER 7, 1906. 

Xiie Billl>oar<l 



ewM feovpeniM* wUb «mm% CteavUnc or cbarcoai. 


• •BliTMr ««- — . «tejgy^Ow>. JUh WJtk SMlMMf — 



aiaKl«OTcii,«relKtateib«. With Burner .16 Iba. 
Dmibte ■• w ibK. •■ - ao iba. 

TMpto ~ *• 7SIIW. mS. 
tlBiilwcHtltduliMS**i>or>iiatrunk. KMdBClU* ItMtbB 


P. Q. B. ChlcaSOt 

e. o. D. Wo 



Ice Cream Cone Cooking Ovens, 



Writs for 

133 South Water St., CHICAGO, ILL. 

Agents and Solioitors 

We have the Hottest Fair aad OMaltral 
Ko««ltlo on the market. 

R. S. GREEN & CO.. 

Wells St.. Chicago. III. 

"Ortelnators ot the wiill known " Oil Rlani- 
uut. It Von* t Come Card. Wc are still 
iielllnr th'in- Eastern Rep. William Qroen, 
No. aSSr No. Opal St., Phlladolphla. Pa. 

Send 5o for Saninle and des>crl|itlve (Circular. 
We al-o •■'■11 lln' I'alry Fiona <'<>tt<>ii Cundy 
nacltlut^. l>>wf!*l urU-o on r iiiarket. 


Intending to Visit 



Will do well to see os before selectloir a 


wiieimior wllb pletar. maohlae, (ketcta team, (niaaaad 
wvoiaiu. piano player (man>, hojitllDjr affeot, aad 
vomaB for Ulutiated won. Lowett salarr : tuta alL 
Stotelesrama W.paralC Msaana la to dlaaa aad 

...$5,000 FOR HIS EQUAL... 



Hm )ou uti B»RIET?-ft,,S5"i!S5r"Ti..«ir _. 

ia •ilateac Tlito la lb. gnatcat (rwk allr* UMtui 
baaaaCihlMtBear|]rlK(t-I<uiv,mnrJolBt mmplMa, 
alMhoettaaditroiniicottottBaiBUilla at bla baek; 

itiasrtarleir. HMtfa monttia old, amaa aadlitatttj. 

I will uke partnar who will atfvaao. t. MMMt 

at fain, or sell him and ootflt fteCBIh MV. llMa 

•n olfer. PAUL HAAS, U St. ~-" 

Reivlita, BnwkUa. M. T. 


atOMt (or Mr bw eataloRiie. We liaTe •omethlns 
aavBllttieumek R. A. HUORE MFO. Co.. sis vainst. 
. Clt7, Mo. 



A strong ballyhoo; pancb man preferred 
Ituc Boucher write. Address. 

StlllTl-i A.TIVSKiaBNT « O., 
Freeport. Ilia. 


nigh clan ▼auderflte sets for weeks 
Oct. 8 and later. Address, 

F. B. PAYDEN. Bfgr. 


A good Knockabout Irish Team, 
also Sister Team to join show. * 
Buffalo, N. Y. 

Bolac — etate Medical Aaan. Con. Oct. 10. Dr. 

B. B. Maser. 
Lewlatoo— 'I. O. O. F. Grand Bncamp. Oct. 16. 
l,<>«rUtOR— VMckali Slate Ass.'mblr. OeL IS. 

Carrie R. Uj«rf. Boise. Ida. 

Ciiic-JKo— lateraiata , . O m iww M ' ' Law Ann. 


Ctilcajto — ^American Essex Sirlne Records Assn. 

N'ov. — . F. M. Slioot. MciLeau. 
Clilcaso — International Lire Stock Exposition. 

Dec. 2-9. E. Skinner, ITnlon Stock Tarda. 
CblcsKO— 'Natl. Taint. Oil & Vamlsb Dealers' 

Con. Oct. — . Cbarlea A. Field. 
Chicago— vteoDloa Jamr «t tta JWlifplata MitL 

Socirty. Oct. *-U. ' T.: B. niiama; Ifa—ia 

City. Uo. 

Chicago— iXatl. Baptist Con. Oct. 23-31. W. L. 

CausUn, NasbrUle. Teon. 
Cblcaco— American Academy of Medicine Cod. 

Nov. 7-8. Charles W. Satla. Butm. Pa. 
Danrllle— SnlUlne AMD. Leagae Con. Get. U. 

R. G. Vaiea, Qnlncar. III. 
DasTllIe— State Federation ot IMtac. Oct. 17. 

B. O. Finch, Aoiora. 
Decater— Utathboae Slaters Ot. Temple Con. 

Oct. 18. UiB. i:iMwm .X. .Simiai]a. e. St. ot 

DtoAi^&^tejwtt^iijirtiwr Oct, 

Toili^-«tBte''&plilt Aw. Oet. le-lA. BCT, 

Geo. VdGlsDto. 
Mtet— state Federatim at Wwaea'a Clnbs Con. 

Oct. 17. Mlai Bcas MUdieU DsoUttle. 113 

Adams at.. OMeacn. U. 

_ . — . - . 


JERRY HOBAMy Manager. 


Knet«atirtlMTaFtacTUtoAaniHi«itao.aiieaBiMnlea)La««Ml«iC MM. G: 
every modem conrenience. To be opened between Nor. IS and Dec. I 

WANTED-High-Glass Opening AtMiBB 



Post Cards for Christmas. 

A FolallnK Poat Ca'd, size 3Kxll when open. 3Kx3H when closed with Christen aa 

Tree In tissue wblcb opens In real Chrtstma!> culoni. Malls at2c. each. Price f3 per 

lOO. SanjpU' nj- ma!!. !'.»«-. It la k Winner. 

reoria— 'Bennleo «ifb miBob laftmtiT. Oct. 11. 

B. C. Byrne. 
Sprlnfiileld — State (Beekt-cpers* Assn. Coo. Nor. 

21-22. Jax. A. Stone. 
Sprlngfleld— Union Vetetaoa' OaiOB NatL Con. 

Oct. 18-20. 

Sprlngtleld— 6Ute AntJ-Hone niat AMB. Ooa. 
Oct. 11. H. O. Glger. 


CrawfordaTlUe — Loyal Order of Moose Supreme 

Lodge Con. Oct. IT. Ed. L. Barr. 
Hartford City — Keunlon IStth Ind. Infantry and 

13S lod. Volunteer lolantrr. Oct. U-IS. J. 

IV Stiles 
IndlanapolIs^-iKnlcbts and T.llili «( 

preme Lodge S<pt. 18. 
Iod!anai»Us — American 

Xot. 22-21. J. il. 

WashlnKton, D. C. 
todianapoUs — ^Ind. Frateenal OoagrcM Coo. Dee. 

— . Bd. B. Shroer, lOUI Majestic bldg. 
Indianapolis— .Decree ot Pocahontas ImptOTed 

Order of Red Mra'a Grt. Con. Oct. 19. Urs. 

Roeella Brady, Warsaw, Ind. 
Indianapolis— Stste Bankers' Aasa. Con. Oct. 

29-28. A. Smith, -care Aaatlcaa Mat. Bank, 
lodlaoapolls— I. 0. 0. F. Or. BMaBpaieDt 

Not. 21. W. H. Leedy. 
Kenllworth— International Ftertllizer Mfrs* Assn. 

Oct. 10. 

Mnnele— Jr. O. U. A. il. SUte Oonnell Con. 
Oct. 21. W. A. Ohnrch. 28 8. 8d St.. Terre 
Hante. Ind. 

Muncle — Daughters of America State Ooonell 

Coo. Oct. 2S. 
Thornton — P. B. O. Sapreae Graad Chapter. 

Oet. 10-U. Mza. 31. J. Aztdl. ITIh aad Tan 

Dom ttA. Liaoolo. 1M>, 
Tlaeennea-^State Fcdcntlm ot Women's Clnbs. 

Oct. — . airs. it. Baffnan, ISO Lapocte are., 

Sonth Bend, 
Vlncenaea— ChaiitlM aal OocNaUona atata Omt- 

ference, Oet, 3841. W. J. HWIMIan. 

iNBXAir xnanoBT. 

Ardinore— Interstate Ftiototnptcn' Assa. Con. 
Oct. 10-lS. J, M. Gannawar. Sa. .Vc* 
1. T. 


aodatiea Suta 
no DlTl- 


t V yf^^t* *eetrtosllow, plsyla* small towns 
^t^°»t>> thls.AMin Oaa who la a&le and winiDitto 
^Si^SiSifW^'t' Ta. Win make Kiiod or clow at ont-e. 
CS Jijir Maj'SB t S **» teat «how. No Uooiem or 
wa f awBs s dwrtftHiMafcwa. Aiktrew, 

M. LaROY, 
'•"'II. mot. Ky.. Oft, i. after that Th. Mllhoant 


■uiwrtoi™ pcuplt! or all klnilu fur No. uliow; can nUii 
■ae iiroperty. man with niaL-hlnc, or k«m«1 MMH^Ially man 
Willi inachlne; atate atnounl ol lllina. Mualslana for 
w ^7{£<>'!*'**^>>>^h!al set tn diHihle. iwrta 
nAiM.Tt''-.>ti**J>2,^>**< aiijalB «• wliB. Adilrt-Ka, 
a*UU\ tARtiAl»fc.MBr..|io)tjS». iniielleM.W.Vs. 

roMB and JUDY FOR SALE-Kr^VX-lllt: 

•sMIt. PrIoalMO.. Address P. J.. Blllbaard, CIn.. It. 

"-^ 'Tit nmmmf ■Am ■■■S^.T^ 


Bnrlington — German Catholic 
Cod. Oct. 17-lS. Ber. O. 
slon St. 

Cedar Rapid*— I. O, O. F. Or.--.- ■ n eam pmi 
Oct. 17. B. L. TUtsa. Dta XCtwa. la. 

Cedar RapUn-^BctaUh Stata AaMalilr. Oet, 
17-10. S. EtinbMi Jtttktv. KMkOk, la. 

Cedar Rairtd*. I. O. O. Fv^. LadfK Bneamp- 
ment. Oct. 1840. B. tk nitaa. D«a Vataes. 

Creston-aauthwnt lovra Dental loclatP. Oct. 

lO-U. Dr. M. F. Staic. _ 

Darrnport— Order aamm Star Or. Chapter 

Con. Oct. as-ST. sua. Xaric JaCkaea, eoan- 

cll Blntrs, la. 
Des Moines— State MatL laanrance Assn. Con. 

Nor. 19-17. Jerome Smith, Caralpc. I*. 
Des Moines— W. C. -r. U. State Ooa. Oct. Il- 
ls. B. B. Burforu. Indianola, la. 
lon-a City— Southeast Iowa Hort. SoeletF. Not. 

i2-24. W. T. Blchcy. Albla. 
MarsUnlltown— 1. O. R. Ml Grt. Council Con. 

Oct. 10-11. F. A. Day, Des Moines, la. 
Ottumirn— State llaittlst Assn. Oon. Oct. 3S4T. 

Uer. S. E. Wilcox. Des M0h■(e■,^I8. ■ 
Onkiiloosn— Soutlu-rn lona BdttHlal AM. Oct. 

— . O. K. Hull. Leon. 
Story City — Sorncplan Settlers' Natl. Reunion; 

Oct. — . Prof. A. A. Veblcn. Iowa City. la. 
Waterloo— Northeastern Iowa leacbera* Assn. 

Oct. «-SI. Supt. A. T. BuklU. 


Clierry«ah^-I. O. R, U. Qrt; Oanacn Ooa. Oct. 
17, C A. Walt, AtcUMQ. Kaik 


THE uwRneama fme departmeht viu iou a 





Men Who Want the Coin. Write on Quick If You Wish to 
Iddress J. P. McWILUAHS. Cbo.. or SAM H. JOSEPH, Lawranceburg. Ij. 



Week Get. 23 to 28 ; Stat Days and NIghls. 

MfSUTCII— Clean shows, Merry-Go- Bound, Ferris Wheel. Legitimate prlTllece men bera 
■Iftn I KH ]s 2 good one for you. Can use sensational free acts, mast be cheap. Jasoo- 

vllle Is a town of four thonsand people: five ihou'-and mltif^rs worklni; In the ooai mine. 

In and around .Ta^unvIIIu. Mniii-y K plentiful hi.Tf, C. C. W I LI.I .\ M ?. Sfc'y . JaiiOOTUJe. 


Gliding Down tlie Waters of tlie Old M^ssissip" 

L. S. 


Grandest of All llliistrated SoniEis 

jfht aeenea on the Xlsalnlppi are Indeed aenisof beaa9,aB4theBOTeldioi«sslldela»dftBaa la 
ralidartlncic workmanahlp. Cbarmlna ronaance, «sqtilalt« word palnUna. awaatas s nMsdr. 

Slldoa par set, 95. 8Md ProsrM. for ProfMaleaal Copy. 

ft CO., PabUshers, i - 4a« BMmm Awu, CHMSAOO 

Wanted at Once 

Ten piece band to join the Parker Fairyland Amusement Co. Ixmg 
season. Lawrence, Kan., Oct. 2-7 ; Minneapolis, Kan., ^•H ; 

Newton, Kan., 16-21. 

WANTED .... 


Tall and short Irish comedian, with strong specialty ; ^lan for " niddjr," 
sister act, soubrette and leading woman, chorus girls: all must do giwd 
specialties, and Jpia on wire. Address, fall particulars, salarj, etc., to 
— iWIN FRANKUN, Uaaager Fiiinigan's Ball, . 

As per Route in BIlWioBid. 



Telegraph me and IMMEDIATELY. 
Route in Billboard. Dont wuttohnr 
from me. vH. 

ITYtc Billboard 

OCTOBER 7, 1905. 

;FII.M8 now on 8AUE 

A New 

i^The Servant Girl Problem 

Appea's to everyone. Full of Irresistible humor. A scream from start to finish at Hammerstein's Victoria. Tony 
Pastor's, Por^ Williams, Colonial, Alhambra, Orpheum. Gotham, and many others. You can BUY IT NOW. Length 

RAFPLES, The A m at s u r Cr a o fcs m aw T 




eeb** AM* 


MB^VBle — T>^fr*e of Pocabootu, GH- 

ffl OOB. Oct. IT. Joale Hahs. LeaTtawortb. 

teiparla— eute AaU-Hone Thief 
Oct. 1T-2U. G. J. UcCvtT. TaM«, 

Kbbsu CltT— Sute Gu. Wmtm 4k 
fclgtit Ana. con. Oct. 

: aons Vmllf^ oC 

Wichita — SUtr Fbotetaatm^ JUm. Oob. 

IT-IS. P. A. vain. -^liiM r . 
melilta — I. o .o. r. Or, ~ 
,ilO. t. T. B«*». 
'^mcUta-^ O. O. F. Gt 
'' I0-1Z. W. n. Krmp«r. 

rmcuta— RfiifUb Siitc 

Xar*, Colmobcs, O, 


J Oncn — Onltrd Oaoftitni ef fkc 

State Cos. Oct. — . Ellasbetb SiBiMtt, Fm- 
dnemh. Kj. 

•canton— State Optfeil Am. Oct. 19. M. 
-V Berrea. Wlacdmer, Kj. 

fltRitac— Y. P. S. C. ■. Ototrtet 

^oeu aMx. BM«tao aioa. mil. sj. 

- Ooo. Oet 10-12. Aotbonj- Hatie, 

nS XL-PCaxl at.. CInclBBatl. 

new Oifeiana— Amerleui AdTucemeBt of Sdncc 
Aam . c«>. D»c. 2S-Jan. 4. L, O. Bowud, 
SOBS BIIlTer PL. X. w., Waahli«tan. D. C 

Wew Qrleaxta-^Amerlcan CtaMufeal Sodety Oon. 
Dfc 2B-30. Prof. Wm. A. Korea, Baltimore, 

He ■ Orleane— ^sn. of Traneportatlon ft Oar 
Accmnitlnr Omcert. Not. 21. 
" JSe" ^Orieana— National Uqaor Z^a^e Of Ainerl' 
m. .Oct. 1042. Geo. ScheOt. M» Omdcs at 

— Settlor >«aak Ml 

Detroit— Kalghtt •( tbe Golden Easle Snp 
Caatle Con. Oct. 10. A. C. little. 814-S14 
N. Broad at.. PMUdelpiiU. Pa. 

Hooghtoa — W. P. EdDCatlooal Aaaa. I«at week 
lo Oct. F. A. tttta. AtlaaUe Mlae. 

taatzT* Oct. 

r. Ik 

> Club. 

bitnaoo— State FMrratloa o< 
Oob. Oct. 1S-I8. H. T. 8a 
mctaa at.. Bay Clty.JUck. 

CaoslD^ — Bcmiloii 6tb - ^ - 

Cv.Irr Brls«de. 

Hastlszi. MIeb. 
Sfanlatee — Nortbem Mleh. 

— . I. B. Glitjfrt, Tra 
TimTerae CItj — SUIr Snnday 

14-ie. L. B. BItieUe. 


Dalotli Interna tloaal Aaaa. at Tira SB«iaecn' 

Coo. Oct. — . 
Dnloth — B. T. P. U. State CooTentlon. Oct. 

7-12. J. H. Irlib. D.'trolt CllT. 
Xlnoeaptdla — Rati. Bplrltnallata' Aaan. Oon 

Oct. 1R-2T. Mr.. M. T. U>ncl«7. 606 Pa. 

are., 8. B.. Waablastsn, S. C. 
KbDeaiioUs— State WmmA ■tgat AM. 4M. 

Oct. — . Dr. Dam flaMk tmtHf^ lO Jte 

■onle Temvle. 
WBacapaUa— OnleendMr On. CM. Oet SO- 
SO. Car. G. L. IHiiW. MM^iiHr. X. B. 
St. Paul— lClBBe«>U UMattona] Aaan. Con 

Dec. 27.20. 6. K. lUxvell. Wtatooa. Iflim. 

U. SUte 

Qreenwood— B. X. P. 

l«adnm X.e«TeIl, Jaekao^ JU 
Natehea— MIealaafppi A. 3t, M. 

Rot. 2Sl Ol W. Wifha. 

Mot. 14. 
lA Coat. 

•( Be- 

C^ortlUMl-Slnt* CUtMadenl Sodctr Cm. 

Dee. 1-2. Zohn Slerton. Skovbetu. 
nrtland — Bel>rkab State AaaeBblr. Oct. IT. 

Grace E. Walfoo. Bclfaat. Me. 
Rstlaad — Knlglita at Templaia* Sop. Cam. Oom. 

on. 20. Chaa. A. MaxweU. S. Cedar at. 
Portland— 1. O. O. F. Gr. LodCC OOn. Ott. 18. 

Enwll G- Dyer. 
Portland— State Snndar-Seboal Aam. Cm. OCt. 

Uniaod— t. 0. 0. r. Gl. 

U. BH«]aBln C. StMC 
tutttrrm^T. F. C. V. 

^te Om. «et>^ K*. F. 


EcoooQiIe AacD. Coo, Dec itt 
bank A. Felter. Itbaca, N. T. 

PoUtlcal Sdmca Aaan. 
Dee. 27-30. W. W. WUlonghby. 

T. P. V. State Cos. Oct. S- 

( Dnnsbters- State Oo«u Hot. 
-* BUI. 36 Bromfleld at. 

■ OoBfrrrnce. Oct. 10^15. 
FtttiAeld— S.ate Fc^IeratloD of Eitas?^ 

3L U. Folej. Box 13301 
" — - — - Oet. »s. 

Woreeat»a — Sennlon SStb \Caaa. Best. Oct. SS. 


Benton Barter — I. O. O. F. Or. Lodcn Cbb. 

Oct. 10-18. Benry 37. Wilder. T-.**-*»»y HfCk. 
•atoD Baibar--Bebekab State Aaaeg^r. fltC. 
' SI. MB IC BlBTfi^ 

CJbUUcotbe — Gr. Blrer Medical Boclet; Oon. 
Dec. 7. Dr. Geo. W. Gomes. Brectenridse. 

JeSeiaoo City — State Library Aaan. Con. Oet- 

— Mlaa Fraacia A. Biabosi. cr. Public U 

brary, Kans^ City, Mo. 
Kansas City — ^National Sorsesbocn* Fratecttre 

Aaan. Oct. — . J. XeGIanla. BrooUra. K. 

Y. _ _ 

^Oett'o^ C.'%u"4Laaa^ OS W. im it. * 
Kanaai Clti^HAaMrieBB nuefca J OatUe Breed- 

era> Aaan. Oct. 11. C B. Thimaa. 225 W. 

IStk ot. 

Kiam Cltr Kalshti of PjlUaa Gnnd Lodse. 

Oct. IS. Jno. B. Boimcs. SSO OUre at.. 

St. LoolB 
LBierty— I. 'O. O. F. Ob. 

12-13. K. M. z:: . r: . 

Mexico— 'Antl'HanB IBM AMB. Oct. — i. S. B. 


St. Xoaejrti — Cadlea* AoxIUaiy Eslgllta Of n- 
tber Mathev Natl. Con. Oct. 11-12. MIra K. 
S»ar. us Barriaoo at.. Eanua City, Mo. 
at. Lotft— Sitlonal SUUonen and Mfra* Aaan. 
Oct. lO-IX. Mm Bolmea, 5Z0 Ollre at. 

~ to BaptM AMm. Oct. IT. W. 

flt Bl' 

lT.oA.V9; WUte. BMte. 
Tilinn ToliMi of Pytblas 




Lincoln — Wardens' Prison Aaan. Oct. 21-28. 
Xebnska Cltr— Retiekali SUte AacmUy. Ut*. 

Anna B. Crawford, Lincoln. 
N'fbnaka City— L O. a F. ~ 

Oct. IT. I. P. Ona*k .n 
Xetvaska Cltr— L O. 0.'W. Oaaii Moe. Oct 

IS-13. I. P. Gace. 
Nortb 'Platte— Western Neb. Edacatlooal Aaan 

Oct. — . J. C. Orr. 
Sontk Oaute-^ O. B. M. Oicst CaaneO. Oct. 

ML: - - 

5. Jm 

X. H. 

Uanebeater— Belwkab BBitt 
II. Mra. Annie F. 
Xnahna. K. H. 

• Co. 



If you want to own your soods ri^ht. Wa absolutely guarantee lowest 
and promptest Bhipments. All ordor* shipped same day as rocelved. 


Great King Collar Button 





CMcago, ill. 



TwencycsTB. Entire and complete ready for the road, eooalstlnff of fortj ba«eSB|» bor«esaad_ 
he ad of ring rtock. iDcIadlnf cwofoar -borse arts, two prlncliilU bocves. two flnldb forasme: ten 
oae dea performing llnu. two b*od wmgoas. tablgtnx, calllopew twelve *"flif n wacou. cbaiK 
wii9Dns,(mnTas, llghttf.aeate, twoelepbaoU. Art CUMla.wltb aaddlca: two PhltlMlBe «»uw. tww 
elk«. In fB^.» complete twracyc^sbtfw. T* MaMI«l>lMiMi«,3Nw Addivss FKANK LEMUX. 

Wanted... ...Wanted 

Freaks, moral side shows, glass blowers, wire worker.'', crystal maze, and other 
privilege people. A few choice spaces left for indoor caroival. Aupices 
Norwich Iiodge Slcs, Armoiy, Ocb. 20-30. Will rait OOtliglit or pi^ «■> 
Wiltea»«nae. W. A. GAVLAHSmB^ Bos 2li^ ITarwidi. 0« 


laadhniilMnciall: S'Whlt* Pace RInirtAt 
MtaBttepv; Ml takes 

lcrt.loofr,rood feederand flnetpeclmen; S Urve Arabian Baboons: 1 extra larffs PIctall Xdi^ 
- wijjtA pi^ee RlnirtAtls: I BIkU Hintrtftll : 1 raeOlDm else RIMhus. AUlMallftf aad 
tbelot. wire or write to F. K. BCSJ amis. Slkdmorw. Mo.. Oct. t-7. 


Company to Play 4-Nlght Stand 


besB oU star sttraetloi: 
■Mscbed. Horse- 

CBBBcitr TaO: 10.000 people within a r&dlns 

at— O. V. A. M. State 
27-28. Berbert B Eeodall, Kl 

m. B. 

Atlantic dty atats 

2).21. Maor V. " 

Atlanllc City — P«1 

Gnnse. Nor. ] 

canoe City. O. 
Boonton— Bennlaa K. F. 

War. Oct. — . X. A.. 

St.. Newaik. 
ilililHless n 

Cm. -m; tt-tS. li. u 
Ctman T. v: a A. Boy^-'Dctt. 

get. JM lL Oiaa. B, Seott UX 

OfdiB Bool or Tempeniic* Or. DlTtahm. 
Oct. 23. Boaa Slack, 118 Boae it.. TTrnton. 

Jt. J. 

Eaizabetb — State FederatlOD of Women's Clah* 
Con. Oct. 30-31. Mr*. Charlea Sllrera. 810 
Orore at. 

Loos Brancb — Decree of Poeaboota* Grt. Conn- 
dl Coo. Oct. 24. Barak T. BeUaUtk SB 
Peari at.. Trenton. S. J. 

Lone Branch— Rebekah State tmimltw- Oct 18. 
Msry I. Pollen. KewolB. 

Lo^ Branch— D i y i ^ jt Mcrtmila^QMrt Own- 

at., Ticatae. 

..At Liberty.. 

(onrt. IvHM ni Dnp Inv 

Prefer circns or csml^: 
InlntlT or iivpars- eljr. AB> 

Aft«rOct. 21st. 

can be enraeed ]nlntl7 or iivpars' ely. ^ 
dres O. W. PIXI.By, iDdlsools. low^Oel. 
»«t O berim o. lew*, uob B-Ms AltMB. wm. 

FOR SAL.B— An ap-to-dato poittble imasto'dssslr, pam^ 
times called ocean ware: oast tIM.M nben bullk 
aiTua Cakes It, F. u. B..8ynciue. Reason tor •elUne, I 
kara two oC tbsai. Ada i ass anliik f J.I.UABBUUP-"- 

Oa. Baeday Bckaal Aaan. Oct. 

H. F. 



New Bronswlek — Epwortb Iietsne Kew 
wick DiKt. Con. Oct. 25. UlM B. U. BoUMt. 

Rrd Bank. 

Palmyra — Epwortb Leagne Trenton DIst. Com. 

Oct. 12. Miss Emms Prall. Prnnlnxlon. 
SomerrUle — Rcnnlon .TOIh N. J. Veterans' Am. 

Oct. 11. C. Ebm. Rarltan. 
Tren t — Bt nte FlicaMs's JlntMl BencroleBt 

An. Oek BL ». B. Ba " 

Snntk. M. F. 


Anrnqoerque — Territorial Prtai tmm. OB 

Wm. M. Bu rger. Bclen. 
Albuquerqoe— F. & A. 11. Grand Lodge. 

KJ. Alpheus A. Keen. 
Albaqnomne — Royal .\rch Ussons Grand 

tor. Oct. 18. Alplieus A. Keen. 
Albuqucrqm— KolgbtB Templar Grand 

maadery^ Oct. 19. Alplicns A. Keen. 
Albany— State Osteopathic Sodetr Dm. 

2-. n. L. Obllea, AnbSfS. H. Z. 
BlrmlnKliam— State ri diwIUs' «t 

Cloba Coo. Oct. 81-Nar. t. ■» 


Xtie Btllboapd 



liiis'iiSk^**'"'*'**' ^ * p^'^ 

Gold Baok 2.25 per Gross. 



We Are The 

House in the 


■ ■■■^ 272 E.IUUS 




We Ara Thm 

Most Reliable 
House In the 



This is a District Fair including Fe«r Gomrties. Premiums aU lai«e, do entry fee taxed the fwrmers. Counties trilled like a circus. 
The main shops of the L. & N. R R. Co. are loeated here, employing 2,000 men ; monthly pay roU of $110,000, regular monthly pay day 
i6, oiwnuic date of fair ; County Court commences on same date. 


Includins Dooatur and 

eseeUttit electric ear 


#ff f TyOOOy duse two cities only half a mile apart and eonneeted hgr 




We IniB the popnlatioD. 
The people have money. 
Ground location best in South. 
Liow excursion rates on all I nilfoedri 
£iaborate electrical display. 



~^\\ Y"^^ °^ carnival attractions, Ifidway Siows, Ferris Whed, etc.; also three Vig fBatnra acts tat ftee eihlhitinni. 
^ ^All legitunate priTikses for saleu JEiplam aU first letter. THOS. P. LITTLEJOHN, SecretMy. 

p. S.— Onr date Immediately pieeadw the W la b a i M q^mt* atato Wwlr, at Birmingham, Ala., also The Eagles' Fall Festival at KashvlUe, Tean. 

Blo^tiustoD — A. O. K. of il. C. SUte Con. 

Oct. 11-12. Jt r. DfK-ltt, 7 Slierwood ire. 
I l h» h«in pw Kl a f Diogtitrr*- Sutf Coo. 

Oct. — . Sin. DsTld u. Laird. WoodrlUe. 

X. T. 

■ ■■ M l m «ae 4Mcr TcOcd Piwlwte Ra- 
aoM Bwla ana. Oct. — . Sldoej D. 
aallt. BallMa^ X T. ■' 

' -NatL Vnmm .AflMw OOB. Oct. — . 

at. CU- 


OK, Coo. 

VOm, K. T. 
- TE. mat. 

9. M_ llillMM. 

ctso. m. 

OiDtoo— DrlU 

Oct. SB-SI. w. ir.- 

Bowttt—Y. P. a c. _ 

Oct. II. .Clara D. BmO, Wt 

nioo— Rnmhm 146 »s T. Mtft. 

Oct 10. J. Edmaad; SO Baath 

Junaicj— Eptcortb Vtagmt 

Con. Oct. 19. Mlaa B. J. _ 

Bidgdrij- Reaenolr. aMMIjB. 
Xew Vort Cltr— OrltB Kaw 1 

oitT Cos. Not. Id-IT. Wm. & Jebnaao. SI 

Metropolitan Block, Chleaco. 111. 
NV»- York City— Y. & N>w EnfUnd Rall- 

««T Snrcroos- A»n. Coo. No?. — . Geo. 

CluiirM. 338 -iTtu St.. Brooklra. K- T. 
Itrtc Yortt Citr— CnltMl — - — " 

Aaerlca Cos. Oct. 17. 
-. Fall KIr.r, MaM. 
N«»r York city — AitrDoonileal _ _ 

SodetT of Amrrlca Cod. OccHMa' GL I<i 

Doollltl*. Cppcr DaTt>7. fm. 

»w lork C\tj-Cta. Bs. Om. WwiMll For- 
'\sa Mlsrionarr SoelctT aT tt* lb K. Charcb 

Con. Oct. le-XoT. 3. 
New York City — Amcrfcaa Dcrmatolocteal Aaaa. 

Con. Cc. 2S30. Cliaa. J. White, M. 1).. 

330 M»rlboro«sli at.. Boaton, Mua. ' 
Sew \ort city— .Vatl. Inatltnte of Dental Pcda- 

aoslcs Cod. Dec. 2-30. W. Earl Wllmoat. 

98 Collese at.. Torooto. Ont. Can. 
»Mf York Cliy^AoirrlcaD Moseum NatJ. Hl»- 

«»rr Cob. Sot. u-io. Joiia H. Sage, 
sew Y«»k atx— Sat. Inter-Cliarch Confereoee. 

XOT. IMU Her. K. B. Saofocd. SO BtWe 


»w x«r* GItr— X. v. Lambcr Beadc Aaan. 
e^ Oct. U. J. D. Gray. U Bna4wa/. 

CMy Pru t f i ta pt CMickw oC Aaerlea 
Otm. Oia. Km. — . lev. W. B. Bobcft- 


York CltT-«tale -Mi lliiil jmm. 
ie-19 (a>a«. f. KwfcH. ** m. 

Hlddletown. S Y. 
ISew York Cltrl-Aaicrieaa Bottlera' Pni»»etl»e 
A»sn Oct. 1S^». R. B. Scboder. 218 E. STIh at. 

Vork Cltj-— SaUcaal TCIioIenlr DrngslaW' 
f"<>- Oct. !.«. t. E. Toma, lodlanapolU, 

■ew York City — Xatlooal CUrtase Dealer*' Pro- 
tectlre AMn. OcL ».14. 1. 8. Renuoo. 470 
Graml St., nrookl.Tii. 

■ew York City— National fM Utf.' Aaan. 
Oct. 15. ■ 

Keir York City— Tobacco, OIV a*! -^AMM In- 

^ustrlen Coo. Oct. 23. _ ' . ^ 

•Jet, 2C-NOT. a. . 

Sfcf T«ik 

r. K uS T w; 

r. 21. 

W»Rar« ran*— Rntchts of Malta Snpreme Com- 
f«n<lery. Oct, 17-10. Frank Cray. N. E. 
niT"' ^"^^"'^ ***^ rhUadelpLU. 

^■acara ralli^Atnerleam TMmmw «C fltrrisa 

Kert-ice Con. Sept. — . 

Masira Falls— Bro<k«tkoa<: DilM Cbde 

-P.'^.t-.i.o-ia- n. a. »R l Y«rk 

.s'Ucara Falla — Poneral Direeton* Aaan Coo. 

Oct. ..-13. H. il. KUpatrlck. EloTood. lU. 
Sligara Falls— Xatl. AgrL ItDplement & Ve- 

hldr Mfrs.* Assn. Con. Oct. — . Frank S. 

I'keos. 1419 Monadnock bldg., Cblcago, UL 
Nlairara Falls — Kalhva.v 31sn»l Aaao. Coo. Oct. 

10. H. 8. Balltet. S. Bethlehem. Pa. 
Nlasara Falls— Snpreme Olrcie Brotherhood of 

the UnMa Coo. Oct. 17-19. 
Niagara F»U» — ^N. Y. State Aseemljly or iloth- 

era. Oct. 10-12. 
Clean — Women's Union Label Leagne State Con. 

Oct. 10-11. JUsc Uattie BailMr. 218 Win- 
ters aTe. 
Palnskl— Bnd 

Oct. 7. 

Peocbkccpaie-^Beaalaa IMtb Kev Tock Aasn. 

Oct. 11. G. W. H. WaUams. 23S Mala at. 
Bnrlwat a r — J umiwiK m BocaeaiMeca' State Con. 

Oct. — . Oonade Sdunldt. 4n Italn at.. E. 

BMbCMer. K. T. 
ir«*t Xew BrifbtM. S. I. — ^arartb Lcaxne 

Oliabetk Dl«t. Coo. Oct. 20. • Mtmt B. 

Stn**. se Sommtt are.. PUlafldC X. £ 

AakerOle— NaUaaal FcrtUlxer iitnf. Aaas. Oct. 

1«. tr. G. Sadler. NasbTUle. Tens. 
CreeMbdto— Heanlan Non-resident North Carall- 

nlaaa. Oct. — . Cbaa. D. Mclrer. 
Benderton — United Daoghtert ot Canted. State 

Con. Oct. — . Mrs. L.andon, Petetsboro, 


Akion— State Retail Croeerc' Atan. Con. Dee. 
S. H. Cook. 3SQ Lagonda are., Sprlng- 

Vld. O. 

B<-aTerdaai — Itebekah Assembly 17tk Diat. Coo. 

Oct. 27. Anna Borden. 
Cincinnati— State Pcdlce Chief t' Cm. Oct. 17- 

IS. Wm. Kelley. Delaware. 
Clerelan.l— KliiK's DauRlitiTS' State Con. Oct. 

— . Mrs. .McCampt>.U. MarysTlUe. 
Clereland— Reunion 9th Ohio Volunteer L. A. 

Oct. 11. 

Colombus — Renslon IlSth Ohio Volanteer Infan- 
try. Oct. 11-12. Jesse Clum. Pt. Becorery. 

Columhas— Kniclits Templar State Cooclare. 
Oct. 11-12. Wm. Kenney. Clereland. 

Colutubus — Knl;;btj Tomplsr Cr. Oommandery 
Con. Oct. 11. Jno. N. BelL Dayton. O. 

Oarton — P'^unloQ 34th Ohio Volunteer lafantfT. 
Oct. as. Allen W. Miller. 1300 Boom are. 

Daytoa— State UDnur Asaa. tSam. Oet. — . 

llasoa — Reaalaa flMh OUa ▼ateatecr Tetciaaa' 
lofaotrr. Oct. 11. a. D. 

Sprlnsfleld— Boral Arch Mttau Baml 
Oct. 11. saward RagenboA. CMna. 

SprlMiaeMAaalnted Bisk FlM* ~ 

IbKrHhiii Cm^ a^tm. Oet. 

84*. Bin B. StaUOT. ybgnttOe. 


.Vda — Xatlooal Anti-Horse Tblef Assn. Oct. — . 
Rlackn-ell— Kulghts of Pytlilas Grand Lodg*. 

Oct. 10. H. H. Smock. 
Oklahoma Cli.v — VTrstem Police Matrons' Asn. 

Oct. 10. Mr-*. L. E. SUarpe, Topeka. Kan. 
Prrry — Kcl>ekah State Assembly. Oct. IS. Cora 

Brown. WaukomU. 
Perri — L O. 0. F. Grand EncampmenL Oct. — . 

a-.W. nrMtb Oatkile. 


IVc — . P. tf. 
IMnhud— CfatL 

tlno*. Oct. — . 
PaHlaM — Ore row Press 

Ooof. ft CkailUM and 

Assti. Oet. — . 

S*. Laolr 

For The Troopers Carnival Co. 

TilBLE WLL^ Oet. S. 4^ 8 mmik ik 

Mm liiR HW. Ik SNCEB. Hi llBHt M if M MM 

MACOMB, ILL, OCT. 9, 10, II, 12. 13, '05. 

Other good ones to follow. We never close; booked solid until Dec. 1st. No 
moviug pictures wanted. Concessions come on; no exclusives except con- 
fetti. Address, JNO. D. WICKUFFE. M«r., as per route. Jean Clarlc, Kid 
Wade, Will Wall, write. Can {dace a lite prmnoCer. 

WMM VHMHi /lets f ir AmnTs VaNiiilii dralt 

Nhw one opens at I/)7ansport. Ind. October ii. 1905. 


CRYSTAL THEATRE. Andaraon. ad. CRYSTAL THEATRE, Locansport. Ind. 

uaimnffll I e AfaTC — Who are boo k ed at tUT Hartoo. ABdacaaaa»dKokoaaohwaaoaeaBhaTalhaCallMlBB 
VAUUtwILLE AC Is week at my new lioose In Loganspeat^tod, wM«k iipina OctakarM. kr wttOagS. 
Immediately. All b-msciaffa hold In sijrioo. xnUrma aad KakaM. 9MManaaaMMaa«M kaaiB^:. 
caterlaK Co ladles and eblldren. All dam will be canceled wlaaniMw ■■■ MMlB la ■atMOTMl'at.aBMi 
house two weeks (14 tuU d*Ti«> In advance of .your opealnx. . .' • . i" ^ 

uja ButaaA— -Any onf puyinir oppoaition boosaa te 3 i » f io» wmuM ■asnrsatUn ■Mfnraaaevnrapx'avB.vr. 
If Annillll park 1 .ver or coocroL I Mvar laaM^ IhiB mmaUamtm aay «M-ntottaKMpaaMaB.9a. 
Phillips Theatre. Rlehmond. IniL. Orpblnm Tbe>M^aillWMH,aL,aaa OcaaA Tkaniwt niaaJHa«.OL MMmmm- 
hers of tte Central VaodevUle A sao c la tl o n . 

Can m Ma norelty aact, to AaM**. atmm MraIsM wraka. ^ - 

A^naaaa IIMVIiac— Ifyoa baTooTer workod amr achar bottae ar paatt In llael<aB, JkMaaaas, Bataaaw ar 
SPbEIAL MTHfE Lwuapoct, jMUat ao ainta I* aataiXiiSmtm aa jTimi bt !■ >a a m—H i, 
■ " ■ ~ " t^m ■» MaMbii ..■» B— *ar ■aafc 

P.1I HaMj—rilw— aat 

Carnival Companies 


■n»'«lM« Bleewie Theatie teatarin* Uoonslilaen. Stase Hold Dp. and all other 

mUiltumimMmia. Omii iw)nlBiiuiM9tH>BM.aitt.hlgb nnii sort. wi<it- ; oiiang* 

K.N' J An IN. 



A few lilRb clara vbow^ and concesHtoDn for the bifr onn of the Sonth. 
Uartliut>ur};. Oct.* to 15; Concord, on© "f the praniletit. Oct- It to ti : <'i.i 
utrci-t*. tK-t S3 to i9; OreenTllte. S. C-. freo on ibe (•cnH-bs, Oct- 3» to Nov. i 
Beaufort. • bip onr. Not. SO to ?&. 

Wrlli* or » lr<- HMTfrst^wn, Oet- • to Is 
iinbla tlu-ont- of lh%>m«ll.**DtUOBatal 
; t;.iirni*v. cm malK street*, Sov.««» Its 

Umlim "gag BiUboard" wlu» aanermg oA. Meatu»''3%e Billboard" teie» 


Ttie Billboard 


Best 6asoliae Ovea 

I give awaf more than I sriL Tbia mjr aeon a ridiculous statement; but stop and think for a moment. I give 
with each outfit a Dipper, s Ladle, two Cone Sbapers, sixteen Signs, 6x19 inches, each appropriately Illustrated, tlie 
drawings and cuts alone costing me 875, to say nothing of the printing and stock. Then My Letter of Advice, which 
contains information that has cost me many a dollar, and whicii I never could have written except for my long 
and varied experience in the concessionery and kindred fields. In this Letter of Advice I cover every point that I 
think will be of value to you, and is alone worth more than I ask for my liigliest priced oven. Then 1 wive you a 
Spiel that will bring the coin vour wav. And last, but not least, my Formula is worth a ten dollar William of any 
man's money. Furthermore I* take care of yoo and jgive you pointeis St any and att_tlBie% and Otberwise aasist yea 
in working up and maintaining an independent ana profitable bosineaB of your Own. DODli mir iMwhyr man^ 
Mllar— be your own boss— be on the level— and vou will succeed. My tCTiS tn nmii half wtth tlie oidar; balaitre on 
Mivery of goods. Remember, I assume all further risks, as mv orens sie alaololiely sunntflad to nuke perfect 
goods or I buy them back. For a fair and square deal always, address 

^-^SS A. T. DtEIZ, 

235 lOtti St. . TOLEDO, 0. 




Every Species Knoivn, from' Elephant to Fox. 
All In Fliie Physical Condition, and Offered 


ComprisiBg a World Famous Menagerie in its entirety, 
and admittedly the best, worthiest, largest in the country, 
indncUjig 19 buffaloes, elephants, tigers, lions, lionesses, 
v^dna^ tnck poues and donkeys, kangaroo, 2 aebras ImAen 
^i^tp> InniesB. driving elks, performing bears, leopards, 
porcupines, camels, and hundreds of birds. 


Apply to DR. N. J. POTTER, 

No. 138 Cast 2BtK St., 



Sed, White and Blue Canes, Jap Canes, Whips. 
Wife Beaters, Balloons, Confetti, Dusters, Glass 
Goods, SilTerware, Jewelry, Watche*. Cntlery, 
Snbber Good«, Optical G«iOds and Novelties at ex- 
tremely low prices. 

L E VI ly B ROS. 

30-32 N. 6th SU * ' Terre Haute, Ind. 

Strange to Say 

MM A 'I I' 1 1 A 'Vr— Tbe little man with the little water and the very hieh lad- 

■ ■ «W/A. W "era has followed this s^aaon with the Smith Amusement 
^ . ^ ^ » • Hem<Uliier» a>: "Dare Devil Dick Nuttsen- 

belmer. World's most blehpst diver." "'Donlier Bill, champlun w.ndow wasberof the World." 
' Ca.Dt. Jc toot Ofc DOkbonse. takiocrbls life in both of bis bands and makine a leap for his 
Ufe. ■ Said nATT CAY has drawn the crowds In spite of the former appearance of these 
pbenoms. The ACT Isstlll makinir eood with the Smith Amusement Co. BILLBOARD. 



■ ^^jPyffW HpMy holding cont ract toshow in the Attica Opera,Housecan have their 
coitttaMj^nted by the new management, otherwise thev cannot show here 
JEmsKm who are interested write tOi ones. House is now being newlv 
deooniea. Plenty of open time. Good tfaow town; 10,000 people within 
: lldt iis oiioar miles. Seating capacity 800. Would like to hear from strong 
-MMDpanies; also good minstrels: also (food company for Christmas week. 

. ' G. A. JOHNSON, (New Lessee) Attica, Ind. 

Isbu of Pyiblaa Craad 
M. Lw B. SUhko. Salem. 

BrilcfcB**— p. 11. L. Q. O. r. 
cll On. Oct. IC 

MONKEYS $5 1^ 

Tlie eretleat barrain ever offered : fine stronir. healthy m 
vIcUlIIs: never so cbeap before^ Send for my special Usa. 


Oct. 10. w. 
Mecbaalcabors — Beoaloo SooCbcn 

B. Oct. — . M. A. BnUr 

Myeratoim — G. A. R. of Cent 

Jdo. L. BlDklry. Lancaster. 
New Osstle — GradDitr Nones Assn. Coo. Oct. 

— Miss LotUe 31. L*vnt, Braddock, Pa. 
New Market — Bennlon 54tll Regl, Pa. Tolon- 

teeK. OcL 23- W. A. Slick, Jolmatoini. 
Pen ArsTl — InternstkMial Dnlon of Slate Work- 
ers. XoT. 6. W. W. Claik. 1303 St. Loola 

sTe., Bast St. Liools, in. 
PhUadflphU — State Sunday Scbool Asm. Oct. 

— . Dr. C. B. Blackall. 1414 S. Pecs »). 
Plttsbors — RenslOD 6th Pa. B. A. Oct. — . B. 

c. Ttiacbrsner, 601 Tlmei bldg. 
Plttsboij: — latemaUonal Cpbslsten* CntoB. Nor. 

Plttsbnrg — Americas Federation of Labor. Not. 

13. Frank Morrison, 423 G. S. N. W. Waab- 

Ineton, D. C. 
Plttsbars — -Ralln-aj Snperlatesdent* 

A Bnlldlng Assn. Con, Oct. 17. 
BMdlns— Order «t the Sbeptaoii «C 

Con. Oct. 25-27. Era A. ~ 

eral St., Osmden, M- J. 
8<nDtoa— 6Ute BaptM : 

Oct. I8-ao. BcT. C. ^ 

St., PUladelptala. 
Sbaipnille — Bflwi Stth Vm. Oct. 

19. Gee JjMlij 
Snnftg y Bfrf ni Qtk Btct. Fa. TaL Aaa. 

Oct. 28. Paol B. Stoa^ — 
Soabory — PennsrlTaola ~ — 

b«adr7 Coo. l>ee. 

FoogfakeoanMo. Pa. 
ProvldeDee — Bnoefa at tbe lateraatL Ortcr aC 

KloK's Dancbtns lad Sons Con. Ikw. — . 

Sarah Miller Corer. Flskerine. B, I. 
Prortd. nee— State Sooday-Scboad Ooa. Oct. 10- 

11. WHlard B. Wnmi. IT Custom Home at. 
WasblDfton State Directors of tbe Poor and 

Charity Assn. Oct. 17-19. L. C. Colbom. 


wmiamsport — Enlshts o< Haaor Gmd Lodce. 

Oct, 10. w. c. Boj-se. He. 
Winiam^wrt— state Lott» hmgat. OeL M45. 

A. R. Baxd. Beadlne. 

ProTldence— -Eebekah State Assembly. Oct. 12. 

Cora A. Andrlch, 314 Otms St. 
Rcfldnee— State Snnday-Scbool Assn. Con. Oet. 

10-11. WlHsrd B. Wilson. 17 



Orangebnrg— F, A A. IL Osat 

— . C. Ingleshy, Charleston. 

Cbattuooga — Natl. Order of Selwt 
Con. Oct. — . Geo. K. Stapler, 
N. r. 

Chattasoosa — Soatbem Immlgratioa Conference, 
Oct. 24. 

KnoxTlUe — ^Independent Order of Good Samari- 
tans and Dangbters of Samaria Grand Coim. 
cU. Oct. — . 

Mmrfrcesboro— Bebekab State Ammttf,' 
IbCfCM Cnmer. NasbriUe. 

Calaa C H j r t r. C T. V. State Conrentlon. Oct. 
— 1. lbs. If. E. Edwatda. 

WiMhmev— OMdon Confederate Soldlen- Con. 
Oct. 11- Jno. P. Hickman, NaahTllle. Tenn 

Dallaa — SUte EdrcUc Uedlcal Assn. Con. Oct. 

— . Dr. L. S. Downs, GalTeston. Tei. 
El Paso — American Mining Congrees. Nor. 14- 

18. J. F. Galbreath, Jr., DeoTer. CM. 
Segnln — SonUirni German M. B, Church CoDf. 

Not. — . John E. Stnllken, Brenbam. Tex. 
San Antonio— Oiatlonal Bee Keepen. Oct. Xt- 

SCor. 1. 

Watt tktu at the Eaatem 8tw OtapMr Aa. 


Burllnston — State Medical Society. Oct. 13-13. 

Geo. H. Gorbam. Bellows Falls. 
Hardnrlck— I. O. G. T, Gr. Lodge OM. Oet. 

11-12. E. M, Campbell, LyndonTUML Tt. 
Milddlebory — ^Epn-ortb Leagne DlstT^JMOb " 

— . Bobt. L, Thompson, Braadoa. 
St. Uta^lMJ rtate Sunday ~ ' 

n-n. Ber. G. L. Storj, " 


B ig lai Jfe. O. u. A. IL State 
_TkMs.B. Iver. Peletsbatc 

'■iciMBte Pboto Assn. Oct. 
BalMay. Datham. 
- ■- J»««nl aaeletr. Oct. — . Dr. 

^■^SSEv^Sttfc'l^PlS. W awart.'psIS 

Richmond— 'BcgrSI 
Coa. Oct. — » 
bars. Pa. 

IX N. B. , 

a r. 

Ik X. BaBsen. SOS Va 

■w e e bldg.. Tacoma. 

WEST ▼isonnA. 

IWnMat' — State Bar Asan. Coa. Dee. — b w. 

O. Peterkln. Parkersbai& . W. Va. 
Martlnsborg — Knlgbts of TjlliHa IlliaS TSIMt. 

Oct. 11. E. C. Smith. 
Boactmtc— O. C. A. M. state CMMdU Oct. It* 

IS. W. T. Mitchell. WbreUas^' 


L^Croese — Natl. Ptirttj-- Confereoce. Oct. 17-19. 
J. B. • CaMweU, 81 5th ax.-,, Chicago. 111. 

La CroAse — Upper Misslsclppl ImprOTement Aasn. 
Dec. 10-11. Tboc. WUklnaos. Barlington. Is. 

Milwaukee — Solghis Templar Gr. Oommanduy 
Coo, Oct. 10-11. W, W. Penr, 4U Miff- 
Bail St. 

UQwaokee — State Teachers' Assa Oaa^ Use. 

— . Miss Katberine B, Williams. 
Milwaukee — Lotheran Chnreb Geo'l Cooncn Coo. 

Oct. 12. 6. E. Oebsenford. Allentown. Pa. 
MUwaokee — ^American Gas Light Assn. Coo. 

Oct, 18-20. George C. BamsdeU, 530 Broad- 

n-aj. New York City, 
Ulnenl Pohit— P, M. I. O, O. F. Dept. Coon- 

tSL Oct. U. Bicbacd Boe. 4M Unci am. 


Beliemie, Ont.— Prorincial Christian Bndearor 
i;nlon, Oct. 10-12. Dr.V, B. L«oa. OtUwa. 

Lrist of Fairs 

Birmingbam — .vl&bama I 

2. E. M. WUllams, 

Phoenix— Torltaelal Fair. Dec. 4-0. 

Clc«. aapC 

Benynne-Mt. Aik. Mr. Oct 
George. (CCS. O. t. Weal, 



Oet. S.3lar. 


B. Ol 
J. U. 

— w fr 


Omlbf Fslr, 
H. Baackatt. pna.: W. n. Gray^ 
Baiirmd Oiaa DalrFnen'a Fair. no. 
H, Banehett, ptea.; W. B. Qlaft CCfc 


Naasataek— BcaeoB Taney Fate Oct. U. 

b Ucf4 arc 
MMr aasaa— Slew Bavea Os. BortleaBaMr 

Xcr. TOl B. a. Piyde cna.; 

tit. secb . 
SbBsbor— OIbCMiV Fair. Oet. — . M. 

klaa. (cca.; Ofo. C. Eno. see. 
Woteotb—Wrteott Pair. Oct. 

TatdC; Hpc; E. M. Upsoo, aec 

JaeksoBTllle — JackRonTllle Fair. Nor. lS-26. 
Tampa — ^Florida State and Midwinter Fair. 
Mot. 15-30. Tbos. J. I.. Bnnra. pie*.; T. C 

Atlanta— Georgia State lair. Oct. O^ Fraak 

Weldoo. see. 
Aaensta— Aagaata laic Bar. C.U. _ 
CUlMaii-Qccdoa Ok. IWfe. JIM. m T. 

■McVey, are. 
Daltaa-Vaanh Aainal ] 

T. - 

Oft. Vmtn. Oct. 2S-2S. 
^JMa Ka<M^^^^^^^ ^mmI^bis^^^ Oct. a»-N«» 

WifaniS3&a^«B?ntfe; X«r; n-ZT. 


Cdta*-!!— Can.von Co. Fair. Oct. 10-14. D- 

O. CanipIjeU. pres.; W, K. Scbree. trea?.; J- 

B. Gon-cn. wc. 
I.ewUlon— Leivlslon Clar»kton Fair. Oct. 16-21. 

G. U. Kester. ptea.; U M. Strtft. treas.: P. 

W. BUCMI. ccfe . 

CaRaOtaa— Gvtcae OSb Mb .Ocb IT-a*. 
M natt. pras.; C B. aMk' Ixaht 

OCTCBCR 7, 1905. 




Iv Latest Sinrighiad SaMct. "TVE SERENADE," is {he Acme of Animaieil Phoiography. It is a "cliase" picture aiid "The Chase of all Chases." In 12 Scaaei at' 

I-engtti SOO F'eet. Price S60. (^EmJ^) 

Th« Craatest Creation of Sansatlonal Motion Picture Photocrephy. 

laie A^iiii aM MUumuk 


LwWHl. 4SO PmI. Prie*. 984410. I LamOi. 3SO P«M. 






- 1 Wtestara ACMt. Denver. Colo. 



43 Peck Court, CHICAGO, ILL. 

Cooaty Fair It OatBlT fl. O et. 
(■H. C. A. DUOD. director « A. T 

CctUrrale— Chantaaqm On.' F>Ir. Oct. .IT-U. 

V. Jil. iDOta, KC. 
Ov Ocatn— Oky OOt. Fair. Oct. lO-lX Waltt* 

AWen Bridge — Boaal«r rarlsh Fair. Oct. SI-SB. 
amdla— SrinTlUe Fair. Oct. 10-13. ' 
Calhoan— North Loalslana Fair. Oct. I. 

D. Wall. pres. 
ITomer — Claftwrne Parlsb Fair. Oct. 10-21. 
Ida— Caddo Parish -Fair. Oct. 31-SoT. 3. 
MtoacD^Webster Parish Ftlr. Oct. 23-26. 
Monroe — Ouchlsa ParUli Fair. Vvr. 7-10. 

ft*eixi.-t— Freeport PNlUf 

Geo. F. Come «ec. 
Uttewaika — ^Madairatka Fair. Oct. 21. RmdI 
A- Oalcle. •*c., St. Darld. 

~ Oa. Mz. Oct. 1A4S. O. 

Bd Ab— (Hartford Co. Fair. Oet. 10-13. Jn». 

W. £oase. pres. 
FMcrick— Frederick Oo. Fair. Oct. 17-20. C. 

N. aaisett, pre*.; D. V. Staffer, tieai.; 2. 

Bocer MdBbeny, aec 
BtcentMm— Huenunra Fair. Oct. 10-18. 

Ctxo-Vamm Otb ■kiam* iUr. Oct. 10-11. 
: John KUght. aw*.; B. P. BcsTCT. tnai.: 

J. H. BecktMi. «c 
Bkloo— Glktna Ihk: Oct, lA-U. M. A. 'Blliaj 

well, »tc. 

n*lMmflie-«gnl(Mnt Mr. OiL l»aaL t. 
ruhr. fM.: Ol O. ~ 

Gicaada— CcMHI 

tarn, pra.: W. P. 
__Hoffa, aec. 
■aCuak Citr-aiaOMb (Mr Mr. Oat. K-M. 

w. T. DeoBMB. ■M.rc W. Xaaea, titu.: 

D. C. Lenalr. aec. 


Owe Girardeau— Cape Olrardeao Co. Fair. Oet. 

10-14. D. A. Olenn, i>rei.: H. A. AatoUa. 

treaa.; E. H. Bngleman, lec. 
OttatheraTllle— Pemlaeott Oow Fair. Oct. 94-28. 
KeuMt-'Diinklo On. Mc Oct. U4L 

Kali»|ieI-^aUmcl Mr. OoL 10-n. 

xoaxM niHjOT.iwA 

Unllnrton-^AlaiiMBce Mr. Oet. SS-SS. J. A, 

\f>os. ptea., Grahaoi; B. A. Ficeman. treas.; 

J- A. Toirentlae. tec. 
Ctiarlotte— IfecUloburs Fklr. Oct. 84-21. B. 

J. Bre»ard. piea.; W. Obandwra, treaa.; W. 8- 

Orr, sec. 

Creenaboro— Central OaroUna Fair. Oct. 10-18. 

P^. J. T. J. Battle, pm.; Nell Eailofton, 
_ Y*."-! Cook, aec. 

Mlelth— (North CaroUna SUte Mr. Oct. 16-21. 
AsBlej Home. p..e8.. daytaa; C B. Denaon. 

Weidoo— (Weldon Fair. Ort. M-tl. O. B. Ban- 

som, sec. 


^"'•"*«— ^Ih-Tue lair. Oct. 17-20. Dr. H. 

K Bllhnejer, pres.; T. H. Molland. treai.; 

T. II. ParklDSoo. aec 
B'K'vriis-Crawfort Co. Fair. Oct. 1018. J. 

I, pr"-; W. A. Bllcke, treaa.; 

1 W. Hnrr. aec. 

narrlaon Co. Fair. Oct. 3-S. E. B. 

Klrtjj-. ace. 

"Ml Dorer— Tuacaranaa Oo. Fair. Oct. 17-20. 
«jrr.qiton— Carroll Co. Fair. Oct. 10-13. M. O. 

*i^>ft. pres.. MaEnoUa; T. J. Saltaman, 

''•■•».: C. A. Tepe, aec. 
WWi'M-ton— Coalioeton Co. Fair. Oct. 10-13. W. 

s.iMooa. pr.a.: w. B. Sillier, treaa.; Bobt. 

K'Td. «ec. 

*"'™er, pres.; Sam. Cartwrlght. tret*.; A. I'. 

"'!*-'-"'llle— Rnaaelltllle Fall. Oct. 12. J. D. 

^- SalWMUT, treaa.; J. a 

*5^t--.?:ortiem Poiy Oik Mr. OH. IMO. 

n. Yameli. we. . 

Mr. Oct. 17':SI>. J. L. 
_ . A. Klakr. tNM.; M. 


Blackwell— Blacknell Interstate Fair. Oct. 16- 

22. TVm, Backholz, pres.; W. H. Thompson, 

treas.; E. P. Blaie, fee. 
Deer Creek — Crant Co. Fair. Oct. 10-13. , A. T. 

Dnngan, pres.; T. J. Hirtman, treaa.: C. F. 

Bberle. mc. . .° 

N«wklrK— Kar Co. Mr. Get ••lai '-9, Wttn, 
. pcea.; Barrj Tlwtu pao n, aec. 
OklahaM Cttr— Oklahoma Co. Fair. -Olt. 1»3S. 

atomle Co. Fair. Wttl 


Ok. .M(i..-.4>ct. M-13. 

. ' ?• 

CWomttU— SUte Fair. Oct. ' 
turd, pres.; A. nniiifrt 
W. lore, aec. 
CreeBTllle— Piedmont Pair. Oct."81-Xo». 1. 

BnnHtoIdt — ^Hamboldt Colored fair. Oct. 10-14. 

James Campbell, pres.; Wlllla Hegmon, aec. 
Neirport— 'Appalachian Fair. Oct. 4-a. Jaa. B. 
Stokely, prea.; Jno. 51. Jones, treas.; B. W. 
Hooprr, aec. 

Trenton — Gibson Co. Fair. Oct. 11-14. T. J. 
Haigg^^TM.; W. F. JIAaa. treaa. 

Brraae-OMtid taM.SUb . Oct IT-SO. W. B. 
Uo««B, ttmut K'. A^'PaOK ticaa.: A. 

Dallas— Vena Stat* fair. Oet. 2S. C. A. K»t- 
lac in*.: J. B. Adoae, treat.; Sydney 
Sadtk. ace. 

San ABHH Ifm AalMiO Mr. Oct. a-»«r. 1. 
Jnow .W. SMmt. IL B. mdhi;' tnai. ; 
J. 31. Taner. we. 


Norfolk— Norfolk Fair. Oct. I«4i. CO. 

Wrenn. pres . P. O. boi 206. 
Kadtoril— Hadtord Fair. Oct. 1013. Hal. Q. 

Wrenn. pres.. P. O. tK>i 296. 
Winchester— Sbenaodoab Taliey Fair. Oct. 17- 
20. ~ ~ " 

Mr. Oct. B-IS. 

_ ^ , B.'>. BSrw. WW-: 

Kebt. R. aec 


Bei-ton. Ont.— <Beeton Fair. Oct. 10-U. 
Blenheim, Ont.— Blenheim Fair. Oct. 12-13. 
Boltuii. Odi. — Bolton Filr. Oet. 31-25. 
Bradford. Ont. — ^Bradford Fair. Oet. 17-48. 
Oaledoo. Ont. — Oaledoa Fair. Oct. 12-18. 
Oaledoala. Ont.— CaledonU Fair. Oct. IS-IS. 
Cbatavorth, Ont. — Chatswortli Fair. Oct. 13-i3. 
Demorestvllle. Ont. — Demorestrllle Fair. Oct. 


Oondalk. Ont. — Oondalk Mr. Oct. U-11. 
Feneloo Fall*. Ont.— Feoeloa Ml* Mr. Oet. 


Freelton. Ont. — Freeltoo Fair. Oct. 17-48. 
Grand Valley, Ont.— Grand TaBCT Mr. Oet. 

Harrow, Ont. — Sarnnr Mr. Cat. IMS. 
Hlsbsate. Out— (Hlshgmte Mr. Get. UM. 
Jarrlt, OntWarris Fair. Oct IML 
Kemble. Oat. Tirtlf Mr. Oet IMS.^ 

MUtoo. Oat.— amtae Fak. Oet IS. Wia. Ilar- 
bottle. aec 

MocmTlaalton. Ont. — MomvUnton Fair. Ocr. 

Ifoaeer. Out.— Mnncey Fair. Oct. 10-12. 
Nethoto. Ont.— Netbeilv Fklr. Oct. 10-12. 
Norwood. Ont.— 'Norwood Fair. Oct. 10-11. 
BIdgetown, Ont.— iBldgetoirn Fair. Oct. lS-18. 
."Ji-lmurtHTK, Ont. — Scliomtwrg Fair. Oet. 12-l.t. 
SmltbTlUe. Ont. — SmlthTllla Fair. Oct 20.27. 
Udora, Ont. — ^Udora Fair. Oet. 10. 
Cndenrood. Ont.— Underwood Fair. Oct. 10. 
Wrlland, Ont,— 'Welland Fair. Oct. 11-13. 
Woodbrldge, Ont. — -WooiBindce Fair. Oet. IS- 

Wooler. Ont.— Wooler Fair. Oct. 18. 

New Street Fairs. 

Thaa. dataa bar. bean eontribatad liao* tb* 
psUlcatlon of onr laat llat. 

OirlKHuliitf. III.— Street Fair. Oct. ie-21. Cos- 

titopolltan .\miiseiuent Co. 
Oiaunle. Kan.— Street flair and Ckmlral. Oct. 

!i-U. I'allerson & Bralnenl CarnKal Co. 
Marlon. 111.— «tr«-t F»lr. Oct. 23-3S. O.^<nno- 

polltan .Miuii'ement Co. 
MatlufMi. III.— Street l-^ilr. Oet. 0.14. Co«no- 

piilllnii .Vmiisemnil CVk 
▼Mderatrarg— VeedtMhcCK Pik. Oct It-M. Joe 

Irrln. wc 


The Indianapolis Paste Co., 

Progmsiw BUlytsters all Buy our "G" Paste 

made espeelaTly ttor Uielr oae, because BETTER than hom» 
made, mors eonrentenc and certainly CHK.VPKIt. will not 
aour and will keep for an IndeilaUe leofiib of time. On 
receipt of aLTS vlll ship you a aample barrel boIdloK over 
3S0 ponnda, out of arblcn you can mak. folly three barrela 
br TB <» rlnc witb cold water aa Bceded. Many blUpoeten 
act aa ear agenU and control toesi vapcr banmra' trade aa 
Wdlasatbeii,a]idwbrnotyoor Ulatcmtedatallwrltana, 

Indianapolis, Ind. 

The Leading Show Printers (Lithographic < 


The Ault & Wiborg Company's 

Ar^ Yoti One cf Tlieai. 



New York Chicago St LoizU 


4tli Free Street Fair ef Westville, III., 

Commence* Monday. October 9tb. ends Sunday nisbt. Oct. istli. 7— DATS— 7— 7— NIGHTS— 7 

■WANTED- Sbows ol all kinds. Ferris Wtieel and Merry-Qo-BOBBd. All J 

eTerythlDK goes here. A SlOO.OOO payday. ^000 people to draw 
nlcatlons to J. F, MctSRAlU Mcr- WESTVILLE. ILL. 

H will pay for Itaalt In two daya. apina 
•■gar lata oottop eaody. any edor. 





DKO. ««h «o a90S. 

WANTED— Good Dovelty attractloas; air- 
ship and fire works preferred. Ooaeowons 
for sale. Harness ana runnlDcr racea. 

VBBHON li. CBaAliK, Snyt. 



Baritone, snare dnnnmer. clarinet 
in band; performers doing two or 
more tarns in bic show, boss canTasmao. boss 
hostler: also want man to train troop ot 
ponies and does at once. Show closes in San 
Antonio. Texas, Feb. 1st. 190& Lone season 
to good people. Would like man and wife 
used to wagon show. Want to bay three or 
fonr tight cages and ticket wason, mast be in 
good condition. Addre-ss, 

1424 Calhoun St.. North Fort Worth. Tex. 

FOR exchange: 

I Street Pl&no, 1 tbrc«-l 
Dae ooDdltloD. Will ti 
will p*v dllTeivace If ■ 


S i w i M MU lwl at Eiir 


DOT. *9 tm SS, I 


m-TTK Ma 

I bava Tin-Type 
Bntun Faru: all 
alia Bezels, Blma, 
Gtaaa aad Firbi. 
ate. Write far 
aunplea. AlMTla- 
Type nppllea, raeh 
aa Tin Plates. SUpa. 
Collodion. Cbaail- 
cala, etc Pramac 
sarTlc. WM. L 
BABTMAN, 144 W* 
•tb Bt. Clarlaaatl. 


AttnetioH Wairtsd 

New modem opera house at Mllbank, S. D.. 
will open on or about Nov. 1st. Iwantagood 
opentaiK attraction. Prefer mnaical snow. 
wlU par good certain^ tor right attractloa. 
Address at once to Im Bi BBim<KT, cam 
BlXw Opera Boose. MlaneapoUs. Minn. 

aaaSfdO ShCVW MAIleea 

COB CAI C-~A biff mcebanlcal sbow: worklofr ..orld 
run AHLC lOKaStt. welKht ta lbs.: IC ahoos * 
wbolaclty, men, waiDen,aiilmal«, oaia, boata, eu-., all 

la motion; Uim bemt aatnctSon oo «M«ta: m o< W K* »*U 

tor (UCeSi 1 took It for debt; wlU aaU It for tn.OS lasb 
-wltb order or aioaoo C. O. D., prlTltaae enmlutioB. Ik 
la brand new. atl In one box, aet ready t'» fbow In .% 

■alUcm . * cLl ;rl I ^ !f T..i; ....-II It. WH. 


ForOanUTal aad niCBaaal* Tmnaaeat. Xcnia. Iiil- 
nola. Oct II. IS and It. Morlni plrtnre show, merry bo- 
roDnd ferrl-) wheel. mldwa\ nhnw^, ele<-trlr pal*i-e. and 

FOR SALE — limber of sefs of Scenery 

For small Staae: to < 
painted l«~ 
OrpheuB 1 

At condliioo: re- 




The Billboarcl 

oeroBm r. 190s. 


These Films are the Best Fight Films ever taken. Pull of ginger from the first blow to the knockout. Bob Fitzsimmons, the Great Fighter, said: 
"Your impersonation of the Britt-Nelsoa fight is the greatest film ever made up." The following Theatres ahow our Fisht Films to crowded 
hOHses and turn people away: Waldman's Opera House, Newark, N. J.; Bradeaburgh's Theatre, Philadelphia; Empire Theatre, Toledo, Ohio> 


K^engtti yVbout TOO F^eet, Ppice, S80. 



Most Popular Piotura Ever Showa. 


Tka Biggest Htt of the Ya 



Inclndlne Calclam I>aiiip, Electric I>unp, Adjiutmble 

Bheostat, Pllmn and Slldra. 


stir Madil Ciiiignpb, 

Wiiii Stereopficon Conbined, 


23 S. Elehth St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

=TQURIN6 1905-1906 = 

SI weeks of dally concert trlompbsas 
the MIeUd Band, World's Fair, 

c oa e Mt tear pdadpal doc* mad torn 
eoantiy. bactimlaB Oetalicr I. 

I at tbe 


StLMb RnrTort 

VVILUAM WEIL., Director 

'iitL-Xodern Ormnlzstion for a Modem Pnbllc. 

'- nm ama putehs md soloists 

AOnr WHAIiEV,— Prima DoDDS S <Drano. 

Trompet, Clarinet. 
TroinlH>n>>. Saxo- 
. obone. Piccolo, 
r. Baritone. 


Horn Qaartette. 
Trumbone Qaar- 
tette. Cathedral 

•v. Mvn, 

Suite SIS 

Secoritv BnUdlne- 

Addi«M on matters 

telatlnr to Band. 

Artlats. Music Etc 

Opea far Pmpesals for Summer EnCaeeminls, 

Parks, Resorts, Expojttlani, Etc. 


Hew Vork Cltx 

301 Kniekwtioeker 

Theatre ~" 


BEIk Bi 

Address on business 
matters, dates, etc. 


Hftc a y qay fTiimng* of a 
maduBe is $60 a mootlk mnA 
tbe coat to opefale leaa tliaa S 1 

We bave only a very few 
at thoe left and will dote oj4 
cjnkldy at len tiian half piicc 
Yoo coDot inved jroor 
moaqr >o beBer adraatage. 
Read our cnenlar. TEN 

Western Automaflc 
Banlo Company 


Pftaiuina. Cai. — fiUeet Fair and Camiral, Oct. 

S-14. Southern Canlval Co. 
Tme Hante. Ind.— f ree Fall Festlral and Street 

Fair. Oct. 1«-21. F. F. Blankenltaker. aecr- 
reederabors, lad.— 8treet Fab. OcL 23-28. Joe 

IttIs. sec. 

WeUlBgtoB. Ibo.— aticct Pair aad Onalral. 
OeC IMK. PattasM * Itialaad OhnlTal 
On, ' 

Street Ms awl Carahrals. 

AJbla. la.— Street Fair. QcL IML Licta- 

m»o-Keetch Showa. attr. 
Benarort. S C— Street FSk ^Bt OtialTaL Oct. 

15 and <veek. a. WatHhMMk 
BeUerne. O — Street Mfe' Oct. IT-M. T. H. 

ParfclDsoo. .ec. 
BeltOB. Tex. — Fiiemen'i Street Talr. Oct. 30- 

NOT. 4. 

BentoDTlUe, Ark.— Fmlt Fair & Street CamlTaL 
Oct IT-Zl. Dick Bice, sec. 

BoxirrU, I. T. — Street Fair and CaralTal. Oct. 

18-ai. D. E. Borrell. aee. aod mgr. ' 
CaiarltoD. la. — Street Fair. Oct. 9-11. liaeb- 

man-Keetdi Sbows. itti. 
CUjtoo. AU. — CamlTal and Street Fair. Kot. 

20-25. B. Frank Valeotlne. 
Cotomblt. S. C. — MerehanU* Free Str^t Fair. 

Oct. 23-28. E. 6. Barkoot Amoaement Co., 

Oaaeocd. H. C. — Firemen's Free Street Fair. 
Oct. 16-a. K. Q. Baikoat AmoMmest Co.. 

MceutoD, slld» for life, 
hlgb wire wallrtDg. tm- 
deviLle p«opI« la mil 
brmocbe*. BLLLIE ROB- 
«U E. Kr- St.. LoolBTlUe, 


WAimOMIS, O. T. 

Open All the rear for good attracuooa. Writ* for open 
tlmr. Ad Jreu SCOTT * gCOTT. 3UnMcm. 

PL SeotL Kao.— Chtalnl ■■■ BMct Ptfc OcL 

16 week. Hate ft Lave. 
OalMtaiK, B L euait Mr aag (talfaL OeL 


Gatesffll^ Akp-IUI Caoilnd. .0*. MM.' CI 
U Bask, wgt- 
GeersetowB. Ky . St reet Pa|b 0*L • aad 
week. BoUoaoo AmnicncDt OU tUU 

aibaaa CltT. HL— Sixth Anaoal Omm Ouatral. 

Oct. 10-14. W. A. DaTidsoB.. sec 
Greenabmc. IndL— Street Fair and CarnlfaL Oct. 

3-9. B. C Sbaffner, lec 
Gattule, OUa. — Boalneaa Men's Oamlral, OeL 

— . 0. N. H. Btyce. see. 
jackaoQ, Tenn. — FytUaa Street I'air and Car- 

alsaL Oct. IML- 3. X. - MtCatahss. Jr., 

Tille CamlTd 
ter, pres. 

Lawrence. Maia. — Qfercfaants ft. 

Expoaltkm and military Canitfd. Ker. Mi. 

Lezlnstoa. Tenn— Street Fair. OeL 10-14. 
Marion. O.— Street Fair and CamlTal. OcL IS 

week. S. G. Elelnmaler. 
Martlnabars, W. Ta. — Fltemen'a Ftec Street 

Fair. OcL S-14. S. G. Barkoat Amoaement 

Co.. attr. 

Mexico, Mo.— Street Fair and Camlral. Oct. 9 

and week. New Parker Amnaement Co.. attr. 
New ZjODdon, Oodd, — F^ir and Camlral. OcL 

21-27. Geo. Blodless. aec. SO State atzeat. 
Newton. Kan. — Street Fair. Oct. 16 KMk. 
Omaha. N^. — Akaart)en Fair and flahHril 

Sept. 25-30. GaiklQ Sbowa, attr. 
Orajigelrary. S. C — Street Pair. Not- 15-17. 

W. E. AtklnaoD, sec. 
Faragoold. Ark. — ^Falr and ChantaDQBa. OeL 

9-14. migiit and mat, — 

Fleaaant .Hill, MOi—WnM 

Sbowa, attr. 
Boodbsoae. BL — Free Oora CamlTal and Hone 

Shoir. Oct. 24-28. W. C. Boodbonie. aee. 
San ABcelo, Tex.— Street Pair. Ko*. 14-18. 

^ohn Freelaad. dim. 
Temon, xez.— K. ot F. StNet Mb Oct. M4I. 
PIrslala, n i. O oB ular Pair sad OaaadraL OcL 

11-14. C A. ~" 

OcL 21-28. 

WUmlactoB. N. C— Street Pair. Week OeL 16. 

Jooea-Artama Oarairal Oo^ attr. 
WlnfleU. Kan.— Stitet Pale sad Oaiatral. 

pleea Commercial JS^ ijMb.WMp. & 
Woodward. Okla.' 


Delaran- (Indoor.) Oct. 5-U. J. 

BIoomlnstoD. 111. 

H. Sbaw, 



Some gfood Confetti, boys, at 5 cent per pound. 

NoSa 3, 4, and 5 Ribbon in all Colors. 


12 SouUi^eiiinMraial SItmL ST. LOUIB, RIO. 

OwiUval BirtteM. St. Leuis BvtlM C*. 

B Pmo— (Indoor.) OcL lO-M. J. H. 
Blo oni l iigtoD. 111. 


AlbaoT. Ore^-Central TTItllMalla 
Dee. 19-2*. a W^TMfc . 

n'^'l^ isaai 9m, a. OH«trf m« lis a. 

Add St. 

AnDlston. "ii fMhW Ok. IMIIB ftML. 
ford I.ake Patlc Msr. mice. LCL 

Sweet, pres. 
Atlanta. Ga. — Atlanta PoDltry Aasn. Jan. 17- 

23. 1906. C. O. HarweU. see. 
Adborn. N. Y. — ^Aabnm Pooltry Aean. Jan. 19- 

23. J. R. Scott. 
Angnata. Ga. — ^AognaU P. & P. S. Aasa. Jaa. 

8-12. 1006. J. W. Kllllngswortli, see. 
Birmingham, Ala.— State Ponltiy Aasn. Dec. 

12-16. Chas. Barber, sec., 216 N. 20th St. 
BooDTllle. Mo. — Central Mo. Pooltry Aaan. Dec 

12- 16. Ch.s. G. Miller, box TOO. 
Brockton. Mass. — Brockton Pooltry Aasa. Dac 

13- 16. Geo. S. HntcbUia<a, aec 

Bntler, Pa. — ^Bntler Co. P. & P. S. Aasn. Data 

not aet. VlrgU Gibson, sec. 
Chattanooca. Tenn. — Chatt«iiooea Poaltrr Aan. 

Jan. 10-13. 1908. XT. P. Uanry, aec 
Ctdcago Heights. lU. — Northeastern DL Fan- 

eten' Aasn. Dee. 12-16. Hany Neath, arc 
C li i elana tl. O. Claclkaatl P. ft p 8. Asm. 

Ma. IMa. 190& K. JC. Bane*, aec 


OSb. PA. 1-T. 

U-U. a. B. Vaa^ 
Daytaa. 0.— Daytn 

0. C. OsTtdwa. aec 
Ettpoda. Kaa^^^yaa OaaUr Faallry ama. Dec 

5-9. D. M. Hay. ace 
Enid. OkU.— GaiMd Ok. P. ft V. I. Aam. 

Jan. 8-13, 1806. L W. flbOlA, aac 
Fladlay, O. — Hascec* Oa. Tkai Ini" dan. Jka. 

•-U. 1906. L W. akeriefc. aaa. . 
PL Wayne, l ad. Pa opia ' s P. ft P. Sl ftWL of 
Allen Co. Dec nM. CtO^ A. Bdler. 
aec. t 
HamlltoB, O.— SoathcB'.QMt SMMr MB. Jan. 
i-a. B. O. niiirsn% at^ . 

IB4tL MMft L ■MkH; aec 

HarrUborc, Pa. — Pa. Vaaalaci^ Aasa. Jaa. 33- 
27. 1906. John B. QM^ Bvalton, aec 

HnntsTlUe, Ala.— SeTeath Annoal Show. North 
Aldnma Fonltrr and P. S. Asm. Dee. 5-8. 
John L. Hay. sec. 

IndlanapoUa. lod.— FaaclecS> Aaa. aC lad. Tab. 
5-10. K. A. PUtec, MB Ik WMHWM at. 

Iowa Palla,- la.'^Moctheaala 

Dec 22. Ik D. HOTcy. aee. 
loira PtUt, It.— PoBltry ud Ftacr 

Dec 18-22. T. T. White, aec 
JiiekMiavllle, m. — JaAaon Ponltry Aaan. Dec. 

■18-18. U O. TaacbL sec 
Lancaster.' H o, ncha y le r Oa, Poattiy Aaa. Dec 


Tbe modern notloii Plctvre Hachl*e» 

OarPlraaaMt Hasaslaea and Take-Up Derlo. wfllOl 
BshlfaiCSao Modera MoUOB Flctare M a eait i a . An c- 

Write for 


laiany proteetMl by United State* 

-r. And Infrlnjcetnents will t» 
I. K)WER ()if ' V •-. " 
St. N. Y. 

Lawieaee, Baa.-^>eaglas Oa. PeOUiT Asaa. Dee. 

11-18. J. Ualnwarlng. sec 
Mneoln. Neb. — Nebraskm State Pooltry Aaan. 

Jan. 15-20. ISOS. Lather P. Lndden, see. 
Loa Aoselea. Oal. — Foorteenth Anm*^ s^rblbl- 

tlon of the Los Angeles Poultry Aaan. Jan. 

8-15. 1908. O, H. BorbridgT, aec, 2080 W. 

Adama sL 

Madtaas. V. 3. — Bastem Fantall Clnh of Aster- 
lea. Jan. — , 1006. B. M. Poekman. 18 
Brlnkerbog at.. Jersey City. 


<IP Band Instruments 

at abont halt nrtoe. AU makea, many trood si new. 
Weretradedln for^HOLTOIClaxtronieiiu. "blch f t- 
eel All others. It yfni want tba best, boy a " UOLTUS 
—it TOO will haT* another make, wa hare IC for (ou 
chCAp. Everytblnfr ror bA&ds. Our cAtAlo^ Aad oa^ 
gain list free oo reqaest. 


Dl AVC^^'^^^l^liS 


Hi I It ■■■ TablsMX. 8."^ 


sadbaowMBmltkASiladototaus. pur book 


^bwon. .o txfnmlai fsadjr la AjAatltime, 
T.«gA»T«aV Jew MliS, ^T.*"..*'^*. 

IH .11 1^ f**" 



LU.NKTTIi, Bl^ck Art. W,x FIK 

oqal»t Klgures, OrgAna, PAlutlnga, * 
tune lelUng Heads, ef. Lists for tHAmpa. „ 

SHATT. TMaosla. 9I» 

UnSiriM!tar*Iahsa Pw- 

M*arlisiaaBiittmM,8t.LMdaB«lloaG«. VaUi4M*'n«£moaxd"wie»i 


XHe Bllll>oap<l 









MEMCHMim and 



delagred in 

We are Quoting this Price on 

Which was scheduled to arrive some six weeks ago, iHit 
transit. The French exporters realizing the lateness of the i 
gnuned us to sell the confetti for their account at 

•wmhhB Cents the Pound 

This is a very Unusuai Snap for Streetmen. For this confetti is 
worth fully SO per cent, more than the domestic goods. It is brighter In 
colors, cleaner sad ■IroM up wi» ttdky ; aS eambpeidnaelvrwei^t, la ap- 

pearence, looks as \ilg as a 10 eent one of the domestJe atnlf. ^nd your 
order early, for this lot won't last long. 


The Confetti Duster we offer has no superior nor equal in the market, when 
its make up, quality and size is considered. It is 16 inches long. 

~P«r l,000, SiO.OOHMHimB 

We have again caught op with the rash of bniiwwi, whUi was 
very nnasual the last four or ftre weeks, and f rmn now on win 
again give the mtompt ataipawntsaBlB oar wait-aodon*thoiatiii^ jonr 
orders, we win take Teiy food cue of 
to do so. 


PkATKO and 









RUaS and 






W« make a apaoialty 
of Praroiuin uooda 


Wholesale Streetmen*s Slpedaltles, 



Fran tht ■•■■fattartn 

, (he HldaieBun>a 

Sk U. IS Madlstm St.. CHieAAaL 
J Club Room FnraRM% 
ul* and RatalL 

lk« laKBMl •xdulTV sportlu Qoods Boom la Ch« O. a. 
W« tMM s l*w of I 

Bttl BMkRiMla— vontfollfld (ao 
Tk« WortnlSSiMwr, with 

THK omcaQO mMP CASE, A umac wosBEB. 

"n iTiiHiaiti. ■ililii » 111! . . — 
I ■wnv Dimwcr, i«ct« di«*, 
• Barlbculi. eomplaM, 

>Id or iTory, p«r Mt. 

AM J CombliUkUoii. In ' 
flhapM, par 

■hapM^ pmr fmSr, 

nratFlop Dl«e ud bos, parut, 
BteToio raper, per doi. .... 

" " per deck 

BoalMU WlMU, oomplaM with 

awkl. (saiuMad I year* 

*Chaik Cop," tta« orlgliuU and b««t. Parfect 
■MSaBMonciwrmiitwl; p«rbottl«, , . . 







The C75 kind, our price . - . aSB.OO 

Slot Picture Machines - l»tO« 

PnncblDs Macblnea - - - . 16.00 

Fortune Telllne Machine* - - 4.00 

el's.- Till;': Mri.-fi'.r.'S ki?ld> - 1 1 . SO 

MBERS MfS. CO., U7 *tst 23ni SI., Hiw rork CltT- 


H w are the JOB of the Omaha Exposition, 
eoamnnleate with me at your earliest possj- 
Ole moment, for It Is very much to your ad- 

Nuw York Hlp^uanjiue. N. T. 

^ Oua, t ataadud oaund rall- 
vmt k«t ajiMNtt Mom: In good 
"1. BaiaalB._ 

Msnkota. Mtim.— Central Minn. Ponlttr 

Dk. 23-30. J. W. KoUmaa. KC. 
Mmoo CltT. la. timtm torn l% » H»l _ . 

Tenth Annoal Stow. Nov. V>Die. & X. ▼• 

BIckrI. -e. 

Montgomery, Ala.— State Pealtiy Am. Dw: 

11-13. L. D. Teaoley. 
Mnicatlne, la.— aioieattse F«glti7 AM. Her. 

31M. F. 3L Slcglcr. ace. 
NapeiTllle. UL — Napcrrflle PMIdT. Vtataa 

P. S Aata. Jaa. Xt wwk. Onar H. Ol 

cor. ««c. 

Newtoo. KaD.— Ottwr OOk 

annual (boir, 1 M> BMi 


Newton Falls. Ou — Pa a itij ihaw. Her. SO. F. 

A. Stair, we. 
Mmt Z«ck. K. T.— Xadtaa S«ntc Garden. Jan. 

S4L MS. B. T. CMirtatd, wc., Mootclalre, 

H. r. 

OeoaomoiFoe, Wl«. — Oconomowoc P. ft P. S. 
Asan. Dee. 11-18. Frank Heck. 

Pontlae. Mich.— Sixth Ansnal Ponltrr & Pi- 
geon Sboir. Jan. 10-20. 180S. DuUel Thoinai. 

Portland. Ore. — Katiooal Ponltrr Show. Oct. 

ft-12. HuTT B. Collier. lee.. Taeoou. Wash. 
Portland. Ind. — Eaatem Ind. Poaltrr Am. Jan. 

13-20, 1006. Cbal. MuFarUnd, see. 

ProTldencf. B. I.— R. L PaalOr AMD. Dec 

8-9. W. I. BnMFn. KC, S ■HSm* EL 
Klilng San, O.— Blalog Sna Mdttr IMS. OcC 

fi-8. Merle Betrlck. lee. 
Salt Lake City, Clah — Utah Poultry Asan. Jan. 

16-21. T. J. Fanning, aec., 100 Lincoln are. 
San Francisco, Cal. — Poultry 3liow, Dec. 5-0. 

J. C. WlUlams, FroltTiIe. Cal. 
SebrlDS, O.— SebrlnK P. & P. S. Clt<>. Jan 

1-11, ISOe. M. J. Stereni. aec. 
Sbetby, O. — ebelbr P. A P. S. Atan. Feb. 

dist week: Martin M. Hunter, aec. 
Tacoraa. Wasb.— TacoDB foalBT Aan. Dec 

27Jaa. 1. C. A. Pm^ aCf 
Topeka. Kan.— Poultry Sheir. 

J. W. Bniches. «e«. 
Onion, la.— Hardin Co. Poultry Aaan. Date not 

set. O. E. Smith, sec. 
West Brookfleld, Uass. — Fourth Annoal Show of 

West Brookileld Assn. Dec. S-7. E. I.. Rich- 
ardson, sec., box 3Se. 
Wlnsted, Conn. — Western Conn. Pooltiy Aaoi. 

Dec — . Baeksted Scsdder, W. B. GiaTca and 

W. H. Carl. Jndses. 
Yonasatowa. O.— Jfahootnc and Stacaaafo Talln 

radtv AM. Dtc^ M. CMa> ■. W af iai. 

•U, uoe. 


BalUmore. Md.-T«alttBm BetaB 
Shoir, Wne. Hall. Mv. 
Oieea and.S. J. BaMk 
Nc« York Cltr. 

Brooklyn. N. T.— Orooklyn United BetaB Gio- 
cen' AuoelatloB'a mrd Annual Food Show, 
CleroKiot ATC. RlBk. March 5-31. 1908. C. 
H.- Green and B. J. Bowe, mgra., 277 Broad- 
way, New Ycrt City. 

HaTerhill, Maaa.— SarerbUl Board ot Trade 
Food * Indaatrlal S xp oa l t l oe. Heir Amory, 
March SUlfCll T, MML OL H. OMae and 

B. J. Bom. ■■••>. Sn Bn a t a ^, Mmt Zoilt 


Loirell, Man.— (imrell BetaO Graecn^ AMda- 

aad BL T. 
Talk Oltr. 

■•MUk, B. J.— Newaik 

■law. Hay 7-10, UW._a. 
BL y. Baire. mgra., 277 

Mmt BMaa. 
Flood * Ii 

Oct. IXSL O. B. Oieaa and B. J. Bowc, 
avia.. sn Braadway. Maw York City. 

Praeldaaea. B. L— Batebera, Graccra aad Mai- 
ketaMe'a Aaaoelatloa ot Rbode laland Pur* 
Pood Show. Infantry Hall, Prorldenee. B. 1. 
Feb. IX-M. 1906. C. H. Green and K. J. 
Boire, mgrs., 277 Broadway, New Tack City, 

Syracose, N. Y. — Syraenac Oraeera A Meat 
Dealers* AssoclatlOB Pood A iBdoatrlal Expo- 
sition, The Alhambra. April 19-28, 1906. a 
H. Green and E. J. Bon-e, mgrs., 277 Broad- 
way, New York City. 

Trenton, N. J. — Trenton Retail Grocers' Pro- 
tectlre Association, First Food A Indnsirial 
Expoaltloo. Masoolc Hall. Not. e-Il. C. H. 
Green and E. J. Rowe, mgra., 277 Broadway. 
New York City, 

Washlngtoo, D. C. — Waahlngton Betall Gz^ 

eers' Proteotlre Association'* Natlonil Tood 
Sbow A Indnstrlal Bxpoaltloo. Coarentlon 
Hall. Dec. 4-16. a H. Green and B. J. 
Etowe, mgr*., 277 Broadway, New York City. 
Worceiter. Mass. — Betall Grocers and ProTlslon 
Dealeta' Aaaoelation's Pure Food Show. Me- 
ekaalea Hall. Fch. SS-MalAlO, 19M. O. 


Cbtcago, 111. — Second Annual OIBca AFpUaac* 

and BqsId^ss System Sbow. CoU 

17-24, 1906. Cochrane A Payac, 

Park Bow bldg.. N. I. a 
MUaa. Italy— ■xpoMOaa. AffO-Nar.. nOB, air 

aar L. SaMatlaL ace.. Xt. ■■aijii. K. H. 
New Tack City Cinma Aaaaal ~ 

Oaidea. Oct. SS-Hor. 4. 
Bvra.. rm Pa ik Bair bld«, 

CMS. pn» tM. 

ChleagOb m. — Oct. 23-28. 8. C Lo*e. 
Kama OUy. Mo,— OcL A. Bl AaMfOOk. 

OCL 9047. 
!«at«oIk. Ta.— Ta. 

Oct. IMI. O. O. 

mar., hox 217. 
Omaha. Keb. — Oct. 0. 


Rtcbmond, Va. — The Yliglala 

Oct. lO-ls. 
SL LouU. Mo.— Oct. 9. 

•la Maw CcataiyUdK 


A 1905 production. Can hcrua when allotbeiv 
are barred. Can be used for Jewelry or mooer 
Has two way combination works with set. 
Price ..... sai. 
The Improved Camel Baek Spindle. the oalgr 
controlled spindle without a aaS. PirteeSlS 
The Improved Chicago Set Spindle.) 
teed perfect, caa be repped with. I>n( 
The New Chicago Drop Caae. wetehaB 
tlHve way blow off In center. Jnsl ont 

Price - - - - - 
The Worid** Fair Striker, with caae 
layOBti - - . - - 


Bicycle Paver tB per doz^. 

ot all klnda; we lead aU othen Is 1 
Catalogue Free. SO new Ideas. 

He Ce Evans & Co. 

125 Clark Street, CHICAGO. 




Crop CAM, 3 wmj, opeu. unro'jt<-*l, 6 IbrL- - - MS 
ObMMToSetSpiooleuia txs,«t;UnKCK»e. lA 

Qammtmr Hmgrnt CbJTes,DloeMMlGArd»; LM 
- ty.Clw'Uaa 


Itarse latate Coln-Coittrolled MarlsisMWa 

Snch aa are used in arcades. re!iOri.>.. iHitrK 
saloons etc Write for prices. 

7S6 Misalon St. San Franoiaco. Cal. 





Xric Billboard 

OCTOBER 7, 1905. 

TIui Twantletb Ontnnr 3Ierr7-G«- 
'•■ Bound IH tbt- onlT mtebtoe for Caml-rmls 

kod Street Fairs. No stakes to drlre or holes 

to dW: can Ij« »«:t un a floor or pavement 
Manufaetured by 
Amosenif ni Uatttlteis. No. Tonawanda. N.Y. 
BaildentodheTuiwiranda Miolatnre Ball- 
(cqalppeil wttliAIr Krakes. 


McAllister's Best Dissolving View Stereopticon 


Merry.Qo- Round, 






^SaWaaaySt. - North Touwuda. N. v 

A deltctoaa popoora coDfection. pot up to 
motscure pruot paclcaces that keep It fresh a 
Ions time. A quick seller for tbeatree. cir- 
cuses. CraTellne theatrical and medicine com 
panies and all places of pobllc smasemnit. 
y^^wM^JI^^^ \ '"SK-y"" PACKAGE 

BKICK. Inform na wken WMhoM A w nt- 
fectlonery conceaslaa aaa «• innaiM MM* 
plea aad prlcea. 

ft MMth» 

"Aitnatie" Sat Spindie. 

Bleelirfc ^fianemons Gages. 
Drop Cases, Metal Roulette 
Wheel— best ever. Loaded 
Dice and Marked Cards. Greatest 
catalog ever written oa gamblint;^ 
Smt to anx: address riUSE. 

• A.RIt * CO.. 

. C1II4BACM», lU.. 


Prizes and Gifts for 
ail Games. Jewelry 
and Novelties for 
SMTCBir Stands, 
nrin. Fain . Car - 
■Italsaatf Tfecafsu. 

Cbeapeat Eatab* 
1 liahment in New 

IHOFtimtlnr erery nibjMTt of Art, ftarel aod 
Uu-rmture and all tlmelT toplca. La1«ft _«-'ar 
M«im. ^Fopttiar and itebaioaa 

adapts* twIkiM 

aay aaW«ct 
• bMrtato- 




tree— wblrli tells ibecanofaDoutflt. explains 
. paylna 

The Watling 

Guessing Scales, 

Picture Macbines. 



All kiflds. 

McAllister, Mfg. optician 



Indian Bnmt leather. Bnstlc Wood, Shell Goods, Canes. Confetti, Serpentine Dusters, Rub- 
bt^r Balls. Blow-Outs. Whips. Balloons. Lanterns, Fla« Pnules. Trick Matches, Citrars. 
Ba!«balI%Cliiiia Pots. OlaHs Goods. Shell Bat Pins. Beer Glasses. Badges. Buttons. Flaes. 
JeweilX. Mlstnaaie. Tricks, Prize Goods. SQaawker8,Watchea. Bedella Balls, Garlands. Fes- 
tooniac, K ty wa iu Flowers. Bntt-lp-Radge. L-eatber Postal Car ds. Catalugoe free. 

Send permanent address for nm Ulnstrated catalo^e novelties fur Street Fairs. Caml- 
rals and Celebrations. BO pases. 700 Illustrations of novelties. 

O N 


X R 

Stjle t OacMilnR Scai«. 

Bead lor 

WATUN m. n.. 

Ckleaao, 111. 

719 Sansom SC. 

i:i OaW St, • 

FOKTUW. ««. 

THB BinSBR 1 RCHK AITD BAC « P.. 158 CofbU At«m PMIaM«hlA.-PA. 


N'ATION'AI. MDSTC OO. tmn a M of aoef 

bits: rail and see ns. Chicaco — 286-8 Wabask 

Av». N. A Yori — 11 W. 28 SU 


Pop Com goods of all I 
write for prices. 


Qnaa it a 

L nraqoMs 
bat two mo- 
OMDta to open or 
cloae It. It It 

wortb t«n tlmM 

the prlc« to any 
Maalcal Cor-'- 

M Vina Ai 

aTeuiitf Sinnrs. Net prlea 
for aiSalocaa. BIU»nX 1 


The Handy Frolt and 
Vogetalilo SHoor 

Bi^tttfiM mrncU «Ttr loTaninl. Ji sJkca fruli 
rsykltr ahMrvnr iIml 

■ceorr. cfrebianviuimrtaMaiid 

Virginia Homss 

You learn all about Virginia 
lands, soil, water, climate, re- 
sources, products, fmtts. ber- 
ries, mode of cultivation, 
prices, etc., by readioi; the 
Send 10c. for 3 montlis snb- 
scription to 



We liavo ALL 


Haelc violet Boaqoets ... 
No. 60 Oan Balloona . ... 
CoofettI (briKbtand clean) - 
ConfetU Daatafa. aaorted color.. 100 ue 
Red, WkMaudBlaa Carnival Oanea. per 100 LOO 
Com. Osear.llaaBd CnS Battoas - RToia. -B 

IiaaMaaaaMOrtaaat of nanra, poeket cotleiy. rabber 


Is the place whatsjonean ta B Or potUt 
wgaly. x n cS r SnMywU^^ 

oliiata In tbm Axtun tMntM. 'We 

are the pioneer iooorporatora. Terms, 
blank forms and copy of oai lavra free 
for the asklog. Address 


Aiizona QazatI* BglMIng, 


A sure money maker 
the Tear roasd. Fxo- 
llta larsa aod parma- 
neat. Baally laaniad 
b y Iiix»ei1aiuad 
ponoaa. we aretbe 
aell the only sne- 
oassful process and 

W. Z. LOM, Sprhigflsld, Obit. 

lAtoMla MaAea Cards. IMce, Hold^nna, 
Blotoot Ink, NoveltT BbooUDK Galleries 
Street Games. Etc Send for Cataloffue. 
JAJdES-UlLLJfH Ml-O. CO. Ft. Soott, Kana, 

"n» BOboard" mktn mmmitgm*^ 

caruusNca m laat. 



41 & 43 Warren St., NEW YORL 

Tk* LarsMt antf B e etei- am4 leipertey af 




Also NoveiOes lor Streefinen. 

^^^^^ We nttiTfenrj week (coat oar Uctocj 
# Balloiias of all loads aaS oiMa ttat w* 

^ goaraatac ol tajierisr f|HS^ ta mf 

aad tht 

Babbcr Balls, 
Rabber GoodA, 

Cane Rack Canes. 
Knife Raclc Knives. 

No. STlT— Onnstock — TOO per doien. 
We bare thelaigeat assortmeut of Knit; Board 
Eiiires weat of the Hiniasippi river. Our pricea 
arc absolate rock bottont. Wo also earry a fall 
liue of Streetmen'a tioodi. Carnival Novelties 
and eoods for Fairs. We are one ol the oldest 
Sticetmen's f npplv boase in the United Slates. 
We have thousands of satisfied cnttomeia. We 
can sstitl y yo n and want joar basinets. V0 
SUSaTJTVTMXa nuless yoa My so. Orders 
shippad the came day as xeeeived. Large Cata* 

ooxe, -roniQieb 4s oo.» 

CCA aiuf St. Charlea St.. ST. XOUIB, .~ 


thst aiuUDC*. Boral Smmtiy win 
Dbt car*. Cv.OOO can. lo ps«t !f5 
,.«ra Is th« ncord. Ho natter what 

State tka dltnsa bat raacbad, tblt 

from tb. systsm umfar to rvtoro. 
Doo*t tvin yoorMlf wltfa polaaai. 
bat writs tods, for oar baad.Mia 

_. W l —lr a lsd >— > ao< tali a.ulla 

SMM rata l. m^tmt mm rmmmmml. 

THi joHw aTtaiixo asYii. atntoY co. 


El«ctr1c annoing machlBes, different colors, needles. 
st«nclls etc, at low prtees. Machine, tlO} Colors, 90r. 


OCTOBER 7, 1905. 


Faii in Line, and Make Money. 

jav crook 

wtmttee neeearary to sell my 
Canes. Tbejr sell at 
to SOO per cent, profit. 

Iff. 385. 



MuM Fiiish, 

MNed ti 


Nt. 3851. 


Cfwik Cms 

Patented Finlsk, 


The boys And mT C H I- 
I. WclstoamMr 
ton St., > En«t<(_ 
viMD tber ars 

ScMltfa or WevU 

Be ture and .end a dtpofJt of at 
aBanl<iaorcr.lO.OI>. AUoitfaia 

tS per cent, on 
tlOOO must be 

Ik* toll 

t UnniMli 44 Am IL, IT. 

HtRRT L WEtSBAUM, Wettsm RepreMntatlve, 

240 E. Madlmon St., Chicago. 


^ IXrea^e beaddiiarters for 

Carnlyalf Fair and Strtatnaa.. 

!>■ Jewelry lots. Comblots.' 

■ S^hear lots. Notion lots. 
- - Purse lots. naDdkerehlefs, 
• Razor lots; Memo.' Books, 
Glass Cutter Knives*. W. B. W. 
Brand Tableware, Peerless 
Stian>eners, German Collar .. > 
Buttons and Needle Cases; .w' - 

BiK Une or SliUb Idty Oats, 
i'lHli Ponds, KAtiVi'Boarals, &e. 

We buy and sell for cash, and yon 
win find our prices 

TIte Cheapest In America. 

Send tor our Blir Illustrated Cata- 
logue to-day and be conviaeed that 
yon can 

SaTe fyom 6 to 25 jfvt * 
every dollar's worlK «t 
yom liDy In our line. 

WE ME nnmpr smiters, tm 


Agents Wanted 

Tb« KoJfe ol the World. It doee tbe work ot 10 differ 
m articles For paring Tegetablee, reinnTii« eTes, 
orom potatoes and pineapples, cattlncc SafmA.^.siUPS> 

German rr>-. corlnit apples, cuttlnjr cold risw.' 

Cnlrr.seallner flab, lee pirk. * 
Send Ifte. ff.r sample, fer fcroes .5. Address 


lis Fourth Ave.. Plttsburc^Pa. 

Olce ^'„?£I $3 50 

New transparent loaded work, 
marked canlM, entirely new work. 
•1.00 per deck, tKtO per doz. Tbe 
nnest card marklns Ink In tbe 

"tr'lk"''" y^J!?. rtlSfjlM'^SlI 

erlci-. etc. Write for o«r ii« 

prartiiT.! njvirtlnj; (roo<l8 oatalos. 
free A, Mr,-. J F K thSCO., 
. t rf. Wis 



e Billboard 

Will hold 20 4S-page copies. The papers can be 
easily bouDd one at a time; late copies can be in- 
serted in piaoe ot tlw old ones. It keeps tbe pa- 
I flat and In good eondlttao. 8iiBllx]& 

Billboard Publishing Company, 

416 Elm Street, Cincinnati. O. 

jS'Sf The Great Hagerstown Fair 



HABEBSTOWN, MARYLAND, OtItbMr 10, II, 12 MHlISi 1906. 


ITTPffifllllS WAITEn ot a hlsb class to perfonn in front ot Grand SUnd. Coo- 
Mil IMV I Wm9 WMM I Ell ceMlons and side show priTUeses for sale on lUdwar at 
reasooaUeprlees. 8g,S0l> In powe<. In race progra m. Entr ies close Oct. 3rd. 

For other Information at>m^to%'ldS'n'%U 

Richard Gutiimann Transfer Co. 

Atias Trunl(s 

lb« profmloa aic irttbont a PH8. Made 
■ttb oi<r PATBVTEO SINDINO. m^^^ aa 
sail. .Dd rlreted thraoskoat. 

Our cstaiojtne will eliecrraltr lattodace tbcai 
« WTT.HFIt TBtm * BAG OO., 

'0. 152 ColunUa An.. FhlladalpUa. Va. 



SrillS'^r oaritimdnatea under bond 

IsWiaalMaiMiMiia WiMatbrChtalopi*. 


B»«f»lo. N. Y.: Atlanta. Qa.: 
l^CrnHe. WU.: Texarkana. Tex.: San Fran- 

coNFEni. Novam 

I Things for Streetmen. 
. Writa for Catalo<ue. 

e. T. 8LITP00LE, 

**08 Pearl St.. Sioux City. Iowa 

The Only Exclusive Theatrical, Soenery 
and Property StoraSe Warehouse and 
Transfer Company In the Country. 

Scenery and Pioiiertles for sale for storace cbarges. Have hauled ALL theJarre companies 
playlnic In Chicago this season with the beat of records. This is the' firm that has the Gov- 
ernment contract tor movtnir all tbe Federal oSces and Postofflce Into the new P. O. build- 
ing In Chlca<n>. 700 loads In 12 bouts: can anybody beat ii? We have shipped scenery from 
Maine to CalKomla. and all ate weU 'pleased at price. We bare a latse stock of second- 
hand stuff which we can utilize In rebnildlnc shorn 

Office, Boom IS. SS Dearborn St., Ttol. Harrlaoa Mtrt Stnaftw, Shosn. Wa r a h o m e ^ WT to M5 
Throop St.. TeL Monroe 974. CHICAGO« lUi. 

The BjWmnl's Fm Emirgsncy Service. 

tIAN AQEBS In need of people by reason of aooldent, sickness, indisposition 
or dt*atb are invited to wire us at either of our ofBoes stating their require- 
ments. All such wires are immediately bulletined on a very lanie black board 
with which each office is provided. Manv actors, actresses, pernvmera, musi- 
elana and agents who are at liberty look m on us dailv and ther alwajra read 
the balletlns on the board. This Isa quick means of Retting M tooeh with 
the right people. This servloe is gratis. All Want Ada asnt oa te pubUea- 
Moo are auo posted the moment received, and Managew te a q aant l y i w ainJI - 
eatlOQ before the paper containing their ad oomes out. 


NEW YORK,I440 Broadway; CINCINNATI, 416.18 Elm St. 

....THE LONDON.... 


la tbe rscocnlzod ortaa ot 
Had a f rlendlr walcoma St 
York City. Telepr 



W* don't brae, bat ban the awMli. UIt* aiatrlalonlw./ 

Oolckserrlve.icoodKoodM. Confetti, ee ,b; Jap Croolr 
Cane. 13.00 per lOOi TlaWiet^tserFanaCOOandfeMcr,; 

Carnival Slappere SUO Kr.; Snake BlowonU SLTfr vr.; 

Paper Homii, Kubber Ball% Kubber Tbread and Tapt. 
Wblstle and Oaa BallooBhlUbboa Cor "-imr. Jawaby. 
Walehw. Optical <i«^neaatedm.w3a«aHM 
Kotk>oa.>aod all LATEST KOTtLntt, OhS^SSsB: 
Mo icooais c, O^ Ok wltkoat U. W»Mi far 

eataloene; mailed free. 


- eiT- N. Fourth Mrael. 
ST tjOUIS. • • MO. 






And make yon a fortaae. If yea have < 
p£aT. sketch, photo. ACT. 
SONG or BOOK that Is worth anytbioff, 
yon Btaoald copyright It. J>on*t take 
cbantM when yon can secure otir serr- 
Icesat small cost. Sendfor onr SKOAL 
OfTEK IS INVENTOBS before applying for 
a patent. iV wtit pay yon. UAMiBOOlt oi« 
pattnU lent IKt. We advise If patenta- 
ble or not, a^KS. W«. Iticorporate 
SO^OCK OOMPAKIES, Small fee*. 
Coaaolttis. ,'• 



^\Jr^~ Cananlig, Ete. 

Osr DOLLAB aaaortadbax at . OB* . 

Fla^fs and Decorations, 

United States Flag Co^ 

2244 Gilbert Ave., Cineinnat .Ohio. 


Uedical apielisDexoted to tlie Medicine 
Leeinier, Street Han. Caniaita Oocleri' 
Opttoiacu flMMons Sallsr. and to all 
throoah .paaeh Taltowhat^urtohold 
attention, amasa, iji>traet and fataraat 
■nonsh to toneb tbe poekalbaok, Yoe 
wonid nnt part wltb it at anr price.' Saat 
postpaid fcrtC. or asnd SLdaposltana wul 

•and O.O.D. w'th • rami nation privilasa. 

FANTUS nfl Xa Dearborn SUChlcw 
FrotpcGtui seot frc* for permauMit mMkm. 




U Ann St.. K. T.. FakCtory Bkbj-loo. K. T. 
Brown KlblMm ud81lT«r Trimmed, BJIO per bandrtrd 


(SIX oomnriKs.) 

Ml SliTEn— Doff.pony. animal abows. electric 
nnn ■ theatre, all kinds attraction* 
Herry-Oo-Bonnd. Ferris Wheel, etf Mk' 
money to privileges (Midway). .1. 0. FITOVA. 
Sec.. Casey, III., Oct. II to 14. 

novura ncviTRB ibai-mixbs.^ 

■ M i l s ca ssiO Tl sa. csmstaa. lan sa-. soacaltdaa. 
aadMcoBd Mad. boagbt, «ad sad exehaand. 
BxpeRnaehaaleai rapairiaa: i Mfi a l Utdaa mads; 
monnc plctnre* taken toorasr; psrforatln K. de il- 
oplna and film prlDtlna for tb« trade, waaaav- 
Anaioax Cnr aaaTueaani A TOM Co., Xbarksrit 
" Mar^veiCUUiSt.. WewYork. ■ ■ » 


•si. mmSSr mSSSiJ!tS\ 

a «... US a. Bs^iAi^ 


Xlie Billl>oarcl 



tlful Album ahowintf iao* 
■Imllaa in Colon of 
Po«tera» Window Cardaw 

. .SImII wo 


I ytm tret*" CVT 





^^l^^ND MUSLIN BA^^^rS, 

fairxarnival and Show Work 


Hew and second hand, for sale at anytime. 
BetereneeaDT bank in United States. 

..Tl'73 Fnllerton Ave., CHICAGO. 


^Second Hand Films. Cheap, 

WUte for Lkt mA Prieaik 

•7M Mlaaloii St., San Franctaco. Cal. 

raaMocneof Plays £ Xake-Up for ama- 

IC on ap pUotlon. 

\ * FTTZGERALD. 23 Ann St. K. T. 


22-24 N. 4tl St., PHILA., PI. 

HUW DUUmllll OPERa bOCSE; cmiwcltj, 600; 
StB^.SAxaL eUhcr rvpretolre or TmadeTUIe 

-abows. addxvaa 

H. F. STIMITS, Bralafleld, Kansas. 

VESTRlLOQinBlf TAIISHT pcnonallr aad bT cor- 
m po u d cinta . B>ar MnOft Tntw. LoraxBMaji School of 
■..^aaniinnalim »W»»rt>WfcSt,Plillailil|ilil«.t^ 

aaTOBoonajH w m imb ot mi. vsl um 

iciateBooK>«u»aar M nu* per lOO. Samplea vSL 

lAteitln MarkMl Caidi. Dice. EolA^mta. 
^ownit Ink. Korelij Hnaotltuc oalierlea. 
street Game*. £tc ^e^d for CatalORue. 
jAMJ»-^III.I.ItB Jiili. CO. Fv. MOOU. JCua. 




Cinoinnallt 0« 



ovm loo DIP 



CPFfilAI nFI^FR^'Ve -will InrnlsblOOS-diee* and 1000 K^heetDeacrlp- 
«rK«lllh wrrsn xXtes printed In one color, with » reasonable 4» An 

amount of matter on same for ^mmwKm 

DATES IN SETS OF SIX AT ONE DOLXAR PER SET. each set to contain 44r«baak 
35 )i-alieet.aiidio07z8L Open boose, dar and date onlr to •sveu' on same. 





Hand Boww with Gaaidiiw Attacb- 
msnta. Toaemiraik 

Wilte for catalo^e and ptiee liib— 

lOS I 

TolMlo,' O. 



We manufacture the best and largest line of Paper 
Bells, Paper Fans, Paper Hats and Paper Baskets; 
also confetti, canes, trick ina^ryi»OT, aqnizb balls, 
"Ueenaedto BatC-In'' badgMaliafOta,taarablMlloaBB, 
buttons and Indies for all onlahfaiiiaiB Over 
2000 'l^^'^MeDt noreltlsB flinr samowr reaorts, 
^— street fairs, carnivals, etc. tATALOB FREE. 

w. F. MILLER, :^:L:^.-ii'5s«:?"' 

Get the Slides 

of Von." bT the f amons 
and Tonr snocess will be 
ylewa, aa«00 per set. 

They Always Make Good 

Profesalonal copies tree to reoacnlred sine* 
era. OsAaelnNlaaa W eenta eaA; also 
try oBrfaiiioasaoiigai*7sataPlctaieof Too" 
and "Hy Sunbnmt Uly." 



irr. scoxx, kaisi 

For the Fall Carnival week of October 16. 



:Show Printing: 

Type and Encraved Peetera, 


A/iD MjIHCQS Of r V<3 I l.K^PuPPOS[S 

Do You Want To Know 

Wliat 18 dolii£ anjwhere at an; time in any 
UneT If aOiUlsoarbiislnesa to tell jroo. U 
"yaa&ai^ know wiMt xm wtiar an 
todT'** We* 



Wiite Cor space at> IVedeifek lUr, 
Otb. 17 to 20, 1905, to B. M. Cramer, 
the new Snpt. of Prlylleges. Glad to 
see you and will treat you right. 

J. SOCFB :rfcSHE«HV, Sec'y, 


HAPKR Si LOVE, Managers. Ft. Scott. Kansas 

i-e iagj fa i ie* 

One Hole Moving Picture Outfit 

consisting of 1 Liumiere Front (new), 
300 Films, 20 metres each, in good con- 
dition—the lot for $550.00. 

Peter Bacigalupi. • • 786 Mission Street. 



And Quick SeUluc Novel Uca. Send for 
ROSS CURIO OO.. Laredo. Texaa. 


extcao bofder. 


[ V n o « K w 

w. J. 


E.tabUalie« 187*. 

OxTgen and HjdroKen Ga« famlnbed In Jacks '"r 
StcieopUeon and HotIdc Picture Maehlnw. au onlm 
pm*t at tk. OaU.. StaM. AIM arompUT- 

stfai«. sr. ums. an., illa. 

WAITHI-Mlig mi races 

Of views for slot machines. Can use 
two hundred sets, 12 and IS to the set. 
Address «UTeraa«a Aiteona. 

Second hand penny sloe mi 
crapbs. picture mscbines, 
athletic machines. Ac one-Il 
for list. H. A.McC.lllator. _ 

MD> Kortb Jlarket. BT. IX>1 l" 


-FOR SAi..E- 

Cbaiiaable HMhIne. to do both oattlBlwaod MlllDi: In 
colon: with switch boanl, (It. Uolon: yellow, inrra. 
Uabt Mne, red. bro»o. blwck and oraae. Me. per riii.. 
TUalapart of hit price lliL PRO^WAONBR. 0> 
~ New York City. 



OCT. 7tb, 14tta, 28tb. 

A. SHOnH, agr. MHUMUi PA- 


n 7, I MS. 

Ttie Blllboarct 


S-e is a bisiinot Difference Between tlie 
ational Servjce" 



YiMi wM have to bafc i >!» lt If you try it for afow weelis. 


62 N. Clark St^ CHICAGO, ILL. 

Managers Take 



Ladies and Gontlemen Acrobats 

Sereu in number. Four ladies and three gentlemen. Featuring nine differ- 
ent double somersaults, three different double somersaults to shoulders, 
dooble isMnerswilt (down) three high, one two 23 dlileient bade and 
tamajA aomeisanlts to shoulders. All tfane open 'wwo'Wnp week Dee. 2S. 

For time and terms address all iirst-class agents or 

JOHN G. NINES, care Billboard, Cincinnati. Ohio 



■d Operatini 30 Flrst-Class Vaudeville Thoatroa East, NorttiwMl wmt 


NO A< 

III Eddy St.. 


Vr So. Clark St.. 


ai» Donny Bide 



CXRNELIAX Oteaae Mata, FoieinBMHM, Crcama, 
etc., gttu«am« pvtttfi Wiga, WSBWmSSmaA sap- 
pu«i. Xadica* Toilac Good*, TheatvM taMBaa. TIcfata. 
Shoe*, Armor, Jewetrr* Trlmmlosa* ^psBBlaa. ate. 
ScAnery, etc. Send 4 centi In Btampa Car flV >•* B 
BuppLj Catalog, profuselj lllustr&ted, aad pRMttcal 
lewrona In the *'Art of Haklng t^P-'' 
YAK HORN & MICHL, Mfn. oC Csrnellan SappUcs, 

m K. Klach Street uid 915 Arcb Street, 
Sample Tube of Cold Creain, 10 ctSL PBiLA.. PA- 




stronsot and mom tmmMomt Oricncsl 
«i 1 »b«ih ■uttiiimii la hImimh. will 


The Uarvetoas Troupe of 10 FAZZAX ARABS now play- 
log secood auccevACal moatli's eosaiiviDent at Olrmplc 
Tbcaire, Vmtlm. Thw aia fculied aa foUon: Llaca. 
Beldoa, iMt. ItSlts ■■Mai%BwMfc.d£M»l>; 
VicBBa. AmSm, 0» »!> 1 llljlll ■^rSMBto 

HASSAN BEX ALL Lana rilla. Coney Island. K. Y. 

Addraw all Communlottona to 8tE 


If 7oa have a Good Ont-Door AcC We can nse tbe Iteat at all times. 
Gooil Sensational Acts Always In Demand. 

a. J. Prwetit BooklBK A£eiey, 216*17 Lumber Exchanss, Mlaneapolls, Minn. 




Filiiis and Projecting KiaitosGopes 

BzUbitlon model, tlis.oo. DolTersal Hfodel, tTS.**** 




Durliv tbe rapid westward march of ciTlIlzatlon In America, oovertnrthe past lltty 
yearb. certain social oonditloaa devekuied which had to be r.^eulated and controlled bT nn- 
nsasl methods. A lawless sudcrimtoafelement almost InTsrlably acoompanled tbe advance 
cnard of clTlUsstlon. and to keep this element In check the law sbidlnc citizens tran com- 
piled to seoratlT onanlie ttaemaelTes for their own salt protection. 

The "VIgUsntes." dnrtaif the icold excitement of *«a. In Callfumls. and the **WMta 
Osps." of mate reoenc yean, tai Ohio. Indiana aa4 other Wastam States, are well knmm 
orgaateatlons whl»-h deslt snmmsTlly with ontlawa and the criminal clsema In aenfciaL 

We have jportiayed. I n Mo tion Ptetazes. In a most -wMA and leallstle mamiar. Um 
methods eiiinr>yed by the *^niile Css^ to rid the eommnnlty ot nndeslrsble cltiatBa. 

As a sonl-suniar meladtaatatle piodnetion it Is ondonbtedly the finest olctnia that naa 
ever been oCered to oar e n atoii m a and the pnbUe, wiiUe tbe i^totrrapblc aoaUtlsi 
beantUal meowllaht snd early morning egieeta uimt na asaa^to hnMn»ac*ated.__ 

■Dueii harvs I 

1IMriti<ieimlv,lo.2S6.CNlaiKeoipMlB«tnp1ln. RllMFnilpni 

Tha Boardlna Sohool Giria MSIt. 

Tba Little Train 
S t o l a n by Cyp s laa.... 

^na's Birthday nwtv............. TOOft. 

Drills and Eaeroiaas i Sahoal SM* 
St. Mary's MSft 

Cmpiro State Exprms. th* Znd. 

Takhi« Water en tha Fly 

"Rsfne*-— The Ooa. 

Th* Whol* Oamm Family and the 

Damni Dea 

Th* Buralar's SIM* far Uf* 

On A Good Old Se. Trallay mda.. 



ATLBMTOtrjwga .... mm. anBiwnio a piat at i 
wmPT ygoonD a<niB - "~ 


•• FLXrae " THE DERBY FAV _ 



max 1 


WBALINO, - . ... 


imta OF DOLLARS. - - 


TBB noil 1 



naln Ofllee nmd Paetoryt Onaa*,!!. V. 

iSlOMMSvuMt Cable Address. KnrlUan. New 


a K. 

nt-7n Mlaaloo St.. 





UKIFORKED B««l-S!SS!S?-S2?tS?!-?Si 

Nov. 0. Address Mohawk Are.. ^^honectaOJ•. N. Y. 


All prirlleces Ml Qpea 


-Good carnival company for last week in 
Oct. or first week in Nov. Write quick. 
KLEINER BROS., Stuttgart, Ark. 


BlltlSllon. Wo win nat yov Film to tra-rel 
«a tb« road, IC 70a will taralab lu wltb a suar- 
anwo from a baak for aaiiHu 

miMMkaL - aMAiaiu. 


The finest stock ot second lisiid Alms 
in ;rood condition at great bargains. 
These films have jtist been retnrned 
from onr rental circuit. Send for list. 


laSfcnaiktt, • GHiCABO, ILL 


Establlslied 1875- TIteonly apecillc cure tor OpInm Smoklne. Qnlek, anre and 
painless. AGKNTS— Plttaburci Emaiiael's Dros Store; Omaba, Frank Fose; 
St. Louis, NMT>a Dras Store; Denver, S^olts Drue C9. and B. MtUfUgi ■«tt|ink< 
City, Smith Dme ~ " ~ 
ard, Clarke dc Co. . 
Wash., li. ■>. Tailmaui 9in>B 

Write to the WEATHEBBY , -s 

rnrtber inromiatlon. Send for l>ook,**CI>AXNBD ANO UWCHAimiB.** Sent free 


Penny AmiMement D«viee« off All Kinds: 

state what yon nave and make price low for anldt. eash aale. Addreta 

■^WAJMXED— privilege: men I 

MAgoNio smpui vaactaKi oab hiva l 



11- IS/IS 




. BRin-iasBi FI6RT.. 

ononis ARK nuBD 


Chicago Rtai Etthuse 

ISS 8. < 


With the moving/^picture exhibitor. A few hours' delay 
i|i shipping- if^'reel ol; fitinB may amohnt to the lou W a 

--^^-^'xtu^/^heitioin it:behopt% Ihfe.jgw^- 

ripxhi%tor~to deal wher^fKroinptd^s^ 
' ^nded upon. 


Has been bnilt tip to its present vast proportions by strict 
atiention to promptness in shipments; by care in selecting 
fiims; by reliabilil^ in the character of service rendered, 
knd'becsi£i&^. we p1ay;.no»1&TM^ everybc^y's. 
fi&is and treat evferybody aHk^-:f airly and justly. Write 
for fiilt details to-day; doh't w'kit. Join the growing 
army of satisfiei|» cpittented and . pleased, exhibitors who 
-^c^^pts^from ''[^-^ : ■■: : : ........ ' .■ 

IQLE. l4lk St. 


116 TURK ST., 
, SaD Francisco, 


MODERN BRI6ANDA6E, Automobile Rebbirf - 
FATHER'S HONOR, SeasaNoRal TraiiKr 
THE MOON-LOVER, Comic Headliner- •>:.:•:.; 
Y0UN6 TRAMPS, Comedy Cliase . 
VENDEtTA, Dramatic Chase - - 
LIFE OF MOSES, Biblical 

~ Colored FHni^ 8 Cents Per foot AMiHoiial. 



•■: :>/ 524ft, 
: r 377ff. 




' 295lt. 



- ."1 ...... 

nmis M nwiiYs 


. 82fti 
. Il4ft. 



. 590ft.|60NLieEISE 

.■* 196ft. HOP 0' MY 
24Bft. STRIKE 





42 East 23rd Street. 

35 Kandolpli Street, 


Dearborn and Randolpli Sts., 



E C L. I N E & CO M P N Y 

Are ttie Leaders in tine IJeiis Diislness. 
See tliait Your Orders for Ldienses are sent to 

iS E N E 


..:f. . - . 

Doable Slide Carrier, SO.ctaL each. 

Oxylith Chenoicals, per box, $1.35. 

LiimeS) per doonn, 90°i 
Cohered. S«Hmr Slides, 50c. each^ 
\ -T,^ " •- CJurboos, 4 cents each; best. 

' Rheostats, $5 each. 


Electric Lamps, $5 each. 

Condensing Lenses, $1 each; standard.: " : 

Gelatine Sheets QanrimK Jtf tiEUts cidL . 
Film Winders, each^l.Sd. 

Luve Film Reels, each, $i: 

■ Small Reels, each, 75 cents. 






<.-^t-,. "^.'^ I 

|iaa^K«idall Seen Again in The Bani^^ 

jbpper Has an Endtat Saccessor to Wang— Flay Written to Give ffls 
Pecntiar Personality Full Scope — ^Kendall Well Placed in the New Sydney 
Bftfffufrlil Come^^Boilt Arociod the Star and Soits His Talents Admirably 

DE WOLF HOPPER opened his season 
In Ube new two-act comic opera. 
UapoTltnd. at tbe L^rtc Xbnue, 

„ ' Happylasd Is a wortby sncceBsor to 
^ tfc *re la no room for doabt. Tbe flist 
id^it aadJence greeted tbe prodactlun must en- 
tbuslastlcallj. Hopper's first appearaoce was 
a algnal for applause whicb locreaseU as the 
plot was anfolded. The comedian scored a 
hit, a per».nal hit, and od« of. if not the. Mc* 
fcct Id his cmntT. Uttle Miss Uarmrrt jCUrfc 
to Cor ber share- of tbe 

all. Here lie meets Roth, a sweet and sym- 
pathetic girl, wbo divides the responsibilities 
of the boosebold with Carvlloe Nevbltt, a spin- 
sser with maar- sitevaacca, amwag these srler- 
«Bef* bdnff a rerr |ii«eoelo«i adopted child. 
CiBbcia. aaad 10^ who liiijsaiM a* daily com- 

AMtfiar 'MarfMC Is VUlNr mttam. tbe .anx- 
lUav* and deaf as a post,' Bnnrn spends eoo- 
sUnable time In ttie Nesbltt Colony and emts 
take him to Altnuiy, the residence of Clarr 
Dwlffat. an attractive widow, whose younger 
half-sister is named Jessie. The story leaves 
OS In Mrs. Dwisht's drawlnf;-room. where 
Comical demrostrated that "Joy and 
sorrow art* twin sb^iers in a 

separate waj", bat both iot\ . ^ 


- iPitt seccftiwd In 

BUmUnd ]• jUajtA In tlw 
■ttim, tmt ittat !■ a> (W as tke 

He iiiiMhU-f/KHc U 
mmutt- to tbe tmmgltut aC JJOmh Kins 
of Altmria. whra abe ttt o o w dgliteca. Ho<r- 
eren It drrelope tbat Altlmss* chlM proved to 
be a b07 and tbe moeb wonted BeBtatim finds 
tbat iBsitead of a 9on his cbild Is a ^rL 
When th*k betrothal day come9 a nelghboriDg 
aown prince rans off n'Uh ibe girl. This furms 
of tbe atoty ^blcb tbe antburs bmTe 
» weaTe ao dotie as to get 
tbe kcaia or tbe apectator. 

Tbece are a nomber of pood sonca. Mr. Hop- 
per's beat one beine Mimette. My Hanun Mer- 
maid, which is said to h&re carried tlie andl- 
race to the blcbest pltcb of rntbuslasm. Jlbo- 
Clark sang 'Ttras Tbe Rose and Robla In 

tb«t dalntx manner of hers which never fblb^ 

'|iKQ^MrilkMV9Miliak~'...Ezra Kendall 

*K;Miii»-?;^;^„':r..„ John Garrirk 

-Betty ... . Elizabeth Klne 

Ceogrej ..................Thnrlow Bergen 

«je Oupeis PbUlp Blsbop 

"tram .. ... Clem Langdnn 

Mm NcAItt Ftederick Malcolm 

Bath ........ Katbryne Brovne 

KcsMtt Rita O-NelU 

-Edith TallafGrro 
..Harold Russell 
J. Ke nn edy 

. ' ■Dd tbe St. fiS Si 

■aaft--or antbentfeaOai'apaB I „ 

itet nlgbters- BepoctB ftaai tbe Tnin Citr are 
Terr entbaslastie, and imdlct mnrb saccesa 
for the new piece. Ilr. KasdaU scored a per- 
aonal bit. Ueaars. UeUtr * Co. kaae atanl 
the plar tai a veir «P » a « | i tU >»J^ia«itiB.-ff-^.,:^. 

Tbe Banstormer I> taxd apaa • -m^Uimmim 
efaarscter, famtllar to tbe amaOer Maaaadm- 
aetts and Conneetlent towns twentr rean ago. 
Comical Brown was a stroUlB^ player and 
_ eomblnln? many social Tlrtaea aad 
-Coodons of heart with no Inoatuddmblr 
t as a redtatlonist and mimic Tbe story 
" OC tbe New Ea^land plajer has been inodnlateff 
and modernized somewhat by Mr- Uo^^nfeld- 
As John Chesterfleld Brown, or Comical Bron-n. 
Hr. Ketldall is introdnced to tbe aa<}ieDCe In 
front of the little sotoolbouse. There he en- 

covatezs Zet> Llmptr. t-cbool tmslee, post- 

maater, etc.. a man of Importance and tbe 
. fatber of Hetty, an impnIslTe yonns sirl kiMwn 
i M tbe TlUa^ goatfp. The TlUace school is 
^ fctpt >y. Geoffrey, .a TomiK Dan kmwn oDiy as 
.:^^ji!!Vfe.MbaAMat(K** wbiii. lb»ar Bame, for 
^■^^-■1 « I a».Mt. ja I lam . til - tat^g-On 


t«t — I .dark 
OMy <o at tbe cad 
MM l aada to tbe 
XaaMtta wiiere 

I a plot and aa Mcr- 

dHMCb tbe entire perform- 
aace. wMcii la ia Wn i Htd by a nomber of dram- 
atle sitnatians. Tbe atoiy is satirical. It U 
aimed at tbe fasti tollable asnltarlnm Two 
brothers, tbe Docton Brown, bare eatabllshed 
beadipiarteis in tbe AdittMidaclis. Their beaiiii 
res-'-rt llourislirs. many wealibr peoplt" Umhz 

drawn to It by the blandlshmentsi of one of 

tlie brothers, wbo appearv tu be much of a 
promoter. The other brother proves to be an 
honest physician, who devotes himself to ex- 
periments In IncabatloQ. and suppUeii his brother 
with hiR real Lnuwledjte of medicine. Cliver 

ilrown. 11155 AtiB's part, is tbe dauRbtcr of 
the honest pb.vsiclan. The scope of the play 
l.« wide enouch to iDtrodnce a naiaber of mil- 
lionaires, etc.. and more esp ecial ly to Blee 
to Uie andlence an example at snapti 
eir. -A riaar I<t C fc waa .wm ^st W- 



Successful Premiere 
at Cleveland. 

The will of Jacob Lltt. whose death at 
Yonkrrs. N. X.. Sept. 27. was noted at length 
in laat week's Issne of Tbe Btlll>oard. dlspo^s 
of an estate of almost a qnarter of a million 
dollars. The bulk of tbe property, of coorse. 
coes to the testators' wife. Rnth Carpenter 
Lltt, and to their two sons, Jacob Lltt, Jr., 
and WUlard D. Lltt. Aroonff a oaniber of 
F^^clal re-^ests Is one of fS.OOO to Alexander 
W- Dingwall, wtw bad been associated witta tbe 
theatrical manager for a nnmber of jcan. Ur. 
Lltt refers to his snrrlrlng partwr tbe 
follawinit temia: my frlead. Aleaaaaav-W' 
Otaswan. at ItOmabacw «KMWl JB . ja B- Ql - 
Umi^ af Mt MB^yfc ^fc baMMg^ ■M'M^ ^ 

yms at imUmalm .iiiiililln a«'«e 

tecs ot tke 

QmduO. Would Not Second to CaiU 
ferS ^ B Mt hrH ii tp rf tte 

Cast. . . 


The Toast of the Town 

sriatresa Betty 
Mistress Roxaaa , 
Dowager Dncbc« 

HIa new 

baa seoRd a bit at the 


a Lncky Premiere — Edna Ang 
QpOB StMt^ag Toar. 

Tbe new foor-aet mnsical eomedy. A Fosr 
Leaf ClaTer, was prodnced for ti>e flrat tin* 
on any stage Mooda; ervnlne, Oct. 3. at Par- 
son's Tbeatre, Hartford. Ooim., with Edna 
Aug in tbe leading role. Tbe eaat: 

Dr- Horatio 
Dr. John B 
Reginald .\rtlnar 

Oestend .......... 

WUIIam Slaporer 

Haoaman Jellows...... 

Sigtior Di BoonetU 

Mrs. De Mar Fosaeret.. 

Cola --••■•■•■a**so«*»« 

Miaa Bbitep 

■C. BoDlface, Jr. 

.Clatlde Brooke 
De Wilt Van 
.. .Brandon Harst 

Walter Perkins 

Snlts Edwards 

...Bdmard Doraod 

.....Maode Granjzer 

TloU Carlstedt 

..Gnce Vblcwortb 

Jeaaette ITartbisetmi Madeline Foster 

Mary Clarke Teddy Carber 

Prances Katbryn Hovvland 

Grace Arlingtoo Emma Hopkins 

.\nna Lee Frances Senrs 

Pearl Brown Belle Trlncbard 

Dorothy Odell Evelyn Jobnaon 

Leila McKenxle Pamine CooiM^r 

Beatrice Forrest S rhls Scott 

E^nl Jennings Jatnes Brennan 

Jamea Plertre William Havens 

How«rd Klrtlaad;;e Itrljsht 

Francis Miller L. E. Lefferson 

Clover Brown Miss Edna Aug 

The Four Leaf dorer wav- locky, and now 
EdaacAas li a atar. Her /maalyity is amply 
ill lauaatialad la tbe laet that ' abe Imperaon- 
aiad toar wiMr J lOlwwt Auactns In tlie new 
pirae. aaslaK • :fCfaaaaI hit, h» leceptlon 
.»^-M-, tf aa'aia ll ia Tt Mlba M talim . an- 
Ibar or pli^ aM Inltib wao akw preaeat. She, 
too, was vraraly applaaAed. .aad tlie 
waa atamped with tbe seal of snri 

Dnllke moat analcal coaaedlra. A IViar Leaf 
Chwar la l a «wr a«>fc;. A..Bal ft»lB mutm to 
rcapaaaMe^awflW .MiB. mUm la *-**-- 

One of tbe moat taoportant .openlnga of tbe 
week of Oct. 2. ma that ot Thda Allen in 
The Toast of Tbe Tkaa. wMeh o«. c un «d Mon- 
day evening at WmUtfm Sbeatre. Bridgeport. 
~ Tbe ru ai if a^ f WtM cast aa follows: 

Wei* Allra 
Isabel Irvine 

Addison Pitt 
Alice Wilann 

A- "E. Ans-n 

. . Harrison Hunter 

....Hs?«w»rd Shfirt 
.....Jatnes Tonng 
..-C- Leslie Allen 

Msnrlce Stnart 

Earold de Becker 

J. H. Lewis 

.....Leopold T.ane 
....M. L. Baortt 

In Mlstieas Betty fUngletaa. Clyde FItek Is 
MM to bate gtnm mm AOnt a me anttable 
' bpr taieata. aafl aae bi srtM abe <aa aafeir 
bid for Mab baoata at tbe bai* at a fiMeal 
oaetrapnlltaa aadlraee. lilaa AUcb la my ably 
aappnrted. eapedally by ber wtw kadlait 
A. E. Aooa. In tbe mie of tbe Bake nf 
Malmshnrr. Tsshel Irving scored a persoi 
cess as Mistress Roxsna. 

The Tnasf of Tbe Town la a fonr-act (omedr 
of life in Georgia. It nntolda a nlot io which 
annthem character* morr and lire In rhar 
sefeil sll c wo lb e m atyle. Tt aboonds witb derer 
dialoirne and manr Inte i e sll og sitnatlooa, and 
Is well staged and eostomed. 

Ladr Charlotte 

Pnke nf Malmsbarr. 

Lord Phillips 

TwjTd Alsemon Fairfax. 
Master Harrr 
Mr- McLsnshlla 
An AntboT ..... 


An Old Man LodBCT... 

Fnotman ......... 

Second Footman 


It baa dewelnped tlmaah later advices tbat 

there waa ao tiatb abai ~ " 

tlie HtlrtMC a* tiekets 

Ohio, rersfttty. 

rliTJre. ^'"^rey? * A »r . ll ia JST SijMwjitJS 

ritement. pr"t»«hly 
rpoer Rsndnskv. 

The Binhoard has ascertained that tbe treas- 
urer nt tbe Andltorinm in Hpner SnndiHi^ la 
a ivifieeted eii>|iIoy>e of tbe 


Tlie stej^iner ^flow«>ra. which arrived In VIc 
fnrln. B- C. Stept. 2S. from Anstrslla. broncht 
over s n«inher of the members of the Amer. 
lean Katrtiy Oo_ wbleh Is renorfed to buve 
atraaiNl la Ifpar Sealaad. M. B. Ctirtna tnan 
•red the. eno'iMiBy wMeb be took from San 
Francisco some few moatfaa ago. 


W. T>, Incmm. since mnnflper of the OamWe 
Opera HoiT.«e. Mononcflhelfi. Pa., met with a 
s^oos s*-<-IdeTit dnrlnff the recent perform 
anee of Whe Olrls T-eave Rome at thst pinv 
hnnae. Near the close of the second net one 

of . the Isree weishts ased In hutnnrlnir the 

crtnln fen and strnck Mr. Tncrsm over the 
left ^ya, cutting a Idg ^sh and srnnning him 
t^ osaie -tiaie. A ijhvslclsn was railed from 

ton Chorcblll 
its premiere 
Eaaid ATenae 
Tbe company was 

NIebolas Temple John Blair 

David RiUhie H. McAUtster 

.^ngiute De St. Ore Etlenoe GIrardot 

Harry Blddle (known as C^i. Olive) 

Alei. f. Prank 

Baron de Carondelet. . . .Axtbnr E. Lawrence 

U- de St. Gre .......B. V. Ferguwo 

"Vr. Perrln ....Edward Donnelly 

De Cresplgny Sbellej Hnll 

Pierre F. Blchter 

Andre W. Wood 

Mrs. Temple Mabel Bert 

Antoinette de St. Gre Ttolct Honk 

Baroness de Carondelet. .....Lann Clement 

Mme. de St. Gre.... 

Msae. Bomot 

Tbe aacetaa a< l!be _ 
In tbe new yiay U Hw 

of tbe Irat algbt 

tlve. Tbe play ma 
fa.shlonabIe theatre waa filled to Ha capacHy 
with one of tbe most arlstorratle aadirae» 
seen in Cleveland tor many yean. Mba Blafe; 
Mabel Beet, ▼lalct Haak aad Ailbar B. Ltm- 
rence all * ~ 


Tbe CrasaliiB tella a plala atotr at <be catly 
daya of New Orleana. wbni TioaWana waa a 
Spanlab province aad labaMfed amdy ty 
Frenchmen. As tbe play abftiWa. It meab 
the American Invasloa sad Its amay exdtkiB 
incidents. Tbe play la wdl atas(4. ant tbe 
enttav pradoctlon baa been pat aa la aa dab- 
It la niiderstood tbat Mr. Daa K. Baaaa li 
fin a nciall y interested in tbe piuibnUaa aa be 
was In Tbe Criaia. Ur. Z — - - 

_ Eatflah ilgbts ts Sba 


Relative to tbe openlne. Tbe BUDoerrs 
correapoodent writes as follows: 

Kot wltbla the memory of tbe "Flrsl 
Nigbters" bas there been such persistent ap- 
Plaaae wtthla tbe poctala of the Opera House 
as greeted tbe opening performsnce of W!d- 
stoa Gkaicbill's Tbe Oossins. The peapla 
n-ndt Mtjit K» uA «mt barst of eatkailan 
laMi* Aar tM Blaatea. T 
wtu- aai laalstf* maam a 
antbor. Bat Jte. rbaribm Md bfmaitt 

. boa aad tatamt 

to be diaata oat. lb. nianlilll aad Xc Ib^ 

- *^¥'£'^5iw* 1 

-aw -aC^ba mmt 

popfdar playa of Ika.aMaaK-t& .iist «t At 
play la a H m r art ag abiMe «( Ian aal da* 
The love tg Jaba Blalr aad Vklet 

Hook Is very real aad aataral and tbe aal- 
lence U held brratbltsa daring the acting «f 
their beaoUfnl lines together. MIsa MaMe 
Rnrt'a Mra. Temple la artistic snd sdmtrsblT 
done. The stage settings and local color are 
well attended to and it Is a real plrasore t» 
see tbe accorac.v with which every costume is 
flnlabed wltb historical care. Tbe entrances 
and exlta are handUd In a way that points 
to Mr. Slilpman as a playwright of tbe first 
order, wbo never missed a dramatic posslbU-' 
Ity. As a wbale. tbe play oade a sahslaa- 
ttal ■ 


la Kaans G^MNiar Mews F« 

Rnmora regarding tbe bar l ea q BO war la this 

city were set at peace wben Sam. Scriboer. on 
tH-balf of the Colnmbia Amusement Co.. leasts 
the Majestic Theatre here for a tena of 
years. Hlitb-claas vandrvUlc at tbia bMW aaa 
proved a anaacial failore. and botlcoqae WW 
reign sapreme. eomMcncIng Oct. 15. 

Tbe Sbnberts bare mads airaneeineots to 
present their prodaeUoa la Ooaventlon Hiii. 
pending tbe ereetbm of tbe new Samuel s. 
Shobert Theatre, work sa whicu win 

commenced. Batiea la Tbe Wooda is the tirs* 

Shubert abow scheduled. It comes the iMt 
week In October. 

A local newspaper baa" declared war on Uje 
Woodward & Burgess Amnsement Co., but IB 
elTort? are frnltless. w> far as Injuring bos- 
ness Is concerned. Judging from tbe large at^ 
dienees In attendance st tha WHIia Wood tnl 
.^ndltorinm tbeatres. 

Carnival srcck caded T. and. wltb daily Mt- 

aMjjt •( Umt pl MjgM sa agj^a^dbg 



0, JOmY RAY 

How Did You Like the 
Ball Game? 

You Certainly Know bow to Dance and 
bat ntfiag BaU is 

It I* gfttlos to be the popular thins for tbe- 
fttrlral 4ff?re^tloas tb«t h«Te a **poag shone* 
tor basphall. to r«t Into a match with the 
seml-prorpftslonal team malotaloed by tbr 
WeldemiDo Br.-wlng- Co., of ICewT)ort, Ky. 
BasT to con the actor man into this came be- 
raus«. .ig a baseball propo&lilon tbe Rr^vcer* 
look ca-iy If jou say It quick. Tliat*8 what 
Jobnnj Ray and his Down the Pike team 
tbooc^t wlipn the thing was pot up to ttiem: 

bDt tb< 7 liad another tbink coming after tbpy 
bad fact»d tlie Brewers oa the Newport ^rouods 
Toesday, Oct. 3. 

Don't coaclode Crom this, dear reader, that 
Johnny Ray and bis Pikers can't play -ball: 
they c^n. and pretty fast ball. too. Take 
Johnny himself: be looks Uke a ball plavtr: 
as a coach be baa 'wo kU brat s block, and. 
wbea It eomM to tvglst. ring a life-siz« kick 
M tbr nmplrr, be Is mil tne coods. 

Bat cb« smose: Hie da/ w*m Ideal and tlir 
(nod aund was mnrdcd. AU tbr membrr* 
•f tb* Bay Oonpaax and- naay other pro* 
ffls— li arm tberc vltk honu aod a band. 
m«1a tbe lis 4p la baMax acdcr: 

VMHBsnn— HuUnK. ml; OMk. L f.: Gn- 
kna. «. f; Osier. !»; WlMbGifc. p.; Was- 
as. A.; OiMa, Ik.; JWUaa. e.; Aahhaagb. r. f. 

Maar K f B T i l aii ju e. f:; FlaBr. t. f.: 
J»""Sfc-St5 P as j r. m.; Bmsw «. «-J 

Mp?>r. Wji f w .-fc.; iMliMk 9. 

fctaiir Ear a^ Ms Hkna mt tat tojtt. 
sncBcrrr got Ma tot has an «alla. kM Mat* 
be eoold trork ataaad t» IkM naar. Bay and 
Vvrm bad atzaek aat aa< fht lUr na n- 
Hied. Tbe Br. w«ca tbaa task aa laalag and 
psnnded oat four ran. It wa» falcklj drrrl- 
oped tbat tbe batterr for tke Brrwrr* waa too 
stnwg lor tbr Actora nba mt m aaablr to flod 
ratalboab-a balla, bat thay aiaaaiid *• Ml him 
oow aad thea. Woadaa •saakrd Um as for 
thrrr bags to tkc Iiat tmHag aad Maar Bar 
hhnseir rapp,d «at a alad* c««cy aaer lo 

Ilv'a work oo Orst t>aae was tbr r<>stnrr of 

tbr gaine and bis most sprctsnilsr plaj tra;' 
vbeo te caueht Oaler napping and sat down 
on bJm. RoqHds tried to stral borne from 
tblid is tbe flttb Inning and was snrroanded by 
tbe Brewers' *ntlre tram brforr be waa 

A tinely finish was pnt to tbe proceedings 
atM thr Brrtvers piled op fourteen runs 
Sfalaat six tor Kmj and bla Plkera. All band! 
thru ad^Minied to the Ratbskellrr al "Wled- 

rmannV wberp rcrreshmcnta were serred to th«* 
tired and tblrstj- plaj-ers and rootere. 

When tlie br. w had been aofSelently sam- 
pled tlie brevvfry was Insprctrd by tbe thrs- 
p;ans. i\tio geoeroualj- condadrd tbat tbr Brrw- 
• rs coold bare tbr plrasorr of delCatliiir tbrm 
«7WT..XIasr. Iter rame to Clnrtaaatl It tbej 

rnconracrmmt tbat lu aatbar Tirlasl 
RUl baa liouked mmr racrilrBt dBMa tm 
art. and It u-Ul very pnihablj 
boards all seauou. 

Tbe other act wa* pat am at tt» 
by ynok I). Brran. aaa Is _~ 
Bryan, and Utai rrscr Oimmm, 
roallncrnt cuoabiu ot twMS* li 


Henry E. Dliey opened his arsson Monday 
erenlDff. Oct. 2. at Madlaun Square Tbeatrr. 
XfH- Yorli Cltj, appearing In the Br»t per- 
formance eter given of The Man Ou The Boi. 
The east: 

Llrnt. Robert Warburton. . .Henrj E. niiey 

Cbarlra Bendrrsoo Sydney Kuotb 

Colxoel George Annealey Lee Bater 

Count Earluff Jubn Wndry 

Oi l i a wl FSaak Balalch Jaawa A. Bliaa 

UasMBlv Watta Pnd. W. Prirta 

Onk «(__PMBt. ■^■Daaar_ Wawr 

^•.•.•••.•7kv4> ^ 

MIsa Bslll UkaMlv.»...Osrlatta NOlaon 
N>M9 fmtMM^<;i......>laiir Nordstmm 

Mia. C W— J ........... .Comnance Adams 

Cora LUy Cartbew 

It was qnlte a lanre aodlmer tbat tritnrsrd 
tbr oprnlDg prodartloD of tbr nrir (Minedr. 
and botb Mr. Dliry and Carlotta MIInid 
were warmly received. ifr, IHx.-y atii^fani 
In the role of the at flrat nnienccessftil l.»ver. 
Llent. Warbnrton. Fie roncelrps the Idea of 
clinn;;lng placew wltti the fair lad.v's ctjich- 
man. which pofltlon br maintains antii br bas 
succeeded In wtoalns tbe ohjrct of bla affec- 
tlnnn. Of connc. this o^ras a larcr trld for 
hrlhery oo tbr part of the i— adii taa th iiian 
and lU the MClWtt «■» li t» IMt ttare. 


News of the IWeek Collected and Condensed 

By The BBftoari's Om lepfwailatim fit 1^ 

porituns of tbe East — Gosdp Aboat Peopte a 
Wkat b HwawMg k nwatrfcil Gcdas. 

cuoTT nr MEW Ton. 

Two Vaodeville Acts— Heaiy Dixey 


Chauicey Olcott. who opened bis season In 
the foor-act, romantic drama, Kdmnnd Burke, 
at tbe Hyperion The-ntre. New Uaren. Conn.. 

Sept. 11, began his New York engagement at 
the Majestic Theatre, llonday eveolDg, Oct. 2. 
Tbe cast: 

Edmond Burke Cbauncey Olcott 

OUiwOoldaBlth :. Daniel Jarrett 

f****"!** Mace Grrenleaf 

5«ra ISa^sat Trnier Clargea 

Sir Hngh TMan Tboaias Iiarid 

Captabi OnUm Mcfeatd Ualcblen 

Msnricr Onacjcr .j.MatT JtorUia 

.^^^ - • • ■ • • a a ■«Oconfl» Brcflsuii 

Haretsha m .|- 

f;«S" MBipkr J <»ane.OBte 

I-ard Bertie Gladys blinboonw Smith 

•"rt'Ar^l?*!^. •;.•(* I*ttle uaiboorne Smith 

lady Phyllla '. .Editb Mlllbonme Smith 

Mary Nnccnt Edna Philllp-x 

•Mr?. O'Grady EUzabrtb Waslibnrne 

tlahrlclle I-e Jeune Elesnor Browning 

>'ona Charlotte Mlllbonme Smith 

In his new role Mr. Olcott appears as the 
Well-known IrUU stareKman. Theodore Burt 

fcjre has taken a few liberties with profane 
nrta la tbe life of tlir Irlsbman, taut what 
the atoiy lacks In history It makrs np In In- 
teteat. aad the MaJesUc audience cootlaaally 
■btaanatnted Ha apameal of the perforasanrr. 
>lr. Olcott lint ■akia hk afMMianc* a* ■ 
inior In a t^wihfa ItmUt Br faUs la 
<"ve wltb one «(' ttB~an«ht(fa. - Thia dangh- 
'• r Ix abdacted tr «kr rifclii sr TTilli aad thr 
':>'ra pliina la rsaaa* hrr. -Ba la jmmML and 
slay rada aat oatll he kaa aaulr kcr Mrs. 

„ J"'" new Taodeeme acta w"e*_J>ot on in 
nrooklyn at tbe Hyde * Behaaii ^Vatrr last 
S,'*''- One sras a eondenard version RIp 
*■» Winkle, coadenard and prrarntrd by T'*" 
^Bin. stage aaBaser tbr tbr tbratrr. a-br 
^•vtcb TO »Bt Ml la a aaaiher of 
Ma aaMBsr. aad It wf 

Wltb the adrent of the coming year ilr. 

Crane will be set^n in .\D .Vmericun Lord. 

la tbe dolu of «M(b tSam VicBty of taoa 

fur comrdy. 

Tbr Slaa On Tbe Box is In reality a dram- 
atisatloa hy Giaer Urlngston Fornlss of Barold 
MrGrath's atotr •* the aasae name. The popa- 
lar naart 8eHC« a Mt ! ■ Ma Dtw atacr.AreM. 
.ind It MiMMM^ ■■Mi • 
hlclr tw 

She Dared Do Right, a 
acts aod eisbt scenrs. tew.w . 
Monday rrrnlas. Oct. & at tbr ABrrlcan Tbra- 
trr. Ka«r X«k CUT. at Iht baads of the fol- 

I/ena Bape. 
Rraee Braa 
Jady Daay 




Patsey ........ 

Pavld Rosen . . 
Paul Harding . 
Ilohsrt H.vde . . 
Ileary Bennett 

l;an Duffy 

IV>llct*nian 409 

Mr. Stclnbart . 

Walter ........ 


A guest 

Lillian Volkuian 

Rutb Uandfuttb 

, May GrevlUe 

..-Mrs. S. A. Lonirmore 
;.. Xrll Gibson 

i... .'..Clara Bell 

Belle Squires 

Stanley I.amb 

LoUla Lamb 

Frank Klldny 

IIerl>ert Warren 

Seth C. Halsey 

Harry B. Ey tinge 

Edward Henshaw 

Paul Miner 


.Bmr LaagdoB 

The Miaa of tb* aaltior domi't apprar on 
tbe bm, bat the Jamrs H. Wallirk ADinsrmrnt 
Co. is the pcodncer of tbr new thriller, minns 
tlir strenoooa blood aod thunder scenes. The 
action of thr play Is laid In Nrw York a little 
orrr a yrar ago. Tbr indlrnre Is fln<t taken 
to thr top Oonr of a trnrmrnt In Tompkins' 
Square thra thnaah Baat SMe. to Madison 
aretnia. and are ■■mil ta^^^iaw ■MM.CMUIIne 
srrnrt la <to Mta MM ttr «■» dC a mid- 


As tbe heroine, Lillian Velfanaa appeared aa 

Lena Hope, and snrerrdrd in bringing rooads 
of aiiplause from the audience. As the rich 
coffee broker. Henry Bennett fHarry B. Ey- 
ttagr) did those things which the villain only 
ieu do. She Daird Do Blgbt aiade a Ut wltb 

THE weather has t>een a Uttlr warm, 
hut pocketl>ooLs seem to ue tiulg- 
log. (Of business Is far abovr tur 
avriage la this kind of wvaiber 
Disaster* have been f< t- and far 
between, and as we base had many hits here 
this season and few lb Hail a. It koks aa U It 
were going to be • VOV MMB. 

At the oprnlns oC tbr bMstle' Wolaat Stnrt 
TttratiCi on Uct. narti a ua vni li a in the shape 
of pirca* ot tbr old gallrry aeaU wlU be glrrn 
away. They have been in tbr gallery Cur 
many grortatluna. Tbls tbratre bas been used 
as a place of amnsemrnt siocr IbOS. Frana 
Howr. Jr.. tbr present msnager, lias spent f3U.- 
000 on Improving tbe Interior this summer. 

S. M. Nlxun. of tbe llrui of Nlxon & Zimmer- 
man, OMTiers of four FblladelpUla theatres and 
one of tbe principal membens of tbe syndicate 
tbat controla Ibeatrra in aB parts ot tbr 
country, will return from Easupe in tbr mid- 
dir of October. Be baa bad a p W aitat trip, 
Frank Klrdlb«rr. aMaacrr at ~^ ~~ 
Sttrrt Tbral w. 

gumdns sad 9aUBK at . ... 
ever tida year, as his tbratrr dors not open 
untU Oct. P. Be baa a handsome cottage at 
tbat place. 

Col. eeorje W. (Popcorn) Hall paid a xlslt 
to tbls city to see the closing of tbe Har- 
greaves Sboira. Be bas had a large crop ot 
tobacco on his WlBcuDSin rarm, and gut a 
good price for it. 

G. W. Wrgarfarth, manager of the Crand 
Opera Hons*. wUl build a new tbeatre in Weat 

i-hlladelphla. It will be ready to open nrzt 
season. ■ 

Col. Sam. M. Dawson. manafCT ottte Btjoa 
Thrattr, always baa a bac.o'- aawiaM nm«j 
to greet his many elrena . Miai^-' ^- 

Fred. Darcy, manager ot tbr W sad ard rrera- 
II* aad bead at. thr JDarcr aad Woulford Play 
Baltaib M MMMiMB' ftun a slisht iilnras. 

Thm niiai I BaBiray Men's Asaoelatioo held 
s eoamtko at tbr Bxposltlan bnlldlngs In 
West i>hIladelptiU. Sept. SS-30. It was laisely 
sttrndrd. aod tbr qaestloo of park amoar- 
ments In connection wltb trolley roads recetred 
a great deal ot attention. An exhibit of atteet 
cars and electrical appliances waa a feature. 

Oeorge W. Rife, proprietor of thr Bijoo 
Theatre. df>.pped In for a short stay tbls week. 
He reports tbat business on the Empire Cir- 
cuit is very giod. Mr. Bite only bas a "few" 

tltios* to look after lo Baltimore, bis place 

of residence: Four theatres, two hotels, a 
Turkish Ba th, a printing pUat. blUpMUns 

'.i'e"p'- ^ &;:ASffiiS^f:i^ 

time. "^- ^.^l^' : - 

Jobn Keeaan, formerly aavcMMac^^ aMBBcrr 
of four PhUadelphlB tb»aiw«. > tt , ■w rithe 
onuer of carousels In Dallaa aaC Bsoati^ Vn.. 
te on a short Tisit to his tomt:, .H ajMbBMtMa t 
tbe yeBow ferer near* has «Mr -fP^Jlf"**- 
mrata la TMas a Uttle, aad Mat It «rm aooB 
be aoiaM aaala. 

PioC. n ' ■ Baiabl irBl aall ftoo tbls city 
oa Get. n. IbrOdba^ wbrre be baa « jrsr's 
engagefsent with PnbUlones Clrcaa. Be wlU 
take his edocated borse. Mascot, with blm. 

Andrew Downle sold ail of bU baggage horses 
la PhOadrlfAIa oo Oct. 2. and a nambrr of 
bis ponlra. Altbougta tbe horses were not In 
nod sbiape after a hard aeason on tbe road. 
Hmt baoSht aaod pelesa. Mr. Dowale at ooee 
started gMlH. 9t^«liM!jf^7>tm!P 

Princess Wobena. a museom performer, at- 
tempted suicide In tbls city on Sept. 28. She 
took polaon. bat as Ac iceeired prompt med- 
ical aid she wUI la aai u ^ -m m_-M jk . tattped 
woman and quite wtH'-'ttam cBi'-'a*'' peotea 

A new idea In amosements will be tried In 
Atlantic city. N. J., this winter. As tbe pro- 
prietors of the Steel Pier were aftaid tiat 
bnslness would not pay tbey were Sslaa ta 
close when the hotel proprielaia . ailllB 
make op any possiblr drMt. ■> tbe Flrr ' 
l>e kept open all wlalcr wUI^ Ba .OHhtaaiT Uar 
of attractions. '^' ji'i- _ 

The later-olata Fair wbMk '<WM' M Trrn 

tta. B. J. , 2Sl2!L** "^rrPSK 

esar^-alnK- >>ne^anMM*aae was onr 110.000 
paM '•takMaw. WiaiiiniaH are already 
III las Bade for attractlnBS for arct 

J. Bonce umrr. thr wrU 
of tbia rity Inst a pnekrtbook 
oar bandrrd doUar bUls at bla 

deace near tbto elty. and ap t_ — 

Ibae It baa not been faond. oUbaatb a Uberal 
reward hat brm olfrrrd. 

An Interesting exhibit of carousel horses snd 
tnlmgi^n slide equipments was made by the 
PtiQadelpbla Tobogtema Co. at tbe cooTeation 
and rshlMtlon of the Street Ralltray Men in 
Pbnadelpbla week of Sept. 25. Qnlte a large 
nnmbrr of orders were booked by tbe Una from 
this exhlMt.' 

The Philadelphia Orchestra, Frttx Scbeel, con- 
dnctor. win give two coo certs a week, starting 
Oct. 27 and closing March 10. A large giur- 
sntee fond bas been raised. 


Home Sweet Home was played by ttie band 
of Hargreares Shoirs in Pbtladelitbla on Sept. 
30, and the show at once went to tbrlr winter 
quarters in Chester. Ps. Tbe sesson has been 
a :Jticcessfnl one. and tbe shows will lie over- 
hauled and ImproTed before next sesson. 

Tons ot palBt aad thoosaads ot bartrl* of 

, _ tat piunicn • la 

Ercry anOable HHire is bring takra Cor i 
annonncrmrDts of tbr worth of the 
It la awakening many Imslneas 
power of outdoor sdvertlslng. BOB WAHL. 


Brooklyn as ■ ibow town "entalaly am a 
growin* aod there are more than twea^ 
theatres open there to-day. wblcb speaks weu 
for the City of Churches. The borleaqoe booars 
are wen patronized, and Arcble Kills, tbe popp- 
lar ouDager, now holds forth at tbe Star. Be 
Is moat genial and is a favorite with tbe aav^' 
paper men. SntSdency. The booses aie vM^'- > 
ways crowded, and Mr. Ellis la a bustler. - 
- Hyde & Bebnua have taken great dellcbt 
In their new offices, and Mr. Rlcbard Hyde la ' 
an example of tbe atrenuous life aa per floo ag 
veltiao ideas- He Is an Indefatigable srtirker, ' 
and thinks nothing of apending even tweaty- 
foor bonis engrusHd In tbeatrlod aftolta. Bla 
t b jatw a igg^geg-bMe ^ " 

■Me of 

To kaoar Uii; li to atalte 1 
■o, 'Wba la hoT war Oeosgr MMdietaB oc 
tlw Oiaal Opna Booae, whose fliat season baa 
lieea aaooaaliy s uccesatu l. Ha Is a well kaowa 
tbratries] man. and has a Jolly prraunallty. 
Hr Is one ot tbe "flads" ot Byde & Brbman. 
and rerlBes tbeir keen Jodgment. He Is erer 
oo tbe spot, and tt'a the man that'a there tbat' 
gets tbe coin. 

One of tbe most charming and polished dlplo- 
msts in the theatrical buainess Is Bennett F. 
Wilson, and bis boots of friends are erer en- 
deavurlng to express tbelr appreclatloa ot him 
in - some manner. He la one of tbe tnriy ''an- 
gelic" men. 

Sam. Coluin of tbe New MontsDk Is a host- 
ler, and no mistake. He bas proved It In tbe 
instance of tbe New Montauk and no matter - 
what time you go there, yon will And him 
Johnny on the spot. He even . a leap a tbcTCw . 
some of bla i " 
to tbe 

Can tbey band tbem oot? Band what ontl 
All atar bills. Where? Unanimously — Percy 
WlUlams'B Orpbenm. Tbey have tbe topllneta* 
even at tbe beginnlnc of tbe programuie. and 
yoo sorely can't heat that. Percy WlUlams to 
from Missouri snd tbey certainly have not 
shown blm as yet. 

Lee C. Teller Is a winner and tbe live best 
bets are bis. He bas tbe brat shows lo town, 
and he selects tbem with tlie keennem of a 

sarr enoagh man. Crowded bouses tbe rrsalt 
Be IS a Jony, good-brartrd manager, and bas 
Biany. many frienda In Brooklyn. 

Chnt't heat 'em. Tbe flre women it the 
Bijou are winners, and tbey are very far the 
most successful to date. Mrs. Msry Gibba 
Spooner. director, of the BlJou la pla.vtng to 
"Standing Room Only," while her daugbtrra. the 
Misses Edna May and Cecil Spooner, are se- 
lecting splendid plsya and playing tbem equally 
well. wbBe MIsa Cora E. Morbn Is carefully 
attending to ttie buslnesa end of the theatre, 
and is a keen flnanclal woman. Suppose some 
of these days, we will see an article atwot her 
In the Frenxled Finance series now so prom- 
inent. Last, but not least, tbe lady tbat 
keeps tbrm In tbr llmrllght of the news- 
papers. Mian Marie T. FltsaoraM, ahooU as* 
be forgottm. nor Bra. >aa had better loak 
out Wltb Oiese fraUalae basOns M tbe M& 

Mr. Lew Parker, wba te a aasabrr of yrsis 
was manager of the Oraad Opeta Booae fOr 
Hyde St Bebman, has been ae l ected br The 
Sbubert Company to manage tbe Park Theatsr 
In Brooklyn. Mr. Parker ia well kaowa ts 
the theatrical world, and tbe Sbuberts cooM 
art bare selected a better man for tbelr man- 

Mr. W, C. Frldley of the Majestic Theatre 
announces the first apprarance of Tbe Four 
Mortons in Breaking Into Society lo Brooklyn 
St his house during tbe week of Oct. 0. This 
Show made a big bit In New York last wsrb. 
and Is sure to do well in Brooklya. Mr. Rirv - 
G. WlUlama. our Brooklyn big Taadrrnir be- 
tor. Is the owner of tbe attraction. 

Brooklyn is proud of its vetemn maitaeer. 
Kick Norton, who is managrr of Hyde It Brb- 
man's Theatre. For over forty yrais Mr. Jte- 
ton has been constantly msnaglag tbsatir^ .saa 
connected with amusement ealetpelSM. 

Is no doubt tbe best posted 

BrookLvn. and tbat Is why be Is 

Bebman. Sir. Nick Norton's earrtbl 
of acts and management i»f the theatre, have 
made Hyde & Behman lots of money. 

Harry Tndor. who has managed Boatnch'a 
wild Animal Show at C.mey N!anJ daring tbe 
absence of Jlr. Bo«toct In Paris, has brrn 
pre^nted with a silver b>vln2 cup by the 
rmplo.Tcs of tbe show. 

Simon Boblnjion. the treasnrer of the Nas- 

j«an Theatre. Is »-omiiig to the front very rap- 

Idlv, To-day, be Is probably tbe youngest 
treasnrer In Bnwklyn. and. with his banl work 
and coaching from his brother Dsve, he will be 
a winner. Tbe management at this theatre has 
recently appointed blm press representstlrr. 
in addition to hli> being treasurer, as be la also 


Xtie Billl>oarcl 

OCTOBER 14» 1905. 



TCB^ BW ' Alwri^ Loo^r IVlor: 
Ahnjm Waa. m'-Wwrnam la 1h- Case. 

'ttam; PHndiblp: I>n>t Wtet Toa Alat: 
Iteliih and Ooojnr* llu. Kule OOlUt , Bmr 
Bippla Coo Id Hils Oappte Be, Bar Atwell 
wttli Sadlr Karris ud Frucn Gordoo: Tbrr 
Mem Do Ttiat In Oor Set, Marie Cihlll and 
Dick Temple; Tbe Musical Gipsy, Dick Temple; 
AU Sbe Coold Saj Was "Onl." Clara Pahner; 
Napoleoa Bonapart**, Georse Beban. 

rantua— Gurick Theatre (Ijrlci br Robert 
B. amltb; music ta BaraioDd Hnbtiel: Wltmark 
It Soos. pabUaiierB): A LeSMm In Btlqaette. 
Hubert 'WKe; It a Clrl '>k>t a Rone, That 
Wins the Prise. Jnlla Sand r«on: <I>iop la On 
Me At Loaebeon. Jefferson De Aogetis and 
Tnbr Claude: Tlie Farewell 'n'lltx. JaUa San- 
detwn and Frank Bnatnrortb; Dartiy and Joan. 
SeirerwB De Ancells and Tobr Clande; My 
Btekibaw ot Bamboo. Jnlla SandenoD; Langta- 
taS Uttle AlmoDd E7<-a, Frank Bnsbirortb and 
EdOlK Bartbel: ^ Word. Tcrt>r Clande; Taa- 
maBF (interlopated. Jefferson De Ancells; 
Sooc ot the Pipe. Frank Rnshworth: Xbe Ctrl 

at tbe Helm. Hubert Wllke: nat*«: 

SOIL De Ansrlla: Jnat Mr Style, 
denoa and Frank Bnshirortb. 

fOrtj-An Mtnntes From Broadwar— Colooial 
nieatre (lyilca and music bj George H. Co- 
ban; P. A. Mills pobll^ier): Popolar Uil- 
Uonalre, Dooaill Brian; Mary Is a Orand 0!d 
Name, and So I>ane, "Mary, Fay Templeton; 
Betlrlne Fna tbe Stasc. Lola Evell; IVvtr-flT? 
Mlsctis From Broadira.T. Victor Moore: Stand 
0I> and Flstat LQce HeU. Cbaa. B. Mnee. 

Tbe Yankee Begent — ^LaSallr (lyrics by Ctaas. 
& Ailehnan and I. D. Blomenstock, music by 
Bra U. Jerome: F. B. Barlland & Co.. pnb- 
llAets>: Here's Looking At Too. Mart Lo- 
rem: The Heart That Is One's Own. iUrgsret 
MacDooald; ibe Social X)ame, Frances Ken- 
nedy; As empenor ot Wiener. Yoa'U Find It 
IB Ch lca >> and I^ore At First SIsbt, OcU 
Ecaa: The Aim; aad 'Navy. William BobWrn 
aad FM Waltoa; An Indignant Aristocrat, Bert 
ZiPV aad f^kxlboa Klnjr: Tbe Proposal, Mar- 

jmt VacDtoald, Bert Xoans, Florence Golse 
T CailtaB Kinr; Tbe Land ot The Wienerand 
n. Riley Batch: Sappose. Margaret 
and -Bert Voontr; Msiy Jane, Flor- 
^ _-_JBak: My Bsvaiajt Star. Baby Flts- 


Maria. Baor - A. .v mUr t^^VlMris: 

KIbb: «» Oar^ Ou mr Tiiar niilL JTfciu tbe 
.Sna Stsfts ^ "-•-^" TTlrit. '.Iftacil B. 

tadter; Bfply, Tbe Klas <Mr-:'ae<;.anat White 
Way, Ora. P- grenen Jast ■teaaii .»e Elad 
Waalnr Way and SmtSslU-Jlat^ NeU 
A Dream of BojIMd -.' Days. Gene- 
•ad Une Moses, Mannel Booaln: The 
- natr and Sons or Uie Wares, wilUam 
H. WOooald: Why Don't Too Qolt and Bye. 
BIfC. Uah Boney. OarroU Johnson; Sleep, Baby. 
Step. Vatt Kcefe: I'm Satis^ed and Erery- 
tody TPacks Bnt Father. Ijete Dockstader. Tbe 
prosiam of Dockatad<-r*a MInstrela Juaooacra 
that Breiybody Works Bnt Fatkcr waa -wtU- 
ten expresvly for Jlr. Dockstader ' Helf 
« Hager and Joseph W. Stem & Cow both daba 
priority In this song. TVe defer comment tor 
a later Ubq^, 

The Fllibnster— Stndf*akT Theatre (IjTiCS 
by John p. WllwMi. mnsic by Wtniarn 1,0- 
ralne: M. Wltmatk & Sons. pnbUFbers: The 
PlUboster. Frank Tnmer; A Rebellion Pro- 
moter Theodore Friebns: A Very Good Ssoop 
For the Gosh and The Simple Life For Me, 
Chas. E. Evans: A Soldier or Fortune, Iso- 
bel Hallr Uke OMen Kniiht. Isabel Hall ami 
Frank Tnmer: Gazabo, the Bncaneer. Prank 
Ulor; The Love of Our Motherland. Kate 
TbeTor. ailor f Interpol.) ted). Kate Con- 
and Chas. H. Evans: Nlihtmare Land. 

Phillips and Frank I.iilof; I>olce Far 
Jaobel Hall: jst the Seaside (Interoo- 
HaHjTl Moetrn; Johnnr WiJ^. Helena 

1^ tort. Chas. E. Eraiu, Fraak Lalor 

Mna.:J9Mbn;,wiKa Xoa SUae On ». 

ta composed 

iTaa Im. DSTls, con- 

KihVktt Fricek, flmt tIo- 

*• »Wln: T, Karlonr- 

'cello; Carl Par- 

VWa. 'X 1L 

! 5!gr ■* «^ -jfctea^tk Bata;" Mwta S. 

OntaKk dativ tr Mte;-SfertlM,:«MnMi&v Ttaok 
"27^ f." BtoeU. 

*U O. Walton. tympaat: VMI* -aBd 
— . Concerts mder the mtw "iaaiiaii 
»in e«»eo twice dally ,hetMiia> the 

dfi',;aje3lie''^:;jeadlnR an an-fnl 
. .I«»'-Frlar» piAUCBtlons nicht 

Mg oajr. .Beaalta talk and Sam Im certainly 

. «ail«et la .tUa atatement, f<r from innom r- 
' aMa perSoRBeta comes tbe neirs — aeU;rhtriil 
new at that— that Can't Ton See I'm lionely 
la pnete^ the hand-p tter ot their careers. 
, Ajnanv thoae aacecaafpUy teatinlnB bmely we 
, Biskt aaeBtlaa Tlie Paerleas Quaitet. Osimhy 
Jhrw. aaidy Laagdon. Jftdc k .I>naEaI.>BoaBie 
Savior,. iMlaa ftnat. X«aire< .StrcMIiw .' aad 
Otters- Arlhar aaha,' |klaaaa%.-' talent d .haz- 
Haor, waa tcadoca ^ttttrm 'fcttoUit UttSr le- 
eeptioa at tbe WasUaclaa -Mik Atbletle Meet 
laat week, oceasioaed tir Ua MBlaat rendl- 
tloa ot Can't Ytoa S e, etc. Felix Adiar. caa- 
sidned' one vt Chicaso'a beat all-anmad cater- 
tataera: ta creatine asacb dcaMad fsr Hw same 
TadN* Otlt aad Taaklaaa («alte 

a ptofDaton ot Yank here) continue to be 
Feist's bis sellees, locally. Chleaso is flooded 
with telegrams rradlac as follows: "To 1 
Waatchcr. care Theatre. City: Caa't TOB See 
I'm Lonely? Be at mnsle stoee to-nlsht. 1»a 
HItt." and upon tbe back thereof appears a 
fall thematic ot the ehoms of the aooc- TUa, 
I Had oo Investigation, Is some more at Sam's 
clever exploitation of Feist's latest saddle 
bonte. McKay A Fredericks report a bl^ snc- 
ceeo with Didn't Fattier Adam Have An Eaiy 
Tlm*>. published by the same boose. 

Victor Kremer Is also doing a biff profes- 
sional bnslness according to Manaser Tbomp- 
t's vapory lisploss. Lillian Waltone Is slng- 
taj; Wait: Dorothy Drewc, Mrs. O'Barahan. a 
r Irish waltz song by Peters and .Vttrldge: 
Enlalle Yonng, It Von Don't Like Yoor Jot), 
Qnlt; Messenger Boy Trio. Just For Fnn; Isa- 
dore Sllvtr, In Old Ireland, Meet Me There, B.r 
tbe Dear Old Delan-are. and other Kremer pub- 
lications. The folloirlnff seven numbers bave 
been interpolated in A Million A Ulnnte Co.: 
Walt, Gravy, Bemember Dear, Jnst For Fun. 
It Yon Doa'tXdke Yo «g- Job < ^t. Dp and Dotm 
Sua^iwi,''^ *'^ ' ""'*' ' - ■■•^ En- 

It seems like old times — the rare and fair 
Old times— to again hare Jules TonTUzer In 
onr midst. Jnles has opened np professional 
headquarters In the Sherman Boose, and will 
remain with as for a month or six weefc.^ pro- 
motlns Ua bratbat Hany'a latest creations. 

In the tlars of the old Mnsic H:tll 

fit Broadway anil 20!h St.. New York City. 
Chas. B. Waril flrM cum-* inio prommenre- It 
was Allan Dale who In descrllilng his inter- 
pretation of the Ilinvery Boy ;ra'-e him Cretlit 
foe llii iniperpon-ltlon ami treatment \rliich 

served to warrant bU ailoptiun of the title 
which he has since malnt.iine<l .13 the or!s- 
Inai Bwvery Itoy. Mr. Ward is this seasun aii 
pearia;; in bndesqnc. beln;; r-.alnred with 

the AlcaBE BadMBsa'JBiltke fciilri Wktei. 

aBMiar;'aKai . lieinc ;3iakiii|C' BF<*1 Wtat You 
Gditf^ l* vlto 'Vlirn tke' .BMt Obms >Bflun.l? 
.iaae,Aesasa -the Bridce of Cold.- ra the Only 
Star tliat 'Twlaklea oo Broadway. Walt TiU 
the Saa SUnes. ITellle and On - the Uank-i of the 
Rhine With a. Steia. an.l<y ,Aadnw B. Ster- 
■Jns and Hany -T«B'.TIlaer..->Sipea Ua antral 
here a week atak' JaM^lwk'.liM^Ua'apartaBeBts 
parked with pe i B» M a ia. ^ 'aad' M la a teesaae 
condasloa liefloM -ha . leaves the Wlady City 
he wm' .liate :erMtied : f«r the bonse he rrpre- 
-<enta a bli; bosinesa. ;both prore«4onallr aad 
from a sales standpoint. W^Il liked by the 
performers and trade alike, there is no reason 
why he shouldn't make a his and fast ten- 
strike In Chicago, and all the reason In tlie 
■-rorlil why he shouM. wl»n one takes into 
coni-hleratlon blK charming personality, his wide 
and jresulne popnlarily. aad tbe orlstsal and 
eawytjwanr ,,cl*wr catalog ba baa t» work 

VIetor Herbert, composer ot tbe scores tt 
'fTe Slngins Girl. The Fortune Teller, It 
>IIapp:ned in Xordland and Alice and tbe Elslit 
Princesses (the latter now bring presented at 
the Grand here), has tbe tollowlng to say re- 
aanUns Enrop an aad Aainlcan mnsle: "Some 
twenty years aaa ataa I drat came to this 
eoantiT as a 'ceua arirtiC and appeared on the 
concert plattona. may pseple wondered what 
kind of aa Inatnaient I waa telnglng tor- 
ward, and aetBaBy e ap r ea i e d sntpdse that It 
waa simidy a mnsical tBStmneat. Mow aU 
that la chansed. In every amall town in the 
United Statea aad Caaida can be fonad a cote- 
rie of mnsic lovers. 'Orchestras flourish every- 
wh* re. and from these ranks are taken indi- 
viduals n-ho have become prominent In tbe mu- 
sic world. And yet we are tiehlnd the conn- 
tries of Eniape from the fact that we have tew 
n-bo foster tbe arts as on the other side. Fsr 
Instance, Wagner would never have developed 
Into the mighty giant he is now consid red 
had It not- been for the patronage of King 
Lndwlg of Bavaria. He encouraged him and 
stimulated him at the period of his greatest 
depresi^Ion. Haydn, tbe fatb<T of symphony, 
bad the same protection. He himself said 
that bad It not been for tbe protection of 
Prince Esterhazy most ot bis great cojnpo^- 
tions would not have befn written. Tbe prince 
provided him with an orchestra of suitable 
size for tbe production of his efforts, sup- 
ported It and kept It together constantly: la- 
deed. It was part of the prince's household, 
and Ha%-dn thus bad tbe necessary Incentive 
to write. This Is why 1 say .\merlca is still 
behind the continental countries In respect to 
caring for art in a geo«^l way. Capital is 
massed more In this country, and its Influ- 
ence on art has not been distributed as It 
eventually will he. In Germany and Austria, 
parts of Russia and France, theatres are sup- 
ported either by tlie munlclpalltjr or b.v weal- 
thy art lovers. Some day this will be true 
in Am- rlca for wherever 1 go 1 see a healthy 

-Delia Donald, William Herman. Haloes 
and Eisner. Eva Fitzgerald. Maybelie .\dams. 
Jesnnette Martell, J. Aldrlcb Llbl>ey. Marie 
Welch, Marie -Laniaat. Violet Stal-j. AUea 
May. Oaak aal WtHHm. Bataca aad T< 




CABO BOJU. that MBMt 0btm of 
her owa eoBpoaltloBa aa well as 
those of other wrltera. will sing Res- 
Igaatiaa, a beautltol ocadoa of her 
paa. at the openlag mC tke aev tkca- 
tra k TaiBm^ Mew ■York. BMlpMlM U a 

aad na BamrMf am arte 
Boat papdar atttaeaoaa la Hew 
York, have began their laat ot aiz laagUag 

months at the Herald Square Theatre. Saa 
Bernard maintains his lead as the funniest aiaa 
on tbe musical atace, and Hattle Wllllaaas re- 
mains the ondlspnted queen Id her line, alag- 
Ing her song bits. Tricks and Frlenda. to the 
most enthutdastlc aodleneca. _He ' 
Susan, Lovey Dovey aa 
as much demanded aa 
Wltmark publications. 

Tbe Tbalet Slateia. Tlndeana. are teatnrlng. 

Iia9 Unia Xa4y> a Wltmark aamher, la 
beinc ' I I ■ '■■ s tir the qaartette In 'Way Dos 
Bat, wfeldi popolar ptodnctkm wUl iti — ' 
at tbe A c a a em y ot Kusle, New York, 
■week aai next, attar which It goea to ~ 
land, Ohio. Miss Bstrilc Waide, tbe ai 

ot the qnartette. baa alarted aa nadi 

flood of cathoalaaa bi ber Carac^ la Mew Taifc, 

Omr Bam 

. _ ,:mti w bwi Btfm irta-- ■Bii^.^ttL . 

seaaoa aae-tm ibat wtB attract rtapraM attca- 
tton amoog concert-goers for : tbe ftcafM-' tkat 
varied programs are to be . offered ^8BbttV'''-af- 

temoons, which hitherto have beea'-gMiii '«««r 
entirely to indlrldnal recltsls.' these having 
heea offered every week last winter. One set 
of cone rts will be offered at tlie lUlnols 
Theatre by the Chicago Burrao Agency of Mn 
sle. the otber u-iii be those played by Innes' 
Band In Orchestra HaU. Hie engsgement of 
Inn s Is to begin Oct. IS, and Is announced 
to continue on til further notice. Tbe band 
consists of stxty well-choeen players, who wBI 
be assisted by vocai and Instrnmental soloists. 

Tbe follow-Ing from the faonse of Will Rossl- 
ter: "Our two new nomhers. Don't Forzet 
vonr Dear Old Dad and I'll Be Back In a Min- 
ute But I Got to Go Now, by Herbert Ingra- 
ham. arc the easiest songs to land with the 
profession we ever published. They will be 
used by Gibson & Nash. Edward Goody. Cro- 
llns dc Alva and Lew Dockstad r. Captlvstin' 
Sue- is rapidly coming to tbe front. It ts the 
nraelr «f Chas. E. ^ullln, who wUl be remem- 
hetvd as the composer of Silence snd Fun and 
The Maa <1l!«tb;3be aiaele. 31r. Mollln Is bow 
sssocuted TKUk filtt. iBMsItet as pniti moaa! 
nun. aaA. bis walk tbaa ttr baa sbt- 
paased oor moat aaagBlae apcaialitaa. WUl 
DIekey and Itsstsr Riii i ii Taun. Ibl bai bar- 
ItOBe. are slaglBg Snaar taw*' at - the popu- 
•« priead tbcatna tbbt anMh.- aai wti&tf 
witb tba greatest aaeccas." ^ 

Cnr «Hfe» aaa Bw au aac 
I la Xear Vatk ftaai the tat 

They s ec Bftd a 


a we k bunked la eaadrrBle. 

coBlrset Willi „ 

strenstb of their sa ceess they have bees *!«»■ 
contracts tor the enthre Kith ChCBlt. A Mp 

to tbe City Is the title vt tbeir Omr Cher, 
acter sketch, and It serves to latradvee llr. 

Meany and Mls.« .^nders^m Id con;:enIal roles 
where they ,ire ^t-f:i a.eir L--m: advantage. 

actdevemrnt. Alice 

and ne Btght Prteesases. the mnsical ex. 
tTBTagaaia wblcb, mder Jallan UlteheU'a dl- 
teetioa, was given Its flist prodnetloa In BBt> 
falo, N. Y., OD the XSth tost.; Yletor Hethert 
has "aeoved" <to two senses of the wordt an- 
other tmdonbtrd success. The dainty, delight- 
ful music which tlie grest composer wrote for 
this snmptoons entertainment is Sttlngly mated 
with the charming and appropriate Ijrlcs from 
Glen MacDonoQgh's pen. snd the production, 
as a whole, has a . spectacular bacfcrroond wblcb 

Is universally spolcea ot as tnily falryllke. The 
v(«-al nunit>er» In Alice and The Eight Prin- 
cesses — nearly all of which give promise of be- 
coming favorites with thentregoers. not to say 
universally popular — are When Perrico Plays. 
That's Wby They Say I'm Crazy. The Hunting 
of tbe r<K>t, Love's Golden Day. Jogratree^ 
now To Tell a Fairy Tale (duel). Toor Been, 
If Yon Please. Little Black Sheep. The Ossi- 
fied Man (trio). With Frame. Two-FOrty-Klae, 
Tlie Onlv One. I and Myself and Ife, TO* 
Knave of Hearts. Fopnlar Panllne. A_ 
First Thought la a Maa .<*■«) 
Mnsic r ~ ^ ■ ' 

march. C«as 

march. V. 'Wltaw* * I 

ot the entire 

The engagement by F. F. Pn)Ctnr of LUllan 
Russell as the reigning feature of his circuit 
stamps him as very fortiroate In baTlng se- 
cnred one of the ereateat catrbea ever made 
l.v a vaudeville manager In this country. Af- 
ter all the vears dnring which she has been 
the recipient of such Indaceraents as a special 
■ rcliesfra. long engagements In New York, 
etc. - Manager Proctor hss finally captured the 
nrlie. and Lillian Rnasell has hecorae his stel- 
lar attraction. Miss Russell will featare aassac 
iier selections some of her former Wtbw m 
Fields sucoesses. These Inelnde WlMM'.-CMsa 
Sings a Song, If AU The Stars Him 
Caaae Down Ma BvealBc Star. Coow ItaA My 
Hsav Boy to Me, and alaa the fbOowIng nam- 
krrs: lly Little Bella ot Japan. Barteaatlan. 
Tbrrc^ BdthbK Brv ta War. I laaa 

Kaotman Brothers.^ 
Frieda CMurtoa. 
Fischer . .aad datk aia i 

TtylBjr Bo'-'Biird-to'VMart^ 

« Cha& 'K^.Batris' 
n>;-QBB-Vni I'm 

George O. Spaulding calM aa MB tbe . Other 
day and we had a pleasant chat otcr aar Per- 
rectos. "Ad." said he. "yaa'd be aanrlsed 
to learn bow thst little ditty. Jalie My j,wel, 
which 1 wrote with Andy Sterling. Is going, 
m'e placed It with Geo. B, Jennings, Clnciu- 
nati, and It la proving an Immense seller. 
You know I was In the business when most ot 
the pr. aent-day publishers were In their swad- 
dling clothes, and 1 never knew of a song 
starling out more promising. Jennings Is land- 
ing performers right and left on It, and ray 
tlrst statement ot royalty convinces me tiiat 
>ve sr.. going to haie a big thing In this Utile 
conceit. Of course. It may not In? niiotijer Ap- 
ple Tree — I don't know where I coulj go to 

pick cot aooUier like that— but what I mean 
la, it-B goiag lo go mightr Hs keCm MMr 


Bert Sidtphy la 
has alwaya pravea a 

thing t - - 
irhat ll 


sap e at the best 

Despite of Its sge. Rustling Silks is still 
a big seller In the Newton Publishing Co.'s 
catalogn.. If I Coold Send This Letter C. O. 
D. ia beginning to show signs, and Alone On 
Mr Honeymoon looks very promising. Takin? 
tilings aa tliey come. Jelt Branen (or Manager 
Mr. n w» bB 'Ebbw bim) baa Jnat eanae far 

0SA8. X. 

Manrlce Levi's big song hit Game of Love 
Is now being whistled, giing and hammed upon 
the streets of Boston, snd be U accordtagly 
happ.v. His new 

entitled Tbe Colle 

on In big shape. 

Fay Templetoo's tKtL 
mng by this great artist, la 

the profession, all reatrlctioiis 

Over one thousand cnngratnlatoffy ' 
been received by Mr. Harris In 
the beantlfnl colored sIMea to bis 
songs Would Ton Care and I'm TrylBg 1 
to Forget Yoo. Ilach slide a work ot art. 

The proof of the ever-growing popularity of 
the big iMllad hits Would Yon Care and I'm 
Trying So Hard to Forget Yon. hy Chas. K. 
Harris, is the Increasing demand for profes- 
sional copies from the greatest ballad slngeta 
'•n tbe American stage. It most be a tre- 
mendous snc^ef*8 Tvhen snrh well known sing- 
ers Rs th'^se in the following list are uslBg Its 
.I>meo Aldrlch Lthher. Delia IVinnld, MsrlB 

Welsh. Werden & Rladlidt, Violet Btaley. MaiM 


Mme. Bertha Knllrh. wbo heelns her career 
.18 ftD RnpllRfa npeaklnc fiir under the manAfcr- 
p-mt or HftfTlm Orrr pi»k at tb» IfaabAttaa 
TkMktn^ Mnr Tiik OMy. mmt mamKk, hm to- 

OCTOBER 14, 190S. TTtic Btllboai*cl 5 



OCTOBER 14. 1905. 


Master Si Semon. of the Semon 
CblltlrpD. recently antlcrvvent two merm ope- 
ratluns tor appendicitis at the Cliildtvn'a Il€>»- 
pllul. Toraito. Can. Tlw Uttlc felloir la BOW 

TOnraincent. and bu bccciakM U>JUm mk 
■t Da'Is Faim. ir « l «i iw » MIA. : BtB. gwnd- 
motlifr, Mrs. 81 Semoo. was Ib aay ntan r at- 
tradaocr at Ua b«Md* Marine hla lIlnMa. 
Ilaatfr O. 'opceta to ahorOr juin bl* liaWr 
IB Taoderllle. Uts. Snuvn wUl ntora to New 
'flfork. where "Pop" Semon Is triupvtarllT en- 

I'Saged In tbe Barnum & Bailer otUcca. 

Miss Lola Stantonne. the clever vio- 
UnUt. now plajlni; a lUrteen weeks' eagase- 
ment over tlie Taudevllle circuits of the mid- 
dle nest, bas signed contracts irith MaaaEcr 
bm. S. Partrlla. of the Oipbeam OMMact<.UaB- 

vaany. and win be feattired wltk,,aMt;*«railB>- 
■Btloa apoa tta tWrthcomins taw .aCiraa^n^ 

. , ,,«t>^,,. 

Crom In the flitora* 

Horace DeWltt. known profession- 
alb- as Smith, of the tesm of Beno ant] Smltb, 
and of wboNC deatb In Baltlinon. Mo., Sept. 30. 
notice wan made IB ,l*e laat week'a Iwie of 
Tbe BUIbaaid. waa boded at tba Ualj Be- 
dceDcr Ceaietwr. n a ltl as Ba a ^ .g, MaMb n a of tbe 

'^\1B», - i«la»l»e«^S?Tk ■■' St' ••-IjSC - 

Tbft Great Rosey. cyclist, writes that 
■ifeBa BtrtonnlnK on the soeet at Fletca, Kab- 
.ha was aiackeii br a band of joung raflaa* 
C'mA- compelleti to defend hlwiartf. . Fbr aa 
' be aa;s he vas compeUtd tD. W lata 

fl8.00, beloB the amoont oC m. tarn and 

V- The Qiilnn Trio have laid aside their 
'•■ BtbletJe act, which held the boarda foe nine 
yean, and ate ptesentlne a new comedy aketcD. 
'entitled Tbe liiy Me»iiengep Boy. Tbeaew 
set U a hit. It eu natata of a limt B f ; <aBnBr . 
lalklBC. and an abMAMt- •€ W«Mjtf ' « ::..? »"« 
tela opened on tlw^'tOnriltaa Ctaalt' Oab t> 
at Bnue. Uoat. - 
: Thy team oC Van Fossen and Mc- 
flialB baa • been dlaaalnd. and Ulaa Faimie 
'I'DMBtaB baa Joined lotemts with Boi> McCaoler 
vtai^ICflacd -*~r'"t' and talklne aet. Tula 
la booked aoUd nntU May. La<t week 
4<her aeoccd at tbe Lyeenm Tbeaoe. San Fran- 

Ben. W. Dawson, monologtot and 
. gmarifni^h oaurad ajtwaaal mtn""' «» 
■ ' WTle Tteatie. OerrtaBOfc OM^Iw waa«. a 
imnber ot bla friend* aa* ;M» la taw after 
tbe Mondar eecobic j iafanBMa^ ^M* b ald a 
tmiMIuet tn bla b*Ba«t-:>lMllilli» 
4ip until moinlnf* 

DeVelde and Zelda, artistic eqanih- 

^Ista, have aonie sood Tsudevllle dates booked 
After tlicr doae tbeir cnsaseaient witb tbe 


The team of Larke and Adams, bar- 
eel Innpeis. baa been dlsnolTcd. Ur. Larke 
havlnc decided to retire. In tbe fatwe Mr. 
Adauis wUl be known aa aaa e(_na 
consb^inc of 

t aet. 

J". C. PrentJce, of the Prentice 
_'~aC Aesvbata. writes tbat be waa nv- 
dorlns bis 
tar. San I 
Botleaiiae C». 

Eddie EaUos. aftw s UK week at 
4hr Oumo IbeatfCk dacfaaatL kaa ■«» to 
. J<aHa»«Maw 1^ ti L' ' *? ' * 

Boriaaapaw aa tt a^^aa IfeaB appavtaalty to 
keep &elr aaOiaBea *«i*'*»f tkir twcMr min- 

O. L- Oliver is the new stage man- 
«cer of the Electric Theatre. Waterloo. la. 
Be will sing Illustrated aoogs tn the perform- 

Teed and lAzell are returning east 
over tbe CoiuUMe CMndt afMromr week* 
of CDOd work iB- aut- Ww u H l tmi 'mi aaBtbcm 


Allen and Kenna. doaed .thtfr sam- 
mer aeason at OsfanI Lake Park. Aaniaton. 
Ala., and opened at tbe Star Theatre. Atlanta. 
Ga.. for an indefinite ensseement. 

E. M. Veruelo, of the Only Veruelo 
Co.. writes that owIof to the lllaHaB «r bin 
ideee. Uatle Vanette, be has ban.-«ll||ed to 
1 an datea tOr tbe. act. 

Clark. Chas. and 
t» aanoanee to tbeir friends tliat 
tbey ate playlns parta la the I<orse-Elwyn 
Co., and pnttlns on tbeir apedalty. 

Slater and Finch write: "We are a 
pronoonced bit eTetTvrberc. . Mana geea are teU> 
bag ns tbat no team baa ever taken aa annr 
curtain calls as onrs. Oar wardrobe la tbe 
cause of cunsiderable admiration." 

During the recent Illness of Prof. 
J. Klssatrand. dlcertoc ot Electric 

Theatre. WmUm Ui, Mb ilMr taken by 
Ur. Hiiiikmin, «C S tnaTarBatM' 

Ata. wntas tDat Be waa toj- 

▼Ule. Ibe 

80 at Cbarleaton, Ind. 

Owing to the illness or Al. J. Mas 

seT*. the team of Maasey- and Kramer were 
obllsed to dose witb the Aristocratic Tramp 
•Co. at Gilmer. Tei.. Sept. 23. They are now 
resting at their borne In Delpbos. Oklo, bnt 
expect to resume work In two or ttuee weeks. 

Harry F. Barton, formerly Burton, 
the maodaa.. wiltca: "1o aia M mtrtakra 

friends ahaa~ ~ ' * "~" 


Tom Lancaster, blackface singing 
and talklnfc comedian, opened. Oct. Vi. aa tbe 
DsTbi AjCbarelffl Ite alt at tbe Gia ad Uper a 

' S?*bM^«SS^>' anMMM^&'f^^ 

iMnTT- and Attlla Satton. who have 
cimiedx musical act on tbe 
seat Ttat Jiaht * Caatle Clr- 

Siitk a> 

1 letBB east. Tber aic booked tor 
:'-ietnm datea In tbe western Iionses (eaaon 

;,iaf IDOS-OT. 

^ , Farmer Jones closes with the vaude- 
;-'.»HIe annex of the Great Wallace Shows. Oct. 

at Richmond, Va. After a two weeks* 
i/:vaeatloa on tiis farm near Chester. Pa., be 
^''Win open bis TaodevtUe season. Oct. 80, at 
^^•CleTeland. Ohio. 

Woodford and Marlboro are meet- 
-Inir witb deserred snrress on the lesdlne Tan- 
dCTllIe circuits In their comedy playlet, en- 
-tltled A_T1iBriy Vtmm. Tber at* boslied 
-aotld. BBtn JaaaaiT- 
. The Dandgs bewfldeted tm ' MiijU- 
CBC* at Hrde * Befaaaaa*a Ikeati*. Brook-- 
•bB. week of Sept. n. BMk He Hadnae aad 
ne mreaaor l ete l red aone alee ptcsB aotlees 
Crmb tbe Bnokljn papcea. 

Gray and Graban, Fred and Nellie, 
wttte tbat tber made tbe bit «t the sbow 
TBrpt^ 20 and week, witb tbe 
-'at Sacrmmento. Gtl- bflBS 

..aa the SaxoplMae took big. 

After a successful tour of the west, 

'. a a m ai iu aad Zacdm are comlnjc east. wUh their 
eSieat a t i i Mn act. Ulle. gaeche^a Ciat 'aC 


lUchard X Barry, appearing over the 
Keith CIrcalt, aastalned a broken ooae. Slept. 
28. wbne plarinc ban at Foreat Park. Sprlns- 
fleld, Mass., with a nnmber ot oompanlona. 

The Paragon Trio are in the east 
making a hit in Tanderllle. Tbey are re- 
hearsing a new act n-rttten for them by Nat. 
Leroy, and which thej will prodace ahortly. 

Emma Blewlt, singer and dancer, 

wrttea tiiat ber Srat appearance at Oklaboma 
City. Okla., waa a big bit, and tbat abe made 
(Md beyond expectattoaa. She la eoming east. 

Tom Elmore is resting at his home 
In Arkansaa for a Coctadght before coins to 

New Ynrfc. 

Ed. and Hazel liucas report success 
oTer tbe LAng Circuit. They are booked until 
Jan. 1. 

MUbu mMa, oontortlonlat; arrites 
that ika la aaaMw wtia aataaaa wMfc XWbfa 

Port .lilksK: - 

The RichardaJRatmaM^a hit at 

week of Sept. 38. 
Mile. Latlna, who has been playing 

In the west, la bonklBC east. 8be plays In- 
dianapolis. Ind., next week. 

The DeLacys made a big bit at the 
tjTnc Theatre. Wlcfalta. Kan., and wiU prob- 
ably play a return date abortly. 

Adonis Faybio announces that he 
has iaatlt nted_ piofu dln ga ftir a diaarce ftom 
Ua wUa^ paafkailBaally feaawa as tiate Pawn. 

The Mailcee BroUiac^ Tanderflle Co. 
opena aboot Oct. 10* 

The Irwins am nating for two 

weeka at 211 8. 27' - - _ 

The Hindoo Brothera write that they 
are pteptring t new aet Mr nnde*IUe. 


Managers Fleming & Waff of the 

Grand Opera Bolli*e, Bmnawtrk, Ga., bare 
hooked a strong Une ot attractions for tlieir 
house tlila aeasaa. Tbey are as foUowit; Hoyt'a 
A Bani!h of Keyl. Oct. 10: Lunls Junes. 11: 
.Mm Bob While, 13; Sowing Tbe Wind. 14; 
Hnman Hearts. 18: Al. O. Pteld'a Minstrels. 
17: The Legend of The Catskills, 18; The 
Clansuian. 20: Depew-Burdette St«H!k Co.. 30- 
NOT. 4: Mordant Stock Co., 13-18; Lewta Mor- 
rlNin In Fanxt. 22: Oat* Derfl Porotlay, 2S: 
Florence Darla In Tbe flajcr Maid. SO; Bar- 
lowa Minstrels. Dee. 8; BlaA FattL IS: West 

Comedy Ot.. 1S40; Amnld Stock Oa.. SS-Peb. Sr 
Sonsa's Band. S; Adelattle Thnntton in The 
Triumph of Betty. I!t: Itoyt Comedy Co.. 1»- 
24. and tbe Oagaon-PoUock Stock Co. Utreb 

The Grand Opera House at Chero- 
kee, la., raened ita Mason Sept. 13 with HU 
Higbnesi, Tke Bey. to an ezcrpnonally large 
aadleace. The booae haa been in tbe hands of 
w iakia e u aU summer, and, besides other Im- 
pmeeaieuta. It hsa a new asbeatoa drop enr- 
talB. aad a new gaa llstatlng iirstem. The 
exeentlee ttaif la as followa: F. BmmmQ. man- 
ager; Mrs. F. Bnioaon. treainter and tieket 
seller; Carl Kennedy, chief oaber: Pled Briefc. 
son, - -- - - - 


Tte Hyar Opora House at El Paso, 
Tez.« aBcsma ilB aMaaa Oct. 1 tmder tbe man- 
agement oC r. T. OMSta with Virginia Cal- 

'pertemuHC^%C liSu..?^^"""* 
gtaejlo waa pot ea. Oct, K, aad then tbe 
Ethel Tncker Stock Co. began a sine daya* 
engagement. Manager Oomba haa the ancfa 
house In good condition. Be has nelecled as 
anL-itants tbe fallowing people: Mrs. Comha. 
tresRnrer: Hany UeOonald. itage manager, and 
Max Moye. bead nsber. Tbe Jnllni Meyer's 
Orchestra will again fnmlab the muale. 

Tayiorvflle. HL, for more than a year 

'^thoat aa opera hooae. win next week eele- 
bnte the opening ot lha sew BUT Theatre. 
The Interior of the Dew the a tia la hnhUy 
fnmlahed. aad teata an muMia f* uSo 
people. The stag* Isaas ifSTSpK la tbe 


new atcaa beatlag |HM. 

Galesburg. III., is to have an up-to- 
date Tanderllle house. F. E. I'ayden. of "St. 
I»ul8. bas leased a building tn that city, and 
Is dttlng it up as a tliesire' with a capacity wf 
400. The new Ixwse wlU be known as the 
BUoo. Three performances will be glren dally 
and the ladies and cbildren will be especially 
catered to. 

George S. Burton, formerly treas- 
urer of Richard & rrlngle's Georgia Minstrels 
and more recently i»nnected witb the Rlng- 
llng Brothers Show, is credited with some 
clever and progresslTe advertising Innovations 
at Sprlnf^field. 111., where he Is at present 
dissociated with Frank C. Smltb in tbe suc- 
eeaatal Teatare tbe Gajetr Theatre. 

la. H. Bentley, owner of the opera 
boose in course of coaatmetloB at Mllbank. 
S. D.. announces tbat It will open aboot Not. 
1. Mllbank is a very ptoapeiuos Utile city, 
Tety good abow 
" an 

Plasra and Ftayem la the ttUe of a 
new and attiaetlee veoaram p a wu a e fl hy im«> 
linger A WrtetfH ftar the Chialaat Street nwa- 

tre, C" " ' ■ ~ " 



in pxograma. and bas made a decided Ut, 
It is reported that Nashville. TeniU 

will have three new theatrra aext 

SImherta are to has* aaa. 

Circuit another, aaa the 

Co. tbe tblrd. 

All shows booked for the opera 

honae at Weat Foiat. Misa.. for dates prrrlons 

to^Oetj^U^tore heei^caaaried^aa^ateBimt of 


A. T. Tahn haa leaned flM Bridge- 
port OiM>ra Bouse at WheeUSgi W. Tk. and 
will shortly open tbe same. Mr. Tahn has 

been with the Coney Island Amusement Co. of 

Wheeling this season. 

The new opera house at Duluth, 
Minn., wUl open Not. 1. 

It is annount^d that the I>afayette 
Theatre at Detroit, Mich.. wlU open Oct. 10 
aa an tisdependent playboose. 

Harry Marion, for the past five years 
atagr aaaaair tm 1M. D. Haifca. la now 
located as ataae miais i of the Usfciae Thea- 
tre. Akran. Oslo. He aiveara aa the program 
as a singer of mnatntrd aonga. 

Mansfield. Ohio, will shortly have 
another Tandernie theatre. Cns Snn and O. H. 
Murray have leavted the Ma.r bniidlnir. now In 
conrse of constmcHon. and will cnnrert part 
of it Into a theatre aeattng about 000 people. 

Since being cleaned aad radecor- 
ated tbe XobDe Theatre. AaaMaa. Ala., la 

now considered one of tbe prettiest plsybonses 
in the south. 

Willlnm Prosser has succeeded 

gank O s h at g jBjsaa^e^ the^ antM^JOpera 
going OB the road. 

The Orpheum Circuit Is to have a 
new bonse at St. Paul. Miiuu It will be lo- 
rsted on west Fifth street; nmniag tnm St. 
Peter te Market sMafc 

XjO* Shabert rrisltad »a j >l at s ni » HI.. 

ffliiiiuth'TSiuSiiBi 'UTiB^ifit' 

The Grand Opetm BMae. Wausau. 
Wis., has a new aidMMM SBRaln. it was 

flr«t nsed at the prudSCttaa oC Conyer'a Our 
New Minister. 

Work is beln? rushed on the I..y- 
cenm Theatre at Elmira. N. T., In hnpe of 
hsTinjr It ready for occupancy tbe latter part 
of tbia month. 

C. T, Walker, fonnerly manager of 
*?wd'^°° Thaatta^W— as» VBu has 

F. J. w: 

Chaa. B. Whitney has been ap- 
potated adetrtMag agent fbr the Majestic Thea- 
tre and the Park Oliera fTooiM* at Eh-le, Pa. 
Both honsea are on the Rels Circuit. 

There is a movement on foot In 
Bristol. Tenn.. to hnlld an opera house. Knox- 
eille and Cbattanmva capitalists are nnder- 
stood to be backing tbe enterprise. 

W. g. Butterfleld. manaw of the 
BUon Theah*. Battle Cleek. MIA., report* 
that his boose has pIa.Ted to splendid hnstneaa 
atnce tbe opening tbe Orst of last mootb. 

The Unique Theatre at St. Jo.qeTih. 
Jio^inay be opened as a ten-cent Tanderllle 

The Star Theatre at Ft. Wayne, Ind., 
haa daaad for s period of two weeks. 

. Manager E. H. Johnson and R. Nich- 
oJa of Electrle Theatre, Waterloo, la., ran be 
depended ^ npOT when It oomes to getting up 
derer adTCTthdag sehanea. Tbey bare Jnst 
meteM a^b^amw^g^^b wffl he pl^ 

Alma Loralne. Beulah Phillips, Bes- 
sie Carney and Helena Patrick, four merry 
malda of the Itslah of Bhnng Co.. recently 
mated a sensation at Kewanee. III., by h>ard- 
laga awltcb engine and rnnnlng it sevcrsl 
MB*«d yarda. Miss Patrick reversed the 
rnrottle and came nearly capping the dtmaz 
by derailing the Iran bocaa. 

Owing to other bookings Tte Bui 
and The Rlrl conid not make Alh«Hh% Ibea- 
tre. Baltimore, week of Sept. 28^ Tbe SM 
and Tbe Bandit was mn In and <U maaa 
ne*s. In Tbe Girl and The Bandit IbSi 
are Mabel nite. Vlnla cmettiw Jhnab M 
Campbell Donald. Slarion WIMr, Oaaege iTiic' 
Faelane and Henry Coote. 

Among other fine qualities of the 

Bays' Down Tbe Pike Co. this season is the 
excellent «sge management. For thst we sre 
to praise B. R. Minnia, who was promoted to 
tbe posltton from thst of carpenter which be 
held last aeaaon. Tbe Drtaaotloa aiM a wwII 
deaerred one. •.w»i« 


Anne Hamilton opened ber season 
Sept 21. at North East. Fa.. In ner Fs;M 
Sin. appearing aa Carmen.- the street slnfrr. 
From s dramatic as srcU as a scenic aiaii i. 
iH,int the sssdaatiaa baa befai greatly impror,.^ 
uiwu. aad ■sas— a sB aloag the ttiute aie 
asking CSk CMan datia ne SBOportlng com- 
pany haa baaa adceiad with apccial care. Tbe 
OHBpaag la aaflar. the dbectioa ot A. J. Mae- 
Aroy, aad tbe adeaBca la hehig eared for bx 
Harry Nye. aasisted by ZUIah AUen-Kye. The 
rosier ot tbe company la as toUuwa: MaeArt^ 
& Fonda, praprletorv; A. J. MacATay, maa* 
ager: Harry Nye. busineaa manager; ailah A. 
Nye, preas agent; Anne Hamtltoci, George Kea- 
oeth. Richard Terry. Leon B. Bobertaaa. Kcd 
RiKley. T. I.. HorilaiB. Charica Lewbk BWt 
wegiwr. Haiilill^jaaaj|^.BagM8asJfc 


FollowliW'is tta roster of APoorBa- 

lathm Co.: K'B. M e yata . nnaaser: CUB W*. 
detxki. boslneaa manager: F. W. Warrea, prap. 
ertles: T. C. McDonungb, stage director: Janxa 
Londtm. musical director; Lee J. Kellam, Fred- 
erick Wyatt, Bdwald Wales, Kmtbertae ~ 
nelene Ascot. " **" 

The Sanl tit Tarsna closed at Kirks- 
ellle. Ha.. Stpt S. to Matgaslstk r. R. 
fMd^b^lniBauihB^^ to 

accMfy aad SaSSnl ee'eeta are magBManL 
air. Bam, tbe aathor. thooght tbe g»» s tt caat 
waa toaJtaBate. hence tbe daabw. n> 
paay apesB at Carrolton. Mu., acttb a _ 
company. We ate booked for torty weeka. 

Agathe Barsescu, the well-known 
Vlpnna tragedicDDe, la to pisy In tjiguai 
onder the management of Edwin G. Lawrence. 

The complete cast of The Embassy 
Ball, In which Lawrence P'Oraay la to atar, 
is as folluwa: Charlotte Walker. Marion Bar- 
ney, Ida Darling, Mary Tnnlaon. A. D. RuIU- 
day, Barry Harwood. W. £. Hltcbeaek. Stan- 
ley Dark, Barold Heaton. E. W. Morrison, B. 
Carrington and Edgar McGregor. 

Owing to a destructive blowdown 
the Patrecla Wright Co. dosed its tenting 
aeaaon and opened in the opera bouse at Malt- 
land. Mo., week of Sept. 38. Tbe roater la 
as follows: Elba E. Wrigbt. msnager; Ralelgb 
Wilson, advance; H. B. Atkinson. Mark Ling- 
bam, Stewart and Malcolm. WUma Atklnaoa. 
Cora Hoffcr aad Brelya Lambert. 

Frederick rK>rralne will head tbe 
Barry Tracy, the Outlaw Co.. wblcb Jack Ans- 
let is organizing to play the aootlwra states 
aa soon aa tbe aaanaUac la Ufied. Chaa, 
Weatlabe wm at lasd a — tit t d ag. mt^ 
Saw. 1. aa«»aar 

D. A. Hellman, of the Via Stodi 

Oo.« writes: "Tlila la my fbBrth week ahead 
of tUa cmnpany^aad ao far we bare bnikca 

opera baaw at WIbAmIK wbetc 
played iCfCMIy. aaja It la tbe sIbi 

tolre company lie tias erer played. 

The German Theatre Co. of Cincin- 
nati, which opened Its aeaaon at tbe Grand 
Opera Hooae Somiay evening. Oct. 8. bas t>eca 
engaged by tbe German Society of BvaosTUle. 
Ind. to glee tliree perfomisnce* In thst clQ 
this winter, one to be given In Novemlier, one 
In Jsnnary and the third in March. 

Zaza was put on last week by the 

Spoooer stock Co. at the Bljoa Theatre. Br,.oli- 
lyn, nith Edna &Iay Spoaner In tbe leaillng 
mle. Aagoatua PblUipa apfteared in the lead* 

tng male role, and lUai Ollre OtvTC had the 
comedy part. 

Al. Martin's U. T. C Co. has dia- 
peaspd witb the parade, aad la tralarlag tb*' 
i>Ig band In dally toat e ils «a tbe strsets. It is 
repoMed tbat the band drawn the larfCf 


Uncle Si Htisklns, under tbe man- 
ageawat ot C. 8. Prlmroae, opeaa Its tblid 
i ta si B Bear Ghlcago. Not. 1. Mr. frlamae 
writes tbat be will carry eigliteeo people a 
band and orcbeatra, and all new spedal 

Fletcher Smith has Just closed a 

twenty weeks* engagement as general arent of 
(lirden's Uncle Tom's Cabin Co.. and s]gne4 as 
lin.'lneRS manager for tbe esatem Wnmsn 
Ambwt Woman Co., opcalag at Caibaadale. 
Pa.. Oct. 0. 

Jane J. Kennark opened her season 
recently at Ashnry Park. N. J., as Roma la 
Tbe eternal City, Wnilam E. Bonney playea 
Psrld Busal and Emnaett C King the Bana 


Harry Mayo Is managing Rowlaad A 
ninonra Buteia Dora Thome Co. Bany wiile 
■nd laiassid A Mine Inning Flnlah. wMfe ap- 
peared la TaaderUIe last seaaoo. 

The Shaw & Gallagher western New 

York Players Co. played tlie Sheldon MemiTial 
Theatre. Bed Wing, tUmm., recently te aplea- 
did ' ' 

Juliette DeOrisBoan and Edward 
Treror doaed with the Her Wedding Day Co. 
Sept. 23. 

It is reported that the Adalr-Grow 
Stock Co. closed reiy aaddcnly at Olcsn, N. X.. 

Sept. 16. 

Ben. Hahn Is prepailBg to pat out 

vnto KnoK haa 
.crtnSaS 'lNr.'hMa i 

deddad ta 

The Madcap Prineeas is to be put 
on tbe road shortly by the Baiplii Amose- 
ment Co.. recently hMnr|MtBt»d by William J- 
nnkrr and Frrderirk Bearingtoa, of Boehcater. 
and Alonio B. Bradley at Hew Terk. 

James Redfem MBaon. mvalcal edi- 
tor ot tbe Post-Rxpresa a( ■aAtsOT; 
will lecture on Music of 
tbe (3ook Opera Hooae. 

Ed. C. Hays 
Sun Minstrels are 

OCTOBEK 14, 1905. 

Xlie Billboar<) 





23 Oxendon 

L»ondon Rialfo 

C. C. Bartram. 

Tel. Garrard. 

TcIfT. Hr.:ttlicr. 

v_ I 



■ SN'T It marvelous bow the man- 

I \e<t« of the theatt«« and WMk 
I UMMkm alunc toectberf Juat Ilk* one 
M (tmlly — Bsbtlnk all ttae time. Wr 
IbMRkt «» kad aeen tbe end of the -Skelcb" 
ronirormy. Bat. aol Tbr Oas e( trnc* baa 


)eeii lulllfd - . „ ^ 

ror metrad baMBIllca. and witk laa r iaa fi 
As In IMH. the Palaw baa bKn 

pMkfd oDt br <k* Theatrlral Uanaem' Ano- 

tixlon for tb* opcnliw of tke — 

jgcr Alfrrd Bott h«» taaalTC 
Ue Tbntrical Managers' 

tkat If Geo. R. Slma* BeTlrir, whtefa la 
t( tr pndaced on tbe 2Stb of September, In- 
frinen tbe Art of nuUamfDt a "Mag' 
play." tbey will pot Ik* kHMr IM» th» tmatm 
of their aullcltor. Tke Act of rtullMBcnt n- 
Kned to la an old law'^hlrb was paasrd 
lg tke days wben miiale balls bad^ot attained 
to tbe dlddlT of T—d wlll*. Tl^ worm- 
ratrn IsW Is draSStd Mk tk W' S iUj. 

for nblcb It was nrrcr lalndfd. Tkm la no 
doabt la anxbody'a mind tbat wbat are known 
ta Eaclaad aa "Sketcbea" or one-act playa (be 
It cooedr. apeetacalar, ar dnunatle) ara Utecal 
la the Basle "^Jjj^^^^^ wfcfcfc acMi aaly 
tbroagb baTMK ~ 
lUh ICElalatata 

tested tkat a law ' ke ' pawd aad aabatttated 

tor tbis old act, which woald limit tbe mnalc 
kail sketcb to tblrty mlDntea and Ore char- 
Tbia was agiccd t» hr some of the 

*s as esni p ta m l s e . sad kas* satkRvd aader 

tbe banner of "Free Trade In Tbeotrleala.** 
cUlmIji£ It as the rlfibt of any manager to 
(ndacr wbaterer atrle ot prrtknuace on bis 

asm ia tkii aoat BataMllr. nrtr. rtcfat. 
ron prodnce stsge plsjs In' tbe mosle ballx. 
and we must be allowed to permit smoking In 
And so. tbe vwsHoa stands. 

sC tka 

are trying to present tbe mnsle ball managers 
from prododng a atyle of performance for 
whleb tbeie ia a decided deaund la tbe balla. 

km Ik w «MB« IB tbe 

time tbe theatre manageis tkemaelres 
"sketches." "reyleirs" and similar 
as "doable" and ~tt»ble" bills. 
• "le Hf " «M too MaK for 
a wkole ctcalasa ertwta lawnit. People cron- 
weary of it. Tbetefore, not bSTlnx the nec- 
easarj racllltles Tor Blllns np the bUI with 
other lUms, tbe theatres diaeardad tbe seetaw. 

ate, a bad In na m eufc 


Htas Lottie Venne, who plays the 
leadbic part In tbe comlns Palace Rerlevr. was 
In a short review done st the Coart Theatre 
In 18B3. named Under Tbe Clock. Tbe tanious 
Bappy Land at the same bonse twenty rears 
befoic was praetlrsU; a rerlew, and formed 
paif of a "mixed" bUl. Veatrio. ■Izty.aesen 
ycaia kack. did a reelew railed Tke Drama's 
I«*ee. ae a Peep at Tbe Past, at tbe Lreenm; 
bnt tbe flnt pleee of tbe elaaa was Sm-cess. or 
A Hit If Too Like It. at tbe Adelpbl In 1X25. 
Two deeadca later at tbe Haymarket. Planebe 
M Sknttaer mmed the Drama at Hume, 
■kCKlu aorh famooa people aa Charles Math- 
ena. rrlellla Ilortea {afterwards Mrs. Oer- 
msn Reed) and tb* gtvat Ura. Olorer ap- 
peared. Tb* amiapol7 of tbe "lesltlmatr" 
r tka lance bonacs and tbe teatrlc- 
tk» "minor" theatres bad been 
a short time prerlonsly, and "free 
la aranaement was established. In 

Tka Oaldre Fleece of 
I tr aiVNAmasee of Antl«oMv 

kataaa playing aad tbe still 

llThig Ulsa Rprnalds, In ISM; Bnrkstone's 
AFcent of Monnt Pamassns. and Webster at 
Home l a Adelpbl Fare of Three Beamsea and a 
"*■■(*( wm an t erlew ei a. Shm Mr. nUp 
Vaik piiaiBMd a Terr amUttoaa tveW at 
tka Tlmlt only a few rears since and without 
^Iwllfiente. So what reason then, other than 
Jraioasj of the kDcceM of tbe kalla can be 
rut forward hr Ow ttMtta aaaaBV Sir Ibli 
renewed acttoDT DUfM tt H. 100. tkst tbe 
TUeatnral Manaicm' AsiaelatloB — ^laricely eom- 
IM>Wd of the lessees of prorlnclal playhouses. 
*ho bare nndoDbtcdIr I»U veiy aerctrlr tke 
«<nitietitioB aC ibe MMie MMb— Md an mt- 
i>o««d to Uke a d» a ta » a( tbe sMet letter oT 
the law In order to depriee Ibe pnirlnrial halls 
of one of their moae Important classes of st- 
tractions, and therefore. Is tbia acUoa are alm- 

ins at the ptoTtaecs ewr Loadaa's kbooldtr. 
Kor ara the tbtatikal aaaaim all aa tke 

"What can It hurt Mr. Tree If music halls do 
a three hour's drama? Can tln\v dt» It as well 

as be can! If they caa be must give way— hat 

It thv aaa «• ft 
at iMy*s ar iba Oaletr. thir 


beat as— but 

"On tbe otki 
all around. If 
at Her UaJeit7%*.IK 
bava uMin; la tki 

bare tt. It wl 

It amt be free trade 
to hare smoklnir 
It. It I want to 
t DBtra,- Itt ma 
a baabropt. tbat Is 

certain, but let me do It. If I want to. I 
might like to be able to allotv smoking In cer. 
Uln parts ot the Calety. which draws a dlf- 

"Bat an tbia aaikbUng aa to wbeiker six or 

the law5 of supply and demand. Ttieieforc. 
a ten per cent. Increase In the anpply muat 
caube a proportionate decrease la tk^ 
reanltlng in a reduction of prices; 
artist Justly srsvea. tbe fltfoeea 'aiw eren 
greater. A sketch scldoB rms ten - thsn 
twenty-flre minutes, which mesns tbe time 
>>f at leoRt two turns is oecnpled. thus reduc- 
ing the demand twenty Instead of ten iter 
cent. Further, a sketcb* to work oat even the 
thinaast plot, most hare the MB. .,tlMa : toe 
which It waa written, and this can ' not be 
much under halt an hnur. This means. In 
the two-bousi a a -BlSkt system, tliat each mnsic 

iiall iDtn pNfMr. BMUt let thnragh tbclr acta 

so tbat a tamr 
utes moat do tbek aat' la ;.lfa 


Bow dUBcnlt It Is for a performer to "mske 
sood" Id tba abort time alknrcd to tbe arer- 
ise tn» la.'tha ;iiwamBt;';ij— is is wen 

knows to neat Ameiteaa acta tbat base played 
In England. And when all tbIs Is conaldereil. 
together with tbe fact tbat the sketcb people 
ire all drawn from tbe theatres, or ootslde the 
uinal Wljplf at Kill tUtab lt l».aatvti> 
wondered at tbat tbe BMMt ban aitMi^ . aa a 


The theatrical managers say tbat If we In- 
fringe tbe Act of Parliament they will pcose- 
eute ua for prodoelng a atage play. I co^ 
tend tbat It is not s stsge play: there la aa 
connected plot thvoosh It. and. atthoQSk- aa- 

the first few algbiB ll.'aMr''raB ai((ir;'.tba -tlma' '. 
HucKeated. It hks been my determlnatlaa: Isi^' 

get It down to the limit reconimeuded. 

"It would be exceedingly unfair and a ' 
atrfctloo of trade If tbe theatrical manageea': 
are c»faw to peosecnle the Palace arhlbt ther '. 
allow mneb more elaborate ptudnetlons to go 

on elaewliere. We do not want to do any- 
thing which can be regarded as unfair to 

tba tbeatte maoasets. We are merely trjlng . 
toi sita. 'ttexvabUai'-a;.-. 

The premiere of Dick Hope with ' 

which Mr. and Mrs. Kendall opened tbeir Loo- 
don treason, took place on Saturday laat at 
the St. James'. Dick Hope Is essentially a 
triumph for tke actor tkoosk kardly a tilnmpk 
for tbe playsrrlgbt. Barelr kaa Mr. Kendall 
had so good an opportaalt7 aa ke kaa ia the 
character of tbe hero. and. althoasb Mrs. Ken- 
dall found In tbe heralae no special accaahm 
|(ar:.:tha.aa*rclse of her sapteme artistic glfta, 
^-'tnidVta full such ebancea aa were pat la 
her way. On Dick Hope, tbe giod- te mp e r ed 
drunkard, tbe man who bad most of the sir* 
tnes of msnUness escept tbe power of self-> 
control, snd on Msijorte LysU. the seatla^ 
kindly, warm-bearted woman, who was apt to 
and beiaelt In tke 
owing to aa iunal 
on these two ckaraetera tke. wkele kordee at 
tbe play rested. Without them It woold, la- 
deed, have been poor stuff. But the reoalt 
waa an ondoaktcd aacccaa. for. whalesec nay 
hare been tka-'doMMielca of tke aloqr^V' 
who Interpreted to aa Its ptbelpal' 'e 
brought to their task so flne a senne of dram- 
atic effect and Buch Interesting IndlTtdnallty 

that we forgot esetythlns else la tbe 
of tbe-actM-:)Atl 
enttwwiastle. and at 'the fiiil oe the daal car- 
tain' tbeie was no question tbst certsln hnman 

and emotional elements In the play bad toocbcd 
the Imagination of the audience, and made a 
masterful appeal to tbelr sympatbles. 


The arrangements for a permanent 

French .theatre In London prorlde for a noTd. 
scheme, which wtU he completed dodaa tka 
next few weeks. 

Tbe playhouae favored for this Theatre Fran- 
ca la in London la tbe Royalty, which poo- 
cesses many sdesntsges for such an expetl- 
raent. It la In tbe heart of tbe Preneb qtaar- 
ter. ,It la well known to all Continental rhd- 
tors to the capllal. aad It la, la atae, Jaat the 
bijon tbeatro tkat' the ..aoalaaa. 'n«ilHa'.ak.';ito.' 
Inltisl stage. 

If the negotiations are satisfactorily car- 
ried on^ klme. Bejana will atar with a ala 
weelcR* or a two montba* aeaaott la tbe eom- 
ing . wtntee. 

only five characters shall be allowed In a music 
baU sketch, aad If It sbsU be only tw«nty-A«a 
riilaama oa aalr a issilss aC aa hsor I saa 
aU IMi la fblMkh." 

That there ta a bealtby demand for the 
"sketch" Is proren by tbe fact tbat cme now 
srldoto atea a bni wbleb doea aot aanonnce one 

Wbea sack wrlttea aa Mma. 

robs torn tbelr attention to tbe "ballh' 
must be "something doing." for tbcaa 
are not In tbe baalaesa for sloiy. 

la <ae wee* lb 
Hist time were The Hew 

VUlon. Wbat Railings Did. 
Retribution, and Sal Hawklafl^ 
would probably not be more than 
each week during tbe "sesson." 

Considering tbe demsnd for 
JfClKan writers sboold be rarefal to eopy- 
llgbt tbelr works In England, and "clinch" 
tbst copyright by a "stage-right ptodaeHoa." 
for I bare only lecenlljr 
sketcbes on tbe meal -kalir* 

d ha Mat. . 


There Is still another aspect ot the 
pioUoa. aad tbat ftoa tba .yotot of 
etoir of tba naale ball pnlnaer. ' rlrat and 

foremost tbe sketch llgnies aa a eompetltor 
in his particular market. At an aeeiace of 
one sketch to each music ball programme, tbe 
number of aratlable turns Is Ineteawd ten per 
rent. And nowadays there aie few pcrform- 
crn «bo are aot tberwubly aefoatotad 

body, are rather on tbe side of the Ttapstrlcsl 
Manaeers' AasaclattoB In thla oontroTersy than 
on the side of the maste ban 

Of.eoniMi'.llin* to an 

the skctehca. a* well ~'" 
has watched tbe progress of tbe TaodCTllIe 
theatre In America, since It was first devel- 
oped from the older rarlcty, wtU know tkat 
t«»JMa««JV . tkaaMaal 

patronage away from the tbeaties. Whether, 
howerer. the sketcbea bare or bare not In- 
cieaaed ttae patronage ot tbe TandeTlUe tkea- 
la piopoctlDa aa thcr base l acreased the 
ot tnraa and tke time oeeapled: to 
other words, whether they hsTO created their 
own audiences. Is a question not ao easy to 
solre. But whether or no, the sketcbes bare 
Improred tbe rartety bnslnesa for rarlety per- 
formers, Btni the latter look upon tbe former 
aa unwelcome Intruders, and UaaM tke maa- 
agers for engsglng them almplr -bocaaaa "UMJ 
are cheap and fllllng." 

In aU probability the first case tbat wm 
be heard in tbe Courts . as .a result ot this 
newly laaugnrated crass de of the Tbeatrlcal 
ManagMC AHoeUUoa will be btaM si 8ept. 
30, on wkleb dato tbe 
ton Bmpif* bale .boai 
ing tbe petCaoaaaaa/aC a 

Usnager Batt. of the Valaee. aaya ol the 
warning at T. II. A.: "I am trying to 
do emTtblos la av power to keep mj Bemea 
witkto the Ibaltt upon which tbe theatrical 

Twaaj Broutfi MISS 
seiiallde' cootae to accepting tbe veidUt 'et tba 

public, and, of course, tbat otfeied by tbe box- 
once r^^ms, on An Angel Unawares lo de- 
ciding to withdraw tba plcec at the sad of this 
week,- . 

AdTant^ga baa bcca ' tabea at' tbe coBCbi> 

Blon ot the run of An Angel ITnaararea hy 
Mr. Weedon Groasmltb to secure Teny'a tor 
tbe transfltt eace o f The DaSer fnna tbe Oeacdr 

due oii 'WedoasdaF' iwat to apca to On Tbe 

Quiet. • 


There is a question of a short sea- 
son of Anstrlan light comic opera to London 
by a company ftom Vienna next aummer. A 
local Joutnallst says tbat the promoteia leem 
to hare been Inqdiad.'br tba tact tbat King 
Edsratd during bla recent stay at Uarlsnhad, 
always attended the theatre when aa Aoa. 
trtaa comic opera waa performed, and blB.a». 


'.It is announced ttiat Mr. James 
Welch, the popolar. eoaedlaa, baa acvlced a 

nest year, when be proposes to prodoee a a^. 
Hca oC new playa. 

The lilfe of a Showman, produced 
at the Datoton Theatre this week. Is a play 
it .lMd. Haea. combining Tcty rler- 
«t drama and rartrty. The 
aiMhcM ':aiw-.JHaBa. Cbas. DaneO ai 


The plaFhonse In ShafteSbn^. 
nne In which Ur. Seymoar IIMa sai 
Frobman are Interested Is. after all. to ha 
called Tbe Hicks, a title sugcestlre ol dUB- 
caltlia with the avitate aaoog tbe ' ■ 

. ' At ' tM "odndhnlan , of the run of 
mm **lit at Hii MalealjrX Mr. TtT-*™ 
pnidoea a great spectscolsr plsy, eotltlcdMn^ 
wklek to turn will be followed by taa et Mt 
with Mia Viola Ttce to the tlila ids. 


Xtie Billboard oeroMi h isos. 

in his wioJuw at tlie St. Francis 
and tallied about bU wit. Bat 
ef cDonie tliat wa^ not Uie llnit 
I tblng we taliird about. In tlie 

spell of Mr. Lackaye'^ snperior intellieence 
evra tbc dramatic critics ac\4ulres tacc 1 
wondered casiiallj If the actor, trained to clerer 
talk b7 dCTcr aatbors, is not tiie onlr cns- 
todiaa of tlie art of conTeniation, now tliat 
oor dtODrr (oUu bare fallen to dropping tlieir 
flnal g'm ajjd adopting tlie phrases ' of the 
. V-'tarf and the rSng. The cxnestioa was casaal. 
.' JCC direct, and Mr. Lackage answered with a 
,. inapt "Xn." As well as one of tlie wlt- 
".V", Mstfc r a > ■ the attmlsMcM talkar I know. 
rt<to'-:|iMi*iMtlM«ladeA' BoacBt he aw- liaTe 
k.<AMMn!*'<MBaMt;-:M.iiei<r.aar; aae'tfac^''' He 

{ '<S\-^SSKS£Siil£^ the 
'■'•\WKf^ 'MV* ttsfc:- B B Waay - jpt%t t t fff •* wliit" 'you 
' Tpieaaia ta call the ait of . c o m t iaa tlon. 

'iVhe actor Uvea ia •plsram — b«cmiia« be works 

,: tt It. When a cood anther writes a good 
play he indnleea in an the Tlrtuca of omis- 
■fam;. he >Tvlda the tilte ana comiMa-pIace, 
oc else be Dtteis tbcm In newtonB. He, pre- 
sents clerer persons hot as cleTer persons oiiial- 
ly'are. hot as they ooRht to ' be. 

"Yob ma7 remember." he went on. "when 
one of yoor local dramatists, 'WilUam Greer 
Harrison, retumins from New York told bow 
stupid was the oonreraation of the aatliors be 
had met there. Mr. Hantaan was sincere and 
tmtbfol. bat he eecdaakcd « potnt: when the 
pmetleal author , has a sand ' tUnr to sar 
ttTca It to sen.'* 

"And the actorr* I asked. 
Be smiled In Ills cnried mnstache. "Ob. the 
aajS It;- and then tells his prpfis acent, 
iWBitt hlttady narrated." He smiled 
' ' - him. for 

V^Jj Mfiui. ■•."•MM .his etsaiettc, he dedaicd 

■'''^ t'-A!P« P»^-JH»:'iPI«llJ|t ■.'fcpsg: fcw , people that 

yiw* 'mmt-vm ^wIIVhbm 'tte eooTerae is 
tnie. too. And dont yao -kBDir ' Ifa a fact 
) that people who talk In fnlnm^^ balance 

thair artitracca trtgbttn hair .'the.- ■ a s pi c tisat 
CO to dinners and bao tke-' initl?;.'' 

I nodded assent aad:Xtii0 , t* i liik like 

■ man of tlie world. 

"And," he came In stro ng ly , •that's where 
the actor is dllferent. Caring nothing tor fad 
or form, be win take a chance at aaylne 
■omething cleTer. eTen at the risk of partins 
the party in the middle. Whereas the arer- 
age 'fat and ereasy dtlien' says: 'I want to 
eat my dinner quietly. I don't want to be 
all the while on a mental Jump.' " 

"1 should imagine." said 1. "that what com- 
monly is called the brlUIant dinner exists 

from Tonr point of view — only on the stncf — ?" 

"Well." Ljickaye compromised, "we can't be 
funny to order. Tliat reminds me of a story 
an Beck, one of the mawwen at the Onbnim 
▼ndCTflle Circuit. ZlttnT ap^DM taldm 
* an engagement. 

you dor said Beck. 

said the applicant 

.. . langh.' said Beck. 

M -jT- — ^■'I'loa proposition what iMa arc 
fej«K:iPa^ee lahghter oth«- 
jJVJte-^lhekaye commented, 
■^■t amoBi^ the ma e l ee a actass 

tor the phrase.' iam't tkvT* I 

"Tea, most actors like tt." k* aMrnvd 

, phraae-maktns becomes a haMt: tCt almoRt 
snbconsdoos. But I^re shasssoC* ■ thnt moat 
people who are aeeoxi >-«C ..WKfeal Mnianry 
hare Rood memories a''ci(tab tMUtr In 
renorathiB old irsBs." — 
■ "And after HI." I mid. "does It pay to be 
a gratnitrns wit?— to spear 'em with a Jest?" 

•Epigrams nere r ate pqpnlai- with the fel- 
SZL"^™y fj!g^:< ^ *^ H» panaed 
■ftar that •pIpHK.-.liivHbB aaotbar qnes- 

-kI^'' ^ "I^<*«5-«'." 1 ««ia. "I'm 

. ' SSSIHSL ' becanse 1 share the popnlur 

, • anperantlon that pmclalms yon a wit Yon 
- are a witty man. Yon can't assume that yon 

axe not a \rltty man." 

C- _'.T^^ ^'V^ '■^"'^ >>» tepH'O 

>• wltbont pain— slmpLr — erer so honestly; "bnt 

; ■ I have a wider repntatinn as a nasty man. 

■ It all comes of teillos the truth as j-oo see 

It— or as yon ssy It. .V fellow came 

.. one night in the Lambs, and told me that I 

' was learing a trsln of enemies behind mi> 

;■ •Wby don't yon Jolly themr he said. I said 

C. that I aKRomed that fellows In a clnb llhp 

:■ the Lambs' know that things are said not with 

: Uttatncsa. hnt atmply for the laneh. -in 

Caet;* I said, "yon Mess eTerybody and I damn 

ete M t wdr . and aettber-of im la on the lereL' 

. ."Tbe aaan I was tandaK to is . the dab's 

.^r rhsiiipiiai Jollier and tU as n. 1 went ao far 

as to write an epitaph on bbn." 

"Out with it!" 

Mr. I.ackaTe twisted a new kink in his 
^ mustache while be retreated Into his mem- 
^, oiy. In a few seoonda he redted slowly: 

Stop, stranger, here and dnp a tear 
That Im, It yon can find one. 
He neyer said a and thing 

— 4u r — 

lament If their ilgnatnrei were annexed to 
that. But to go on with Wilton Lackayc'a 

prose — 

He iangbed like a boy. He liked it as well 
ss 1 did. "Isn't that." he Uaghed. "laa't that 
a good epitaph Sor a Osd M>«« jtmu ciiapl 

"Jimulc Bdtl. the pdssMuar. saw a few of 
them In that p h MM ia i rh Ihe Examiner' pub- 
ilabcd of his hasaaait hy BatUmg Xel^son. 
In that ptotggfapli- the Brltts detected a lot 
ol aod4iltns-yoa-]lBniIe fellows lauguing at 
JImade's defeat. I abonldn't like to have my 
langb In that picture and then meet a Biln 
on a dimly lighted street." 

"Wliy la the pickle so poignant 
rare. Wilton 1" said I. " 

"The pickle!" . . ■ 

"WeU. caU it 

Hp took add. 

••Wbat I say Is merely observation pins 
misclf. I don't feel acidulous. These tricks 
of life are funny to me. I barcn't a txagic 
liver. 1 look on life as a AaaajNfir* ^paA-.l 
suppose I'm a cynic." -' 
"Wliat's a cynic?" said I. 
■"A cynic," said be, measuring bis words, 
making the phrase perfect. "1 think a cynic 
Is a mua that is clever cnoogb to sec tbines 
as thcr are and ass enon^ to aay aa."- 

A new cIgaretU pot a pttM 'tpnttat; v^^Chen 
he coDtiuaed; 

"Personally I've never met a man who Is a 
cynic In expretision who is not kindly in 
fact. Sjdney Grundy, who Is a eyulc, de- 
trndrd himself In bis play of The Silver Shield. 
1 Kave you the line twelve years ago: let me 
give it to you again: 'A cynic is a poor fool 
who, pott^itoto- w«s*4tha,hatakaaaa' that wise 
•■^--|.l|!(|ilS;*a*|*iiJ.wdi|Bto.; deeds the 

Lackaye';^aBM« -'ai«r '.'ttat hit of Grnndy. 
"isn't It- a'.perteet'.'S suttauT ap a rt from the 
thnnclit Kpsn'f IT the . woodcrfU halaneey 
And we claan torvot ahop. and went sUpplns 
along frmi anthor to author, from wlf to 
wit; and ftniaUy to oe^rapapers. 

There yon . haw IVllton. Lackaye's microbe 
He is the best newspaper _readet I taiOir. He 
reads a paper from .editorial.^ tO'''ads. He 
Imows the beat auction .of. ^the .A^r.-'and tbe 
hour at which. It .wlll'-opeii.-'.-< He! baft^ paifcet- 
tul ot cuppings tbat ' range; 'tromfAMcMI to 
comic opera. , " :;. *.*. -Ln '^a.'''"- 

1 . atked him^ wby^*. : , 

^'Weli." fae 'saia with'-%ifr bands up. 

In my walk can't hope to get much comfort 
out of the merchant or-the purk packer or the 
roaring attorney. I <i^lgbt t>e more polite and 
say that those and 1 do not keep the same 
bonrs. The hours of the newspaper man are 
almost like mine. We play while ottiera sleep. 
We both deal in worda. I read newspapeta be- 

- " In 


"Define tbe good one," I demanded. 

"Knowledge pins sympathy," be aaabed. 

"And minus cynicism?" I aaggested. 

"Not at ail necessary. Cynldsm does not 
ezelade sympathy." And ha waa qnlto ae- 
tiaoa ahont It. 

I MM tfeht kt kat yet to Mae the sond 

He brooded ten aeeonds. then slowly die- 

"Talent, technique, and an Ideal." 

"Hmt akoat tte rise of the hradr* 
"Ofc I Mat " " 


Splclt NIcht Mlt Dem Feoer (Don't Ploy with 
Fire), a tbtee-act farce by (5. von PuUiz. wa.s 
put on at the Irving naee Theatre, New York 
City. Vanday eeealag; Oct. S. The cast: 

HdnHek Wiafkicd.......H« 

•4«»«««V«**'«'^ .Otto Oitbert 

Berr "WMm Max Hanaeler 

Xetteben .......... .Elizabeth Ariaana 

Mincben ....Sophie Grosser 

.\llce TOO Walden.-..Hcdwfg von Ostermann 
Pappel Willy Frcy 

The lively farce served to introduce Sopble 
Gnisser as tbe new Ingenue to the clientele of 
Ihe Inrlng Palace. She was accorder a mus- 
ing welcome. Hermann Hadolph was another 
liew player to Ihe German audiences. He was 
receised v,wtlll. math torn to the sate of Bela- 


»lr wwk^ Aad lUb* a 
;;DdjMjy7 -add I. ^. 

should hare a pabcyw ast a paHcr 
catering to' a^y apertal- dato^ bat 
npliolds fine Ideals and stands tor 

wlthoot fear or tomr. And all the 
have noticed that as soon as a iwsc 
overabundance of high class it doCM't 
enough reporters to dig and write the 

I believe In printing all the legitimate 

I dont' believe that any man in tbe conduct 
of ids boslneaa — newupaper or otherwise — ^li^l^ 

do anytblDc In a pntCHtanal capacity which 
ha has to snalattot tor ta Ms pclvate -Ida- 
tioas. That ladiii^ omio.- *^ 


These devcr Impenonaton ct Befaiew 
cimraetcr arc tUa toasoo featnred with V. M. 
Tbels'f Wine. Woman and Sons Co., appeartac 
In the thcalscs. eaatnlbd hy the OdaikUa 
Amnsaaseet OSw Baik have KsasaaiHe parts. 
Sam nawa hrtoc tha .a s to iilpa l eamedlan 
show. JUT, nawa has mm' ifee mtt part 
of tbe haitoa«Ba aad has staatd ttt and 
malntolaB tlW f l w i rt •vttMaa «C tka per- 
formance bsUaa tkp aams Hap. Xhalr apce- 
lalty In the oil* Is alaalni oatoMirfallaa ftom 
tbe audience wh e i ee a t -thv aiMK aad ftib 
work In the b a r l eaqt li ciiiiitoMi Oc b«M 
they bare done in that Use. 


Above appears Jotepb E. Hatfield, of th.- 
FTatfleld & Donnelly Minstrels. Mr. Hataeld 
\'.a^ bad a varied cai'ppr as a Rhowman. Over 
twenty years ago he went out on the road as 
treasurer of the prlvih ire.* of tbe Anjlo-Amer- 

ican Cln:u5 and iU riaf;«.T!e owned by Miles 
Ctrton. lie follo;ve,l tbia work for one sea- 
son, when be was appointed at;ent of the In- 
.slde privileges of IIm? same show. Tlie fol- 
lowing seasoD he Joined the Al. G. Field 
Greater Minstrels as "programer." Soon after 
this he was appointed advertising asent. He 
served in this capacity ttree years when he 
became the ceneral ugent of the company for 
part of one s*aMm. He was also assistant man- 
ager for one season. When he severed bis 
connection with the show. Jan. 23, 1905. be 
was doing the dotles of advertising agent. 
He was In tbe employ of the Field forces 
twenty years and Ave months and In all 
that time never lost a single week tbrongb 
sicknets - or other cause. In addition to 
his theatrical work he baa enodueted a ren- 
acd same an htata at.. Calnsihaa. O. tor ser- 

Ttae annual entertainment and reception of 
Major John W. Burk will be held at Uie lodce 
snd assembly rooms of tbe B. P. O. Elks, 
Firty-nlnth atttet and Eighth arenoe. Colum- 
hoa Ciri li , Mew Taste CHy, Wednesday emung, 
N'oT. 1. Sha aataetoamat to to be nder the 
auspleea aC It* O. A. B. PgaM; Soaa oC Vet- 
erans. Army aad Rasy CBioa. 1l|ianli> War 
Veterans, and their &adln^ AnnlailaiL and 
numerous friends and theatrical people^ Amone 
other features there is to be a big TandertUe 
feaftt under tbe direction of John P. Hogan. 
n^%Mei by J. Norcross. Panl Dresser. Ren 
Rhldds and Fred Ntblo. On the cnmmltte of 
arrnngementa are Tony Pastor. Lloyd W. Bing- 
ham. Gas Hill, Harry Sandenon. CoL A. T. 
Rmwn. Frank UelrlUe. James Curtain, Wto. 
" ~ NT. aad Rd. BnO. Uajsr Bnfe la 
aC the White Batt ot Amiciea. 


Wtn 7. Bni^ tt ChltMgo, annonnceB that fet 
has compIcWA anaagements to bnlld a theatre 
In Loganspart, lad. Work win begin shortly, 
so that tbe new theatre nay open the Urst of 
next aeaaoa. The Chicago manager further an- 
nonncea that aen aeaaga be will control thea- 
tres to taHiTCMi ud Ifande. Be now cob- 
trols Ike JMbnoB n aa ln. tm Oeshen and the 
OUeac aafl AaMtoriBto ttaatoai to Santh Bend. 


.,.^*S!*^. HSti*** *■ ^ PranclBco that 
the Oeatod Xhiatsa mv abortly change Inter- 
ests. FM. MuesMta that such reports 
are tme. It to naOMMaat ttat Ur. Belaseo's 
Arm holds the thsati a aalnr a lease Itom T. 
R. McNeal, who has the Itoalu IcaacA from 
the owner, A. B. UeCrcety. Ito. »itosia"s flee 
yeara' lease expires to a Aatt ttaHL tat 

has,the i«ht ut laaewi ' - - «^ -'^ 


The above Is aa ezeeUent likeness af Cheva- 
lier DeLoris, who has perfected one of the 
jrreatest drawlac acta ever seen wB any stage. 

Mr. Deliorls' act eoosists o( artlatle, and. above 
all, expert ahnetlng. which baa woo for him 
the title of tbe greatest of all marfcamen. Oe- 
I.orls makes his appearance on the stage with 
two assistants, and proceeds to do faoey 
shooting, one of the aasUtsnts holding up min- 
iature Clay balls which are broken between bis 
Angers. The marksman then goes to the bal- 
cony from where he extlngaUbes with light- 
ning rvpidity twelve candles, arranged six la 
a row upon the stage. Again on the stage 
DeLoris passes ballets throogb finger rings 
held between the fingers of an assistant. Shoot- 
ing twenty-five bullseyea in nine seconds, an- 
other of his feata. appeara impossible, but It 
Is made a fact by DeLoris. By that time tbe 
audience Is willing to concede that DeLoris' 
dalm to the title Is correct, hot they are even 
aMre astonMied when be bieaka a ^aas baO 
pitosd on hia head by shoottov the trlgcn at 
• SBB placed oppodte him an tbe atace. A 
woman comes oa lha staas. Me b taWtr 
OiaMbed ty tbe mMamam wfep Maato toe bac- 
tsas or her ganaaBtok- ttc- mWm s from tor 
Umba. and the Jeweto mm' Sir cm 

two pleeca ot aogar, p la c ed ^aa hee head, aft 
broken by two revolrera heU hy DeLoris, one 
In each liand. DeLorto then hito a buIlM-ye 
In tbe centre ot a large American eagle, which 
flaps ita wings, rlnga a goog and canses to 
unfold an Immense American flag, besides pro- 
darlne brilliant electrical effects. Vpoa his sec- 
ond appearance DeLoris plays npoo the Ar- 
mored Piano, of which he Is the lnvent»r. Two 
distinct songs. Yankee Doodle and Coullo' 
Thro' The Bye are distinctly played by the 
marksman, who shoots the discti representlnf; 
the keys. Real bnUets are used, and there 1* 
no fake attempted. 

Sir. DeLoris scored a pronotroced hit at the 
People's Theatre In Cincinnati upon his ap- 
pearance as a special festure daring the ca- 
gasement of the Merry Maidens Co. HU was 
one of the greatest drawing acts erer seen to 

ssahe It appear that Ut. . 
_ aaaa ba to a nedtka to ki 
I eOM iMTtlea. UrTBelaaes ma 


Channlns Pollock's drsmatlisMon of _ 
Nicholson's In The Bishop's Carriage to „ 
Piodoced at Wallack's Tliestre, Oct. 2*. f«- 
lowlng the two weeks' engscement of Joseim 
Jeffcmon. Jr.. la Kip Van winkle. naymond 

HUcbeoefc dnaed at this theatre Oct. 7. and 
Xr. AOeiaa 


Jsmes UcNavin. formerly of Bodiester 
and Stmwater. Ulnn.. bag purchased from 
Uatt Bnsaell the lease on the opera house at 
New Albany, Ind., and will operate tbe same 
tlto aanasa. p to ilm. it la mtdeTstood. the to- 
" — — BIc palranaca to 


Xlie Billboard 


Tb* BUlkMnI waau a 
M*l anir- Mut be 71 _^ 


_ , chy not clnady pnTldad for. Odr ka 
addieu, p«raun«atl7 loeatad. vh« 


Mick k Araod tk* Tiowb Sept. 18; piMMd 
mStt kowr. AL O. field's Mlaatrcls Oct. 
!• jnw Bik WklW 7: lb* OtmatT Cb«l it MB 11. 

CBOT— MMa"* TbMtit (mok P. Full- 
atr. Bsr.) BocMr Bmra 4; McFaddni's Flat* 

UUIJiUS* — Mrrrr'i Opom Boaw (T. P. 
HtdrtMb aV') t-'urman HmImI O— ■<» Cu. 

Uliutiels Itt ^«kH> OlM Co. 



I. — Orphram Thntn <■. B. PIrtie, 

.) Xncktr Stuck Oa. ScpC 
cawraiv Tttj nod. 

— tnS^S? o( P. Open 

mgr.) Tbe Cratorx 

sood business. 


■n Jam «tck 

I Open Pu n t . Tk« Onad lUlan Open 
with MUc. TMnaatal aa atar w««k 3. 

MajMtle Tbeatn (H. W. Blsbop. mxr.) 
Baniey Beroud In Bis Booor, Tbe nijvt wmk 
2; big boatans. Tbelma we«k 9. 

Alcazar Thracrv (li^ D. Price, msr.) Tbe 
Eternal dty wrrk 2. 

Grand Opera House (S. L. Aekerman. mft.) 
Arliooa week 2; good baalDesa. 

Central Theatre (Geo. B.. Darts, mgr.) Tbe 
Us>>t'boase By The Sea week 2; good pro- 
ducUoD and bnsloess. 

Oliromla Theatre (C. P. Hall, mgrj WU- 
Uama' Idfal Extraragasza Co. week 2; big 
boiuea. Sam Devere'a Co. week 9. 

Orpbpom Theatre (John Morriinr. mgr.) 
Praox Ebert. Maad Edna Ball and Carleton 
Mar. Dlion and Holmes. Bat Uerrltt, Sptiok 
Mlnstrtln. Genaro and Bailey, Uarrj Coraun 
Clark & Co.. rrof. AUinel. and otbera week 2; 
capacity buslnem. 
Flaber'a Theatre (Tony Lnbelxki. mgr.) Mr. 
H. and e. B. Joalyn. Jaa. BIngbam, Fuar 
Pelaaha SerlUe. Frans HcU. Sadie 
. Ur. and Urs. J. B. Dowllnc, and 
plctnies week 2: capacity bostneas. 
... M ftm OOaSN. 808 Market St. 
_ AH OWT i W , M aa— Open Booae (H. C. 
S^ti;. <B^.> «he_Mtaa at Sahi week 2. 
WlitM UdMK In Tkc Pit gnd Ttntr scofM 
n jmnw a i lit wwk aT a^C 9. 

Co.. Hawthorne and Bnrt. Mlgnanl Family. 
Loulae Henrjr and Co.. and Spllk w. »k Oct 2. 

Tke Altar 12: Dora Tbome 13; Ike Mommy 
aod Vke aommlngblrd 14. 


WHJCrueTOlI.— The Oarrlrk Theatre (W. L 
Duekatader. mgr.) Week of 2. TUe Cravers, 
Maud l>ratt-Chai«, Fern CoujeOj Foor. Lurls 
Urluini and Minna Adrliuan, nissrrald and 
Roma SlKirrg, rierce and Ilusflyii, WaierMiy 
Brutbers and Tenuy, Coin's Dug rantomlme, 
and the kluetosraph. 

Lyceam Tlipatre (Daniel Bnmplirlei. mgr.) 
A Sun of Rest did big budlneKS Sept. 2il-30. 
Paris By Nli!ht played to rapacity buuaes Oct. 
2-1. Why Girls Leave Borne <S-T; The Oypny 
Clrl D-H: Wedded and farlrd 12-14: Weat and 
Vukes 10-18; Nettle, Tbe Newaglrl 19-21; Tbe 
Eight Bells 23-2S. 

Urand Upera Bonse (Jesse K. .Bajlls, mgr.) 
Tbe Siioair-Man played to a packed uouw Sept. 
Sd. -Simple Simon Simple played tu good bunl- 
28. *Wa7 Doarn East packed tbe bouiie botb 
iniM l IM and nlsbt as asaal 30. Woodland 
plai*d t» fair boalneaa on. 2. The Majentlca 
8: A Hot Old Tloie 10: Hia. Temple'a Xele- 
■nmU: Tke OaMtr Ckairman M. 

OM Ml 

WR , n i w e r 0»n Howe (B. BlaeUs- 
Bcr.) Bampty Doiaply Sept. IS; packed 
Mad saod sbow. Wild Gsoie CkM» Oct. 

Tbeatre (OUecr Mutu oB B . mgr.) 
Aiuiind Tbe World la BIgfaty Days week 8. 

Belaseo Thratre <J. B. Blackwood. ■8'-) 
BIchard Manaflrld'a Prince Karl tr tke Be- 
Iiico Stock Co. week 2. Buslntes cootliioea 
good at this bunse. 

Grand Opera Bonse (Thomas Baker, mgr.) 
A Hamaa Slave week Sept. 25; good bnslnesa 
and performance. 

Orphenm Theatre (Clarence Drown, mgr.) 
Jnllan Rtlnee, Bockner, Holcombe. CnrtIa and 
Webb. JalMn. Palmer and Jolson. Mlaa Rose 
Stabl Co.. and Francis Gerard Completed a 
good bill week 2; bnalnesa good. 

Cbnies Park and Theatre (Henry Koch, mgr.) 
CblaffBrcH Italian Bank week 1. Adrance sale 
broke all records. Easiness conUnnes good In 
erery re«prot. d. W. FEROUSOM. 

8AK BERKA&SIHO.— Opera Bonae (Martha 
L. Klpllnger. mgr.) York State Folks 22: line 
perfonnanee and good huslnesa. Oscar Dane in 
"•Jekyn and Mr. Hyde Oct. 2. 

Broadway Theatre (E. K. Ussenden. mgr.) 
The Soalhna Qnartet. Thrlma DeVeme. UuWey 
•nd Ward, Madeline Rowe, Frank Coolter. U- 
matrated aoaga and morlng plctares week Sept. 
»:_ good h k rii in tad bin. 

nUMO.— Barton Op ra tfoarr (Robt. O. 
BartoB.agr.1 Qbooa Sept. 88: pleased good 
^ g - - .Ti k_t«te FMka Get. I: Tkk Tay- 

nt 8: Tbe CM FNai Bkrs IS: Sweet Qonr 


0REELX7. — Opera House (W. F. Stephens, 

mgr.) Kolb and Dill In I. O. U. Sept. 20: 

good boslness. The Tenderfoot 23; delighted 

jarge a adlenee. Why Women Sin 25; good 
■■■■eWL Tke Forbidden Land SO. 


^ BRIDGEPOBT— Smith's T^eatre <E. C. 
smith, mgr.) The Duke of Kllllcranklc Sept. 

pood bitalneax and performnnc.-, Ninety 
aad Klne 20-57: large and well pleased »ud 

Msrr. .Vary. Qnlte Contrary 28; good 
When tlie World Sleeps 29-10: good 
. Viola Allen In The Talk of tbe Town 

get, a. eh«Tlock Holm » IX^; I>f,nsm ot Woek- 

■8<nrla 5-d: Mldnleht Bell 7. 

*?~» <>»• B. Mitch U. msT.) Barrowsl-ancas- 
I?'-"-* .M8 Co. and Denierre lieadeil an excel- 
S? ■•"week Sept. 25: good tnislness. Week 
S. IWelre Naeajo Girls. Josepblne Gaas- 
I?"* Jlmm.v Barrr. J. K. Mor- 

S5_*"d Ijtne. Castle and Collins. Ed. 

■Pewit t. 

-BB — ^Ttaraon's Tli^atiV Henrietta 

■ aept. SO; delighted large andlence. 

J™« An» Oct 8: lEra Tlanguay 4; Viola Al- 

Rai lAMd Open BiNiae ™ 
^-) llie SteM Wain: gi__ 


n>st Ufir la 

•ock Holmea M. 

Poll's Theam a KOtV, 
Musical iior... aHnte aa«Vlalet'Ailea Oo. 

2y>5*8ihrk4si — 

Ckace and Weston's 

MltUa rr ^,, Or and (B. I., and J. U SeGlee. 

SkOae Sept. 27.38: good 

. ^ 

•St BMsa'TJOvlVsaB^ iea.) ' Tfie Fkaay Mr. 
Dooley week S; saod boslneas and execUeat 


Star Theatre (7. B. Tbompsoa, mgr.) Van. 
derille. borleaqne and other features are draw- 
Ing good bostnesa. 

ROME. — Neeln Opera Hoose (Jss B. Neeln, 
mgr.) Tbe Seminary Qltl Sept. 2T; guod per- 
furmanee and boslneas. Al. O. Field's Mln- 
stre ls Oc t. 2; big bonse and pleased. 

ATHENS. — Opera House (W. H. Lowry, 
mgr.) Ponce De Laon Comedy Co. Sept. 28. 

good company nod business. A Boocb of 
Keys Oct. 2; One performance and gaud iMial- 
ness. •'■..• 


CHIfHaai iHlhWla Tbntre (Wni J. Darls. 
mgr.) wwk it. Mule OaklU la Muonsblne. 

PowmT iMtie (Btltf Powers, mgr.) 
Week 8, Francis WUaon. 

Gland Opera Bonse (Harry AaUa. mgt.) 
Week S. Alice and Tbe BIgbt PrUinaaia. 

Garrlck Theatre (Samnel P. Grtson, mgr.) 
Week 8. Jefrersoo De Angells In Fantana. 

Oilonlal Theatre (Geo. W. Lederer, mgr.) 
Week 8. Fay TempMsa Vgc«^4«* Mlaatca 
Prom Broadway. 

ADdltorlsm. We« A M. H.' OMm Ik Ut- 
tie Johnny Jonea. 

SIndebaker Theatre (R. G. Harmeyer, mgr.) 
Week S. The Filibuster. 

McVlcker's Theatre (Geo. C. Warren, bus. 
mgr.) Week 8. Blanche Walsh In The Woman 
In The Case. 

LnSalle Theatre (R. E- Maefccy. bos. mgr.) 
Week 8. The Yankee Regent. 

Great Korthem Theatre (F. CL' Mwll^-agr.) 
Week 8. Gay New York. 

Bush Temple Theatre (Blinketk Scho^er, 
mgr.) Week 8. Oat of The FUd by tbe stock. 

Cblcap> Open Bonse (Kobl * Oaatle, mgrs.) 
Week 8. The Load of Kod. 

Olymple Tbcatn (A. Yacdia. an. for Kobl 
& Oaatfr.) WcA 8, Fife Taakta Doodle Boys. 
Orltta WorOeB ft Cb.. Etght Bcdoata Anbo. 
Cbas. Leoaaid Fletcher. West * Tba Main. 
Len Freres Dekock. Mitchell aa< Ckla. Ihe 
Oxford Qnartet. Dili aad V - — - 

Lottie Whlteomb. Bice ani 

Brothers. Daisy Lawrence. Clsncy 
and G. K. Spoor's Klnndrome. 

Baymarket Theatre (W. W. Freeaap. mar. 
for Rohl A (^sUe.) Week 0. Nine IMtabM 
Minstrel Mslds. Franceses Redding ft Co.. 
Four Fanst Family, McMahon and Chappelle. 
Jimmy Wall. Knigbt Brothers and Sawtelle, 
Vlnle DeWltt. The Three Jacksnns, Morray 
K. Hill. Danlng Harris Fonr. Cnrtin and Bloa- 
snm. Fdward LaZalle. Primrose Slaters. Burton 
Jnhnsrn and Geo. K. Spoor's Klnndrome. 

People's Tbestre (WIngdeld, Rowland & Cltf- 
(nrrt. mgrs.) Week 8. stock. 

Colnmhna Theatre (Weber Bras., mgrs.) Week 
8. At PIney Ridge. 

Criterion Theatre (LlncalB t. CMK awr.) 
Week S. melodrsma. 

Howard Tbeatre (D. T. McOogr> rnvr.) Week 
S, vandevllle. 

Albambn Tkeatre (Jamea H. Bimnw. ngr.) 
Week 8. Zanas BaShlo. King of Tha WUd 

IVnr AuMt Imn Tbeatre <Kr«nfc Maple, aagr.) 
Week S, Tanderllle and Cllne'a CHInetnaenpe. 

mjnn Theatre (Wm. Roche, mgr.) Week 8. 
A Usee For Life. 

Academy of Mnsic (Wm. Roche, mgr.) Week 
S. King of The Opium Ring. 

Trocadero Theatre (Barry H. Hedsea. m«rr. ) 

Week 8. Roae Sydelt'a Laodon BeUet BnilM- 
Qiiers. ■ '■ 

Folly Theatn Oka, A. PHMMV, agfJ 
8. hnrleariae. 

White CMF mm Ik Ha aatb nsr.! 
8, Men upalllaB Onksatn aad aatdnae 

Clark Street Mnaenm (Lonia M. Hedges, 
mgr.) Curio hall and theatre. 
r<ondoa Dime Mnaenm (Wm. J. Sweney. mgr.) 
~ ~ ~ aad tkcatre. 

mOATmL— CMKT*a Hmtre (7. P. ~' 
awr.) The Xdttle 

C bmss MaecblDS Booe 88t 

neas. Bit Hearted Jlia Oct. S; PIC PtSi 
Poat 8; LItle Egypt 4-«: lasHiar Ts Tke Oee- 
ter «C Otek Tke aebaal GMIO: Deserted At 

DieaHlaa* Tkantn |l. r. oinn. mgr.) Or- 
eheitn uiaum are tnwlns will. 

Bljan Tbcatn (SIcfkled * Bi 

The UtPtgMf AatMlO PlBl. I<al8 

Sandfwd and DaiUastoa. aad tbe klaadrsaae 
week Oct. S; good bnslscss. Under canras— 
rain's Port Artbnr Sept 27-30; good busi- 
ness and p erformance. 

DANVILLE.— Grand Open Rouse (W. L. 
Kelley. mgr.) WflV Mnaleal Comedy Co. 
Sept as-2T; good baabwaa. Under Southern 
Skies 2S: good company and business. Tbe 
Little Minister 29: cancelled- What Women 
Will Do 30: Big Hearted Jim Oct. 3: Hone's 
Moving Plctnres 4; Des>rted At The Altar 
5; An Easy King 6; As Told In The Hills 
7: Welt's Band 8; The Mammy and Tlie Hum- 
mingbird B; The Geeier ot Geek JO; Wil- 
liams and Walker V2: Bob Fltislmmons 13: 
Alice FULer 14; Vogel's Minstrels 16. 

BUon Tbeatre (H. C Englcdnm, mgr.) 
Floreaee. lUnut .fMn .-aaid- ■ t»* w > . -Jpawy 
Haley aaS- Ma aaa OMna laaak U — 

Aa IkM-iB tkii- 

ao: ftir bMlacM aaa nod fntHmasee. The 

flealaaiT Gin Oct. S; UtHe Mnv Ism m. 

Star Theatre (R. B. Oagoodhy. aigr.) Wedk 
Oct. 2. Casad ahd DeVeme, Daly aad O'Biten. 
Carroll and Clark and tbe moTlag pletoics; 
g6o<I iMislness. 

FORT WATSE.— Jlajestlc Tbeatre (M. B. 
Rice, ntgr.) Tbe Four lluutlnss Sept. 2i:; fair 
performance and business. Gsy Xen* York 27; 
good show and business. The Isle ot Spice 
2S; pi Ased packed bonse. Ilaverly's Min- 
strels 'H: gncd business. TexsB SO; good busi- 
ness and excellent performance. Ttie Trl- 
umpb of Betty Oct 9; Tuo LItle WaMb 
11: Little Johnny Jones 12: What Woosa' WUi 
Do 13; Geo. Sidney In Busy iTZS 1-1. 

FRANKFORT. — BUnn TUeatre (l«nsbr«ke 
& UulTord. msrs.l .\lvln JosUa 38; fair busl- 
nes and company. How* 's Morlng Picture* 
29; fair buslnvris. As Told In l°he IlUla Oct- 
-t; The Isle of Spice G: Souaa's Bsnd 10: 
Tlie Little Itvd School House 11; My Wife's 
Family 13; The Itoyal Chef 17; A Trip to 
Egypt 19. 

ELKBABT Dncklen Opera Bonse (D. B. 

Carpenter, mi;r.) The Flints week of Sept. 
1 25: pleased fslr ^ndlenccS;^ Adrlslde Tbnrston 

boslrirss. Oct. 11; BappT Ward In Tbe Gnfter IS; Me 

jOttET. — Opera Bouse (Chamberlain A Hen- I of Bboog 11; Dalrtd HI g gln a " ' ~ 

18: The. 

Bla Btatted Jim 8. 

dersoo. mgrs.) Boston Novelty Co. Sept. 25; Chef 23; Artbar Dnna My 
good show and fair business. Two Little 20; Tl« Uttto MtaJrtee ^ m,..^ W- 
Wslfa 28; fair performance and- good business. L()OAinm»BS.^T««irll5g« Tbrgtte (JBO. Jfc 
pleased fair business. The Kilties Band ?25'%i.J'Ti^ oJXT Maw^^lJSt dffl 

two good houses. Haverly's Minstrels 2; The P>0d hon»e._ • <»0,jg»tk«a_ M f ». P**"** 
Mumiy and The Hnmrnlngblrd 5. _ I S^l**; ,,5i±ii2^iJS: J?^52 iffrSe mSI 

Grand Theatre (Louis tloldberg. mgr.) The ^"'SSS J^^L^j'^iLiy ^ ?f gnlcTv 

Fonr Rlanos. The Three Hy lands. Ileclow and S«ir . r,„ff^,-5^ qC^PaJiS. WIdEim I' 
Wheeler, Frank Ckimar. Giles Harrylngton, Tw» JJttle.Wal& T: Tke Pailslaa Widows ». 
Florence Arnold and the polyscope week Sept. 
25; good business. Week Oct. 2, Mr. and Mrs. 
Jule Walters and Co.. Trask and Gladden. 
Campbell and Brady, and others. 

ttUUfCT, — Empire TUeatre (Chamtx-rlaln. 
HarrJnston & Co., mgrs.) Pllf, Faff, Pouf 
Sept. Zt; turned people away. The College 
Widow 27: The Holy City 30; good bnsloess. 
VanDyke-Eaton Co. Oct. I; two big booses. 
Holty Tolty 7: The Dainty Datcken 8: HU 
Highness, tbe Bey 9; Barerly's Mlastltls 10; 
Alice Fisher U: Tbz School Girl Ui WeO'a 
Band 18; Ko(b and ma Co. 16: Rose BID NOy 
Co. IT; Tke Bouways IT (night). 

Bljoo Theatre (Patrldc ft^tcObiinell. Mgr.) 
Minor and Galbreth, Kitty Stereaa. Ctalt Lane 
and Layman and Ewlng week Sept. 88; good 

FEOBIA.— Grand Open Oowe (OiaaberttB ft 
Barrlugtun. mgrs.) Tb* Oollcse WUmt Sept. 

!0: good boslnen and ideaaed. PUT, Fas, Puof 
SO; pleased good baslacas. No limber to Onide 
Ber^t. 1: good hnsfnaw BoBie Fblka 2-4: 

rl show aad patnoage. Baeerly'B Minstrels 
Deserted At Tbe Altar 7; Dora Th»me S; 
Well's Band 13: DockaUder'a Mlnatrels IS. 

Main Street Tbeatre (B. P. Cborchlll. mn.) 
The Fantas, Prank Walsh, Frank and Ma 
Adama, Gordon Eldrld. Topsy Torry Trio, " *' 

'ATEXTE.— Gnnd Open Boaae (Jas. TV. 
Ryan, mgr.) The flsoslar Girl Sept. 80; tSIr 
bnalness. B. 8. JomU MDa. tOct.- U-A-Om^ 
try Kid 2: dlli '11«att«d Jim 9; The Me ar 

Spire 7 

UCBIOAV U1X2. — .Vxmory Opera House (E. 
F. Bailer, msr.) A Hoyal Slave Sept. 2C: ex- 
cellent performance and hoslncss. Trilby 
Oct. 3. 

XASISON Graml Opera House (Graham A 

Sdielk. rnsrt.) Dora Woodmtr Sbowa Sept. 25; 
good h w^'nes-;. I'ncle Tom's Cabin Oct. «. 

CUM UlSVnXE. — Andre Tbeatre (D. W. 
Andre, msr-) One at The Many 3: gond ibOfT 

and bnalness. Why GlrlB Leave Home 0; 
Wedded and Parted 12. 

ASOOLAi — (^roxton Opera Boose (R. B- 
Wllls, mgr.) The Eleventh Honr Sept. 9tl Jklr 
bnslnesa. John Grimih In King RldtutyttL. 
Oct. 8: Rentfrow'B Psthflndets 9'11. 

YTBCEStSSa. — McJImsey Theatre (F. Orecn. 
mgr.) Wy Wife's Famny 3; good show and 

bnslnesa. That Utile Minister 7: Tbe Boyal 
Chef 10; The OM and Tbe Bandit is. 


Open Bonse (J. F. 

_ '.) Deadwood Dick. Jr.. Sept. 80; 
pleased 'good bnatneea. BooUgan's Tmnblea 

Harry Perrlll. week 1; good business. (failed to appear. Indiana Folks 30; canceled. 

Weast's Theatre (Cbas. Bartson. mgr.) Bib- 1 stutn Madison Snoare Stock Co. week Oct. 8: 
bsrd and Warren, Peterson Brothers, Jesslka, f„„^ Dlnvnlo 17: Black PatH 20; Gfrrtnde- 
Broderlck, Miss Early, Howley and LewUe, , j;^„- 2S.25. Under canvas — Adam Forepaagh 
and others week 21: good business 1^ g,,,, Btosthers 6; Pswnee Bill's Wild West 

OALE8BUBG. — Aodltonuni (Dr. L. T. l>or- r ^9 
sey. mgr.) Rip Van Winkle Sept. 18: goud bosl- iuDHL—Opera Honae (W. P. SUagbtcr. 
npBS. The Female Detectives 19: fair show and .Kanad's MlnatzelB SeVk-^-Vt' 
business. Yon Yonson 20; pleased. The Hi«Iy - - - - ' - 

City 20; Rood show and fair bnslnesa. Pllf, 

Pair, Four fine show and bostneas. No 

Mother to Gnlde Her Oct 2: Dnder Soothem 
Skies 3: Dora Thome 6. Under canvas — Gen- 
try's Dog snd Pony Show 2. 

B0(}KX'OBD* — Gnnd Opera House (Geo. C- 
Ssekett. mgr.) Tke Bnnawaya Sept. 2«: ca- 
pacity bnalaca. A Bapal Blase 28: good bnsl- 
Mn aad pMHMMP. AHM .PMer In A School 
Ttir BaMaalB Oeb dr MailU 8: what Women 
wm Do T: Dbb MOr ta Oar Pastor 10; Tbe 
Waywaid M 11: wa Last Dollar 12. 

EA8X ST. UraiB. — Broadway Theatre (P. 
H. Hni. mgr.) The Pnmpkin Busker Sept. 
SO; good business. The Rajab of Bhnng Oct. 
1: good bnslness. Howe's Moving Plctnres 7: 
wife In Name Only 8; Flsfce Slock C!o. 11-12: 
The Fstsi Wed ding 13. 

JACKSONVnXE. — Grand Opera House (Geo. 
W. Chatterton. mgr.) The Little Minister Sept. 
27: g^od business snd performsnce. The Col- 
lege Widow 28; capacity bnslness and llrst- 
clsss performance. PHT. Pair. Pouf 4: The 
Mummy and the Hummingbird 7. 

CHAMPAIGN WaHier Opera Hon.'e (C. P. 

rrnmllton. niirr.l The Flints week Sept 18: 
cspacltv hnslness. Two Little Waifs 4; The 

HABRIBBUBO, — Opera Honae (Larceat ft 
Pearce. mers.) Fablo Roman! Oct. S: basl- 
nesa and show gnnd. (^rtls DnwrtW-Ot. M8; 
T he Pnmtikin B nSker 10: Don Tkacne 80. 

IBIla llalila Open Bbaae (Wa. 
'J A ZMOe Ontcaat Sept. 98: 
t. Ur. Fbttlcr Ffoa Paifa Oct. 
2: Tncomar «. 

EQTTALITT. — ^Tnmer Opera Boose. Fahio 
Romanl S: good boslneai aad One eoopaiij. 
CnrtU I)ianatie.Oa, .U4^ 


EVANSVILLE. — Grand (Ferd Wastyer. mgr.) 
Mr Wlf- 's Family Sept 2!); good bnsl- 
ness. When Johnny Ck>m'-s Marching Home 
:in: jood bnslness and pleased. Fiske Stock 
Co. Oct. 2-r.: (rood business. The Little Min- 
ister 6: The Royal Chef 7: Howard Dorset Co. 
o-l.t: The GW and Tbe Bandit 14: Dare Devil 
Dorothy 16-17: Grace Tan Stnddlford 18: The 
Clar Raker 19: Lools Jam-s 21; The Eter- 
nal Cltr 23; The-F^rtnae Teller 28; Alberta 
Gallatin 31. 

fVopte'a (Tnd. -WaMrei^ - sage.) WUe la 
Name Oaljr 1: .rjaekai^.haaaM. .MMtlB-* .aad 
niebt. Barry Tti — IV Ift '^tT- Hrr TTftdtag 
Dnv 8: Why Girls Xeave Home IS; uncle Ton's 
Cabin 21 : Wedded and Parted 22; Martin aad 
Mason 20. 

KOKOMO.— .<«Ipe Theatre (W. B. Relmlek. 
m;rr.) Th e6«hool Ctrl 7; ^ooil business 
and performance. The Isle of Spice 9; good 
nerformance and boslne-'s. Dora Thome 9; 
The Gambler 1-1; A Trip to Eerpt 10: At 
PIney RIdse IS: Tbe Hoyal Chef in; Her Fa- 
tal Sin 21: Grace Van Stnddlford 25; Mil- 
dred Holland 28: My WWe'e Family 31. 

Cr.vstal Tbeatre (W. E. FVnler, mgr.) The 
Brans Trio. The Scneton*. Jamea and. Kitty 
Bndr.^^Haael ^^2{2ji^|j^^^£''^^^!MH%iB£% 

bnslneai ' aal ' vieased. 


(JEDAH SAPIDS — Grtene's Opera Boose (W. 
S (S>lller. mgr.) Hlctman-MIIIer Co. Sept 25 
27; fair bnslness. Enlolle Yonns 2S: fair boal- 
ness and good performance. A Jolly American 
Tramp 30; good bnsin ss. The Runaways OcL 
2: Tbe Last Rose of Sommer 3: Walker White- 
side 4-5: Cherry Valley 8; Tbe Fandcn Ir 
Tbe Banker's Child 11: Doekstader'a Mla- 
strels 12: A Knigbt of'98 13; Under awthCTB 
Skies 14. , , 

People's Tbeatre (Vic Rtuco. mgr.) _ L BW 
and Lnce. Barney First. DeWall and bwta. 
The Semona. Lncille Barper and the Moc~ ' 
week 2: good bnslness and ii et f ii m i afe . 

Auditorium (Bay W. Faj-..^' . 
Creljrhton and Co., Anna AMI—..-. 
Graham. Ray W- Clongb aad lha; 
week 2: good hnslneas. Under 
son * Brslnerd Carnival Oo. ■ 

WATEBIOO,— Brown Open B««ise-^JOL_jJ^' 
Brown, mgr.) At PIney ,Bidae>Sf»t..-S8;£SMt 
business and perfoemaa^•;2i■:■«»a^ Baaf, 
packed boases. Cbeny_<5UhT «•: »irw»«;«r, ^ 
liailiiM» fkt T<rin*n Tirkia Oct. 2: The Baa^. < 
a*8fB*«fc8;Ii88tj»l8t OCSommer 8. 

"Bkcnfe" Theatn (B.' n. Joimson. mgr.V 
nklllMklWI and Itnahy. Bolanex. The Fatr- 
ieUdK"' Oknim and LsMoas and moving plc- 
Intea smek Sept 25; good bnslness. Week 
Oct. S. The Two Raymonds, O. L. Oliver. Cnm- 
mlags and Uaek. Texana Sisters and mov- 
Inff nletnr^. 

OBKAL008A. — Maaonle Opera Honae (J- P. 
Jersey, mgr.) Peggy Pnm Paris Sept. 25: good 
ahow and caparlty bnslnesa. Ton Tonaon 28: 
good bnslnesa and performsnce. Mabars's Mln- 
atrels 29: good show and fair buKlness. At 
PIney Ridge Oct. 2: good show snd haslncss. 
The Holy City 8: The Paraders Jack Boef- 
fler Oo. 9-11: rnder Sonthem Skies 12; The 
Wavward Son 17: The r.ast Rnae of S»nmmer 
18: The Fatal Wedding 2(1: Cherry Valley 27. - 

CRGSTOH. — ^Temple Grand Theatre (Bnsby 
Bros., mgra.) The Little Homestead SepL 21: 
good bnalness. Uncle Tbm'B Csbln 28; good 
bnslnesa snd performsnce. Tbe Roysl Baa. 
garlan Orchestra Oct. 9: Walker Whiteside M, ■ 

Creston Opera House (J. H. Patt. mgr.) m:: 
PInnkard Sept. 21: good basbwas . aad . tlt:^ 
formanee. Jordan Dramatic Oo. Oet»-8^IC' 

FORT KADISOV— Rblnsrr Qnm :.tWi.:1K. :■. 
SSSSSnt J^L.—^ <a«y^g8^^^-.jgg* 
ll^fgllll^^J^'^^i^^^f^j ^ ^l ^ ^iJ^fij^^^ ViMa' Ber.-^*:' 

- lovft ruxM.~-iittm&» !fsSL.S!V 

at. tu. Bdnrartb. ngr.V Walker IFMlesMe la 
DarM Oatllek'B I>ve 8S: flair boMnese. excrl- 
leirt attractlaik Bu a n and Hte Band SO: big 
bnalness. splendid program and delighted sn- 
dlences. The Lyman Twins In The RnsUers 
Oct. 3: W. B. Patton In The Last Rose of 
Summer 12. _ 

ATLANTIC— Opera House (C. P. Hutibard. 
mcT.1 SI PInnkard Sept. 23: good bonw and- 
pleased. Chase-Lister Co. week S»: good bnsi- ] 
ness and company. The Little Booieatead Oet. 
8:.'.nMle- Xka»*-;<Jahto:;T: ,Jg*».'Dnna«e Ot,s' 
|(Wif«>«?'.«*8t'^««n--aCt .S ii ■ ■ ir> 8».-- ; /..y.-. 


Xfie Billl>oap<l 


Broadway Topics 

TMk Office. I440 


I OHH BDixnB oiHBt iaac>A>n> 

: TBDdnnie rittmm KOr a. CUOofd Car ooly 
; «M'nove weeks ttes vm with The JviOj Bttroo, 

Mabel Mo ntEumcij snd Eage p e Moasr an 
n^MdDf Henrietta Brows mnt 
aa leads at tbe TockrOle. 

AiaaU IWr wSI aet pcnlt 
«■■« IB hi* t» te'MBtcd kir the 


Oct. 9, or, more prop- 
dorlD^; Saturday Blcfat aad San- 
X wfU make 
— w^— - jeogd, aMvtais 
ta> tlM> Ifnr Anatcrdam, 
€ floor Btoadway l>Iocks and a h>ng 
Ib kcr anr locatlan MUa Olaaer 
Uwi uke to tbe 
txaoaportadoo. Dor- 

at Ike Knickerbocker MJaa 

Qlaaer baa attracted aplendld boaiacaa, aad 
Mlaa DoUj- DoUaia baa been acnpted aa plraa- 
' ~' " FRitablr neltber lUaacer 

. tt» aathon, TIctor Her- 

_ aaitk. or lUaa Qlaaer brr- 

mSt. would pnreaa to bare tmtt im tbe ptc- 
antatloe of a jreat attractloa. Vor Ifta DaOr 
Pglf baa been acolded hr many wbo hare 
fM^mti ber atase diaplara. HowcTer. the 
' Ktrea Ulaa OUaer abimdant opportaalty 

ti> czblbtt ber penooaUtr; a peiaoealltr wkKk 

to baTc chanced from tbe amct and 

Uttle KlrJ who used to charm as when 
^ . I Wuaon stood sponser foe ber, to that 
bofdntah. sdf- p o aaea a e d. a w es st i e waa- 
«■- Tia bate oat wltli the tntk,.aMt tt m 
Uke the Uttle fltt ot oM, sad wmHf iT « K- 
\ «wt, hsr ..f ertng ,. As tbe dancbter of a soop- 
t- ^Ff^ ^^.**"'*^** J" BnfUnd to cstch t 
«*■«*' «. Mtss Glaair ctmes hetieU with 
a tagh bead and Bambvaat lit missis Hsu- 
•ser rmiingham tuu made a beaotlfnl gcMbw 
coatamed tbe large compaaj' -.Or 
to tute. and baa cboaea tki 

^f' WlUi good Jadsment. Carrie FCtUm 

Is coaapteaoaa tor the deTemeas ot ber por- 
Daral of tbe new-rteb matron, and Carter De 

" la ftr a great share of tlie 

eneOeot work In a llRbt 

. parl^ nUik Intmdacea bli sracefal 

tBd derer danetaK. UeMOe Stewart* s rolce U 
beard to excellent adnatace, sad be seta 

and dear-cnt 
_ of the prettleat 

— — the piece, a amotlug song, 

which Is based npoo the KlpUng boa not that 
"a woman Is only a woman. whOe s good 
^ Is a SBOke." TUs Is the song hit of the 
*b»--^i»iWt :H I mail hit In the piece 
^■.'tf Bettx. who givea a mosleal 
Interpretation of The Prirate Secretary 
role so tamo oa In legitimate comedr. Mr. 
Is e-UiuBtU iit aae la onylog ont tbe 
^ wWaalMy to the theme 
■J ■"■ « i» » a enatiga ot Us own. Uiaa 
«>«w baa seTcral Dnmbers. some of wUefa 
^m^' are sot; bat 

**. fce epa her owm p sassaaUty to the fore with 
-^^^J'lB^^jf^MWf-.'-rtb^t-^'ber admirers are 
* ■t'jtt.-lpM es. Stka DoUy Dollars la a 
•■•^•■(■iNt of Its tort: and wbOe It 
la not mjtflHat Tehide ilUs Glaaer haa bad. 
It is sCnaC-ainah saloe t» attract fine bnal- 
fc^tts petroox. Heoce 

- —> be foond. there U 

• "»>r which patrons may be thsakfnl. 


^When your pathway leads to an op- 
portBBtty to witness Man and g up e iius n, nab 
aee It. for Man and Saperman ta fine and 
"|w I fliil It Is a bnln-treat of »»hn«..M«y 
^mUtri a. tboagbt-soaice ot vast sfpattatfly. 
and a play or aorpaaslng excrileaee. Its wtt 
Is of the sort which la best defined aa effer- 
le bsbldea. sparUrs, foams and fairly 
detoasiy ,^a«a line, to line. It Is tbe 

past my ability to eren hint at. One should 
witness the play three times before they should 
attempt to wtitc ot It— aad I have lerelcd la 

wbicb Is mine. Tbe aadltor la beld tnms- 
Oxed by the brilliancy of tbe work and ao 
artistically has ercir .nciaber ot tbe cast 
tiaea to Us Wv.tar-difMalO'a' tbat It an 
seew Ksl Uftw iiat iw aeHav at dL me ptay 
is a ooaposlte of ep^oa, a lar-aennon wbleb 
pttaUies greater tmtba tbsn maay tisTe cuor- 
ase to accept; and tt im, s h oe t an. a bcata- 

exetdse and mental treat " ~ 

land long miles to enjoy, 
himself with g!ory. He has ooe of tbe long- 
est parts ever given to an actor, and be Is 
talking all tbe time: bat hla talk bristles with 
Sbaw'a btUUsBey, aad Ha aaMbMS wna -uto 

a dellgbtfal portrayal of an intellectual chanT 
fear, and wins one of the great hits made In 
the play. Fay Oarli. Loali Uaisa. AUlcd 
RKAaaa. Mi,taMM Ottk, JL a 
ChaSL aaobaU, la' fliet emr 
ber of tbe east seem to. bare been aiade to 
play the roles assigned to them, illss dark 
glTcs one of the Boat ddlghtfai alstsa ot 

to drenmstances past ber control, and ber total 
snrtrnder to greater personal powers than ber 
own ptoTlde one ot the hap^cat Uls tbe 

tbe vlvn la tt 

dramatic ezcelleace seldom excelled, and rarely 
equaled. No wonder there Is scaree an empty 
seat at the Hadsoa Xhestre: the woader Is 

T«*>flHB as 

cMir ;aaa,M*iMr';ti 

Kaa' aad avnaa ti 



« have been Uveiy tlmea at the 
naatie. la atotK^fm .mttit.vm past 
iiks Ani ma has beea' tbe stons 

Id: It k 

be eanght as It 
then fluhes past, to be 

and aeemlaglr betcblcr 

wsold only hint at bi tbe darfcoeaa 
•be "spare room" clotfaes-doset are broagbt 
la th 

abi mi . 

center, and tbe danghter of the late Bessie 
Bonehiii has provided the excitement. The 
Ban^^tti^^t tbe klamy HOI where, «a. last 

booae, not.oontent with the trouT'thiit Miss 
Hill had pnrchas<>d and wonld wear tbe cos- 
tumes once, owaed by the late Hka BoneUn. 
bat be addad.iaat Ma ~ 
once ftMB iaarte 'Cdl star. ' TUa 

aaserthia was also made by Percy Williams' 
pablldty promoter, and It brooght forth the 
Ire ot the teal daughter ot the late Mias 
iTnneblil. a 

sidera to be her family rights, 
claims to possess docnments wbldl ,.„ 
tute ber tighta to tbe BoacklU riisH»ti. aad 

OB~^8ataiaai atSM, OcL 7. at As 

*"y ^■xk. l». J., Dartd I*roctor opened Um 
stairlag toor in A Message From Mats. It 
U ssid tbat the role at Hann Fatker 
oifetcd ta Hk. nadw 
ago. bebce Ibe aatbar. KMiaid P. 

bad any Idea, ot Tialting London for tbe 
Of placing tbe play. Mr. Proctor waa 
much impressed with the play, bat did 
think tbat be ^d aiilMd al Ibi atsiil^i 

at that tine. ae'tttwlaalli^'ietMaed ibe 

script. Mr. Gantbony waa nnsnccessfnl In plac- 
ing It in this conntrr, and saUed for London 
Id tbe bope of aodlnc aoaieoae tboe who wonld 
^Asee it^' / 9a.>,ab be was sarniwraL Mr. 
Chaiies HMlv' tiak tbe play, gbyad It aoe- 
cessfally for orer two 
year in Xew York, and 
seasons in this cooatiy. 


of Balpb m siia . ba ad dsbaaafed 'Tiiafim or 

their tneceaafnl TandevIIIe siceteb. The Old 
Kelghbortood. wUl be made a rnral pUy, 
Intrododng tbe character these two derer men 
•» Ibe bsasts at tbooaanda 
•« ■ iM l i aa •( 'raad«mie. 
Uanager yobnaoa haa eoatiacM wttfe a wdi 
known pUrwrlgfat to fomlah a iiblili wmttj 
of an elaborate prodnctlon and mlUble for 
preseotatloa In tbe leading theatres of the 
^ The ptodaetiao win be ta crcsy way 



"Matty" Mathews, former welter- 
weliM «r*— of tbe world, has eateted tbe 
ranks of tbe awa wbo lide tbe planglng borses 
at Tbe HI|ipadnaMb lbs Ogbter, wbo bas been 
the principal la maea than one hundred bouts 
and who aays they btoagbt bim $100,000. Is 
penniless. Fast Uelax. be layi, baa taken 
the last of tbe money which be iiad won In 
tbe prtie riac. UhtOews made banible appli- 
cstioo last week to Tboapsoa tt Dandy. In 
his bojbood daya. be said, be bad won some 
slight fame aa a Jockey, and he felt be had 
the cooraca aad ahOUy to take the dire into 

given a psslos^ a^d aft bis dnt ^vo pevfono- 
ancea went tbroogfa hla programme without a 
hitch or halt- Matthews lost tbe cbaccploo- 
shlp to "Babe'* Fttsaa la TocMto three yvmru 

ago, aB4 eflP* llB|p:.haB baai aa tfea down 
path. BlB last 'bsttle was wMh "Billy" Fey, 
tbe cbamplon of the sooth. Tbey fought In 
New Orleaos a few months ago, and ^latthews 
won In ten raonda. His powers were fast 
waning, bowcrar. It was apparent to him, - and 
be decided, s few daya ago. that oa mace 
honors were left for blm with the glores. In 
bis long career In the ring, be says tbat be 
haa lost only ten flights. He won the cham- 
pionship from "Mysterious BUly" Smith, at tbe 
Broadway Athletic Clnb, on April 27, 1300. 
Hla ahare ot tbe ptoceeda waa ^000. and. aa 
an example of the rash way In wblch lie dis- 
tribnted his money, he tells tbat tbe followlDg 
day be placed $2,500 of the amount on a 
bone race and lost It. Daring tbe year fol- 
towtas bis assmnptloa oC tbe 
■gored la thirty-two flghts. was a 
erety one of tbem sod made $10,000. His 
asury at the Hippodrome wlU be $15 a week. 
j^^e^Iieoiiard. known tor years ss the Bean 

three dlwpl**'^ ^ 

The fortbcomins series of Shakes- 
pearian rerlTala In the BUMbatbaa Hsaab by 

Ben Greet's company. wU esaMCBce ta Mea- 
delaaobn Hall. Oct. SO. The seaaon win be 
limited to twenty-fonr performances, which 
«rin be slTCn an Haadsy. Vcdaeaday and Frt 
day erealaaa aad Witaaigy. Mdv aad Sat- 
nrday af t e i aean a, Benry wHl be given 
the Brat week; Much Ado Aboat Nothing and 
The Merchant of Venice at altemite per- 
formances the second: SIscbeth the third, and 
Juliua Caesar the foorth and final weei. 

The Ellnore Sisters will be amon? 
the Taadenile features at Hammersteln's Vic- 
toria for. tbe week or Oot. 9. preseEtlng as food 
for langbter the artistic character work of 
Kate Ellnore in their dererly contilTCd ahetA. 
The other feabres will inelade Stoart, the male 
PattI: Cbaa. Falk Seamon. John and Bvtha 
Glceson, BsHMr. Ed. Blondelle & Co., John C 
Bice and Sally Cohen. Ifareel's llTlng art slnd- 
les. and a band aC. (■Mta waMOatSL KaSbsn- 
shne, with U* aMIi; wa be 'aa ctta' at. 

ilr. J. Frnneis MUl.r. general manager of 
the L'iiicn^o WliJte Citr Kxcurslon Departmeat, 
Is one 'if tlie he^t kliown promoters In the 
amusement business. Mr. Miller Is thirty- 
right years of age and during Dfieen years of 
active serrlee as a abowman, he has been con- 
nected wltb a aamber of the largest road 
attractiooa. mod has promoted camlraU and 
fegtirals la aiaie «C the larger cities of the 
United Statca. ladBdlas St. Paul. lodUnsp- 
olis, Waalilngtso. D. C, aad Chkaso. For 
are years Mr. MHIcr held the paaltlon of 
setiag aiaaacer far Hr. Pkaak C. ~ 

Mr. Miller la a 
erally aeeomi 

ta' tbe' WbMe' CItr. 
atlTe manager aad gea- 
all tiiat be sets oot to do. 

la tbe sketch presented by Emmet Corrlgan. 
Otbera la the hm wiU be John Hyams and 


Theatrical netrspaperdom lost a 
shining light when Will McCanaM died at 
Boosevelt Hospital oo "nil nl ij eia^^ Oct. 
3. His death came as tbe leadt «C Ml ope- 
tation for appendicitis, and was miexpectedly 
andden. Only a few days previously he bad 
Tislted bla office, against his pbystdaa'B DrdefS, 
aad pat to a bard days 
he bad been an actor, later m a 
agent aad Unally setUed down as a writer 
theatrical topics. His stage News will be 

Itlnoed by bis widow, wbo will bsTe the 

aasMsnce of Frederick Edward Mackey. 


Cat win be produced at 
Jsm Oct. 30. The Suthem-Mar- 
ISMbliiition begins sa esgagement at the 
■ler next Monday erening. PMIa la 
Han. on tbe same erening, wUI sac- 

Bernard and The Rollicking Clrl at 

the Herald 8>|mue. Joaeph Cawthorne then 
making hu local debet as a star. The Ro- 
mance of a Hindoo ntau ss . tbe apectade 
which u M_teplaee Ibe Baliilg at tbt BIp- 



Proctor's Fifty-eishth Street Thea- 
tre will present IM naaal atrsas Irili at eaade- 
Ttlle durioc the eairmt daya. Oarice Vanee 

will essay the now common triek of playing 
two houses at once, this time nnder different 
managements, as she wUl hare to ride aeroaa 
Flfly.nlath street fkaa tbi 
to tbe bm win be Mrs. Staart 
Thompson's elephants. V. P. Wormwood. Hath- 
away and Walton, Billy Gonld and Valeska 
Soratt, and aa a special feature and poslUve 


In her original part of the Httle 
mother In the Albee Stork Co. preweatatioo of 
The Fatal Wedding at rawtncket. R. 1., Baby 
Krlfr'a snrceas waa of a character ao pre- 
Bsaarid tbat alie waa immediately eogaged ta 
ntsaw tor tbe week of Oct. M to appear Is 
F*r Her Gblldrcn's Bska. The Uttle aov Is ast 


jgarrl son Grey Fiske has 
- aa the date npon 

be wm. at tbe Igaaliatt aii Theatre, in- 
troduce Mme. Bertha Kallah aa the star to 
an English-speaking role. Mrs. Ffake doaes 
ber special CBgagement to Lnh Kleschna at the 
" "T**** .— . 5* nad the theatre will 

be clnid tatad tfea mm^g week in order 

Vaaaa^1rlIle at ttie Colonial will have 
BoDdtoi..tbe marrelona expert at iiandcnir man- 
ipulation as a feature, retained for a second 
we^ Aaothcr fcatare set wtU be tanlsbed 

Just because Kathryne Kidder did 

not take tbe newspaper men Into he* confidence 
the local papers threw flts of "family opposi- 
tion." "dlfTerences In religious opinion." and a 
lot of other things when the actrew wna mar- 
ried. MIsa Kidder kept the secret of ber mar- 
riage for a whole week, and then It leaked 
ont Ibat Sept. 27 In Fayette, N. T.. a Bttle 
town near Syracuse, ahe waa married to Iioals 
K. An spa cb er. a gradaate of r ' " 
wndly. aad a dramatist whs 
market his peod a ci s with earying 


Up In Harlem, the Vaudeville will 
hare Ollre Hay and John W. Albangh aa the 
top-nners. Others In the bin for the current 
days will be Eddie Qark and hU Sir Winning 
Widows. Coleman's dogs and cats. Alf. Grant. 
Brawn. Harriaon and Browa. McBrlde and 


Kelcey and Shannon will be the top- 

itoers at tbe Alhambra for the current days. 
Brama Cams, In new songs: Al. Lawrence, la 
new imitations, and the Masra-Keeler 0»» wlB 
be other feahires ta aJHU wHcb wlB dM 
list the aerriees of M. r. ■ilMld. aad tae 
Plscbkopff Troupe. 

VAUllliVUXE OM mnoH sqitabe 
At Keith's, Hal. Davis and Inez Mc- 

Anley. In Pals, as a IMtase. Tbe Mil win slse 
hare numbered am oad Ita attraetloBa Hatty 

(Oiattaned sa 

OCTOBER 14. 1905. 



87 «. 


THERE may kaTe 
people and gnmtn dlgaltj •* 
9t tbe biff op«ialD^ of recent re«n. 
bot tbe moat experienced bu arltlum 
alMRCd the entbnalaaa, pleunre and toll 

capaciir-teatlas thnai 
Ika apentns of tbe New Coloalil HhsUi 

1. Tbe annoancemeat aC aa as- 
id determined poller to 
and woodertaUr complete 
IkMtre tbe borne ot prodoctlaos, em- 
aocti « man aa Gcotce ~ 

aoccenfol eastern 
(jTeo tbe stamp of 
tion ot iionve. 

^penlne alskt. Tbat GCMBB H. ODfeai. 

TfmpIttoD. and excellent compaoT. and the 
local managemeDt bare scored a ffreat sorct^ 
m tbe aew aaaalcal play. Foitr-fl*e UlDBies 

rvcvdIvM of tbe fact 
. otber big attractione w!i!cb on 
. occaaUm woold bare been regarded aa 
m,t to commaad ndoalTe atteaMaia: 
W. U Bobbard. TMbmie: "Oeotfe M. iOohan 
Shakeapeare Uat erenlns- The Im- 
Wnilam In one of bis momenta of In- 
and wisdom deeUred tbe play ta tie 
tka Italng. Forty-flTc Minutes Froaa BnaAnr 
k a» brilliant that It almost I jn aw n tite- 
(HBa>- Iteee are so many tuifbt llnea In It 
of the listener ireariea trrlnr to 
all. LltUe Johnny Jonea coorloeed 
SI. Cohan was the derereat writer 
a( nMlMl pla^a tbat America caa boaat of 
tMHf- FURy-Cae inawlia Froaa Broadway 
tinti kat t« a u ea tlteu that eowleaoo." 

lames O'Dontiell Bennett, Becord Herald: 
"George M. Cohan has written another Little 
Tibnaj Joaea. oaly tietter, and tbe "ankno\rn" 
• MCRHK MhaV. IW>»" haa a aUtrr. 
■Bl feR MH>tt"'MBr afenklna, ruin 
JIary, and the iHkMM^ brotber ia Kid Boms, 
la ten mllintM IMp^.tte opening cboma Forty- 
lie lliaatea Ftaa' BMBdway waa a bit. Tbe 

like a trlp-banaer.** . 

Bams Mantle. ' laccr Oceaa: "Forty-flTe Mln- 

I tbat was 
aa* Jake to avke tbe 
It. ' Mtaa VempletOB aane de- 
llEhtfally. beHer that ahe baa la yean. It 
•eened. Kid Boma fairly Irabblea wltb alang. 
■a fact, and belne finely played a Cheer- 
fol yoanK man named Victor, wfeo ia as aalque 
and xefreahlac and trae to Ua kM aa the 


J. D. HcArdle, ChioBtcte: "From the going 
op of tbe curtain to la descent attrr tbe third 
act, there «aic oaailaf fcaMe ertdeneca that 
■••'•'MMMM flv* There 
/'W'tt; thaie an aei 
In It. ai»d tbere are farce and melodrama in 
It also, and one or two placea It Tergea a 
Utile on tbe tragic order. Bnt it ti all lively, 
tatetesling, fresh, breery and fnll ot 

Charles Eneene Banks, Examiner: "It la 
good to write eacceas wlthont an If. Forty- 
Dtc Mlnolea^ Prom Broadway spel|a tbat word 
from everybody who Iiad anythtns whatrrer 
to <o wia it. It pitched tbe key s( totereat 
HtA with the veer Orat apeecb. and literally 
hummed thnoKb tbree boars of wit, homor, 
pathos and aoog, Ur. Coban baa woven a play 
of nwch Uterary merit, as well aa a good 
MtoK aai (toeing drama." 

UMr IfgRis. Dally News: "Anotber great 
nletit for George Cohan. InctdenUUy It was a 
treat nlRht for Fay Templeton. Victor Moote 
ud the nat ot the ptaycia who piesented 

at the oa- 

aa royal a wtaacr as latUe Johnny Jones Itself. 
Tbe lines snap and crackle like a atrtog ot 
flre-cracliers, Tbere Is not a damp one in 
tbe biiDcb. Forty-fire Ulnntea From Broad- 
way Is a tremendous success." 

Percy Hammond. Post: "Mr. Cohaa'a Forty- 
Ore Ulnutei From Broadway mmtf a.MBite 
and decisive ten-strtfcc at the MariU laat 
erealnc. It U a good show, animated and 
bllKkt. aparklln; with sunny lines." 

are bot tbe brlefeat excerpts from 
keartr endonementa of 
theatre, aev palk^ and 

plctore abows^ which are «MI 
ly by tbe native popatatloo. 

"At preseot tbe amunement 
owing to this belac itac nUar 

street taHway stiii a 

large park wltb til the latest 
several enterprises will be atarted by private 
parties. Among these win be 
vaadevlUe, complete penny arcade, lllmdua 
parlor and aercral bltfk-prkcd awrhanlcal aov. 
eiues; a* it ii i ii Hatt Siaalia artO Mt Hirer 
a deartk a( aMBMNMi b Om fhttm 


Fred B. (Happy) Holmes waa here 
tract* the' a aam h i i af atrsag altiaulaaa for 

tb» Texas State Pair. Mr. tlolmetl la enthn- 
alaatic over the proKpect" at rialUs. He will 
have flfteen paid attmcttooa. all dean and np- 
to-datSk and a 'WmM.' Aa»;iBMa; *ha Mew 
Parker , lma aaM i al Ok atliaVltsiM win be a 
featnre of tb* Dallaa Pair. Mr. Damahy will 
add several ble free acta. Col. Hopkins will 

se nd thtoty I gnnottesL and a nnupplne TtUagr 
ti-toW.'kftoB^fHCMi-llr :thelr oeeapsary. Dog 
win he lkataicd. A camnlttee of hnsl- 


this ttee Is to look after hts newspaper syndi- 
cate work, to enlarge Its sphere of anion, and 

to coUaborate In rewriting bis comedy satire 
In three acts and a pralagae, entitled iU. nipk 

li to'i 

"I note by tbe Aasoclated Pie— t e potta toat 

yoD are a candidate for the eovemorshlp Of 

OalocadOk" 1 (enarfccd to Mr. Otvle AHk( 

•nrea. I aa'aot' te Jbtt 

declared myself an Independent candidate od 
tbe platform 1 wrote, and which appeared In 
The BlUboaid ta September last, tlhat to aa- 

be clearly onderstood — la not la any manner 
pulUIcal. There Is no such thing nowadays aa 
cleanllneaa in politics, hence there are aa 

whiek' is at my organhmttaa. are npppard to' 
politics, sod we Intend to smother. like Othelto 
did Desdamona, and Jost aa effectnaily, all 

ntmhlance of politics aad polltlflana ta the 
Daltcd States, and glee the ssal psap l s a 

chance 'for their "wiuta alley' aoca asato. 

Which means, redneed to tbe simple or goIdA 
role, that manhood and womanhood above money 
bas already been established by tbe Inde- 
pendent movement. It was because tbere waa. 
nor Is, no politics In tbe inde p endent— or man- 
hood snd womanhood — aMSiMi^Bg ahore anoey». 
that I aoaebt The BtnhaaM'-to'sake my orlc^ 
Inal annoonceraent. It very properly eschews 
politics, and there are no pcraoos on tbe eartb 
who are more independent than the w or k e ia 

to thf pratmtaa 
paper repffeatat&^ 

leaders of tbe tbooght of tbe coootry. Their 
position Is tbe real sphere of lDtloenc« sod 
necessitates It I bare made a brief tonr ot 
tbe Sute ot Colataaa and a ta* dav atar to 
Kaimi City on Bir way -to CUkasu," 

Mr. Coyle will remain In Chlrago for twv 
or tbree week« before retnmlne to Denver. 
He la in aplendld health, and baa loat nsar 
of the slgar that haa kept Mb ton*: ^ 

; »iara^: "ioeetiie X, 

rune the bell for the second lime. His 
forty. fire Minutes Fmm Broadway, ivhlch Fay 
Templeton and a large company played laat 
nlcht for the Ont ^ate .at the tMaai^l Vmatic. 
h> as abmrd a bash aT fha aa« aitlsfctaia aa 
Hitle Johnny Jones. Imt It Is also as Rood so 
entertainment. At any rate. Forty-flrc Minutes 
nwn Broadway aawaed and tboroogbly de- 
ngnled as raaay .paaplk ■• Ik* <MMlal caMM 
how last night." 

K etal gahnrg. American: "Qtmtf Cbhan 
~ kltahte teet and nimble wUt kat las- 

toeeeos again. HU rody^ia Waales 

''"Hn Broadway, ta which Tkilil ii 

opened tbe New 0)harfal toat hMlb feaa the 
«««rhef»y mmA aa ito ^iJlir. It to Jast 

W .r. ROCHE 

Under date of Aue. 29, Jame 

Wllsoa of the Barean ot Agriculture, 
r. I., writes me aa tatereatlnc le.tter ta whkh 
be declares "withoat donbt Tbe Billboard cov- 
ers tlie amusement Held completely." Of tbe 
amusement sUnaHaa ta MsaHa. he says: "Ma- 
nlU, la the ca4r.:dava'a(-ttie AaNHeaa oeeapa- 
tlon, WIS sadly idcMcat to amas i' mi iita. hav- 
ing only SpanlMb and native companies, show- 
lug In bam-llke theatres, made mostly of 
hhmtloo, and uccasSoamlly hehig visited hy 

J ness men representing the "One Hundred and 
Fifty Thousand Club" of Dallaa, was ta Wash- 

D. C laat 
itooaerelt to Ttsit the 
of St. Louis, consisting of eighty pieces bas 
been engaged. An opera company of 150 people 
will l>e among tbe attractions. Ur. Holi 

were Ihr below those': at', 
ball in tbe States: 
well patronized by 
lies from .America. 

"In llio last two or tbree years new thea- 
tres have tjeen built and Manila visited by 
several good companies, among these an Ital- 
ian Grand Opera Co., Ptdlard'a Ulllpntians. and 
the Xell'Frawley Dramatic Co., tbe latter bring 
the only American company that haa visited tbe 
lalands. The reason for this Is not known, 
as American 'srtlsts, Indlvldoally or as a com- 
pany, would meet with a hearty reception. 

"Manila has at the present time fonr tliea- 
tres managred by .Americans: Tbe Zorilla, Ma- 
nila Grand, Orpheum and Tax, tbe last two 
hating nightly TaaderUle enteruinmenta by 
high-dass AnatraUan artists. Tbere are also 
aaaKioaa aattt* t k i a t ti a and aerana 


IjOU M. Houseman lias made a ten- 
I strike with the Britt-Ndaon fight plcturea. 
I Ever since tbe opening on Sonday. 1, bon* 
° dreds have been tnraed near tnas assay 
ex- J bibltton of the pictures at BrsolE*a Oaafaio. 

I Mr. Boui-eman bas a tremendoos billboard 
showing Id Chicago. The fight plctofea are 
, line and tell the story of the great battle 
j between Brltt and Nelson In a vlrld manner. 


j Hugrh Coyle of Denver Is In Chicagro 
! and he pleasantly Invaded onr otBcea Friday. 
. dL -Mr. Coyle U oae aC tha heat 
I ta tbe country. EDa wp utatia a 
I tnated by his original and startltag blstoty- 
j maklnj; announcement (a year ago this month) 
as an Independent candidate Car the PrcsMeaey 
' of the Cnlted States.- 
' as the propee lai illiisi 1 
Ur. OBpla>a 

Bandie Walsli b^an h er aeventtt- 

jr; ai to"ne Wdaaa' bT'The One (hr tiar 
weeks. AUre and The Eight Prineeaees Is ta Us 
last week at the Grand. MacDonongb baa 
ptaetlealty written a aew play, eUmlaaltav the- 

igo the prodoetlet^ 
mncesses. Mian Car- 
Aeleaa PhUUpa to. 


the 'SdO'^ar ' 
Hoorah comes to the Illinois. Sonday. -IS. -tor 
a fortnight's eneagement. It Is announced tbat 
ilm*. Berahardt'a Seath- lliaillfan 

«iiiakn W kir" ~' I taVflnni"' tiir ' ki" tlia •'■Ohmt 
Opera Roase from Nov. 6 to Ksv. SO. Forty- 
live Mtatttes Prom Brosdwsy Is packing tbe 
CoMal at escty perfseannce^ -At : 

ta " 

Is dmwtoif' Ike lafjpMt 

ever known for tbe Policemen's Benevolent Aa- 
soclatlon at the Auditorium. Hnmpty Dumpty 
to the Andltertna Uonday. U. foe aa tadeft-. 


bas Informed Manager Askte of the Grand 
Opera Boose that the atate of his health wm 
prevent his openlnc hta seaaoa at tbat ttaatrs 
Oct. lik 
tloa ar 

be deferred nntn Oct. 80. Eddie For. star- 
ring in Tbe Earl and Tbe Girl, will be the 

attnrtlca at tbe Grand betwcea The Klght 

15. Walter Beemer and Bis Jogglbig Girl an 
Incladed on tbe vandevllle bill. Manager Howse 
haa prarldrd plenty ot amasencnt (or caratral 

iOot ac n 

bss been msrfced 1>y cspadly aodleneea at the 
Garrick. Marie Cablll in Moonshine is a strong 
at ti actlun at the nihiols. and FXaacta WOaoa 

at flie~ Cheat Hi al ke ia ;; 

Gay New Torfc Is the cnrrent oirerlng at Oat 
bouse. l,ew Dockstader packed Mc'Vleker'a all 
last week. Bto was a waoderfk 

peepte are thad'at "'josig' ialsstut iiiliiiifcliial " 
Tbe I.and of Xod and Tbe Tankee Regent 
Imslness shows no signs of falllDir off. and. aj- 
together. the theatrical situation In Chicago is 
satisfactory In every way. 


Morphy and His Band -nill make a 
tonr of western playhonses this wtater nnder . 
tbe direction ot Joe. A. Sa n detso n . opentog at 
the New Grand Theatre ta Stoax City, la.. - 
Oct. IS. Popntar concerts win he given, fea- 
tnrlng Bert Morpby as the "msa who stags 
to heat the band." Mr. Moiphy has a dto 
tinet novelty In singing with the 
aceoavaalmeat of brass aa 

«• me SM' 


Xrte Billboapd 

OCTOBER 14. 1905. 

KTTBCATHIK. — GraDil Op«n Hotue (Frmnk 
Unnt. mzT.) VuDrke and Eatoa Co. S<rpt. 
exc«Ueot btulnrss and compADjr. No 
. Ifolber To Gnldc iler Oct. 3: HoSCj Toltr 4; 
''AH** rube r C: The Temnle DetecUrn 7. 
XASOH CIT7. — WilAOQ Ttaeacre iChm*. T. 
PedRSoa. msr.) The HinSater s Son 7; Uln 
TomiCF 10: Uomu Bnrta 13: The no\f Citj 
M; A Bojml SUtc IS: Cnde Tom's Cabin 17: 
— Zb* Bex *l; Tl>e B«J«U of 

n»Miil;nMtn (B. I. lint - 
-Ttampi Sept. 30: 

im >nmr Oct. 4: ray F<a- 
S; nPfMMcer Otsulit •; 
Sbflr: VMBiaiB 8«Mk Cfc- nwjy ygm- 

t»t Four Prtuow ;Mi'XIIII»^i0MBHe:«. 

'.mer Andltarlmn (H. l»kr C Sw. mgia.) 
LjeraB Stock Co. irok Z 

BUeo TliMtrF (C. E. OlMon. diet.) Bobblu 
ud Tmnaiwa. Moonrj- and MooD«l, NiciE- 
HTg^f . Harrr Andrews. Illustrated xHigs and 
moving pIctoTvB vevk 2; sood bn:»Iorsj». Un- 
<Iec euTaa — duller Bios'. lOI Kancb Wild West 
Adw Sept. 33-26; good bosineu. Forepan;b 
-and Sells Bros'. Shows Sept 2T; good perform- 
^aaee and two packed tents; Pawnee Bill's 
Wnd West Oct. 2; Gasklll CarnlTsl Co 9-14. 

CH4OTTE. — Hetrick Tbeitre (R. B. Pal- 
mer. m;;r.) Maliata's Minstrels- 2; pleased 
«ood tHulness. Tlist Little Swede 28; fair 
boslsess. Bis Hisbness tbe Ber 2S; delisted 
capaeltT bo<M. piMr *i*^liur<»3e Oct 5. 

Winiams' Opera Hoise (G. W. WlUlams. 
m^.) lllmnan Heartit Sept. 27; pleesed zood 
baslnese. LDIlsa 'Masoa Co. 2S-90; atron: 
company and tMjsJnes^ sattsfartotT- At Crlppl€ 
Oreek Oct. 6: Stetson's U. T. C. 10. Under 
eanras — Kiji;rllns Brothtrs' Show Sept. 2S; 
pinsrd capaclCT business. Mtterson & Braln- 
. cM OanilTal Co 

V ZOFEKA.— CimwlM TkMtza (Ctawlotd ft 
I.) Tkat UtOt Swede Sept. M: 

~ S:S.B.O. 

96; pinied 

TwiBU Ml te «ta tte KUik-mbM Ck. Iv Dnnt. i 
JkM OlM 9; W^GIrta Um ta* 9S: filr 


;anA tamtt. Btmam Beuta SO: codd boon. 
:jJL- MmmtmM agf Oct. 1; cood bialiii ■ . Anna 

'- ■tm nj z. 

;.- Star Vaodentle Tteetre (G. T. Ifocrls. rnsr.) 

■iC Slmpaoo. Flee LoTelands. Ulas Frauds Sliap- 
aoB. and others week Sept. 24; (ood bnatness. 

IT. SCOTT DaTldson Theatre (Harry C. Er- 

nlcb. mfrr ) HIa Hlehness. The Bey Sept. 27; 
(ood allow and patmnaKT. Tbat Little Swede 
38; fair boslsew. T e_»jijrt oC Bbo ^ Ott. Sr 
biaa Open Olk.St.'iMI^ .MbMM; 

Coffee IT. 
Wm h»L ^ 

a«rL SB; SDod 
Mule FtatalB Oa. w«Hc Oct.-S: 
••SMIHM. CBd »r ciiii ii Bltllin Bntb- 
■e S^pt. Ay j CDod bosSoeaa^ 
ftWIl.tSSlL — Se-.lrc Tbeatrr lA- B. Sedrc 
r.) .A. BnssUa Spr 5; Morej- Stack Olu- IC- 
" oC nnns 26. .. 


-Arenoe Theatre (C. A. staw, 
A Wlf^ Secret week 1; good ;H:rfi,mi- 
The Eye Witness week 8. 
Masonic Theatre (C. A. Sliatr, msr.) QniocT 
Adams Sawyer dellshted (mod boslness last 
week. Shadows On Tbe Henrtb week 8. 

Bockln^ham Theatre (Wballen Bros., Din.) 
Tbe Mascottes week 2; good bnslneae and per. 
fOcmsnce. Tbe Colonial Girls , week 8. 

■facaalqr's Tbcatte (Jim T. Macaoley, mgr.) 
Wken Jbtaar Comes Marehlas Home week 2; 
coed keatecae aed perfocBsance. Ctaaa. B. Ban- 

~ ~ ~ TW«H« (Wb. m If* mil, mgt.y 
' ' teaaar and Bent. Ftaer ilw-. 
. and TcnHo. Jiw Fijna sod 
Mk' 1; OMd liasliiiii, Jfe. 

mt mm.- KMtv imk ». 

okvuxj: b. xaixob. 

UtXUI OTOS.— Optim Bbof* (Ckia. Sestt 
■sr.) Di gbr Beg la Zbe.HaeUiat «C Hr. 
Pipp 2-8; gos4 


BOWXZHB- WKKKM. — Potter's Opera Hoose 
S^t-t'' ^S?* ^' "i^ ^ Het^ayMre Opera 

T bna Shslt Not KUT • . ■ ' ■. - 

iiwrnimmro nuBt '.niiiiii cr*JM * 

Barch. ingr«.> My WHM.4Mto':;jhiit^ ZTr 
«M>d boatees*. BnraiC iVmi^XK^Oct. M: 

. CCkige. X. 

.llMtFber. mtr.y Herald Sqaare Opera Co. Sept. 

SS-30t *ood btt<neitsj Dare Derll Dorothy Oct. 
T: Otwnt Com<-dy Co. 3-14. 
"-. WIStiHWX'Ut. — Opera Hoose (Gains ft Stro- 
k) Tbe Tla Stock Co. weA 


«cek 1. 

. Grand Optra IToose (H. C. Foorton, mgr.) 
'The Belle of Richmond week 1. 

OtptieDm Theatre (Tom S. Wlnstoo. mgr.) 
Henrietta de Serrls. S. Miller Kent, Capt. 
Blnwn. Meeaeoge r B oys' Trio. Idoia Catrer and 
PoUard. wntDB Bcothcn, Lew Wells, 

Tkaatic (WlB- A. WBer. ttzr.) The 
: Owaedr Ca. b A FIgbt For Foctnne week 
. L Taaderllle nombers between tbe acts ate 
sad Mottm. Lew Kroner. lAttle Glen- 
: BaaC llairii. Pnrf: M<f aUa^ and •«>««■. 


BATTT. — CMambla Theatre (OtiTer Moeea. 
mgr.) Papa's Boy Sept. U; canceled. Tbe 
Oftloirtal Stock Co. week IS: fair bostness. Tbe 
Bol Stock Co. 2S-77: good business and eom- 
paay. Darld Haniin 2S: caiiacitT boslneaa. 

K*«k-«*u OB. Oct. x-7: men V* Wm 

_ \'» Tktam (BobC B. Itwtn. mgr.) 
Tbe Eari «ad Ibe OM nek 2; attracted One 

boslness. Babes Xa Tim Woods week 9. 

Mirjland TbeatIC CXas. L. Keman. mgr.) 
niBon and Emt, i/em SnUy, DeWItt. Boms 
and Torraoce. Eddie Leonard and Slurp Broth- 
ers, Sylraoo, The Bice Family, and Gorxnan 
and West week 2; boalnesa big. 

Andltorlom Theatre (Jaa. L. Keman, mgr.) 
Tbe BelJe of Arenne A vrlth Elfie Fay week 
z; good boalnesa. Tbe Black Crook week 9. 

Blaaey'a Tbcatre (O. U. BallaaT, mgr.) Tbe 
Cypar Gld arttk Dolly Keaapcr week S; wd ad 
boaSM. Ow Can* U Drink week S. 

Hnllldsy Stmt ■ Thratrr (Kemaa. Bite ft 
Hoock. mgr.) Bainey Gllmore In Tbe Boeky 
Road to l>oblln week 2; excellent biisliwis 
Caater'a Laat Flgltt week ft. 

MooamcBtal TkMttb Q9Mm &b 

Mlas New Xock. .» 

perfDrmaoce aaS Ti 
qnera week 9. 

BIJoa Theatre .JK .K-Oitt' ViU riilllhs 
and Gordon hMsM ' a wgSSuCWB Week 3; 
boalnesa good. \ 

STLTAN SCENTHAL. 224 La arena St. 

CUXBEKLAin). — ^Academy of Maalc (Mel- 
llnger Bros., mgrs.) Klrke Brown Stock Co. 
week Sept. 3S; good business. Alberta Gal- 
latin Oct. 2; fair baBlneKS and good perform- 
ance. Bnster Brown 3; good boslness and 
show. Under canras — Slg Santelle & Welsb 
Brothers Sept. 30 ; good business. 

WftKHSTUWll. — Academy of Mnaie (Chaa. 
H. B^pM^ ast^) .Bastcr Bmra 4. , 


NEW BBIFOBII. — 'New Bedford Theatre 
(W. B. Ooss, mgr.) Tboe. E. Shea In reper- 
toire week SvpC 18; pleased pac ke d booses. 
Jas. Kenned.r OiL VMk : SS: - (Mk. baslaess. 
Why Girls Leae* -■■M-.Oct.' t| Xha 'Bike of 
Kinicrankle 9. 

Batbaway's Tbeattc (Tbeo. B. BaHies, mgr.) 
To To. LeClalr and Haidt. Artie Hall. GU- 
roy. Hayacs aod Montgomery. Byama and Mc- 
Intyre, CmtXle and (3oUins. Onri Family and the 
Tliagrapb week Sept. 25; good bnslDess. 

SaToy (D. B. BolSngton. mgr.) Tbe BnlBng- 
too Stock Co. la aiCB aaS WOTMk wwk X wia 
The — — - - - - • — - 


Gllmcce awc t Oa. . 
week S; go o d perCbsBaace and seed 

Conrt Sqoare Tl»eatre. Henrietta Croaman In 
Mary. Mary, Qolte Contrary 2;. good boalnesa. 
Edna Ang in A Fonr Leaf Clover 4; Viola Al- 
len in Tbe Toast of The Town 6; Tbe Heir to 
The Hocrab 7; Wright LorLmer in The Shep- 
herd King week 9. 

PoU'a Theatre. Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Drew. 
GQror. Hajnes and Montgomery. Three KIos 
Sisters. Greene and Werner. Tonng and DeTole, 
.\ntr1m and Peters, Geo. Olamond. and moT. 

InK pictures week 2; good baelnem. Theatre. Wine. X^oman and Song 2-4; 
ble bnslDesd. The Cracker Jacks 5-7. 

FAXl. BITEB.— Academy of Music (Cabn & 
Grant msrs.) -Sbeitard'a Moving PIcttirea Sept. 
25-27; fair business.' Wliy Girls Leare Home 
29-30: good boslneaa. Daeld Baiasi Oct. 9. 

Sheedy's. Don* and Baaaell Juad a seed 

and ^ShI^' . - , . - '^^^ 

Ike I Chat* (A. is. rfijan; .miffij Oillabsn 
and Mack. Dnlsr Haieoort, Xha Xiilsr Twin 
Sistets, Blacr <Dalex. 'CMatWK.-asA Smltb 

"xb?^S*3SS^SfeSS?^t*-'«l««t the 


Xaa HUl ;ia The Sticct Singer 
m. Era Ttsagnay In The Sambo 
•; luxe and deligbted andlcaee. 
P i apki. TBcatn; (T. F. Murray, mgr.) TTben 
Tbe TTetU Sleeps 2-4; large aodlraces. Wine, 
Woman and Soof 5-7: pleased capacity bnal- 

6L01TCESI£R. — ^Dnlon HHI Theatre (rx>throp 
ft Tolana. ana.) Kerry Gow Sept. 27; One 
aadbosiness. Girls Will l>e GIrU 
and apedtT Imal- 
— ~ aC Ob a. 




SAGnrAW. — ^Academy (J. SI. Ward, mgr.) 
The Wayward Son played to good business '.'(>- 
27: cmd eom^a ig. ^ ^ Tbe ^^ ^"'^^ '"^ 

Afffis Tbeatie (Bnifiirt 4k Xuln, ■«■.) 
r , a ai lel i a , Lacy and lAder. lUgaaae t la Kvkin, 
Colette's Monkeys and P1™n, Ibui^. B.r.r-r 
Sept. 24-30; fun bosses and reiT good bDl. 
Oct. 2-9. Tbe Byrons. Agnes Lee Uartyn. CHar- 
ence Sisters. Noblette and Marsltsl, Carrie 
Scott, Caldem and W. J. McDennott Oct. 1-T; 

full hoas**s and good [►erformance. 

T.axarwn — Balrd's Opera Bonse (F. T. Wil- 
liams, mgr.) Klltle'8 Band 25; fair business. 
Tbe Wayward Son 2S; sood business. Crest 
Train Bobbery 30; goo<i business. School Girl 

Oct- 2; On The Bridge at Midnight 3; Sign 
of The Four 7: Fsost 9; One of The Many 10; 
The Wlxming Band 14. 

BIJon Family Theatre (D. J. Bobaon. mgr.) 
Week 2, Tbe Great Gay, Sboenwrrk, Great 
DeGreans. James and Dnvls. and the bljouscope. 

XUSKEGOV, — Grand Opera Hoose (R. H. 
Meyersatam, . mgr.) San Toj s^i t 23; large au- 
dience, good attraction. Oa Tte Bridge at 
Mldnjght^Oct. 1; eraw d i^hon^^^CTgr UlUes 

Grafters 12: Adaialda BkMMHlMffSk^^nBWb 

of Betty 14. 

FLnrr — stone's Theitre (Albert C. Peg. 
mgr.) San Toy Sept. 21; fair iiaalneas and 
good performance. Dora Tbome 22: good show 
and bnalness. On Tbe Bridge at Midnight 23: 
good alww and bnslneas. Sdioolglrl 28: good 
show and fair buslnes. My Wife's Family 
30; good allow aod boslneaa. The EleTentb 
Hoar Oct. S. 

anZ— WaAlagtaa IbMtn <W. J. 

r.) On Iht Bddge at Midnight Sept. 
iisliiM Tbe Scboolglrl Oct. 1: good 
vMKw. The EievaBtb Boor 3-1; Flurodora &; 
My WUb** Faaaay My Jersey Lilly 7; The 
fowm at The Vtoar 8; The Wlimlng Hand 11: 

iSe railslan Widows 12: A Desperate Cbanee 

13: In T>* Heart of Chicago 14: Faust 15. 

aeawijiial I WL. — Opera Boose (A. F. Koepke, 
mgr.) The Mammy and The Bnmmlngbird 
Sept 25; good boslness. In The Heart of Chi- 
cago 3; San Toy 4: Florodora 17. 

BUoa Theatre (W. A. Boss, mgr.) The Jes- 
sees. The Bererleys, and kinadrome week 1; 
good business and performance. 

OOWAGIAC. — Opera House (Tbe Little Out- 
cast Sept. 22: good sLow and fair business. 
My V.lfe'B Family '-tJ: sood crowds ud 
pleased. Faust 28: fair business. TrlSby SO; 
sood Vogel's .MlnstxeU Oct. 4. 

SATTLTE STE. M«nlF H«o Opera Boose 
(W. H. Seach, mgr.) San T»T *t '^•JM*'"* 
sUlner's Dsoghter Zi Tba HtMt ofJCbtago 

5: Tiie Irish Ptwnbrokcfs T: ™"*«« J* 

0WQ8B0,— Open BMe (O. I teh li a bitcbe r . 

t Maalct Scpc SS: nod perfuniiaiice and 

uoTThrBiitoeVt XUdalght 28: fair 
- My Wife's Family Oct. 2 

-_ , (L. N. Scott, 

Hnk StaaptCa Tielcsram Sept. 24-::C: 
r^l'Tillir- ' -- — • Far Husbands 27 30: 
iuod battiesi. Mrs. L ggi syilf Boots and 

The Bamstormeta week OCL !• ' _• ■ ■ __ 
Aadltortom Theatre CP. B. MBMBt ■S'*! 

Damon and Pytblas S. . . 

Bljoo Theatre (Theo. L. Haya, mgr.) ^Qneeo 
of The Wblte Slares week Sept. 24; good bnsi- 
ness. His Last Dollar week Oct. 1. 

Orpbenm Theatre (G. E. Raymond, mgr.) 

Artbor Stone. Slgnortna Vererm, Oriska Wm- 

den and Adele Arche r^ Mr. a nd _Mm. .m"-,,™; 
monde. O'Brien and Bat MWa Bi**!^ *R tU5 
and Frlngle, and otbCfS^ «SK .BvL Wi Bood 
business and bill. . 

Lyceum Theatre (Mr. Ely, mgr.) lb ja* 
Mrs. Kobyns, The Pierces, Fay. ODlaspaad Flay. 
Tbe Bosaris. Jaxson and Sparks, TeBIe. Mar. 
phy. lAMont's Dogs and t Um Mt tm, and the 
bioscope week Sept. 25; goodbniiifll. 

Cnlqne Theatre :jia. 'F. ftue^ 
Tigne. Rllleyand aad garisaii OjliW , _Naab ft 
Co., Ed. B. and Brtis •mMS^HSte. Jtonnlngs. 
DiCoe. Harold Becknc. Bfcnaanr EnFlenr. and 
■Drins pictotas we^ Sept. 35; good bnal. 

Dewey Theatre (M. H. Singer, mgr.) The 
Washington Society Girls week Sept. 24; good 
'business. Tbe Tiger Lniles week Oct. I. 

' ST. PAUL. — Metropolitan CIpera House (L. 
N. Scott, mgr.) Eira Kendall In The Barn- 
stormer 1-t: good, boslness. Mrs. Temple's 
Telegram 5-7; San Toy 8-11; Frank Daniels in 
Sergeant Brue 12-14. 

Grand Opera House (Theo. L. Hays, mgr.) 
The Belle of The West week 1: s^od baslnesa 

and performance. Joe Welch in The Peddler 
8. , 

Star Theatre (J. a Tan Boo, mgr.) Tbe 
Utopians week 1; packed boaacs thmoshoat tbe 
week. Tbe Partelan Bdtaa week & 

Otpheom Thcatse (Chaa. Staeek. lasr.) Tan- 
deifll* 'cmUmm t» attiaet luce baHaen. 


BB. CLOTO.— DasMson Opeia Haose (E. T. 
X>aTldaoo. mgr.) Bni Bbaisk SspC^^BMvtt. 1; 
pleased good biiiliHM ■ «>» B wl 3U» Qaar- 
tet Oct. 6; San Xir 'lil KBUsa aMri^n;-4iady 
of Ly aaa 33. 

^aTMwm fnim lOL P. inilker, 

mgr.) The Mattlase mt VOttr B«t' SB; sood 
business and comfway. 


ST. LOVIB The local playboosea again re- 
port a big week's business, tbe Veiled Prophet 
Parade bringing many visitors to the city. 
^ Olympic Theatre (P^^agrt. jgr^^^^gg <g- 

Home Folks. 

Carrlck Theatre (Geo. W. Floyd, mgr.) The 

(Jeerer of Qeck with Dare Lewis attracted fine 
bnslneas the past week, (^rrent: Lady Teatle. 

Ontiirr Theatre (P. Short, nigr.) Mrs. Tem- 
ple's Telcj;rani week 2: excellent performance 
and pleased good patronage. Current; Tbe Stio- 

Ciaad Opm Hnm (Jaks O. SbeehF. asr.) 
Hanloa's Faalawni ivcck 9i cacellfat attrac- 
tlaa and laise bMlBMB. Balb aad Dtn week •. 
■ CMnhiB Theatre (Plaak B. Tbttb' apr.! 
Tbe Tankce DooOe Bva. lllats aad Rrans- 
ton, Tbe Fanst Family, Masleal Johnstons. 
Tecge and Panlel, Edward LsZelle. Mr. and 
Mrf. Gene Hnghes. Tslbot and Rogers. Jimmy 
Wail. Lindsay's Dogs and Monkeys. Jennings 
and Renfrew, and moving pictures week 2: 
boslness and bin good. 

nartln'R Theatre (Wm, Garen, mgr.) Klne 
of The Opinm Ring week 2; good business and 
ideaaed. The House of Mystery week S. 

Gayety The at w _(0 . T. C rawfw d. mgrl) 

bnslnesa aaS- ~ ~ " ~ ~ ~ ~ 
week 8. 

Orpbenm Thcatra (Martla Lebmas, ogr) 
Patty Brotben. Smith and Campbell, Maacta 
SUteis, Mr. aad Uia. Prrklm FIsber, Llada 
Beckwitb, Cellna Babe, Howard Btotbeta. m 
the kinodrame week 1; good boalaeaa and Hmw 

MajesUe Theatre (Sam BeaMmin, mgr.) 
Raw Is and Voo Kanfman, Sebenck Family 
Chester, Chas. Brenson & C^,, Georgia Cbarl 
ters Lewis, Dlzon, Burt and Dixon, and otliers 
week 1; good business. 

Ontury Theatre (Joa. Barrett, mgr.) Dainty 
Paree Bnrlesqoers week 1; good attraction. 
Fay Foster Co. week 8. 

Yale's Tbeatre (Lloyd Brown, mgr.) Baa 
Fagan. The Monroes, Clem. C. Magee. Larry 
Conway, aod the moving pictures week 1: good 

Natkmal Theatre <F. L. Flsnders. mgr.) 
tdKI JU,_ Bytwk jM Id O'Neal. Vincent Kl. 

'cHAS. H. aUAUt. 

ST. JOSETB,— Tootle TbealM (O. V. Ml. 
ley. mgr.) KoU and DUl la L Oi U. Ott. 
2; ;rood boalnesa. Thn Murphy la A OniSII M 
Coffee 3: good bnsln. as. PIS, Pafl: BmC T; 
good patronage. Boater Brown 9; Tbe ftla ^ 
of Pllseo 10: DoeksUdter'a Minatiela 14. 

Lyceum Tbeatre (C. D. PblUey. mgr.) A 
Volunteer OrganUt 1-2; attracted good basl- 
ness. Queen at tbe White Slarea S-7; good 
iHlsIness. Era Fay 0-14. 

Lyric Theatre (H. Walter VanOyke, mgr.) 
The VaiAlyke Stock Co. pr< sealed A 0>wbax's 
Girl weeA; 1; good bosIoe«s. 

Crystal Tbeatre (Fred Cosman, mgr.) Bd. 
liiomson. Franzmatbes and Lewis, OrrUle 
Pltber. LaBord and Ryeraon, Wm. 6. Bocoa 
and moving picture a week 1; good Iin iliiiss. 

KAHBIBAL.— Park Tbeati* (J. B. Pdetw 
mgr.) North Bntbeta Comedfan Sept. 19 aad 
week good bnslaeas. Flff, PaC Foat Oct. S: 
pleased capadtj boslness. Joa. DeOrtlw pre- 
sented Blcbelteu S; fair boalneaa. Holty TdI9 
T; pleased good boelncas. Haeerly's Minstrels 
9: Tbe Female De te c Uw ea lO; WUe la Kamt 
Only 11: The Fatal " ~ 

Poaeynue 14; Dota ■ 
18; Sky Farm 21. 

lOnjX. — New Club Tbeatre (L. F. Bal- 
lard, mgr.) Sky Farm '6ept. 20; good company 
aad bcnse. Oadc Taa'a Cabia 39; asad tmtt- 
■can. That MtMa Ba iSi ..SfL .Ig • Mk >a^ 

nesB. The 'Kajah 'at BfeliB^l 

9; canceled. 

Lyric Park Tbeatre (Chaa. B. 
mgr.) Zareni, Zarttnt and 
roll. Bnmett and Wj 
tores week Sept. JH; 
canvaa — ^RingRag 
good baalaes*. 

dU^pt^Sininl^^id hnsin t s ? ^ Orace Hay- 
ward Co. week Oet. 1 excepting 6 when PIS. 
Pair. Poof formallr opena this bouse. 
I Wood's Opera Hooae (H. W. Wood, mgr.) 
VaadeTlDe Is drawing good business, 
mgr.) Tbat Uttle Swede 2; capacity buai- 
Xhe Kajab af Bbaw S: B«itnl T; The 
• ^ imt AtCMfIa CHek IT. 

impeilal Theatre 

Der TaUnaa «cA B; 
exceOeat eoapanj. 

Standard Theatre (Leo. . 

The Calldnmla Clrts week Bl BtaS hi 
and perfaenanee. The Cbev n lhr BrfVarla. erark 
shot, was a featnrc. Dainty Paree Glrla 
week 8. 

(D. B. Rnssell. mgr.) 
H i w d Xla World week I: 

^--s-s. ~ m^mmu A WIM Saciet 

we* «. 'WHiti J. FABLBT. 

TTdHBHI OKT. — Tbe Willis Wood (Wood- 
ward ft Bonene Aa. Co., mgrs.) The Prince 
of Ptlaen with Jeea Dandy and Ruth Peehles 
delighted Itrge patronage last week, (^rrent: 
pitr. Pair. Ponf. 

Grand Tbeatre (Hudson A Jodab, mgra.) 
Buster Brown week 1; packed bonae and good 
production. The Runaways week 8. 

GlUlaa Theatre (E. S. 
First Falae BMP ««ik It 
cellrnt ' 
week 8. 

Andltorltun Tlieatre (W( 
Am. Co,, mgn.) Stv Fans 

TBEHTOV. — OpRa Hooae. SnI oC Iknoa; 
faned to appear. In Old Virginia Oct. S: good 
businesa and performance. Mabara'a Uinstrela 
10; The Little Homestead 12. 

CHART.FSTOM. — Cbarleatoo Tbeatre (8. P. 
Loet). mgr.) ^^^^ '""jpj^j^'^^^^a^gjj^ 

Downs Show 7. 

CLISTOir.— Blxman Opera Hoose (W. P. 
Jarvla. mgr.) The Pnmpktn Busker 11; At 
(Mpple Ckeck TO; Bon's Uaalas Flctoca 39. 


COLTnCBTTB. — Galnmbus Theatre (P." W> 
Mner. mgr.) Buster Brown Oct. G; WMl 
Musical Comedy Co. 11; Barlow's Minstrels IT. 

lOBBOTlLA.— Union Tbeatre (Cbu. A. Bar- 
ools. m^.) May Howard Burlesqocra ^cpt^S; 
good businesa and fair performance. Dasa 
Thome 20: good bnalness and performance. 

OMAHA,— Orpbenm Tlicstre (Ori Relter. 
mgr.) Sylvester, Jones and Pringle, Mr. an* 
Mrs. Perkins FIsber. Slgnora Verera, Patty 
Brothers, Smith and Campbell. Cellna Bo be. 

1 M-a — - fcfcaai iimr week 

Mew BnwDod Tbeatre (Waodward ft Bar- 
geaa, mem.)- The Woodward Stack Co. in A 
Royal FibUj week Sept. St; boalneas good 
and pe rl bem an ee eaeeneat. Btm ao t She loved 
Bim So «c« Oct. 1. 

_Bqyd ThsaHe j[WQe dWMit ^BwiCTS. _>>"■> 

varloas plays week Oct. L 

Krag Tbeatre (Doc Bleed, aar.) Florence 
Bindley In Tbe BeUe of Ike Weet Sept. 24-25: 
good businesa and performance. Her First 
False Step 20-27: plraaed good patronage. The 
Female DetecUrrs 28-30: Joe Welch In The 
Pedler Oct. 1-4; business good. Geo. Evans 
iu Tbe Banaways 5-7. 

Audltorlam Tbeatre. Sooaa'a Band 1: Im- 
menae crowd. Baada Ba«a S-L B. J. ROOT. 

LXBO0IJf.-.OIIecr Thcatie (Ptaak C. Zeh- 
mng. mgr.) Tbe Finale DetecMm Sept. 27: 
good business. Ptggr Froai Paris 38; large 
cnowd. St Pinnkard a>-SO: good baslacaa. Tla 
Murphy Oct. 3. 
Lyric Ihcatie (H. H. XHtor. aBsr.)_Oi^ 

viiie piiehar. _ - - - 

man and . 


daont ft Bomesa, osvs.) Tbe T i nd nitot Bn*. 

2S: good baaIneaa_Tbe TeiMle ©eteetlvea 9S: 
good boalnesa. 'Sftear Whitcatto »: 
buslnMs3Maa> snftyiPm SO; idnSr aadlewe. 
Cncle^aSff "Cebin Oct 5. ■ 

^ OUTH.— Parmele TbeabB (P. H. 
Dm>bar,^%p.) TBe Paradeta Sept. 9: (iB 
ralker -frbttealdcn 3^ good sa^ 
and fair 'htteadaaee. Oaoe 
.Oct. 2: p lea sed aood at) 


""viU 8tMl Pi'-r leeoBBoaatti Ivft erowtfi 

■'■'vouji"'» i'l»r. ilo««)eHe LuUt Co. week 
■<r,.t eicellent bu»ln»M. Wee* Oct. *, m- 

<,vov- TUc«tre. M««hln« <>S^ 
The l5g 25l 


-tr.l .how contlnoM t» 
si.-oplcohise Pier. ' .v ^ . r=— 

--?.«y?~L •-^''•^ "jiff- 


(Lee Ottolensnl. mxr.) 

jntmi^ BotUah Qnnd Open Co. 

SrTS#rt;i« w»A 9-H: The Doeliea oT DuMe 

'''EBplre Tl.«fT» (H. M. HT«m.. BCb) 
Kuanis 9-H: Irrlind, 1798 16-21. 

Columbim Ttifmtrf (U. J. J«cob«. in«r.) The 
Bntsell Brothfrt In Tbe Qre«t Jewell Mj^terj 
Seek 2-7: «uo<> buslnew. llarchlns Tbroogb 
OeoreU 9-U; The W«T of THe Tnasgienor 

Th*«tre a. A. m«i. "g.) *>• 
Kpbloe Cobu * 0»~Altt» Ml. Jwa 
Baker and LxMt. IMMM ■■■ .wM* 

Baker and I'lVb 
ner, and ttie 
tne. . . 


openlnc. next week, with the new Sartge mn- 

•ICAl piece. To-MocTtiw-Laad la the lateat aa- 
nouncemeDt of Ita title. 

S>T07 Theatre (Frank McKee. mgr.) James 
K. Backett and Mar7 Maanerlas eootlDoed 

tlielr lacceMful run or The Wtlla •( Mtlcho 
Into Its third week. 9. The play «■ t* re- 
viewed In a subacqoent taaue. 

Madison Square Ibcatre (Walter K. Lew- 
rence. mrr.) Hemy B. Dll*T Im Tka Mu On 
The Box, contlnaee the atmetliai ken lo- 
deOnltely. The •eeond week ot the xn feesan 
9. Critical oplnloo dlSeta aa t* tbe aeHts 
of tbe piece. Tbe BUlbeetd'e *la«n win be 
■et tbrth Id e later leaK. 

Pioctor'e Fittli Aveane Tbeetie (J. Aos- 
tln Fjnei. gen. mgr.) Tbe "AU-Stnr" Stock 
Co. wm beiMfter appear twlee • dar. atartinc 
g. ITabe"* Xraaaon haa Ixo e e wge i l to pUy 
tbe leede at thn* o( tbe ■e fl n e e e. 
Blnchim. tk 

iDg at tke • •^r-sii.i_ 

Ing perforaaMM> ' b Tkt lUMa aC 

Eoea on 9. — - » 

Weher'e Aeetre (Walter IL'iMiVnBk Wgt.) 
Tbe Prince Chap began tbe weoM «Mk «( ita 

tnnsfer to this bouse. 9. 

Broajivij Theatre (A. W. Dlncwall. mgr., 
Tbe Pearl and Thf Pumpkin stftrtpd npon its 

eighth engaging week, 9, with no announce- 
ment made as to anj stoppage ot Ita aaccess- 
ful ran. _ 

New Amsterdam Theatre (Klaw & Erlanger, 
mgra.) The sixth and last week of Tlia PlO<^ 
leal Son BtartB B. On <o l.alo 01 »»e r nj"ea 
oTer here from tbe Knickerbocker to canllDDe 
tbe ran o( Mica DoUf DoUara. 
Lyric Theatre «ia«_fcaa, ■!«».)_ The 


Haber't Moaeam (John H. Anderaon, mgr.) 
Here relffn the treaka and here, too, la rande- 
TUIe and llkewlae Urge and pleajed ahdl- 
encea. WALTER K. HILX.. 

BBOOEL-nr tfuw Mortaak Tkaatre (S. B. 


week 9. 

Park mnw Qmw MkK an) Will 

aooD apm itka/tm mtr fka MMMmn attae- 


Broadway Theatre (L. C. THh; ;MP^^S(bt. 
Edeaon In Strongheart week S| ■BN'lMftitai. 

Docbeaa of tHuitxlc week 9. 

Amphlon Theatre (Wm. T. GroTer. mtr.) 
Henry Lee, Tbe Woodertol Zanxlgs, Monroe. 
Mack and Lawrence, Lew Bawklna, Unalcal 

Httt fW. 8. Clark, mgr.) 
Bnrleaqiiem week 2-T: good 
Irwln'a Big Show 9-14. 
Street Theatre (P. B. 
...I A Son ot Beat Sept. 2S-27: 

a>d made a hit. Tracked Aroand 

The World 28-2S: pleaard big baBlneas. Slm- 
^ Siiaoa BlaHile SO; capacity booae and well 

^£d*i» ffi^SStMnT^^^^nM 

Sl4. ^ ^ 

Taylor Opera Hoose (M. Moaes, mgr.) 'Way 
Down Eaat deUgbted Urge audieoirea 23-28. 
Woodland Get- 3; rery 6ne buslneaa and 
■leased. Fritxl Sebed 7; The Maid and Tbe 
Sammy 9: Mra. Temple'a Telegram 14. 
: Trent Theatre (Kdw. Benton, cogr.) Tboe. 
Seabrooke and Jeanette Lowrle beaded a 

Eld bill week 2-7; other* are Elloore Slaten. 
e and Broidie, Tbe LaDella, Traaa-Atlantle 
Four, Three Weataoa, OlUe Tooag and Brotbrr. 
and the bkiciaph. 'lflllcr*B Flephat^ Oraa« 
Opera Trie. Tea) TMa, Uxzle Braaa and Jbuxy 
. Broekman - - 

week 9-U. 



I cfewiccs 

of Ml _ 
et blUa at the Bdaaeo 

_ _ at oar prln- 

dgal IheatitB for the week ot Get. 9. At 
the GanKk, on Toeadar CTenlnc.' Arnold Daly 
wm glre onr tlrat new ot John Boll'a Other 
Island. Boaloeaa generally areragea tram fair 
to good, and la no Inatance are tbe crowda 

Belaaco Theatre (Darld Belaeco. mgr.) 
Mrs. Carter t>eglna tier Anal fortnight. with 
Zaxa. changing the bill again 16. to ftuag* 
for her concluding week. Her tbicc WMk* ot 
Adrt-a cloaed Saturday nleht. 7. 

L.Tceum Theatre (Daniel Frohman. mgr.) 
■ Joseph Wheelock. Jr., continues his etarrlng 
career In Juat Ont of Ckillege before large and 
well-pleased aodleoces. He starts npon bis 
third week 9. 

Empire Thcatxe (Chaa. Frohman. mgr.) 
Joha Dccw. la - - 


Ifnhattaa Theatre (1 , 

■Bb) Jba. nake eateted uvoa the thM al^fc 
•C aa eagasmcnt which eada 14. caatlBalBs 

. nk week 

at Ml and aa » BaMh» KUHh afM her Kng- 


K^rgaict AngUn'a great wartl Sra la in- 
dDac - nlTetaal admlratioa ftom large aadl- 
encM. ' She itartrd ber foortb week, 9. 
■ Hew Tork Theatre (Klaw & Erlanger, mgn.) 
Ifelntrre and Heatb. In The Ham Tree. startwJ 
npoa the- aerenth week of their mn. 9. Fred- 
Bowec* jotaa them 16. and the Knickerbocker 
Quartet dosed T. Belle Gold la winning her 
apnrs of popnUrlty at all performances. 

Lew Fields' Theatre (Wm. Raymond Sill, 
mcr.) BeanUfnl. thongb cnrtalled. Nordlaad 
and the bnslesqae of The Moslc Master contln- 
uea tbe ottering here. . „ 

Academy of Music (GUmour & Tompkins, 
mgr.) Doatin Famnm, in The Vlrglnlaa, he- 
glna - a limited engagemert at thla booae, 9. 
SBCceedlng 'Way Down Eaat, which ended eight 
wceka of prosperity. 7. - 

Majestic Theatre (John H;Ptah««T. 
Ohanncey Olcott begins the ■ «e qw d _ at h ia ttoe 
weefea' engagement. »,Btaond fcefce baring 

^H'SlelT'c^ ^22 tS^WT 
mgr.) Bohert Edaon. In Stroo^leart. 9. fol- 
lows a week of The Docbeaa of Dantzle, which 

passed ptoeperonaly and ended 7- 

^GrtaAOim Hoose (J. H. Springer, mgr.) 
EWe. Pay. In The Belle of Avenne A, ^rta 
npoD a week Of promised prosperlff 9. follow- 
ing a week of good business ror Tbe Maid and 
Tbe Mammy, ending 7. 

Weatend Theatre (Geo. Elomentbal. mcr.l 
The NInety-and-N'Ine. on 9. takes op the en- 
terUlnment of Harlemltea where the Four Mor- 
tona. In Breaking Into Society, left off on 7. 

Foorteenth Street Tbeatre (J. Wesler Bosen- 
aneat. mgr.) Nat. >I. Wills shows down-town 
JbeatiegSra what The Duke of Dnlotb look. 
Ute week atartlng 9. and follows a prosper- 
ous week for The NMoety-and-Nlne. 

Hippodrome (Thompson tc Dundy, mgrs.) 
Great throngs continue to congregate here twice 
a day to witn«« tho »lamgTeloB» 
entertainment. Xkh.^al «MH «« -■Mdeta 
ate at hand. — ^ 

American Theatre .fW ja. **3*'_JHL 
Torke and Adaasa. ha. Bialiri and Br^kei*. 

ade their flnt da ah »! S .'y?.?*''n!!J?^S; 
foUowhW • gWt .Wi* ^«r She Pared Do 

CM8 week *. 
<W. a. Fttdlay. mgr.) 
iMk. S: good bottnen. 


Opm Bone (K. T. moOeton. mgr.) 

Uary Marble la Naocy Brown week 2l More 
To B« Pitied Than Scorned treek S. 

Folly Theatre (Bennett WUaoa. mgr.) Sim- 
ple Simon Simple week 2. Tbe BoaaeU Broth- 
era week 9. 

Orpheom Theatre (Percy G. Wllllama. mgr.) 
Kelcy and Shannon. Mason-Keeler Co.. Ed. F. 
Reynard. Kmpire City Qnartet. The Caataneoa. 
Mabel AiIsieb. Ema Cams, and others week 2. 
The Girl in The Clouds. Mary Norman. Sydney 
Grant. Shean and Warren, and others week 9. 

Star Theatre (Arcble H. Kills, mgr.) The 
Vanity Fair Burlesquers week 2. The City 
Sporta week 9. 

Bljoa Theatre (Mary G. Spooner, mgr.) 
Edna May Spooner In Zaxa week 2. A Blld- 

nlgbt BeU week 9. 

Gotham Theatre (Chaa. WnHaai^ mgr.) 
Marie Dopoait * Oa, VkMa and Ward. GU- 
letted Vtsf. aad oIlNnLWHk, i. 


OB iaiMBB OBO Grand Opera Houae (Cbaa. 

T. FnUer, mgr.) Louta James In VlrgUiloa 
Sept 26; good performance and fair bualnesa. 
The Eternal City 2T: Tery good show and 
pleased fair huslnen. The Old Honjeetend - 
Male Quartet Oct. 2; Tbe Clansman 3: 'Way 
Down Eaat 4; Babea In Toyland O: EdsaU 
Wlntbropc Stock Co. 9-14: Elfle Blaier IX . 
when EdaaU WInthrope Co. lays off. . 

CHAHLOTTE. — Academy of Moslc. The Je*> 
fersons In The Rivals Sept. 23; One IpisdactM^ ; 
and fair business. Human Hearts 25; Cur - 
show and busln. as. A Bunch o( Keja XT; Bk 
show and buslneas. .. " -J- 

LatU .\udItorInm. Peter'a Bteck^^.Wi* 
Sept. 23: good pertotnanee and huilana 

Bra*., awta.) 
Sept. S: caa|d. 
Eternal Ctly r 
ueaa. StaMm 

Oct- 5; 

begaa the alxth 

fal ewgagenent 9. 
. Hndaoo Theattv (Heniy B. BazHa. asgr.) 
Han and Superman. In which Robert Loralne ia 

■itarrlng. and which entered npoa Ita alxtb Im- 
uietise week Is reviewed in aootiicr column. 

KnlckertKJcker Tliealre <A1. H. Haymau & 
t^i.. mgrs.) Lulu Glaser starts upon ber final 
o-wk of MlKs DoU.v Dollara at this booae 9. 
.•<he moves over to the New Amaterdam to con- 
tinue the run of the piece on 10. The Sothem. 
llarluwe comblnatloa will- •MMOi.'har in that 
•la I... In another eotaaa • eliw oriBwlWUy 

lliiIlarK Is printed. 
Wallack'B Tlreatre (.Mrs. Theo. Mosa. mgr.) 
Monday night. 8. Thoa. Jelteraon bowa to 
■roadway aa BIp Van Winkle. He Is booked 
Jsrtwo weeks. Then comes Otis Sfclnner. 
BVhMNMl Hitchcock dolshed his eighth and 
mat week ef Baay Dawson, departing Saturday 

„n^r^ Xhcaire (DaoW Prohnaa. mgr.) Edna 
May.^l a JtarhaaaHfU j e wg tattiw^^tr^ 

let 9^^LiSMa^'irutag 'ita^'pa^lallty 
Rir this prettiest of all New York offering*. 

Garrick Tbeatre (Ctias. Frohman. mgr.) 
Arnold Daly, entering upon hia fifth week, 
dkanges tbe bill fmni 'Von Nerer Can Tell to 
John BuU'a Other Inland on Tuesday erenlne. 
10. Tbnae who delight to bask In the. radiant 
bealn-defleetlotw of Iiemard Shaw will then 
bare their Brat opp.irtiinlty to see his lateat 

BIJou Theatre (Henry B. Sire, mgr.) OavM 
Belasco presents Dnrld WarOeld •» 
Master for the sixth week of b 
In New York, starting D. 

Herald Square Theatre (Chap. Frohman, 
mgr.) Sam. Bernard and The Bolllcking Olrl 
end their twenty-fourtb week, and cooelltde 
their all-sxnimer run of Mwllfr M. M>. Mtx 

In Tammany Hall, tea " 

ot>ena for a mn 16. 

Liberty Tlieatrc (Klaw * Erlanger. mgra.) 
Nothlnc Is said about a terminatloa ot the mn 
of The ItiKm Bnthcn In ~ 


Murray -n 
Jearte Moa I 
week Ot. 

(Wm. T. Keogh. mgr.) 
n aa The Street Singer 
oC ■ntt te West and 
— — "nhv ended 7. 


The Odiee Bay 

and perCorownce. Ttie 
caapaBT awl Mr hoA- 
1 la mta and ^cs 

(W. P. Randolph. 
FlaU Sept. 2U:. good per. 
Uappy Hooligan 31; 
The JeBcnooa 

fair performance and 

In The iBirala 20; hae . 
Itonae- lx»al Jamea la 

formance and bnalnev. 

OOVCOBB.— Opera Booae (J. B. OaldweB. 
mgr.) A Baaeh of Keya Sept. CT: good Jow 
and liaalam . Human Hearta gapd ihow^~ll^~ta BMt^Uk'M Rcw Tork, la tbe 
iSSt£"lJf »W*i-|e BUnc»^»» 
riShtlBg gate. cao»c».«art we ek.. The atme- 

ttooally - proOtablc. aclMB. 
MetropoUa Thsatn^Ocagr Boaenhetg. mgr ) 
The Shadow BAM TbO Ihiooe la the attrac- 

eia. In The Great J'!5?^-1 
ot 10. and then -BaiMf VBmmM,- m 

Road to Dublin, SS. ■ 

Thalia Tbeatia <A. H. Woods. IW.) 
septa Stanley pigliMM thti . . 

and win ha Stowed. 16. by Sbadcma ofa 
Great (Xtr. Bwlag the paat week TraCtad 
Vt lSla aSi ■waHJ aared to big bnalneaa. ^ 
naM%- BOndiedaDd Twenty-ilfUi Sttcet 
(jS^ Itaeo. mgr.) Tbe Proctor Stock Oo. 
iiSSw tBiwle« li The Spormg Dncbe». 
tfir^-Hr a— Paul McAUtater. Wm. J. Kd- 
S. BMtrlee Mocgaa aad Jearia BouteUe. ap- 
JSirtac IB tte cUet rolco. 

' itre <0c«. Kraaae.. mgr.) AL 
hia eominny hetc fcr wtek of 9, 
Eie Eampeaa Seaaatloa. and pre- 
WmM BaMan. who chw 16. Boal- 
h .^r '«0~-lhO.aaMl..«W>elty atand- 


Oathaa TlHali* <aaa. Kiaoaa. mgr.) The 
atr apsrla ilsatd a gaod week T and gave 
WV • to ne BMb BoDen. who win la tan 
be Bocceeded hy irwin Kotti 
lemltea keep thla booaa MM. 

Loodon Thcatfc (JasMO. K 

For week of • WkMnTa 

Mta. UHa Kew 



Miner's Bowery (WB. H. lahaai. rca; mcr.) 

The Rellly * Woods Shew will be tbe attrac- 
tion here week of 9. following a good week 
for Wataon'a Orlcntala, which eniled 7. 

Miner's Eighth Arenue (Edwin D. Miner, 
mcr ) The Avenue Girls will parade here week 
ot 9. succeeding the Imperial Borlestinera, who 
held forth to good attendance, ending 7. 

Circle Theatre (Lew Parker, mgr.) Tbe Ool- 
drn Crook Show, opening 9, follon-s a week 
ot peoOtable buatneaa Car The N< 

stock coopavj IB Why OK masRv ov 

2. Lover's Lane week 9. 

Hyde A Behman'a Tbeatre (Nick Norton, 
mgr.) Ulsa EUta Proctor Otla. The Reed Birds. 
Burtoo and Brooka, Alt. Grant and Ethel Hoag. 
Miss Josle Sadler. Clifford and Bnrke. Joggling 
McBanns, and Grand Opera Trio week 2. John 
T. Kelly A C^., Frank D. Bryan and bis Twelee 
American Girls. Edwin Keongh & Co., Bice and 
Cady, Henry and Allre Taylor. Chaa. M. Er- 
nest. Besnah and Miller, and Eight Dollar 
TrtMipe week 

Alcazar Tbeatre (Frank L. Bliley. mgr.) 
The Alcaiar Beauties week 2. Watson's Orien 
tala week 9. 

Phillips' L.Tceom Theatre (Loala Phillips, 
mgr.) The stock company In The White Tig- 
ress of Japan week 2. Week 9. For Hia Slc- 
ter's Honor. 

Naaaan Theatre <F. Fleck, mgr.) Tbe Bal- 
tlnwre Beantlea week S: good bnalacaa and 
pleased. The High School GMs week •. 

The Gayety Thealza CAa. ' dark, mgr.) 
Ctark'a Baaaway Olila waak 1. ' Taaliy Fair 
Bwleaquers week Ol 

Dntaae Tbeatre (Tiaiik B. Our. ncr.) The 
High School Girls week 2. GEO. H. RAKES. 

290 Broadway. New Tork City. 

K0OHE8TER. — Lycenm Theatre (M. B. 
Wolff, mgr.) Tbe lale ot Spiee 8-7; Inlla 
Marlowe and E. H. Sntbeia S. 

Cook Opera House (W. B. UcCallam. mgr.) 
Loola Simon and Grace Oatdaer, Guyer and 
O'Nell. Render Slaters. Pantxer Trio. May 
Bell tort. Polk and <>>lllns, Dixon and Anger, 
and the moving pictures week 2; excellent bnal- 

Baker Theatre (W. B. McCallum. mgr.) Sol- 
diers of Fortaae hr the atoek eotapanr 2-6 
good hwalana. - BHln-. %avtaar. OMMKt T: 


Nattooal Theatre (Mai Hnrtlg. mgr.) Flsle 
Janis In the Little Dncheaa week 2; excellent 
performance anil large patronage. Charles 
Grapewin In It'j< Fp to Too. Jnba Henry. 9-11. 

Corinthian (Henry C. .Jaeoba. mgr. Tbe 
Cs'^lno Girls and Smiling Island week 2: large 
business. The Gay Masoneradera week 9. 

GtOVEBSVUiE.— Darling Theatre (Will E. 
C«Dt. ro^T.) CooBln. Kate Sept. 29; pleaalnc 
performance. The Woman In The Case 30: 
good i>erformance and bupines*. The King of 
Rosnes Oct. 3; PfhWe's Moving Pictures 7. 

Family Theatre (Wm. Calhonn, mgr.) Rarry 
TT'ome and Co.. Geo. W. Hossey. Two Nndoa. 
Elllen NIhlo. K. J. O'Brien ao.l the Tltagrapb 
week 2: rood bn«lness. 

POUOHKFEPSIE. — CoUlngwood Opeta Boow 
fW. 6. Milliard, mgr.) A Woasaa^ iB.:ttc^Caae 
Brat. Z5; fine performance aad' MIg/ihHiUsa. 
Cheater DrVonde 26: good ''haslaeaB.'5..IMtle 
the NewsgM 19: fair h oi lw sa nagtr Bpotb. 
era Bfelea M: ■aaT-ahhw.r -BWht .BsIhi Get. 2: 
Whrelock'a V. 8. lodlah Bairt- 4; Ifat Wills 
la . The. Bafee of Mlath T. - 

pamily Theatre (Central - Theatres Co., 
mgra.) Saope aad-Kappe. natvnce Pierce. Mae 
Rnsarll.- Waltir m ii jfc Jglfc a^»..|hrry 
PBcer. Baker at^VBa^ wfc ■ felix 

and ClaxtoB and aMalV ' !■■*■■*■ week Sept. 
23: ro«^ b'-a^neaa. - - 

JAME8TOWV. — BamweVa Opera Hoaae (J. J. 
Waters, mgr.) Oaa Mly 1" Our Pastor Rept. 
28: gnod baslneM and perfbrmance. The Sleep- 
ing Beao^ and Tlie Beast Oct. 2; good per- 
formance and Imrt n ea a . Tbe Tsle of B^ng 
Bong 5; Eben Hdlden 7: The Woman In The 
Case 9: Rudolph and Adolph 10; Deell'a Aoc- 
Uo n 11. 

QEHE7A. — Smith Onera Hooae (L. K. Hartl 
son, mgr.) Eben Holden Sept. 28; pleased 
fair baslneaa. The Sleeping Beaoty and Tbe 
BesBt 27: big hnslness. Human Hearta 29 
good performance and fair bnalneaa. The 
rrlnceas Chic Oct. 2: fair bnalneaa. The 

WomiD In Tbe Case 4; May Hmman Stock Co. 


HOBWELISVILLE.— Shattack Theatre (Qhaa. 
A. Smith, aagr.) Ehea BcMra ■en*. SS; good 
prrfonnarr aad thir- hhs i a t sa. .Kathtja Pnr- 
aen Oiw wvtk Oct. .S: Nsaa " 
panr The Sle e pl a g B e au l j - aad The 
X whcB the Pnmell Co. laya off. 

rriilBh BInl-- Theatre (F. W. MaOhaaeO. 
mgr.) CrottT Trio. Robinson Slatera. Mile. Al- 




. CXYVKLASD. — Opera Hoose (Harry ntae. 
mgr.) The Crossing last week. Conaat: "Wag 
Down Eaat. _ . « 

Colonial Theatre (Dre ft CamphHL 
The Vangban Glaaaer Stock Oo^we* I la 
Charity BaU; plea ie* BMOootat M. _ 

fr^'^'Sl'rk'fto^. ^nS£StS^^ M.S: 

•on. The Ancooat P BU t MM Harry liCUur 
2' cood tmbmsa 
Lycew Theatre (J. K. Cookson. mgr.) Tbg 
'Fanaa'a Wife week 2; good b u s laeos and per- 

*°L^e*Theatre (Ed. W. Lang. m gr.> Waod 
and Wood. Barry Scanloa. The Alb .w-w*^. 
Bossell, Three Klmbala, and_Tlct« 
Ing plctnrea weekS; csai* 
Star Theatl* :QlnitA< 
Merry Ualdeaa wasB St ' 

formance. _ . ^ « 

Empire Theatre (Max Faetkenbeoer. mgr.) 
Rice * Barton's Big. Gaiety „Co. wMk 2; 
good bnalneaa and blU. P. C. MOONBT- 

TOLEDO. — Valentine Tbeatre (Otta 
mgr.) Sothem and Marlowe Sept. 30; 
bnalneaa. Tbe Sho^Jun Oct. 2; fair ha 
good pecfonnance. Blanche Walsh 4; 
attraction. DIghy BeU 7; Wm. Fa» 

Lyceum Theatre (Frank Bart. Bgr.) Qal 
Adama Sawyer 1-t; nod eaopaar aad baalnt 
Tbe FOOT BartlBSi ^ - _ 

Arcade ThCOtia fLamkla ft Newton, mgra.) 
EO^r&rk ft OB.. Hm and Sylrany. Wllsoa 
Tiiab Tooag aad Btaaha. Tbe Felota, and othcta 
week 1-7: good bailaeii. _ . ^ 

Empire Tbeatre (Abe Shapiro, mgr.) The 
Trocadero Burlesquers 1-7; flue rtaw aad bam- 
neaa. Tbe Jetaey LBUea 9-14. . „ „ ' 

Burt's Theatrv (A. L. WlswelL mgr4 H. O. 
BIsney in The Boy Bebtnd Tbe Ona 1-4; good 
bnslnesa. A Baee For Ufe 9-14. 

DATTOH.-^letoria Hk atre (G. O. Miner, 
mgr.) Fay Tetnpleton In Forty-flee Minutes 
From Broadway Sept. 29; good bttslness. Little 
Johnny Jones 30: packed houses matinee and - 
night. Blanche Walsh In The Woman in the. 
Case Oct. S. R. O. and pleased. ne 
Awakening of Mr. Plpp 4; good baslaeas. The 
She Gon 3. 

National Theatre (Gil Burro^vs. mgr.) Tlie 
Eye Witness Sept. 2S-30; good boslneaa. Shad- 
ows on the Hearth Oct 2-1; capacity hnslaesa. 
Across the PaclHc 3-7: coo>l adraoee aale. 

SASSnSKT. — Grand Opera Hooae (SlaglCC ft. 
Smith, mgrs.) Orer NUgara Falla Se5t.-lfc:• 
pIeased. John Grifflth In Richard III. Ot tt^Bt - 
fine pertormanee, fair hoose. Qnlag^ Ammm-. 
Sawym «-. lala at Baas Bay 11 : Ftenegajfla 
BaU IT: mamilsfc-i liial Stadc Oa. week 2S: 

Paul OBssaie »*. 

CABAL BOTTB Ifartfty »g.«f* (y- H. 
Cox. mgr.l A nvhl^am^Wt..BT^Kood bol- 
nesa. atr lMd lBl .SK SMl hMlaeaa 
Devtra . jmMm; «!*«. *s° ^"^^ ** 

Las* 19- 

TOBltGSTOWK.— 'Park Theatre (Jnlea DeJ- 
ar, mgr.) E. H. Soth«.Tn and Jnlla Marlowe 
Sept. 24: capacity business. A MilUooalte 
Tramp 2r>-^^>: fair ahow and bnslne«a- John 
Rrimth In King Richard III. 27; good business. 
Robt. FItr«lmmon» 2S: good bu«Ine-^-s Mabel 
McKlnler 2S: good bnalness and tn'- - -nMny. 

Opera House (T. K. AVbangh, m -r i '.\ -ek 
Sept. a*biJI»TrT LeClalr. Howard TruH^.IcU and 
Co.. ^nBRud Rar. Coleman's Dogs and CaU. 
Al. Coleman. Cartni'll and Harris and the 
plranograph: good bualnesa. The Bed Barea 
Cadets. Norton and 'NIeaima, <Vj^ Balat 
Barnes. Cherry and Batea'' TletST^-^ aha 
OhlU week Oct. 2. „ 
STEUBENVILLE.— Grand Opera Hoose (C. 
W. Mnxwt'll. mgr.) John GrlBlth In Richard 
111. Sept. 26: fair bnslnesa. Little Johnc/ 
Jones 30; delighted large buslnesn. Yaya 
Devil's Anctlon Oct. 2: Urge attendance, nj; 
negan's Ball 3; Ole Oleson 5: Alone ia the 
World 7: illldrrd HoUand 11: Oade Mk 
Spmcehv 12. 

EAST LIVERPOOL. — Ceramlr I»»a»l» ( Waw. 
r, Moore, mgr.) Msl-el MdOakg: la The. WBN. 

ma Ollre (Tlartnn. Bertha McMorrls aad Jai 
PrdndloTe week Sept 25: good business. 

BDtaHAIIPTON.^tonr Opeta House (J. P. 
E Clark, mgr.) Emma Bnoting Co. Sept. 285- 
30: pleased large hooses. Hadley'a Movlnjr PIc- 
Ya^ aimrm tore* Oct. 2: Mocga' Landing iM: Bleeping 
• Baaata aaC Ik* BMtt 9. 

Ml oeeossaMasfc 

son's Wife Sept. 27: , — . ^ . — ■ 
tie Johnny Jones 2.S: S. R. *• J"?* 
tloo 30: fair btislness. The Ohrl aad xae 
Bandit 2: The Triumph of Betty S. 

IBOMTOK,— Masonic Ope« mi atr ( 0-_ .C- 
Riley, mgr.) Why Olrla Lgw*.. ggsa^ 
27; pleased fair b »*i lOO ■■■M fc: ■■ ^ . j^ 
Oct. 5: Unela Josh Sptu te h y «t BsaaHV ■■■ 
Hatflel«2Wwti««a T. „ -^,„.. 

aaxzlMBJIfc-~theaire tj. M- Kantman. 
nJiT»idiBlB(t far Odice Sept. 50: large and 

^Caad aadleace. Tbe Black Crock. 
Oeit. sTSrlow and Wilson MlaatreU 19: Bi 

** ^ » wi? s f » m.P— Crmnd Opera HaOae (O^^ 

Darts, nun-.) why Olria Leave Bn"- 
90: aMdhwIneaa and company. UncleTom'a 
SjaaT ftrt S: so«I bosiaes* and perfSKBaace, 
sSow^ Jilasttels SO: Alria Jaalla ». 



Tri\e Billboard 

OCTOBER U, 190& 

The Billboard 



C Oimad OpeT» H<H3«« Bal Idlnir, ST ^ < 
Tftlepbotte Central 6084. 


The Billboard Publishing Co. 

^om AMivM'- — /-* <Mf« (»s a// traini an J ntwi-rtamjg 
Armughmmt tbt Umiud Stain and Canada, tobith ara 
nnUtd h Iht AmrrUam Nri^i Co.. aaj its hraathoM. 
KFimm motvm MAtt pttmst mMifr ihii ofce. 

Tit XUtHlml <i nU tm LenJtm at The jtatHcmm £r. 
Ammp, Twmtklwtr BmUdlmti, KanbumttrUmd Awtmuf, 
jr. C Im rmHr mt M iii jy^^f C^im. 

chestral It Is Just as necessary to 
working out the desired effects as are 
Itg^ts maA — fc* -Mp i. raw flait* mind 
is ■nfliieptlbte to wm i m w n . The first 
object of the drama is to play on the 

Intellect — through the emotions. We 
don't want our drama too rsaliati& 

fffuftf n iff thtuH iff I 



SWWiMrMvBM mm^rrtatmtoratmrm mmsulMud mmmw 
- mnwttmmdnta tkautd kttf t9fy. 

Ifiim M im i n iiji j mbm ma thm ImmttHtma mmd 

Emtarrd mt S*nmd-CTmjr Umtttr at Fan Oftt mt Cim* 
tmrnatl, Okia. 

Xooc* — ^Ilw BOIbosid win not uot* to 
olidted phataBimvhs. Editor. 

Satnrday, Octob* r 14, 1905. 


- -^TIm' first fsrih of Tlie Btllbeard. in- 
'•todtng last eiglit advertising pages, 
(riisa to press Saturday morning. No 
advertisements for these pages can be 
given the desired pMitlon and no 
changes can be mads In standing ads 
en any of these pages unless the copy 
reaches us by noon Friday. No ads for 
the last form will bo aoOaptod .after 

. anility 
dC the conntry Indicate 

that the season has 
opened ansplclously. Even In New Or- 
leans thlnss are moving along nicely 
BOor, aftf'tkkVBOveds are that all the 
aaaiantlBe- restrfetfoiis will be raised 
by the middle of the current month. 
In New Yorlc. which represents the 
East, the popular attractions are pros- 
peringr and business generally Is on a. 
very high plane. The Cliicago ther- 
mometer that registers the theatrical 
I pulse for the middle and northwest 
shows a very healthy condition. The 
far west, as seen in Its San FVancisco 
theatres. Is lilcewise happy. Undoubt- 
edly there have beat better ilieatilt'iil 
seasons than this pr w mt— to- be — tmt, 
Slai^ thMtt have beat worse. In fact, 
Mto OBUoek ia very (raUfying. Gov- 
ocnment crop reitorts show that agri- 
coltnra] conditions are better than 
they have been for several years. The 
indnsrrlal world is not at present dis- 
turbed by any material dlfflculUes to 
clog the great wheels of artificial or 
mineral . production, and thongli. tliere 
are rmnors of a. general strike einohg 
the eo at miners with the first of the 
rnmll i g ;.ye ar, the clouds have not as 
yf^-- ae iimn ed an ominous aspect, and 
Ml I iilly jMevatts. Three more years 
moot ^poe before another Prestden- 
tba campaign shall cast the Industrial 
«na financial heads of the country into 
and hesitation. This ought to 
L fkom tiM pres- 

At a recent meeting of 
the Association of Thea- 
tre Managers in New 
Toi^ the question whether or not the 
«w*tott» to » neoeoaacr jBdJnBOt- to-the 
aama^'mw^eanvaMed^ "Tbtt' ttieas- 
slon was started with a view, on the 
part of several managers, to eliminat- 
ing the orchestra toature of straight 
dBOflntic pcodBotiomL; w ■-. No ' decision 
was ' reacfaeO. ftii~ qoeiMlon being laid 
over for farther argument at the next 
meeting. A great deal might be aald 

on both sidesk hat It Is hardly prOb- 


BeaBty to 

Occasionally there must be thrillS' 
thrills for those whose inteilectuaJity 
prevails over their natural emotions, 
as w^n mrn itorythoae whose minds are 
subordinate' to 'th^r instlnets. Shake- 
speare shows his fetlth in the powers 
of music through the speeches of sev- 
eral of tiia characters as "He that lias 
no nmsto'ta'Jrtmssiraaftto'ttoc toadied 
by concord of" saieet aeands to ' fit for 
treasons, strategems and spoils; let 
no such man be trusted." And. again, 
in Twelfth Might, 'af music I>e the 
food oC love, play on. give me excess 
of It . . . That strain again; It had 
a dying fail; O. It came o'er my ear 
like the sweet south that breathes 
upon a bank of violets, stealing and 
giving odor." Shakespeare expressed 
Ills appreciation of music as we all 
feel It who are not too practical to 
enjoy - the romance of the drama. 
Music creates the atmosphere of art: 
players are Inspired by it and the 
auditors are rendered impressionable 
to the pathos and humor of the- vrtBon 
lines and unspoken psychOWjEie 'aoc- 
gestions according as they are so pre- 
pared. The orchestra will endure. Its 
abandonment, at the worst, would be 

;.■ --e • • 

"Writing editorially in 
the current number 
of the Actors' Society 
MontIiIyBidlatto.XH. Greene calls the 
manager vp on tti<^ carpet for a curry- 
ing down before the readers of the 
Bulletin. Mr. Greene thinks the man- 
ager commits a good many absurd! - 
Ues— "stupidities he cano-itoaah and 
in summing iin. iliii liiliiiiiiiiM that 
conduce : to' ttioJindHmiriaUlil 'Of af 
fairs, tbo " ~ 

wire broke, maldng an Instantaneous 
leap imperaUve. Mr. Wallace struck 
the Mt sidMrtolk and It is believed 
that ha ma tafurod Internally. lat- 
est nporto aniwunc that he was suf- 
fering eonslderable pain. 

Owing to 111 health Richard Mans- 
field has postponed bis Chicago open- 
ing fMm Oct. 1« to Oct. M. 

Ted E. Fs>ust. the minstrel man, 
filed a voluni.ary petition in bank- 
ruptcy at his home in Columbus, Ohio, 
Sept. 28. Bto llaMHtl<>s an iiiafiad at 
{7,243, with aaseto at $3,3M. 

SCrs. Frank Bntke, of the vaudeville 
team of Frank and Ethel Burke, is con- 
lined to the Merey Hospital, Hamil- 
ton. Ohio, with typboid fever. Conse- 
quently;, tbo toam bas eaitreteff a anli- 
ber of ' 


Kext seeaon Boston. Uau.. wUI • new amoee- 
ment m^rt In Waaderlaiad Park and Const; 
Fair, to lie located at Kercm Bnieii. Tbe im- 
mediate maBaseowat of tUs new Cnmire in 
to lie 10 tlie iiaods of Fnd. C. Tbotupiian. tlie 
New Vurk amuaement maaaeer. Tlie locatloa 
or WoDUerland I'ark «1li lie second to ouoe, 
ti«iD£ adjdcent to tbe most promlufut part or 
the Boulevard, abuttlns almost directly up to 
the Etatp liuuse tiatta and ultuiited Iwtvveeu tbe 
BostuD & ilalnr B. K. trai-lis on tlie main 
line or the ea»teni dlTiaion, aiid ou tlie beach 
side b; tbe BoatuD & Rerere Ry. Co. The 
street car faculties are the beat to be had, as 
tbe street car iioea are all controlled by tbe 
Boston & Nortkem St. Ry. Co., over ivblch 
Kystem all subarUan cars pass. All llues will 
GO directly by aU the main ectraoces to Won- 

The fettares will be all that could make a 
park and such an entpriirlKe a success. I*u6- 
sibly one of tbe strongest will be the County 
Fair Industrial and Manufacturers' iHxpoKliion, 
to %Tbicb one paying a visit may see ail the 
teatnres of a counnr (air and Its raelnm- 
ments. Tlils project Is so far advanced that 
work lias bcsaa cie tbls aotlce swwsiSi 


naeii.aTnii^-'li fart so miaj 
HMHf 'tl, tOBsa bring. . Tliey 

mar tow . a 


To these gtuL 
potinds. so many 
order a cast t>f 

feet— wbolesale. , _„ .v.. 

snspicion that tempecainent sat -tnlihv art 
necessary, bnt as no scales sod yaid.a«uaTe 

will enace these essentials, they chance them 
and eo for what they can see and welfh. and 
tnist to an overworked and underpaid stage di- 
rector to animate tbe fleshly poppets. 

All of which is generalizing extremely 
tosay the least, but The Billboard will 
ie|U biU'Oe 'foUowtog excerpts without 
eomment^j-^ss., portraying the artistic 
conceptI^^gg^.\:to>toMt. slwsyib. alas, 


Another snptdity and laffjrinff soperflooos on 
Another stnpldlty and Ine^lng snperflaons on 
nmat be an Adonis. Seven years a^ J. T. 
Grrin, In a review of the French stage, said 
that In no theatre did he find an actor vrho 
fltted or endravored to train himself to fit the 
old Idea ot the "Jenne premier." Tersonal 
heanty Is no longer In demand In these days 
of naUSB. . Tbe aid BaatanOe Idea— «tlU vlg- 
oroBr SO ear ifSW mtM Itot tbe I»*er had to 
Jostliy tto btnlBH Milaadia hr hb ex- 

STVnTcn'ane to3f% U l ^ rad the 
ennclr. «• ate aatHdeS *• ItC O* bve jvtiry 
it! own ezbteDce. tot ear Inaiv aaa be 
a Lover and we caa-dtearaae «flb U* Lorr- 
Uness. Now we are MOag aa trlrf fkr phy- 
sical imfltness. To do this wooM he as ermit 
a stnpldlty as the one we are attacklni;. Rnt 
we are pleading for the ondefended and Deg* 
lected — for the rlichts of the EmoHons and 
Brains. We are flghtine. not so moch against 
the Insistence on the Physical as tbe neglect 
or the mental, and are qnlte aware that the 
Physical has its demands. Bnt we Insist that 
the Pnpnlar manairerlal Idea that an andlence 
Is only Eyes, that a play Is only a Mnrlnc 
Plctnre, that actors mnst otdj **Lattk ~ " 
Is the leaden Incolins c ~ " "~ 

Sool not of our stasa. 



Miss Ellen Petraln, mother of Ste- 
phen Arthur Petraln. wishes to know 
the whereabouts of her son, who was 
last heard from Aug. 28 atrMtokoIas- 
ville. Ky. Mrs. Petraln's address Is 309 
Fifth street, Moline. DL 

George Briesch. I/eland. Miss., 
wishes to hear .from his friend, Mr. 
Crossett. having important news for 


Harry McGowen closed with the 
Riddell Southern Carnival Co., and 
Joined the Williams & Condon Carni- 
val- Oob. «tv XltldaiMI^>lBa4 ai 

EQ Wallace, high diver with the 
Welder Carnival Co.. was Injured at 
Marysvine, Ohio, Oct. 6. the second 
time to one week. As Mr. Wallace 
prqmrtns to leap Ite too gag 


I : adf-exstasstocr: 
aev Zack. Oct. s. uos. 

. CHy. 

GeeHawB At a ot as nawa , lUa 

day. In Ibe city oC Mew Votk. we apnwd tbe 
lettets Ksanliss Ito INak KaU Pnnd. and are 
Duw leadr to aato toe MiiMrlsg nport: 
' The total cash Wwlw a for this ftind. In- 
dndins Interest on same. Is fI,8S0.8U. The 
cash expended was fS28.3T, leaving a balance 
of IS02.S5. 

The snbacrlbers to the fond have voted largely 
In tbe majurlty to give tbe money to R. G. 
BaU. Jr., the only chUd of oar old triend Dick 
Bail. The committee will place this money in a 
Savings Bank where this yooog man will re- 
ceive interest on same yearly for two years. 
At the end of that time. If he is entirely 
worthy the administrators will tnm the mooey 
over to bim. All this Is In accordauce with 
the wish of the majority of the 
Hoping this explanation wB. 
to the subscrlbera of this 


however, ire still talking, bnt beyond 
>vord options on choice property are not 
Ing much elTort to salt the outsiders. 

Many years ago t>rnver bad a IltUe tbestie 
as gurgeouaiy fltted and fnmUlied as tbe flnesi 
In tbe Isnd. It nsa bollt ot mssalve blue 
granite walls on the model of a well-knows 
rastle lo Germsny. One nigbt a careless at- 
uche started a little blaze that spread, and 
the theatre was gntted. For flfteen years nr 
more tbe mss:iive granite walls have been an 
eyesore on tbe prlnrtpal street csr thoroogb- 
fare of tbe city, and now comes word that 
Ibe place Is to tie rebuilt and turned Into a 
playbou«e. the equal of which In famtsulng 
will not tie seen In America. Like the old 
Tabor, there will be no veneer, bot every- 
tbing will he 21-kaiat tmt tnm tbe wood- 
work to tto HIk pis* srala. Uijbe Ue 
Shttberts wU ssc Si aa Ms spiice, but the 
present Men la -to to«» a snull bnt higb- 


Co ndltl sas sad g roa p o et s OatUaad One 

aad ntot osarasals at nlgtat 
•v«T lifc— d p ia b a b l j - not 
nntD imI NIe BlMMiii. 

By H. H, Bnekwsltar. 
Tbe snmmer season Is off and the winter 
bnslne&B well nnder way In Colorado, and. after 
a few weeks of tbe latter, the conclusion has 
been formed that tbia winter «lll hr the most 
pruStable tbe theatrical prufessloo bas ever en- 
joyed lo tbls part of tbe ILiowvelt doinaln. 

Throughout the state s few county fairs are 
stui pending, bnt tbe next two werka will see 
tte cod Of Oat. sltbongb tbe weather Is al- 
to be warm snrt pleasant on til 
clothes daring the day 
■ ■ snnstalne nearly 

_ _-r^^ ^ — . a flnrry of snow 

nntD Ml Me tocnher. Then winter will 
come •esjm ewto^aad sgaln idenly of 
piessaat wmMa t eats to tonary or Msnft nksn 
ten days iMtn Mlinid and spring xrta lie «t 

In Denver all tbe bonses see open and doing 
an Immense buaioess. Jtrim Oort's new thea- 
tre, tbe Empire, has bad a gnod mo of bnr- 
les>]ne nnder tbe manssrawnt ot J. E. Cllffunl 
who resigned tbe posltloB of news editor of 
the Post, an evening paper owned by Tammen 
and Bonflls. owners of tbe Floto Sbow. Clif- 
ford was general manager ot the Plato Shnw 
one season when It was Jost bnddlDC into a 
real amns^metit enterprise- He bas also done 
dramatic criticism work on the local papers, and 
Is looked upon as a most valoable discovery 
by Cort. A good bnslnesa man, fairly well 
versed In amnsement bnslness and a niral good 
fellow make up the general characteristics of 
the Empire's manager, and as he has every 
newspaper man In the city behind him wishing 
onqoallfled success, the chances are the new 
boose wUI not get lert lo Uie rnnnlng. 

Tbe Shnberts were on the books to open a 
new theatre In Denver this season, bnt the 
led. althoneh the rault was not 
of tbe local people. There wns 
py In the proposition, sl- 
ant anaoa will nrohaUy show tbe ont- 
mt* at Ibe nesr basse. Dnner capitalists were 
*OI^*a *<rt np n qnartcr of a minion dol- 
lar baOte^aad net U ta tto ainbert.. but 

2? JEH!f*_5! 25* »»» •«"» 

ttat Adart ntt tte a ta d iaw B ftaai the nad 

an Ims 


Itot'ste liooked for Dcnsar' 

lag tte nnt Sre years. While tbe plans si* 

not yet In deflnlte shape. It Is almost cntala 
a special election will be held to vote aboei 
half a million In bonds, snd the boose wlO 
be niaoned to aeeaminodate oot only Immense 
aneitorlnm gatherings, bot csmlvsla sad dr- 
enaes will be offered the place oa icntaL It k 
also mentioned that there will' to atoBt'.-aase 
balls so smnged that all may be Ibiasn M» 
one for the big events. 

Tbe Broadway and TalM» Grand bonaea ai* 
botb doing capacity business with a decided 
gain In the class of attractions over former 
years. Tlie coming ot ontslders Into the field 
so long cxintrollpj by these two bouses has 
prodded the trust Into giving s little more 
for tbe 15 per cent., and. In re tnm. tbe re- 
mittances on said pen^nlagr show a snbstao- 
rfal Increase. Denver people slwsys have money 
for good amasements, sod are easily divorced 
from their coin. 

ITie Orphenm Is doing even better than last 
season, so far as box-oSlce receipta show, and 
the qnallty of amusement offered la np-to-date 
In every respect. Resident Manager F. B. Hen- 
derson drops In oeeasl«mally to aee how things 
are going, hot Biwlness Msnager A. C. Car^ 
son tias matters tiept op with ancb prompt- 
nesa and skill that there Is nothing to aaggest 
so Hr. Bsn J wsoo departs (or other pisees where 
be la Inlf i s ats d la an i n w nii ata. Now be is 
at Lea Anstha bst stst week to may be at 

mTcaJaSiw* % V**^ '^*^ I" ^f**- 

■sdlnillsd and srsil 

or fsllarea of artlatB to make mod. 

always met tbeoe little 
witb a mn band of tramps aad tte aodleaee 
baa nrvrr known of any hitrb. And. bappOy. 
tbe sahsMtnlcs bare always bcss tu s l ssd wMh 
even icTester eatbnslasm than «aa tcnaaaable la 
expect from the people who were aant ta «• 
tbe clrcnlt. 

Mrs. Otis Spencer, s society snniaii of Dee- 
ver who has some tnlent, snd who s e cu red a 
week's encsgpment at tbe Orphenm. had s 
wlldflre opening and was fairly saccessfal dar- 
ing tbe week. Mr. Beck has oot homed any 
wires In senilln^r her contracts to go oot on 
the regular circuit, however, altboogb be may 
do so later In the season. Mrs. Speocer Is 
well llxed financially, and has an elegant home, 
hot the actor bee baa been bozzlng in her 
family for years and — the same old story. 

Changes on tbe Orpbenm . stage have come 
with nnwelcome frennency thla season. 1. C. 
Murphy, stage manager of. the New Orleans 
bonse, was transferred here dsrlng the yellow 
fever panic and last week was ordered tiack 
to tbe swamps. There was almost a strike ol 
the stage crew who tried to plan aome kind 
of attachment to keep Morphy in Denver, bat 
the ordevs from Chicago were Imperative, aad 
tto chaase wns msde. A handsome cold pis 
asS-nwa i s U d to tto boose attaAees tbe night 
Str. Mntpby left Denver, aad the feeling at 
good fkOnrab^ wna niibamidt d. Tbe new stsce 
Mat. Bswasd. wiM wss recently 

nr. Maivto 

the few weeks he was here. 

Another cbaiwr oa tbe 
the filllac fran ciaee of 
property aun. who hna alwaya beee a 
hater. Two weeks sao be d im nied an sinenu- 
looking docnment from bin porfcet sad mae- 
tiody found It. A marriage Mrt n se wna M- 
lowed by a wedding and tben a mMnlgbt ta>- 
qnet which lasted so Iste soaacbody felt aany 
"Mac" was kept from borne so toog. 

Throogboat Colorado tbe same era of proi-- 
perlty Is showing np snd good mooey seems 
to be growing on trees. Doxens of ten-cent 
hotiiios have been opened up. Some of them 
are only temporary to catch the coin In locali- 
ties where lieet picking, potato dlpglng or fmlt 
packing Induatrles distribute moch money f'^r 
three or six weeks. 

In Cheyenne. Just serosa the border on the 
north, smnseroents sre drswlng as never tie- 
fore, snd the old town with Its name of 
terror, blood sfid brimstone Is taking on new 
life. A new fAS.Ono boose has jost tieen opened 
to handle standard atrrsrrlons, and several 
smaller Mow shops are taking In dimes ses- 
ersl tlSMS a day. Ball IMbera. one et tto 
Indnstrloas sil— ■tat catcivn of tto toes. Is 


trated s _ _ 
with steins aC 
on the 

acers to 


Brosdwsy Thestre — ^Mm. B. T. KeOsort. msn- 

ager: W. A. Ireland, tisa snr e i ; TtoBUM Hohr. 
assistant treasurer: wmtsm B. Hene. press 

agent: F. W. Billings, necretarv: Jsmen Bv- 
erett, heart doorkeeper; Thomas Hopkins, bes* 
nsher: Frank Bassett. stnge msnsger: Ellis 
Oraham, stage carpenter: E. A. Bristol, elec- 
tnrlan: Fred Baker, orchestra Icarter. 

Tabor Ornnd— Ctlrs. E. F. McConrt. man- 
ager: William B. nmc. treasnrer; F. W. Bil- 
lings. accretnr.T: Frnnk Bassett. stage msn- 
sger: Tim Akers. stngc carpenter: A. Wlon. 
electrician: Jewell Fot. head doorkeeper: Harry 
Ooode, chief nsher; James Gonld, orchesrra 

Oephenm — A. C. Carson. 
Msz VUlrik 

OCTOBBR 14, 100S. 

Ttie Blliboarcl 


Mcv- Nat Howard, «U«e in»o«ltt! M*rie H. 
■^m. property m.o; „Ctari« '•'W^ 
^Mira director; Frank B. WUM, prcn agent; 
SfSSo Scbenck. artlat; W. P. BUckwell. *or- 

ufiw. ulgbt vratcboiaa: 
ami Clyde Bcanlaler, 
Wood*. Blenograplier. 

Empire Tbeatre— I. K 
Frank G. T«ll«ferro. treaanrer; 

T^ior; J.n.ea Stuart. ataM J«g«!S_H^A. 

mat baa g oat m WItm W mtm W 0 aMBHt 

vhlcfa'haa g io— gfgMgt 


TaklBK tbe exact defloltloD of tbe 
vriodrama The S<juaw-Man belong* to that 
categorr. It la quite Ukeir tbat the aatbor, 
KdwlD MUton Hoj-le. contemplated melodrama 
Hlien be wrote tUe plaj. A lesaer artist tban 
WUllam Farentkam would have been conteot 
to let It remain melodrama with all the red 
are and auvaV muafc elTecU available. Bat 
the lulcrpreiattoo put upon it by FaTerabam 
places Tbc S*jii«vc-ilan Hafelj under the bead 
at purr drama: uot of tbe blgbeat ebaracter. 
to be aore. but atlll drama aa dlaUngatahed 
bom tbe red fire lort witb stMlig pajdKilaglcal 
trndeDClet. . . . ^ 

Aa baa been preriooaly noted In ta*ae eol- 
fmnt. The Squaw-Man haa been materially 
cbaogrd Bince Ita Initial pr«aentatloo lait (M- 
•DO. so tbat the pretent pradnetloii. ■• glTcn 
at the Oraad la ClDclnDatt laat wert. k fkr 
■etc MtWMtair aa a draaatle eaert. Ik* 
portlooa ^ag^wirre h^gily^^epe ft^^ 


ne pM la MnqUe aad aot nakoawn; 'tie tba 
aletr of the aaeriace ot an Indlvldnal to aa*e 
tte kaoar ot a faadlT. Tbe Brat act In laid 
la Baglaad and serrea to dlirloae the motive. 
A Met scene would suOce and the pieaen- 
latlaa would auirer notblns from Its hrcritr. 
Indeed, there Is an CTldenc baste to baTe tbe 
thins done wltb. and tbe few attempts at 
comedy are loat In the staoSle. At a garden 
party at hla coon try home tbe - Earl of Ker* 
bin discloses to his mother that he has ap- 
propriated tbe funds ot tbe regiment of wblcb 
he la tbe custodian, and loat large suma In apec- 
olatUm wblcb be can not replace. To tbe 
Karl'a cousin. Capt. Jamea Wynnegate, tbe 
mother turns for help to save tbe honor of the 
(aniUy. Captain Wynnejrate, In lore with 
Diana, CouDteaa of KerblU. who bat recently 
became tbe uawllUoB bride of tbo EarU ee- 
•olTea to aacrUee hlwulf 
dluppeara la i 
in embezxler. 

Barring blmaelt among tbe euwhey a of Vlak 
Captain Wynnegate becontea Jim CSaraton. and 
tbe remaining three acta deal with hU life aa 
a ranch owner la the wild areat 

Act II pnaents the Interior ot tbe Long 
Han. aalaon at the tallwar atatloo and ablp- 
plac polBf neat Cuataa'a nMb. It demopa 
mm 'ihr talk o( Ibc cowban. gaod and bad. 
ttl w^MMt te »Mj^ it 

aalar tk* 

at ba* 

"^Ite OM act aOlMd* 

tar aaaah. Sir Ma Agpltcntt. Sir Jota dls- 
eareia a rrpemblaaee to Captain Wrnaeeate In 
Jtan Carston who haa Invited all bands to 
•Mttk tbe health of the rreatdent of tbe nnlted 
States and the Qneen of Bngland. The Earl 
scoots at the aoKgeatlon. and a public disclosure 
is preTented. Diana retnaes to be denied, and. 
when opportnnItT offers, proclalma to Jim her 
knowledge of his sacrifice and her ondylng 
alTection for bim. 

Tbe tonrlata depart and Caratoo la alone In 
tbe saloon deep In dejection. Cash Hswklna 
nteit and Is abont to pot an end to Carston's 
troohles when bis own career la snddenly ter- 
minated. Caraton la contemplating the Imdy 
it his enemy when the Indian maiden. Nat-u- 
rlch. creeps In hla side and tella bIm tbat It 
was ahe who killed Han-liloa. 
^Thorooghly donn on his Iiick Carston mar- 
rie a Jtat-u-rlch and becomes a "Squaw-Mftn." 

eSR of hlfl poRltlnn is not relleTCd 
of a Fon. rial; be In stlU a 
"— a social_ ontcast. despised alike 

^.jpae of llt» OB a 
i ta tbs d lha end ot 
■w nv»: ha Is kMte- Mil to " 
tt£ jant li ntt L 

Miteiiui arrives 

the death ot the DM tt 
to retnm and aannaa H 

bead of Ms tamllr. Ifel 

r^raton at first, hat th». agvaMance of hla 
little son dracs him hack 'to tlH hopelessness 
of bis (Kieitlon— he I* a " B tn an M an." 

Rejectlnc all orerfures alTectlng hlmwlf 
<'ar»ton •taaenta to n proposal tbat hla son 
be tent to Bneland tn receive an edncatlon 
hedttlnc hla rank. When this plan is dls- 
eloaed to Nat-u-rlch It drives her to despera- 
tion anil the hllla. 

While Cantton In ytriicf;11nir with these emo- 
tions Diana ar^penrs iinnnnnnnced npnn the 
scene and learns tlie stute of aCfalra for the 

first time. ' Rrest aa la hrr dlaapinlBtinent 
>he taken., Mila n |b .tt». t> lag bt that. iC aba 
can't hav* SliB, abo- wfll ba n liltot to Ua 


_ In the Inst act the ?«licrl(T apiienra. bent on 
2* arrest of Nnt-n-rlcli for the ninnler of 
Wawb laa. Tbe Indlnnn have h-nrnci of bis 
■"■Mana and threaten tronble. hnt Nat-n-rleh. 

•mmlr becanse of the loos of her —m, ends 
k*r_Bto and the plnr by eammlttlac aulclde. 

What « 

taertar ttn«*«r ihr . 

sham haa elected not to avafl blnwalf nf 

imaalblltitea. , cbooalnir. lather, to 
iln> tnnHl.T of that rnr hnman . 
•Sqnaw-Man." Hla la a tale ot anent 
ferlnir from tbe flrat — not of a wea^llnff. 
?e a atronfr character. Aa Captain 

la a hem «( flplna Kon and h«* wan 


ton laMaa ^S>. 

aatrUcc lor bla tamlly and the happiness ot 
the woman he loeca be accepta It calmly and 

StlflUng bis enwUgaa to tbe presence ot DIaita 
at the Long Hon aalosa, ha teveala Us nttet 
(Mag tha UiDit to aumlng 
«h» baa wm* hto Uto ibom 
ot Caah Bawktoa. 

for kka IhM aecms no ray at bopc: no 
altosr Umm to to* doud tbat bangs Hack over 
hla lite, ^to atatntatj Joy at the thought 
ot home when tbt faiaUr aoUdlar aaarfiea 
htm ot tbe death ot tba Bari. la 
dcepeat sloom when ha remeinbeea bla - eoa- 
dltlon. Uavlnc passed thtough the «nf'i«<« 
oceaaloned tnj bSm consent to sepatatioo from 
his son, he la able to face calmly the ap- 
pearance ot Diana. Even when the final trag- 
edy coiDca that releaa«a tilm from hla bope- 
Ie« lite, tbe thing baa so crushed bla am- 
hltlaa that ba c as ttoi n tba dead body ot IIa^a- 


Such Is Faverabam'a cfaaracterlaatlon ot ^e 
Sqoaw-Uin. Do you think It dull? It la not; 
It thrllla and fascinates you. It takes hold 
on your heart; women aob aload and atrong 
men shed tears ont ot sheer aympathy fOr the 
living, breathing, antferlng man. Jim Carston, 
So completely dues FaversUam weave tbia spell 
atjout bis audience tbat tbe delicious bits of 
comedy Injected now and then seem hnt mock- 
ery. He Impreaaea one with tbe qnlet snffer- 
Ing of a Strang man In a way that can not be 
forgotten. Therein Ilea bla greatest art 

The support Is excellent. George Fawcett'a 
Big BUI. tbe toreman. Is choice. Under more 
happy coadltlooa hla cowbny comedy would 
baTca^ better cObct^wJto aaMieia^ OtoMm*' 

toogh InS'TfllMia 

As cash Hawktea W. 8. Bart eoiaca as near 
to a bad cowboy aa It la poaalMe to get on 
the stage. It yon ever aaw one aboot np ■ 
town joa will teel like dodging when Cash 
Havrklaa ents loose- What a sensation he 
oonld make hy deanlng ont tbe Long Horn. 
It baa been aald that Hart's boyhood daya 
tni be waa fifteen yeata old were spent among 
cowboys. That ooght to belp some. 

Ulsa Selene Johnson aa Diana. Conntess ot 
KerbOl, la dunning. BeautitDl In form and 
teatnre. her portrayal waa tbat of a true wom- 
anly nattire, loyal to Ita Ideals. A more ro- 
mantic Indian maiden coald not be wished 
than Uabel Morrison's Nst-u-rlch, and a real 
Indian chief would not have been more im- 
pressive than the Tabywani of Theodore Rob- 

Cecil Ward as Sir John Applegate, bad an 
the airs of a "toff" to tbe manor bom. Wil- 
liam Frederick's Sheriff Hardy is not a story 
book sheriff, and Intimates that tbe blight of 
politics has fallen upon the wild west. 

It the Cincinnati engagement can be taken 
as a cue there can be no farther donbt aa 
to tbe snccexs of Tbe Sqnawi-^^ BttoW the 
week waa half apent "aold tUt*. 4pM'"ir*re 
displayed at the Grand. 

The bill at the Colombta last weak waa 
ab a» t the asataga. Mooa. Panlo and Mile. 
Slarlow opened vrttb a comedy abating aketcb 
catitled A Preach Frape*. Tbe icMati te tbe 
act ar» elaborate and aOle.'a : tolft i tl to ot 
Anna BOi especially drew apptoOKb 

Fto AOtt to a um iM n ot aaaga «a re- 
celTcd with faMMtoM. wMA ahe later Jnatl- 
fled. Her totrodaHlaB «C a bar to atag back 
at. ber troas oae at tte boxea. while nothing 
of a aoeclty. tMeivad too nuny encores to 
coont. Ber Interpretation ot the song. It Ton 
Don't Uke Year Job, Jost Quit itiade an 
emphatic ten-stilfce. 

Les Elgonas. comedy acrolMits from Paris, 
performed some ot the most dlfflcnlt feats 
known to acrobats. Tbeira was an entertain- 
ing teatnre. 

Mr. and Mrs. Alfred Relcer in tbe sketch. A 
TWe of A Turkey, came oft with dying ban- 
ners. !tlr. Kelcey enters Into tbe spirit of the 
act with a vim. withont which It would be 
dull and nnlnterestlng. 

Count DeButx and Brother pnt on a trick 
Mcvrle act that was far above the nsnal thing 
of "this character. Tbe Bnlssh was a novelty 
that elicited unstinted applause. 

Pauline Hall, the feature of the bUllogs. 
sanB as ot old. Panllne'a flgure haa not loat 
anv of Iti< pnlchrlrnde. either. 

Edwin I-otell. the musical eomedlin. scored 
the real bit of the proEram. Hla Jokes are. for 
the most part new, np-to-date and delivered 
with a radiance of fun that wonid carry the 
oldext gam la the almanac. He Introduces 
whirling platea on a marble-topped taWe. get- 
ting sweetest harmooy from them. Bla ntork 
"n the banlo oomea ,to..Cor tto-ahan «t ap- 
planae alas. Bat H'to a* 'a'.totBaHgBe gMialan 
that Laten iktope.'- ; - .^^^.m^t 

oaaato of iwyweel 
tnrct, capafMi » kaach oC 

Johnny and Kmma Ray made their second 
appeannee In Down The Pike at tbe Walnut 
last week. and. as nmal. were greeted bv heavy 
hnnses throncbont their enCTcement. They were 
mitTOUTiflo,! h.r an excellent compnn.v of people 

who all carried their rartn to perfection. Johnny 
liar la aa acreamlnpl.v fnnny aa ever, and he 
alone Is worth a pretty penny to see. His 
facial expreyalona and original wit kept the 
audience In a convnlslnn ot laughter. In his 
rftle, aa Caaey. the Janitor, he la at his beat 

Two other important chamctera In the show 

dlagnlw aa Casey, for certnln re«w>n«. and 
"f eonrw ther are taken for the Janitor, and 
the three become generallv mlied up. Tbe 
nerfenn'»nce thn!« poea merrll.v on withont rhvme 
or rcasmn. Nil It seemed exceeding refrealilnB 
to the patron* last week. Emma Ray. of 
cnnrse. Is splendid In ber part, Amomt theae 
«-hn deaerve eaneelal mentloa were. Geo. P. 
>rnmhT. the Oerasan idratb: Dan CalMnan. 
Frank Baton. Joba T. Xhaaaafc and . JUto M a ia. 
ner. : . ■ 

ijut wtift the lyeraai' waa Ow naaaa a( a»- 
.■t i ni li ama. The Bya TTlt- 
l» be Romewhat better than 
aernl thrtlllnc dlmaxea are 
to Iba WtlHnMMK- Oae is that of an antn- 
wwddto. waa l aa lha cag^ made by the opening 
ot a f w H^ alto to' MHu a realistic rrclnne. etc. 
*nie liita w w y nil l i»p •ome elevee neonle. headed 

•w M*"! ». fleoree Hnasey. Ofhera of note are 
a-a, aeanlMm. Fred. Revnol'ia. tteory Harriaon. 
fMPtlar Filw ee and Edna Mafshall, 

Al - - - - 

at tbe Carthage Fair Crounda. The ahow eloaed 
lu tour Oct 7 at Lebanon, Pa. Dates bad been 
made for a soutbem tour, bat tbe prevalence 
ot yellow fever and the apparent danger ot 
such an attempt led the management In cloae 
tbe season at Lebanon. Tbe show- gaB> .iBto 
Cincinnati Tuesday, Oct. 10, and MB ' toNM- 
dlately go Into winter quarters. 

Lev Suubert's visit to Cincinnati Is not with- 
out Ita tbeatrlcal algnlfleance. Tbe Independ. nt 

manager dropped Into tbe Queen City early 
ttoadar ■ocadag and by prevloaa appointment 
■at 'Waa.-:lL Brown at his hoteL Mr. Brown 
oC the Bajaatle Cafe site. Juat 
racet baa the_ Onm fl Oper a 

laMe U turn &. Tta 

itlte altnatlao waa 
ascaaed to be ao le- 
geatei dingi. No deOalte 

Hoadur morning 

the two geatlcaea natted tba Baicatie. Mr. 
Sbobcit naktng a eeawleta aad tbamogh ear 

vey ot tbe entire bnlldlag. A copy ot tbe 
city and state reguktlons tor tbe eoostmetldn 
of tbeatre balldlngs was tben procured by 
the New York man and he departed eastward. 
Mr. Brown haa been reconstructing tbe UaJcs- 
tlc building tor tbe purpuce ot opining op a 
t Ua^ MiKMBii baU. Woafc haa baar 


Tbe weekly crop bulletin ot tbe Weather 
Bnreau sommorlzea crop condltlooa aa follows: 

The weather conditions, ending Oct 2, as a 
whole, were exceptionally favorable to agri- 
cultural Interests. Under tbe Inaueoce ot warm 
and generally dry weather tbroaghout the cen- 
tral valleys, lake region and Atlantic Coast 
dlatdcts. late crops matured rapidly. Florida 
and portloaa ot the Central Gulf dlatrlcta suf- 
fered Injury from excessive raloa, wblte mucb- 
oecded rains fell In tbe Rocky Uonntain and 
North Pacific Coast regions. The Middle and 
South Atlantic States and Sontbem Texas are 
In need ot tain. Fmata occnned In the Middle 
Rocky Monntaln dlatrlcta and to tbe Upper 
Ohio Valley, lower lalce srslaa and nartbem 
porUon ot the Ulddte AUaatte Itttoi. bnt 
caused no serlooa to|toy>' 

Hlglily tavatabte weather p isi a ll ai . tbroagh- 
oot the aitoetaal;.eMB Btatia. Am mtvOou- 
al^ laiaa''aktf'-'li»*.!lttld of csea ia now aa- 
snied over hbA : aC toe greater part of the 
com belt, and on^ a Tery amall part ot tbe 
crop In tbe cenBal portioa. eotlmate^ at from 
two to live per cent ot tbe total. '•rwnalns ex- 
posed to Injniy ttom fraat, and this Is ma- 
turing rapidly- Tbe crop In Ulasonrl was ex- 
tensively blown down or lodged, bnt notwith- 
standing tbis and the damage hy September 
floods tbe yield In tbat state will be very 
heavy. ^ 

As a whole tbe reports Indicate no decided 
change In the condition ot cotton aa com- 
pared vrlth tbe prevloaa week, a aUght Im- 
provement being shown In Northern Alabama 
and In portions of Texas, wbUe In other sec- 
tions of tbe latter there has been a slight 
deterioration. The crop haa suffered from the 
ravages of In^^ts In Loulslans, Arkansas and 
Texas, boll weevlKs being numertras In tbe 
last-named state. Rains caused alight dam- 
age In Georgia. Alabama, Soutbvreatem Ifls- 
slsslppl and Loulalana and aerlonaly lajaied the 
crop In Florida. With tbe exeeptlOB «f heavy 
ralna In Loolalana, SonthHB IiladMlnl.rand 
Florida, sbowers In portions aC.'ltWkMBB'faad 
George, tbe weather c«idItlaaa>.ha!*e''kMa'^:ta- 
vorable tor pIrHag Ja the .Ck^itoa«~:Sieitla. 
Florida and AlebaaMi Ik to «atliBale4: lhat .'fiiom 
60 to 7B i!W,eMt...~at ihe Mp^lM heea gath- 
etcAi .to .ntaa^lto^' as to ao 

per cent.; In 
nnd Oklahoma and In- 

to 00 per cent, and In 

Arfcanaaa and Tienoeaaee from IS to 35 per 

A light apple crop la reported neariy every- 

wbete, a (ew. — " ' ' — ' — 



Emeat Schenk, a member ot the SChenk 
Troupe of acrobats and at one time a mem- 
ber ot the team of DeOnzo and Scbenk. died 
In Kansas City. Mo.. Oct. S. from pprltonltU. 
He had been Ul only one day. He was 20 
years of sf:e. and tbe eldest son of John 
Scbenk, father of the six members of tbe 
troupe with which the deceased was appear- 
ing. Mr. Schenk is snrvlved by a mother and 
two Blatera. who live la Sacramento, CaI^ be- 
sides the memheta ot the troope. Tbe re- 
malna wiea ' tokea. chaite.'..e( . bg:«the .."Baana 
City BKr tmt-- «IMeF'.to; :BBeMaHto'"llBr 

Oacar DeBollen. ; eM- aC:. the. Iia|l|^ ~ 

at tbe nil 

at the 

Uarray BIB' flanltattato ' to that cMy. aa Oct. 
8a as a rea n it ot an accident and tojnilea sna- 
tatoad at rebearaala a few daya piavlaailr. 

0(rrb(o«|iinal meniogltla was Ike lamrdhitp 

canae ot hla death. OeBollen vraa tOr yeaia 
the topmnnnter ot the acrobatic team ot tbe 
Three DeBolIen Brothers. Hla home waa In 
Pmvldenee. R. 1., where the remalna were 
taken for hnrlal. 

Hnrrv E. Major died at the St. Joseph Hos- 
pital, Phoenix, Arlx., Sept tS, ot tabetvnloal*. 
Mr. Major was thlrty-toar.jwa aC-ac*. rBe 
leaves a lovinr wits aad a -haat eg hiiuda 
to mnnm hla leas. 

Will McC*>nnell. — Notice of his death appears 
In another colomn of this Issne. 

Mrs. Emota I>. Bamnm. wife ot tbe wvn- 
k nowa baaa camaaua. died at Itaiaa-Oltjr.' 
T«M..'-'Ogt. 1. 

ar awyVTO 

WTLSON-McALISTER.— RenJ. P. Wilson and 
Mlaa Jessie McAllater. -both ot the BaHaer 
Stock Co.. playing the BUon Thealia.'Ik^lMak- 
lyn. M. Y.. week before laat 
• lieCPBOT^IMai Taasea KytV UcCordT. 
the welHaawB'aetor. to Mrs. Kate .Woods 
TMew Hanisy. Mrnt. at the Biiiad Picaby- 
terlan Chmch. CUreao. 


the wen-known aetreas. to Laato K.' J 
Ph. D., ot Colnmbia Ualranltx. Oct. g, at 

Syracnse. N. T. 

RARORAVES-BROWNK. — Florence Bar- 
mrea. of tbe Inna Opera Cb.. to tawrrnre 
Brown, a federal oOcer. at Gntbne, Okia„ last 

OOnTTR-aOBtlKN Fted Ooovle and Mlaa 

- - - Mk. waU kaswa 
tr at 


will A, UcConnell, actor, manager, racon- 
tear and press agent died at Roosevelt Hos- 
pital, New Tork City, Oct. 3, after ao Illness 
of leaa than two weeka. Mr. McCunnell waa 
Stricken with ptomaine poisoning about two 
weeks ago, and tor the Brat few day» be gave 
every evidence ot Improvement The third day 
be left bla nom and apent aeveral houn at 
Ua oOee.. dMsUM araas anttecs tor The 
WaUs sC JKMaT5..'^im kto Rtan to tha 
hospital he' waa seM wBh rnaialakiiai. i aad- 
It waa decided tbat aa ep tiatleu waa aaaaa^ 
aary. Tbe operatloa a pp e a red suteasafnl aal 
the patient rallied, but on FMday be bai a 
sUklng spell. Mr. HcOnnnell gradnally grew 
weaker and passed away qnletly Tneaday even- 
ing about S o'clock. 
Mr. UcOMBrtl appears to have ailed almsat 

ago. Hla father was tor twenty year* In- 
structor In Latin at the Ann Arbor University. 

but will took less to claftfllos than to comicali- 
ties. At the age of fourteen he organiied an 
amateur company. It went on tbe road and 
got as far as Jackson, where Will declared 
there were so many rotten egga that he had 
to close tbe company. For the next thrcif 
years be dabbled In amateur tbeatrlcola. At 
the age ot seventeen be secured an engage- 
ment with John McCnlloogb, tbe tragedian, 
who waa very much attracted by tbr boy*a 
ready wit and bis talent at repartee. kfcCon- 
nell began by doing Anall ports with UcOsI- 
loDgh and acting as gcaenl atlUty man.^ At 

the close of thla en - - 

for ttarec years. Me 
for tbe tragedlaa. .. . . 
new adsvnlalBB.-aBiMMajdaiaChl 
nesa abOllr pl aas d Ma toitba: 
an advance ana. 

Followtag this eBgsgetecat ..' wllfei>> 
Mr. UcOoniwIl served to tke r- — ' 

a amber of wen knoim at _ 

beta* Herbert Kelcey.. JaHs Ballowe. Effle 
Sbaaaaa. Amelia Bingham. Maria Dreaaler and 
otbefs. Twenty and twenly-flve year* ago Ife- 
Oomiell waa Cbailea Frobman's most sneceaa- 
tM advance man. A part of hla early eareee' 
was spent as manager of the rehnllt Brooklyn 
Theatre, but bla five yeara' management ot 
this bonse was not aa succesafta as bu pie- 

VioaS efTorts, nor waa bouse management ac- 
tive enough for bIm. and at tbe close ot the 
contract he went back on the road. 

About fifteen years ago the Klaw Ic Er- 
langer Booking Agency had an energetic rival 
In MrConnell'a Tbeatrlcal Exchange. Mr. Me- 
OonnelU made considerable money ont ot tlils 
venture, bnt after several months ot Ooorlab- 
Ing hmdneaa he abdicated tbe field to the na- 
dlapnted posaessloa ot Ueasra. Klaw 4k Er- 
langer, and he became manager of Koatec B 
Blal'a Hnale Hall. Under hla management' thto 
resort waa a big ancceaa. becenbig the rea- 
de a i una tor tbe beat kaawa. townis. poUtt 
elaaa. aad >boa nraato af:; the : ■ tiw jje W a. ■:- >.tt 
was duilng ' tMs cngageaNat that ' SgeOsaMn 
d lae o v ete d WIDIama aad Walker- He placed 
tbeia nader a lang contract at the maalc baU. 
Their ancceaa vraa Inatantaneona. and tbey 
proved a gidd mtae to tbe masle -baO^eoaK 
pany. . ■• .'■ 

Retiring fMm Koster B BtsTa 'Miste ^BsB 
Mr. UcOnaaen retired to Mexico and Invested 
part ot bto nil teat to the hotel baaineso. He 
olMrtly re Uu n e d to New York City and en- 
tered the newspaper boalnesa. becombqf tbe 
Srst dramatic editor of the Morning Trtrgraph. 
The laat ten yeara of hta lite were spent as 
manager and press agent for vartoos oompa- 
nleo. hla laat— the one be held at tbe time of 
hla death— being aa bnslnen manager and 
-prraaJMgat .tar Janes K. Backett and Maiy 

Aa iwa'^Aiwirtet -li at r yi aete' so wni wiu a. 

McOomtell be best kaovm as a wit. The two 
often crossed swords with an.r of them at the 
LamVa Club, and Mr. McConneli'a stories 
would All many volnmes ot interesting read- 
ing. A man of almost onbonnded ttieatrleal 
Information, he was always In demand, and 
hla pleasing peT-«onallfy won for him scores 
of friends on both sides of the Atlantic. Mr. 
MeConnell will be lone remembered, for ho. 
Oiled an Important place In theatrlcala toi 
Iblrly years. 

Mr. McCnnnell was married abont gfteen 
years ago to Miss Mollle Stiem-ood. of Loa 
Angrlre. Cat. At tlutt time Mlaa Sherwood 

was H member of RiiaseH'a City Dlreolnr; Co.. 
nt which Mr. McOnanell vraa iMialnean man- 


n ? 

■nay weie 


Tlie Billboard 

OCTOBER 14. 1906. 


Inhere have been lately foisted upon the public spurious counterfeits of the MOVIIB PICTVIES OF THE BUTT VS. lELSOR FNRT, 
Thfe fxaud is shabbily clothed under the cowardly verbiage "reproduction of the Britt-Nelson fight." This fraud 
^g^ves inzvalleged ronnds* posed for by dummy boxers. The only genuine inctnres of this battle, the most sensational 
in the aiiu^ of the prize-ring or of moving photography, are the protected property of J. W. COPFROTH. By 
virtue of instructions from Mr. Coffroth and acting under the best legal advice, I hereby warn all owners of build- 
ings, lots, theatres, stores, halls, etc., that under the international copyright laws as well as the laws covering fraudt 
that they are liable for damages should they lease, harbor, rent, aid or abet exhibitions of this sort. 

FEDERAL INJUNCTION PR0CEEDIN6S on behalf of the owner of the copyright, with petitions for damages were 
v^^iistttitli^ 1^ EVERY OFFENDER In the United States by EX-STATES ATTORNEY JACOB J. KERN, MM- 

i|||Bt^ If YOU in piraer we will stop foi and onllect iiamips. 

^!®:ftvtrU;. - .. -VERY RESPECTFULLY, ' ^ 

1.0U M. 


For J. W. 


Wnttro Booking 4gent, EDWARD SHAYNE, 
79 Clark St.. Chicago. • 


it n»4_m bawt ittir matt rnUmui tr MwV^t* 

nxroBXEBS' sates 

Mtir, Art: En roate wUli Forcpangh & Selli 

Btm' Circa. See, Tent Show Rmtc*. 
*»t n *» 4k OtWa: Ed imit* with CaoipbcU 

Bm>.* timm, U— Ttnt Show Baat««. 
IOm ft.Besss: (fUt): Atlut*. Oa.. Sept. 

jSma. at* Tnt SMir' 

Hqnart, Ncllte (Ijile): 

BldnDOBd, Ta., Oct. 

AnI, Mill-. (Colonial): New York City. e-14. 
.\very ft Pearl (We»t Side): Beloll. \VI«.. 

Atnl:iiiil-.. t;re«t (F^amlly): Butte. Mottt.. U-14; 

Spokaiw, W«!ih.. 16-21. 
Atkinson, Gt'u. (Kunll)): Omabi, Neb., 914. 
Aldo & Armoar (Fair): Basetatown, HA., 


Bacon, Banicn ft Bae«n: Xn lonte with Qay'a 

Bteetrle Co. 8«« Tmt Show BontM. 
Barlow'a ElfpbanU (BlppodMma) : Kaw T«rk 

Cttr. Sept. 2S, Indaf. 
Bane*' Al. a.. Anlmala: Bn nittt wttb the 

New Parker Amnaeneat Oo. Sac JlMwaj' 


Beaid. Bil»: Bi Mate with B. Wart** 

~" ' Baa Uliiilial Bimliia 

Kb tome 
It On. Saa 

Btmi * Atthor: 
Beceham. CbaiMf 

with tbe 
Mlilnrar Routea. 

2S-X0V. 1.8 

Bernard. Floyd: En lODte with Klnsllac Bma.' 

Show. See Tent Show BoDtea. 
Benlan Jc MaekUn: En ronta with Christy 

Mlnatralt. Sa* Sliaatral Baotca. 

Amerlcaa NrirAor* Qnartet: En nnte wlthBcU & Henrr (CWtunim) 

The raradrra. See UnalcaJ Bonte. 
Amerlcaa Trampetera, Foor: En lonte with 

AdeOaMe- Bemnaa. See Dramatic Roat. a. 
Anwlda. Twz «a Mta. with BIddal'a Soatb- 

tcB •mttai .0^ Ut. XHhrar i^BNttt, 
Adnu^. XaM ««lliaM>aa>jt , , »nt-::'j;mm:,'<.V»- 

New Tork CltT.'. »lir?CSW») -.BSii S R. 
Conn., lo-ai. 
Abeam, Riaa. ft Jac (Howard): Boaton, 
Vaaa.. *-U. 

Asdenm Optional): Kansas City. Mo.. 8-14. 
Alll a wi a. The (Coofst: Rochester, N. X., 
B-14; IGardea) ituiTain 

ApoUo Oaartet: Mexico. Mo.. 0-14; JcBtnOB 

AMio Bra*. (Orand): Vlctwla, B.'a;''MI; 
(flaaaO - Xtaaaw. wash., ]«-2i . 

~ ~ (ladDStrlal HaU): MoUae. IB.. 

The Two (Stat): St. Paul. Ulna.. 

Aaund ft petro Tka Omt (Otpkaaa):'- Loa 

ABselaa, Cal.. Mt. 

Adama. Xaalcal (Vabi at): »aatlk :>IIL. O-U; 

AddlatoB ft tiriSMM ^pw'^ 

Mich.. 9-14. ■ ■- 

Amaon. Mr. ft Ifrs, COnktsm): SUaaeapoUs, 
Minn . O-U: <Or^icgmr"Omalia.v2Cctu. lo-zi. 

Alareoa'e Uestlean TOo. The (BI}on): Keoo- 
aba. Wia.. S-14; (American) ducago. lU., 


Tba Toaalas (Coloalal): l4iwrence. 
f9-tu ;■ ■ ..■>.:. .-i:.;-- 

nadir (o. o.\i mi ik mt, -:rt., 

Althea Twin* (Keith's): Prorldenn- R. I.. 

Argall, William (Orptirnm): Loe AngeU'*, Cat., 

Adeljn (Mr«>: Fond da Ijic. 'Wis.. 9-14. 
Abcma. The (Wood'*): Sedalia. Mo.. 9-14: 

(MondiT) Topeka. Km.. 15-21. 
Alwam ft Baxter (Utaiina): Ogden. ntab. a-u. 

B.(G. O. B.): lodlaoapoU*. 

Ob tan. 

* limer: 

O..' S-M. 

TKLEQRAMS for routM of per- 
formors, tont shews or' eamlval com- 
unlaaa parties PREPAY MESSAGE 
BOTH WAYS, giving hotel orfdreaa or 
street number. If route wanted can 
not be found In The Billboard, publica- 
tion is prohibited^ ar w* had not re* 
eelv«Bd H mp Am ttm* of fonm •toatnti 

Banr, Mr. ft Mr* Jlmmle (Poll'e): New Ha- 

Ten. Onn.. 9-14: (PoU'a) BartfOCd 1041. 

Brlfort. May (Shea'a): Bnffato. H .X.. 9-14: 

(Shea'a) Toronto, Oct., 10-21. 
Bellman ft Moore (Sheedj'a): F*D Blrer, 
Maaa., S-14. 

Bassett, Mortimer (O. O. H.): Crand Baplda. 
Mich., 8-14. 

Brrant ft SaTlll* (Bennett**): London, Ont.. 

•-14; (Benai'tt'a) St. Thooa* IS-Sl. 
Baaeli ft Beach (Haahasen'a): St. Loala. Me., 

(Bmptra) St. Uula 1S41. 
Baanah ft Millar (Brda ft Bahaaa'a)! BMnk< 

irn. M. T., S-M. 
Bwner*, Tna 
Ind.. O-M. 

Biatae. Baiqr (IWr)! . 

BMnr.- Ooto ItasMS (awnuktOt 
ID;, Md. 

BjToa ft BlBftfk (nallr)! Jia«B Ottr* la., 

Oct. Bnrton A Bnrloe (Baatfata^t Wlaalsag^ Mas., 

0-14. :• 

Boston citr Q nat ji i . ( T i u iaSiia ) t .Vhlladei- 
pbla. Fa., 9-14; (SueA aawetr) l*air Tork 

citj- lo-ai. 

BUoom, Oapt. (Orphenm): San nanelaee. (M., 

Bellelalr JBrwt^lHQgktogii torfaTUl^ Ky., 

BHstoi'a'^Satalauriftlt .%&iatlaa. Dei., 


Berrr, Bail: 

rooca wMB 

«lik the 
. lUdwar 


BIna, (Sum. 0:. Acitallsti 

White Oltr ' 

Balaaa,, Haa... ■ , u 

Otcat WaUaea ' abeaa. 


Bootblack Qnartet. Orlslnal: Bn ronlc with 

Home Folks. See Dramatic Bootea. 
Brewers. The A F. B. McAdoo: Bnrula, Socl- 

ete Islands. South Sea lalands, Oct. l-SO; 

Rlatear, Soclete laland* Hot. 1-30. 
Brono Bros.: En route with Binsllns Bro*.' 

Circus. Se.' Tent Show Boole*. 
Borkhard, <!.: Ed xoate with CamjibeU Broa.' 

Cirrus. See Tent Slww Koatea. 
Burton. Bichard (Star); Vactlaad;;OM>, Indef. 


Burkes. Tlie Juggling (BIjon): Battle (3reek. 

Illch.. a-14; (BlJou) Lansing 16-21. 
Bematelns. The (Bljoo): Lanalns, MiCh.,»-I4; 

(liljou) Battle Creek . - 
Bernhnrat A Boialar (AmttlcaB)i < Ohleaso, 

111.. 9-14. 

Bortlnos, The Thn-e (Main St.): Peoria, m., 

Bartb. Fted (Standard): Claelnnati, O,. 8-14. 

Baraells, The WMMIS.- XMU Md. 

Brown ft aosoa (OnbMi)! Baaaw ' CM.. 


Barnes A Wasbbnm (BlJon): Oibfcoab, W]*., 

9-14: Bljaa) Appleton 18-21. 
BnckeT' Trio (Ljrlc): Feeatello. Ida.. 0-14; 

(Bon Ton) Salt Lake CItj. Utah. 16-21. 
BedODln Arab*. Elitbt (Olympic): ChlcaKo. 

IIL, 8-14; ((;oIamfila) St. Loul*, Mo.. 16- 

Beoactt, Mark (O. O. H.): NaahelUe, Venn., 
»-Ut <On<n*rald) Knr Oclaaaa. La..,. 10.91. 

(Wd s t rn lsitif) 


Bmdr. Jamea ft Kittr fttvalaDi 

lad., 8-14. - 
BcrtoUna ft Pataam (Standard) s ' fllaelBMti. 

o., 8-14. 

Brran. Frank D. (Hyde & Bchoian'a) ; Brook- 
lyn. N. Y.. 8-14. 

Broclcuian. Marie (Family): Haaleton, Pa..' 9- 

BucknpT (Orpheum): Los Anceles, Cat, 2-14. 
Barrows. Lancaster A Co. (Pan's): Water- 

bury. Ck>nn., 8-14; (Poll's) Brld(e|>ort, 10-21. 
Beaumont A Ray ward Olat St.): Cbteaco, 

ni., 8-14; (Main St.) Peoria 16-Zt. 
Barton A Brooks (Bmpire): Holioken, N. 3,. 

0-14; (Elmpire) Patterson 16-21. 
Bentere A Co., Valerie (Gotham): Brooklyn 


Brown. WhlatUns Tom (a. O. H.): Pitts- 
burg. Pa.. 8-14; (NoTelty) Baltimore, Md.. 


BatT A Braas (Oothaa): BraaUra, X. T.. 


Bentler. Jennla (Indastrlal HaU) : Molin.-. Ill . 

B.I4: (Andltorlnm) Cedar Bapld*. fa., insi. 
BordeTcrrr, QoMaal (Orphanm): Kanaaa City. 

'Mo., 0-14. • .. . . 

Bottcr, Hsny CAs miB li D i IvBB. Haas., 


BTlfttat Siaa. (Colllos'): I>ondon, Ens.. 
Brown ft NcTarro (Hippodrome): B ll ata l, 

Das., 18-21. 
Brown, Harry: Bradford. Ire.. 16-21. 
Ilrnno. Chris ft Matx'l Bnsaell (Orpbeumi: 

Iirooklyn, N. Y., 0-14. 
Barr.r A llalTers (G. O. H.): Indianapolis. 

Ind.. 0-14.. 
Browna. Mystic: Albnm, C*l., 8-14. 
Bruwninc ft Wally (Orpheiaa); Baa Fran. 

eiaeo, Oal., S-U. 
Comar, Frank (Unique): Shebonaa. IHk. 

14: (tVeat Sldv) Janearin* 
(aanoce -Waters (Bennett's): LoadGa. Oal.. 

Md; (Beonett'i) St. Tbaoaa 1831. 
' ft Blabar* (PoU'a): " 

Barttard, Osna.. 



Curtain A Blossom (nayoMrket): 
in.. 9-14. 

Camllle Comedy Trio: Bn roate with Bin(- 
lluB Broti.' circQB. See Tent Sliow Bontes. 

CarloA. Chns. A Doss: Bo route with Rlnc- 
llng Bros.' Circus. See Tent Show Bontea. 

Oarr Albert (Hippodrome): New Yaek CII.t. 

Carroll. Great: (Alcaxar): OenTer, OoL. Indef. 
Csslrinions, Tbree (tllppodrome): Kvk Tork 
city, Indef. 

Clarkonlsns, Tl>e (BIppodrane): New Tork 
City, Indef. 

Colllna A Bart (Wlntenrarten) : Berlin. Ger.. 

Oct. 2-Nor. 4; (Apollo) Vienna. Austria, 6-30. 
Cook A Miss Bothert (PaUls d'Bte): Bnaael*. 

Bel(., Not. 1-80, 
Ooohaee. Snaiet Bn toste wim the Oteater 
, Smith Aoinaeaiaat Oo. See Midway ■Roate*. 
Cbaililid ft Datrlnaer: Bn roole with Saral- 

W * Xirkto'riniMtlnc Pitaw. Sm 
cellancona Baataa. 

(Jottrell. LoaU ft Bab.rt (IBMeftMelt .K»<r 

York OIlT. iBdet. -f—T^ 

Courtney ft Jcanrttc: En janls with Nich- 
oi'* Chlcaco Amaicaiaat Co. Saa MIdvar 


Crosbys. The: Bn route with tbe Great Wal- 
lace Circus. See T>nt Show Bantee. 

CarroIlB. Three (Fair): naRrrslown. Md., B.I4. 

Cherrlel. Boill (Star): Topeka. Kan., ••14. 

Caaad A DeVeme (White City): Cblcaso. lU.. 
0-14; (Ilayimarket) Ohlcaco jn-SI. 

CIsHc. Clever (Fair): Ooacodla. Kaa.. O-M: 
(Xsilonal) Kanaaa^Oltr. Vm.rtim. v . 

CunnliiKliam ft Smith (CksMM): t e a ww a . 
Mass., 0-14. 

Cattsneoa, Tbe (Alhamlira): Now Yottt City. 

Cherry A Bates (Keltll'a): Sytacoae. K. Y^ 

0-14. . •■. . • 

CUrk. Harry Cnnaa ' (Ol»hlSW)l,. ' tSS'' '.Atf' 

Ki-Ies, Cnl., 0-31, 
Oanino Comedy Four (Proctor's oetb St.): New 

York City. 0-14. 
Conser'a Dott Show (West 8tde)t JaaaasBlaw 

WU., VhiK , . 

Cnnm. B^niM UlheMbMt: m»- WmHi .OMr* 



Xlie Billboard 


Clark * XMd* <Blioo): OtblUMb. Wii. to-ll. 

wSH. »•!": (bSoo) Dulolh. XInn.. 10-81. 
Cklrcrt. Orrat (Fair): AUanta. Ga.. »I0. 
mil nr. * Mn Gardner (Cook's O. H.l: 

BoUmUT. M. X.. 914; (Shea's) Bnlfalo 


CMMliio (K«IU'a): Phllsdclpbla. Pa~ S-I4. 
SSS m. oract (Park): Wontatfr. Jlaaa.. 

eumaa. Bayd ft 0» Umt HmlltiM, Out. 

OUWI, Miriam (tniMllMtM Obleago. 111., 

O^anaDEb * RamUton (People's): Marl- 
boro, Mass.. S-14; Kew Pitrtueket, E. I., 

CtUtt. Mr. ft Un. Carl (Lrric): Cblcago, 

CmnrrOO k Totrdo (Beanetfa): St. Tbomat, 
Oat.. 9-14t (Olrmplc) South Bend, Ind.. 18- 

Calrmon. The Great (BIJou): Osbkail^ Wll» 

014; (BIJoa) <irrrn Ba/ 16-21. 
Clirimoplirr (Empirr): Im Angrtea, CaL. S-M. 
Conatantlnran * Lawr>nce (Iloarard): Clilea- 

co. III.. S-14; (Vandette) Cblcaao MSI. 
Ctaamberlln*. Tbe (Keith's): CI»TeIaild. 0., t- 

14: (Keltb's Pblladelpbla. Pa.. lO-Sl. 
Carlln & Otto (Poll's): SpHngflcUL Malt.. 

0-14; (BnrUf * acamoD'a) Mew Xock Cttj, 


Clarton, Jeakina * Jaaper (OtpbcsiD): McfW 

Orleans. La.. B-I4. 
Campbell * Bradj (Haymarket): Cblcago. 111., 

B.14: (ColnnbU) St. Lools, Mo.. 1U.21. 
Clifford * Buk« (Keeney'a): Paterson, N. J., 


(Jamil. Mr. * Mra. BObt. (BUoo): Calomel. 

MIeb.. S-M; (BUoq) Marquette IS-ai. 
Cceaar. Will M. A Blanclie Oajne (Keltb's): 

Tork CItjr. 10-21. 
Oreuwell. W. P. (Blerele Bill: Wlaalpaff. 

Man.. 9-14: Minneapolis, Mlna., 16-S. ' 
Oogan It Baneratt (Famtlr): MarrlabWf. Vi.. 

8-14; (FaDllT) Lancaater lO-Zl. 
ColiaD. Jowpblne * Co, (Proclor'a): Newark. 

K. J., »-14: (Proctar'a) Troy. M. X., 16-21. 
ObrUUI, AU (BUaa)i CalooMt. Mldb. S-U> 

Denteo. Bent: Ba ronlo wltb tta Vtoto Show. 

See Tent Shoir Bootea. 
Oi'Telda A; Zelda: -Kb ranU trtlb tb* Pat- 
teraon Ic Bnloerd Canilral Co. 8t« UMwar 

Oocknsn. . Marie: En roate with tbe Irish 

Pan-nbrokert. See Mnslcal Rontea. 
Donahne. Jobn ft Matlle NIchola: En toote 

with Woodland. See Mnalral Boatea. 
OonoTan. John O. (Ciaeograpb) : Vat Angeles, 

Cel., Indef. r , 

Donaey. Lealle T. (ItofCltjr): Btoektoo. Cal.. 

Sept. l8-0«. M. : . 

VcrK, Carroll (Wic>il)t IKWHIttfl. BL, IBM 

11. Indef. 

DrTden. Cbaa.: Bo route with MolUe Ballej'a 

CIrrni. Bee Tent Show Routes. 
DrutnoiondB, The «}olIienin): Iiwiflwi. Eng.. 

July 17-NoT. 30. 
Damonds. Three: (Crystal PdMtll lUiaelUea, 

Pr.. Oct. 20-No». 18. 
Dnnswortb, Pete (Pantague's): Seattle, Wash., 

Indef. . 

Dnral, Jot. (BUon): MlUrlUc. N. i., Indef. 
Oat.. »-14. 

Dcreaa, Bnbtrt (eanttk>t mWwIaa. DeL. 

» 14. ■ ■ . 

Oel-a-Fhona (Bon Tod): Icney (atr. ». 
■ 9-14. ■ t . 

Dc Vainc Xtaliiia (FlM9Mi*a): Baa fkaadaoo, 
CaL: »-M. - 

9-14. ^ 
Delmaa. Qto. (BUon): DnbavM I*.. »M. 
Dc.glaa ft Douglaa (BUt*)i Oar 


Don. Peter: Colombia, Pa., 9-14. 

Dorothea Slattrs (AUiambra): ; MUwaafca*. 

WU.. 18-21. 
Durbyelle, U>a ft Fay (Shea's): Toronto, OnL, 


Donaldioo, Ansa (Baymarket) : Chicago, m.. 
9-141 (OaloasbU) St. Laala, Mo,. 1041. 


Empress and Islington, 


Cbick (Pair) I , 

CUrke. WUM <j 


Colby Fai „ .- 

Conway A jMi fl 

Chnway ft Ijeland: 
Eng.. 10.21. 

Cottyt, au (Sbra'a): Bntralo, M. X, 
CUrke. utni !MU3S!"iJ^ 


Oarrer. Loiilaa ft 'Oftilc Polteld COl»bMn): 

New Orleans, La., 9.14. _. „ 

Obrlsslc. Bd. (UBlqnt): maatapoU^ Miu.. 

OMrajr. BkMb fl^ai— ) t Ml— a a gs ll a, lUaa.. 

flMltti * »-^'-ff* (lode)! CIsTalaad, O., 

OMMUa, raal (KtlOl's): BmIoo. Masa., S-14, 
CMe ft acmesa (Fanillj): Baltbaora, Md., 

Wiritt. Bans ft Torrence (Temple): De- 
troit. Mieb., 8-14; (0. O. B.) Boctaeatcr, N. 

y.. 16.21. 

Oom-ner ft Wlllard (Bljoa): Dolatb, Minn., 
9.14; (Unique) Winnipeg. Uan.. ie.St. 

Doooras. Lea (Uaa'a Museoo): Bv^alo, N. 
X.. 0.14. ( 

De LoriB, ObeeaUer (Backlngbare) : Loala- 
• eUle, Ky., 9.14; (Empire) IndlanapoUa, Ind., 

Downs. T. Kclaoa (ColaaMa): St. Loola. Mo.. 

9-14. _ . 

Daly ft Morpty <— >IW)« C«H*9<0 IfliiBpi 

Co\.. 9-14. 

Daniels, Waller (Keith's): PhlUdelpbla. Pa., 

0-14: (Keltb'a) Praeld. nee. B. I.. Itf-tl. 
DerdeD. Dare (BUon): Wichita. Kan., 8-U. 
Oar, Oeo. W. (Keltb'a): Boaton, Mass., 9-14; 

(Proctor's) Albany, N, X., 10-21. 
Do Laceys, The (Family): Sioux CICr, la.. 

9-14; (Family) Ollumwa 1«.2I. , 

DUle ft Templrlon (Bljao): UarqoatMb IMBn 

9.14: (BUon) lahpeming 18-21. . . 

•Otino (BiSq): Dea MdaM, la.. Mil (Iv 

otau) JilMieapolit. Mlna.. M4I. . 

V ^ Vm (»anett's): St. TO sMaa, Oat.. 

>^*.U< (Star) BaaUltaa SMI. 

Dtaoa. ft BolBta <0ifb9aai|i las rMndtee, 

CaU s-14: (OrphiMBTLaa ftantaa l»tl._ 
Dl»m ft Anitr (O. O .Ut7>Wbaift . fa.. 

■ as. _^ 
De Una, OleneDt (Bmplrc): Lleerpoel, Kng., 

18-91t (Bmplre) Bradford 2I18: (Bnplrel 

BInnlagbam SO-Noe 4: (Bmplre) Hnll O-ll. 
Uancsn. A. O. (Maryland): BalUmore. Md., 

9-14; (O. O. H.) PIttsbprg. Pa., 10 21. 
Dorach ft Russell (Rmplre): Hoboken. N. J.. 

9-14: (Bmplre) Pslersoo 10-21. 
'Da Faja, Musical (Clneograph) : Spokane. 

Wasb^ 9.14: (Family) Butte. Moot.. 18-2]. 
Dollar froope (flrdr ft Brbman'a): Brooklyn, 

N. v., 8-14; (TTtnt) Trenton. N. J.. 1021. 
i>e Wall ft BrwlB (BUoo): Dea MoUws, U.. 

Oc Lana^ WdUatt (Mt)t MoaHABIK Vk. 


Dancing Tlollnlat, The fBIJon) : Kempbla. 
Tenn.. 814-, (Maaonlc) Ix>alaTllle, Ky„ 16-21. 

-Uetmorc ft Lee (Proctor's): Newark, N. J.. 

9-14; (Bmpb^e) Paterron 16-21. 
•Sky, Bdmnnd ft Co (Orpbenm): KanMa Ollr. 

9to., 9-14; (Orpheom) N«w Orkaai^ iM., 

Da BeiTto* Heorleta. Baa BallaC* (O ip H Bin ): 
New Or leans, La.. 2-14. „ 
IM|^^ TMft (Ofpbenm): Kanaaa Oltr. Vo., 

jMsailOk Natalie: Toarlng Soatb Anwica. 
Onmtai Paplia Tsar, Bag., 2S-Oct. SI. . 
P^. l a ft it l aa (LgecBB): Umdoo, Eng.. 8- 

DavwB ft milSrld (N»w Star): Hamilton. 

Dihllaa, Lta; Mota ft gtoU Tour, Eng., Oct. 

9-NoT. SO.' . ^. 

■Dec. Boy: Ba route wltb tbo Joaepblae Oe<- 
-_hf (So. Be* Dranaatle Rootea. 
■DetaToya ft Vtlta: En i«aU «rtfh OaapbcU 

TILMRAMt tm> mwIsb sf par. 
rormwh tsiil ahmiit ar wifiilval mri- 
pwum wiu.; hot M AIMWIKBD. 
wiIsbs .»«PtiM PUPAV MMtAOE 
BOTH WAVtb i^viiig IwMil >«wss or 
■tPBBl numbark ' If rmils w fMH s d ean 
n«t ba found in Tha ■lllfcsBP* pMjMlaa- 
tion !• prehibitadt or w* tad Ml ra- 
ealvsd It «a ttaM fsrma sMns. 

Dekock, Lea Prerea (Olympic): (^Icago, UL 

DIU ft Ward (Olympic): Chicago, lU., 9-14. 
De Witt. Tlone (Haymarket): Chicago, UL 

Draw. Oototbr- (Hogklaa'); Laalaellla, Kj. 
9*14* « - 

Daabar n«Bpa (Melt RipisWBB, VS., 8- 

Bgo'naa. Lea (Ilopklns'): LonlSTllle, Ky., 9 

14: (Ilotiklna') Memphis. T<nu.. 1821. 
Brnest, Cbaa M. (Hrda ft BabBaaa'a)t Brook 

Erans, 'Llixle, ft Banj MBIi (TMBt): XMn. 

loo, H. i., 9-14. 
E<'kert ft Berg (OrphaaBtt Baadlag. Pa.. 9-14, 
Elmore. Tom: Oieeawoed,. Ark., 8.14; Bart' 

ford 10-21. 

Earl. Tba Danelag: Maaaab, Wla., S-U; 



■Idoaa. na . (0. O. H.)t Darhan, N. 0.. 

•^14; (ftBdNottaB) Nawark. O.. ia-2i. 
■smaade. Mr. ft Mra,. Mwud (Orphean): 

Osiaha. Meb.. 9.Ut (Oipbntt)' Dbaeer. CoL. 

18-21, . 
Eldrld. Oordeo (BUoo): Qnlacr. UL. M*; 

.(Oalty) SpHngfleld 1821. 
BaleUeta, La BcOc (Orphenm): Www Orleans, 

I.a„ 9-14. . 
tidrldge. The Great (Itemlly): Ponghkeepsle, 

N.. X.. 9-14: (Grand) MUwsnkee. WU.. I«-91. 
Emmett, .Oracle,, ft Cb. . (Mohawk): Sctaenc 

tadr, M. X.. B4«i (ftiWa) Mtir Zwk Cltr. 
- 18-21. • . ■ , , ' . , . , . . 

Dllolt. Maada, ftgwtl * Qtki' 

914. ^ ■ 

Erans. Mr, & MS 

ton, n. c 

Mil.. 10-21. 

BlUs.Nowlan Trio (Keith's): Ctrerland, O., 
9-14: (Shea's) Botralo, N. T., 10-21. 

Emperor* of Music, Four (Oiy b ei a a):' .Kaaaaa 
City, Mo., 9-21. 

Bllla. Mr. ft Mrs. Jack: 
914; KenMtt 16-21. . • '„ 

Baric ft Kaito iQi«teaaiV: .Ljadoa. Eng.. 

Bekos ft OiiitB (iBamCk)t WlUalattoa. DeL. 

9-14 , . .-^ 

Ellnore Sisters (Hsmmerwtcta's): New Tort 

. Clti, 9-14. . . " 

Bmplre Oty <)nartct (Albambra): Hair Tart 

City. 9-14. ' ' . 

Balus,. Dd. (Proetor'a); Albany. M. T.. 9-14. 

Eddj, Artbur (Ljrte); IM Aaielfa. GtU, 

Edmoada. trt'i Ba roala Wlth OaaatliF ft Bat- 
.. aeld'a MlaatreU. Baa Minotrrt .-Rsatca 

Slw. Olfia' (Atets»)t D>afw. OaL. Ia4»t. 
MB, Jan .(BumVi Bamtagt.. Oar.. Oct. 
rii; Meaa ft -Stan Vaar. bt.. Nor. 1, 



■mplre Oamedy rear: Bmplre Toor, Bag.. Oet. 
iS-Nor. «0.. _ _^ ». . 

Fattlkacr. B. B.: Ba rante wltb Hie Pand- 
er*. See . Mnslekl Rontes, 

ratale/. Jasgllng: En route with Oos Sou's 
Mlaalrela. »>• MUMtrrt Roojml _ 

Boole*. ... • . 

mtelle ft Badeiure: Ba taala vUh Benu- 

Santler Co. See Batjteaaiia BMrtM, 
FetgnaoB ft Mack (Bmpira): Icbaaaeabm^, 

a. A., Oct. 15-NoT. 25. ' 
Florence Slater*. Three (Srea): Stockholm. 

Sweden, Oct. Z-SO; (PaUt* d'Ete) Brusaela 

nelg- Not. 1 SO. _. ^ _ 

IVmtlnellra, The Three: En rente with F. W. 

Hall's Clrcoa. See Tent Show Routea. 
ran\ *■ Wilson . (Empire): Johitiiieabnrg. B. 

A., June 12-NOT 1. 
Fortune, Roy: En route with tbe Great Haag 

Bbow. See Tent Show Routes. 
'FoaUU,"'Bmm«f 'ft Otlberta: Bn route with 

J. ftanfc Bateb Sboira. Sea Midway Boataa. 

FoK ft Ward: 

atrala. See 

Frank ft Albriglit: 
. Bnia.' Ctraaa. Sea Ital _ 
nee* Bro*. ft Ofaettc SMaia: BB *aaie wltb 

Paterson ft Bcalaccd CajBlral Obb Ba* MU- 

way Rontea. 
FreroU. Fred' En mate wltb tbe Xarrar ft 

Macfcey Co. See Dramatic Bootea. 
Frisco, Slgnor. Aerlallst: En route wltb tbe 

U. S. CamlTal Co. See Midway Routes. 
Fn:ton. Chaa. M.: New Orleaoa, La., lu'lef. 
nwderlck. CUude ft Pooy Do& (Bennett's): St. 

Ttaomax. Qdc, 9-14. 
Fantaa. Two (BUon): (Jnlncy, MI., 9-14; 

(Star) Spnngileld. Mo., lO-M. 

Fox ft auuunera (BlJou): DecAtw, UL. #.14; 

(Grand) Marlon. Ind., 18-21. 
Fredo ft Dare (Orpbeum): Kansas City. Mo.. 

8-14; ((iTpbeam) New Orleans, La.. lO-ZI. 
Fillmore ft Adams (O. B.): Traeey, Minn., 

12-14; (O. U.) Ab.rdeeo. S. D., 10-21. 
FInnesans, The (BUon): Marlnete. Wla.. »-H. 

Fisher ft Jobnaon (Oalctj): Sprlngfleld, 111.. 

Forber. The Marsal CBtaaitntt tt. VfeOBa*. 

Ont., 8-14. 

Fos ft Hughes (Rlrerslde Park): BoUe Oily. 1 

Ida.. May 30-Oct. IS. 
Fields ft Hanson: BelleTlllc, M. J.. >-M; Hvm- 

uk 16-21. t 
Foo, Lee Tnag (I^rle): aucaga^ BL. t-U; 

(Grand) MUwaokec. WU.. 1841. 1 
Ferry ((tapbeom): Dearer, CoL, B-M. | 
Francliea*, Two Ctorelty): Baa Oleaa, CaL. 

8- 14; (Part Bcacb) 8aciaia*ata IB-n. 

FelU ft Barry Co. (palaabU): Claelaaatl. 0.. ; 

9- 14: (Baaklaa') Laalsnue, Kf.. 

Fay. Oalcy ft Pay (Cvatal): Hawaofcec. Wla.. 

••14; (Howard) Chicago, UL, 10.21. 
Fas. DelU: Blmlta, M. T., 8-14: Sebenee- 

Uday lO-ai, 
Fartette's Orebratra ((Columbia): St. Loala, 

<h^9-14; (O. O. H.) Indiana polls, Isd., 


ruber. W. ft Mrs. Perklna (Orpbenm): Den- ' 

rer. Col.. 9-14. 
FerguMD, Dick ft Grace Pasamoi* (BUon): 

Calumet, Mlcb., 9-14; (BlJou) Macsaatte 10- 


Frcd.ricka. Tbe (Norelty) : Freano, 0*L, •44; 

(Unique) Loa Angelea le-ai. | 
Fajrblo, Adonis (People's): C^dar Raplda. la., 

9-14; (Dominion) Winnipeg, Man., Itt-21. I 
Froato ft Uarrey (BlJou): Lansing, Mich., < 

9-14; (BIJou) Battle Creek 10.21. 
Fields. Happy Fanny: Sutherland. Eng., 10-21. 
Forda, Four (Keltb's): Prorldence, B. I., 

9.14. I 
Falrchllda, Tbe (Electric): Waterloo, la., 2-14.' 
Fletcher. A. Blllyi Auburn, Cal. 214. 
Fieese Bros. (Orpheom): SprlngOeh], O., 214. 
Fnller, Ida (Olympla): Rome. Italy, 16.21. 
Ferns & Merbaju (Family); E. St. Ix>ula, lU., 


Fordham, Fred (Globe): St. LoaU, Mo., 8-14. 
Farrell, am (SUr): Seattle. Waab.. 9-14. 
Flcteber. Chaa. Leooazd (Olympic): Oileago, 
lU., 9-14. 

Fanat Family (Baymarkat)! Ohlcago, DL. 9- 
14. , 

FrederUk (raaOy)! Baalatae, Pa.. 9-14. 
Foatar ft Foatar (OqBaam): BiooUja. V. T.. 

8- 14. 

Olllcna, Tba Two. (Ctyatal): Anderson, lad., 

9- 14: (Orratal) K^omo 16.21. 

Good. Baiel (Cryatal): Kokomo,' Ind., 9-14. 
Olrl la tbe Olonda (Orpb^nmi: Brooklyn, N. 
Y.. 9.14. 

Grand Op«ta Skto (TMat): IHaloa, N. J.. 

9-14. " 
Gracca, Tka TMa ' (I««iaai)i St, *M*Bb. BA., 


Oanlnrr ft Stoddard (Hopkins'): Memphis, 

Tenn., 0-21. 

Golden ft Hnghea (Family): New Tart Oltjr. 


(;ottlob ft Co., Mr. ft Mra. (Acme): BaMMalah 
CaL. 8-14: (Bell) Oakland 10-21. 

ailroy, Haynra ft Montgomery (Poll's): Bridge- 
port. (k)nn.. 814; (I'oll'B) Watrrbury le-Zl. 

Gerard, FrancU (Orpbenm): Omaha. Neb- Itf^i. 

Oooboana The Moaleal (U. O. H.): IndlanapoUa. 
lad.. 9-14: (Hopkins') Lonlsellle. Ky.. 10-21. 

Oregson, (Hiarlea ft FUrene* (Keltb's): New 
York Catr. 9-14: (Keith's) PblUdelpbla. Pa., 

Oofortb ft Doyle (O. H.): Ft. Smith. Ark.. 9-14. 
Oalettl'a Monkeya (ColumbU): (Mnclnnatl, O., 

8- 14: (ArcaOe) Toledo IS-21. 

Gordon ft Uayea, Mliaea (Ben'a): Bicanaba, 
Mlcb., 9-14. 

Orant. Sydney (Orpbenm): Broaklya.- 

.'8-14: (Albambra) Meir Tort CltT- fiU^M^I t 
Gonnan. jaCk '(0. BO: Ollatna. y ^ 
Graanoa, lU (PioaMt^'Mtb- St.)! 

City. 9.14; (Gotkaai) Bnalrtra IS«li 
OrUM*b xam'ft .Otttra** lOrpbtaaDi Bpclas- 
- attd.. Ou; B-Ui (raallyl -BaiiUtaa iw.... 
Olob* a( Deatb (Orpbeam): Omaba. IM„ t-U; 
. 'lOcplwamI' Kaaaaa City. Mo.. 10-21. , 
Oaidoar, Banv JtckjMazyUadl: BalttmB*. 

Md., tf-l4rm«a'slriMHMN. T.. 16-21. 
Oenrro' ft .Tlwol IjHHHHeBiaisBClirater. Eng.. 

18-21; (BnplrvnHBd 2B«8: IPaUce) BoU 

aO-Kov. 4t' <CtBHCIa«da-8-ll. 
GlUlhaa ft Biani^Ol'O. B.): Oraad Bai 

Mlcb.. B-M: :(auivaL»>abi*aagw-mr:i»ti.^ 
Oroee, BancU >. (0«aett'»); Wrt aiia d , lad.. 

«-14;' ■— r 

Olose. Augnata (flhea'a): Toroato, OnL, 9-14; 
(Relth'a) naadelphla. Pa.. ia-2t. 

Gtaw Tr]o.'Tta>.(Crrit*n: Kokoma, lad., 8-14; 

(Ogatal) ftBdi w oB 10-21. ■ 
aaiett* Sttteta (8bea>*>: .TMooto, Ont., 9-14 

aieanv, Jamea BfefaoMbd ' (ARade) : Toledo, O., 

Goldsailthr ft Hcppe (Garden): BnlTalo, N. T.i 

9- 14; (CkirlntMan) . Borbeater 10-21. 
Gardner, WUUe (Proctor's): Newart, N. J., 


Qlrard. Maile (ramUy): Babaiwy CUr, Pa;, 

9-14. ' ■ ' '.__ 

Gorman ft Wait (O. OL.-vBi|t niMtMb va., 

8- 14. 

Oonrley, Sully ft Ooailey (Aodltodnn): Lynn, 

Mass., 9-14. • 
Ouy'a Parlor BiBatlda>(GMai): . St. Joseph, 

Mo.. 9-14. '■ T7?-,r^lX.-''.- :'• " • 

Gaylord, BoaB** COh|Bi0S !-i|;"'SMnfe^ Ho.. 

9- 14, • •-'T- iP.^jjar • • 

Hall. LUlie May (Oaalao): BattlaM*tfvlMS>14. 
Hylanda, Tba Ttova' <BUoa): -.^VHaiETvia,, 
9-14; (BUap) Grcca-Bay IMtPJ*^ ' ■ 
Hentott ft Jaats (Sbeedr'a): FaU Btfcr. VaM., 
'■ 8-14." ■■ - 
Bolmea ft.Deaa* (BDoa): Dalatb'. Mlao.. 9-14; 



Heavy oovep Mgep 

PO S ^a^fm c!«. 
~ P A I D O nth 

^ am Strett, ClMliMti, Ohl*. 

PeorU. III.. IS-Sl. 

Cblraso, lU^ a-14. 

(Joodo: En roote with B«t attrea'a CMaa. 

8<e Tent Sbow Bootea. 
Gray ft Graban: Ba mat* will 

Belles. See Bnrieeqae BoatcOL. 
HUl. Mniiy K. (Bayasartat): ~ 


Bnntoon, Dad ft CUta (Star): Ft. 

Tax.. 9. ladaC 
Hardy. Ian** B. 

Pa., 9-M. 
miihiirt ft 

Mteb.. BM; 
HaartbeiBa ft 

8- 14. 

Ball ft Cothom (Main St.): 
Hrde ft Beath (3Ut St.): 
Harrises. Four Diuelng (Haymarket): 
III., 9-14. 

Healys, Tbe ((Cryatal): SL Joaepb, 
(NoTclty) T«9>kaj^ Kaa., ia-M.._ _ 

adelpUa, ' 


Hrnnetsey. James A. (BUoo) : Mnskegoa. Mlcb.. 

9- 14. 

Hayter ft Janet (Earl): Pneblo. (M.. 9-14: (Nof- 

elty) Omaha. Keb.. 10-21. 
Hyams ft Mclntyre (Colonial): New Tort OttTe 

8- 14; (Orphenm) Brooklyn, N. X.. 10-21. 
Holdswortba The (Keltb'a): Boat on. Masa.. 

9- 14 (Keith's) ProTldeaee. B. L. 10-21. 
Howard, Dickie (Summer PaTllUon): LeadrUleb 

Col. 4 14. ^ 

Hara ft SolU (Poll'a): Bridseport. Ocm.. M4. 
Hall, Artie (Proctor's): Nvwark. H. J., B-HJ 

Proetor'a) Albaay, N. T., I8-ai. 
Hareoort. Datey (Ossto): LawreDce. Baaa.. 

9-14: (Moeea'a) Porttaad. Me^ 1«-21. 
Heath. Rabart rtfalth'*): ftMMnSf*' *" ^' •* 

14: (Keltb'a) Raw Tort City lo- w. _ 
Baeael Broa. (Cuatal): Le«renw«r«h,_Ka«., 
M4; (Maieatle) Kan*as_qty. 
' — *ij ' 


TMe O ill board 


* WaMoa:. MMtaJk, »U: (O. O. B.)] 
IS BmdlBf. Pa. 

, IS-Sl. 

•-I4: (OtfhMB) UtlCB. 

BunUtoa * Bart (Trrot): TrpDMO, Jg. J„ 

(Vijrstlc) PtaUadrlpU*, Pa 
Ban, Panltne iAcademr of Uafrtc): 
Pa.. »-M: (Park O. H.) Brie I6-Z1. 
Hammond. Mr. & Un. Cbaa. O. (Star): To- 
. peka. Kid. IS-2I. 
HSTvTDua'a Animals (Pn>ctor*a7: Albany, 

■Mb, MDileal (Famllr): Panehkw>p<le. N. Z.. 
(Faallr) PatvrMS. Si. J.. lltSl. 

Howsrd Bnw (Orpfaviim): OmabA. K^., 0-14; 
(Orpbenm) UlnorapoUs. Won.. 1S-2I. 

Hosbn. Mr. & Mrs. 'Gfw OUJcstIc): Chi- 
cago, m., S-14; (Otymplc) Cblt^go IS-Zl. 

BInn & Bemlnstoo (G. O. *B.): Indianapolis. 
lDd..-B-U: (Colombia) dnelnoatl. 0.. lS-21. 

Howard ft North (Orphrnm): DenTer. Oil., 9- 
14; (Orpbrnm) Mrmpbis, Tenn., 16-21. 

Howard's Poaln & Dogs (Academy of Mosle): 

. Scnuiton. Pa.. 9-14; (Park O. H.) Rd* JUl. 

Betroo. Tom (BI.V>o): Dnlntb. Jitim^'^t-Ui 
(nmqnF) WlDDlp«e. Man., ie-21. 

Boeii. Emn.'Ja»- Eltoo & CX>. (Orpbeusi): Oma- 

Haines. Frank H. (Olympic): Symcuat-, K. T., 

Hale. WUUe & Prances (Hansa): Hambnrs. Ger.. 
Bayman & FtaokUm (Hatbaway'a): New Bcd- 

" ,»rU^- . - 

._ . . ►W..«f-JWF 

iMfcV- v'-. . 

Dsc* (Chasarats-'lilaMivtBa^ B.:C.. 


Oedar Bap- 

'Boire * Scott: UanckatR; B.sB;^>ac 
Bacbcs * Boms (Gana): Pipfc.'Biwii 
Hktbaway * Walton (Ptaeta'V^lHk'vIt} 

Totk aty. 9-14. 
am & Han: Owano. Bkk..: ZtHr Mi 
Hnper. Laeitle H. (PeopV*): 
' Ida, la., Sept. 4. Indef. 
Bart Bra^:. En route wltb tlic Gl«at Wal- 

bee Cbm. Se« Tent Sbow Bontei. 
BatdL 6«». H. (West Side): JanesTlUe, 
. Vlf.. iadrf. 
Biwdni ft LaLcDde: Bn lante with yohn Bot>- 

tnaon'a Circns. See Tent Sbow Rontt-s. 
Hays. Ed. C: En roate with Gns Snn's Uln 
strels. See illmtrel Kontci. 
Helena. Editb (GdliOD): Bofliarest. Boo.. 

Oct. S.2T; (Bonacbt^s) .Vienna, Austria. 

Not. 1-30. 

Heniy. Nellie ft Otaa. Morrison: En KHrte 

with Nletaol's Chicago Amoiement Co. Ste 

Bldway Bootes. 
BcibRt, Tlie Prognian: En roate with the 

Great Wallace Clrsoa. S«« Tent Show 


ITiniiiriiiB. The- Thfea: En roote__wlth_7raBk 

SoDoway, Vnt. (Metropolitan): Dolntb, Minn., 

Indef. . . . 
Irring Bna (Anstla'a Palm Garden): Syrn 

-cose. N..Y, Jntr H^.tofif, , 
bnas. Pearl (ABMfc-r-*--:mMrt|t-'--^:;B<»t»m, 

Maaa.. Indef. . : . 

ItTtnB THo: En .- yoate- with 0bIfst7^ Bros.' 

■BloatRla;. See Mlnstrd Bootes, 
baea ft Ryan (easta;>a): Haw Yt^fatJ. 9-lA: 

(Bnptt^ -BolMkcii. 'H. J.. 1«4L V > . ^ 
ttaUao Tito (Keith'a): PUniiiliBpi, 

(Blirlaod) BalUMK. Bd., 1»*L. 

_ t GUeaaOk in.. M4. 

'OMd; oungA. n.. 9-u: 

JMkMHWr-StMe CBqnmlKO: OUcasoL BL, 
; -HC; (OHomMa) St.Xaal«, »k. IS-ZI. 
l^iiMihii n riiin-r - (Oatty): Spriocfleld. HL. 

B-M; (OuOO BtoomlKBtoB 16-21. 
laaeaiyi. nm ((ante): 2(ew OUr. »-U: 
: (FtDctor'*) New Tatt CUr IMt. 
JMaa ft Barrey: Ongnr, Seot..' IMl; Hm, 
- Kas.. 23-28. 

Faml^: En roate with Rln^llns Brop.' 
L See Tent Show Bootes, 
ft Sardel: Ba roate with G 
' G&cos. See Tent Sbo>w ITiwiii 
Tte Two: Bi note with CbxfM^ 
BlBStiela. See Minstrel Bontet. 
ftomt ft Edwards: Bn roote with BenO ft 

ftlTCCd's Shows. See Tent SV^w Bontco. 
JUnaon. Cbaa.: En roate witb MoUle BaDCT*! 

-Clrcoa. See Tent Sbow Bootes. 
'Moes ft Sattoo: En roate with the Tainra 

Kennedy Co. See Dramatic Rontes. 
Mmsoo. BartOQ (Haymarket): CSiIcaKO. HL. 

KeUy. Joiin T. (Hyde ft Behmas'i): BrooUfB, 

N. T., »-14. 

Beoogh. Bdwln ft Oo. (Hrd»- * ' BjliiiHiM}: 

Brooklyn. N. Y.. 9-14. 
Kohl. Gas ft Marlon (Etnptre): Freeport. m., 

9-14; (West Bide) Belolt. Wte.. 16.21. 
SeUr ft Kelay (Dtftnote^a Omediaiia): Cohnmnia. 

... os^ a-i *. _ , ._ . _ . 

^ * ™"' CTidlBn^- Bashaw, m*.. 

.Kopi>e ft Koppe (G. O. H.): WHkesbaire. Pa.. 

i 9-14. 

SoUn, Mignonette (CohnBUa): (;iBelnDatl, O.. 
' 9-14: (Arcade) -AM* 

Baanre ft Owplaia |aB.^CkBUt---<AMjt'. (M- 
" easo. ni. 2-14. 

Sues Biaa. (Glyniple): Soott Beod. Igd,. 9-44. 
~ ft Ctaik (WeatOeld O. H.): WcstUd. 
, »■»: (6. O. H.) Wekatcr lB-21. 
I B«ff<m«1illa (Haymarket: Cbieaco. UL, 
»-fti iCMnlih) St- Loola. Mo., le-ai. 
mtacr. iSOta * On^ (HopUns'): Loolnme. 

KSelst, Mosleal (Ootambla): CCHaelanatl. C 

9-14: (Bmplie) Hoboken. N. J„ l«-ai. 
Keatona. Three < g«lth'« >;__ E^oiridtnce^ B.- t, 

Knyon fiiy nMii!*nriiiy53^ 'nwMMilk i 


* 0* 

Ballot BiOiu • 

eaico, nL.Mft, 
Kenton, Dctolkf ' 


Kelleber (PamOy): PottrrUIe. Pa.. 9-14. 
K. Ur ft Ashby (Olympla): Paris. France. 2-31 
Kelly. W. C. (Otpbenni): Brookbo. M. X. 9-14. 
KUtie Trio: . Des Moines, Im^ 
Kanfmao's Uidy BIcyelMt' 

New Tork City, Indef. 
Kantman, Beba (Alliambra): London, Eng.. 

July 3^Jct. 31. 
Eanfman Troope: En roote with RIdkUhc 

Bros.' Circns. See Tent Show liontef. 
Eeleley. will ft Gertie: En roote vrlth Dora 

Woodmir Co. See Dramatic Bontes. 
Beltons. Tbree: En route u-lth the Parisian 

Widows. See Bnrlesque Routes. 
Kemp, W. ft. (Famllr): PottarlUe, Pa.. Sept. 

18. Indet ■ - . , > 

Krnna. Ma* '(ate): '"<ftanM;' BS. 


Snpatilcfc: En roate with Blcfcel, Watson ft 
Wiothe. See Mnslcal Bootes. 

Ritchie. SI: En route wltb the Sontben Car- 
nlTsl Co. See Mldtrs.'- Roote*. 

Klein. Ott Bros, ft Nicholson (Circns Carre): 
Bremen. Ger., Oct 2-30; Berlin" N'ov. 1-30. 

LaBelle. Fredl; En roote with Welder's Carni- 
val Co. See Midway Routes. 

LaFIeoi:. Joe: Ea loote wltk Forepangh ft 

. Sdls " " 


TELEGRAMS for rout— of 
farmers, tent shows or' earnivfti eem- 
unless parties PREPAY MESSAGE 
BOTH WAYS, giving hotel address or 
street number. If route wanted can 
net be found in The Billboard, publica- 
tion is prohibited, or we had not re- 

Langer. WlDlarn J.: En roote with tlie Great 
Mnrni; Sbotrs. See Midway Bootes. 

Larke ft Adams: En roate with the J. F^aak 
Hatch Shows. See Midway Boatea. 

Lassnrr. Lee (Crystal): Marlon. Ind., iodeC 

LaTloe ft Leoaiid (Palace): Loadco. nC', 

Ao^. T. Indet: 

Ceferre, H. C: En note with the Two MCBT 

Tramps. See Mnaieal Bootea. 
LeMolnd. P.: En note with taebman-Keetdi 

Bxpaslttoo Shows. See Midway Bootes. 
Leo ft .Chap a m: B a wte with tke Baya. 

I>oataaidtr^ Ba note -^Htt' Barft Baatao Nov- 
elty On. :fce mwtilistani Bootes. 

LesUe'a ItaielBe Gkcas: 'En roote with Bios* 
Mat Bios.* CIress. See Teot Show Bootes. 

Itfwls ft Hatr: Chicago, ni.. Indef. 

Usete: En roote with the New Parker ftmaw- 
ment Co. .See Midway Bootes. 

LIniger Bros.: En roote with tbe Welder COx- 
nlTal Co. See Midway Bootes. . 

Lowman Slaters (Star) : AUanU, Ga., . indet. 

XiOcanla ^lo (Hippodrome) : New 'Xock City, 

Lsder.-Ben: En route with Campbdl < Bras.' 

Circns. See Tent Sbow Bootea. 
Uogl-Ploarl ' .Trlo> Go nmte with tbe Bine 

Ribbon Girls. See Borleaqoe Bootes. 
4^on»" Walter S.^ En roote- wiOi tbe Greater 

Smith .\inasement Co. See Midway. Bootes 
Ea-Mar . Wayne (Grand): FretsOb OiL. 9-14; 

(Novelty) Stockton 16-21. 
Lee. H". V. ft Bessie (Bljon): Green Bay. Wis., 

9-14; (Bljoo) Marinette 16-21. 
Le Page. Brother ft Sister (Gaiety): Spring- 

field in.. 9-14: (Elite) Davenport, la., 16- 


Lawrence. Daisy (Otnnpic): CUcaco, ni., 


l>Ty-B, Mcslcal (Novelty): Vlttkibtta^ 

dtlJOD) WIctalU 16-21. 
La (3alr ft West (Om): HaTCiUn. Mass.. D.14; 

(Mnsle Han) Glon'cester 16-21. 
lianeaster. Tom (6. O. B-): Grand Baplds. 

Mich., 15-21. 
Undsttom ft Anderaon (White City): Chicago, 

in., 9-14; (Bljon) Battle Crck, Mlcb., 16-21. 
I*nert. B. (Idea): Fond dn L«c. Wis.. 16-21 
Lney ft Lneler (G. O. B.): IndlanapoUl, lod., 

9-14; (Olympic) Chicago. UL. 16.21. 
ttombard Bros. (American): (^cago, HI., 9-14. 
Lncas, Ed. ft Hazel (G. O. H.): Belolt. WU.. 

9-14: (Olympic) Springfield, m.* 16-21. 
iMKMa ft Hotchlnson (nnlqne): Akrog, O.. 

9-14; (Empire) Lorain 16-21. 
Leoert, WUUe (Bdlaoo): Spokane, Wash., 9-M. 
Icooao (Phmtpa*): BlduDeod. lad., 9-Mr 

(Giaad) Samaton. O., 16-21. 
lAwaMU ft SwlBS (Bowazd): Cbteago, BL, 


OMiL (BtvasAet): CUeaso, nt. 16-21. 
I. Bat iniflla); «. iMda, Mo,. 9-14; 

(C a 


I* aatr. 


iji oeBe cbohIM: BaHfeB.i<hl:. S-14. 
iMoaid. «m ^Oa»stle>;^MMtft BI.. 9-14. 
LaaeOe. BSw. (Haynaiket): tMcago. m., 0-14; 

(Olynple) Chleaao 10-21. 
LateO. Bdwia (BopUna') : Loolsnlle. By.. 0- 

14; CBopklna*) Memphis, Tenn., le-S. 
Londooa. The Foor (Galty): Pltabnrg, Pa.. 9- 

14: (Star) Brooklyn. N. Y., 16-201. 
Undtay. Gto. (Uberty Moslc Bsit): liberty. 

«. T., 9-14, 

lACe ft Lnee (BUoo): Decatoe. BL. 0-14: 

(BIJon) Odbaqne, la., 16-21. 
I,sftola. 'Hanr ft Carrie (Lyric): Lincoln, Neh., 

9-14; (Tale's) Eanaai City, Mo., 16.21. 
Lawson. Chinese (West Side): Janesnile. Wis., 

9-14; (FIom'B) Madlaoo, Wis., 16-21. 
La Vails, The (Palace): Glaagow, Eng., 16-21; 

(Palace of Varletiea) Manchester 23-28. 
Liamoant ft Panlette (Elite): Davenport, la., 9- 

14: (BUOO) OanrUIe. DL. IS-21. 
Leooard. BOdlc (Chase's): TTaalilimton. D. C, 

9-14; (Kaiivu_an«ka«. O. IML 
ZiCsUe ft DaflaMlhilwSot Baa Dt aa e la ea t Cel., 


Lawrence. Al. (FbU's): Bridgeport, Owk. 044; 

(PoU's) Hartford 18-21. 
iLoCtos. Cecelia (Temple): Petrolt^ VUk, *-l4. 

PU.. diif«.j* Gotten 

Tm Taaca. PhO.: Aobom. Cd.. 2-14. 
ZHOt, Gee. W. (Chotea) 

LlDdsay's Dobs ft Boakays (Q. O. B.); 

apoIU, lod.. 0-14. 
Lynch. Great (Family): Hazeltoo, Pa., 9-14. 
Mee;:an, Thomas & Co., (CIneograph) : Spokane, 

Wash.. 9.14: Seatle 16-21. 
Mitchell & Cain (Olympic): Chicago, ni.. 914; 

I Haymarket) cmicago 16-21. 
Mallory Bros.. Brooks ft Halllday (Orpbenm): 

Utica. N. TC., 9-14; (Orpbenm) B<:adlng, Pa., 


Manbassett Oomedy Four (Lyceum): Wasblng- 
toQ. D. C. 9-14; (Monumental) BalUmore. 
lid.. 16-21. 

Mitchell Bros.: En ronte wItb Seeman.MlIU- 
can Mardl Gras Co. See Midway Bootes. 

Mar Tina (Ele<-trlc): Waterloo, la,. M4. 

ilcCall Trio (Trocadero): Chicago, BL, Md; 
(Calvty) St. Louis. Mo.. 15-21. 

Mosher. Houghton ft Moeher (Colombia): Cin- 
cinnati, 0.. 814. 

Miller's Elepliaats (Itcat): Xicatao. H. J., 

9-14. • ■ ' . 

Monroe. OsSb W. tfk|teM)t -BcsilBK Vs.. 


McNamee (31st St,): Chicago, m., S-14; (Main 

St.) Peoria 16-21. 
Macarte Sisters (Orpbenm): Omaha. Keb.. 9- 

14: (Orpbenm) Denver. Col.. 16-21. 
McMahoo's Minstrel Maids (Haymarket): Ch|. 

caso, II!., 9-14; (Colombia) St. Louis. Mo., 


IMcMaboa ft Cbappelle (Haymarket): (Hilcago, 
III., 9-14: ((Mnmbla) St. Lonla. Mo.. 16-Sl. 

Magee. Clem C. (Grand): JoUst. BL. M4. 

Macks. Two (PbUIIps'): HI llim. lai . T ' ' 
(Crystal) Marlon 16-21. 

Melville ft Axelle (Lyceom): San Flandaco, 
Cal.. 9.21. 

Marvelle ft Gleaaoo (Grand): Mattoo, Ind.. 
aiaey ft Hall (Orphemn): San Fr anel s a o, CU.. 

2-14; (Orpheam) Loa Anieles I0-2I. 
MniUiy Octet (Keith's): PTorMencc. B. I., 

0-14; (Bammersteln's) New York City, 16- 


Bkaaio (Oacoerapb): Spokane, Wash.. 9-14; 

(Otpkeoi) Seattle 16-21. 
Mstpbr.' W. H. ft Blanche NiehOIs (Ulk'S): 

Bostna. Basi^ O-U; (Kcltb's) Ifew Totk 

Cttr. IMO. 

Msanooinj ft Omar CUaadaid): at. Iisola, 
Ma., O-M.- 

-MiTtla Bros. (laHllr): Bnsatan. la., M4: 

(Ttent) Tkestoo. N. 7.. M-XU 
Merritt. Bal (Orpkeaa): ■ Saa ' FrsaAeob CU., 

2-14; «hpken) Los Aageles 16-21. 
BarindlaaL The Oioat (West Side): Xanea- 

Tine. tns., 1»SL 
Olowatta. Five (Belth'a): Ph&delphU, Pa.. 


MeMorrls. Bertha F. (Oipheom): Springfield. 

O.. 9-14: (Phinips') Blchmond, Ind-. 16-21. 
McCoUocfc. Dare Devil: Dallas, Tex., 30- 

OcL 14; Cmant. L T.. 16-21. 
Mltctaelte, Ttaree (Empire): Patexsoo, N. 


Mantell's Marionette Hippodrome (Family): 
Sioux City, la., 9-14; (Family) Ottnmwa, 

Maaon. Homer B. ft Marsnierlte Eeeler (Al- 

hamhra): New Tork City, 9-14; (Victoria) 

N««w York City 16-21. 
MoCrnne ft Grant (Olympic) : Sonth Bend, 

Ind.. 914; (Grand) MUwaukee. Wis.. 16-21. 
Mnrphy ft WUlard (Pastor's): New York 

City, 9-14. 

Meredith Trio.' The (Phoenix): Colnmhns. O.. 

Mills ft Morris (Proctor's 23d St.): New York 
City, 9-14; (PMetna'a SSth St.) New Tork 
City 16-21. . . 

Mitchell ft BMaahv (Ckniai):. OUmm. Ift, 


MelToy Trio (653 OarroU Ave.): OUeaso, IB., 

Marriott Tdns (Fair): Tlrciola. 10.. 0-14. 

MDrphy. Be, . ft JIlib jfOtk (taeltfW: Al- 
bany,.*; ,X* M« -^UHoMn} Bra*l)a 16- 

MlUrr, Bensbaw ft Mnier (Star): Anrora. 

DL, 9-14; (Elite) DaTcnpart. la., 16-21. 
Martlere, Lnnta (lorcnm): Miaxaca Falls. 

N. Y.. 9-14. 
ilcCnrrj, Jobs (MMMHlt 

25-Oct. 21. 

OfeLoBghlln. Belea (Bfeynaifcet): CUeago, 
BL. 8-14; (CUombU) St. Loola. Bo.. U-il. 

BarteU. Onie (Eagle): JobnstowB, N. T., 2- 
14: (matatare) Cartbaice 16-28. 

MfKttmon ft Reed (Orpheam): Siirinxfleld, 
O.. O-M; (Star) Monde. lad., 10-21. 

aimMa mo (Orpbeaa): -WropidB 
0-14: ((kpbeom) Onaha. B*.. te«l. 
Baedaosld. Jssms (FartkBd) ~ ' 


aiaitlBt ft Max Wmsa OMCtH^ SH St): 

H*w Toik Clb; Mlu 
Bathewi ft ftriocr UaiMM): BMBlRft U. 

T„ 0-14. " " 

Borrla. Nlaa ft Qki 

leans. La. 8-14. 

Slotorglrl. la (CkalMl) 

BnTpby ft Mtcee (B« «aa): 

N. J., 9-14. 
aiartlnnettl ft Sylreater (BenneU's) 

Oat., 9.14. 
HelvUle. FMedi* (Ofeatnl) 


Baa AndocB. Q U gbtl i lB ); B uwHia , H. 

Y.. 9-14. 

Martlere, Laura (I<rceom): Niacara FaBs. 

N. T.. 9.14. 
May ft MUea (Xalo's): Baaaaa COr. Ito, O- 

Mathews ft 

Pa., 0-14. _ . 


McCanley ft Doooran (Lyceom): San FMa- 

Cisco, Col., 2.14. 
Merritt, Baymond (Palace): Worcester, Maaa., 


Modica ft I,ewis: Qnlney. IlL. 9-14. 
Martin ft (Jnigg (Pastor's): New York City. 

Malcoln ft Sherette: En roote with Ferarl 

TJroe.' CamlvaS Oo. See Midway Bootea. 
Mangela, J. F.: Bn route with Meyer'a Moo- 
arch Aanosement Oo. See Midway Boatea. 
Manola Family: .Ea^ipote with, tbe (IsAlQ 
CazntTSI Co. . Bte' jtaAnK-Bdatss. . 

(PMM!*): '««r . M 0B», 



Fop leosasoe |» | 
Wim Map?, 
Postpaid %0- 

BOUND IN f%m. 



416 Elm Street, Clnoiniiafi, OhiD. 

Mariey. Okas. X, ._ 

dlno. Cal Ana. M.' 
Uarlow ft Aldo: Bar oote wHh Onb 

Circoi. See Tent Show Beates. 
Marshaai. The Myatie (Wiatctsartca) : 

lln. <^., Oct. 1-Sl. 
Martloea, The: b 

lace Olrcos. See Tknt 
Martlsoa. Tbe: Bo 

Greater Shows. Sec BMway 
Martyce, Eddie: Ea roate wkh J. 

Hatch Shows. See MMwaP " 
Martynne SIstrta: En ra — ' 

Floating Palace. See 
-Massey ft Kiamer: Ba rente with ft% ftH» 

tocratle Tramp Ok. Sec Dramatle Bl ~ 
Jlsyer ft Irwin: En note with tbe 

Minstrels. See Minstrel Bootes. 
McCanley, Joe (Unlqoe): Minneapolis. 

Apr. 3. indef. 
MoCrielUn. Jamea (Bljoa): Oslslft. 

Joly 3. indef. 
MeCnrry, John (Bnaatttal: HaBas, Pa.. 

Sept. 33.0et. 21. 
BA enna. Ted A His Dog (Hie Oaks): Port. 

land. Ore.. Indef. 
aiereditb SUters (TlvoU): Ospe Town. & A. 

Oct. 16-Dec. 1. 
MeRtani, BUBe: Eu route wiiii tbe Baaatbtr 

(JamlvalC o. See Midway Bootea. 
MlciaietOD. Gladj-s (Patm): Ortpple Crerk, 

Col.. Aoi. 14. indet. 

Miians. FXmr (Sippodrone): New x«rk Qty. 


MUtoo. Mr. ft Bta. Oeo. W. (Ma^t ftOnta. 

Ga., Indef. 

Morris ft Morris (SUndard): - Port Towaseod, 

Warii.. July 17. indef. 
BniiT, Eddie: En roote wia Ghrlity Bros.' 

BtaatTcla. See Minstrel Bootes. 
Btmaa. Mary (Orpbenm): Brooklyn, N. I~ 

0-J4; (Albamtnm) New York City 16-21. 
Bnttaa ft Nicholson (Park): Yooivgetawn. 0., 

S-M; (Grand) lodianipolls lod. 1021. 
Bate ft Bordeaux (Kclth'a): Boatoa. Maaa.. 

NaUa' ft Ool (FtiiU'a): BSw mgrnm, Ooaa. 

oad: Staafotd 10-21. 
Nye. Brd (Ml'a): Watettaty. Ooon.. 9-M. 
Nm, * Co.: FSU Rlrer. Baas., 16-21. 
iWMOk JM (Ftoetec^): Mewatk. M. J, 9. 

Neravos, Tbe Xbaeo lOnBaaals fltaa> 

claeo. CU.. IML ' 
Nina (O. O. H.): 0*itii».. la. Ml; M- 

O. H.) Ottnonra IB-ld. ^ 
Newman, JtaeiA (Oataafti 

9-14; (O, O. H.) Ind. 

Naloo, Moaloal (TaoUIy): ifnbiiai •litr. *»» 


" y.. * Otads NMt FiA): 

OCTOBER 14> 1908. 

Xlie Billboard 


Gto. B. (U. S. Hotel): MUdletovn, O. 
FiTr JogBllac: sa nate with Om- 

tijr Bro*.' DoK * ^WT Mwr Jtab I. 
ien«m Tiw fire (CMBa>: Haw x«k Cllr. 

si»pt. 18. Indef. 
Xowlln. DtTe: Kn route with AL O. Flfld't 

Mimlirl*. 8r« MInxtrrI Bovtn. 
O'DoIr, Cm. W.: En roDte nlth Camptwll'ii 

Bro«.* CIrriife. Sre Trot Slion- Routes. 
O'ttTlen. Clt^ff. Sy<ln«>*: En route wltb the 

Monarch Amuirnivnt Co. S » JUdfray Hootn. 
aUn. Ume.. Htriling & Ab SM IFUaarlt Aat 

wrrp. liflg: Oct. M-31; (CUCW Cttit) AB- 

atmlsm. ilol.. Nor. I- .10. 
OToolc U. Jack: Drs Molnn. la. 
Otte. Nick: Eo roole with tli« 

nipnt Co. S f JUduaf Roiitf. 
O'Dac Ida (Howard): Cbleaito, 11].. 9-14; 

(West Sblf) Bclolt. Wli.. lu-21. 
OxjLVf (Star): Hamilton. Ont.. 0-H; (Olym- 
pic) Clilcaco 111.. Ii;-21. 
OnrI FaiuHy (Proctor'a): Albiny. N. Y., 9-14. 
Ollro. S. (PMpIr'a): Odar KapM>. la., S- 

)4: (Dominion) WlnnlppK. Uan. lu-21. 
Onu & Frrn inowrrj): Nnv Yorlt Cliy, 0-14. 
O'UrlpD ft Buckley (Orpbeom): Denrer, Col., 


CbtU Adele Pnrrla ft Co. (Doric): Tonkera. 
' X. v.. 0-14: (Famll.r) rouglik»«p>Ie lu-21. 
Oxford Qoartet (Olympic): Clileaico. 111.. 0- 

PMU ft Harte (Fiom'a): VaiHaoti. Wla., 9- 
14s nup m U UL,. USI. 


FM«. Orrni ft Millie (rrlce'a Boat'aMr): 

HMtaaB. Kjr- 9-14. 
FNrirn THo: Cblcago, tlL, 9-14. 
Prro ft WOaoo <Faa>llT): Paa>ale, M. 1.. 33- 


rsalMr. Bdw. (Oraod): Oakalooaa. la., 9-14; 

IG. 0. II.) BorllBStM 10 a. 
ralaaer * Robinaoa (Omd): Taaeaavtit B. 

C 9-14; {Grand} VMarIa M4I, 

M. .r^ 9-M: 

MM. rn* * ftMle lOT O. if4t: 

HHIfc*.. S-M: IJeV.MO 
Hene ft llalaw (Oainabla); 


rcerleM Qanet fAoMrteaa): CMcaca^ UL, 


Panio ft Marlow (Ropklna*): toal**tlh, Kt„ 

0-14: (Ho|>kloa') Memphla. Tann.. lO-SI. 
PDCka. Tbe Two (Empire): Palengo, N. J.. 


Po>rrU, rred (Colombia): ClBdnnatl, O., 10- 

Vo'nr.'rs. Mr. ft Mrs. John T. ( 
Chlcas* 111.. 9-14: (ColaaAta) 

Ptanae iranllr): Skaaokla, T»n (fWQrl 

Lancaiter I«-2I. 
PaDllnctte ft riqoo (Empire): Newport, Ens.. 


PIrocoiri, Pour (Cliaie'i): Waablnrtoo. D. C. 


Pryora, Tbe (Paator'a): New York City, 9-14. 
PetrUlng Broa. (Uaymaikct): rfmatL 111-, 

0-14. . " 

Palmer. Alice toI.vtnpla Itaaie MrtDt VtaP. 

X- y.. Anc as. iBdef. 
Ptrkborat: En roote wiUl J«nc*-Adamt Bhnri. 

S« Mldiray Kouirs. 
Prnr ft Prairie (UrtropaUtaa): Xtua, Fla.. 

Sept. a»-Xo». 4. 
Ckinipa Siaiera: En root* wUk Hi* 

Bee Uoalral Ronlea. 
Potit lie., Slg.: Eo route nitll 

CarulTaX; o. See Ulilway 
PotPf 4 Harttrell: ParlK. Fr., Oct lO-Xor. 10. 
Potrcr'a Eirpbania (Hippodrome): ' Stir York 

City. A us. 30. Indef. 
nice, Hirry M.: En nwte with Bnttr BnwB 

Eastern Co. See llarini K—Ha. 
Onlnlan, Dan ft Keltar Mwk (OMhtMl: Ot*- 

rer. Col.. 1«-21. 
iUmae; Sl'tera (Oratal): Detralt, Mleh., 0- 

14: (Benn tt'a) London. Ont., 10-21. 
Kawli ft VooKaufmaa ( People'*): Cetltr Rap- 
Ma. Ia„ 8-14; (Oomloloo) Wlonlpes, Uaa.. 


Baaaell. rrrd Ttrtor (Howard): Cbleaco, UL. 

••14: MinBeipoIta, illnn.. 16-21. 
MMla ft Wllllama (Jacoba'): Peoria, in.. 

•-I4; (Empire) SprlncSeld 10-21. 
Baymond ft Trlcey (Domlnloa): Winnipeg. 

Man.. 10-21. 

Boeeta. will B. (Arcade): Toledo. 0.. 8-14; 

(Temple) Detroit. Mich., l(^^l. 
■aW:!!. Phn ft Carrie (Unique): Winnipeg. 

ataa„ S-U; (Calooe) MlnneapoUa, Ulna., 10- 

TT-s- ^ ^ fRoward): CtalMM BIh »*: 

_ (VaadeUe) Chiease 16-21. 
"ilL.*!^' (Otrnple): CUcbm IIL. »-M: 
IBmukM) Chleaga l»aiT^^ 

BaiaaaaO ft Omt: "MtMlHMi: IIL. Ml; 

*-* ' *■ l***- (Clyatal): lUlwaohM. 

-^-yJa. aihel (BlVUaa'): SleapUa. Tean.. 

Roaalne. Jnlla ft tam- Mih OMaw)* Battle 

Creek, Mich.. »-U. ■■ 
Bto^Broa.. nof <Baipte): ratOM. M- 

■oooei, Pat ft Marion Brat f Arcade): To- 
ledo, o.. 9-I«; (aamaNfatcla^a) New Tort 

CItx. 16-21. 

biaa Sbtera (Orphenm): SprlacOeld. O.. 9-14. 
■VM^ Ball Doga. AL (O. H.): AlleaKmrB. 

Ummw the IMr (ChtaMhla): amUma, Ol. 

BMarda. n* (State Fair): Dalhu; Tnc. 1-10. 
BMcoe ft Sims (Family): Dolntb. Mlaa., •- 

M: Vrinnlpeir. Man.. 16-21. 
■eMitO ft Wlncheater (Clrpbeian): EanMt 

CItj-. Uo.. 16 21. 
Baaaell ft Donbar (Blion): Oobnqae. la,, 

0-14: (Domlnloa) Winnipeg, Man.. 16-21. 
"eynard. Ed. P. (Albambra): N.-w York City, 
„0-14; (Bammerateln'a) New York City 16-21. 
■<e,m> ft Blcbarda (Bowatd): Boatoo. U«Hm 

Radford ft Talentlne (Hippodrome): 0U»- 
sow. BBS-. 16-28: (BlppoOrome) Brtgbtoa 
30-XoT. 4: (Hippodrome) Uverpool 6-11. 

Backett ft Baau4 (Chaaa'a): BaltlowN. Xd.. 



Baltimore, Md., 


'Kaw Sark 

Bernolda. Jalletta: 

Bn».' CamlTal Oo. 
Rltekle. Dare DeTlI: 



Bice ft 

BWta;^*^ The (Atlaatle Gacdea): New York 
(Onto aMkOt MaHaa tatr. Mex.. 
^l7**" * Bnffalo, N. Y., 

podrom ) St. BelPBta ai4B, • \ r 

no»l (Poll'a) 
City. Inder. 

Bo lOBt* with ne'lea* 
See Midway Kontra. 

„,. En ranlr with tht Great 

Alamo Sbowa. See Mldarajr Beat a. 
Ri*ert ft Demont: En Mate wMh Bentx- 

Santley Co. See Barleafic BiBltt. 
Roelker. E. O.: En roate with tha QattlU 

Carnlral Co. See MIdwar Baatea. 
RoM-y. Tbv Great: En roote artth BaollSU*8 

Troubles. See OramaUc Roales. 
Roaa & LenU: Berlin, Ger.. Aae. SI. iadef. 
nice & Cadr (Hyde & B.<binai»'s): BraaUya. 

N. 1*. 0-14. 
Ro?acr. Ed«-. (Family): Hazeltoe. Pa., 0-14. 
Redding. Kranceaca ft Co. (Uayuarket): Cbl- 

caKo. Ill , 0-14. 
Reed. Frank (Fair): Hagemtoim. Ud. 9-14- 
RemlngtoQ, Ma.voie & Co. (OrplictM): Biaek- 

lyn. X. Y.. 914. . ■ 

Snlly ft Plielps (BIJou): RockfM, m., »-M; 

llniluntrliil) Mollne 1621. 
Sniltb ft Resan (Family): Hazleton. Pa., 9- 

Stiniey ft Brockmaa (Trent): Tnnton. S. J.. 

Saroya. Tbe: En route with the Great Wallace 

Circaa. ' See Teut Shovi^ Routes. 
Sixon ft Jlllton (G. O. H.): Bock Sprlnga , Sept. 4-Xov. 1. 
Schrock ft Rlc: Eo roote with Byrne Bros.' 

EUsbt Bella. See Musical Routes. 
Searcoy. Ceo.: En route wltb Cbrlsty Bros.' 

Mlaatrels. See MUalrel Route*. 
Sbradeaw Tka Twk Eb taaie with Bam De 

ma's Cfc ~ ~ " 

TCLCaRAMS «Br iwIbb par. 

BOTH WAVtk iMw Iwlol BiMioii or 
stPNl MHiibBh If fMila DMiited can 
n«t bft f O M B< im Tlw BWWi— H, publiea> 
.Ma* Ib p wl i HH odt or «*• had not ro* 
It Bp t* tbiw of fetmm elooing. 


Simpson. E<1.: Eo roote with Meyer's Monarch 
Amosement Co. See Midway Routes. 

Smiths. The Aerial: En route with RlngUne 
Broa.' CIrcoa. See Tent Show Routes. 

Stewart, Edivard (Orpbeom): Denrer, Col., 

Stilaons. XDe: En route irltb Weldet'a Cirnl- 

nlral Co. See Midway ~ 
St. John ft LeFerre: En 

See Mnslcal Rootea. 
Stork ft Dantoo: En roote with tbe 

CamlTal Co. See Midway Route*. 
Strealor Zooaaes: Tonrlng France. 
SraMad^, Jack: Ea mate wltb Oainoat'a MIB' 

•uela. S e JOnsttel Bootea. 
Bebnier Braa (Olmide): Chieagoi. ID.. 0-14. 
SlWerlake ft MeMer TtIa: C^ter. f^.. 0-1 >. 
Sanrord ft Darllaftoa (DowavMt Cblean DU 

0-14; iCryaial) Mlhraakee, Wis., 
Santell. Tlw Ortat (Otaad): Ttaeona. Waah., 

••14: (OnaA nactlaaO. On.. lO-Sl. 
Stehwrt ft Thaan (>aallr>: Vatstaoa. H. J-. 


Sehepn'a Doga - ft.- flOalia' ' lOHBHila}! St. 

Uwla, Mo,, 

stapietoB ft Chaav. IfBMis. HaaiaB«t, U- 

Sincuir ft CaiOde (Wkat BHeli ' JhatsalUe. 

Wl*.. 9-14. 

Sato. O. K. (Cooh'a O. B.): Roeheater. M. T.. 
0-14: (Keltb'a) Srraeaae 16-21. 

SliantTtown Trio fAraertma): Cbteago, m.. 
n-U: (Phillips') Blebmond. Ind.. ln-21. 

Sllreno (Crystal): St. Jooeph. MOi. 0-14. 

Sntton. Ijirry ft Attllla (Pnlqnel: San Fran- 
cisco, CaL. 0-14; (Caaino) Loa Angelea 10- 

.Scrantnna, Tbe (Crystal): Kokoiasi, Ind.. 0-14. 
Summer* ft Wlolera (Alcaxar): Deaecr. Col.. 

Sterena, Bataaclag (BUon): Sheboygan. Wla.. 

SImmona ft ITarrla (UtTlc): CleTeland, O., 

B-14: (Howiird) Chlraco, HI-. 16-21. 
SIoKson raiillne (Temple): I>e6Y>lt, MIcb.. 0- 
14: CleTcIand. O.. 10-21. 

Slmpaoni. Tbe Moslcil (Pastor'i): New Xork 

City, 0-14. 

St. Onge Bros. (People's): CtMlnalla 0., 

S-14: (Star) Clrr. land IR'21. 
Santoro ft Marlow (.\rcailel: Toledo. O.. 0- 

14: inrplieiim) SprinKSeld 16-21. 
Spsnlding Bros. (Pawtacket): rairtneket. B. 

I.. 0-14. 

Sbarp, Blanch (Majestic): Chicago. 111.. 0- 
14: (G. O. n.) Indlanapolla. Ind.. 16-21. 

Shermai^ ft De Forrei^t tUreenm): Einilra. N. 
v.. 0-14: (Moliawk) Scbenectaily in-21. 

StrTena. Kittle (BIJoo): naaeUle. UL. 9-14; 
(Csatie) moawhKiw IMI. _ 

Slraton, W. 1. 1FW>B|>8 • tttmtkht. Pa., 


Staly ft BIAecfe (Keltb't): Boiton, 31am., 


Stnart, Artbw CWfst Side): Bdelt. WH.. 

Spook MInatrela (fligtBBB>l' ~ Xm. iBflia, 

Cal.. 8-21. 

Stahl. Rose (Orpheon); MliatapolU, SObBm 


SlddoQ Bros. (Cadno): Lawieace. M aw, , B-U; 

(Pasleirs) Kcw CUr M4L 

StanisBBc. Lsia CBIlM): ParVihii. It.. 

OMlca Mha (Ptaeloea M St): lhar 
YsA cnr. iMi. 

SarOw ft UmaOer CPnetat^): AJhaar. H.' 

T.. B-U: HE^aai) n i lt^Mt Md.. i«41. 
■heaa ft Wanea (OipkaaaiH MaaUya. N. 
X.. fr-M: (Attanftn) Mnr Mk CUy 10^ 



Four. Designs. 


10 FOR 10 

lOO FOR $1 

P O 8 T P A I D . 

The Billboard PobUshing C€>^ 4k6 Klin St- 

Sanford, Florllls: Bakersfleld. Cal., 9-14. 
Salerno (Keltb'a): ProTldence. R. I.. 9-14. 
Solly. Lew (Cbaae's): Wasbinxtoa. O. C. 

SaBrs. Foar (miaaillUt . ■ Bfc' .jfta—M^ Oat., 

Serra, Ounlio -JSiMMet OrielBM.. O, «.14. 
Seidoa Btm. OUUtl»» PhHili»Ml. Pa.. 

talth. Peter X («Iat St): CUcaga. HI.. 

BttaMB ft .M»rtsa (O. O. BO: IndUoa polls. 

M~-BrM.-- .. . , V. - 

SanaB' ft' Bhaan Cpa BiH a ) t p--'BW^CIaB» . jWat. 

TaOm. Banr (Oaele): Tonkera. N. Y., 9-14: 

(Family) Paaghkeepale 16-21. 
T^ee ft letmoa (Poll'*): Bridgeport COoo.. 

9-14: (Trent) Trenton. N. }.. 16-21. 
Talbot ft Bflgets (Colnmbls): St Loolj, Mo.. 


Taylor Tarta Steteia (Calsiilal); I«wieace, 

Ma.«s-. 0-U. 
Texana Sistata ' (Oaiifck): Bianailaa,' la.. 


Tovnsenil C. H. (Anitln ft Stone's): Bos- 
ton. Mas*., 2-14. 

Top>y Tnrry Trio (Mala St.): FMcla. HI., 
8 14: (BIJaa) Q^taiier Ml-Bl. 

Tralnor. diaTcrd Tal <B||aa>: ZaatfBK -Meh.. 

Tannean. Felix ft Claxton (Family): Paasalc. 

N. J.. 0-14: (Family) New York City. lu-ai. 
Taamanlan Troupe (Fair): AtUnla. Ca., 0-21. 
Tnrpln. Ben (Grand): Hamllio'n, 0-, 0-14; 

(Gennett) Rlrlimond. Ind_ 16-21. 
Tbe Qacea'a Fsa (RairBiaifcet): CWcagnt U.. 

8-14;. t O M l lIU C hU a w «»«. _ 
Tegge *. Baaia Qtaliatim CMratat BL. O- 


Taylor, neniy ft Alire (Hyde ft Bebman'a): 
Brooklyn. N. Y.. 0-14. 

To-To (Colonial): New Xock CII7. S-M; (Or- 
ptienm) Brooklyn ItfrM.. 

Thome. Mr. ft Mrs HariF IBinllfi); - Lon- 
don. Can.. 8-14.: 

Taseott (Keaaw**): BratkbaL JL^ t-U. 
TiiomHia, Biny (OttaBMo):: , miiUhaH. 0.. 


Tanner ft Gllblrt mikll Ma^. Blj, MS. 
TImmpson ft BMISa' 0(bmW> ^tlum, 0-. 


Tmba: Chleaco. IIL, B-M. 
TIppel ft KlImCBt 
r*l.. 2-14. 

Taneana (Famllr): Hatrlton, Pa.. 9-14. 
TenJ Trio (Trent): Trenton, N. J.. 0-14. 
Tarlton ft Tarltoa: En roate with tbe Itoeek- 

enridge Stack .Oh. Sec Onaiaite BoBMa. 
Ta.Tlor, Enaa (ChBiM): 0IHB9 nBiL'X..'T., 


Tsylar. Maa (Phlaca): 

Olrt See Msaieal Roatcs. 
Tt-Ben Stoteia: En route with the Otcat Wat 
late Sbcnca. 

Vaaea. Christlaa (Staadanl): It. Wacth. Tea., 

TAn^ MM * CBHIte - IB 
' Oreat tafecr iaiaanaaat « 

Vtoia Bros.: Ka roote 

Bee Teat Show Bbatea. 

with the 

Victors. Tbe (Idea): Fond da Lac, Wis., 

9-14: (Btjoo) Sbeboygan 16-21. 
Van Hot, Qreat (Fantlly): Uazelton. Pa., •- 


Voelker. Mr. ft Mrs. Itcd (Orpbeom): Kanas* 
City, Mai. ••14: (Offhram) MlaaeapoUi, 
Minn., lUr 

VanGoOe OMIr /fVmir 


Valple's Beaia ft JMBifs -X MBtt < 

tewB, Md.. S-U; («teMl>: 
'TJeL, 16-21. ■ ■ ■ 

Vali-i Ileiea . <Ktith*4: r nevMraca^ B. L, 
^••14; (Vsoetec^) Alhaar;; M. tS-Bt 
Van Oiteav^iO!; a.): . Btaitr FUb. Fa^ M<: 

VhifMt.- Tfea ; iSiar)::.:' <ftlihi90D, Kn„ ■'94»i 
▼on Wenal (Ttaiplr): ' Srtralt Mich., •«. 
Wllaon. Air. ft Mabel (Star): Oerelaad. Ow 

0-14: BolTslo. N. Y.. 10-21. 
Walsh Frank (BUoo): Qalaey. IB.. 0-14. 
Wise & UUton Co. (Ualunc): Kaa GItfMb; 

Wis., 0-14. ■ 
Washer Bros. (Dominion): Wlnntacg^ VaiLs 

9- 14; (BlJoo) Dnbnqne, Is., 10-21. 

Wrest FamUy (Crystal): St. Jaarpb, Mai,. 

10- 21. 

White, Ed. B. ft BolU (Grand): MIlwaBkeOb 
Wis., 9-14. 

Welch, Jlmmle ft Cells (West End): Jaaea- 
*uie. Wla., 0-14; (Mala St.) Faaela, UL, 

Woodward V. P. (Vltaitert 'nok K>s .mm 

York City, 0-14. 
Wells, Lew (Colombia): Cincinnati,' 
Wood. Francis (BIJoo): Baltimore. " 
Wlntera, Wtecea (OrifteBBi); Boa9._ 

WMdtaat^fSSS&^RH&Qr^ VHteii^' OK, 

Whitman. Frank (BIjon): Memphis. T^an., 

Weat. John A. (Lycenm): WaablngtaB, O. 

C. 9-14: (BIJoo) PbUadelphla. ~ 
Wilson Trio (Lyric): Clereland. Iki 

(Crystal) Detroit, Mich., 16-21. 
White. Bert: Bakemleld, Cal., 0-14. 
Whittle. W. E. (Park): Worceater. 

0-14: (Kelcb's) Syracoae. N. Y.. IG 21. 
Wood*, Harry (Lyc. nm): Washington. D. 0.. 

9- 14; (Monnmental) Baltimore. Md., 16-21. 
Wmiams, Dollle (Eagle): Johnstown. N. Y.. 

2-14: (MInlatnre) Carthage 16-21. 
WIehers, The Three (Crystal): D *a p ' te ; -.C>I.. 

0-14: (OyaUl) Pneblo. 10-21. 
Weateott, Era (G. O. U.): Plttsbnrs. Pa.. •- 

14; (Maryland) Baltimore. Md. Ii:-2I. 
Woodford ft Marlboro (Weat Side): Janeo- 

TIII-. Wla.. 9-14; (Empire) Frceport ill- 

10- 21. 

WlkoS. Bahjr Irma ft Ok. (Ualqac): 

PML Man.. fr-U. 
irnriS^a Canedr Mv- (BBiB>* 

Maaa, S-M. "T" 
Weat ft .Taa: SMka (OI|«Bta>t 

•-I4: UMm^) St Laakb .JL. 

WlMw. llaahal P. (Oaava): Biihialii. K. 

T.. M4. - - 

WBhcib xutte (Baahraatt): j uumum , 

BaL. tl^SB. 

Wlnalow. W>aa* (XcttVa): Piorldeacv, B. , 
U S-M. 

Wood ft Bay (Thaple): Detnlt MIeb.. 9-14.1 
WUaaa. Oca, cOoliaiBU: . Btw Xatt CUr. 

* {MMt - [ •■T i , fc.. 

•-14. ' 

Tlie Billboapd 

OCTOBER 14. 190S. 



We Are The 

House in the 


|| 272 E. I 




We Are The 
Most Reliable 
House in the 


etsow 9-14. 
Wflcavooir. Bcus ft Hatters {TUr): 

-aatvn. IM^ 9-14. 
WUmo, Tonr & Belclocr (Air) 
i JliL. 9-14. 

^Waldro Bna.: BB note wUh 
■ Ckialral Co. Sw MMnr B«iitca. 
Wallaer. HI: En imte with Welder*. Cml- 

val C». Sec llldii=>r BoDtes. 
Wart * 0«E (Tkmllr): But St. TjovIm, m., 
' iadef. 

'VmtM^.. Bui. Fmtmmd: En mate with Bar- 
% aom * BaOer's Cltcqs. See Tnt Sboir 
. Boote*. 

.Wajae * Done: En nnte witb Pawnee Bin'a 

"was Wrac See Test Sbow Bootn. 
Wel^ Jote J. (BelTldere): Sui Fruuteo. 
CL. llrfrt. 

WeBx. Wn. J. (Oipbeimi) : St^ Pad, lOim.. 

indef. - ..r.;.- 

WinUms. Jiid: Ea raste witb IQmM jMr- 

ieana. Sre Bsrlewiae ^Boatea. 
Wmiazaa * Laos: En route wltb Oe firrat 
Fi lter jLBDaemRit Co. See Mldrir BoateiL 
Tnniann * Fwne (Star): CIilA<Hm, 

6es>t. S5-o«. 2S. 
'W<<dfiiis'. StallSons A Dopi: En nxite with 

BlnsUac'. ClreiM. St* Teat Show Boatu. 
trrmui. Geotre H.: En nnte witb GoU- 
mar Bre&.' CSrens. See Tent Sbow Bootea. 
Xaanc OOle Jt Bro (Xoons'a Pter): 
laaxie Cut. X. V-M; (Colonial) Stm 

T«(k atj IS-ZI. 

"M. (CtTStal): vnwaakcc. WU- 
■) Dotaw. bU I«.ZI. 

•-U: (miaple} 
m.. i»3L 

VaAIej * Bsanen (Ljeenm}: Elmlra. K. T. 

9-14: (MaliawM SAncetadr IS-SI. 
Taens Amrrin QaiMtt tHtIg 4b. >wwn* «): 
^ Tort CitT, Mfc-' V::'.t: ., ■. 

i>oo<tie BowLi^-.3a»-;r W i N i tl 8^.V^M- 

Itt. 0-14. 

k: BM late M: Lot 

Sbclbr. UJeh.. 14{ 

ton 18; Fnnktert aik 
A Girl of Xbe StreeK wHk Ijasts Alberta. 

Deeker & Temaee. nsra.: WbecUnc W. 

Va.. AboQ, O.. U; OereUnd 

A Bate For Ufe. P. H. SoniTan Amoa. Oo., 

msia.: ctileaso, HL. 2-14; St. Paul. Minn.. 


A. liinimaln Trmynp, Fred C. Ttmnt... n^.: 
SalinerUla. O.. U; Toronto 12; Wdlatwic 
13; Stesbenrtlle 14. 

A Pair or Oonntzy Klda, BralUi * Bamoan, 
m^i..: Soatb Fo^ Fa.. 11; Lewlatown 12; 
Jeanette 13: Braddoek 14; Bl^lnirUIe 16: 
Inrtl.n. IT; LatKobe 18; Lrecbbnrs IS; New 
Kenalacton 20: New Bethlebem 21. 

Ai Told In Tbe HUIi. W. F. Uami. mp.: 
Falrboij. m.. 11; Gnman 12; PootUe 13: 
RloomlnytBO 14; Fcorla IS; Canton I«; Pekin 
17: DelaTaa IS; LIneoItt U; Paiiatai 21. 

At cripple Crack. wUh UUUccnt Braaa VL J. 
Caipoiter'a): Faiauna, Kan.. U: late 14; 
Wcbk air. Hik. »: Ovaan W, Amn 
IT: boaar IS; Scvada IS; filataa aOi 8a- 

An Ailstocratle Ttanp (Kllnv 4fc : 
A.), Hanr A.. Marray, 
11; MowtU Mo., 12: 
Ut Scddia IS. 

TtA Cttr. 
atr is-SL 

ZtHkT THa tPan O. B.): Ofe, Pa.. 8-14 
ravn-Tenoa Stock COw (Hopkins'): Mem- 
pUs. Tcm.. 9-14; (llaJeaUe) Cbiaco. m.. 


ZnoL Great: laaa. Q.. 9-14; , (Star) 

Xnneie, lad.. lUt. 

M«r VBaBrjfe;iaiiMndr>.:|Mr/JEiriE Otr. 

xeai. ■ -1' > ^'^-i ■ 

Zarrow. n» Oreat: San taadaeet ■ dl.. Svt. 

17-Oet. 14. 

Xltunr. Mm (TIetsIa}: SMr Tok Ony* 

X Little Onteut (E. 7. Cupentet'a): Anbsra. 
JMu U: TMsnneli 12: Hon^Idt 18: Pawnee 

atj 14. 

A Poor Belatlon. R. P. Merer., msr.: St. 
Utezrm. W. Ta^ 11; l^iicu U; Nev Lazlac- 
taa. 0_ U; OMhaetaa IS: Kufmill* U. 

'nS'Scak Mj, 

A Boral aava (Gordoa * Beaaett'a Weatem). 
S. B. Strreoi. mgr.z KnUdield. IQnn.. 11: 
w—fc.*. JZ; Mason CltT. la.. 16: Ft. Dodge 
IT: Hutentawn 18; Des Uoines lA-Zl. 

A Boral SUtt (Gordon * Bennett's Eastern), 
n. H. Wooda. aicr.: CmtUna, O., 11: 6al- 
kn 12: Shclbr >3: MusOeld 14; Iiodi 17; 
W.dcwortti 18; Orrrllle 19: Vanmfm 20: 

A Sbm of Tlie Mm (Gorton & Bennett's), 
Oil.. Batg tn. . m gr.: - ^ Ph penlaTine, Pa.. 11: 

i Walililira Fat Chapa^. mgr.: El- 

■Ik. SkB, 11: Aartn Ute^ddlBf* IS; ru- 

5;' q fea j S a^ ' '" ' *** 

A ttna^hNaS lkam» (Wentcn). a A. Wal. 

feBV-Bsr.r fldt lAe 017, Utab, 12-14. 
A Bomaaee aC <3boB HMhfw -(EaMeni). A. C 
Allen, lisr.: Fladd. If. T.. 11: Malooe 12; 
M.iaa IS: 0 » Je u* a. < 14; Potadam U: 
CnMn^n;^ S«» i UM l H .-M; LowrUte IS;- B0SD> 

BMk Ok. J. Hacader. 

TILCORAMS «sr miiSw dF per. 
fo rmwi, tsnt s h s w w • '^irival wm- 
BOTH WAYS, siwias ImM addfws Qr 

•Ml: b* f s u i iJ in TIm BMbiowt pyblioa> 
tioN !• proUbitoA or via tad Mt re- 
ceiv«d .it .«p to tfn* of forms olosing. 

An Aztstocratie Ttamp iKUror & Brltton*. Co. 

B.), S. E. I«ster. msr.: Waco, Tex., 11; 

Temple 12; Hillsboro 13: Corslcaoa 14; Waxa- 

bacble IG: CTebame 18; l>aliaB 19; Ft. Wortu 

20: McKlnney 21. 
At Plner Bids'. M. O. Hlsslns, mgr.: Chl- 

canK HI.. 8-14: Wabaab, Ind., IT; Kokomo 

Aa Oipban'B Fnyer, Uartln Skeeler. mgr.: 

IMVe..Omai aoan.. 11; Ow nmnun 12: Fail- 

badt IS: -KMMiM Kb. 
a»*~~' Saiia T. Kamwc Bsr.: Baaj S. 

Blcbards. bus. mgr.: Cm Angrttt, CU,, 16- 


Aldrleb. Charles T.. In Secret SerrlCB Sam, A. 
H. Woods, mgr.-. IndianapoUa, lad.. B-11; 
Dayton. O.. 12-14; Toledo IS-IS. 

A Jolly American Ttamp, H. P. nanklin, 
mgr.: OodgeTiUe, Wis., 11; Lancaster 12; 
DcGoiak, la., 14. 

A Daogeroos Ufe (Gaspard Bros.'). M. E. 
Goodman, msr.) Canal OoTer. O., 11; Mew- 
ark 14. 

Angle's Ck)[Dedlans: Dixon, Ql,. 9-14. 

A ^Message From Mars: Sooth Narwalk, Conn., 

Adams. Maod. Chaa. FrofaiM^ kW^t ' Wash- 
ington. D. 18-21. 
Aa Xoa Sow. W. A. Bradr aod loa. B. Oil>- 
- Bwr, mgra.: Boatoa, Mass., 9*21. 
After iU&S^t, Speneer *- Aboca, mgrs.: PUl- 

" '>bla, Pwu, 9-14. 
A OooatiT Kid, H. B. mdttaker, ngr. 
'loca. in, U; Btgta' IX; Mariinn IS; 
fccd 14. 

UtOa Onteaatw B. A. 
lodkejr. lOeh.. H; ~ " 

Boaaway Bqy, with Joatpb But]er> H. B. 

•Iran, mgr.: New Xork City, 9-14. 
A BiiMi.n Spy, W. Dick Harrlani, mgr.: At- 
' ehlsao. Kan., 14; Leavenworth 18-16. 
A Wlfe'a Secret: St. L<mls. Mo., 8-14. 
Acron l%e PacUlc. Cbas. B. Btaney Amos. Co., 

tngia.: Chicago, ni.. 16-28. 
AUeu. Viola: Pblladelpbla. Pa., 9-14. 
A Desperate Chance: Bay City, MIA., 18. 
A CoontiT Boy la Ncir XoA: OHr.. t)h. 19. 
Albee Stock Co., SOw. T. ABwCt fM»,l^a.w. 

tseket. >R. L. Sept. 4. iadcT. 
Aleaan- Stodc Oot. Belaaeo * Mayer, mgra.: 

Saa nandaeoi, CkL. ladaC. . 
AngUa. Uargasct. Sbab a w Brs... mgra.: New 

Tork Cl^. 8ipt.-a. Mtf, 

Aug. S9. ladat.. 
Baldwtii-MfMIIa.BtoA Ok.: MHr Ottoaaa. 

Se9t.,<. lade^v 


Selaw -nieatre Stock Co., BelsKO & Mayer, 
mgr..: Lofl Aaj:e2e«. Cal.. Anss. SS. btdef. 
BUOQ Stock Co.: EUl Blsw, }Um~ lads<. 
Bishop's PUyers: OaUn^ .IIUL. M ' 
Bvwdoin Square TMltI« MmK 0».: 

Ma»., Indcf. 
Bnffington Stock Co.: Fall Blrer. Mass., taidef. 
BslBlnctai ttotik Co., D. B. Bnfllngtoa. mgr.: 

New Bedftjrd, Mass., Oct. 2 lodef. 
Barbaak Stock Co.: lioa AngeJea, OaL, Indef. 
Begy^tod: ^ ^Cto^^ MIm^ JB gry^ Smm 

J. r. llankk, mgr.: Sharon, 
Bli H t-s. CHM. Bill BBSen. mgr.: AUen- 

'^Sb^^ tSST^nMn, ii«M 

Maiden 19-21. „ ^ 

Barmnore, Ethel. Cbtm. Prohman, mgr.: Stock- 
too. CaL, 11; San Joae 12; Santa Barbara 13; 
San Diego 14; lo. Angele* 16-18. 

Bcimett-Moalton Stock Co.. C. B. Ocobock, 
mgr.: Genera. N. 1., 9-14; Anbom 10-21. 

Bennett-Moolton, Will A. ParteUo. mgr.: Soatb 
Handiester, Conn., 0-14; TorrlngtoDr 16-21. 

Bankers and Brokers, wltb Turke & Adams, 
B. E. Forrester, mgr.: New Xork City, 9-14; 
Plttaborg. Pa.. 16-21. 

Big Hearted Jim (Kllmt A Gazzolo's), Frank 
Gaziolo. mgr.: Cincinnati. O., 8-14; Spring- 
field 16: Cambridge 17; StcnbenTiUe 18; 
Toongstown 19; Butler, Fa., SI. 

Bredcenrldge Stock Co., Edwia Banlc. mgr.: 
Clay Cenur. Kan., 9-14; Blaekwell, OUa., 

Bernard. Sam. Chaa. Frohmaa, mgr.: New 
T<nk atj. Ifay 1-Oet. 14: Kew Bmco, Coni^, 
IS; Watattany 17: S t i tast l H . ■■»!■.. 18; 
- - -, Csaa.. 19! BartM »41. _ 
le, UeUer * Co„ mgts.: Boston. 


Bates, Blincbe. DaTld Belasco, mgr.: Pitts- 

tmrg. Fa.. 2-14; Baltimore. Md., 10-21. 
Beresford. Harry, J. J. Coleman, mgr.: Day 
ton. O., 10-11; Blehmond. Ind.. 12: Colnm 
bus 13: MadlsoD U: Frankfort, Ey., 16; Ler 
Ington 17; KnozrUle, Tenn., 18; Cbattanooga 
19; Borne, Oa., 20; Annlston, Ala., 21. 
Bindley. Florence, B. E. Fomster, aigr.: .Jlin- 
npapolls. Minn.. • _ _ 

Bennptt-Monlton, A. P.' Bced. Wmt.t Bnd< 

ford. Pa., 9-14. „ ^ 

Bennett-Monlton, F. C. Twltchell, mgr.: Man- 

gatack. Conn.. 9-14. 
Bennett-Monlton. Ira E. Newball, mgr.: aol- 

yoke. Mam.. 0-14; Northamptoo IB^. 
Brrant Comedy Co.: McKeclpoCt. Pa., S-I4. 
Belcher's Comedlana, W. M. Bel t h e r . mgr.: 

Scammon, Kan., 941; T I bw a l . ■ Ma4 IMjt. 
Ben Hnr, Klaw A 
Wash., 9-14; ~ 

19-28. _ ^ 

Bell, DIgby, Sylrester Magnlre, mgr.: Otaad 

Rapid.. Mich.. 11: Detroit 12-14. 
Bennett Show: Mllaca. Ulnn.. Sept. 4, lodef. 
Benton's Comedians. Perce B. Benton, mgr. 

Gatbrle. Okla., 15-21. 
Earke-McCann: AsUand, Pa., 19-21. 
Checkers. Cornelias Gardiner, mgr.: Jersey 

City. N. J.. 9-14; Brooklyn, N. T.. 16-21. 
Civsoent Comedy Co.: Somerset Ky.. 8-14. 
Child Slaves of New York, Chss, B. Blanrjr 

Amne. Co.. prop..; J. P. Eckhardt, mgr.: 

Reading. Pa., 9-11: Hoboken, N. J., 12-14; 

Trenton 16-18; Camim 19-21. 
Confessions of a Wife, A. H. Woods, mgr. 

Cincinnati O., 9-14: LoolsTtlle, Ky.. 16-21. 
(Xnnell Stock Co., W. B. ConwU. mgr.: StaUk- 

lln. Pa.. 9-14: CanoDSbnrg 
Cherry Tallry (Bastrn). FRBCh * H »p M wa. 

TUCT..: West Uberty. la.. M: towa Caty 

12: MueatiBe IX: BuUnrtoa U; Holliie, Ul.. 

IS: Aledo 18; Mt. SMMng 17; Clayton 18: 

Keoknk. la., 19; Canton, lU., 20; Qslney 


Camn Comedy 0>.. Ion Carrall, ngr.: Her- 

tlni4iarg. W. Ya.. 9-14; Iionaeonlag, Md., 

16.18: Piedmont, W. Vs.. 19-21. 
Clark's Comedlana, W. B. Clark, mgr.: Niefa- 

oUnille. Ky.. »-ll; Bkbmond ^IS-U;. Lan. 

caster 18-18: Stanford It: 
Cook's Majestic Stock OSb. 

St. Mar^ O.. 9-14. 
Crodoc A NerUIe, WUfe Wamm B. IMt, Ohas. 

H. Nemie. mgr.t BaHH-. fk.. 944; ONcn- 

Tine 10-21. 

Oogblan. Boat, Archie L. nepard, nutr.: Ban- 
gor. Me.. 11; I<FwlBton 12; PortUnd 18-14. 

Ooccoraa. Jane, Aiataa * Baxter, mgr..: Ak- 
SM^O. IS: f liiain IS; BIyrU 14; OleTcland 

Orane, Wm. Hh Otaf: VMinian, mgr.: Wasb- 
Ington. D. C 9-14; Norfolk. Va., IS; Bew- 
port 17; Richmond 18-19; TTnmlaal— . Bel., 
SO; AtlattUe City. N. J.. 21. 

(}awthome, Joseph, RIsw A Erlanger, ngrs.; 
Philadelphia. Pa.. 2-14: New Tork City. IS- 
Not. 4. 

Conk-Chnrch Stock Co., H. W. Taylor, mgr.: 

Plttuhnnr. U.tni., 9-14; North Adams 16-21. 
Chaw-Liater Theatre (Northern), Glenh P. 

(ais«e. mgr.: Grand Island. Meb.. 9-14. 
Colonial Stock Oa> I. U. nffwi Ovn- 

eexter. Massv •-14; Ikaaiaa M-ITt MB Bber 


OaatW* Latt ncbt. Frank C. Rhodes, mgr.: 

Baltimore. Md.. 8-14. 
Oentair Stock Co.. W. Dick Harrison, mgr.: 

^skogee. I. T., 9-11; Tgpeka, Kan., 11- 

Cblrago Stock Co., Chaa. H. RoMkao, mgr.: 

Norwalk. O.. 8-14. 
OoecroTp Stock Co., John F. OosgroTe, mgr.: 

Woonaocket. B. I.. 0.14. 
Oiate-LiateT llieatre (Sonlhem). Cb*m. Bar- 

rimn. mgr.: Bntler. Mo.. 9-14: Fayette- 

TlUe, Ark., 1(J-18: Ft. Smith 19-21. 
Carts' Dramatic: Bqnallty, Dl., 12-14. 
Calmnet ietork Co., John T. Oonncea. nar.: 
' Sontii ChleagD. VL. Inde«. 
OCvlcr. Olta. Lndle. DaTld Kelaaee. mgr.: 

Vvr Talk mr. Sept. a, tBd<«. 
Owatwl MSt sj k ^ ^et^Bakuwi^ A Mayer. 


Ca»ll<. Square Stock Oo.S . 

CoUlcr. William, Cbas. nrohaas^ 

dun. Hag., Aug. 28, Indef. 
Daly. ATooia, Uelilar * O 

Vork City. Sept. 11, MeC , 
Darcy A Speck's Btodt 09.': VMIadalpida, Pa.. 

H. i>t. 4/ Indef. 
Ulemer Stock Co.: Sprlagflald, .)to~ btM. 
arm; John, Cbis. Frobmao, mgr.:' Kew VMk 

city. Sept. 4, Indct. 
DeVoDde Stock Co., PbU. LeTj, lagr.': Mar- 

rUtuwn. Pa., 10-31. 
Drake Stuck Co., Uolit. Shannon, mgr.: Xerte 

Haute, Ind., 9-14: I.lnrni. iC-21. 
Down by The Sea, 8. W. (X>iuua. mgr.: Sat- 

Ola, Ont., U; St. JobBSi iticb., U; ' Itbaca 

13: Flint 14; Owaaia Ifc Mt. MMaiat IX: 

Alma 18; Bay Oily IsTlaclaanr »t Bcsta 

Harbor 21. 
Dtlmore's Comedians: Colnmbna, 0., 9-14. 
Dangers of Working Olrls, A. H. Woods, mgr.; 

New York City, 9-14; PhiUdelpbla, Pa., 1^ 


Deril'a Anctioo (Chaa. B. Tale's) : Jamestown, 
N. 1., 11; Brie, Pa., 12: MeadTlUe 18; Green- 
TlUe 14; Warren. O., 10; Cantoo 18; Haaatl- 
Ion 19; Akron 20; I<onla 2i. 

Doone, Allen, Kanncy A Weatfall, mgta.: Salle- 
Tllte. Ont., U; Peteisbam 12: UuSiurVU: 
OHItta 14: Ban* IS; OneMi : n;^MH^ 
SHatfsrd'lS; St.; I|Maias>j^vI4iillHr Si; 

Dudley, Flank, Ptaak' DnUcy, mgr.: Traaf, 
Tenn., 9-14; WAter VUley,' VIsA. . IMI. 

Dora Thome (Rowland A Clifford*a Co. AO.' 
Barry Mayo, bigr.: ^"Salem.' NC J.,- 11; Bridge- 
ton 12; West (Siester; Pa.. .13: Bnrllngmn. 
N. J., 14; Boboken 15-18: EUnbrttl l»-2l. 

Dora Tbornt : (Rowland A dUrocd's Co. - B.), 
D. O. Hartman, mgr.: Uonongabela, pa., 1^ 
New Kensington 12; Vandenrlft. 13; Leech- 
burg 14; Butler 10; Kane 17; Brackwaymie 
18; Jobnaonbarg IB; St.-Maiy 20; Bmpoilasi 

Dora Thome (Rowland- A Cllfford'a Co. 0.). 

Fred. Smyth, .mgr.: Bloomlogton, IIL, 11; 

Lincoln 12; Decatur IS; Clinton 14; Spriag- 

fleld IS; JacknuTllle 16: Hannlbd. Mo.. 1<: 

Pittsfleld, lU., 18; Boodhoose 19; Pabnyrs 

20; Alton 21. 
Dora Thome (Rowland A Clifford's Co. O.), 

Ik E. Pond, mgr.: Tipton, Ind., 11; ElwooB 
" 12; ' Alexandria 13: Uande 14; GonnetanUe 
.17; BrookTttle 18; Lawreaceborg 19; Aarora 

20; iTadlson 21. _ 
Dora Thome (Bowland A CUBBVa' O*. B.). 

W. T. Oasklll. mgr.: Seattto. Wa*.. S-14. 
DIxey, Benry E., W. N. Lawrence, mgr.: New 

Tork city. 8-14. 
DaTld Haram (No. 1), Julius Cahn, mgr.: 

New BwUord, Man., 11; Weaterly. B. I- 

12; Tannton, Mass., 13; Brockton 14; ProTl- 

dence, B. I., 16-21. 
DaTld Bamm (No. 2), Julius Cabn, mgr.: 

Aasabl. Fork., N. Y., 11; Barllogtoa. vt.. 

12; Hoatpeller 13; Barre 14; (Saremont. Vt.. 
.08: BcUows Falls 17; Keenc 18; Athol. Man., 

18; Gardner 20; Ware 21. 
Deserted at The Altar, Percy O. WDUama. 

mgr.: Guelph. Ont., 11; Deeatnr. 111,. 12. 
Down Where Tbe Cotton Blossom. Gsow, 

Breckenrldge A Walll., mgr.: Fnltao. Ha., 

11; Bowling Green 12; Bannlbal 13. 
DcOnue, Jowph: Morpbysbora, IlL. 11; Ber- 

rtn 13; Cairo 13; Fnltcn, Ky;, 14. 
Dr. Jekytt and Mr. Byde (LeTl^), Oscar Joate, 

mgr.: Oawego, N. X., 11; Anbom 12; Ft. 

Plain 18; Inhnslown 14; Osonetatowa 16; 

Bareratraw IT; Ut. Tcmoa 18; Plalnllald, 

N. J., 19. • 

Bwlng, Oertmte KwrttB, Ofela.. S^d. 
Bmmett, Katie: McWMl^ M. J.,' tl-lS; 

Dorer 17. 

Edeaon, Robert, Henry B. Harris, mgr.: Haw 
York City, 9-14; PUtsborg. Pa.. 16-21. 

Bcllpw Stock Co., Uoyd A Oenter, mgr..: 
Whlteaboro, Tea.. 11; a.loenlllr 14. 

Bmpire Stock Co.: Hpyersdale. Pa.. 0-14. 

Eighteen Miles From Home: South Ptamlngbam, 
Mau., II; Lawrence 12; BaTcrbUl IS; Sa- 
lem 14: N.sbna. N. Y., lO. 

EUaler. UOe: Raleigh. N. 0., 11; Oreensbaro 
12; Wlnstott-Salem IS; (Charlotte 14: Dar- 
lington, 8. C, 16. 

Bc«*»es rnta Broadway: Oonr. Pa., I«: Mead- 

PMt li** *^ N«» Tsck, wItb'MIaa Boae, A. 

H. Woods, mgr.: Nvw York City. 9-14; BH- 
.alielh. N; J„ - 14-18: < Reading. Pa., 19-81. 

RkUatdt's Ideally OUrer J. Bekbardl. — 
„,*-m«T.: Taeoma, Wailh.. ladet. 
Bll ott. Maslne. O. B. INUtngbank a«r.: 

^wk city. Sept, 4, IWIff. 
Empire Stock Co.: (Maiibast 4k. 
Bmplre ■Hwarte Sl«(k' <)s^:' 

Sept. 4. Indef. 
JVxypaiigh Stock (V.. Oeo. F. A U Foeepanali- 

Fi.b, mgra.: Clmclnnstl, O.. 8«ot 3, Indef. 
Porep.ugh stock Oo.: FblladelphlB. Po., Aug. 

SO, UKl^ft 

fVr Iter Sake. T,aal> A miMt^ aiKr.r A»«t 

I. «s Minn., II: Winnebago 19; FataMBt IS: 
?i- »'>»» Bedwoad Palls 

MIchfleld 30: Wlllfnar 21. 
Fe^ng.. stock Oo.' .(^aten). Oea. B. Pta- 
?»i'l. BlTer, Maas., 9-14; »ew 

' Bedford 10.21. 

Feaberg Stock Qo. (Weatem), Win IMkaa. 
mgr^: New Loodea, Osaa., 9-14; laonrleb 


Xtie Billboard 




BiDfrleOven, w«tghtt&lb«. With Bunitr 1 
Iio<ibl« ~ wtb>. 

TMato " Tsibs. 

B or In a trunk, 


F. O. 

C O. D. W* 

Ice Cream Cone Cooking Ovens, 



Writ* for 


133 Soufli Water St., CHICAGO. ILL. 

Franklin Sqau-r Stock Co.: 'WmceBter, Man., 

Faust (Porter J. White's), Olga Verna Wblte. 

nii:r.: Pontile, Mich., 11: Port Huron 12; 

Flint 13; Lipei'r 14; Baj City 4S; Alpww 16; 

Onaway IT; Ga.rlard 18; pptolfecr Itt Boyne 

ClXj 20: Travera City 21. 
mlton Btok' stoc& Co., Jack aiine*, mcr.: 

Oabone. Kan.. 814; B«k>lt-l«'2l. 
PonntalQ Co. (Central), Kabn ft BeboU. men.: 

Florence, Kan., 12-14; Bmporlt IB-IS; LeaT- 

enworth 19-21. 
Fltiainunona, Robert, la- A FlCbt (or Lore, 

B-11; Terre Haute, Iad» 11; Danrllle, IlL, 

13; l^rlagOrM M; St. Mate, Uo.. is-2i. 
Flake. Mra. aod -tha Manbattan Co., BartiiMn 

Orer nak. wagt^ HMr Totk Citr. Sept. ll- 

Oct. 14. . 

riMber, Alice, P. O. 'Wkltocr, mgr.: Qalicr, 

UL. 11: SprlosleM IS; JaekaoBrUlc U; Oaa- 

¥llla 14. 

Pavmban. Wm,. LMtler A Co., man.: To- 

Mo. 0., II; iBdlanapoUt, Ind., 13^14; Cbl- 

caso ni.. le-jioT. IT. 
flcmlnc Mamlf. Xf. H. Graecy. mgt.i Battao. 
'Fa., 8-14; Patenon, N. J., lO-a. 
Ftok, Mar, Jobn Coasrore, mgr.: Woonaocket, 

a. I., e-14; Broefctoo, Masa., 16-21. 
nyna Stock Co.. Ralph A. Ward, msr.: Bock- 

laod. Me., 9-U; Baogor 12-14; Raioford FaUa 


Fa.Te, Leslie, R. E. Brown, mgr.: Walpole, N. 

n.. 10-12. 

For His Brotber'a Crime, D. D. Sean, mgr.: 

Trenton, N. 7.. 12-14; Baltimore, Md., 16-21. 
Fattr FelUt, San 'llorrlt, mgr.: Atlanta. III., 

U; Funcr CItr 12: LeBoy IX; Manhall 14. 
ntsgeraM and Orldley: BoUir. lUcb.. 11; 

PoDlUe 12; Hndson 13; JUakawaka. tad., 14. 
risk Stock Co.. T. B. Mmw W^.t St. 

Cbarlts. Mo., 13-14. 
Folaom Stock Co: So. HeAlMn, ti ^ 16-21. 
GUrord-Haerlng Co.: FlattTSlr, Wla., 9-U; 

Cuba CitT ie-31. 
Gallatin, Alberta. In Consln Kate. Stalpman & 

T3olTln, mgrs.: Falrnoont. W. Ta.. 11; 

Ctarkaborg U: Gnftoo 13: WbcdlBS 14; 

Marietta O., M: JMNBdBMlB* IT: Sanes- 

TUIe 18; LaaCMtcr Wt tlMillimfci M; Ports- 

moatb ai. 

Gray, Jnlla, In Ber Only Sin (Lincoln 7. Ckr- 
ter'a), Frank T. Wallace, mgr.: Kenosha, 
Wis.. U; Elkhom 12; ,B«loIt 13; Barrard, 
in., 14; Waukegan 15^ Woodstock 16; An- 
rora 18; LaSalle 19: (Mtawa 20; Jollet 21. 

Crimtb, Join, John H./Btekej. mgr.: Sprlng- 
deld, O., 11; Llma/12; Ashland 13; Marlon 
14: Wootter 16: Boerrnt 17; Otun-a 18; Van 
Wert U>: Oellna 20; Lebanon 21. 

OUnoce. Baal. Jnla^^anr. mgr.: Bomellii- 
TWe, M. T.. 11; Altaaoa, Pa. 14. 
Otlmaec. Barney. Bany atoatsmnerr. mgr.: 
VisIilnfEtaD. D. C. S-M: Phlladelpbla, Pa.. 

Orapevln Cbarlra, Jdim, J. Kciraiw. mKr.: 
RMMater. M. T., mmemt S-M. 

Oaod. JHurn, Jtoata SkM^aw, iwr.: Sprlng- 
Md. Xaaa.. »-U: BM>ai£. Omm. IML 

Oarsldr SMtt Ck.: SSSSOtt, Xu 16-18. 

GaKnon-4>«nsfk .mck Oo.: Boaatke, Ta., 

Oarden nmlrc -MoMi Olkt .OlaTClaad, O., 


Oennan Stock Da.! HBiraakM. Wt*., Sept. 
10, lnde<. 

GUIete. Wm., (Aas. Frobman, mgr.: London, 

Eng., Sept. 13. tndef. 
Gllmore Stock Oo.: SprlngOeld. Maaa.. Sept. 

4. tndef. 

Racket. James K. & Mary MmmHoi: IMr 

York CTty, Sept. 25, Indef. 
Hamilton ft Thompson Block Co.: Ima, JfaM.. 

-M«T 22. Indef. 
noldrn Stock Co.. BUdcB .Bi«a.. ssffa.: In* 

.iMraa. Vaaa., 

dlanapoHs. Ind.. Mar 
RnntlnKtoo Del>;n Stack 0(k< 

Jlar 22. Indef. 
iToir nearta Are Brafeiai 
11; Grand Rapids U-M; 
ledo. O.. 19-21. 
Harrla-Parklnson stock Co.. Robt. H. Harris. 

mgr.: Patkersborg, W. Vs., 9-14. 
ncr Wedding Day, James Wall, mgr.: Vln- 
c<-nn«., lad. .11; Iwllanapolla 12-14; Cbl- 
eieo. 111., IS-NoT. 4. 
n«>d«rsoD. Mande. Stock Ck>., Jos. Parent. 
_«Sr.: Manlstlqne. Mlcb.. 0-14. 
nsnoB, Reary, in Ebeo Bolden, W, B. Scam- 
•Mo. awr.: St. Marys. Pa., 11: RMgemiy 
^Iti Clcaiflcld 13; IMmla 14: FlttAnrc, 16-21. 
Bte Fklli«e>a Sin. Jed earltso. mgr.: Ting- 
ler, la.. 11: Vaa Wert U: CalaesTtlle, Mo., 
IS; Leao, la,, 14; Osccala 16; Lwcas IT; 
.^Hnmeaiaa 10; Onrrrdaa 90. 
nw Fatal Shi, with Annto Bmfflteo. A. J. 
Mo&Toy. mgr.: Oslptaos.. O.. lA; Plndlay 
12: OrcfBTlllc 18; Bwood. M.. M; Ko- 
komo 21. 

nuntlnga. The Toae. Htny Doll, mgr.: Mar- 

loo, o_ U; XasalUon IS; Cantoo 14; Toangs- 

town ai. . • 

liana nanaon, Jaa.''T. McAIstn. mgr.: Rice 

Uke. Wis.. 11: Ladyamlth IS: Pnatlce 18; 

Tcanataairk 14; Mlnoqna 18; Rhlnrlandcr 16; 

AnUco 17; CllntonVnie 16; Sbam-ano IS;; Kaukauna 21, 
lleadrieks. Ben, Wm. Gray, mgr.: PoatwU. 

n., 11: Toledo 13-14: Hndson. Mich.. 18: 

.VdTlsn LT: Mt. Clemens 18; Port Huron 10; 

Samia, Ont,. SO; BafUuw, Mlcb,, 21. 
lionliRan'B Ttionhlea, A. J. Ayleswortli, mgr.: 

nnsiiy. N. D., II; MIoot 12. 
■Iiunan RearSa (SoottM-m). Jay aims, mgr.: 

Charleaton. 8. O., 12; Saraaiiab, 0«.. 13: 

J'ackMNiTllle, Pli., 14; BmnawHi. Oa.. 16; 

Wayetsaa 17; Valdosta 18 ~ " 

Albany 90; Amertcna Zl. 

Human Hearts (Westerly), Wm. FtankUn Rl- 
it-y. mgr.: Okcrakac. ku, U: Bssas 12; 
Mamn City IS; It. 1MB* M; CMci B ^ ID.. 


Uartlgan, W. H. * Sara MMbMM, 0*0. L. 

Marlon, mgr.: Ooaaaoat, O.. 8^1 Aabu- 

hula 12-14. _ 
Hoiiiognrarui TMai^ ttmr mtam m, ^ mgr.: 

WajaMiBICb H. O- *M| irMl iia n i ni l b 16- 


Hanfiord. Obarles B.. F. Iftincaee Walkar, 
mgr.: LooUellle. Ky., B-U; Omolhora IS; 
MadlsonTlUc 18; Bendersca 14; Slaltaoa. IB., 
J6: AltoQ IT: JackccBfUle 18; flSclafOdd 
IS; Decatur 90; Pescte 91. 

Hemann. AdeUMe ft Co.. Blwatd Ihtaanr. 
mgr.: Salt Lake Oty, Utali 11; Ogdea 12; 
Welaer. Ida.. IS; LaOrande. Ore.. 14: Pen- 
dletoB M: UN DtUaa IT: SettOt, Wtib.. 

■ - — - Osw, B. O. Alien, mgr.. Cape 
•-U: Kcasett 16-21. 
Vaimt * Qanoto^a), Wo. 
jr.. Cmunaij mSk^ ii ; 

IS; Vaaeamr M; ffwtlili*. Ore.. 


Ball, Bowatd, In The MllUonatre Detectlre, 
Bany Plerson, mgr.: Boffalo, N. Y.. 9-14; 
Dayton. O.. 16-lS; IndlanapoUs. Ind., 10-21. 

atsglBS. David. In BU Last Dollar. E. D. 
Stair, mgr.: Prceport. 111.. 11; Boekford 12: 
Aurora 13; JoUet 14: Kcnoaha. Wla., IS; El- 
gin, lu. ic; Wlukaaaa . BTt BsaCkv Bend, 
Ind.. IS: Elkhait ' M; KMdMB' 98; Ft. 
Wa.rne 21. 

Howard-Doraet: ETansvllle. Ind.. 9-14. 

Hitchcock. Raymond. Henry \V. Savage, aift.: 
Providence, B. I.. 9-U: Worcester. Maas., 
12; Hartford, Conn., 13; Springfield, Mass, 

Bollsnd. Mildred, E. 0. White, mgr.: Stenben- 
TUle, O., U; Bellalre 12; SlatersrlUe. W. 
Ya„ 13; FalnnoDt 14; Parkeraburj 10; Hunt- 
ington IT: Portsmootb. O.. 18; Uaysmie, 
Ky., 19; MIddletown. M. - 

Hay ward, Grace, Stock 0*i» HMH, aST-: 

Nevada. Uo., 9-14. _ 

BImmeleln's Ideals, John A. Blmmeleln, mgr.: 
Coshocton, O., 0-14. _ , 

Hnnt Stock Co., M. A. Boat, mgr.: Fowler- 
vllle. Mich.. 0-14. ___ 

Harvey ft Gage Cooedy Co.: OMS Bin «• 
X.. 0-14: BarllnstoD. Tt.. 1841. 

Hone Polka, Klaw ft Brlaager. mgta.: St. 
LoSla. iB:. 8-14; Kaaaaa Oty 15-18; Dcs 
Molnea. la., 19-21. 

Haarta ot Gold, PhU. Hant. ngr.: Plttsbnrg. 
P».. 8.14: Rochester, N. T.. 16-18; Syracuse 

HooUsan In New Tork (Fraiee A Brown'a): 

Marshall. Tex., 11: Tciarkana, Ark., 12; 

Hot Springs 13: Pine Blnlt 14. 
Human Heart! (Eastern), J. M. Blanchard, 

ms^.^ RarrUbnrg, Pa., 9-11; Keading 12-14; 

WUkesbane 16-18; Scranton 19-21. 
Ho<v Baxt»c Batted lu: Montgomery. Al«.. 12- 


Henderson Stock Co., W. J. ft B. B. Hender- 
son, mgrs.: Tama, la., 8-14; Toledo 16- 

21- . . _ _ « 

International Stock Co.: MOTMKIb X. *^ 8- 

14: Poughkeepsle 16-21. 
In Old Tlntlnla. W. C. Ware, mgr.: Clarlnda, 

la., 11; Red Oak 12; Olenkood IS; Nebraska 

City. Neb., 14; Atfiland 18; Tack 17; Co- 

lomboa 18: DarM Otr 18; IiaaaD. la., 20; 

Mlssonri VaBay BL 
Imperial Stock Oo^: PM is H i n . B. L, Sept. 

4. Indet. 

Imperial Stock Co., Geo. H. Bamntm, mgr.: 

San ADtOBlOb Tcs.. Aag. 91. ladef. 
Jerry From Km (^ttea A Jcggr^j j.. tIA oB. 

Edmore 21. 

Jewell-Kelley Stock Co.: Frankfort, Ky., 0- 

Jordan Dramatic Co.. Jainea A. Felta. mgr.: 
Creston, la.. 9-14; AtlanUe 16-21. 

James, Louts, J. J. Coleman, mgr.: Bruns- 
wick, Gs., 11; Macon 12; Colnmbna 13; Mont- 
eomerr. Ala_ 14: Bllmlnitbiim 16-17; Mobile 
lS-10; Vlcksbnrs 20: Jackson 21. 

Jeirenon, Thomaa: Kew York City. 8-Zl. 

Klngslcy BM I II . B. B. B asai ll . —fftt 
Hog arsi, MM, a-Mt OimllliB, UL, 18- 

Kerkhofr-HBlMia. OmvJ^ 
Saltna. KM* t-M; li* „ _ . . 

Knott, RoacOCk Kaaek BUpMB A CHcIb. BB^t 
Boaeaao, HOBt.. 11; Aueoada 19: Batt* U- 
14; Onat FaUa 18; Helena 1^ Hlssoala 18: 
WsBaee. IdaM »: Spokane, Waah.. 

King of The Opium Blng. Wm. H. Roddy, 
mgr.: Chicago. IIL, 8-21. 

Kendall, Ban. Llebler ft Co., mgn.: Aurora. 
HI., 12: Boekford 18: Gsleabnrg 14: Lonts-I 
vine, Ky.. 16-18; Lexington 19; Indianapolis, 
Ind., 20-21. . 

Karroll, Dot, J. C. Welch, mgr.: Biddeford, 
Me., 0-14; Dover, N. H., 16-21. 

King of Tramps (Eastern). Empire Amns. Co., 
mgrs.: Orraaon. Pa.. II: WIndber 12-13: 
Meyeradale 14: Frastburg. Md.. 16: Plednwot 
W. Vs., 17; Mt. Pleasant 18; Scottdale, Pa„ 
10; Oonnellsvllle 30; Cnlantotm 21. 

Kellar, Tbe Great, Dudley STcAdow. mgr.: 
Cleveland. C. 9-14. 

Kennedy, Jamei. O. E. Wee, mgr.: Lynn, 
Mass.. 9-14; LoweU 16-21, 

Kerry Gow, George Kenney. mgr.: Benertlle. 
Ont.. 11: Ltndaay IS: OrllUa 18: Barrle 14. 

Kennedy Playen. wllh_MB. J. Knaedy. 
BloomAntg. Pa.. 8-14; CtaAMAHB 1841. 

Kentaaw-Motrleon Stock Oikt: NwlBCket, B. 
I.. Indef. 

Linngstoo Stock Ooi,, V. :'K: 
Detroit. Mlcb., todeC. 

Lorlmer, Wright (Wm. A. Brady's), B. A. 
Belnold, m^.: Springfield. Mass., 9-14; Wor- 
cester 16-21. 

Lost In a Big City, vrlth N, S. Wood, A. H- 
Wooda, mgr.: Philadelphia. Pa., 9-12; Scran- 
ton 18-18; wnkcahana 18-21. 

Lackaye. Wtttna. Wm. A. Bndy. mgr.: Oak- 
land. CaL. U'M; 8*ctimwtB 16-17; filt Lak* 
GUy. Utah, 18-91. 

Loat TO The Warid: Holyoke, Itaaa.. B-U. 

Loralne, Robert, C B. DUHngbam, mgr.: Mew 

Tork City. Sept. 5. indef. 
I^eenm Stock Co.: (Upe May. N. J., Indef. 

I««eBm Stock Co.: MIimeaiMdla. Minn., Indef. 

MawSleld, BIctiard, Ben. D. Stev«na, mgr.: 
Chicago. 111.. Oct. I8-Ker 4. 

Marlowe Stock Co.: Chicago, ni.. Sept. 4. 

Mathes. Clara: Calg'rr, Alberta, dn., Indef. 
May. Edna. Cbas. FCThman, mgr.: . Ktr Zark 

City. Aug 2S, inOK. 
Moore-McCbllimi Stock Oski Rnnjaaiit, M. T.. 

Sept. 18. indef. . 
iloroseo. OUver. Stock Co.: Loa Aneelea. <3al., 

jDly 10. Indef. 
My Friend from Arkansaw, wltb Robert Slier- 
man, Geo. F. Clark, mgr.: BartleavlUe, I. 

T., II; Sapulpa 12; Chandler, OkU.. 13; 

Oklaboma CMty 14; Gnthrle 15; Norman 16; 

Weatberford 18; Hobart 19; Mangum 20; 

Anadarko 21. 
Moog, William V., Barry Bnbb, mgr.: Win- 
chester, Ky.. 11: Paris 12; Frankfort 13; 

Owensboro 16. 
McAoUire. Jete. AI. W; -WUaon, mgr.: MId- 
dletown, N. T., 8-14; Port Jervls 10-21. 
Morrlaim, Lcwla, In Faoat, Wallace Sackett. 

mgr.: MootrcM. Caa.. 8-14; Bnrllngtoa. Tt.. 

16: Mootpdlv ,lTt BntdebaioTlB: Xcrtb 

Adams. MiiMi. . WL HtllMI -Sit ■V'Maflkg- 

ton, Tt, 81. ■ ■ 
Mason. Ltnun, K. K. Tedder, mgr.: Keo- 

desha. Kan.. 9-U: FredonU 12-14: lola 15- 

17: El Dondo 18: Hutchinson 18-21. 
My Tom-boy Girl, with Lottie wmiami. Henry 

H. Wtncbell. mgr.: Phlladelplila, Pa-. 8- 

14; New Tork City, 16-21. 
Marks Bros., with Mayq A. Bell Marks, B. W. 

Marks, mgr.: OtUwa, Out., 9-14. 
Marks Broa. (No. 1). Joe Marks, mgr.: North 

Bay. Ont.. 9-14; Storgeon Falls 16-21. 
Marks Bras., with May A. Bell Marks. B. W. 

Trenton. Ont.. 9-14: Port Hope 16-18. 
Marks, Tom, Stock Co.: Eeglna, N. W. T., 

9-11; Moss Jaw 12-14. V 
Manhattan Stock Co., Salinger ft Branson, 

mgrs.: North Adams, Masa., 9-14; PeeksklU, 

N. T., 18-21. 
Mattlce Stock 0>-. Ward B. MattJce. mgr.: 

EllenvlUe. N. Z.. 8-14; Goshen 18-21. 
Morey Stock Oaw. I«Oomte ft F la a h c r. 

Junction cngr, Khm« B-U; iMItf 
MrlvUIe. Boae. la Sto BoaUaab 7. B. 

mgr.: Dctratt. Mich.. 4-14; Tacfeaao 1^ Ft. 

Wayae; Ind.. 17: Lo ga nsport 18; Tnsc Baste 

18: apclBgMd. UL. 90; JackHB &. 

Murray A Macfeiy, Ma J. Karray. mgr.: 
McKceavoct, Pa.. 8-14; Wheeling. W. Vs.. 


My Wife's Family {Stephens ft Llnton'a East- 
ern), Frank W. Cooke, mgr.: Cnwfords- 
Ttne. Ind.. 11: BockvUIe 12; Lafayette 13; 
Frankfort 14; MUwankee, Wis., 15-21. 

Mantell. Robert B., WUlIam A. Brady, mgr.: 
Waterloo, la., .11; Marsballtown 12: Iowa 
City 13: Clinton 14; Cedar Rapids 16: Mna- 
catlne IT; Davenport 18; Hock Island, III.. 
19; Peoria 20; Sprtnglleld 21. 

Mason ft Mason, Broadbutst ft Carrie, mgrs.: 
Atlanta. Gs., 9-14; Birmingham, Ala.. 16- 

Mortimer. IdUIan, In No Mother to Onid* Ber. 
7. L. Temiee, mgr.: Chicago, UL. 8-14; 
Boffalo. N. Z.. 18-91. 

~ ~ ~ Stock Oow (Wcoten), BogCBO J. 

ClBbCdaad. Kd.. 944; Wis. 

Ml IhmaUt BtoA Oo.. 6. W. MeDomOd. mgr.: 

Rntehlnson. Kan., 0-14; Wichita 16-21. 
Hurray Comedy Co.: tueaater. O.. 9-14. 
Unrphy. Ttisothr, T. B. Bandera, mgr.: Den- 

Kan!. W BmUITSL. 96? ft l i B lsia. ■an.. 

MrKlnlfy. HiM: FlttibDrr. Pt., 9-14. 
Hyrfclr-Haroer atcck Oo, (Eastern), W. H. 
Barder, mgr.: f saraatar. Pa.. 8-14; Cheater 


•fannen Stock Co.: MflM. la.. Mlf 

Ington 12-14. 
Wra. Lefllngwen'a Boots; 

LaCroaar. Wla., II; 

Lonla. Mo.. 18«1. . . 
Mn. Temple'a Telegram, W. IL . . 

mgr.: Charlestoo. W. Ta- ISS;. BAsclkB 

IS; Wnmlngton. Del.. IS; TtaMM. H. J., 

14; Baltimore, Md., 16-21. 
Monte Cristo, Bnrt Imson. mgr.: Slalcr, Mo., 

11: Marshan 12. 
More To Be Pitied Tbsn Scorned. Cbas. E. 

Blaney Asms. Co., mgra.: Brooklyn, N. T., 

0-14: Phllsdelphla, Pa.. 16-21. 
Moggs* Landing, W. E- Spragg, mgr.: Johns- 

towB. Pa.. 11-12. 
■In. Wlgga ot The Cabbage Fatcb, Uebler ft 

Co.. mgn^: Fargo. N. D., 11; Dnlott. Mtam.. 


MoDonaM, ShA. A ll* Oa.t BbAbK. Twu. 16- 


Xatlonal Stock Co.. O. R. Hamlltoa. mgr.: 

Detroit. Mich., Ang. 2, Indef. 
New P eoples Stock Od>., F««4 Oonnd, mgr.: 

Chicago. UL, Sept. 4. iadi<. 
Bye. Tarn FMaUym: TsdiBtiaUuu of roote pvo- 

biuted. Any ■■n aMKHCd -lB cne ot 
The BIBhaaia m«:' - - 
Nek MdSM. PMIF\lf 
taa, M: Bb. U. . 

New York Playera, J. P. Gallagher, mgr.: 
Princeton, Mo., 8-11. 

Nettie, The Newaglrl, (<oaU A >8*6& aSH^t 
I>hUadelpbla. Pa., 9-14. 

North Braa.: Dea Uolaea, la, 8-14. 

NaUonal Stock Co.: Uaeoa. Mo., 9-14. 

Nothing Bat Money: Lsa ls l o a n . Fa., Ml 

Our New Ulnlsler, mDcr A Okvtn, 
BIgla. m.. 11; WariktBBB »Bin8iirinfc. 
ta. ».««.nt, m.. M; llaniMwil. laA, IB; 
DIzoo, IIL, 16: Sireator IT; Qoabea 18; Dd- 
pboB, C. 19; Marlon SO; Uma 21. 

On The Bridge at Midnight (KUmt ft Gaaaolo^a 
Eastern), Fred Walton, mgr.: Berlin. 0 ' 
11; Gnelph 12; Hamilton 13-14; OrlUa 
Barrte 17; Ganlt 18: Brantford 19; St. ~ 
erines 20; Niagara Falls. N. Y.. 21. 

On Tbe Bridge at Midnight (KUmt ft Oas- 
zolo's Western), Daniel Reed, mgr.: Al- 
liany. Ore., II; Corvallla 12; noasaharg 18; 
Granta Pass 14; Mcdford IS; .ftatlBBB ^-l9t ^ 
Bed Blntr. CaL. IS; Onvflla IBs BialB- Baas ' 
20; VaUeJo 21. 

Over Nla^ra Falls (Rowland & Clifford*. Go. 

A. ), John P.' Barrett, mgr.: MarysvlUe, O, 
II; Waahlngton C, H, 13; CbllUcotbe 14; 
Portsmouth 16; Jackson 17; Wellstoa 18; Wil- 
son 19; Logan 20; Lancaster 21. 

Over Niagara FaUa (Bowlaad ft Cllfford'a On. 

B. ), tar B. Meweomb, sv.: Gordon. 
U; IMHStt IS; Bage 19. 

Olcotfc- Ck aa a t ij , Aogaataa Pttoo, mgr.: 

Totk City. 2-21. 
Osman Stock Co., JOhB Oman, mgu .'-1 

l>ora. N. C, 0-14. 
Ole Oleson: Phllllpsbnrg, Fa.. 18L 
O'Nell. James: Lewlston, U9~ 11: Pi 

Biddeford 13; PorUmooth. R. 14. 
Orpbeom Stock Co.: Oeonlson. O., 9-14. 
One Of The Uaoy: TUDn, O., IS. 
Peyton's Lre .avenue Slock Co., Cone Payln.. 

mgr.: BToakI.m, S. Y.. Aug 22. tndef. 
People's Theatre Stock Co.: <^cago. HI., 

Aug. 26. Indef. 
Players Stock COlI CUeaco, ID.. Aag. S» 

indef. -.■ - - . •- " 

PoU's Stock Oair 'Xaw ttnm,' OMU ' SSwi: - 

4. indef. 

Proctor's Flf^ Avenue Stock Co.: New York 
City. Indef. 

Proctor's 12jth St. Stock Co.: New Tork 

City. Indef. 

Peck's Bad Boy. Heath ft Farren, mgn.: 
Shenandoah. Pa., 11; Minerarllle IXi Ta' 

maqna IS; Reading 14; Fi jiisfclB .' 

Bbohocken 17; West Chester ISt-.T ' 
Lancaater SO; Tork 21. 

Pattoo. W. B., In The Last 

J. M. Stoat mgr.: lows BUI^ la.. IS; Ft. 
Dodge 18; Bocae 14; Utmtm t»t ~ ' 
IT; Oskalocaa IB. 

Pony Primrose: S'.] 

Payton Sisters, C. 8L 
Ga., 8-14. 

Phelan Stock Co.. E. T. Phdan. mgr.: Con- 
cord. N. H.. 8-14: Lawrence. Mass.. 18-21. 

People's Players, Woods ft TtrampaoD, mgih.r 
Bcloit, Wis.. 9-11. 

Peruchl-Gypaeoe: Abtievllle. S. C. 9-14. 

Peterson Comedy Co.: Clebonie. Tex.. 9-13. 

Qnlncy Adama Sawyer: Bedford. Ind., II:. 
Spencer 12: Clay City IS; Tern Hants 15: 
Decatur, ni., 16: Clinton 17; Rantool IS: 
Bloomington 10: Streator 20: LaSalle SL 

Queen of Tbe White Slaves. A. B. Wooda, mgr.: 
Kansas City. Mo.. 9-14; St Lonls IS-St 

Qaeen of Tbe Hlgtahloders. A. B. Woods, mgr.: 
Norfolk, Vs.. 9-14; New To* Qty, 16-21. 

Qulncy Adama Sawyer (Weatera). Frank U. 
Moina. mgr.: Akron, O,. 18. 

Roe Comedy Co., Harlsad M. Darla. mgr.: 
McrUea. Conn., 8-14; FUMdi. Mass.. M- 

Boe 'stock CO.. C. J. W. mmt 'm^t -AaBBlIk 

Me, 8-14: BlddcfM mSlT ■ - • 

BIp Tan Winkle, Bifldcn Bm..'^a«ia.; Dm- 

tar. m., II. 
Bnnkd, OBclime, StoA Co„ H. Basftd. b«L 

mgr.: norrnce. S. C, 0-14; WltaalagtOB.. 
N. a. 18^21. 
Ralph, Margaiet Robert Lee Allea. mgr.: 
Wayne, Neb., 11; Oolambos 12; Scttiykr 19: 
Aurora 14. 

Rogers. B. O., Stock Go., wm a. -VomMH^- 

mgr.: TOoawaada. N. T.. 9-lA 
Rnsatll Brsa.. Samnel Blair, mgr.: Jeraey 

City, N. J., 8-14; New Tork City. 16-21. 
Rolnon. Eleanor, Llehler ft Co., mgr.: San 

Prandseo. CaL. 9-21. 
Boss. Thomaa W.. C B. Dillingham, mgr.: 
. K. Y„ 11; Buffalo 12-14: Erie. 


N. J.. 8-14. 

Benben In New Tork (Henry P. 
- Balnhrtdge. Ga.. II: Albany 19: 

Cordele 14: Troy. Ala.. 17. 
Rudolph ft Adolpb. A, P. Hambery, mg^: 
Corry, Pa., 11; Oil City 12: New Cartle IS; 
Tonngstown, O.. 14; Sharon, Pa., 16; Frank- 
lin 17: Nllea, C. 18; LeetooU 19: Alliance 
20; Bellalre 21. 
Rained Life. Aliiert LeaVelle. mgr.: Gardner. 

Mass.. 11; Manchester, N. H., 12-14. 
Rip Tan Winkle (dler*. Eastern). C Bowen, 
mgr.: Woodward. Okla., 11; Gage 12; Blg- 
cIhr. Te!c . 1.1- 
Bentfrow's Patbllnden: Angida. Ind.. 9-14. 
Sandy Bottom. Hamptoo ft Hopklna. Bigta.: 
Canton. O.. 11: New Philadelphia IS; tt- 
riehsvllle IS; Cambridge 14; Banesvnie 96, 



Ttie Billboard 


vm. It; ii«aiwrii.tK!!. 

Xtt Fond dB L*e U: Applrloa IS: Cmra Ukt 
IS: BtmaTm Ifulnt IT: Waiuan IM: Uarrrill 
IB: RUwUBdrr 20: EMuata. Ulrb. 21. 
aiadows of a Gmt GIV> Va. U lUUiY. 
mtcr.z Bobukra. K. S^ miit Xwglmt, M, 
12; FKkskUl U; Maw MMtefUt' Vcir 
York Cltj lrt-21. 
« nankatd. kIUi J. C. Lnrla. W. A. IMifeH'. 
avr.: CnrUrT. Cul.. 11: Ft. OMm . IS: 
LoTeland 13; LooKiuwat X4» 
Airlock UolmrB. Cu BatfeMT aaf' I 
bell, msn.: rroTidoa^. 
ton. MafT 10-21. 
-flttaa Stack cat tSUaa * Ontatft iMMlMni). 
- e Hm, BSr.: r » i* ili > iHw«. Va.. 

lS-18: raranrOlp VM. 


aUfs Statt Cou (SItn * omwrfa Nurthvra). 

a. 8. Gflbrrt. mcr.: Woodatuek. OoU. >-M: 

Toniata Ifr2I. 
«otb«m. K. a, * fallB itartnnw GbH. Ftah- 

mao. mcr.I 'ianMr".'ll.7»>-~Ut jnia 

scUrnMudr IS; •'• iHmt M: Kkv 

IS-NoT. 29. 

; Am. Tbooua EL. KUx» ft Zlmnwiniaii. mgn.: 
Btmua, iUm.. »-21. 
Bill^iiiaii, Mtonlr A Wm. Braanntlv fTllll I 
Crevatt. met.: Uuntiral. Can.. Mk - - 
r StcrUns Stuck Co. {K^tm}, inik V IMIiRt; 
mgr.: WIriilu. Kiii.. u-14. 
Strrrns Coanir Cn., IIUT7 A. gtmna. Bar.: 
; CUoton. tnd.. O-U. 

j Shadon oa Tbr Unrtb. Artbar C. Alaloa. 
ur.: LuoiatlUa. Kj.. a-I-l: 8u Claarln. 
' W; MPmoa Cllr 1«: SrUalu IT; Warmo- 
. tans If: BaasTtUr IS; Lczlnitioa SO; St. Jo- 
aipli SI.. - 

»!«M. IIIU«4 ta Do KIstit. 
'-"'ff^. 5*^ -icr».: Pin ■ii<|Mi-,-^- Ha.,- »- 

M: BlltlBOK. ild.. 10-21. 
. -*vmrr Stock Ok. Mi*. B. S. S peota; Mgr.: 
Snok^ N. T.. Aosast 31. lodcf. 
1 . 81 SttMtioa. BmlaiKl AJnaar. COk. aBB.! Al- 
. _taaB«. E«.. M: TaadfuMft ». 
; SamaC Ite auar. J. t.: Shata. akp'.: fTat- 

^ CKtOW. N. T., O. 
.;yaalin the wind: Bone. Ca.. 11; Atlanta 12. 
WlBij. Georsp. K. O. Stair, mcr.: Tulnlo. O.. 
'VS-U; Adrian. Mlcb.. 12: KrniUlvUlp. lad.. 
. '£Jfc Pt. Warn* 14: CladBnalU UJB. 

' Wmmt. Otis. Joa. J. BoeU.T. mfci^ 
K. T„ 1«-18: Rocbeatrr 2U-21. 
■SwMt CIoTfr: Frraao. CaL, 14. 
Tiir Bankrr'B ctmd, Bunj SbanDaa, mjET.: 
Cadar Banlda. la.. 11: Aaamora 12; Ox- 
... facd JS: DvWItt M: TIptoa IS: Looe Tt«e 
>-.- ITiFtllk I8t Boxtoa SO: BunaT 21. 

~i ar tbe Fbot, campbeO SBattan. mir.: 
.aix. Pa, iL 

jniwmttnmur, 3I&. Us JaSaiaak CUy 
_ 'nu'ba^^riJar.*'*'*"* 

Thanbooarr Stack eik: MDiraakaa. iadaC. 
Theatre Prascals Stock Cn.: Meslital. Cko.. 


-The conege Wldoir (Eiatarm). .BMnr. W. «a»- 
aicr. mgr.: Boatao. Ilaaa.,-"M|^ .X. Mvf. 

Tbe E^Dce Cbap. W. X. LaamMak mSt.Z Stw 
York City, Sept. 4. Inder. 

Ttae Tnith Tallm. Fred G. Bargee mgr.: Baa- 
too. Maia.. Oct. 9-28. 

Thoopson, DenmaB: Boaton, Slaaa.. Oct 
Kor. 4. 

Hie Street Singer, witli Jeaile 3lae Rail <B. 

S. Pocreater's): Ed. R. Le>ter. mgr.: New 

Tark CItjr. S-14: Albany ie-18; Cbhoea 19; 

CUca 20-21. 
Tbe Cooniy Cbalrmao (Eascrm), Henry W. 
' SaTige. mgr.: Easton. Pa.. 11: Allanile 

City. N. J.. 12: Tr> nton 1.1: WUmloston. 
. D»L. '14: Balllmore. Md.. 16-21. 
Die College' .WMaw fWrntPin), nenir W. Sar- 

age. aigr.: GllieilinaiL O.. s-U; Leilncton. 

Ky.. 16: KaiKellle. Tenn.. 17: Cbattanuoga 

18: Vaahellla 10: Mempbla 20-21. 
Tba Wlsnlag Baad. Bddle P. Dalaaer. mgr.: 
3ay dtr. Xleh.. U; Satfaair 12 :St. Cliarlea 

-nr/EIHKi>:-Ba« 8t> di )> ia H b. 7. A. Weet. mar.: 
:■ Hgglfcll.^ IM.- n; -KMItaafllr 12; Kalglita- 
Itnrar .Wr'-Btaknaa*' XH Hndllna. O. IS; 

: V jjitM^jii^ y caty a: 

.'Ba Boir atr (Oartn * Banaatlfa Xaatan). 
Bdwar* nrkr. awr.: i Ddiaaa. Pa.. II; 
Blaliaellle 12: Latnbr 18: Oierubms 14; 
ItcKeeaiiort 18: Mooongaliela IT: Ifnaeaara 
°r"18: Belle Yeraoo 10; Diilontaim 20; Uofgaii. 
twni, W. Va., a. 

Holy City (Gordon tc Bennett'a TTeatern). 
K. B. Blackaller. mgr.: Dobnqne, la.. 11; 
>-.-Blkader 12: Deeorab 13: Mmrm City 14: 
Gbarles aty 18: Roebester. illnn.. IT: Far- 
- Ibanit 18; Kankato 19; Blue Eartb 20; Fair- 
mont a. 

- Uie Boy Beblnd the Gnn. with Harry Clay 

-BlaMT. W. W. Woolfolk. mzr.: Darfoo O.. 
■• ».ll: rolnmbna 12.14: Cincinnati 15-21. 
-Hie Little Bomntead. Wm. Micanley. mgr.: 

- Betbany, llo., 11; Trentoa 12; Chllllcottie 
13; Jlt«>-rly 14; Brunsirlck IT; I>xlDston 

; IS;. Blebmond IS; St. Marys, Kan., 20: Man- 
' battan SX. 

"Bit DenTfT Bzprrsa. R. J. KaTenncroft, mgr.: 
SalMniT', N. C, 11; SUIesrlUe 12; Blck- 
acr 13: Marlon 14. 
'--Xbe- Old aotbea Man (Boirland & CIllTord'a), 
' ' Daae SerouMir. mgr.: Wadilngton C. H.. 
0_ 11: JMtaaooTDIe 12: London 13: Sprtng- 

- t' flrU Ul IMiaas 16: Bellefontalne IT; Cteat- 

Bae 10; Ba^na 20; TlOn 21. . 
ne VlrgtRlao. Kirk LaSheUe Co.. mgra.: Near 

York dtr. 8-28. 
Tbe roar Mortaoa, Ylrtor O. wmiaML Bar.: 
-r. iteM>» a c 51«pie.?;,»«8g SMP. a»r£^ 

Baron M. 

a; Pert 

\ 'fte Btrmal fSty. O. -Wela, mgr.: Amerlena. 

Ga., U; OWnobna 12; Atlanta 13-14. 
VHw Hooaler Girl, witb Kate Wataon. Gna 
i>, GOban, mgr.: Warsaw, ind.. 11; P>m 13; 

-; Karloa M: Wanen 16; Van Bnrea IT; But- 
J^:..lfr !>£ Oanott, 19: .Anbam 20: 

■am B. AI- 

Rav Tork City. S-I4. 

af Myatcry. Ulttentbtl Braa.' 

Bt. LOBla. Mou. 8-14. 

nie Cnrae of Drlok. ., ^. 

Baltimore, Md., 0-14; Beir Talk Citx. 18- 


Tbe MUaoort Girl (Pr^ Raymood'a Eastern). 
Geo. Bedee. mgr.: Uron*. .N. Y.. 11: L*- 
Ror 12: Atlra 13; rrrrj 14: Dinsrllle lu: 
nammoodaport IT: Praa Van 18; Canan- 
dalsna 19; Pundrc 20; WaTrrl;- 21. 

Tlie Tr«In Bobber* (A. E. D^vtdsonV). Ben 
LrRnsh. bos. mgr.: Union City. Illch., II: 
Colon 12: Tbree Rleen 1.1: Kalamaxoo 14; 
Sootb Bend. Ind., IC: Walrrloo 18; Uecatnr 
10; Dnukirk 20: Hartford City 21. 

The Eye Witness (Lincoln J. Carter'«l, Ed. 
Maolrj. mgr.: LonlSTlIle, Ky., 8-14; Co- 
iDmbns. 0., 16-18; Da.riaD 19; Urbana 20. 

Tbe Flamlns Arrow (Lincoln J. Carter's). W. 
r. Jarkson. mgr.: Clereland. C. 9-14; Can- 
ton 16: Akron IT: Yoanssto